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Continuation of this post…I just could not leave him like that.

The tags for beaten up Kidwin were all so sweet :) Thank you, dear Erwin-fandom, the smol bean feels much better and very loved now <3 

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Unfolding the truth

Requests: You should continue Keep Your Mouth Shut!! It was great! by @billyfredtimbobbob

Hey, I just wanted to tell you that i love the deanmon x reader. It is awesome. I can’t wait till part 3 will be posted!! ~Gabriela @gabavaldman

Summary: You can’t keep the truth from Sam anymore, Dean finds out and things do not go well.

Words: 1791

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader, Sam, Castiel

Warning: Smut, violence, angst(?), Dean’s POV

A/N: So yeah this will probably be the last part, but I know you’ll probably not be satisfied with this one so let’s see ;)

Part 1 Part 2

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@thesuperkenz said :  DamiTim and “you can’t get tattooed drunk, come back in the morning and if you still want my name on your ass we’ll talk” AU, please

LOOK WHO IS ALIVE YES YES I AM POSTING A PROMPT omg so much still waiting in my box I’m sorry everyone T.T This is a “no super hero” AU, meh


Tim was turning on his heels, twirling around the shop. “That’s… Quite a chance that place isn’t closed ‘till midnight.” He mumbled, his voice slurred. Bart and Conner were behind him, Bart with an apologetic look on his face, the other smiling like mad.

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For artists

What is this project?  making a coloring book about the universe of Miraculous Ladybug,completely fan-made and free to download.

What do you have to do? One lineart or two . 

 The drawing can be digital or traditional. Both should be the size of an A4 sheet: 21cm - 29.7cm | (Choose a resolution that best fits, since it has quality.)

Deadlines: February 2017.

Can I post it?/Can I post it colored? (Sure, it is yours! But is really important to WAIT till the book releases. If we post it before, it will not be a surprise anymore!).

RULES: Drawings free for all ages!

WHAT SHOULD I DRAW? (Important).


Your main subject is the character on the list! You can add more characters on the scene if it makes sense!

If you an artist interested send an ask!

If you want to help with the book too.

Spreed the word


“You never tweet
you overeat
all you do is cry and sleep
your joke are shitposts and memes with no originality
your family’s sad you flopped your law degree at university
and anything embarrassing that’s from your past you just delete
you were a vegan for like three weeks, then what? you missed the meat?
wow I’m so impressed by your deep moral integrity
you try so hard to be peaceful and diplomatic
but can’t make toast without tumblr saying you’re problematic”

imagineagreatadventure replied to your post: imagineagreatadventure replied to your post: …

Wait till you check your filtered messages - those were even more insane than the already insane non filtered messages. I had one dude promising to ‘make me scream’ and then another one practically wrote a novel describing me as his perfect dream wife

honestly i want those guys to come into my inbox, not mr “i’m getting my phd but i won’t use proper spelling”

sootonthecarpet  asked:

I'm reading your entire 'kinkshaming peter david' tag in chronological order and oh fuck I'd sEEN the "she is my first wife. my shortest wife. my loudest wife" post you made before but i LITERALLY THOUGHT IT WAS A QUOTE FROM A CLICKHOLE DOT COM ARTICLE YOU WERE JOKINGLY USING TO MOCK LONDO OR PETER DAVID OH MY GOD I WAS TOO OPTIMISTIC

Oh man wait till you get to book two it gets like five hundred times worse. Peter David is the gift that keeps on giving


Lance: And here I thought it “wasnt that bad”
Arthur:!!! Uhhh w-well
Lance: Nevermind kiddo, I knew you were playing tough guy

((Unfortunately I wont be home tomorrow so the rest of this will have to wait till monday, but any posts sent sunday will probably get compiled.(like ive been doing with common asks) And how this ends is still up in the air cause i have a few different ideas, so it depends on what the asks i get look like. Guess their fate is up to you guys :V))

Because I'm evil...

