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The next day, Shouyou returned to the temple.

There was no use in staying at the villa—not when Kageyama would be gone, and no one left there to fill the awful hole that seemed to have opened in Shouyou’s heart.

It was different, than all the times they’d said goodbye before it. Different even than the first time, when Shouyou had thought he wouldn’t be returning month after month, to tumble from the carriage doors and run straight to where Kageyama waited, always, for him.

It was worse now, having made up his mind to stay, but having no idea when Kageyama could return to him. So Shouyou came back to the temple, to wait. At least there, he had the people he’d grown up with. He had his duties. He could try, as best he could, to be distracted.

And, as little as it was, he was not wholly without news of his centurion. For Kageyama sent him letters, as often as he was able.

The first letter came in place of the carriage that would have usually arrived to bring Shouyou to the temple. It was delivered by messenger, and Shouyou was so eager to open the wax seal with Kageyama’s insignia that he nearly ripped the paper in two. He snuck away to a secluded corner where he could read undisturbed.

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I’m sorry that I write so much, it’s my only comfortable form of expression. So if my heart skips a beat twice, know that I’m trying to remember a love that’s lost. I’m sorry that I speak in metaphors, it’s my way of exploring the mind and how often I’ll get away without giving it to you straight. I’m just a little sore and my soul is tender because soulmates don’t last forever– they were always meant to touch, to change and then they’ll leave. Although your smile is like the surface of the moon, you provide the warmth of the sun and if I don’t wake up tomorrow– know that you will always be the last thought on my mind until I go insane and tomorrow makes the front page and I’m just a loss cause waiting and waiting to be yours truly– just repeat after me: your heart and soul shall always be yours before anyone else’s. So stake your claim and wait it out. You never know, someone might just be falling in love with you right at this very second. And of course it’s scary, a nightingale once told me that if your dreams aren’t scary and it doesn’t spook you– you’re not living right. You’re not dreaming right. You’re not loving right. So dream big. Be large. You contain multitudes of genius.
—  About soulmates
As It Seems: Chapter 1

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Según Parece: Lista De Contenidos

Summary: Dean Winchester, playboy businessman with a heart of gold. As his assistant, you thought that you had him all figured out. You could see the side of himself that he showed to the public, and the side of himself that he showed behind closed doors. But it turns out that there is a pretty significant side of himself that you didn’t even suspect. One that you’re confronted with when he comes bursting into your apartment after just being shot.

Word Count: 2425

Warnings: Blood, unnamed character death

A/N: I’m super excited about this series, but I’m also a little nervous because my original plan was changed drastically after a dream I had while camping and now the plot is more complex than I originally planned on, and I’m not quite sure I can do it justice. Nevertheless, I’m still excited, so I guess we’ll see what happens!!

~Reader’s POV~

Everyone always told me not to take a personal assistant job where I would have to sign a non-disclosure form that was more than two pages long. Of course, they were mostly thinking about situations like sexual harassment or other things like that. I doubt they imagined a situation where my boss would come bursting through my front door at three in the morning, covered in blood, toss his cell phone to me that had someone yelling on the other end, and remind me about the non-disclosure that I signed before passing out on my couch from blood loss.

But let’s back up a bit.

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anonymous asked:

EEEE I just love you and how you write your domestic stuff! It is why i live!!! So i was wondering, Could you do some domestic living with gabe and maybe jesse? That would be awesome, but dont feel like you have to!

Thank you so much!! I love writing fluff! Especially for these two nerds so thank you for requesting this!!

Gabriel Reyes

  • Can I get an AMEN, please!
  • Takes every opportunity to rest his chin on your shoulder and wrap his arms around your waist
  • Walks around shirtless
  • Don’t drool pls he just cleaned the floor
  • Is a very tidy man
  • His military training is evident in the way he lives
  • Is great at folding laundry
  • Can cook like an absolute champ!
  • You guys always have a bottle of good tequila on hand
  • Is a handy man sort of guy
  • Can fix legit anything
  • Even if it’s with duct tape
  • Guts a room as a “project”
  • Loves having space to move around in but loves a cozy home
  • He designed the decor
  • Don’t lie
  • He designed the whole aesthetic
  • And it’s amazing

You can see him moving around from the light shining underneath the door and you can hear his boots clunking across the bare floor, you knock before entering since you don’t know where he or his supplies are. “Come in!” He calls, his voice muffled by the wood between the two of you, you open the door and close it behind you as you don’t want the chemical fumes in the rest of the house. He’s ripped up the carpet and chucked it out the open window, he’s also in the process of tearing down one of the walls. “Hello mi amor,” Gabriel grins as he kisses the skin just under your ear and you laugh as you push him away.

“You smell like dust, you can kiss me after you shower,” he looks offended and you laugh again.

“Well fine then, I wanted to show you something anyways.” He heads towards the window and you see a thick, worn book on the floor. As you step closer you realize it’s a photo album, a very old photo album. “Look at this, I found it in the wall.” He begins to flip through the pages with you, adding made up stories to some images, marveling at others. The two of you don’t realize how long you’ve been looking at the album until you’re chasing the last rays of light trying to see a picture of what appears to be a party.

“Let’s have dinner,” you propose as you stand, “then we can look at it some more.”

“Can I have a kiss now?” Gabriel doesn’t wait for an answer before he’s leaning forward with his lips in an exaggerated pucker.

“Have you showered?” You ask as you place your palm on his mouth and he groans against your skin.

Jesse Mccree

  • Kinda messy but always cleans up after himself
  • So his serape will end up on the floor but when he gets up again he’ll hang it up
  • Can cook the essentials
  • His specialty is pasta
  • He’s resourceful in his cooking
  • Like Baudelaire children
  • You’re sure it’s from his deadlock days
  • Snores but not too much
  • If you fall asleep before him you’re okay
  • Is very clingy
  • But not annoyingly so
  • Loves to stay in bed and just talk
  • Watches whatever is on TV
  • You’ve caught him yelling at Dr. Oz before
  • The two of you watch the Steve Wilkos show together
  • You’re best friends who just so happen to be romantically in love
  • Your house is quaint and has lots of character
  • There’s no specific design happening
  • It’s just home

Out of the corner of your eye, you see him meandering out of the bedroom as he scratches his stomach while his other hand is folded behind his head as he stretches, you turn to him and smile, taking note of the fact that he’s just in his underwear. “How’d you sleep?” You ask, adding some spices to the egg you’d just cracked into the pan.

