i walk a lonely road

“People give the Lonesome Road dlc a lot of hate because it is so linear, but i just can’t stop loving it. The story, the scenery, the challenge of deathclaws and tunnelers. It is the best possible end to New Vegas.”

Fallout Confessions

  • <b>Lamar:</b> So how you been, dude?<p><b>Trevor:</b> You know - it's been complicated.<p><b>Lamar:</b> Holla at your boy, man. Tell me about it.<p><b>Trevor:</b> It's hard when you're all alone in the world - a guy trying to stay true to his principles...<p><b>Lamar:</b> While everyone else sells theirs for a new phone, huh?<p><b>Trevor:</b> Exactly...<p><b>Lamar:</b> I feel you, homie.<p><b>Trevor:</b> Will you? Will you feel me?<p><b>Lamar:</b> What?<p><b>Trevor:</b> Will you... will you hold me? I want to be held.<p><b>Lamar:</b> Ah, nah nigga. I don't get down like that.<p><b>Trevor:</b> I thought we were friends.<p><b>Lamar:</b> Friends don't mean 'holding' each other...<p><b>Trevor:</b> It's not like that in the movies.<p><b>Lamar:</b> Shit, it is in the movies I see.<p><b>Trevor:</b> Well, I'm a little upset. I'll try to get over it.<p>

officially I’m the only one who ships Arcee with Galvatron in the idw comics, I didn’t find anything!!!! (even bad fanfiction)

I ship it in a very strange mode because Galvatron hates everything that is different but he respect Arcee so much. Also he see her more like a true warrior. Also

I’m in my trash mode…

_(:3 」∠)_