So I promised I would post this after lou-lou26 basically threatened me ;) :p… I love you!!! But I wanted to wait till after I saw the finale because I didn’t want to kill people before watching it and NOW after seeing it I’m dead and full of emotion…

Basically my mind made this up after Lou and I were talking about the Flash and we learnt that Oliver lives to be 86. So Lou said could we get Stephen to do Arrow for another 50 years which I said we need to ask him :p. Then my brain literally was like how would it end?… (SORRY IN ADVANCE)

So I came up with how Arrow would end, I mean the entire series, I even gave myself feels so be prepared. Also Lou you’ll notice I’ve tweaked this cause well I have had free time and seriously I just need you to picture this because I can’t write (I am so not a good enough writer to do this justice, that and I wish I was good at making videos/gifs too cause would be epic to see):

So it’s the series finale…
Imagine after defeating yet another bad guy, and Starling is safe again, they’re all happy stood on QI’s rooftop looking over Starling watching the sunset and saying they’ll do this job for as long as they can, and it’s all of them Oliver, Felicity, John, Lyla, Thea, Laurel maybe even Roy and Barry etc…

THEN we cut to a montage of their futures, marriages, kids, growing old, passing on the green arrow mantle (cause yep Olicity kids want to carry it on), QI, catching bad guys together etc. (all over some awesome Blake Neely score)

Then it shows you Oliver Queen 86 in bed surrounded by all his family and friends (some missing cause of age), his wife is sat beside him on the bed her hand in his. She leans forward and whispers:
“It’s okay Oliver you can go now.” He musters up all his strength looks at her and says
“Thank you, for giving me my happy story.” She smiles a single tear sliding down her cheek as he closes his eyes and he takes his final breath. Then the camera pans out showing through the house and photos of a life they’ve lived together, and the last photo is of all Team Arrow together happy, not in masks but in real life and as that happens this is the final voice over:

My name is Felicity Queen, and this was the story of my husbands life, and to save his city he had to become someone else, he had to become something else. You might have known him as the superhero Green Arrow, but to me, he was a great man, a loving father, the man I truly loved, and his name was Oliver Queen.

Arranged {L.H.} Part Six

Merry Christmas! Okay so I have a question: Should I post chapter seven tomorrow, keeping in mind that it will be shorter because of the time crunch or should I wait till next week and post a longer chapter?

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five 

Emma pov

“Michael?” Luke and I both said in unison. I turned to Luke, my shock doubled.

“Luke, how do you know Michael?” I ask, looking back and forth between them.

“Michael is one of my best mates. How do you know him?” He asks, looking extremely confused.

“Michael and I were… friends back in France,” I stumbled over my words, not sure what to say.

“Oh come on Emma, we were a lot more than friends,” Michael interjects.

“Luke, can you excuse us? I’ll be upstairs in a few minutes,” He nods, still looking very perplexed as he walks away towards our chambers. I turn back to Michael, the boy with dirty blonde hair who broke my heart.

“What are you doing here?”

“Don’t I get a ‘hello’ sweetheart?” He asks cockily.

“No, you don’t! I haven’t seen or heard from you in more than a year,” I hiss.

“I wrote you once a week, you never responded,” he says.

“The letters must have been intercepted,” I realize. I met Michael in France. He was the son of one of the many lords my father kept in court. We had a short romance. The most we did was hand-holding under the table and stolen kisses. Eventually, my father found out and he sent Michael away to be an Ambassador of Foreign Affairs. In my father’s opinion, Michael’s title was far too low to be courting a princess.

“Wait how do you know Luke?” I wonder.

“I was sent to England a lot, and I sort of fell in with Luke and his mates,” he explains.

“Oh…” I look up and gaze into his eyes, “I’ve missed you!” I attack him with a hug. He wraps his arms around me just as tight.

“I’ve missed you too,” he leans down till our faces are inches apart. Just as our lips are about to meet, I pull away.