“Mighty fine, ‘specially since I woke up ta you makin’ my breakfast.” His voice is still rough from sleep as he wraps his arms around your waist and kisses the side of your head. You make a noise and half-heartedly try to shove him off, which only succeeds in making him hold you tighter and pepper kisses along your jaw, cheek, and temple.

“Jesse!” You squeal as you try to turn your head away, but he just switches to the other side, “your breath stinks!”

“So does yours darlin’ but you don’t see me makin’ a fuss,” you can feel him smiling into your hair as he kisses you some more.

“That’s cause I’m making you breakfast,” his hands start to rub up and down your sides as you return your full attention to the eggs in front of you. “Go brush your teeth and I’ll kiss you.” He agrees nonverbally as he slides away from you and towards the bathroom, your eyes follow his ass as he walks away, watching his briefs hug his thighs.

“I know where yer eyes are, honey.” You snap to attention as he chuckles, cheeks burning as you slide the eggs onto a plate and place it on the table.

Zine update!

so! the zines finally came in yesterday! and everything looked great, the quality, the colors, the binding..until I came to the very last page (the backside cover)..there was this pretty visible printing smudge on almost EVERY COPY. I managed to sort out about 90-ish copies that weren´t affected/hardly affected, but the rest I had to send back. I already emailed the printer to get those replaced asap, but if it means it´d take another month..then no. I don´t know why I keep being unlucky with this TT For now I´ve packed the bundles out of those undamaged copies, already sent out 20, and will now have to wait for the answer of the printer. I´m so terribly sorry that everything might get delayed again, I´ll do my best to get this sorted out as fast as I can ;;

Once again, I so appreciate everyone´s patience, thank you from the bottom deepest pit of my heart. I´ll update once I get more info!

anonymous asked:

I have a question. I'm currently working on my own webcomic and I actually really want to start publishing it. I have thought through the main plot (how it'll start, go (roughly) and end), but one friend of mine tells me not to start the comic yet, because I have to think it through FULLY first as I might miss some plot twists. And I have a question for you : have you already fully thought backlash through or just the main plot? Or do you come up with some things while drawing? I need your help;


I want you to know that I read this ask and as soon as I got to the line “have you already fully thought BACKLASH through or just the main plot” I let out a noise similar to a goose honking. My guy. Let me tell ya. I am not the kind of writer that waits until I know even 1/3 of my story before I jump into making it.

BACKLASH is a story I’ve been working on since 2012. The very first try at this story I ever did was in 2012, and all I knew about the story was the characters, and vaguely that there was some kind of big bad guy who was oppressing humanity or something. This version of BACKLASH didn’t last long. I got maybe a chapter and a half through it (like 45 pages?) and then I stopped, realizing I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t have a direction. I was just drawing comics for the sake of ‘I want to make something with these characters’. It was good practice, but wasn’t shaping up to be the narrative I wanted it to be!

I took a few years off, sat down and wrangled in my story and characters, and then started again in 2014 (I think? shoot my timeline is all hecked up, it might have been 2015).

I want you to know that I did not figure out the lowest, ‘dark night of the soul’ moment until like three months ago, and I didn’t figure out the final rising actions/final confrontation/exact ending until last month. Literally. I was sitting at my day job and it just, boom, hit me like a ton of bricks, and NOW I know the exact timeline for my entire comic. I’ve been doing this comic for 3-4 years and I only just now figured out almost everything. So take that information however you want.

Everyone writes differently, everyone tells stories and builds worlds differently. You have to know how your brain works and what type of groundwork you need to do before starting, but you also need to know what you can come up with and what blanks you can fill in as you get to them.

Some people need to know every single story beat and every single moment of their entire story’s timeline, and that’s totally fine! Some people (like me) only really need the general direction of what their story is leading to, and prefer not knowing every tiny detail until the story is finished.

I will say that no matter what kind of writer you are, I think you should definitely know what your story is leading toward before you start. You should have a general idea of what the plot is, and how the end might play out. Your ending can change a thousand times as you’re working on the story, and that’s okay! If you have the idea of ‘okay these characters are going to eventually get in a fight with this big bad character because they need to be stopped’, then you know what your story is building toward and it will help you keep things on-track and relevant. It will help you avoid rambling and going off on weird tangents. If you aren’t building to anything, your story will just be whatever you think is cool or would be funny, and it might be fun for you to make, but as a narrative it might not be great.

I personally enjoy leaving things for future me to figure out! It keeps me interested in the world and story and characters. But I make sure that I know enough about each of my characters that I can lay subtle groundwork that foreshadow big reveals and twists that will happen later on in the story! Even if I don’t know EXACTLY how something is going to play out, I know enough about the characters and their dispositions and relationships that I can drop hints and clues in dialogue and in the environment. (This coming from someone who is definitely a character-first type of writer. All my stories are character driven and the character arcs and storylines are the most important aspects of my stories! So knowing my characters makes writing a story in which they all interact a LOT easier, haha~)

I’m also a very avid supporter of “JUST DO IT” with regards to webcomics. If I waited until I knew every little thing about my story to start, I still wouldn’t have started my comic. The best way to get better is to not wait and jump in feet first.

If you feel like you’re ready to start your comic, I say go for it! You know what’s best for your story, and you know if you’re ready or not. Webcomics take a LONG TIME to make too, so, by the time you’re done writing and drawing the beginning, you’ll have had all that time to think about the future events of your comic. You’ll have a lot of time to think about how you’re going to build your story WHILE you’re making it. That’s the curse and the blessing of webcomics.

I wish you luck!! Listen to your heart!!


I honestly just don’t want to turn the page. 

I’m just. Trapped. 


I very much want you to wake up on sheer principle but UNTIL YOU DO, RELAX IN THIS NICE ABYSS YOU HAVE GOING FOR YOU HERE




this book is too good to be real

In the middle of everything horrific going on, I somehow managed to stumble across this one incredible book that gives me actual hope. It’s called The Love Interest, by Cale Dietrich, and it’s a typical YA love triangle except it’s not. It’s about this secret organization that trains boys (and girls, but the book is about the male side of things) to get girls who show potential to become super influential in the world to fall in love with them, in order to sell secrets to powerful people. 

This one girl, Juliet, is assigned two Love Interests–Caden, the narrator of the book, and Dylan. The love triangle ensues, the two boys in death-threat-enforced heated competition… and then they fall in love. 

