i walk in

How can you walk away, after everything we’ve been through? How do you walk away from your everything? Because I’m pretty sure I forgot how to, when it was you I had to walk away from.


[ does this make sense?? lol sorry 4 this mess ]

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ID #82569

Name: Kirsty
Age: 19
Country: Ireland

I’m a shy kinda person that keeps to myself. But can be loud when you get to know me. I don’t have many friends that are true friends. So i wouldn’t mind making a friend where we can talk about all aspects of life.
My interests are music, such as Twenty One Pilots, The Beatles, All Time Low, Halsey and so many more.
I love watching tv shows such as The Walking Dead, Gilmore Girls, Game of Thrones and Greys Anatomy. 

Preferences: I don’t judge and care who you are whether male or female. Aged 18-25* 


The parents last night after the match!

i got tagged by @voidserpent to tell 10 facts about myself so here we go team 

1. i’m 5′10″ (177.5cm). my friends call me godzilla but unlike godzilla, i don’t smash buildings with my body. god i wish i could though
2. as of right now, my top three favorite series are: 
one piece
boku no hero academia
and my favorite characters from each are (god this is difficult):
today i’m feeling more sabo
3. my major in college is musical theatre. it’s truly a wild time. theatre kids are as wild as the posts say 
4. i have a dog named woody. the only reason why im saying this is because of the woody’s roundup apocalypse that’s been happening on tumblr. my poor dog isn’t even safe from himself
5. one time i broke the fuck out of my arm. i jumped off of a wall to avoid being found in hide-and-seek. i was 2. that’s some luffy-level dumb shit right there
6. i was zoro for halloween in 6th grade. my friends like to harass me with the pictures to this day. i cry myself to sleep every night because that picture is forever etched in my mind
7. idk my favorite color is red
8. i technically went on tour in europe with my chorus in high school. there were posters for our concerts posted???? gee whiz. we went to germany, austria, and the czech republic
9. when i was a little kiddo i used to think that leaves had feelings so whenever a storm would come around i’d always freak out and hoard as many leaves as possible in my garage bc i thought they’d die if they stayed out in a storm. my mom hated that
10. in 5th grade i wrote a goddamn pokemon fanfiction (i didnt know it was fanfiction at the time but trust me it was fanfiction) and I GAVE IT TO MY TEACHER TO READ BC I THOUGHT IT WAS THE MOST EPIC ORIGINAL THING EVER GOD WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME

that’s it thanks for joining me on this wild ride. idk who to tag so i guess DO IT IF U WANNA