“What am I doing? I’m married!” I scold myself. I quickly excuse myself from Michael and go back to Luke before I can cause anymore trouble.

I manage to calm myself down before entering our chambers. Though I expected Luke to pounce on me with questions the second I walked in the door, I found him with his head on his desk, completely asleep. There was still a small stack of work he has to do, but it looked like he’d finished most of it. He slept peacefully on top of the completed documents, just barely snoring. His blonde hair had fallen down onto his face and the worry lines that were usually present had disappeared.

“Luke?” I call softly, trying to wake him up so he can go to bed. No response.

“Luke,” I try again, this time a bit louder. Still no response.

“Come on Hemmings, surely you don’t want to sleep on this desk all night,” I sweep some of the hair out of his eyes. He mumbles what sounds very much like my name, but stays asleep. I have to poke at his cheek for a full two minutes before his blue orbs finally open.

“God forbid there be a fire in the middle of the night because I doubt you’d wake up,” I comment as he stretches and yawns.

“I would hope my wife would be kind enough to wake me up before she escapes the burning castle,” he says groggily.

“Not if it takes ten minutes!” I laugh making him smile.



“What happened with Michael,” he asks, his smile fading.

“Let’s talk about it in the morning. You look too tired right now,” I stall, trying to avoid the inevitably difficult conversation for as long as possible.

“Okay,” he yawns. We stand there for a minute, in between our two rooms. There’s an awkward energy. I have a sudden urge to close the gap between us. I want human contact, I suppose. These past two months, I’ve kept to myself. My friendship with Luke has kept me intellectually and emotionally satisfied, but we would never go as far as to embrace in a goodnight hug. I start to imagine what it would be like to hug Luke. He’s so much taller than me that I would probably get lost in his embrace. I ignore the thought, as it was likely only brought on because I miss my family.

“Goodnight Emma”

“Goodnight Luke” and with that, we go our separate ways.

The next night, I go to the evening party for the first time since the incident. I’ve been hesitant because of the bad memories associated with the daily celebrations. I’m doing this mostly for Luke. I can tell he’s getting restless staying in every night, but he does so because I do. And I know if I told him to go out without me, he wouldn’t. So after insisting three times that I’m okay to go out, we are walking through the dark hallways to the ballroom. We have a light conversation, laughing and smiling until we came upon a particular spot that has haunted my dreams for a month. I notice the uneven floorboard first, then I recognize the spot where he threw me against the wall. I clutch onto Luke’s arm tightly, trying to suppress the unwanted memories. Luke stops talking and realizes this is the scene of my almost-rape. He quickly leads me out of that part of the hallway.

“Are you sure you’re okay to go?” He asks me. I nod, knowing my voice would shake if I tried to speak.

“I think it would be better if we stayed in tonight. We can play chess or something,” he starts to tug my arm in the direction of our private quarters again.

“No Luke, I don’t want to stay in again. I’m going stir crazy from being holed up in the study all the time,” I say, though I want nothing more than to go back to the warm room.  

“Alright,” he says hesitantly.

Luke sat with me for the first 30 minutes. He made little comments about the music or someone’s frilly collar, but I could tell he wanted to go have a drink with his friends. It took a while, but I finally convinced him to go. Even now, he still glances in my direction every few minutes. I only roll my eyes at his overprotective tendencies and wave him back to his mates.

“Hey,” someone says as they sit down next to me. I whip my head around, about to yell at Luke for leaving his friends, but instead I see Michael.

“Hi Michael,” I say. The memories from last night remind me to keep my distance.

“We should dance,” he suggests.

“I don’t know if that would be a good idea…” I say.

“Come on Em, it’s only an innocent dance,” he pulls me to my feet and we join the couples gliding across the floor.

“I’ve actually come back to England for a reason,” he starts, “When I heard of your marriage, I was a bit angry at first. We had promised to wait for each other after all. But then I learned it was an arranged marriage. I got on a ship to France at once, and I pleaded with your father to have the marriage annulled. He said no, of course,”

“So why have you come here?”

