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City of Heroes day 2 panel - agai sorry for shoddy photo’s I really arn’t much of a photographer just pointedand clicked excitedly.

Dom and Wentworth were in a more relaxed mood today not as shy today and had wared up to the audience. This was lovely as they were less nervous and laughed more and both really opened up.

What was lovely was hearing about how they viewed life as something to experience despite the stuggles but not to try and force things, they don’t want to make grand films just stuff that interests them and that they can share with their friends and family. They talked about why the get on so well and that they are both private people, emotional but enjoy their space, they dont like crowds and people getting to close and in their faces so they made a great pair understanding when the other needed company or space.

Dominic said how the prvious evening he watched as Wentworth went for a walk in nature and he did his own thing but each new they’d be happy in each others company if needed. Also whatbwas very funny and made Wentworth laugh at Dom a lot is he said

“I saw Went go walk out in the bush, no whats it called you know with the green” audience replied “Fields” and Went cracked up while Dom just continued “ Fields Damn it yeah with the cows and sheeps and rabbits and grass”

They talked about their brotherhood and how important exploring that relationship is in Prison Break. Wentworth said that he thinks Snart would respect Micheal and Dom said Linc and Mick would get into a punch up but they were all survivors so could work together.

Dominic also said that most of the time on Legends their not acting just having fun and exploring the dynamic between them and the echos of Linc and Michael in Snart and Rory. The only time he  really had to act was when he’s Chronos and had to fight Wentworth.

Their friendship really is beautiful, their bonds strong and their outlooks on life quite insperational.

Drunken Confessions

Requested by anonymous on tumblr: “Can you do 22 and 80 with a Gaston x reader pretty please?" 

 22. "I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice." 

 80. "How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?" 

 Plot: Y/N goes to the tavern to get her mind off of things, and accidentally has one too many drinks and confessed her feelings of Gaston to Le Fou. 

Warnings: Alcohol and swearing. 

This week has been absolute hell. First, my favorite dress got stuck on a bush while I was walking through the forest and ripped, I burnt my hand whilst putting another log in the fireplace, and to top it all off, my boyfriend James cheated on me with my ‘friend’. So understandably, I needed a drink to forget the week’s events. As I head into the tavern, I notice that there’s not as many people as usual. Even better, so less people will see me drunk. I walk over to the counter and sit down on a stool. 

"Rough week for you?” The bartender asks me. 

“You have no idea.” I say with a sigh. “Give me your strongest drink.” I say as I hand him some money. He hands me a glass of whiskey. I down the golden liquid, enjoying its bitter taste sliding down my throat. As I ask for another, someone sits in the stool next to me. 

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The cool thing about living in the countryside sometimes is that you’re surrounded by all those old magical forests where all the mythical creatures live. Like this albino blackbird I saw earlier :o

Now I’ll be salty for the rest of the day that I didn’t bring my proper camera and only have shaky, blurry phone camera pictures xD Stupid rain, stop it finally, it’s the middle of summer!

After All This Time - Theo Raeken imagine

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Summary: Reader is Stiles’ twin sister and a werecoyote having been saved by Scott after they both got into a car accident. She’s a part of Scott’s pack and bffs with Malia. Theo courts her constantly they finally start hanging out end up dating.

Warnings: Season 6 spoilers,angst,fluff,suggested smut  & Idk what else lmao

A/N: Hope You All Enjoy x


I probably looked like a lunatic smiling to myself as I sat quietly in Theo’s truck Theo looked over at me quickly and reached to touch my thigh gently rubbing up and down “thank you for tonight” he smiled looking at the road “no thank you” I giggled. Theo and I just moved to official by having sex back at his house he was now taking me home but it was a very eventful evening he was so kind and patient since this was my first time it made me love him even more.

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Here I inscribe a stone

There is a town in the South of Brazil, atop mountains once volcanoes within which an ancient god-giant lies buried. Near it, Tibetan Buddhist monks built their first Brazilian temple, arguing that the land itself was magical upon its purchase with cash.

