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Someone new is in town
(Do you think she looks cute or original? I would like to hear your opinion on them ^^
in love, someone from the old journey community)

((Oh goodness she’s gorgeous! I like her design and she certainly looks original to me. Can’t wait to see more of her~))

Hello! Not long ago, I posted this question about which new character you were looking most forward to see in season three. I got more responses than I expected, so I hope you don’t mind I have done something a bit differently this time. I have listed people under which character(s) they chose, and then I have selected some answers, which I thought stood out among the rest.

Personally, I can’t wait to see them all come to life (well, maybe I’m a bit wary about Mr. Willoughby, but I think they will do better in the show than in the book), but most of all, I look very much forward to see Marsali and Lord John.

Anyway, thank you so much for answering my question, everyone!

Adult Fergus: @daydreaminglass, @myolgamakworld, @its-me-claire

Adult Fergus and Young Ian: @cpie1954, @nighean–donn, @yesglasshalffull

Adult Fergus and Marsali: @surana17, @bestof60, @phoenixflames12, @nolifesinceoutlander, @t4two2

Father Fogden: @surana17

Joe Abernaty: @hardcupcakeenthusiast, @outlandercoupling​ 

Lord John Grey, adult Fergus and Young Ian: @maxxeman1007, @ihatespoilers, @laydit

Lord John Grey and adult Fergus: @steelestories1, @yourheartisstillmine, @cputrbug, @lulu-tan79 

Lord John Grey and Young Ian: @whatifthisstormends, @kalendraashtar, @nolifesinceoutlander, @imaewfa, @denise-alwaysuselove, @outlanderaniluchy, @heartthesouth

Lord John Grey: @andorra97, @superaloyavanza, @rxqueenruby, @goldenoutlander, @whatisaweekend, @bestof60, @samheughanandcats, @phoenixflames12, @contemplatingoutlander, @hardcupcakeenthusiast, @surana17, @lesleepingcat, @omgturtlesoup, @theswedishlass, @awesomeeyeroll, @bluewillowmom, @myaccueill

Marsali: @hardcupcakeenthusiast, @omgturtlesoup, @lindseyylu17

Mr. Willoughby: @samheughanandcats

Young Ian: @Crazystupidoutlanderlover, @sweetenendvoices, @stopbashingmm, @classykdlady, @tumblninas, @lindseyylu17, @takemeawaytocamelot, @outlandercoupling

William: @laydit

There are 2 actually .I am anxious to see Lauren Lyle as Marsali because she becomes very close to Claire and they forge a bond that is interesting to watch grow and I am looking forward to seeing actor Will Johnson as Joe Abernathy as Claire’s friend and colleague.

Young Ian
, coz I just adore his relationship with his Auntie throughout the series, and Joe Abernathy, I mean proper #FriendshipGoals right there.

is who I’m most excited to see. David Berry’s lovely face is also something I’m looking forward to! Sam & David? On my screen? Together? Yes, please this is just wonderful.

Lord John
, of course. I tend to think of him as a such a major character later on, I sort of forget he new. Joe Abernathy is another. The show has done an amazing job expanding some of the more minor characters and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with him. Stern, for the same reasons.

Of course, Lord John… I also want to see what they do with child-William, even though he’s only 6 when Jamie leaves Helwater. I hope they give him enough time so we can see him and Jamie get some good father-son moments together.

I am so looking forward to finally seeing Joe Abernathy! He’s basically the one good thing about Claire being in Boston. The friendship they develop that then extends to his entire family and Bree’s family down the line is just so heartwarming. They accept Claire and what she and her family can “do” without question. Also Lord John Grey! His character is so interesting and only gets more so in later books.

Lord John Gray, Fersali
(totally stealing that from Cesar), Young Ian, Joe, there are just so many great characters in Voyager. Even Lawrence Stern.

