i waffled for a long time on posting this

A Guide to Interacting with Your Favorite Celebrity at a Con

(by someone who frequently assists those celebrities)

Now this is by no means a full-proof guide. Just like you and I, celebrities are real people with unique and diverse personalities, wants, dislikes, and discomforts. But having interacted with a number of celebrities, and witnessed their behind-the-scenes reactions to fan interactions, I thought I’d pass along a few tips:

  • Never give them food. Sealed, commercial food is sometimes fine, especially if they’ve expressed a fondness for it or a direct request. But I have never once seen a celebrity eat something a fan brought to them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been given cookies, doughnuts, cake, and the like, because they passed it along. This is by no means them being rude or a sleight. Think about it: There are a lot of crazy fans out there. We’ve all met and interacted with them. Would you be willing to accept something from one of these people? When you only have a minute or less to interact with lots of fans, how can you pick these people out? Also, they’re often given specific instructions not to consume anything by their agents/managers. (But the volunteers that inevitably inherit the food don’t complain!)
  • Don’t make the inane comment or joke they have definitely heard a million times. They have literally spent the entire day/weekend listening to people say the exact same things. It isn’t funny or interesting anymore. You will blend in with the thousands of other people who have said it.
  • DO share a personal story or thought-provoking question. I have seen so many celebrities touched at the personal stories of personal growth or overcoming a difficulty inspired by their work; it reminds them why they do what they do in the face of those thousands of fans sharing inane stories. They do care. They do like to hear that they matter to someone, especially when it’s not just a blanket statement of “I love you!”
  • That being said, be careful not to overshare. While most celebrities do attend conventions in order to interact with their fans, at the end of the day, they are there to make money. Those people who stand there talking their ears off, sharing way too many details and drifting into uncomfortable territory while holding up the line of otherwise paying people behind them are not cool. If you find yourself telling them things you would be uncomfortable telling your roommate, or talking past the point your best friend probably would have told you to shut up, you’ve gone too far.
  • If you’re going to bring them a gift, bring them something you made. Don’t get me wrong, many celebrities I’ve worked with are grateful for any gift a fan sees fit to bring them. But the ones that really have an impact are hand-drawn fanart or crafts. (Don’t bring them your fanfiction or adult-rated fanart. That’s uncomfortable for everyone involved.) If it’s something you picked up in the vendor room that made you think of them, or you bought it from the studio that produced the show, chances are they already have it, or someone else brought it to them before you. Celebrities have limited baggage space to take their things back with them; only add to that space if it’s something that counts.
  • Don’t ask if they remember you from X. They literally meet thousands of people at these events, and many of them are spread out across the years. It’s not that you’re not important, it’s just that expecting them to remember everyone they ever met would make their heads explode. Do you remember everyone you attended classes with in school? Because I don’t.
  • Have something prepared to talk about. That is if you want to talk to them. I understand the shy people, or those who are getting autographs for a friend or family member. But if you’re intent on talking to them, have something ready before hand. Chances are that what you came up with when you weren’t stressed about being face to face with them is going to be far more interesting than what your asshole brain throws out in the last minute.
  • Celebrities get tired of talking about themselves. They do it at every con they go to, every press interview they give, every time they run into an excited fan on the street. If you want to make their day better, ask them about their heroes, or what their favorite city is, or what their favorite thing to do is. They’ll be more excited by questions like that, and you’ll learn something you couldn’t get from going through their past interviews.
  • Remember that they’re human. To be perfectly honest, the majority of the problems listed above or the cringe-worthy interactions I have witnessed would be ended if people kept this in mind. Their interactions are bound by the convention they’ve signed a contract with and the manager or agent representing them. They’ve got a whole list of anxieties, discomforts, and worries just like you. They get bored, they get frustrated, they get uncomfortable. They like people who make them laugh, they care about people, and they are just doing their job. They don’t owe you anything. They chose to be there. Don’t make them regret that choice.

I’ve been catching up on Curse of Strahd with the waffle crew and enjoying every moment all while freaking out after every episode.

What have I gotten myself into now?


Okay! Squeezing in a few minutes to upload these photos because I really overestimated the amount of free time I was going to have today. I know I said I was going to upload a better photo of me from here but I don’t think I’m going to have time so, I’m just going to leave that as is. Sorry but this is a long post and photo posts don’t allow read mores so…I’m really sorry. 

So my Sunday started at 5am though I didn’t have to leave to drive up to UNSW until 7am. I live a little closer than those times make me sound like I do but I did not want to be late. 