And indeed it has been the setting for miracles that changed the course of lives. The witnessing of spirits, the pure power in the air which makes even the simplest of magical operations be remarkable. A day prior to this ritual, by the same banks I would still visit, a white horse appeared from the woods to bear witness to my wife’s family casting of her mother’s ashes. Here, I travelled to bring gifts gained since the last visit, and to introduce a companion to this land where significant strides were made.

I stroll to a high point by the shoreline of an artificial lake, allowing me to oversee it almost entirely. The sun cuts through the clouds as I sit down on a flat basalt rock conspicuously marked by three adjoined bird bones. I chant the call of the Red Dragon and use the secret word of the house, and as it cuts crisply and painfully through my body, in another breath I chant the songs of a different tradition naming those who came before me. A dark figure inhumanly measuring up to the size of a tall tree appears at the other side of the shore and it watches what I do. It feels as if my field of vision sees a much smaller version of everything in front of me and gravity ceases to exist for a moment.

I tell all to heed me and declare I will return to fulfil my intent in a day’s time. I stumble back to the cabin where I’m staying with some difficulty. The next day, I walk to a nearby spot mostly covered by sparse bushes, and here I inscribe a stone with the shield of Bones. I trace a spiral with a stick and place it at the centre as I chant songs in his name. My breath feels like fire as the Lady of Catacombs manifests. I sense her awe as I look around with her sharing my eyes.

Under the stone, I place a token for binding the target of a ritual which began at the opposite side of the planet and now spans three places of power in three different countries. As the wind picks up and the temperature drops, the stars become visible and a sense of terror takes over, a glimpse at the possibility of losing oneself in the ruse of those who would have me remain blind to their subterfuge, now dispelled by the mere gaze of stronger, more virtuous allies. I request what I need and leave other tokens so that my spirits can return here on their own.

I walk back as I remember the words of one other giant, that this is all yet so poorly understood, yet there is comfort in the thought. A crisis was, after all, averted.

BMC Bakunawa Boy Michael AU: Highschool Sucks

3 Weeks Later:

“Michael? I brought the slushies!” There was some crashing from downstairs as the teenaged creature ran up the stairs, snatching the slushie out of Jeremy’s hands before flopping down on the couch as Jeremy sat down next to him turning on the TV.

“How was school?”

“Soul crushing, but hey what’s new?”


“Nah, he wasn’t even in school. Math is just kicking my ass again.”

“How can math kick your ass?”

“Not literally, it’s a metaphor. I think.”

“Oh.” Michael took a sip of his drink watching the TV. “Hey Jer why can’t I ever go to school with you?”

“Because you’re…different.”


“People don’t really like different. They barely like me.”

“But your dad likes me.”

“That’s because he’s used to you.” Three weeks ago Jeremy almost accidently killed Michael after finding him in his pool. Michael didn’t remember much, except his name and a need for water. Out of the partial guilt he might be responsible for the memory loss Jeremy offered him a place to stay which Michael happily accepted. At first he hid from Jeremy’s dad but on the third day Jeremy’s dad had walked in on the two and fainted three times before he could actually stay awake.

“They could get used to me too.”

“Michael, they’re highschoolers. They don’t get used to things, they point at you and laugh.”

“Oh, like that movie Mean Girls?”

“More like Heathers.”

“I haven’t watched it.”

“Will do that later, after The Walking Dead marathon.”

The Next Day:

Jeremy flicked his pencil back and forth on his desk as the teacher droned on about Quadratic Graphing Equations, almost making him fall asleep. Dozing off his head shot up again when he heard a tapping on the window next to him. Looking over he saw Michael tapping on the window, waving at Jeremy when he turned to see him. His hand shot up as the teacher gave him an annoyed look before calling on him.

“Yes Mr.Heere?”

“I-I need to use the bathroom!”

“There’s only five minutes of class left Mr.Heere.”

“But I really need to use the bathroom!”



“…fine, but if you don’t bring back the homework tomorrow you’ll be in big-” He was already out the door. “Trouble.”


“What are doing here?” They stood outside in the court yard, hidden behind a group of bushes as people walked around them.

“I wanted to see Highschool.”

“Why? It’s a horrible place filled horrible people.”

“But you’re here and I’m tired of staying in your house all day with no one to talk to but your dad.”