Oh, Stern. Without Stern we wouldn’t have the Turtle Soup that we love.

think Marsali’s gonna be a firecracker judging by the real actress’ posts

Lord John
, because I want to see the chemistry and tension with Jamie and I’m sure Sam will knock it out of the park. William, for the same reason. God, the mixture of sadness and joy that his existence must bring… I think Sam’s glass face will be put to good use!

This may seem silly, but I am so looking forward to watching Claire care for baby Bree. Then next looking forward to Fergus & Marsali.

Me too, @saint-hildegard-of-bingen 😭😍 and I’m also looking forward to Young Ian and Joe.

Oooh fabulous question. Must say I can’t wait to see the Jamie /Lord John Grey dynamic on screen. ( I know technically he’s not a new character, but it is a new actor coming in, so I cheated, 😬)But also Young Ian because he is such an important character going forward and I love his story arc. But like everyone else, Joe and Fergus/Marsali too. Voyager is so rich with brilliant characters.

OH!! And Rollo! I’m wondering what kind of dog they’ll use..hire

, because the show has improved his character as far as his relationship to J&C. Also Young Ian.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Joe and Mr. Willoughby portrayed, especially because there aren’t many (if any) POC’s in the Outlander-verse thus far! Also because Joe is wonderful and I wish there was more of him! I’m also interested in finding out how Geneva will be portrayed. I wonder how annoying she truly will be…

Thank you ❤️️

BTS Reaction: You Dancing To The Song Bad Chick by Somo

(This request was made a while ago. Sorry for the long wait on it.. I hope you like it though to my anon who requested this!)

Rap Monster:

“Bet I can do better than you jagiya!”

He would certainly try to do better than you but it would just turn out being that muscle spasm dance he does.


“Wow…. So sexy… ”

Naturally this sweetheart would watch your every move and be amazed. His eyes would sparkle and you would hear nothing but compliments.


“I didn’t know you could dance! I can dance too.. it’s a traffic dance~”

Like Rap Monster, he’d get up and try to show you his dance moves with the music. In the end you would stand there laughing with him.


“Try it like this Jagi~”

He might teach you a dance move or two but in the end he’d stand there watching your every move like Tae, but he’d tell you what your doing wrong and help you fix it.


“Aish jagiya, let me show you how to really move your hips..”

The king of dancing might be a little picky at first but then he’d notice how sexy you are when you try. Seductively, he’d come over and help you out.


“How can you have so much energy?! Once you dance for as long as I have you’ll complain too so don’t give me that look..”

He’d envy your energy but he’d be very watchful. His eyes wouldn’t want to leave your body for a second. 


“I love this song! I think that one part actually goes like this..”

The young expertise would help you out and maybe give you a few pointers. He seems to know pretty much ever dance to ever song there is out there.

Dear @meeperspeeperslovecandy You are the best. I love you art and want to be like you! I love the way you draw and your so funny! Please continue what you do till the end!~~ Dear @jakei95 We all love your animations, they make us all happy no matter how long the wait is, knowing your animating, it will be worth it!~~ Dear @nekophy, you are just so sweet and kind to everyone, I’m so happy that i could find your blog!~~ Lastly Dear @arual-mv, you are so adorable and you insipire many people!~~




Which characters will you draw? Anything from favourite character, to oc, to video game avatar, to your favourite animal.

What reference do I bring? A clear nice picture is preferable. As you can see though, the busts I do are sketchy so I can work around a lot.

Can you draw two characters together? Bribe me 30USD and I’ll consider it.

Will you do nsfw? Sure, but it’s limited how not safe for work it can get when it’s just a bust. But if you want that nipple drawn, damn right I’ll draw that nipple. (Unless the character is underage, ahem).

I want something else than this, eg a full body, can I please have that? No. For now I only have this open, so it’s what there is.

How long will it take? Expect to wait a week after I’ve received payment.

Are there slots open? I’ll edit this post accordingly, so check back here to make sure. It’s at the top of the description.