Arriving there, the line was moving really quickly and it was very well organised- I was barely in line ten minutes! My seat was absolutely awesome, only a few seats from the front and the people on either side of me were really nice (and both from Perth, strangely enough). I then met up with batchofsherlocks (who is awesome) and we waited for the day to begin. 

Photos were first and as I had an awesome seat I was in the second group called. As mentioned yesterday, they talked about people who had fainted meeting him and as I got closer, I could understand why. Even though it was really rushed he said “Hi” as I came up to him and then I got to wish him a “Good day” in return to his as I left. Looking at my photo, I don’t understand why I look so tall in it- I’m short and he’s much taller than I am so he must have been bending down else I would not have come up to past his shoulder.

There was a long break between photos and autographs so I went with batch to get lunch then to the library to wait for time to pass (the library at UNSW is awesome though, so many comfortable chairs! It’s a great place to talk to a cool person). 

Autographs started a bit after 1:30 and once again I went in one of the first groups. I didn’t have anything for him to sign so I got one of the free photos- one of my favourite publicity shots for Sherlock. He had a little more time to talk this time, asking after my day and allowing me to ask after his. He then forgot the ‘i’ in my name so he had to go back and add it with a little “Oops, almost forgot the 'i’”. Then he thanked me and I thanked him and I moved off. I didn’t realise until after he said my name- It slipped my mind I was too excited to be there.

The Q&A was supposed to start at 4:30pm but it didn’t start until just after 5pm as autographs ran late. While we were waiting they played loads of clips of interviews, as they had been doing all day, but only the video of Tom Hiddleston vs him in dancing (a bunch of clips edited to Sexy And I Know it) shut the crowd up for long. 

Then he came out dancing and the crowd got up and danced with him. He mentioned that this was to give us 'legal’ dancing as he must have seen the video that played which included the Thriller footage that was stolen from his then girlfriend’s Facebook page. The crowd made a noise that sounded vaguely positive so he went “No not yay, boo”.

Then the first question was asked and it had started! Just so you know, I’ve no memory for details and especially names so I’m going to only be giving general stuff and things might not be in exactly the right order.

I don’t remember everything asked but the first question was about his preparation for Third Star. As he was telling us about how he visited those with the disease and losing weight for the role a glass of wine was brought out. He cut himself off to go “Ooh yeah!” complete with an adorable face then continued on with the question (there’s a video of this moment here) mentioning that the director was an awesome person to work with.

Another question was asked, this time what was the weirdest thing a fan had done to him/given to him. He said he had no clue, to which someone heckled “Go to your mind palace!” He replied that “There are many doors in my mind palace marked not fit for public consumption.”. He told the person who asked the question that he would come back to their question.

There was a question about what book he would want to see made (with him starring). He did give a series he wanted to see done but I can’t remember either the title or author, only that it had five books in it. He then mentioned that there were a few others but he couldn’t talk about them because there are ongoing talks about them. He also asked after a book a fan had had him sign, because he liked the look of it and wanted to read it but had forgotten the title. 

Someone asked a question about what it was like acting with his parents. He said that it had been the first day of shooting that the Baker Street scene was filmed so he was nervous, they were nervous so it was all “a bag of nerves really.”. But then by the time they filmed the Christmas bit it was much more relaxed- he said it felt like “Christmas dinner at my parents but with a bunch of actors from Sherlock hanging around with cameras.” He mentioned that it wasn’t much different to how his parents are though he said something about his father wearing different hats.

There was a question about what makes a good director and what were the good experiences he’s had with directors. He described what it was like to work with a few of his directors- I remember his description of Danny Boyle in particular because Cumberbatch mentioned how he made him want to give more, particularly on bad days when he had to use public transport as it was raining so he couldn’t bike. Then he said that he wanted to be a director but he’s not quite there yet. 

The person sitting next to me got to ask a question. As they were dressed as Khan, Cumberbatch greeted them as such. But they gave him their actual name and said “I’m better.” He replied “At what?” to which they said “Pretty much everything” and got a laugh. Then they asked a very good question on how he researched Aspergers and autism when preparing for the roles of Sherlock and the Creature. There was a very good and sensitively worded discussion (because the question asker did respond to some points) and while he admits there is a connection between the Creature’s experience and Autism, he is reluctant to call the Creature Autistic. He ended up with a lovely quote that “Everyone is different in different ways, which basically means we’re all the same.”