And, seriously, it’s so good. The biggest concern about the gay thing is that, y’know, Caden is literally gonna die if he can’t make Juliet fall in love with him. And (spoilers)… the gays… don’t die? how?? Plus it’s just, like, super open about sexuality–I’m ace so I can’t really fill in the blanks in books that are like “hot guy? fuck yeah” while expecting the reader to get it, and y’all turns out I have literally never understood what sexual attraction feels like until I read this. That sounds like an overstatement, but this book is written really fucking well, like, the way Caden describes Dylan’s body as compared to how he describes Juliet’s? And continues describing it and how he feels about it? I actually squinted at the page, like, woah, wait, is that how it works? Like, I skimmed 50 sh*des a while back and there was not nearly as much depiction of sexual interest as there is in The Love Interest. 

Finally, if that hasn’t convinced you, a quote from the acknowledgements–the very last words in the book.

Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to the LGBTQIA+ people out there. If you’re LGBTQIA+ and reading this, know that you are perfect, and valid, and you deserve only the best. I hope The Love Interest managed to get my feelings about you across, but just in case, I’ll make it crystal clear here:

I love you.

Read this book.

Classroom Distraction 


Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Prompt: “You’re so lucky your cute”

Summary: Issac annoys you asking for an answer to on of the test questions, and won’t give up until you tell him what your answer you put down is.

The class you dreaded was here, Chemistry was one of your worst subjects and the teacher was unbearable. Even on his good days he was still a pain, you never disliked a teacher as much as you disliked Mr Olsen. Thankfully Isaac was in the same class as you, just knowing that he was there made things a bit better.

“I expect utter silence in today’s class. On each of your desks there is a test sheet, you will have the whole period to complete and your mark will count to your final grade. So I hope all of you came prepared and studied last weeks material, if not then I suggest you pray really hard for a miracle” He looked to certain students, making those people shift very uncomfortably in their seats.

“This is under test conditions so anyone talking will be given a warning and then kicked out, you may commence reading time” he checked the clock ticking away on the wall behind him and waited until it hit 12 and said, “Right now”.

Pages being turned and students sighing was all the noise that could be heard in the first few seconds. Isaac sat beside you on the table in the next row, and looked completely bored. You yourself read the first question and mentally groaned, you fell asleep reading this exact chapter last night and it came back to bite you in the ass.

The only thing you could manage to do was go with instinct, some questions you knew the answer to 100% others you literally had to go through the process of elimination and determine which of the two that was left, was the right one.

With only 25 minutes left of the class, you were nearly finished the test. But sudden something came flying directly towards you and hit you square in the face. You turned towards Isaac and saw him smile, obviously he was either finished or extremely bored and had given up if he was annoying you with time still left.

“Psst Y/N” he whispered just loud enough for you to hear, but low enough so the teacher wouldn’t notice.

“What Issac” you whispered back.

“What’s the answer to question 7?” he asked.

“Figure it out yourself”.

When he didn’t answer you assumed he took your advice, but another ball of paper came hurdling at your face. “Issac knock it off”.

“I hear whispers, I suggest whoever is talking to stop now before consequences occur” Mr Olsen stated very rudely.

You thought that warning alone was enough for Isaac, but nope he continued to throw another ball of paper at you.

“Help your boyfriend out…please babe” he said.

You didn’t want to turn around because you knew that Isaac would be pulling a puppy dog expression, and it got you every time. So head down you shook your head to indicate that you weren’t risking it.

“I’ll make it worth it if you help me” he sent a wink in your direction and you couldn’t help but crack a small smile.

“Get your mind out of the gutter Lahey” you finally spoke.

“Don’t pretend like you aren’t loving where my mind is right now”.

Issac was certainly cheeky at the worst of times, it made things very difficult especially if it was things like school or when you were around your parents.

“Quick Y/N while the douche of a teacher is distracted”.

You looked up and saw some other teacher had came in and took Mr Olsen out to the hallway to talk in private, his attention completely off the students which most took to their advantage.

“The answer is b okay, now quit distracting me that’s all your getting” you said.

“That’s all I’m getting now, but later tonight…” he smirked and you had to admit you walked right into that.

Turning to your cocky boyfriend you said, “You’re so lucky your cute”.

He laughed and before he had time to respond the teacher came back in, and every student went back to their previous positions acting like nothing happened.

Minutes later the bell for the end of the period rang, and the class emptied faster than ever before.

Issac and you walked out of the classroom into the hallway, with Isaac sneaking his arm around your waist. “So your place tonight?” he said to you still wearing his smirk.

“Sure if you can tell me the answer to question 5 on the test? You get it correct Lahey and I’m all yours tonight”. Now it was your turn to be the cocky one.

Isaac was thinking really hard and finally said, “Answer is c”

Instead of answering you grabbed your bag out of your locker, and headed down the hallway leaving Isaac behind. He jogged towards you, “Was I right?” he asked.

“Maybe, we won’t find out until tomorrow though. So I guess you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow night”. Sending him a wink he knew you bested him and just shook his head, following you out to the car park.

Vinyl book review

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

Blurb: All citizens of Revinia have metal Singers grafted into their skulls at birth. The machines issue a form of auditory hypnosis called The Music, which keeps their minds malleable and emotions flat. All artistic expression is strictly prohibited. On the edge of the city, nineteen year old Ronja struggles to support her family. A chance meeting leads to her kidnapping by an underground resistance. Violently severed from her Singer by a brash young agent, Ronja revels in her newfound freedom until the consequences of her disappearance begin to unfold.

There is… so much to complain about here. So very much. Can we start with the writing? We should probably start with the plot but we’re starting with the writing because what the fuck.

Fun experiment, raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by this author’s epithets! (Every fucking character in this book raises their hand)

A short lesson: an epithet is when you refer to a character by a description, rather than a name or a pronoun. For example, calling the main character Ronja “the girl”, which is something this book did constantly. Epithets are not usually necessary, so you should probably have a reason for using each one, like not knowing the character’s name or needing to emphasize something about them. I’m pretty sure zero out of the perhaps 50 times Ronja was called “the girl” by the narration were because her femaleness needed to be emphasized.

Also, the author kept using “unbraid” when she meant “upbraid”. Upbraid is to reprimand, unbraid is to… undo a braid. You probably wouldn’t unbraid yourself after doing something silly, especially if you weren’t wearing a braid to begin with, but you might upbraid yourself. Unless you’re a character in this book, in which you apparently just constantly unbraid braids that don’t exist.