Nicku, I can’t read your shitty handwriting. What is the mail again? Mammutsweater@gmail.com

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wait, how do we know that Keith had firsthand experience with the galra (other than the whole parent thing) before the series began?

Well, I just covered that- in s1e1 he stops looking for the Red Lion and stares at Zarkon’s stylized X-crest on Sendak’s ship in a way that suggest he absolutely recognizes that- but presumably, from a long time ago, so that he can know immediately he’s seen that symbol before, but not place where he’s seen it or under what context.

Other details, though:

Keith’s red hoverbike from the first episode is structured incredibly similar to the smaller craft that we see deployed by the Lions in the Balmera rescue mission. Its aesthetics are basically completely unlike any other piece of earth technology, and the presence of schematics on the wall of his desert shack would suggest that he built it himself. Hover technology like that is fairly common with alien technology that we’ve seen but Keith’s bike is the only thing that has it that we see on Earth.

Pidge, who’s not only technically minded but has a very solid grasp on theory and proper terminology, calls the bike a “thing” in a tone that clearly suggests she has no idea what it is and hasn’t seen anything like it before. (“Is this thing big enough for all of us?”)

The rest of the team also doesn’t seem to understand its capabilities the way Keith does- Keith knows the bike can go off a cliff, even heavily encumbered, and catch itself without crashing, but the rest of the team panics, at which Keith is basically just exasperated (“Shut up and trust me!”)

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anonymous asked:

If you are still accepting requests could i request a hc of the rfa members comforting their s/o after having s/o having a nightmare

Hope you weren’t waiting too long for this Anon! This is also one of my first HCs so go easy on me. Enjoy! ~Gege


~ He was up late one night and hear you scream

~He SPRINTED to the bedroom with a broom seriously Yoosung that won’t stop a burglar what are you doing

~You were whimpering on the bed, still asleep

~He felt his heart break

~He walked up to the bed and lied down next to you, stroking your cheek

 ~“Shhh.. it’s okay, MC. It’s alright, I’m here.”

~You sensed his presence and calmed down, cuddling into his chest

~He stayed up as long as he could, just holding you in his arms


~He was at practice when you called him

~He dropped everything and took the call, worried

~You never called when he was at practice unless it was important

~He answered the call to you sobbing into the phone

~You didn’t even need to tell him

~He rode home on his motorcycle as faST AS POSSIBLE

~He burst into the bedroom to you crying, wrapped in the bedsheets

He didn’t even ask, he just held you

~“It was just a nightmare, MC. Do you want me to sing to you?” *nod*

~ He sang you to you until you fell asleep cause Zen is fucking great


~You and Jaehee were both just on the couch

~You had fallen asleep on her lap as she was working

~She knew that you moved around quite a bit when you slept, so it wasn’t a surprise that you were shifting

~It was only when she looked down at you, did she notice how tense your face was

~Instead of trying to wake you, she runs her hand through your hair

~She knew it had to be working, as your whole body was relaxing

~She decided to call it a night and fell asleep right there, not wanting to disturb you

~You woke up the next morning to a big mug of hot chocolate waiting for you 


~He woke up due to your constant shifting

~When he heard your whimpers, he didn’t really know what to do

~He shook your shoulders to wake you up, worried

~Once you were awake, he stroked your hand as you explained to him what your nightmare was about

~“Just stay here.”

~He left you with Elizabeth to comfort you for about 20 minutes

~He came back with a plate of strawberry pancakes, that he apparently made himself with the help of the chef, of course

~After you finished the pancakes, you both went back to sleep


~Seven was working on a minor freelancing job in the computer room

~He knew you were already asleep in the bedroom

~He set up Robocat to detect any changes in your behavior, since the computer room wasn’t near the bedroom

~“MC is crying meow! MC needs God Seven’s help meow!”

~He didn’t even care if he was in the middle of something important, he ran to the bedroom to make sure you were alright

~You were sat up crying into the blanket

~Seven pulled you into his chest and rocked you back and forth, waiting for you to calm down

~“Come on MC, let’s watch some movies, okay?”