Someone else asked after his favourite song, which he found on his phone and played it for us. He even got us to wave along to it while he discussed the song. I can’t actually remember what song it was or who it was by but the oz comic con tag has informed me it might have been by Elbow? Whoever they are. It was good.

There was a question on what projects of his we should look out for which lead into a talk on the Alan Turing movie he’s in along with a talk on Alan Tuning. It’s very clear he admires Alan Turing and that Cumberbatch deeply dislikes the circumstances that led to his death. There was also talk of a film that should start filming in June, though I can’t remember the title of it. 

One person asked something about his work in relation to the rising popularity/acceptance of geeks which caused him to ask in Khan’s voice “Is Khan a geek?” then in Smaug’s “Is Smaug a geek?” and then like Sherlock “Sherlock’s a geek.” which was very cute. He stated that geeks have “always been secretly running the world.” and waffled on about how great it was that “Brainy is the new Sexy.” as if intelligence is made to be good and is used to make the world better than that can only be good. I got the impression he’s passionate about making the world better, maybe?

There was a question about how come he always seems to be wearing the same shirt in con photos. He snarked that it was a product of “..having access to hotel dry cleaning.” But then he said that it because he didn’t want fans to see photos of him with a different shirt to the one in their photo and like that one more and thus be disappointed so he tries to rotate the same shirts for con appearances.

I think I might be missing some questions but maybe not because he waffled on a lot. Anyway, it was about this point he was told it was the last question to which he responded by asking if an orchestra needed the hall or if someone had left their parking meter running. Then he asked for more questions.

Someone asked what the most embarrassing question on his iPod was, causing him to spend the rest of the Q&A looking through his phone for embarrassing songs. He didn’t find any, stating that he has very good taste in music. But when he first started looking he sung “Puff the magic dragon.” under his voice which got a laugh. 

About then, there was a heckle about how he was supposed to go back to the earlier question of what the weirdest thing a fan has done was to which he replied that he hadn’t been thinking about it and stuck by the “I don’t know” he had given earlier. He mentioned that soon after Sherlock season one had aired he had gotten a riding crop in the mail and assumed a fan had sent it- even said so on national television- until Tom Hiddleston had admitted he had sent it. 

The MC was really pushing for an end here so the crowd started to just call out questions. Someone asked for him to out dance Hiddleston to which he said “No, I’m not a performing monkey” while still looking for that embarrassing song. Someone else asked what the best part of Australia was to which he replied “All the rude Australians asking these questions” but then he said that no, it was the scenery and the people while describing some of the things he’s done while here (including jumping from an aeroplane!). He only mentioned Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide as being amazing so people called out to include Brisbane to which he said “I get you’re from different places but I’ve not been there!”. He didn’t seem too annoyed by the heckling as he kept stopping his search to answer any question asked that he understood or ask for clarification for those he didn’t.

By now the MC was basically trying to drag him off and he still hadn’t found that embarrassing song (he mentioned that a few artists on his phone were Aussies and good which got a cheer) so he just played a few and said something vague about it being posted for us later. Then he left, to a major cheer. 

And that was the day. It was amazing and well worth it. 

for now i post the gif, bc somehow i hit “tumblr video upload limit” while waffling over which version of the animation i should upload (aka none of them bc photoshop FUCKS UP EVERYTHING). Gif plays a little slow compared to real time but I like that you can see pretty much all of the drawings.

intended to be a ~stretch your animation muscles~ warmup but it took way too long for a warmup haha… full blown exercise tbh.

Prompted by @flamelscross: Goto refuses to admit that he actually LIKES wearing Masayoshi’s Samurai Flamenco hoodie (despite being caught wearing it). 

I didn’t animate with specific dialogue in mind so the lip flapping is a little random! Also my “cleanup” is pretty rough around the edges.. every time I look I see more stray lines making the animation kind of “jump” and im like o)-( why can’t i keep things consistent

I was thinking about coloring this but.. maybe for another day. 

Best Laid Plans

Where do I start?

I almost feel like I need to apologize for what I’m about to tell you, or at the very least, waffle on a bit and lead into this news gently.

Maybe do a good news/bad news post? My life seems to be a series of good news/bad news lately.

This past weekend was the happiest I had been in a long time. It was an epic weekend. First I got my visa, then I booked my plane ticket to England and then I got an email that an essay I had written was being slated for publication! I was a giggling, overjoyed mess, which led me to stop and think, “Wait a minute. There’s still a shoe waiting to be dropped somewhere. I can feel it!”

