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SOZ NATE CAN I ALSO ASK AN OC based on ong seongwoo from wanna one / p101

talk to me all day about dan.ie.l k.ang tbh light of my life 

Joowon : 

  • mmmmmmmmm boyyyyyy
  • he’s a reaper ( u ever seen that one kdrama g.ob.li.n? yeah like them ) 
  • tries to find out who he was in his past life 
  • really wants to be human again bc this is too much work r u kidding me
  • but rlly he just thinks humans are really interesting 
  • people watches all the time 
  • hates immortality but rlly who doesnt 
  • also hates hoseok v v much tries to kill him all the time
  • mute; in which, he cannot speak due to his past life sins 
  • birds have a thing for him they like using him as a perch or a comfy place to nap 
  • and he will stay still for hours tbh
  • hamburgers <333 
Hufflepuff Aesthetics

feel free to add more below! inspired by @hufflepuff-headcanons @hufflepuffperks @hufflepuffdean @hufflepuffsaesthetic & @hufflepuffwannabe (basically just a lot of Hufflepuff-ish blogs that are great)

•neon paint flashing rapidly as a disco ball twirls overhead
•cuddling against a stuffed animal that hasn’t been seen in months
•overreacting over small injuries such as a stubbed toe
•calming rowdy children to sleep in a matter of minutes
•defending that one person who seems evil just because they might not be as bad as everyone says
•locking eyes with that one crush from the past while singing off key & dancing to Ed Sheerans’ “Shape Of You”
•"Kill em with kindness"
•tracing trembling fingers over furrowed brows and kissing the skin in between
•changing loofas once a week because ‘the color just doesn’t feel right anymore’
•eating loads of chocolate in the middle of the day just because
•Even drawing a heart with an I in the middle on the window in front of Isak while smiling
•"I wanted to go to Perranth with you.“
•sneezing a tiny sneeze while you study and all of sudden you have both the flu AND strep throat
•passing out all the time from too much excitement and gleefulness
•the smell of hairspray in an ice cold can
•spinning 6 markers in a circle to make weirdly abstract art
•ripping through packages in haste & then later breaking whatever was inside
•getting shampoo in your eyes and crying like you just rewatched both ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Titanic’ and just being like “BUT YOU SAID 'NO TEARS’, DAMN YOU L'ORÉAL”
•double texting, more like quadruple texting
•the hilariously uneven line a section of toilet paper creates when you don’t rip it evenly or good enough
•being all 'I wonder where that went’ and then finding said object a literal second later
•carrying a gigantic stack of books while stumbling and no one bothers to help
•making a rubber ducky quack until it fills with water from all the baths you play with it in
•the powerful feeling you get when a razor actually takes most of the hair away with a single swipe
•replacing the toilet seat over and over again because it keeps getting sat on
•humming silently with headphones blasting while a fight breaks out in the background
•the feeling you get when you finally take off a bra or tank top after a long and sweaty day
•always wanting to take care of yourself properly, but being way too lazy
•overusing gifs in every conversation, and for every single situation
•posting pictures on Instagram that almost always have some sort of filter with captions from bands like The 1975 & Imagine Dragons’ songs
•never getting Facebook because there’s no point in downloading something that your never going to use
•buying tickets to Coachella and taking everyone one in the squad with you & losing them right as you enter the area
•stringing fairy lights up everywhere, including the closets, especially the closets
•haven an obscure doormat like 'fuck off’ or 'only enter if you posses a dead body’
•scarfing down anything and everything at thanksgiving except the stuffing
•being the person who buys literally everyone they know an overpriced present for Christmas, but gets like, 2 in return
•the timer going down as it spins the food around while casting a soft glow upon it
•the scary thought of 'is Pepsi a corrupt company like Super Porp?!’
•the light yet heartfelt strums a ukulele produces
•the waiter coming up to your table early with the food
•the shape tip of a pointed marker that presses into skin as it creates something that will mostly likely cause ink poisoning
•grilled cheese
•belting out the lyrics to every song in the broadway version of Anastasia
•running and jumping off a cliff with looking down while screaming at the top of your lungs
•"fuck that, I have a revolution to run”
•not letting someone cut their hair because it’s too goddamn gorgeous
•Troy Boltons’ angsty golf number in high school musical 2
•stealing books from libraries, and from other places because 'they’ll be returned once I’ve finished them’
•the appalled looks on people’s faces when you actually eat the cafeteria food and enjoy it
•"you gotta, get ya head in the game.“
•the child kicking the back of seat on a plane that’s completely full of passengers while screeching
•participating karaoke while being drunk
•the glow that surrounds a firefly as it communicates with its tribe
•deeply relating to a piece of trash & the trash can it’s in
•poking a whole in several paper cups while doodling on them
•the beautiful and satisfying sound between a swish and ping that a computer makes when a solitaire game is won
•'dyed hair, don’t care’
•the quick pinch a needle causes when you get a shot or get a tattoo
• caramel ice cream infused with snickers & a snickers aftertaste
•almost buying out bath and body works because all of there scented lotions just had to be bought right that second
•earl grey tea in a pastel pink cup with both a lemon and a lime wedge
•'I can kiss away the pain’
•accidentally mistaking a fork for a spoon when it was too late
•'baby I don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight’