~You watched comedy movies for the rest of the night, sharing a carton of ice cream  

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You were so upset about the latest chapter, that not even particularly given the value to a hints about Ciel and his lineage. It's very interesting what Othello learns through his hair. I have long been waiting for an answer to the main question for me - what's wrong with CIel's lineage. And I sincerely wish you will not be upset anymore in future

Hey Anon! Aahh, sorry, I was more salty than upset to be honest, haha but… I can’t help it, I like logic and I know Yana can do better so… yeah I needed to be slightly sarcastic, haha. xD 

That’s what happens when people ask questions before I really had the time to process the chapter (especially when I didn’t enjoy it). I still mean all my words though, Yana-sensei really didn’t show the best of her abilities by explaining Violet’s miserable plan. But sorry again if it unsettled you :3

As for this scene…

I don’t think the real hint is the hair sample that Othello took xD though maybe he has the means to analyze it and it could maybe help him with from where he seems to remember someone looking like Ciel? 

Anyway about “I feel like I’ve seen you before”, as I quickly said here, this could refer to:

  • Claudia
  • Vincent
  • Rachel
  • the twin if he exists
  • someone else linked to Ciel somehow and that Othello could know (aka the Undertaker)

I agree that it could have to do with the lineage, since other reapers introduced the family lineage having something special, but in that peculiar case it would make more sense for Othello to be thinking about UT (since that would at least explain the “strange” lineage), but again there is the matter of if Ciel really resembles UT.

I personally find that UT and Vincent had a few physical similarities but I know that not everyone agrees and besides, I don’t particularly find Ciel and UT to look like each other either so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
We don’t even know who Ciel looks more like when it comes to his parents though lmao, ‘cause Red said he looks like Rachel while Dee says he looks like Vincent so again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Besides UT though…

  • about Othello knowing Claudia: they could have met 50 years ago since she was a living little girl and he had gone to the human world, but he’d need to have a crazy memory to remember her face after all these years.
  • about Othello knowing Vincent or Rachel: Othello would have never met them as humans since he hasn’t been in the human world for the last 50 years + since Shinigamis like Grell only collect souls, that means he probably didn’t examine their bodies either.
    I also don’t think any Shinigamis have a right to examine anything besides the dead’s cinematic records which stay with the bodies (the souls are probably judged by the superiors) so I doubt Othello has ever seen Vincent and/or Rachel.
  • about Othello knowing the twin: same reasoning as above.

The way Othello said this makes me think it’s really about an old memory from the past (aka the UT or Claudia possibilities)…

…which means I personally doubt Othello and Grell have seen the 4 star lords and that Othello was referring to Sirius, because…

  • If Sirius looks indeed like Ciel (which, I agree, would explain Violet’s weird reaction to seeing Ciel as he woke up), that means that, no matter if they’re the twin or Claudia, Sirius is a BD
    • so as a Shinigami, Othello (followed by Grell) should probably notice that the 4 star Lords were not natural humans (not 100% sure though)
    • anyway he would probably remember for sure why he has this déjà vu feeling about Ciel if he had met Sirius (since Othello showed up at the beginning of October and we’re mid-November)
  • If Sirius is actually the twin and Othello & Grell met him at least once ever since October
    • you can be sure that Grell would have reacted “?????” since they’ve known Ciel for a while now and would have probably mentioned it in the last chapter
    • again I’m sure Othello would remember about why he has this feeling, since Sirius is a part of the current mystery and Othello has been following the investigation for a month and a half.

There you go, I literally gave you all the possibilities I could think of at the moment. xD

My personal best guess is UT (because “50 years ago” links Othello and UT so it makes a lot of sense + that could be an answer to the lineage plot point indeed) even if, as I said, I don’t even particularly think UT and Ciel look like each other (but UT is canonly the most beautiful guy and Ciel, like Vincent, was described to be quite handsome more than once so…).  
And my second best guess is Claudia, if somehow Othello met her 50 years ago and remembered that little girl all this time. 

