i waffled for a long time on posting this

Remember Firestar Doesn’t Like Waffles, Jane? I remember Firestar Doesn’t Like Waffles. Fuck the picture on this post, I want to talk about Firestar Doesn’t Like Waffles. Warriors videos were simpler back then, in 2013. They stood for something. And that something was nothing. Warriors videos just were. “Firestar doesn’t like waffles.” An undeniably true, self-reflexive statement. Water is wet, fire is hot, and for the last time, Graystripe, Firestar doesn’t know what a waffle is. Warriors videos were floating signifiers without signifieds, meaningful in their meaninglessness. Nobody made Warriors videos, they just arose through spontaneous generation; Athena being birthed, fully formed, from her own skull.

You could talk about them around the proverbial water cooler, taking comfort in their absurdity. “Hey, flightfootwarrior, have you seen that animation of Firestar? They call it Firestar Doesn’t Like Waffles because Firestar doesn’t like waffles!” “Ha ha, sounds like good fun, tribbleofdoom! That reminds me, I need to show you this series I found the other day; it contains numerous animated fighting cats in the forest. It’s called — you’ll never believe this — Warriors Of The Forest!” And then flightfootwarrior and tribbleofdoom went on to have a wonderful friendship based on the comfortable banality of self-evident animated animals.

But then 2014 came, and along with it came MAPS, and everything was forever ruined. It was hubris, Jane. We did it to ourselves. The minute we added collaborative narratives and artistic direction, it all went to shit. Suddenly warriors videos had an excess of information to be parsed. It wasn’t just a six frame animation of a cat, perhaps with Gerard Way bangs and default Windows Movie Maker title text appended to it; now the cat spoke to us via unified color palettes and painstakingly animated, visual allegories in the frame itself. It referred to narrative depth that existed in our world but not in the world of Erin Hunter, rupturing the boundary between the two. The cat wanted something. Which forced us to recognize that what it wanted was us, was our labor. WE are the MAP parts, Jane, and we always were. But by the time we realized this, it was too late. We were slaves to the very MAPs that we had created. We toiled to earn the privilege of being distracted by them. They fiddled while Rome burned, and we threw ourselves into the fire so that we might watch a Warriors rendition of the entire Hamilton soundtrack. The MAPs had us. Or, rather, they had us animating Onestar like tomorrow won’t arrive, like we need it to survive, every second we’re alive, every second we’re alive.

It goes right back to Phaedrus, really. The Plato dialogue. (You read that, right?) Back in the innocent days of 2013, we naïvely thought that the grapheme had subjugated the phoneme, that the belief in the primacy of the spoken word was an ancient and backwards folly on par with MS Paint recolors, or practicing phrenology, or thinking that Three Days Grace was good. Fucking Three Days Grace. But we were wrong. About the phoneme, I mean. The trickster god Theuth came to us again, this time in the guise of an open, 45 part MAP. The MAP hungered, and so did Theuth. We’d already taken Erin Hunter’s writing, so this time he offered us a new choice disguised as a gift. And we greedily took it, again oblivious to the consequences. To borrow the parlance of a contemporary song, his pharmakon was the animal we have become.

Pharmakon, φάρμακον, the Greek word that means both “poison” and “cure,” but, because of the limitations of the English language, can only be translated one way or the other depending on the context and the translator’s whims. No possible translation can capture the full implications of a Greek text including this word. In the Phaedrus, writing is the pharmakon that the trickster god Theuth offers, the toxin and remedy in one. With writing, man will no longer forget; but he will also no longer think. A double-edged (s)word, if you will. But the new iteration of the pharmakon is the MAP. Specifically, the post-Reflektor MAPscape of 2014 onward. And it was the MAP language that did it, Jane. The addition of parts and deadlines and artistic direction twisted the remedy into a poison, flipped the pharmakon on its invisible axis.

Firestar doesn’t like waffles. Language is language. Pharmakon is pharmakon. The phoneme topples the grapheme, witches ride through the night, our skulls hide secret messages on their surfaces, Three Days Grace is good after all. I will not die, I’ll wait here for you. I feel alive, when you’re beside me. I will not die, I’ll wait here for you.

In my time of dying.