Basically, this book got very creative — with misusing devices, not with the plot. At one point “the walls themselves seemed to bate their breath”, which I can only assume comes out of someone who is very confused about whether or not they want the walls to “wait with bated breath” or “hold their breath”, and which made me want to physically cry. Aside from that, there was a lot of over-description and clunky metaphors and similes, and basically everything is terrible and this book killed epithets.

Anyway?? Plot, I guess? I had little interest in anything until about the last 80 pages, which is far too late. I think it was the writing style and blandness of the characters that kept me from giving any shits about the plot before then, because it took some actual action to take my attention away from the horrors being perpetrated upon the English language. I just didn’t care about these characters.

I can pinpoint a few reasons I hated Rourk, the love interest, in particular. The way he constantly called Ronja “love”? You literally just met her, dude. Get over yourself. It came out as honestly sort of condescending (not helped by the fact that so many other things that came out of his mouth were in fact condescending). The romance between him and Ronja had about as much effect on me as a smudge on the wall — annoying to be reminded of, even though I guess it’s not hurting anyone; would probably hang something over it if possible.

(Side note on the romance: the main character’s male best friend hates her and Roark’s relationship, but we get no explanation as to why? We just don’t know what Henry’s problem is. Apparently male characters are just always entitled to be pissy about female characters’ romantic choices when it’s none of their business? Idk. Henry, why.)

TW for attempted rape, by the way, because apparently it is still necessary to give male characters angst by sexually assaulting female characters in front of them. Also the most important disabled character (I’m giving her mother that title, since Ronja’s own hearing loss is referred to once and then completely forgotten) is killed at the end, because that was just more convenient than having to adress how she could be accommodated in the next book I guess. Does it ever occur to authors of mediocre books that fail to add anything to their genre that they would be far more innovative by subverting tropes like this than by playing into all of them one after the other?

This was the most disappointing book of 2017, and also I have a headache.

astreamikaelson13  asked:

If you still accept prompt suggestions for Manorian here's another one: "Would you like that, my love? Me worshipping every inch of your body with every inch of mine until our very souls are one entity?"

“Would you like that, my love? Me worshipping every inch of your body with every inch of mine until our very souls are one entity?”

 Dorian couldn’t remember the last time he sat down and really read through a book without his thoughts drifting off into the mess that his life had become for the past few years. He had not been ready to be King, had not been ready for a war in which he had the potential to lose the few friends he had left. The impending realization that he would have to potentially sacrifice his life for the greater good. Even when only a few days before that last battle he had realized who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

The King had gone into that battlefield feeling like he wouldn’t make it out of there alive, that his legacy would be bedtime stories and songs sung around a campfire of a dark-haired King who battled to free the world next to a white-haired Queen who yielded her magic to give them the last push they needed to finally tip the scales.

Dorian blinked as his thoughts went back to his reading. He looked over the page and smiled softly even though he’d done exactly what he didn’t intend to. Glancing up from his spot on the loveseat he watched the fire crackle within the fireplace and then turned his eyes toward the bed and the tuff of white hair visible from underneath the mountain of covers.

It always felt like Manon was compensating for her century of sleeping under thin blankets and stiff cots. Not that Dorian minded. Especially because after she went to bed every night before he did, he waited until she was fast asleep to make sure she was properly tucked in.

Huffing, Dorian went back to his book, figuring he should at least finish the chapter before he called it a night.

‘Would you like that, my love? Me worshipping every inch of your body with every inch of mine until our very souls are one entity?’ Hunter told Anne as he hovered over her flushed body, both of them breathing heavily.’

The King smirked and muttered a “I should tell that to Manon tomorrow” to himself before finishing off the last few pages of his erotic novel and placing the book down on the low table in front of him. It had been a gift of Aelin for when he went to spend the beginning of Spring on the border between Adarlan and the Witch Kingdom.

“To give you some tips,” she had said languidly, “you seem to need them.”

He had laughed, but taken the book with him, reading it in his off time and chuckling at the exaggerations of the narrative. But it had provided him with something to amuse himself when Manon wasn’t around-or asleep-and he was glad for the distractions. It was dangerous when he had nothing to focus on. When his thoughts would wander and his memories took over.

Dorian stretched as he stood up, walking to the bathroom in the dim lighting and freshening up for bed. His Queen would probably scold him in the morning, but he wouldn’t mind. He liked it when she worried over him and he would admit that convincing her to stay for another hour in bed was always a plus.

Despite the weather outside, Dorian still felt comfortable enough to take off his shirt, knowing that the main reason why the witch was under all those covers was because she preferred sleeping in the nude despite the fact that it was rather cold out.

He got into bed slowly, lifting the covers slightly to maintain the warmth before finally settling in next to Manon. He listened to her soft breathing, making sure she was deeply asleep before scooting close and placing an arm around her waist and molding himself against her back, holding back a groan at the feel and smell of her and keeping back his smile when he thought about the quote.

He’d definitely mention it to her tomorrow, he mused, as he kissed her cheek and lay down next to her, loving how she molded into his body even while asleep.

If anything, he’d get a good laugh out of her expression.

Thanks for the prompt!

I’m really sorry this is so late! I just have to wait until inspiration hits and sometimes it doesn’t hit for weeks!

My previous Manorian works

Senioritis is not a legitimate illness.

(warning: long story)

Sorry if this is a bit long, but it takes a bit of set-up to explain!

One of my upper-level finance classes in college had a big community service component where we would act as financial advisors for underprivileged adults for free. Organization and outreach was always a big problem so the class was actually split into a real class component and an extracurricular club component. Basically, you could either join the class (get credit but do a lot more research/paperwork/effort) or join the club (have a resume builder but just do volunteer activities/administration). This way, more people could help out with varying levels of effort. I had originally joined the club as it was my freshman year and I didn’t have the prerequisites to join the class, but I was very dedicated so my professor made an exception for me.

At the beginning of the semester we were assigned a group and a local family to work with for the duration of the class. Essentially, we had to interview the family several times and work with them to produce a 20 page comprehensive “business plan” for them that would count as our final exam grade. My group consisted of Grace, a junior who was only part of the club and just helping us out if she had time, and Kelsey, a senior who is the main antagonist of this story.

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and as September rolls in, school soon following, my studyblr regains life.

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hey just a little announcement for @onthecliffcomic !! i got very busy around mid-october and it’s only just let up recently, but i don’t have any buffer pages left after this fall so i’ve decided to extend the break a little longer until after the holidays! i’d rather have the break last a little longer & come out of it with a steadier schedule! 

thanks for waiting & look forward to the new updates in 2017! 