When you realize how unnecessary you are to everyone……

Green Day  {Sentence Starters}

  • “The innocent can never last.”
  • “I think you’re just a problem.”
  • “I don’t want you to understand.”
  • “It’s not over before it’s too late.”
  • “My beating heart belongs to you.”
  • “Why don’t you just leave me alone?”
  • “Nobody likes you. Everyone left you.”
  • “Sometimes I give myself the creeps.”
  • “You got a problem you just can’t hide.”
  • “They’re all out without you having fun.”
  • “Then it turned out to only be a dream…”
  • “Nobody ever said that life was fair, now.”
  • “Thought I ran into you down on the street.”
  • “We’re not the ones who’re meant to follow.”
  • “So, when are all my troubles going to end?”
  • “Do you have the time to listen to me whine?”
  • “Check my vital signs to know I’m still alive…”
  • “Please, call me only if you are coming home.”
  • “My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me.”
  • “Just give me shelter, give me give me something.”
  • “Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me.”
  • “I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known.”
  • “I want to take you through a wasteland I like to call my home.”
  • So, stay the hell away from me because I don’t believe in you!”
  • “Why should my fun have to end? For me it’s only the beginning.” 
  • “Sometimes I need to apologize. Sometimes I need to admit that I ain’t right.”

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So glad you other people have this issue. my first character was a Qunari and his speech almost put me off the character entirely. Trespasser made me feel even odder, I mean he's just as bad as corypheus isn't he? Maybe worse, Corypheus was confused and not entirely understanding the world he was in, but Solas deliberates for years and comes to his decision. The character icks me out, and it's nice to hear others have similar issues with him.

But its tragic and hunky and sympathetic when he does it. And that whole idea – both the justification of his actions because ‘Solas is smarter than you’ and the pining over his faux open-minded outlook – robbed the man of the development he desperately needed. No one needed contrary, argumentative dialogue options more. Juxtaposed against other companions and even villains, it honestly just doesnt line up.

The opportunities to invalidate Merrill over restoring a part of elven culture for all of elven kind in DA2 are staggering. Meanwhile, you can validate and praise and enable the hell out of Solas’ desired trajectory of elven existence. You can agree with him far more than you can disagree and upset his perspective. You can even empower this man who doesn’t give two shakes about elves that dont fit his ‘real person’ or ‘true elf’ criteria to decide the fate of all mortal kind.

And, like you said, Corypheus made similar decisions. The narrative clearly defined him as a villain that had to be taken down; non-negotiable. Now we give pause because….why??

I enjoy moody and dark characters who walk a lonely road on the boulevard of broken dreams, but Weekes was so unironically fixated on it that Solas ended up losing out on valuable character development. He’s presented as a sad anti-hero, Weekes considers him a sad anti-hero for sure, but Solas isnt. His goals are self-serving and destructive and even if he loses sleep at night he’s resigned to antagonism. He’s an antagonist. It just feels desperate to pursue any other definition at this point. Solas deserves better than just being Weekes’ protected pointed-eared Gary Stu. Protect that bald bastard. :^/

The Golden Cave (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Prompt: same plot as most angst newt fics (except angstier)

Word Count: 2395

A/N: Yeah Yeah, I know.  The Bones part 3 fic should be out.  Well, now I can work on it without this fic being in the way. XP

“Hey Y/N?” Newt called.

“Yes?” I called back, trying to find him from where I stood.

“Can you feed the mooncalves?” he asked, “The Goldsteins have invited us to dinner so I was hoping you will be okay with me starting on my way.  With you in the case.”

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My parents have let me watch it since I was six. They said as long as I don't start copying or saying things from it then their isn't much harm, I'm going to learn all of it eventually. 12 years later and it's still one of my favourites. Also I wish I could buy you some headphones!

Those of yall with chill parents and working headphones are the lucky ones… the rest of us have to suffer…