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Headcanon request (if I may!) of how the gang reacts when they see their future s/o for the first time CUTE!!

victor: victor meets you at the grocery store on a friday night after school. he’s tired and sorta pissed off and just wants to pick up his twizzlers and instant coffee and leave, thank you very much. you’re doing a more intensive session of shopping for dinner that night (greens and waffle fries with a cut of meat with orange juice) and you’re so engrossed in staring at some produce that you bump into him. he initially curses and huffs in annoyance and you’re stammering out an apology as you try to stop everything falling out of your basket, until he just grunts, “here– let me–” and places everything back in carefully. there’s a few seconds of awkward silence (except for tears for fears playing over the grocery store speakers) as you stare at the floor, and when you look up he’s staring straight at you and his whole face has softened. you end up going back to your house and having dinner together, and it’s a nice platonic evening punctuated by playing with each other’s hair and bonding over school and sneaking a quick kiss when he goes to leave.

henry: henry meets you in class when you’re made to pair up together. it’s for some english project and he really doesn’t want to do it but at the same time he’s hyperaware of the fact that he’s sitting next to a girl and so his macho instinct kind of takes over and he starts to blurt stuff out to do with the project, since his mind is a mix of nerves and a desperate need to impress. half of it is incorrect and you gently shush him, taking the pencil from his hand (and your fingers touch and he twitches) and guide him on what to do in neat bullet-pointed lists. he watches as you write everything down slowly and neatly, and then the both of you get to talking about anything - music (he likes heavy metal and doesn’t understand why you like parliament), fashion (you tell him about your walk-in closet at home and he’s never heard of a walk-in closet), and movies. he says he hasn’t been to the cinema in a while and you hold your tongue on telling him you went last saturday, instead saying, “we’ll have to change that.” you end up going to see lethal weapon 2 together, and he actually kind of enjoys it, but more so when you cuddle up to him.

belch: belch meets you after a metallica concert in portland. you’d gone mostly because the cult were supporting, and the two-hour-30-minute subway journey had been worth it. you’d yelled yourself hoarse to master of puppets, and your shirt was slightly sticky with beer from where someone had splashed it. you hadn’t dressed up - jeans and sneakers and your ratty old tshirt - but you were squeezing out of the throng of people to go to the bathroom, and belch spotted you darting through the doors. he goes to follow you and then stops when he realises where you’re headed, hanging around in embarrassment outside of the civic centre, trying to think of something to say. you stop to buy some merchandise and walk out clutching your bag. belch stops you, and there’s an awkward silence as you both stare at each other before he blurts out, “hey!” you chat for a little while about the concert, and he’s surprisingly easy-going. when you tell him you live in derry, he offers you a drive back “since it’s dark an’ all, and i don’t want a girl gettin’ home on her own in this, y’know?” you squeeze into the back of the trans-am (he works very hard on staring straight ahead, gripping the steering wheel, and not at your butt poking up in the air as you shifted all the junk in the footrest out of the way.) it’s a long journey, and you end up falling asleep in the car. belch carefully pulls you out and carries you inside his house, placing you on the couch in his room to sleep over for the night.

patrick: patrick meets you at the library in the summer. he went there to look for ben (joke’s on him - he wasn’t there) and got huffy at the fact that he’d walked all this way for nothing. the library actually had a pretty calming effect on him, and he appreciated the eerie quietness of it all, along with the smell of books and the sheer wealth of knowledge at his disposal. he took out a big pile of fictional books of all different genres - horror, romance, comedy, western, drama - and sat at the table, slowly working his way through them until closing time. you were sat across the room at a different table, going over some math homework, and he kept staring at you over the top of the book. your teeth were gritted, your forehead was resting in your hand, your papers were everywhere, and you generally looked strung out and tired. he put down his book slowly, leaving the pile there, and walked over. he was so quiet that you only noticed him by the shadow falling over your table, causing you to look up. he smiles at you in a strained way (kind of like an alien learning human social customs) and whispers “want some help?” you cautiously accept, but he’s actually pretty good at it, and you manage to get it done in half the time. you can’t shake off the feeling that he’s staring at you throughout, and cringe a little when he strokes your hand at the end, but there’s a raw chemistry between you both that makes you say, “i’ll see you around,” when you go to leave with a wave.