The latest tattoo and some angry redness.
The slogan is from a task on the gishwhes hunt this year, which was to take the slogan “We create, therefore we live” and tattoo it in a language other than English somewhere about one’s person. It dropped as a last minute item on the last day of the hunt.
Getting the translation from francophone friends in time was easy but I wanted to wait until the tattooer I like was free and I had the idea that I wanted something with the Elopus too and getting all that sorted in time was very much not in the cards.
So I waited, and am pleased to have done so! Look at her lovely design! The simplicity! The patterns! The fact that once it’s healed I can regularly colour it in like a colouring book page and then wash it off and do it again! It’s also deeply funny!
2014 was my first hunt and Elopus my first mascot and gishwhes brought me a lot of joy, new friends, reminded me to be creative and kind, helped two of my friends meet and fall in love, and let me cross Guinness world records off my bucket list. And I’m grateful.
I’m also so happy @neverthecoolnerd started it all off for me when she asked if I wanted to join this event I’d never heard of, because she thought it’d be up my alley, so thanks, Friend. If this is the last gishwhes of its kind it’s been a slice, and I would not trade the experiences for anything.

This was done by Tami at Tattoo in Victoria, BC.
Leafy x Reader

Summary; Imagine; A book held firmly in your hands, your back presses up against the old, crinkled oak tree and an old pair of converse just came into view. You raise you eyes in expectation to see him standing there with a sheepish smile and a sketchbook. 


Frail, colored leaves were scattered at your feet, dancing in the wind, as it blew through your long, dark hair. The house was in a mess when you left, beer bottles thrown across the room, and shards of glass looking for the next unsuspecting victim to slice into, of course he would be passed out in the corner by now, and I was miles away with miles to go. 

I had an old book of my mother’s clutched between my clammy hands, I passed by families and smiling children, and I smiled at what I never had. I continued forward, trying to keep my vision straight, in a direct line. My head was in pieces and I still had a couple hours until my bus left. I did what I always do when I need to calm my mind, I head over to the same old, familiar tree by the local park and sit underneath the shade it provided. Leaves of all color fell at her feet, deep auburn and pale yellow like the sun that was beginning to set, over the horizon. It painted the sky like a canvas, in streaks of coral and orange. 

I opened the book to the last bookmark, with the intention to loose myself within the pages, until I heard the very distinctive crunch of shoes stepping on the leaves. I looked up in expectation, landing on an old, battered pair of converse. My eyes traveled up, to see a sketchbook in his arms, and his chocolate brown eyes met mine, erupting all kinds of feelings I wasn’t familiar with. I heard the soft scraping of charcoal on paper, and I made a move to question him when he shot his hand out.

“Wait, you’re perfect. Don’t move.” I didn’t. 

“Can I have your name at least?” I asked. He stopped sketching, and advanced towards me, plopping down on the ground beside me before I realized what was going on. 



A minute passed.

“So, do you normally sketch random people in the park?”

He smiled at me gently. “No, just the beautiful ones.” He leaned back against the tree. “So, what’s your story Y/N?”

“There’s not really much too it, shitty family, shitty childhood, my Dad’s an alcoholic and I guess, I’m running away from that.” 

He nodded in what I took as interest.  “Running doesn’t make you weak, the best thing you can do is leave that fucking degenerate.I just want to leave, to be quite honest I’d rather bash myself in the head with a rock than stay in this  riddled town any longer.

I lifted the rucksack at my feet. “I’ve got a bus to get in a couple of hours.”

“Ah, no way. same, I’m not very KEEM to get on it though, but maybe I’ll have some company.” He smiled then, leaning in even closer that I could feel his hot breath fanning across my face. “Or I won’t, and so, I’ll never see you again. So forgive me for this.”

He gave me a quirky smile, his eyes intense as he caresses my subtle cheek, he lifted my chin, our noses almost touching. I felt the warmth of his breath against my top lip, I looked up to meet his hardened, chocolate brown eyes before he placed his lips on mine. My mind span with excitement, and my stomach was in knots but I felt high. On the sheer pleasure of having him right here, right now, in the simplest and intimate form. He pulled away, his eyes lit up and staggered to his feet. I watched him walk away. 

When he was gone, I read the book. I was stuck on the same page for the next two hours.

When I finally made it on the bus I scanned the seats for the same, chocolate brown eyes. I was disappointed when I sat in the vacant seat. I relaxed back in the seat, when a voice popped up behind me. 

I turned around and there he was, Calvin. A bottle of water to his lips, but then I looked closer, my eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 

“Calvin, is that bleach?”


Requested by thisismyexscape (sorry this took so long, dear) an Anniversary fluff/smut fic with g!p Anna. :)

   Anna awoke to an open window and the curtains swaying gently in the warm summer breeze.  Sunlight drifted through onto the white sheets of the bed she lay on and shone on Anna’s freckled face as the woman struggled to open her eyes. When the redhead’s eyes fluttered open, they squinted almost automatically once the light them. Anna slowly sat up and stretched luxuriously, falling back against the fluffy pillows after letting out a contented sounding groan. Noticing something was missing, Anna turned her head and saw the empty space where her wife normally laid (looking dead as a doornail) in the mornings.

   Anna was the morning person of the two and preferred to wake up early to feel the first rays of sunshine… Elsa, however, would rather lie in bed and sleep the day away if she could, but the blonde had a job and it intervened with almost everything in her life so she would have to get up early every morning, no matter how much she didn’t want to. Anna sighed sadly, remembering what day it was, and reached down to place a hand on the little dip in the bed that fit Elsa’s figure. That side of the bed was done up, like Elsa had woken up in the morning and had made that side of the bed without Anna waking up…

   The young woman felt especially alone that day since it was a very special day and she had no one to share it with.  She knew that Elsa would be gone at work and had prepared herself for another lonely day, but now that that day had finally arrived, Anna seemed much sadder that she thought she would be. She listened to the dull silence of her bedroom for a moment, then stood and crossed the space between her and her dresser. Something caught Anna’s eye on her vanity.

   “Funny.” Anna thought, walking up to a pair of clothes that had been neatly set out for her with a yellow post it not on the top. The redhead picked up the note and lifted it so she could read it. The note read, “Good morning, Anna.” Anna smiled once she realized it was Elsa’s hand writing, the cursive letters were always written in beautiful loopy lettering, “I hope you have a wonderful day. Happy anniversary!”