And then I got my biopsy results on Monday.

I said I was confident that everything would be fine. I was lying. There was a rather large part of me that knew when the doctor called on Monday that it wouldn’t be what I wanted to hear.

And so I sat in my car in the driveway while my doctor confirmed that I do in fact have oral cancer.

*this is where we all take a break and have a manic laugh because seriously how is this my life?* My mom even said, “Amy, at this point people are going to think you’re making all this up. It’s too unreal.”

Apparently, I’m an anomaly as the odds for someone my age and lifestyle getting this type of cancer are 1 in 2 million or something ridiculous like that. In fact, when I met with my oncologist (I have an oncologist?! Wut?) his first words when he saw me were, “Wow, you’re young.” It’s funny because I argued, “I’m not *that* young.” And then I realized, he wasn’t talking about my age in relation to normal timelines, but my age in reference to having old lady cancer.

With humor in my voice, I said to the oncologist, “I hope you’re as good as I’ve heard because I’m leaving for England in a couple weeks.”

He looked me dead in the eye and shook his head no. Finally, he said, “You’re not going anywhere.”

I spent the next 5 minutes engaged in negotiations with him over treatment, which country I’d be living in, visa considerations, and remedies for my “absent” husband that I was supposed to get to see in a matter of weeks.

He stared at me in amusement and admitted this was the first time in his 18-year career that he’d been in this situation - a new cancer patient intent on leaving the country. In the end, he agreed if I promised to fly home every 4-6 months for a follow-up appointment then he would treat me.

When this post gets published, I’ll be getting a CT scan of my chest and neck (I’m writing this on Wednesday afternoon.) Then I’ll have surgery next Friday, the 10th to remove the cancer. As of now, I will NOT have to go through chemo or radiation. See? Just mini cancer. No big deal.

If you’re calculating the dates in your head, you’ll know that leaves me 3 days to recover and get on a plane for England, which means you’ve probably figured out that the Bad news of this post isn’t that I have cancer, but that I had to cancel my move to England. For now.

But, remember what I always say about silver linings? Mine comes in the form of a wonderful husband who will be on a plane this Sunday to spend the entire month of October with me while I go through this and recover.

We’re hoping things will be settled enough so I can go back with him at the end of October.

I debated putting this information out there, but in the end I decided I needed to share it here for reasons:

  1. Writing is my outlet
  2. Tumblr friends are awesome friends
  3. Feeling guilt over friends and family setting up GoFundMe to expedite the visa when I can’t even use it right now*
  4. Eventual suspicion about why I wasn’t in England when I said I’d be
  5. I’m terrible at asking for help and support and I pretend I can do it all on my own
  6. I’ve shared every major facet of my life on here, why not this?

So to recap:

  • Bad news: I have cancer.
  • Good news: Phil will be here Sunday for a month!
  • Bad news: my insurance sucks. CT scan will cost $500 alone. Do not want to think about actual surgery & hospital stay costs…
  • Good news: my cancer is extremely curable.
  • Bad news: I’ll be on a liquid diet.
  • Good news: But I’ll lose weight! (Too soon?)
  • Bad news: I had to cancel my trip to England.
  • Good news: I’m getting healthy so I can live in England cancer free.
  • Good news: I’ll be here for Halloween & my sister’s party!

Bad news: 4; Good news: 5 - HA, I win!

Thank you, if you have read this, aka the longest post ever documented on tumblr. I’m grateful for all of you - your abilities to pray, send well wishes, make me laugh and for giving me a stellar community I can reach out too.

All my love xx

*There was my blessing. My original moving date was October 2nd. Had the visa arrived when it was supposed to (Thanks, UPS!) I would be getting on a plane TODAY with cancer and headed to a country that would give me the side eye when I lumbered up to the NHS and said, “I’m here! What can you do for me?” Awkward international relations, anyone?

Please note: If we’re friends on Facebook, please keep the comments vague as I’m not broadcasting it on there. Tumblr will allow me to feel normal, Facebook “friends” will not. I’m exhausted just thinking about the “How are you feeling today, Amy?” posts to my wall… I just can’t.


Ey Up Mi Ducks!

Now I know y'all love my absurdly long winded and often pointless waffling on here but I once again find myself with a huge backlog of beery stuff wot I ain’t got the time to put into words an’ such. So I’ll just dump some of it here for you to gaze at all starry eyed and wistful, like. Captions are once again on offer for the more masochistic amongst you. So most of you then. 

