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My real me is scattered

Song no. 12 of Seazer’s new Utena album, most likely the reason for that Barbara in the title. I love this song. And Seazer is part of the reason why I’m studying Japanese, so I might as well give it a try.

I just want to clarfy that my Japanese level is pretty basic and not enough to try to translate Seazer songs of all things, I did asked for help in some parts, still don’t take any of this at face value and feel free to input:

My real me is scattered (バラバラバラバラバラ)
My real me is scattered (バラバラバラバラバラ)
My real me is scattered (barabarabarabarabara)
My real me is scattered (barabarabarabarabara)

My real me is scattered (scattered scattered)¹
My real me is scattered (scattered scattered)

星座星雲惑星のように (バラバラバラバラバラ)
バラバラあちこち散在点在 (バラバラバラバラバラ)
無限の細胞のように (バラバラバラバラバラ)
バラバラあちこち散在点在 (バラバラバラバラバラ)
まるで点描画のように (バラバラバラバラバラ)
seiza seiun wakusei no you ni (barabarabarabarabara)
barabara achikochi sanzai tenza (barabarabarabarabara)
mugen no saibou no you ni (barabarabarabarabara)
barabara achikochi sanzai tenzai (barabarabarabarabara)
marude tenbyou ga no you ni (barabarabarabarabara)
supattaringu no you ni

Like a constellation, nebula, planet (scattered scattered)
Scattered, all over the place scattered, dotted (scattered scattered)
Like infinite cells (scattered scattered)
Scattered, all over the place scattered, dotted (scattered scattered)
Just like a pointillist painting (scattered scattered)
«Art of painting» Like ink spattering

My real me is scattered (バラバラバラバラバラ)
My real me is scattered (バラバラバラバラバラ)
My real me is scattered (barabarabarabarabara)
My real me is scattered (barabarabarabarabara)

My real me is scattered (scattered scattered)
My real me is scattered (scattered scattered)

aruiwa kou mo omou
watashi kuusou shomotsu ni yotte aru mono
watashi gensou shoseki ni yotte iru mono
watashi genjuujiten ni yotte henka shi tsudzuke
watashi anata no yume de naru mono

Or perhaps also like this
I am according to a fantasy book
I am according to a illusory publication
I continue to change according to the Book of Imaginary Beings​²
I shall fullfil your dreams

watashi anata no mesen de sonzai shi
watashi anata no kotoba de katareru mono
watashi anata no chikara de undou shi
watashi anata no yume de naru mono

I exist in your view³
I shall speak with your words
I shall move with your forze
I shall fulfil your dreams

aa maboroshi mugen no watashi no watashi wa
watashi no mesen de naru mono

Ah! The me of the illusory dream me⁴
shall fulfill my view³

(My real me is scattered)
(My real me is scattered)
(My real me is scattered)
(My real me is scattered)
watashi no watashi wa watashi no
(My real me is scattered)
watashi no watashi wa watashi no
(My real me is scattered)
watashi no watashi wa watashi no
(My real me is scattered)
achikochi barabara aru aru barabara
watashi no watashi wa watashi no
(My real me is scattered)
achikochi barabara aru aru barabara
watashi no watashi wa watashi no…

my me is my
(My real me is scattered)
my me is my
(My real me is scattered)
my me is my
(My real me is scattered)
all over the place is scattered scattered
my me is my
(My real me is scattered)
all over the place is scattered scattered
my me is my…

¹ バラバラ (barabara) is not a verb, but an onomatopeia for something scattering. Is common for Japanese people to use onomatopeias in sentences.

² 幻獣辞典 (genjuujiten) refers to El Libro de los Seres Imaginarios, or Book of Imaginary Beings in English, a book by Argentinian Jorge Luis Borges, basically a dictionary of 120 fantastical beings found in myth, legends, folklore and literature.

³  目線 (mesen) usually means gaze or someone’s point of view, but my teacher told me that here it could probably be talking about “what someone has their view upon” like a goal. Hard to put a definitive meaning since the lyrics talk about both, being what is dictated by something else and fulfilling someone’s dreams 

⁴ I wanted to see if there was a particular reason why  まぼろし (maboroshi/illusion) was writen in hiragana instead on kanji, turns out  まぼろし is the Japanese title for  Sous le sable or Under the sand, a French film by  François Ozon. The film is about awoman whose husband goes missing while swimming in the sea and she goes into denial and acts like he is still living with her. The decomposed is later found, but she doesn’t acept that is her husband. I can’t assure you this is revelant, but it could be!


Happy May the Fourth Be With You!

These two beautiful pieces were done for me by the incredibly talented @panda-capuccino

I was waiting to post them until I was able to write the one shot I wanted to about these two lovely characters, but it might be some time before that happens so I decided there’s no day better than today to post them.