   The redhead sighed happily, set the note down on the vanity and picked up the shirt that Elsa had laid out…it was a simple red shirt with a bleach stain on the side…

   Anna shrugged, then pulled it over her head and slipped on the pair of worn jeans that had been laying underneath the shirt. Walking out of the bedroom and down the stairs, Anna was met by another note by the pantry door as she turned to step into her kitchen.

   “I’m not here to make you breakfast so I pre-made pancake batter for you to put them on the grill yourself. I love you!”

   Anna smiled adoringly at the note then turned to look at the kitchen counter where the small electric griddle was plugged into the outlet on the wall and a bowl of pancake batter sat to the side. Smiling broadly, Anna walked over to the awaiting griddle and began to prepare herself some pancakes. Elsa always made the best pancakes in the mornings. Anna, after making the pancakes, sat down at the table and began to eat…she sighed, feeling a little less lonely than before.  

    After she had finished her breakfast, Anna walked into the living room and sat down on the couch tiredly, pulling out her ipod and beginning to search through her favorite songs. Once she found one she liked, she laid back over the couch and rested her head on the pillow…she stared up at the ceiling for a moment before she noticed another note hanging there. The redhead sat up in surprise, looking up at the post- it note that had been placed on the ceiling, then got to her feet on the couch and jumped in order to grab it.

   Successfully snatching the note, (but almost falling) Anna flopped back over the couch and lifted it to her face so she could read it.

   “I hope you liked your breakfast. I know this is where you always come after you eat to listen to your music so I put a couple of our favorite songs together for you. Just look for the playlist on there that says Happy Anniversary. I love you.”

   Anna broke out into a massive grin and went to her playlists, then found the one entitled Anniversary.  Upon opening it, she found all of her and Elsa’s favorite songs. She pressed play on the first song, leaned back and shut her eyes, letting it play until the last song ended.  When the last note played, Anna sat up and stretched, rubbing her eyes tiredly and moving back towards the staircase. Walking into the bathroom, Anna found another post it note on the mirror that read, “I bought you some new shower jell. It’s your favorite kind. Love you a lot.”

   The younger woman giggled at the note and set it down on the side of the sink, then prepared herself for a bath. As she was drawing the water she took her clothes off.  Forgetting to bring in her book, the redhead trotted to her bedroom where her book lay on the bedside table. Grabbing it and walking back to the bathroom, a note fell out from the pages onto the floor. Anna skidded to a halt and almost greedily snatched up the new note from Elsa.

   “Have a nice bath. I skipped a shower this morning so you could have as much hot water as you need. Love you!”

   Anna smiled happily and tucked the note into the back of her book, then stepped into the bathroom and turned off the water. Stepping into the steaming tub, Anna slowly sank down into the warm water and rested her head against the back of the tub, sighing contently.

   She grabbed her book, turned to the last page she was on and resumed her reading from last night.

   Unbeknownst to Anna, Elsa had returned from work very early. The blonde was patiently waiting until Anna was getting out of her bath to surprise her. Elsa plan was working perfectly so far, or as much as she could tell. The woman was out on the porch all morning, after she had talked to her boss about the situation. It took a lot to get out of a day of work, but it was worth it for Anna. Once Elsa saw Anna smiling at her note that she had left on the ceiling, Elsa knew it was worth it and more to skip a day of work.

   She wanted their first anniversary to be special.

   Elsa, watching Anna jog up the stairs towards the bathroom, sneaked over to the door, opened it, and slipped inside undetected. The blonde made her way around the staircase to hide until she heard Anna settle down in the bathtub. Smiling to herself, Elsa walked up the stairs silently and slipped into her bedroom. Inside, she slipped off her clothes and laid them on the vanity neatly, turned around, checked herself in the mirror, fluffed her hair, then stepped out of her room and started for the bathroom.

   Anna, relaxed and into her reading, turned the page in her book absentmindedly as Elsa walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. The redhead, hearing the click from the doorknob as it shut, froze in the bathtub. She slowly peered out from behind her book to see her girlfriend standing there, smiling lovingly…then her eyes trailed downward over Elsa’s bare body. Almost an immediate reaction, from underneath the water, Anna’s penis began to harden.

   Elsa continue to smile down at her surprised wife…but then her eyes shifted to the erection that was poking its way up out of the water. The blonde chuckled warmly and moved closer to Anna, getting to her knees beside the bath tub and crossing her arms over the side.

   “Happy anniversary.” Elsa cooed.

   Hearing Elsa’s tone of voice, Anna sat up farther in the tub and set her book aside, “E-elsa! You’re here! I…thought you were at work.” Said Anna

   “Well…I’m not anymore.” Elsa replied, reaching down and placing a finger on the tip of Anna’s cock, “I’m here with you.”

   Anna blushed heatedly and took a deep breath as Elsa began to tease the tip of her swollen cock with the tips of her fingers, “Did you enjoy the notes I left for you?”

   “I did.” Anna replied, sinking down into the water and setting her book aside, “They made today so much better.”

   “I’m glad they did.” Elsa replied happily, reaching down into the water, gripping Anna’s penis and slowly beginning to rub up and down, “I positioned every note according to where you go during your daily routine.”

   “That’s seriously so cute.” Anna sighed slowly, watching Elsa rub her penis slowly. Elsa leaned over the side of the tub and pressed her lips to Anna’s. Lifting her hand to place on Elsa’s cheek, Anna slowly sat up and spread her legs a little wider as Elsa continued to tease Anna’s cock.

   As their kiss deepened and Elsa’s tongue prodded for entrance, Anna reached over the side of the tub and tried to lift Elsa inside. The blonde giggled, broke the kiss and said, “Let’s continue this in the bedroom, hmm?”

   Anna nodded, flustered, and Elsa stood, walking to the cupboard to find Anna a towel. Once she grabbed one, she turned around and saw Anna stand up out of the water. The blonde froze in her steps and her mouth dropped open slightly as she admired Anna’s body. The warm water ran down Anna’s breasts, the curve of her middle and dripped off of the end of her erect penis…

   “What?” The redhead asked curiously, “Something wrong?”

   Elsa noticed a heat rushing through her cheeks as Anna lifted a hand to brush the wet hair over one shoulder and fixed her with a loving gaze. The blonde shook her head and walked up to Anna, held out the towel for her and as Anna stepped out of the bath, Elsa watched her move. It wasn’t often that the older woman had a chance to look at her wife without any clothes on, and she was determined to make the most of the occasion.