I hope that helps, sorry it got long and detailed! 

Have a nice day Anon :)

Worth the Wait

Summary: After a dramatic outburst and reveal of feelings, reader and Dean share a steamy time in the front seat of the Impala.

Warnings: Smut, language

A/n: Haven’t written in a long time, so I apologize if this isn’t good :/ Anyway, enjoy!


“Do you have any idea how hard it is to watch you flirt with other women?! To see you kiss and touch them? No, you don’t.  You don’t think that I care, but you’re wrong, because I care so fucking much. I want so desperately to be one of them, to catch your attention. I want to be the one you that you crave, the one you long for. But I’m not. And it kills me to see you with girl after girl after girl. It kills me that you think of me as just a friend. Because I want more than that. I want you. All of you. But you can’t open your eyes and see that I’m trying here, I’m trying so hard to be okay with that, to accept the fact that I’m not the one you want. And it’s bullshit, Dean. I don’t know how you are so blind to my want and need for you. Even Sam notices it! Is that what you want me to say? I’m in love with you, have been for awhile now, but you’re too dumb to see it.” I hissed, tears stinging my eyes, tears I refused to let fall. I was done crying over him. Sick of it.

His hands grasped my hips, pulling me to him. My lips smashed against his, our teeth colliding at the force of the kiss. I let out a surprised squeak before kissing him back needily. My hands tangled themselves in his hair, earning an animalistic growl that set my body on fire. His hands roamed every inch of my clothed body, occasionally sliding under my shirt and grazing my burning skin.

“Y/n… I’m so sorry. I should’ve realized how you felt. I love you, honestly I do. I … I thought you had feelings for Sam, that’s why I push you away and settle for other women. I … I was so stupid and ignorant. The signs were all there but I just thought… I’m a friggin’ idiot.” He whispered, his green eyes piercing my blue ones.

I nodded, not knowing what to say. My mind was still a bit foggy from the kiss, and the only thing I could think about was the longing I had for him, the fire in my stomach.

“We can talk about that later. Right now I need you to fuck me. Show me how you feel. I need you, Dean.” Those words were all it took to have him pushing me down on the cool leather seat of the Impala.

Kissing him greedily, I pushed his jacket off his shoulders, trying to undress him as quickly as possible. He pulled his lips away long enough to slip his shirt over his head and then discard mine to the floor. His hands roamed my naked torso, his fingertips tickling my body and causing small whimpers to leave my mouth. I grinded my hips against his hard on, trying to get some friction.

“Y/n, if you keeps doing that, this isn’t going to last long.” Dean growled, nipping at the mounds of my breasts that were trapped in the constraints of my bra. He lifted me up to undo my bra and slide it down and off my body.

My hands fumbled with his belt, growling at the stupid thing. As soon as I had it undone I was practically ripping his pants off his body. Dean laughed and assisted me of ridding the unnecessary clothing. I lifted my hips, helping him pull my pants and underwear off.

I watched as his eyes trailed my naked body, his bottom lip pulled between his teeth. My own eyes wandered down his body, stopping on his black briefs, my mouth watering at the sight of his cock straining against the tight material.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” I nodded wordlessly and pulled him back on top of me, kissing him fiercely.  His tounge wrestled with mine, searching each other’s mouths. His hand trailed down my body, slipped between my legs to where I needed him most. I moaned into his mouth as he slid two fingers inside me. “Fuck, Y/n you’re so wet and ready for me.”

“Dean, please. I need you in me, please.” I begged, rocking my hips to the rhythm of his fingers. He removed his fingers and brought them to his lips, sucking my wetness from them. The sight alone almost made me come undone.

“Fuck, you taste amazing. Next time I’m going to spend more time with my head between your thighs. But for now, I’m going to fuck you until you’re shaking and can’t even remember your own name. The only name you’ll know is mine.” I whimpered at the sexy tone in his voice.

