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I have had a bussyyy week! Monday - worked 8-530. I didn’t run because I think I pulled a foot muscle or something when I grazed my ankle from falling down a rock. Tuesday - Anzac Day but I also worked at job #2 Wednesday - work 8-8. 5k run with Becs Thursday - 5k run with Nicola, work, then appointments, then out for dinner Friday - 5k run with becs, work, out for entrees, then fly to Auckland. Joel’s Dad lives in a house over looking the beach so I’m kind of looking forward to going there and just escaping and relaxing. He wants to take us to the high ropes course in the forest (I’m slightly afraid of heights), a cider festival and fishing, but I want to go for a bush walk instead of going on the boat. My friend that was going to come on a walk with me is in Melb for a work trip :( On Monday I’m going to try my very very best to try quit sugar again. The weight gain in 2 weeks, the bad skin, the tiredness that I all have now should hopefully be enough to keep me on track!

anonymous asked:

Living in Australia, do you encounter deadly life threatening creatures on a daily basis?

I’ve never understood this perception of Australia. I’ve had a handful of wild encounters with emus, which I guess are dangerous relative to say, seagulls, but Australia doesn’t have BEARS or WOLVES or TIGERS, all these large animals found in several countries that can stalk, chase and eat a person. If anyone thinks Australian animals are scary but they live near BEARS then they’re completely insane.

The only land-dwelling people eaters we have are the crocodiles in the far northern tropical regions, which are just grumpy rocks that can get you if you stand close to them. But “close to them” is in a swamp, and nobody casually walks through a swamp. When I walk through the bush at night I see bandicoots, wombats and fairy penguins, and then I don’t get eaten by a hyena. I don’t see the problem.

Drunken Confessions

Requested by anonymous on tumblr: “Can you do 22 and 80 with a Gaston x reader pretty please?" 

 22. "I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice." 

 80. "How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?" 

 Plot: Y/N goes to the tavern to get her mind off of things, and accidentally has one too many drinks and confessed her feelings of Gaston to Le Fou. 

Warnings: Alcohol and swearing. 

This week has been absolute hell. First, my favorite dress got stuck on a bush while I was walking through the forest and ripped, I burnt my hand whilst putting another log in the fireplace, and to top it all off, my boyfriend James cheated on me with my ‘friend’. So understandably, I needed a drink to forget the week’s events. As I head into the tavern, I notice that there’s not as many people as usual. Even better, so less people will see me drunk. I walk over to the counter and sit down on a stool. 

"Rough week for you?” The bartender asks me. 

“You have no idea.” I say with a sigh. “Give me your strongest drink.” I say as I hand him some money. He hands me a glass of whiskey. I down the golden liquid, enjoying its bitter taste sliding down my throat. As I ask for another, someone sits in the stool next to me. 

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After All This Time - Theo Raeken imagine

Originally posted by stilinski-jpeg

Summary: Reader is Stiles’ twin sister and a werecoyote having been saved by Scott after they both got into a car accident. She’s a part of Scott’s pack and bffs with Malia. Theo courts her constantly they finally start hanging out end up dating.

Warnings: Season 6 spoilers,angst,fluff,suggested smut  & Idk what else lmao

A/N: Hope You All Enjoy x


I probably looked like a lunatic smiling to myself as I sat quietly in Theo’s truck Theo looked over at me quickly and reached to touch my thigh gently rubbing up and down “thank you for tonight” he smiled looking at the road “no thank you” I giggled. Theo and I just moved to official by having sex back at his house he was now taking me home but it was a very eventful evening he was so kind and patient since this was my first time it made me love him even more.

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If you guys ever doubt how awkward I am I was walking out of the parking lot and I slipped on dirt, face planted into a bush, banged my knee on the curb and now I’m at the doctors because I can’t walk.

I. Fell. Into. A. Bush.

Death Walking

I met death, walking. She stepped
from behind a bush, a spaniel by her ankles
black with red eyes weeping
tugging on the leash in my direction.

The dog was named Honor–in honor
of the hound that died after two years
of sleeping by death’s bedridden side,
she told me, and she didn’t cry.

What do you say when you speak with death?
Do you ask about her family?
The husband who left? Or the bet
that she made with the doctor that
she’d live past the weekend, moving home
to an empty brother’s house–
he fought in the war, but didn’t
die in the war, but he’s dead now,
and his house is empty. Do you talk about
the taxes due last week or the management
of the apartment complex? She was upset
there was no dog park here. I didn’t say
they’d build one next year.

The closest I have been to death:
stroking the brushed-to-shine coat
of her beloved pet. She had to go–
Honor hadn’t eaten yet.