I’ve been catching up on Curse of Strahd with the waffle crew and enjoying every moment all while freaking out after every episode.

What have I gotten myself into now?

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Sunshine: Harvest King x Molly

85 years later, here’s another request I got a long time ago. Hope you like it, anon!


The Harvest King kept himself occupied with order. So when Molly missed her daily visit up the mountain to see him one Friday (not that he’d asked her to start coming in the first place – she started doing it on her own, not that it bothered him), it perplexed him. If she was going to start a habit, she should stick with it. He was a being of order, and so rather despite himself, he’d grown used to putting aside his work as dusk came, listening for the sound of the portal he’d created to bring Molly up near his peak. And when yesterday evening she didn’t arrive, well, it threw off his entire dusk routine, leading into the next day being disrupted.

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So back in 2013- when I was 18 and Rick and Morty only had 3 episodes out, I made a Flash Animation both parodying and promoting the show:

I made it as a last ditch effort. My interest in becoming an animator was dwindling because of my teachers all telling me my art style didn’t qualify for post-secondary animation programs.

Within a couple days- the cartoon made it to the Rick and Morty offices, where a PA helped get it to Roiland himself. (Special shout outs to Starburns Industries! You guys rock!)

Justin was super kind, considerate and confirmed something no one else would at the time for me: 

No one is stopping me from making cartoons, but me.

Four years later:
I’m currently working on a new animated web-series with my friends called “Waffle Johnson: FBI” (You can check the pilot out here!):

Roiland was announced as a guest for FanExpo 2017, which meant I finally had a chance to tell him in person how much he inspired me and kept me going.

So we made him a shirt with Waffle, Rick and Morty all on it. (Shout outs to my buddy Josh! Four hours well spent.)

The night before, my friend Dave bumped into Justin at a bar downtown and recorded a video of a pretty drunk Justin Roiland calling me a piece of shit, then sent it to me because he knew I’d flip out (Which I totally did, it was amazing)

I attended his panel the next day and got to ask him a question/reintroduce myself like a typical sweaty nerd- even calling him out for the night before:

Then the next day: I finally got to meet Justin Roiland.

We talked, we laughed, I got him to sign my Speed Racer blu-ray, I told him about all the stuff we’ve been working on and gave him the shirt. He told me to never give up on my stuff and keep at it, forever. 

“One day, it’ll be you.”

Soooooo yeah.

It was basically the best day ever.

Highlights of the bungostraydogz network so far


  • Oda the salty ghost
  • Dazai didn’t want to save Oda because he owed him $5
  • Yosano x Oda = Yoda
  • Yosano (Dessa) and Oda (me) are practically the same person
  • Oda x dead jokes = OTP
  • Tachihara x Dazai = TaDa 
  • Everyone is kinky af except for Oda who is an angel
  • Mafia Boss is our no.1 mum
  • Worldwide BSD
  • Pax x Typos = OTP
  • Elaine is hella thirsty
  • The kraken is real and his name is Lovecraft (LOVECRAKEN)
  • We kinda just unintentionally started roleplaying 
  • Atsushi’s right leg joined the party
  • Oda adopted loads of kids (Atsushi and Lucy for example)
  • Yosano and others dragged him about the 5 orphans who died
  • “Wonderfuck”
  • When everyone tried to bring out Oda’s kinky side but it weren’t gonna happen
  • What emoji am I 
  • When everyone’s kinky but the ghost’s just lurking around
  • Ghost Emoji is Oda’s best friend
  • Dazai dealt drugs to Akutagawa
  • The ship channel is just for shipping characters/people and objects
  • Oda/Dazai/Chuu became a thing
  • Atsushi’s right leg being salty towards Akutagawa 
  • Elaine’s hot steamy grapes
  • Soukoku are on the outs Dazai’s too thirsty and Chuuya is too salty (“no wonder i’m so thirsty, ur just too salty”)
  • Chuuya is drunk 99.9% of the time (Chuuya + Wine = OTP)

More to come(?)

for now i post the gif, bc somehow i hit “tumblr video upload limit” while waffling over which version of the animation i should upload (aka none of them bc photoshop FUCKS UP EVERYTHING). Gif plays a little slow compared to real time but I like that you can see pretty much all of the drawings.

intended to be a ~stretch your animation muscles~ warmup but it took way too long for a warmup haha… full blown exercise tbh.