“Maybe you can just…go home?”

“I don’t know how.”


“I followed you here. I don’t know how to get back.” Jeremy slapped himself in the face with a groan.

“Can you just stay here? Where nobody will see you?”

“But I want to see the school!”

“But your wings-” As Jeremy said that Michael made a weird noise as his wings retracted into his body, his gills retreating into his neck and his feet shrinking to a normal size. “What the fuck?”

“Do I look more normal enough?”

“This could do that the whole time and you didn’t tell me?”

“It didn’t really occur to me before. Now can I follow you?”

“I guess, but we can’t be seen coming out of this together.”

“Why not?”

“Because people might think we’re you know…”

“I don’t.”

“Remember that scene in Mean Girls in the Projector room?”

“When the coach and the girl were making out?”

“Yeah, they might think we were doing that.”



i have a little story i wanted to share with you all…i walked outside one day to find this cardinal nest in the bush beside my back door, and ohhhh i was smitten from day one. at first, i watched the mama cardinal sitting on her eggs, and she watched me back. then before i knew it, there were three tiny, fragile baby cardinals, and i was witnessing the papa bird’s first visit with his new babies. for the next 8 days, the mama and papa bird went back and forth constantly from the nest to feed their little ones, the papa bird carefully checking out the territory before the mama bird returned to the nest almost every time. i began to hear tiny “cheeps,” and marveled as the babies became fuzzier and fuzzier. then they were no longer blind, and they watched me as i carefully took photos and videos of them, talking to them quietly. on the 9th day, my heart sank when i went to the nest and…it was empty. yes, it actually made me cry. but i heard an insistent “cheep cheep cheeeeep” and looked up to find one of the babies sitting in another nearby bush and couldn’t help but smile. i felt so proud in that moment, knowing that baby bird chirping away was once so tiny and fragile. 

now each day at about 8:30 in the evening, i go out and all three baby cardinals fly back and forth in the sky above my head, right where i used to stand watching over them in their nest. i can’t help but wonder if they do this because they remember me, and i wave at them. watching this little bird family take care of each other better than many humans do is something i don’t think i’ll forget. even though what i witnessed is a common occurrence, i feel like i got to be a part of a little miracle ♡


Went up to the allotment to pick raspberries for my yoghurt and decided that I would make it super fancy by adding lemon balm flowers, they have a light lemony sweet taste and are quite pretty. Then as I walked past the lavender bush, I decided why not throw a few lavender flowers on? Super nice with sweet things and also super pretty. I love flowers and gardening and growing my own food and making meals that are not only good for you but are also super pretty. 🌼🌻🌺🌹🌸🌷

Walks with Aphrodite

I walked down the trail, rose bushes on each side of me. 

her words stung through me, almost like a bee,

“don’t worry my love, all is well, we are free.”

Her presence calmed my soul,

while i take this wonderful stroll,

on this beautiful day,

“Thank you, Aphrodite” is all is say.

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76 - “ see, the problem is, you fall in love with everyone you meet.”

“See,” Crutchie said, as he struggled to find a way to successfully drink a Capri Sun upside down, without getting juice all over his face, “the problem is, you fall in love with everyone you meet.” He was currently laying on Jack’s bed, the upper half of his body, draped down over the side of the bed, so that the fingers of one hand could run soothingly through the shag carpet. The other hand held the Capri Sun, as Crutchie struggled to figure out if there was a way to bend the straw in order to actually take a sip.

“No, the real problem is that you cannot drink anything upside down and if you get juice all over my sheets, Medda will be angry.”

Crutchie snorted. “Medda can never stay angry at you.” Regardless, he sat up obligingly and sipped at the rest of the juice pack. “Anyway, that’s beside the point. You,” he said, jabbing his finger towards Jack, “fall in love with literally everyone.”

“Literally?” Jack challenged. “You don’t find me swooning over the Delancey brothers.”

“Okay, fine,” Crutchie admitted, “not ‘literally’ everyone, but you’re still falling for just about everyone.” He slurped the rest of the drink out of the Capri Sun, extending the loud sucking noise until Jack shoved him playfully in the should. “I mean, come on, Jack. First it was Sarah, then it was Davey, and now Katherine? And it’s only the second week of our freshman year.” He crumpled up the Capri Sun package, tossing it into the trash bin across the room.