Whoo, picked up two pigeons today with my sister! I saw both of them yesterday (on separate occasions) but they were really close to each other and in an urban area so I wasn’t sure if it was a single pigeon and if it would still be there when I could go pick it up. Thankfully they were both there (though one of them was moved down the hill, either by an animal or by a person). I’ll put the details under a read more since this got kinda long. x.x

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Snapped. Pt Five, Delirium

Author: mystic-biscuit
Series Rating: NSFW 18+

Word count: 1500 ( I know so short for me )

Notes: Well well, there’s finally a new part out. I am soooo sorry that you guys had to wait so long, but if you’ve been following me for a bit you know I’ve been going through some stuff the last few months. So thank you so much for being patient. And thank you so much to Lauren @thelittlestkitsune for also being so patient with me. I know she’s been wanting to write another part for a while. Love you boo. And I know its short, but at least its something, xx

Parts: Captivated Flustered Infinitesimal Disquietude


  • a state of violent excitement or emotion.

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New Pet | Part 2

Joker x Reader smut

There still isn’t a bunch of smut but it’s coming up. I hope you guys like it.

Warning: Violence, language, not much smut yet

Word count: 1,839


The Joker continues to stare at me the entire ride, which wasn’t to long actually. We come to hard a stop as we reach a giant mansion, it was almost as dark as the outside of the Joker’s club. He exits the vehicle and I stay there, to afraid to move. My doors opens from the outside and the Joker has his hand extended towards me. I grab it and step out of the car quickly, the door slamming behind me causing me to jump.

“We’re home doll.” The joker says to me as he rests his hand on my waist. “You’ll be staying here for a while, so you better like it.”

As we enter the front doors there are a lot of men around. ‘Does he have his guards everywhere he goes?’ As the door shuts behind us all of the men turn and stare at me. My makeup has ran down my face by now from all of the tears.

“Come with me.” The joker grabs my arm and drags me up the stairs to a huge bedroom. “This is where you will sleep. In here, with me.” He opens his arms up to the room like his is presenting an award.

“Why do I have to stay here?” I ask softly, hoping that he won’t get mad.

He pushes me onto the edge of the bed, “Because now you are mine.” He growls, his face right in front of mine now, “I claimed you by killing Jake.” He pushes my hair out my face, his hand now lying on my cheek. “You will do what I say when I say it, with no attitude to go with it. Is that clear?”

I feel my eyes start to water up again. ‘Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Don’t cry!’ I repeat over and over again in my head trying to hold them back. “Yes.” I say as I shake my head, looking down towards my knees.

“Yes what?” The Joker tilting my chin up so our eyes meet.

“Yes J.” I respond quickly

“Good girl. You call also call me Mr. J. Stay here and go to bed. I have business to do right now, but I’ll be back later.” He goes to kiss me on the forehead but I pull away. He lets go of my face and growls at me, walking out of the room.

I wake up a few hours later and the Joker is still nowhere to be seen. ‘I need to get out of here before he tries to kill me too.’ I throw the silk sheets off of me and start going through his things. There is a dresser on the other side of the bed, it is obviously the one he uses the most. I open the drawer and find a hand gun lying on top of a bunch of papers. 'I’ll take this just in case.’ I grab the gun and put it up, under my dress on my hip.

I walk over to the door and try to open it slowly, hoping there is no sound to come from it. As the door starts to open I hear footsteps coming down the hall. I hurry and close the door and jump back into bed, throwing the sheets over myself. The door opens and I pretend to fall back asleep. I can hear the Joker’s purr as his footsteps creep closer to the bed.

'What is he doing?’ I ask myself, trying to keep my breathing slow. He stands there forever it feels like and then just leaves. The door closes softly, I’m almost not able to hear it. I run up and hold my ear to the door, the Joker’s footsteps fading down the hallway. 'I can’t go out that way anymore.’ I look around trying to find a plan B. 'The window!’ I run over to it, opening it softly yet quick. There is no screen on it so I just need to jump out.

I’m getting ready to get out but I get scared. I’m on the second floor, that’s a long fall. I get out onto the little space of roof under the window and peer over the edge. 'I guess I’ll just have to go down that pilar.’ I wrap my arms and legs around the pilar and shimmy may way down. I was out, and I was ready to bolt. I scan the front yard and there are a few guards standing outside. I decide to follow the trail of bushes along the fence, using them as walls.

I’m half way through the yard when I hear the Joker come running out of the house, slamming the door, yelling, “Where is she?!” I knew I had to get out of their now before he finds me.

“She hasn’t passed through here boss.” A guard saying, gesturing at the yard.

“I don’t care how she got out, or when. Find. Her. Now!” I can see how enraged he is. I fear that if he catches me he’ll kill me.

My body had froze from fear, I wasn’t walking through the bushes anymore but just standing there like a deer in headlights. I watch as the men start to scramble and I snap out of if. I start crawling through the bushes and find a hole under the fence. I wouldn’t fit through it as is so I decide that I would just have to make it bigger. As I’m digging this hole with my hand I hear his voice.

Tisk. Tisk. Tisk. What a naughty girl, trying to escape from me.” He grabs the back of my shirt, pulling me up so I’m facing him. I start crying, this time the tears are fake. I still plan on getting out of here if he likes it or not.