Prompted by @flamelscross: Goto refuses to admit that he actually LIKES wearing Masayoshi’s Samurai Flamenco hoodie (despite being caught wearing it). 

I didn’t animate with specific dialogue in mind so the lip flapping is a little random! Also my “cleanup” is pretty rough around the edges.. every time I look I see more stray lines making the animation kind of “jump” and im like o)-( why can’t i keep things consistent

I was thinking about coloring this but.. maybe for another day. 

A Guide to Interacting with Your Favorite Celebrity at a Con

(by someone who frequently assists those celebrities)

Now this is by no means a full-proof guide. Just like you and I, celebrities are real people with unique and diverse personalities, wants, dislikes, and discomforts. But having interacted with a number of celebrities, and witnessed their behind-the-scenes reactions to fan interactions, I thought I’d pass along a few tips:

  • Never give them food. Sealed, commercial food is sometimes fine, especially if they’ve expressed a fondness for it or a direct request. But I have never once seen a celebrity eat something a fan brought to them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been given cookies, doughnuts, cake, and the like, because they passed it along. This is by no means them being rude or a sleight. Think about it: There are a lot of crazy fans out there. We’ve all met and interacted with them. Would you be willing to accept something from one of these people? When you only have a minute or less to interact with lots of fans, how can you pick these people out? Also, they’re often given specific instructions not to consume anything by their agents/managers. (But the volunteers that inevitably inherit the food don’t complain!)
  • Don’t make the inane comment or joke they have definitely heard a million times. They have literally spent the entire day/weekend listening to people say the exact same things. It isn’t funny or interesting anymore. You will blend in with the thousands of other people who have said it.
  • DO share a personal story or thought-provoking question. I have seen so many celebrities touched at the personal stories of personal growth or overcoming a difficulty inspired by their work; it reminds them why they do what they do in the face of those thousands of fans sharing inane stories. They do care. They do like to hear that they matter to someone, especially when it’s not just a blanket statement of “I love you!”
  • That being said, be careful not to overshare. While most celebrities do attend conventions in order to interact with their fans, at the end of the day, they are there to make money. Those people who stand there talking their ears off, sharing way too many details and drifting into uncomfortable territory while holding up the line of otherwise paying people behind them are not cool. If you find yourself telling them things you would be uncomfortable telling your roommate, or talking past the point your best friend probably would have told you to shut up, you’ve gone too far.
  • If you’re going to bring them a gift, bring them something you made. Don’t get me wrong, many celebrities I’ve worked with are grateful for any gift a fan sees fit to bring them. But the ones that really have an impact are hand-drawn fanart or crafts. (Don’t bring them your fanfiction or adult-rated fanart. That’s uncomfortable for everyone involved.) If it’s something you picked up in the vendor room that made you think of them, or you bought it from the studio that produced the show, chances are they already have it, or someone else brought it to them before you. Celebrities have limited baggage space to take their things back with them; only add to that space if it’s something that counts.
  • Don’t ask if they remember you from X. They literally meet thousands of people at these events, and many of them are spread out across the years. It’s not that you’re not important, it’s just that expecting them to remember everyone they ever met would make their heads explode. Do you remember everyone you attended classes with in school? Because I don’t.
  • Have something prepared to talk about. That is if you want to talk to them. I understand the shy people, or those who are getting autographs for a friend or family member. But if you’re intent on talking to them, have something ready before hand. Chances are that what you came up with when you weren’t stressed about being face to face with them is going to be far more interesting than what your asshole brain throws out in the last minute.
  • Celebrities get tired of talking about themselves. They do it at every con they go to, every press interview they give, every time they run into an excited fan on the street. If you want to make their day better, ask them about their heroes, or what their favorite city is, or what their favorite thing to do is. They’ll be more excited by questions like that, and you’ll learn something you couldn’t get from going through their past interviews.
  • Remember that they’re human. To be perfectly honest, the majority of the problems listed above or the cringe-worthy interactions I have witnessed would be ended if people kept this in mind. Their interactions are bound by the convention they’ve signed a contract with and the manager or agent representing them. They’ve got a whole list of anxieties, discomforts, and worries just like you. They get bored, they get frustrated, they get uncomfortable. They like people who make them laugh, they care about people, and they are just doing their job. They don’t owe you anything. They chose to be there. Don’t make them regret that choice.

vanblogs  asked:

Nice Cream, Potato Chisps, and Last Dream!