I really needed a Cassian and Jyn kiss and Panda really delivered. Thank you again for doing these lovely pieces for me!

Winning Worlds

This was a countdown image for @yuuriweek2017 but it also fits Day 1′s “Future” prompt, so I waited to post it to my blog until today. :)

Isn’t it going to be fun to watch Yuuri win gold at Worlds? I can’t wait. Neither can Victor. That my-fiancé-broke-my-winning-streak silver is going to be one of his most prized possessions.

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otabek altin is chaotic neutral

someone suggested this ages ago and i’m so in love with it! i don’t think otabek is true chaotic neutral; rather, i think he’s more chaotic good with HEAVY chaotic neutral tendencies.

allow me to demonstrate:

  • he definitely tipped off the angels so he could swoop in and save yuri on his bike. yuri found out a couple years later and returned the favor on one of his visits to almaty. he tweeted out a picture of the bar they were at, and when some otababes showed up, he slipped out the back door and took a cab back to the apartment. otabek actually paid him afterward because it was such a good move.
  • he once got drunk the night before a competition and snuck into the rink to mix up the music tracks for all of the skaters (including himself) just to see what would happen. he forgot he did it until yuri stalked up to him to play the snapchat he sent of himself doing it and cackling.
  • whenever he wins a medal and jj doesn’t, he’ll specifically send a photo of it to him with a smiley face, because he knows it winds him up. jj always answers with overly-sweet congratulations immediately followed by some new practice footage. otabek will save the footage and send it to yuri just to see his reaction.
  • if anyone needs help with a prank, they immediately go to otabek because he’s not-so-secretly the master of plotting on the low and he loves to kick back and see what shakes out. once, he helped yuuri tie all of yuri’s shoelaces together with box knots and then spent the whole next afternoon watching yuri untie them. he only did it because yuri told them that he was unprankable (which otabek had already proven multiple times to be patently false).
  • he specifically taught guang hong how to hotwire a car because he thought it would be amusing. he taught him a little too well, though, and after one competition everyone walked outside to see all of their rental cars moved around. otabek’s bike was parked two blocks away. he was actually impressed enough to post a picture to his instagram.
  • the only reason otabek still has the reputation of being an edgelord is because he feels like it would be too much work to change it. he definitely owns more sweaters than band shirts, none of his jeans are ripped, he literally only owns two pairs of boots, but convincing everyone that he’s not some bad-ass biker would take too much effort, so he just rolls with it. the problem is, people think it makes him an easy target. he may or may not have left yuri hanging once when a couple people tried to pick a fight with them at a club (he later paid for it dearly and admitted it was deserved).
  • the one thing otabek’s friends hate the most is when he uses slang he’s adopted from other countries. when he’s tired or feeling like a little shit, he’ll specifically slip some in just to amuse himself. the day he dropped a “y’all’d’ve” on them while they were hanging out, one of his friends took off running down the street. he didn’t see him again for five days.

When the Skam notification bings and you leave all your responsibilities to go and check the NRK website.


Maisie + Mia’s new apartment!

p.s. I wasn’t ignoring all of you asking for screenshots or for the apartment to be uploaded to the gallery, I was just waiting until the build posted today! It’s now available for download for any of you that want it.

liam is literally doing a collab with migos nobody fucking touch me i can’t even go all caps i’m this 👌 close to screaming too many connections between them to think that collab ain’t coming i!!!! am!!!! a!!!! hype!!!! bitch!!!!

