i wan to lick him

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Okay, last time imma try this bc I think it may have gotten eaten. sorry if this is a repeat. But for vader raising baby obiwan. With Obi Wan no longer protecting Luke, what if vader finds Luke too? And ends up taking care of both boys? And maybe Obi Wan sort of remembers Luke so he ends up being really protective of Luke? Thank you.

“He’s fat.” Obi-Wan announced brightly and Anakin almost started to laugh at that, smirking down at the redhead.

“He’s little. You’re chubby too.” He responded instead, shifting Luke to settle him on his left side before reaching down to lift Obi-Wan up too, having both boys settled against him.

“Nuhu, I’m awesome stuff.” Obi-Wan beamed at him before peeking at Luke. “Is he going to be my brother?” He wiggled a bit.

“Yes. And yes you can play with him, but you have to be careful with him. He’s only three and you’re bigger then him.”

That got a slow and serious nod out of Obi-Wan who reached out and promptly poked Luke in the nose.

Startled blue eyes opened and the two stared at each others before Luke started to giggle and hid himself in Anakin’s chest, peeking at Obi-Wan from the dark folds of clothes ever so shyly.

“Yup, he’s mine now.” Obi-Wan beamed.

“I think you have to lick him to claim him.” Anakin chuckled.

There was a contemplating silence.

“…Don’t lick him Obi-Wan.”  

“You’re the one who suggested it.”

“I was joking little one.” Anakin added dryly as he finally reached the quarters that had been prepared for both kids. ‘I’m going to have my hands full between these two, Palpatine being a melted ass and the Empire, aren’t I?’ He thought dryly as he settled Obi-Wan down.

“I’m sharing with Luke!?” Obi-Wan beamed when he saw there were two beds.

“Yup, you’re going to look after Luke when I’m not around, just like how the troopers look after you when I’m not around.”

Obi-Wan nodded seriously at that, beaming happily.

“Now, behave, play together, I’m going to send Cody and Rex to you two and they can stay with you both and help you. I need to work.” He gave both a little hair ruffle, smiling when they both giggled.

He had been so surprised when he had landed on Tatooine, feeling that presence that felt so alike Padme. With Owen and his wife he had found his and Padme’s son and he had wondered if this was where Obi-Wan had placed Luke.

Perhaps it was and perhaps it was someone else.

But Luke had been safe.

Speaking with the boy it hadn’t taken him long to get his trust because Luke knew Owen wasn’t his father. And here his father was and that was something Luke desperately wanted.

Anakin wondered if Luke would ever miss Tatooine but banished that thought.

That rock was only sand and despair anyhow with a strong slave trade.

He felt his lips twist at the thought.

Palpatine had not given him many of the promises Anakin had fallen for.

None of them really.

‘Is this the galaxy you want them to grow up in?’ A voice so alike Padme’s whispered mournfully in his mind and he took a deep breath.

‘No…’ He pinched his lips together.

No this was not the galaxy he wanted Obi-Wan and Luke to grow up in.

‘…I’m going to have to do something I don’t want to if I want to change that.’ Anakin pressed his lips together, eyes glowing yellow.

‘Palpatine has ruled enough, three years is more then enough…’ Lighting flickered over his hand. ‘Long live Emperor Skywalker I guess.’

He was going to make everything better.