**very long post warning**

1) Nice Cream: What’s your favorite line and who said it?

another hard question

ok I’d decided ! 




2) Potato Chisps: Who’s your favorite Undertale fan-artist?

ok this’s even harder than the first question!!


-basically mostly everyone I’m following in tumblr and twitter

but maybe I will try to list someone that I would scream every time when they post sth

- the sin squad or waffle house dudes XD / potipopo / dayuh / bossmonsterbani / g0966 / eachiwaii / houdidesu / koyashaka59 / lu-audrey / semi_kon (twitter) /etc etc.

actually…. you are also my favourite Undertale fan-artist!!

@vanthefirstdoodles XDDD


/here me tried to draw flowey like yours

3) Last Dream: What’s your favorite Undertale AU?

Storyshift ! (by ut-storyshift)


moreover Chasriel in this au is cute as hell !!! my heart!!! AAAAAAAAAA

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite Destiel fics written by other authors? Are there any that impacted your own writing style?

What a good question! The answer is yes, and I’d like to share them.

» For Love For Glory [LJAO3] - bellanovaskies

83,400 words, NC-17, AU

Summary: It’s the 1940’s, the war is tearing Europe in half, and the Nazis have a plan to uncover an ancient weapon belonging to the Egyptian gods that can tip the scale in their favor. With the help of a librarian named Castiel, it’s up to Sam and Dean Winchester, respectively a professor of archaeology and treasure hunter, to get to the Lost City of Amun-Ra and stop the Third Reich from achieving world domination. But with a missing father, secret societies, and an unexpected romance, things get more than a little complicated in this race against time. Loosely based on the Indiana Jones franchise.

This story taught me how to write a fanfic so it reads like a movie in the reader’s mind. Sometimes I wish I’d written this - but thankfully it was written by jaegersaurus, who happens to be one of my best friends in the whole wide world, so I get the honour of being proud of her. (She’s not bribing me to say this, I promise.) She blew my mind with her writing skills here. The scene with Dean walking under the Nile River was the single most incredible scene I’ve read in a fanfic story. This is a cinematic masterpiece, and it deserves to become fandom famous. Hell, in another life, I think it could’ve made the New York Times best-seller’s list. I will rec this as the greatest piece of Destiel fanfic, probably until my dying day. (If I’ve oversold this, I’m sorry. I just really love it, okay?) P.S. The ending will make you cry. And that only adds to how great it is. (It’s not major character death, before you ask.)

» All Things Shining [AO3] - Askance, standbyme

142,000 words, NC-17

Summary: Something in the world is waking up. It isn’t long before it’s brought to the attention of the Winchesters and Castiel: miracles are spreading across the country, the paranormal seems to be shrinking back on itself—and it all has something to do with the missing prayer book of a traveling preacher who died over a century ago. Dean is convinced it’s all the lead-up to another Apocalypse; Sam and Castiel aren’t so sure. Regardless, it sends them out on a less-than-typical road-trip, following the Mississippi and remnants of a very old story that seems increasingly to call to them. And along the way the trio learn much more about themselves—and the consequences and origins of love—than they’d ever have anticipated.

I started reading this nearly two years ago and I haven’t finished it yet, so it never made it to my rec list. But that’s the fault of my reading difficulties, not the story. This story taught me how to write original characters. It taught me how to weave extra characters into a fanfic narrative, and it taught me a better way to make ambience out of words. It also taught me it’s okay for a narrative to meander, because whatever you do, you’re still paving the road for the rest of the story. The settings of this fanfic are places of peace for me; all I have to do is remember it and I’m filled with a sense of calm. This is a story that seems raw in all senses of the word. Honestly, I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. I’ve never read a fanfic like it, and I doubt I will again.