Solangelo Youtuber au part 1

So, if you’re reading this and you haven’t read my PJO youtuber au, I recommend you go read that first so that way you have a feel of what types of youtubers they are and things like that.
• So, Nico first discovered Will on one of those times you stay up all night looking at weird and random You Tube videos
• The thumbnail was of Will holding up a ukulele, a giant smile stretched across his face
• The video was of Will singing the song ‘I Want To Break Free’ by Queen. That’s all it took for Nico to click on the video. A cute boy and Queen
• Let’s just say the video hooked Nico and he fell into a dark hole of covers, remixes, mash ups all done by the blonde curly haired boy
• By the end of the night Nico had watched all 300 hundred or so videos Will had on his channel and had a very new and broad music taste
• Soon it became an obsession and everyone was aware that Nico liked this guy
• He would wait refresh his You Tube page nonstop every time Will tweeted he would be posting a video, waiting for Will to upload a new video and he’d be one of the first people to like his Instagram pictures
• Everyone who knew Nico knew Will. That how often he brought up Will in conversation
• “Yes, Nico I saw Will’s new video today”
• Or “Yes, Nico you already mentioned three times how cute Will looks in his new selfie he posted”
• It went on like this for at least three months
• That was until, Nico finally DMed him on Instagram
• It had been a decision caused by a lot of alcohol and stupid friends like Percy and Jason
• He hadn’t realized until the next morning he texted Will saying how much “he loved his videos and thinks he’s really cute”
• Nico was sure that Wil would ignore him, but maybe because of his certified Instagram account and large amount of followers, Will responded
• He was, as expected a sweetheart and replied saying “omg thank you so much, you have no idea how much this means to me!”
• After that, texting became a regular thing for them
• But soon, texting tuned into phone call and phone calls turned into face time and face time turned into the want to meet face to face
• Nico had never had an internet friend before, so he was never graced with the horrible feeling of “what if”
• “what if I’ve just been talking to an old man sitting in his underwear”
• “what if Will is actually horrible in real life”
• “what if he’s a government spy, looking to take down my You Tube channel and steal all of my subscribers? All 6 million of them?”
• But that was ridiculous, because Nico had seen his face and had talked to him face to face, even if it was over a screen
• They finally made the decision to meet up at a local You Tube event held in New York
• The day had been stressful, full of crazy fans, long lines, and terrible air conditioning. But once Nico and Will were done meeting their fans, they searched desperately for each other in the large crowds
• They were searching through crowds of people, trying to find each other, when they made eye contact
• It was like the movies, they pushed through the crowd, trying to get near each other, when suddenly, they were in each other’s arms and suddenly everything felt so right
• Nico would never admit it, but he even cried a little
• It was such a relief, seeing Will in person after telling him everything about himself. His dark secrets and cute quirks and worst fears
• As they held each other, Nico noted how Will’s freckles were a lot more noticeable and how his arms were bigger than he imagined
• “Hi” Nico whispered
• “Hi” Will said back
• And Nico doesn’t remember a time he was happier

go read part two :)

4.25.17 Another Day, Another Paper (72/100 days of productivity)

Four papers down, three more to go! Today my friends and I discovered a study lounge in one of the buildings on campus. We were originally told it was for commuter students, but I didn’t see the word commuter on the sign :) Right now I’m working on my Junior Seminar final, analyzing marginalia I made from the first three science fiction books I ever read. This is one of my easier papers. I can’t wait to be finished, because I’ve had papers due back to back since Friday. After this, my next paper isn’t due until Thursday, which means I won’t have to spend Wednesday cramming! 

International Trash Day:

Midoriya: turns TV on

TV: “-and that’s about it for today’s forecast! But today’s a special day today! You know why? Yup, you guessed it! Today is the pro hero Endeavor’s birthday today! So let us al-”

Todoroki: walks past the TV holding two black trash bags

Midoriya: “U-uh Todoroki? What are you doing?”

Todoroki: stares Izuku right in the eyes

Todoroki: “Today’s trash day.”



Midoriya: …

Midoriya: “Let me help you with that.”

if you follow tumblr user t/e/a/r/z/a/h please be aware that they’re incredibly abusive and manipulative. they’ve abused me and several of my friends, as well as harassed and encouraged harassment of minors because they believed they were involved with us.
they recently tried to say they wanted to “fix things” between us, and when 2 of these victims of theirs didn’t immediately forgive them, they began trying to paint these people as abusive. we broke off contact some time ago but they literally continue to try and abuse us daily?? I didn’t want to post anything until a post we all were working on was complete but the longer we wait the more dangerous it becomes for us (they literally name dropped one of their victims earlier today) and I’m just tired of this I’m tired of being so scared all the time and I know the others they’ve hurt are as well. if you want proof I’ve got tons of it and I’m more than happy to share it if it means preventing them from hurting anymore people than they already have.

Frost (Chapter Thirteen)

Tony solves the “frost” problem so he and Loki can be together, but Loki doesn’t react very well to the whole idea, so there is some angst, and Tony has to lay some tough love (and I don’t mean rough sex lol) on Loki to get him to calm down. And then just the start to some NSFW because you actually have to wait until Fourteen for the smut and I enjoy torturing you!

Let me know what you think :)   (about the chapter, not about me making you wait for smut lol)

Magic number is 170 likes/reblogs and Ill post chapter fourteen today too!


Enjoy :)

“There’s the prettiest women in the realm.” Tony stood in the doorway of the healing room and sent the women his best smile.

“Anthony.” A slim woman with dark hair nearly to her waist stood and embraced him. “What brings you to the healing chambers? Surely you are not sick?”

Surely you aren’t.” A blonde that barely came to his shoulder had to stand on her absolute tip toes to kiss his cheek, but she did anyway. “We did such a wonderful job this last session with you.”

“You did.” Tony kissed each back, calling a hello to the three other women in the huge room. “But I came to ask a favor, if I could.”

“Of course Anthony.” The blonde led him to a chair and he blushed when her hand lingered on his shoulder. “Whatever you need.”