“I’m just… I don’t know,” Jack admitted. “But,” he added, shaking his finger at Crutchie, “you can’t breathe a word of this to anyone, okay? I’m not supposed to be some sap; I’m assistant captain of the baseball team, after all. And it’s only my freshman year. People hold me to standards.”

“And that means you can’t fall in love?” Crutchie asked. 

“It means I can’t all in love with just anyone. They have to be… perfect. Someone respectable, well-liked. Popular would be nice. Kind and caring. Funny–”

Crutchie interrupted Jack, his face only slightly twisted. “Well, isn’t it great that you have three wonderful people who fit all those requirements. I’m sure all of them would love to date you. And, as exciting as your love woes are, can we please move on to a new topic? I heard Race snuck into the movie theatre last night. With Spot, of course.”

“So, Crutchie stopped talking to me,” Jack began, sitting down next to Romeo .He glanced up in surprise, before turning back to his peanut butter sandwich. “I mean, not entirely. But, it’s not… the same. It’s mainly just ‘hello’s and ‘how’re ya, doin’, Jack?’s. Nothing… meaningful. And I don’t know what I did wrong.”

“Did you say something to him?” Romeo asked.

“I don’t know,” Jack admitted. “But, you guys live together, so I was hoping that maybe he had told you something. If I said something wrong, I’ll apologize immediately. I just don’t know what I did.”

Romeo shrugged. “I don’t know, Jack. Anything that Crutchie has told me has been told in confidence. I’m not sure I should just go around, telling you Crutchie’s secrets.”

“He’s my best friend!” Jack exclaimed. “We’re not supposed to have secrets. And I’m not supposed to drive him away or anything, and yet, I’ve managed to do that.”

Romeo set his sandwich down and turned in his seat to face Jack completely. “Okay, Jack, you need to talk to Crutchie. You guys are friends, so talk. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“He might not want to talk to me,” Jack pointed out, quickly. “He might decide that he doesn’t want to be my friend anymore. Five years of friendship, gone.”

“Are we talking about the same Crutchie?” Romeo joked. “Look, I have an idea on what this is about, but you’re going to be the one who needs to talk to Crutchie about it. I can’t tell you; he needs to be the one to tell you.”

“Hey, Crutch,” Jack said, almost hesitantly, as he entered Crutchie’s room. The other boy was on his bed, reading a book, but he smiled when Jack came in. “Romeo let me in,” Jack explained.

“Yeah?” Crutchie asked, grinning wider. “So, I’ve been meaning to tell you this story from a couple days ago. See, I was walking to class and I heard this weird noise in the bushes, so of course, I went to investigate and—“

Jack interrupted Crutchie. “Um, Crutch, I think we need to talk.”

“About what?”

“About this,” Jack said, gesturing between the two of them.

“O-okay,” Crutchie said, placing his book down on the side of the bed. “What’s up?” he asked, his voice somewhat nervous.

Jack sat down on the bed beside him, noticing how Crutchie, consciously or unconsciously, inched away. He sighed. “Look, Crutchie, don’t think I haven’t noticed. You’ve been avoiding me at school, and then, when I come over, you act as if nothing has changed. What’s up with that?”

“Oh,” Crutchie said, his voice small. He rubbed at the hem of his shirt, focusing on the motion of the fabric between his fingers. “I don’t know… I just… I didn’t… Things are different now,” he blurted out.

“What does that mean?” Jack asked.

“Well, like you was saying last week. You’re captain—“

“Assistant captain,” Jack quickly corrected.

“—of the basketball team. You’ve got expectations to live up to. You don’t want me hanging ‘round and ruining your image.”


Crutchie ignored Jack, and continued speaking, the words tumbling from his mouth, faster and faster. “And, so I thought we could still be friends, I just wouldn’t talk to you during school. That way you’d have more time with Davey or Kath or Sarah. But, it’s hard, Jack. I want to talk to you during school. I miss eating lunch with you and walking between classes together. I miss it all. And it’s all because—“ Crutchie quickly cut himself off, his hand clenching into a fist. “Never mind,” he muttered.