» Shut Up (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is) [LJ | AO3] - kototyph

23,900 words, NC-17, AU

Summary: Dean’s done some pretty stupid things, but getting drunk-hitched in Vegas to a colleague he barely knows might just take the cake. His surprise husband, Castiel, is a little weird but likable despite that, and Dean figures they’ll go back to Boston, get a quiet annulment, and go their separate ways. Six weeks later, he’s still married to one of the strangest, most genuine and definitely most dangerously lov— likable guys he’s ever known. Dean doesn’t know why or really even how it’s happening, but it’s getting harder and harder to remember that he has divorce papers to file.

This taught me how to write fluffy stories in concise little packages. kototyph is another one of those talented people who I’m proud to call a friend (who is also not bribing me!). This story (and all the Dean/Cas stories by kototyph, particularly Domesticated) taught me it’s okay to be completely self-indulgent when writing. Sometimes you can just let your heart lie back on a cushion of happiness and beautiful words, and, on occasion, it becomes escapism you’ll never forget.

There are a few other stories which I recced here back in 2013, and that list is still relevant today (mostly because I haven’t read a lot since 2013). Feel free to skip to the fic rec part and ignore all my waffling. In addition, there are plenty of swoon-worthy gems that I’ve recced on my Destiel AU list and my canon-verse list. Go forth and consume! Don’t forget to leave comments and kudos, because the writers worked hard on their writing and they deserve to know it’s appreciated. ♥

anonymous asked:

Can you waffle about Dan and Phil and their fondness for each other?

This is a post that’s probably been written a hundred different times by other people but I cannot resist. Their retained fondness for each other is honestly so fucking weird. Maybe it’s because they spent that first year long distance, but they’ve basically been attached at the hip since late 2010 and it’s almost startling to see how they could go six years without being apart for more than three weeks at a time (and even solo family vacations are a rarity now) and still just find so much appeal in each other. 

But they do, don’t they? They are just genuinely each other’s favorite person. Their version of alone time defaults to ‘alone, with him.’ They flirt, they tease, they operate in sync. They’re the strange creatures who, in a crowded room, despite living together and working together and traveling together, still only want to talk to each other and when they slip away they slip away together. 

They might try to reign in the details from the salivating crowd of a fanbase that is the phandom but we still see the big picture and I’m frequently confused by how people choose to ignore that. But if you want small-picture details, too: 

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Sooo, hey. Do you ever do fic recs? I love your art and I'd like to see what WTNV stuff you're reading, since your headcanon seems so POC-friendly and body-positive.

Oh gosh! Thank you very much, and thank you for asking!

I do have a few fic recommendations indeed!

“Love Is All You Need To Destroy Your Enemies” by shadydave [Teen]
I am utterly in love with this one! It’s a multichapter and is a bit of a time investment as it’s 15 chapters in right now. It’s also actually a crossover fic with another series called The Dresden Files, but the way it’s written is so new-reader-friendly that it’s accessible for fans of either canon! It’s a very action-packed, very heartwarming, and very very hilarious fic and I can’t recommend it enough! <3

“Cooking Lessons” by emilyshee [Teen]
I love pretty much all of emilyshee’s Welcome to Night Vale fics as I feel they just absolutely nail the voices of the characters so well, and this fic is probably one of the best examples of that! Earl comes over to help teach Cecil a new dish, and Cecil ends up retelling a humourous and embarrassing story about the disastrous time he tried to cook for Carlos! <3

“Kids In America” by shezni [Teen]
A currently ongoing multichapter and really interesting fic by realhousewivesofnightvale as told through Intern Maureen’s perspective! It’s got cool action, atmosphere and suspense. Maureen’s snark is hilarious, as well as some really adorable moments between Maureen and Dana so far! I’m excited to see where it’s going to go! <3

“Lay All Your Love On Me” by JackyM [Mature]
I pretty much would recommend any of doctorcrocker‘s Night Vale fics, as she’s a very prolific writer with very many sweet ideas, and fantastic at getting down Carlos and Cecil’s characters, but this was one of the first I read of hers and it’s just such a gentle and tender fic. No plot, just fluff. The way it’s written is just so full of love (and features chubby Carlos in a very positive way)! <3

“We Should” by astrogyaru [Explicit]
I was planning to keep this list as non-X rated as possible, but this is just a really cute fic featuring pocecil (as written by the lovely septembermonologues, who also does very beautiful art). It’s Cecil and Carlos having their first time being intimate together. There’s a moment with Cecil experiencing anxiety/drdp feelings, and Carlos comforting him through that, which is such an absolutely sweet touch. Lots of fluff and caring! <3

Oh god sorry for waffling on, I probably have a few more recs but I feel bad for making this post as long as it is. I think one day I’m going to write up a full post with all fics I’d rec, but I hope this helps somewhat anon! And thank you again!