Tony took a moment to relax into their always unbelievably comfortable chairs, to glance around the calming space that smelled of lavender and something sweet. The healers themselves were old enough that even Thor called them ancient, though they were all shockingly beautiful and looked no older than their mid twenties. Tony had enjoyed the weeks he had spent in their company as they healed his body, and they had enjoyed his charm and wit and easy flirtations as they worked.

“I need a spell or a potion or something magic that only you beauties would know.” Tony began, and grinned when they all giggled. Just lovely, lovely women. “I need something to protect me from Loki’s frost giant form.”

“Oh.” Soft, concerned murmurs, and one of the women in the corner made her way over.

“You have been threatened, Sir Anthony?”

“Nothing like that.” Tony cleared his throat. “I would just rather not be… frozen when he and I are close.”

“I see.” She tapped her upper lip thoughtfully. “Something that simply protects you, and does not interfere with more pleasurable pursuits.”

“A woman after my own heart.” Tony clasped his hands over his heart dramatically. “Please. If you would.”

“I would very pleased to help.” She was already moving, gathering supplies, and Tony kicked himself for not remembering their names, especially now when he very well could have written her poems of thanks. But in his defense, being ancient came along with names no one could pronounce anymore, so he supposed it wasn’t his fault.

“You are very special to us, do you realize?” A fourth woman asked, this one a red head with curls down to her shoulders. “The one chosen for both Our King and Our Prince. The tales of the chosen Hjartslattur were old even when we came to be.”

“Really?” Tony blinked at her and she smiled.

“Of course. We have long waited to meet you. And when you came to us so broken we were afraid… afraid that we were not strong enough to help you.”

“Terrified, really.” Another chimed in. “Thank the gods you healed.”

“Yes.” The one mixing the potion brought it to him in a delicate crystal bottle, with words written out on the tag she attached. “You healed and now are fulfilling the hjartslattur bond and it is wonderful.”

“This, before midnight, and the spell three times.” she instructed and Tony raised his eyebrows.

“Every day?”

“Just the once.” She looked at him disapprovingly. “What sort of healer would I be if my spells and charms only worked once?”

Most would call you a sorceress.” Tony teased and she bent to kiss his forehead.

Most would be correct. Now go. Take it before midnight tonight.”

“Thank you.” Tony bowed low, and blew kisses just to make them all giggle and went on his way.

Really, just the loveliest ladies.

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anonymous asked:

Unintentional anon here 🙌🏻 just meant that they didn't film the Harry ad and put it on hold waiting patiently for Cheryl's elephant term-like pregnancy to end. They used the situation to their advantage though, afterall, hype is hype is hype

I completely agree that that would be insane. 

HOWEVER, given that Cheryl has used this pregnancy for as much promo as possible and that Liam and Harry are under the same management (Dawbell), I would not put it past them to announce the birth on the day they announce the album release. 

Nowhere in this post does it say that the baby was born today, or have the typical date/time of birth that accompanies some traditional forms of birth announcements. 

I didn’t take this announcement to mean that the baby was born today. 

Oh I just looked at Cheryl’s IG and…

Can nothing be normal? Why is that the only photo they have? Why is it a photo of a polaroid photo?? Whatever. But yeah, they conveniently waited until today, not even until actual Mother’s Day, which is tomorrow, to release this on the day that Harry drops the news about his album. 

I would like nothing more than to be genuinely happy for life events that happen to the members of One Direction, but this pregnancy was announced by DAN WOOTTON, this relationship was called out as a PR stunt from the beginning, and the idea of Cheryl and Liam having a baby was (if even possible) even more ludicrous than Louis’ baby that they announced before the end of the first trimester in that they announced that they were trying to have a baby before she was apparently pregnant, not to mention before she was even divorced. What 24 year old is trying to get the woman they just started dating pregnant immediately? 

Just, take a step back and think about if this was anyone but Liam. Imagine if they tried this with Harry. Granted, Harry is obsessed with babies, but shouldn’t the fact that Harry is OBSESSED WITH BABIES, and that it’s dismissible that Harry “hates” the rest of 1D enough to make the fact that Harry has never once mentioned Louis or Liam having a child strange?? 

NO ONE from 1D has said anything to Liam! Not even “fellow 1D dad” Louis. Who probably could have taken time out of his busy tweeting about Ultra schedule to at least be like, “Congrats, mate!” Zayn, who is still at the very least amicable from a public perspective with Liam hasn’t said anything. And Noll, who rushed out to very publicly buy Ben Winston’s baby a gift and take photos with it, has stayed silent as well. I say “Babygate 2.0″ because this is almost exactly what happened last time, just with a bit less of “what the actual fuck” that came with the Granny announcement and the Sunglasses Hut pap walk and the “Daddy Daddy Cool” but still very, very, strange nonetheless. 

I wouldn’t be like 

if it all didn’t seem so incredibly, well, fake.