He pushed his briefs off and looked at me, smirking. I didn’t get a chance to admire his naked form as he slid into my dripping pussy. I moaned at the feeling of him in me, my hands scratched at his back, feeling his back muscles tense beneath my fingers.

He relentlessly pounded into me, his arms resting on either side of my head. He bit and sucked on my neck, definitely leaving his mark. I arched my back, pushing myself closer to him.

“Harder Dean. I need you to fuck me harder. I need more.” I panted, kissing his shoulder. I could feel myself edging closer to my high, the coil within me winding up tighter and tighter. I took his face between my hands and kissed him, allowing his tongue to dominate mine.

“Come on Y/n, cum for me princess. I want to feel you cum on my cock.” He growled, biting my bottom lip.

I clawed at his back, screaming his name as the coil finally broke, throwing me over the edge. I could only think of him pounding into me, dragging out my orgasm. He followed soon after, kissing my neck and shoulders. Collapsing on top off me in a sweaty mess, he pressed his lips to my collar bone, easing me back down from my high.

Kissing me a few more times, he pushed himself off of me and pulled me into his lap, cradling me in his arms. I could feel my legs trembling uncontrollably, and I smiled.

“I love you, Y/n.”

anonymous asked:

Idk if you've talked about this already but what's your take on 1x15 when Iris said "At first I was really mad" when confessing how she felt? Like she was mad he waited so long to tell her? And when do you think she realized she had feelings for him? Like between that night he confessed & when she moved in with Eddie?

I don’t think Iris was mad Barry waited so long to tell her. Iris of all people has the compassion to understand how difficult it is to confess something like that, and especially how difficult it might be for shy Barry. Barry also made it clear that he didn’t expect anything from her and that his timing was terrible, so I doubt she would be upset at her best friend for being vulnerable and honest.

Her exact words were, “Ever since the night that you told me how you felt, I have not been able to stop thinking about you. At first I was really mad, and then I realized that the reason that I couldn’t stop thinking about you was because I didn’t want to.” This tells me that she was mad/frustrated with herself for being unable to put Barry and his feelings for her out of her mind, especially when she’s supposed to be happy with Eddie. Iris probably knew her jealousy of Linda was irrational, she was aware she had no rightful claim on Barry like that, she understood that she made the decision to move in with Eddie after Barry dropped that truth bomb on her, so in my opinion, she was trying to shake Barry’s confession off but couldn’t because she was realizing she might reciprocate what he feels for her. So in my opinion, her toying with possible feelings for Barry when she already has a loving boyfriend is what was making her angry with herself.

As for when Iris realized she loved Barry, I talked about that here.

anonymous asked:

S A E R A N for Saeran!!!!!!!!!

Yassss I was waiting for this - Admin Abby

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)

Hmm.. I think he can probably go for one or two rounds. I think he’s pretty new to sex so yeah

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

He pull pull you into cuddles. He’ll give you a small peck on the forehead and will play with your hair until you fall asleep

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

He’s pretty inexperienced. He’ll learn based off of his s/o’s reaction to when he pleases her.

  R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Welllllll.. I feel like he wouldn’t make a lot of risks. He probably won’t care of Seven heard him having sex but that’s about it unless he is in a jealous mood and wants to prove a point

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

No tying up or anything. It’ll remind him of his past. He doesn’t like daddy or mommy kink… his past. He won’t let you dominate him… unless he really trusts you..

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Ok so at school we has a dance and there was a DJ. Do you know what the name of the DJ was? Correct it was Girbeagly and I was freaking out for a day. Because I thought it was you but then 2 hours before the dance I finally said to myself 'Wait Brian lives in New York! So why would he come all the way to San Diego to do be a DJ? And since when does he DJ? Then I thought is the universe stupid?' Well then I'll tell you what I had a great time dancing with a DJ who has you're YouTube name. So yeee

Glad you had a good time dancing, but that’s a pretty weird coincidence. If you were hearing his name correctly, I might have to issue some cease and desists/lawsuits very soon :P

Also, fun fact, I used to DJ/produce music long ago!