I move closer to him bowing my head, “I’m sorry Mr. J, I just want to go home so badly. I have nothing here. No clothes, no phone, nothing. Can I please just get my stuff?” I give him puppy dog eyes, trying to play the innocence card. As I move closer to him trying to distract him with my words I grab the gun I stashed in my dress.

“Doll face, you won’t need any of those things once I’m done with you.” He tilts my head up and uses his maniac smile on me. Was he being serious or just trying to scare me? I start to tremble afraid of what he just said and of shooting him. He sees that I’m scared and looks down, catching a glimpse of the gun.

I step back quickly, pointing the gun right at him, getting ready to shoot. “You seriously think you can shoot me? You didn’t have the guts to do it in the club, you don’t have the guts to do it now.”

“I can, and I will. Don’t take another step towards me Joker.” Showing him that I have no respect for him at all.

He growls at me, “You shouldn’t have said that.” He steps closer to me. As he tries to hit the gun away from himself I pull the trigger. He falls to the ground, holding his shoulder. He looks down at his hand which is now covered in blood. The gaurds come running over, two of them helping the Joker up while the other two pull me back and take the gun from me. One of them is Logan.

“Take her upstairs, Now!” He is trying to catch his breathe while grunting from the pain. Logan and the other guard yank me forward, dragging me into the house towards the bedroom. I’m back to where I started. Back into this huge room where I’m stuck with him.

I had been sitting up in the room for what feels like forever now. In reality it was probably only an hour or so. I had listened to the men call the doctor, the doctor arrive, Joker’s pain, and then silence. Once the front door had closed for the final time for the night I got scared for if the Joker came upstairs. I hear footsteps coming for the room and I hide in the closet. The bedroom door slams open. I peer under the crack between the closet door and the carpet and see a man standing there. He starts to move towards the closet quickly, I can tell he is in a panic, so was I. The door opens and I freeze. It was Logan.

“You got the boss good, I’ll give you props for that.” He lets out a slight chuckle and smiles at me extending his hand to help me stand up. “None of us would have the balls to even point our gun his way.” While exitting the closet he escorts me to the bed, I take a seat on the edge. “He does want to see you though, just be brave..” he pauses looking confused, “What’s your name again?”

“I’m Y/N.” I smile, “Thank you so much Logan, and I’m sorry I lied to you at the club, I’m not a dancer.” I bow my head in shame.

“I know you aren’t, but you weren’t to bad. You could possibly be a dancer one day.” We both laugh and he opens the bedroom door for me to go see the Joker. I walk down the stairs, slowly turning around the corner looking for the Joker. I catch his bright hair in the corner of my eye, he is laying across the couch. His bloody shirt is thrown on the floor infront of him and his shoulder is wrapped.

I sit across from him on the coffee table, he stayed laying there. I know that he knows I’m there but doesn’t want to acknowledge my existence. After a few moments of silence he speaks, keeping his eyes shut, “You actually shot me.” He says in a quiet, sore voice.

“I didn’t mean to.” I was telling him the truth. I just wanted to scare him into letting me go, not actually shoot him. Would never actually shoot someone.

He opens his eyes and sits up, I can see his pain. He slaps me across the face with his left hand, since his right shoulder was shot. I fall off of the table onto the ground, resulting in a loud thud that echoed through the entire marble home. He

He was now looking into my eyes, “You could have killed me.” He looks shaken from what he had just said.

“At least I would be free asshole.” There was more attitude in what I said then I expected. His eyes widen, he is confused on how I can be so hostile.

“Why do you want to leave me doll?”

“I barely know you, you stole me you prick. Nobody would want to stay in that kind of situation.” I stand up yelling down into his face, showing him that I had the power right now.

“I did.”


I was tagged by @uncharted-bucky to post 6 random facts about myself! Thank you babe!

1. I adopted a bird that came to my house everyday.

2. I’m the only one in my direct family to not have had some form of car crash… yet!

3. I have a thing for weirdly patterned socks.

4. I don’t really like chocolate.

5. I used to eat leaves off of bushes that I walked past.

6. I have a really wide tongue.

Thank you again honey!💕

I’m tagging: @turrkoise @chapinfan69 @mrscocoachaos @theadlerfortune and anyone else who like to do it! (You don’t have to btw)

Keeping an Eye on Senpai

He’s walking up to the window! I duck into the bushes. A branch tries to stab me in the eye, so I squeeze my eyes shut.

Shhhhh. You can’t see me. I’m not here. You absolutely don’t have a creepy stalker-with-a-crush right under your window…

…I hear him close the curtains. His footsteps recede.

Phew. Crisis averted.

Leaning against the windowsill, I peer into the tiny gap between the curtains, trying to spot him as he walks away. It’s awfully dark in there. Where is he? Where-


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Satellite - Part 1

a/n: i’ve been wanting to write something like this for so long!! enjoy!

Summary: Y/N has to cope with the issues from her past each day. When she is sent to the ground with the 100, she finds hope in forgetting the past and starting a new life. 

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader x John Murphy

Word Count: 1.6k

masterlist | satellite series masterlist

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