Seeing as my Tumblr posts take such a mind bogglingly long time to write and delete and write again and delete again and write again I’ve decided that I’ll supplement those sporadic word bombs with more stripped back posts, kinda like the ones my deliciously sexyfull Instagram chums put up with. Starting tomorrow. Woohoo!

So I actually waffled over posting this for a day because of what it’s discussing, and that stuff like this can seem pretty dicey. But at the same time, I kept noticing it, and I felt like it needed to be said. It’s very long because I come from DWRP, where you’re expected to show evidence and explain your point, so I still do that here because habits die hard :V

I’m not going to tag this because ahahahaha WOW I don’t..really want arguments about this. Like, at all? I’m fine if people disagree, but this is something I noticed so. Let’s get into it. 

What is this about? Well, in a sentence….

This Is how I believe Ichigo has ADHD, and how his RSD (rejection sensitive dysphoria) caused IR shippers to latch onto something that wasn’t inherently romantic but actually just a symptom of ADHD in of itself.

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Belgians had the perfect response to Donald Trump calling Brussels a 'hellhole'

Never one to miss the opportunity to insult a large group of people, Donald Trump called the Belgian capital of Brussels a “hellhole” while speaking with Fox Business Network, The New York Times reports

“You go to Brussels — I was in Brussels a long time ago, 20 years ago, so beautiful, everything is so beautiful — it’s like living in a hellhole right now,” Donald Trump told anchorwoman Maria Bartiromo.

Trump’s comments sparked the hashtag #hellhole, with Belgians posting photos of the capital’s central square, the Grand Place, and, of course, some delicious snaps of fries, Belgian waffles, chocolates, and beer.

When asked to comment, the office of Mayor Yvan Mayeur of Brussels told the Times, "We don’t react to Mr. Trump’s comments. Have a nice day.”

TW Consent, Sex, My Actions.

Edit: This was written with the attempt to educate and looked over by survivors and the partner mentioned in the most intense section, but it should be clear that this is still the POV of the author and not a survivor story - and those stories should be prioritized. For a well written and powerful survivor story of the sort mentioned near the bottom of the post, please read We Don’t Have To Do Anything.

I want to address consent personally and specifically I want to talk about the wrong things I’ve done, not the abuse that has happened to me. I think this is important.

I think I understand where a lot of the apologist posts, the waffling posts, the derailing posts come from in threads about abuse, harassment, rape. I think a fair amount of it does come from fear. There is a fear that in a culture of people being called out, of victims fighting for transparency, there will come a time that you will be accused of rape or violating someone’s consent. And perhaps this is true. Perhaps the probability over time that every person raised to be masculine will be accused of violating someone’s consent becomes 100%. 

What will you do when that happens? How will you respond? Will your first response be to deny it or will it be to ask what happened and learn? 

I think that by men (perhaps people in general) there is almost always a time lines are crossed, boundaries transgressed. As society becomes more likely to talk about those boundaries, for people to push back, it’s more likely you will learn you’ve crossed one. I think that learning is overwhelmingly a good thing, but we’re in a period where people are mostly learning from mistakes - there’s very little structured education. Most people’s parents hardly talk to them about STIs let alone consent.

I’m going to talk about where I’ve gone wrong. I’ll avoid specific names and details out of respect for the other people in my life.

About 14 years ago now I was in my first relationship. I’d only kissed one person before this and I feel it’s safe to say I knew just about nothing. My girlfriend and I had gone below the belt a few times and I felt it was in limits, but one time she didn’t feel like it and indicated so. A little bit later that afternoon I pantsed her - I thought of it as joking around. We did a fair amount of wrestling about in general and I thought she would find it funny. She didn’t. I didn’t understand why not - I wasn’t far from the age where stuff like that would be common among my guy friends. It was embarrassing maybe, I thought, but certainly not a big deal. I was wrong.

It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks, it was a big deal to her.

She brushed it off at the moment, maybe not knowing how to express feeling violated or why she felt that way, but she later told me she felt like she’d been raped. I was extremely worked up about this, being very sensitive in general and reacted badly. I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t want to touch me anymore and when we broke up I told myself it was because of another person she liked and not my own actions. Seeing stuff between us, we were called into the guidance counselor one day and she said she hadn’t actually been raped and didn’t believe she had, which placated my guilt and I then went years feeling like she’d done me wrong by telling me that I’d hurt her when “I didn’t do anything.” I was wrong. 