Ey Up Mi Ducks!

Now I know y'all love my absurdly long winded and often pointless waffling on here but I once again find myself with a huge backlog of beery stuff wot I ain’t got the time to put into words an’ such. So I’ll just dump some of it here for you to gaze at all starry eyed and wistful, like. Captions are once again on offer for the more masochistic amongst you. So most of you then. 

Seeing as my Tumblr posts take such a mind bogglingly long time to write and delete and write again and delete again and write again I’ve decided that I’ll supplement those sporadic word bombs with more stripped back posts, kinda like the ones my deliciously sexyfull Instagram chums put up with. Starting tomorrow. Woohoo!

Best Laid Plans

Where do I start?

I almost feel like I need to apologize for what I’m about to tell you, or at the very least, waffle on a bit and lead into this news gently.

Maybe do a good news/bad news post? My life seems to be a series of good news/bad news lately.

This past weekend was the happiest I had been in a long time. It was an epic weekend. First I got my visa, then I booked my plane ticket to England and then I got an email that an essay I had written was being slated for publication! I was a giggling, overjoyed mess, which led me to stop and think, “Wait a minute. There’s still a shoe waiting to be dropped somewhere. I can feel it!”

And then I got my biopsy results on Monday.

I said I was confident that everything would be fine. I was lying. There was a rather large part of me that knew when the doctor called on Monday that it wouldn’t be what I wanted to hear.

And so I sat in my car in the driveway while my doctor confirmed that I do in fact have oral cancer.

*this is where we all take a break and have a manic laugh because seriously how is this my life?* My mom even said, “Amy, at this point people are going to think you’re making all this up. It’s too unreal.”

Apparently, I’m an anomaly as the odds for someone my age and lifestyle getting this type of cancer are 1 in 2 million or something ridiculous like that. In fact, when I met with my oncologist (I have an oncologist?! Wut?) his first words when he saw me were, “Wow, you’re young.” It’s funny because I argued, “I’m not *that* young.” And then I realized, he wasn’t talking about my age in relation to normal timelines, but my age in reference to having old lady cancer.

With humor in my voice, I said to the oncologist, “I hope you’re as good as I’ve heard because I’m leaving for England in a couple weeks.”

He looked me dead in the eye and shook his head no. Finally, he said, “You’re not going anywhere.”

I spent the next 5 minutes engaged in negotiations with him over treatment, which country I’d be living in, visa considerations, and remedies for my “absent” husband that I was supposed to get to see in a matter of weeks.

He stared at me in amusement and admitted this was the first time in his 18-year career that he’d been in this situation - a new cancer patient intent on leaving the country. In the end, he agreed if I promised to fly home every 4-6 months for a follow-up appointment then he would treat me.

When this post gets published, I’ll be getting a CT scan of my chest and neck (I’m writing this on Wednesday afternoon.) Then I’ll have surgery next Friday, the 10th to remove the cancer. As of now, I will NOT have to go through chemo or radiation. See? Just mini cancer. No big deal.

If you’re calculating the dates in your head, you’ll know that leaves me 3 days to recover and get on a plane for England, which means you’ve probably figured out that the Bad news of this post isn’t that I have cancer, but that I had to cancel my move to England. For now.

But, remember what I always say about silver linings? Mine comes in the form of a wonderful husband who will be on a plane this Sunday to spend the entire month of October with me while I go through this and recover.

We’re hoping things will be settled enough so I can go back with him at the end of October.

I debated putting this information out there, but in the end I decided I needed to share it here for reasons:

  1. Writing is my outlet
  2. Tumblr friends are awesome friends
  3. Feeling guilt over friends and family setting up GoFundMe to expedite the visa when I can’t even use it right now*
  4. Eventual suspicion about why I wasn’t in England when I said I’d be
  5. I’m terrible at asking for help and support and I pretend I can do it all on my own
  6. I’ve shared every major facet of my life on here, why not this?