   “Alright.” Anna said, drying off with the towel, “Let’s go.”

   Elsa snapped to attention, then hurried out the door and jogging to the bedroom with Anna running after her. Elsa excitedly jumped on the bed and opened her arms. Giggling, Anna accepted the hug and wrapped her wife in a tight embrace, placing kisses on her face as the two fell back onto the bed in a heap.

   Anna and Elsa nuzzled each other’s faces happily, placing kisses on each other’s cheeks, noses, and foreheads, happily holding onto each other tightly, not willingly letting go of each other for a moment. Upon breaking their hug, Elsa crawled back on the bed, laid down on the pillows and said, “are we gonna do this thing?”

   Anna chuckled and, reaching down to take her hardened penis in her right hand, crawled up to Elsa and placed the tip of her dick on Elsa’s pussy. Anna rubbed the tip around for the slightest bit of a tease, resulting in Elsa raising an unamused eyebrow at the redhead, growing impatient.

   Anna stared back excitedly, shrugged, then crawled atop Elsa and slid inside. Elsa’s back arched immediately and she let a short, “Ah!” slip out. Anna rested her hand on her lover’s chest and kissed her neck as she thrust in and out at a gentle, even pace. Elsa, already enjoying herself immensely, lifted her legs to place on Anna’s back, and put her hand on the back of Anna’s head, running her fingers through her hair.

   “Oh Anna!” Elsa breathed beginning to loose herself in pleasure, “Anna, I love you!”

   Anna, lifting her head from sucking on Elsa’s neck whispered into her ear, “I love you too, blondie.”

   Elsa’s giggle turned to a moan as Anna increased her thrusting. The redhead placed both hands on Elsa’s breasts and began to massage, focusing on Elsa’s face. The simple act of watching Elsa’s face as she thrust into her, pleasured Anna ultimately. Anna thought Elsa was the most beautiful woman in the world, and that everything she did was wonderful. Her face, to Anna, was nothing short of perfection. Seeing Elsa make expressions such as her eyes rolling back in her pleasure, her eyebrows furrowing together, her lips parted in a harsh gasp or a moan, made Anna all the more determined to pleasure her wife.

   Between the affectionate, deep, loving gaze Anna was directing at Elsa combined with the mind blowing sensations below, the blonde felt like she was losing her mind. The way Anna moved her hips and rotated a little every once in a while to mix up the motions made Elsa’s head spin. After every sharp thrust there came a sensation that seemed even better than the last. And Anna continued to thrust and slowly rotate every once in a while according to Elsa’s wants.

   Elsa verbally expressed her desires to Anna, and the redhead happily obeyed every request.

   “S-slower!” Elsa gasped and Anna slowed, her cock raring to go faster but the redhead had learned to control herself and had found that making Elsa feel good made her feel good as well, if not better. Anna loved the sound of Elsa’s gentle moaning and awaited her next command.

   “M-move your hips like you w-were a few minutes ago.” Elsa asked softly and Anna stopped altogether and rotated her hips touching Elsa’s face as she cried out, “OH GOD!”

   Feeling the gentle touch of her wife, Elsa’s eyes fluttered open and met two beautiful teal irises that were shining with undying love and affection. Elsa gazed back at Anna, equal smiles of adoration passing between the two…

   Then Anna hit just the right spot and Elsa’s eyes widened and her entire body tensed as she cried out one word: “ANNA!”

   Upon hearing her name, Anna’s entire body shivered in response and she thrust closer to that special spot, holding Elsa’s sides as she went faster.

   “Harder!” Elsa moaned, nearing the edge, “I-I’m so close.”

   Hearing this, Anna felt herself come close to orgasm as well and dug in deeper and deeper still. Just before their moment of release, both women made eye contact and each saw pure unbridled pleasure in each other’s eyes, then Elsa threw her head back as she came and Anna pressed her face into the crook of Elsa’s neck as she came also.

   Anna came as much as she could, digging deep inside of Elsa, letting out a growl as she released as much as she could. Elsa became still and Anna pulled out slowly, looking at Elsa’s dazed expression. The redhead crawled up beside Elsa, who had gone limp, and reached over to pick up her wife bridal style, setting her in her lap and holding her close, nuzzling her face and kissing her lips occasionally.

   “A-anna.” Elsa sighed, coming down from her high.

   “Yes?” Anna replied.

   “I love you so much.” Elsa said adoringly.

   Anna, in reply, kissed her wife and sighed contentedly saying, “I love you too, Elsa. So…much.”

It’s one in the morning, have 3k of bagginshield epistolary fic I wrote during midterms last spring semester that unfortunately never got finished. 

Dear Thorin,

I am writing this because I promised I would, and I can get one more page out before the post comes tomorrow, but don’t expect any greatness from this letter. I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. The frost is finally here, and I spent all day battening down the hatches for winter. Gaffer says that this year could rival the Fell Winter, though he’s a gardener and those are a superstitious lot. Still, if he’s even half right, I’ll be back in Erebor sooner than either of us counted on. I’d strap on my pack and head out in a blizzard if that meant I could dodge the worse of it. It’s not the cold I worry about so much as the neighbors. Lobelia might sack Bag End in a heartbeat if she thought she could get away with it, but I fear that if she implores my hospitality based on the inclement weather, I’ll have no choice but to take her in. Family—I’m sure you understand. And how is Dain?

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"Good Girls" - One Direction Preference

L o u i s:  You smiled shyly, watching as Louis gazed around your small bedroom. Instantly, he spotted the massive bulletin board that hung on the wall. Its cork covered in every imaginable item of Harvard school paraphernalia. “Wow,” he hummed, tossing a smirk in your direction, “Harvard. That’s impressive.” You giggled, rubbing a hand self-consciously along your arm. “That’s my Dad for ya,” you murmured, shrugging indifferently, “it’s been his dream for me, for as long as I can remember.” “And what’s your dream?” he asked, voice quiet as he took a slow step closer. “To pass French,” you whispered, awkwardly backing into your bed frame. Chuckling, Louis nodded, “okay, then we better study.” You lie on your stomach, eyes repeatedly flicking between your French homework, and Louis’ chiseled jaw. His gaze quickly met yours, and the corners of his mouth twitched into a grin. Suddenly, your upcoming French midterm was the furthest thing from your mind. Leisurely, you sat up, gripping the hem of your grey hoodie, and yanking it swiftly over your head. You watched as Louis’ eyes grew wide, his irises cooling to the color of ice as he took in the black, lace bra you wore beneath a thin white tank top. Biting your bottom lip, you crawled coyly across the bed to him. “Wha– what are you doing?” he stuttered, voice low, a hint of nerves catching in his breath. “Shhh,” you whispered, tugging the textbook from his lap as you straddled his waist, “just go with it.” Within seconds his fingers were hooked into your hips, your lips tangling anxiously with his.