1k celebrations! (actually 1.1 but lets not talk about that) i’m just gonna be doing make me choose edits and maybe something else a bit later on in the week, once i get my life together (oops, if i ever do). but for now, just send in an ask with a make me choose and reblog this post! or a character request! actually just any character edit! and i’ll complete them as soon as i can! so just reblog, ask, and wait. maybe for a long time. sORRY. but everyone following me thank you so much and i love you all. i have no clue how i got this many followers but i appreciate all of you to the moon and back <3 blacklist “allie does edit requests” if you don’t want to see these

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im just worried for harry tbh, like I'm worried that he's gonna count on the support of fans too much for his solo album and not focus on real promo and i'm worried that might back fire because he's been mia so long. I just want him to do well I dont want him to fall out of the gate

holy god




can you wait until harry starts promo to criticize his promo

Like, think what you want at this point im not fighting with anyone anymore

but honestly? to me it’s pretty clear he is working on music and is planning to release music in the relatively near (ish) future

to me its also pretty clear that he is mia and has not launched his solo bid yet, therefore, there would be no promo. He is going to start dunkirk promo relatively soon. there is a lot of harry content coming out way in the coming months

when he is actually doing promo, criticize the promo. If he drops out of the sky and sprinkles an album over us, criticize that if you don’t like it. but that hasn’t happened. And us not knowing exactly what is happening is not indicative of how it will be when he does launch. For whatever reason people want a reason to crap on him, and i get the disappointing feeling of not being involved when you were used to such intimate access to him. But my guy. Can we please stop this preemptive disappointment? Nothing has happened yet.

anonymous asked:

for real though, what are your thoughts on his statements about the new dinof video he's thinking about making??? some of the things he said are simultaneously making me really excited and also really nervous

i genuinely don’t think it’s any kind of coming out video whether it be coming out in a relationship (with phil or with someone else) or him discussing his sexuality, i just can’t see him ever doing any of those things

but as a viewer of dan’s for seven years, i don’t have a clue what could possibly be ‘a long time coming’ and ‘is kind of a big deal, kind of not’ 

so it’s just a waiting game to find out, i guess

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I wish Splinters death hit me more, but since they already killed him like three times already..

I have a lot to rant on about Splinter’s death in my review for this episode, but I’ve always combined the past two episodes together in reviews for finales, so I’m debating on whether or not to finish this one now and post it this week or wait and do them both at the same time.

Either way, it’s going to be long. Like, this one is easily the longest review I’ve ever done on its own, and it’s not even finished yet. 
I’m debating. I’m sure I’ll decide by tomorrow seeing as I have a 12-hour car ride on Friday to North Carolina…


I’m not sure if I’ve spilled on here yet but here I go.

I was assigned this essay like a month ago where I had to read and essay from my textbook and write a persuasive essay on my views. So of course my procrastinator-ass waited until tonight.

By the time I got home today, all I had was a thesis statement, my sources, and a very brief idea of what I was gonna do.

So I spent the entire evening trying to figure out exactly what I was gonna do and broke down around 8:30 because how the fuck was I gonna pull this off. I was attempting a month long assignment within a night.

I’ve been working (almost) nonstop and the only reason I actually got it done was because I finally went upstairs instead of on the couch where my mom was watching Law and Order for 3 hours straight. I finally got a grasp at what I was gonna write and I developed this system where I have Spotify playing on my TV and I took a break every time a commercial came on. It gave me enough time to get stuff done between breaks, but not too much that it sucked, and the breaks weren’t so long that it was deterring me from working.

So because of that system, I WROTE A MONTH’S WORTH OF AN ESSAY (a pretty dope one as well) IN ONE NIGHT. I DON’T CARE THAT IT’S ALMOST 11:30 IT STILL COUNTS.

tl;dr don’t procrastinate