So to recap:

  • Bad news: I have cancer.
  • Good news: Phil will be here Sunday for a month!
  • Bad news: my insurance sucks. CT scan will cost $500 alone. Do not want to think about actual surgery & hospital stay costs…
  • Good news: my cancer is extremely curable.
  • Bad news: I’ll be on a liquid diet.
  • Good news: But I’ll lose weight! (Too soon?)
  • Bad news: I had to cancel my trip to England.
  • Good news: I’m getting healthy so I can live in England cancer free.
  • Good news: I’ll be here for Halloween & my sister’s party!

Bad news: 4; Good news: 5 - HA, I win!

Thank you, if you have read this, aka the longest post ever documented on tumblr. I’m grateful for all of you - your abilities to pray, send well wishes, make me laugh and for giving me a stellar community I can reach out too.

All my love xx

*There was my blessing. My original moving date was October 2nd. Had the visa arrived when it was supposed to (Thanks, UPS!) I would be getting on a plane TODAY with cancer and headed to a country that would give me the side eye when I lumbered up to the NHS and said, “I’m here! What can you do for me?” Awkward international relations, anyone?

Please note: If we’re friends on Facebook, please keep the comments vague as I’m not broadcasting it on there. Tumblr will allow me to feel normal, Facebook “friends” will not. I’m exhausted just thinking about the “How are you feeling today, Amy?” posts to my wall… I just can’t.

anonymous asked:

wtf happened

Settle down and grab a drink, this is going to be long. And I refuse to put this under a ‘cut’ because I want everyone to be aware of the risks of talking to strangers on the internet:

There was a mole in our group, and she/he got exposed for the filth they really were. Their username is @thirsty-for-waffles

I happily lurk Reddit to look up for gossip/news to share with you guys, since lately I haven’t had the material time to do news round ups.

And behold, this morning I found a post on Reddit linking to a specific user and their tumblr. The link was to a fic that they posted recently. (I am not going to name the author, as I do not wish to cause further embarrassment to them)

Obviously that fic was not meant to be shared publicly, but @thirsty-for-waffles-deactivated decided to go ahead and do it anyways (as I am typing this it would appear that he/she has deactivated, OH THE IRONY).

Reddit being reddit, did not react well to it. I contacted the admins, had the link taken down and the user deleted, but unfortunately the post is still there and there are links to other fanfics in the comments.

And I am RAGING because this is a clear violation of the trust as we have as a fandom community. I AM SO INCREDIBLY ANGRY. People do not deserve to be shamed like this. If you don’t like fanfics/edits/etc. cool. I respect that. DO NOT POLICE OR VIOLATE THE TRUST THAT WE HAVE AS A FANDOM.

That being said, tumblr user Thirsty (we’ll call them like this) lied about their age/gender/general self. It’s cool, you don’t owe anyone your identity on this hellsite, but it does concern ME when someone who is a fully grown adult in their 20s messages the minors (talking about 14/15 yrs old) in the fandom HIGHLY INAPPROPRIATE content.

And yes, lil ones, I don’t care that you consider yourself grown ups etc, that you can handle sex talk etc. YOU’RE STILL CHILDREN. That specific tumblr’s behavior could have been aimed to groom one of you.

So, I exposed them, happily dragged them, and now they deleted. If any of you are in contact with them on other social media platforms (whatsapp, instagram etc.) DELETE THEM. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A MINOR.

We are a community, we are a family. We protect and look out for each other. Even when we fight.

And this has been a PSA. Sorry y’all, I went on full mom mode. But I do like the lot of you and I want you to be safe.

Normal shitposting will resume this evening :)

here are (some) of my thoughts on the whole “label” debate going on in the phandom. this is in no way a call out post for anyone. sorry it’s such an incoherent mess, but i’m stressing out over this way more than i probably should and i’m frustrated and i’m also at work so my train of thought keeps getting derailed. i’m honestly not even that comfortable with sharing this just bc i know it’s a sensitive topic, but i had to say something or i felt like i would scream. like i said, this is all a bit incoherent. i had better thoughts in my head but just couldn’t seem to write them in a way that made sense. i’m open to discussion on the topic.

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