“I want you to run away with me. We could go to Portugal or Germany. No responsibilities to the France or England. Just us. We could live a quiet life, be vegetable farmers or something,” his words paint a beautiful picture in my mind. He can make the thought of pulling cabbage and carrots out of the dirt for the rest of our lives sound appealing, maybe even magical.

“Michael… I don’t know what to say. It could never work!”

“But what if it could work? Give it a chance Em! Give us a chance,”

Every detail swam around in my head. My vision turned blurry and I clung on to Michael for support. Everything went black seconds later.

Part Seven >>>

Ⓒ All rights to this story and it’s plot are reserved to me

acidic-cas replied to your post:I just can’t wait till I live with Dodie it’s…

literally stop saying “dont ship it!” because you guys are fucking together (pun completely intended)

But we’re really not so I can say “stop romantically shipping us” and expect most people to understand and respect that, while I guess others are just gonna be weird about it.

It’s not a thing. We’re just best friends. If I were dating anyone I’m pretty sure I’d be overjoyed and posting about it everywhere believe me.

Calm ya tits

Home for the holidays. | Jack Gilinsky imagine.

This is my first time posting an imagine on the Internet soo bare with me. Hope you enjoy :)

Jack and I were currently waiting for the plane back to Nebraska for Christmas with Jack’s family considering we went to my family’s last year.

The flight was delayed till later today so we were sitting at the airport for quite a while and Jack was getting so so impatient which wasn’t like him.

He’s seemed nervous this entire week and it’s kind of really really scaring me. He was pacing back and forth and he happened to look at me and gave me the cutest smirk/half smile and leaned down and kissed me. “I love you y/n.” he whispered against my lips. “I love you Gilinsky” I replied.

*10 hours later* (don’t really know exact time and all just pretend)

We have finally arrived at Jack’s parents house and as he knocks on the door his mom soon answers. “Y/N!” She pulls me into a tight hug that I gladly accept and hug back. “Oh alright mom it’s not like I’m standing here or anything” Jack says with a smile. “Hi baby boy” his mom says as she pulled him into a hug as well. “Come on in its freezing out there” she says pushing the door open as Jack carried in our suitcases.

A few hours later it was time to open up present. Everyone loves everything they got. I happened to get Jack the shoes he’s been wanting forever and some cologne and a new watch he’s been wanting as well.

It was his turn to give me mine.
“If i could have everyone’s attention please” Jack announced and everyone settled down and grew quiet.

“Y/N I don’t even have to think twice about this decision I’m about to make. I know i want to spend the rest of my life with you and I know I’m so madly in love with you and nothing or nobody could change that. You give me the best feeling in the entire world. You’re smile lights up my entire life. You’re giggle/laugh literally makes my heart melt. It’s like music to my ears, better than any song on this planet.” I was full on crying by now as he gets down on one knee I front of me.

“I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m in love with you and I fall in love with you more and more everyday and I don’t want that to change. Will you do me the honors of being my wife!?”

I burst into full on tears and nodded my head yes repeatedly. Jack put the ring on my finger and pulled my into his chest giving me the biggest hug. He pulled back slightly and chuckled as he wiped away the tears off my face.

“I love you so much babygirl” he says against my lips. “I love you so much more Jack” I reply as our lips touch and we kiss and I feel nothing but butterfly’s erupt in my stomach.

“Jack” I say as I pull away. “I got to tell you something” he looks at me confused. “I’m pregnant” I whisper in his ear. He gets the biggest smile on his face and giggles and picks me up yelling “WE’RE HAVING A BABY IM GOING TO BE A FATHER” I get the biggest smiles as all his family erupts into cheers and congratulations.

He kisses me with so much passion and I gladly kisses back.

“Merry Christmas babygirl and you too munchkin. I can’t wait to meet you little fella” he whispers to my stomach.


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