N i a l l:  With books and papers scattered across the foot of your bed, you absentmindedly rolled the pencil between your thumb and forefinger. You flipped onto your back, staring up at the ceiling, as you lazily tapped your foot to the beat of the song that flowed from your stereo. You wiggled the pencil in the air above your face, making it appear like rubber, when your cell phone rang, pulling you from your boredom. “Hey you,” you cooed, phone pressed tight to your ear. “Hey, princess. You studying?” Niall’s voice rang through the receiving end, a chuckle in his accent, as if he already knew the answer to his question. You smiled to yourself and whispered coyly, “as far as my parents know, I am.” You could feel him smiling through the phone. Could sense that spark residing in his clear blue eyes. “Your house looks pretty dark,” he murmured, a full on laugh slipping from his lips, as he heard you stir from your spot on the bed. “Stalking me now, are we?” you giggled, crossing quickly to the window, and drawing back the curtains to peer at the street below. There, parked in front of your house was Niall’s familiar, black SUV. A trail of exhaust leaking from the tail pipe, as he kept the engine running, awaiting your arrival. “Give me five minutes,” you quipped, smirking as the line went dead. Prying open the sticky window, you expertly shimmied down the drainpipe that ran the length of the house. You knew every slippery spot, every handhold, and tread. You knew just how far of a drop it was once your foot caught the bottom branch of the old elm tree, and you were a pro at keeping your movements stealth as you scurried past your parents first floor window. Grass soft beneath your sneakers, you scampered through the darkened front yard, and over to the parked car. Niall’s warm smile was the first thing to greet you, as you leaned casually through his driver’s side window, planting a smacking kiss to his pale, pink lips.    

L i a m:  You took a sip of the lemon lime soda in your hand, pressing the rim of the cool aluminum can to your lips, scanning the room filled with unfamiliar faces. You adjusted the hem of your skin tight, navy blue dress, the satin material continually creeping up your thighs. The room felt stuffy, the air filled with a mixture of conversations you didn’t care to be a part of. Just then, you watched as Liam entered the room, close behind his parents. He wore a plain white button up, every line and contour of his muscular torso flexing beneath the thin fabric. Suddenly, the air became even warmer, and you were grateful for the short, slinky dress you wore. You made eye contact with him across the room, his smile reaching all the way up to his coffee colored irises. You studied his movements, adoring the polite way he shook your father’s hand, and greeted your mum with a kiss to each cheek. He was suave and sophisticated. Glancing quickly around the room, you spotted the abandoned bar cart, desperate for anything stronger than soda pop. You clasped your hand tightly around the neck of the half empty bottle of whiskey, peering over your shoulder at Liam as you did so. With a smirk, you nodded your head toward the door, urging him to follow. The air was cool, as it kissed your clammy skin. You took a long, satisfying drink from the bottle, allowing the amber liquid to coat your throat. Liam emerged through the door a moment later, a knowing smile on his face. “I didn’t think good girls like you, snuck around, drinking like this,” he quipped, taking the bottle from your grasp and downing a large gulp. “Good girls are bad girls, who haven’t been caught, Liam,” you purred, rising to your tiptoes to collide your alcohol stained lips with his. 

H a r r y:  Sitting at a table near the very back of the library, you kept your nose buried in the pages of a stack of, musty books. Your research paper was due in two weeks, and you hated waiting until the last minute to finish anything. Suddenly, your sight went dark, as two slender hands slipped over your eyes, the sweet, familiar scent of Harry’s cologne engulfing your senses. You smiled, feeling his smooth lips close over the soft skin behind your ear. “I thought I might find you in here,” he whispered, voice quiet and sultry, teeth nibbling playfully at your earlobe. You giggled, craning your neck around to see his smiling face. “Yeah, feels like I’ve practically been living here lately,” you murmured, straightening the disheveled pile of books. Scooping them all up in your arms, you sashayed coyly down the sprawling isles of shelves, tucking them neatly back where you found them. Harry followed leisurely after you, emerald eyes following your body language, and reading every smile, and smirk you threw his way. “I don’t know why you’re so worried,” he murmured, leaning up against the towering line of books, “you’re a straight A student.” As you reached up high, stretching onto your tiptoes, Harry’s fingers trailed seductively along the sliver of bare skin peaking out beneath your shirt. “Harry,” you hummed, eyes darting nervously around the room, looking for people who could catch you. Slowly, he slid his arms securely around your waist, drawing you into his chest. Smiling adoringly at you, he hoisted your feet off the ground, and you wrapped your legs around his waist, twisting your fingers in his chocolate curls, as he kissed you hard on the lips.     

Z a y n:  You watched Zayn as he read over the assignment again, chocolate eyes scanning each word with his careful glance. You smiled to yourself, memorizing the way he gripped the pen between his thumb and forefinger, tapping the tip against his smooth lips as he thought. He was a perfectionist, even when it came to the simplest of things. He wasn’t the type to leave any stone unturned, or in this case, any line unread.  But right now, you didn’t want to think about this dumb assignment, your mind was so far from school. Pulling your bottom lip between your teeth, you leaned in close, lips nearly grazing Zayn’s ear. “Zayn,” you whispered, voice laced with your desires. Slowly, you slid your hand across his thigh, the fabric of his jeans warm against his skin. Gradually, his eyes followed your heated gaze, catching on to your coy actions. “(Y/N), wh– what are you doing?” he stammered, voice low and full of surprise, as he glanced around the classroom. “What do you mean?” you whispered, shrugging demurely, before walking to the head of the classroom to turn in your finished assignment. You sauntered slowly, peaking back at him over your shoulder, sending him a playful wink. You saw the spark light up his eyes as he followed you with his gaze, running a hand desperately through his gelled hair. Friskily, you smirked, batting your long, black lashes at him, pretending to drop the pen you held in your grasp. Deliberately, you bent over, eyes never leaving his stunned face. When you returned to his side, his eyes flicked momentarily between you and the teacher standing near the front of the room. The second her back was turned he cupped your face in his strong hands, crushing his lips urgently to yours.