“No, tell me,” Jack said, gently. “Because, I’ve missed it, too. School’s not nearly as fun, without you around, okay? And I don’t care about my ‘image’ or who people think I should be hanging out with. I like you, Crutchie, so we’se sticking together.”

Crutchie smiled, the motion marked with nerves. “Uh, I like you, too, Jack. That’s, uh, that’s good.”

Jack slung his arm around Crutchie’s shoulder, pulling him closer. “So, no more avoiding me around school, you got that?”

“Yeah, I got it,” Crutchie agreed, allowing himself to relax in Jack’s familiar half-embrace. He listened, half-heartedly, as Jack began rambling about something Davey had done in their English class. This was as much as Crutchie would ever get, and he understood that. See, Jack may fall in love with everyone he met, but he never once fell for someone he already knew.

Bucky² (Part 4)

Summary: You’re a mutant with the power of dimensional, spatial and time manipulation, meaning you can travel to and from dimension, spaces and different times with ease. But one day, when you’re coming back from a particularly long mission, you brought something back that should never have come with you in the first place.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything that Marvel has created and I certainly don’t own Sebastian Stan.

Warnings: Swearing, VERY ANGSTY, sickness.

40′s!Bucky x Present!Bucky x Reader

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

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The toll on my body was enormous. 

Thor’s lightning helped to a degree, but even so, the radiation was stronger as the vortex tried to repair itself from the paradox. That’s something I should have taken into consideration before I decided to go jumping through a portal, headfirst. But, like Sergeant James Barnes, I didn’t think of the consequences to my own health. 

I just jumped.

The vortex’s beautiful blue infinity was starting to decay, turning gray and lifeless, so different from the glorious expanse of majesty I had seen so many times before. 

I’ve seen the symptoms of an entirely dead vortex and the prospect was daunting, but to know that the whole of time was dying and it was my fault and the fact that both Bucky’s could very well fade from existence, that tears my heart in two. 

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Death Walking

I met death, walking. She stepped
from behind a bush, a spaniel by her ankles
black with red eyes weeping
tugging on the leash in my direction.

The dog was named Honor–in honor
of the hound that died after two years
of sleeping by death’s bedridden side,
she told me, and she didn’t cry.

What do you say when you speak with death?
Do you ask about her family?
The husband who left? Or the bet
that she made with the doctor that
she’d live past the weekend, moving home
to an empty brother’s house–
he fought in the war, but didn’t
die in the war, but he’s dead now,
and his house is empty. Do you talk about
the taxes due last week or the management
of the apartment complex? She was upset
there was no dog park here. I didn’t say
they’d build one next year.

The closest I have been to death:
stroking the brushed-to-shine coat
of her beloved pet. She had to go–
Honor hadn’t eaten yet.

The Beginning Of The End:Too Good To Turn Down

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Lydia, Jordan, Stiles, Jackson

Pairing: Beginning of Derek x Y/n finally

Word count:1998

Warnings: No warnings at all. This is just fluff and that’s basically it to be honest. Maybe a few swear words. Derek being cute and adorable

Summary:  After Y/n and Jordan run into each other, Derek makes sure he gets the answer he wants

A/N: Sorry i posted this a day late. I accidentally posted part 3 of Pack Mom by mistake. But here you go. Enjoy the cute fluff while it lasts


The Beginning Of The End Masterlist

For the past month, I had been working nonstop. 

I never knew being a teacher was this difficult. 

The syllabus I was given was awful. 

Looking back over the stuff they taught in the entire school, I realized they were way behind. 

Most of the syllabus was way too easy, AP classes in science having a huge jump in difficulty, explaining why not many people actually stuck with it. 

They weren’t taught any of the, slightly more complex level things they needed to actually have a chance of grasping AP sciences, only being taught the easiest of things.

I took this up with the head and was told they could make a change to this, as long as I was the one in charge of this. 

I accepted of course, a pay rise being offered and thinking this would be easy to sort out. 

Stupid me.’ 

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