People set their own boundaries. Not me, not you, not any outside force. 

Years later, at the start of what would end up being a much longer relationship, I was just entering around the same stage of intimacy. I was extremely inebriated. My partner later told me that they’d asked me not to go down on them, had said no, but I had anyway. They didn’t push it further at the time since they decided to go with it, but were upset afterwards, and needed to talk to me about it. My initial response was “But you kept going, right? Wouldn’t I have known if I’d done wrong?”. This is a common reaction and it’s absolutely flawed thinking. 

My memory of the event is terrible - but let me make this clear, I absolutely believe them. I trust them a lot. What I don’t trust is myself. As much as I don’t intend to be a bad person, in a situation like that my actions are my responsibility, drugs, alcohol, whatever aside. This instance (along with some embarrassing but not quite terrible ones and some health issues) contributed to me spending most of my time sober now, especially when I don’t know people well. 

Even closer to today, I was fooling around with someone and we took pictures. We were members of a group that shared pictures like that and I thought they had understood we were taking them for this reason. I hadn’t gotten explicit consent to share them, just to take them. They were understandably upset, asked me to take them down. Again, I learned. 

I’ve learned that not only are my partners more comfortable when I make more efforts to communicate, I am too. Clear consent can remove a lot of anxiety from situations. 

In all of these instances I’ve been overwhelmingly lucky to be with partners who not only expressed to me what I had done wrong, where I had transgressed, but even patiently explained to me the idea of consent, how consent doesn’t just mean ‘no means no’ or come into play with what people consider ‘rape’ in the sense of a stranger with a knife. How even people close to you can hurt you and people often continue relationships with those who have, forgive them, and get better. These are the instances I’ve been able to know - not a comprehensive list of every time I may have made someone uncomfortable or pushed too far. I couldn’t possibly know that.

I think about what it might be like if one of these people publicly called me out. How it would be correct to respond. I can’t say I really know. Would I deserve the lash that comes with such callings out? It would hurt a lot, but for the role I play in this culture and considering the other privileges I’ve gotten along with presenting as male, I don’t feel like feeling sorry for myself is one of the correct responses. My response is always to strive to be better and to share things I’ve learned so other people can avoid my mistakes. So they can avoid hurting the people they care about. 

I don’t think I’m a monster and I don’t often tell myself I’m a good person either. Actually, it’s something I’ve been working on, not being too hard on myself. But I think things like this are places I absolutely should be hard on myself, should consider carefully. 

If carefully considering your actions while being sexual sounds hard, perhaps it’s because treating people right takes work. Real work. This doesn’t mean don’t have casual sex, don’t get into situations where you’re comfortable being nonverbal, it just means think about it. Develop patterns and habits that help make consent clear and all parties comfortable. 

If you find yourself in a place where you really are freaking out “What if she doesn’t remember this? I can’t tell how drunk she is.” then maybe don’t do it right then. If you’re thinking “What if this person lies about this later” maybe just ask - “Hey, I just want to make sure you’re completely comfortable - are you down to do this?” I honestly think communication drastically lowers the chances of things going wrong. 

If you’re scared of being falsely accused of rape, or scared of something being ‘blown out of proportion’ when it wasn’t ‘really a big deal’ or it seemed like it wasn’t to your partner at the time, I can understand that. What I’m hoping, really begging, of society at large, is that people will also understand the fear that comes from people who are on the other side of such actions. 

Maybe be scared more not that you will be accused of something but that you will actually do it. 

Maybe you have done it and will only realize it later by reading a similar account from the other perspective. Hopefully you can learn from that.

Post 2x05 Abby Griffin Meta

Let’s talk about Abby Griffin. At length. And with lots of feelings and parallels and waffle about character development. 

Lots of meta under the cut. (I do mean lots) 

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Hello friends!!!
Sorry for the fact of this possibly long post, but my family have suddenly got into some srs money issues and due to this, i have decided to sell a lot of my things to get some money to help out my family through this time 
So, therefore, if you interested in Pierce The Veil and this crewneck;

I am selling it! On the label it says it’s a small and i’d say it would fit both sizes 6/8 UK!!~
If you are interested, please send me an ask and we will talk about the price and other details there, I am prepared to ship all over although shipping prices may come into consideration also!
Thank you all for your time~

As people who have spent time on my blog and followed me know, I strive to keep my blog as happy and fun a place as humanly possible.

I deliberately refrain from posting wank, I don’t shitpost, I tag my trigger warnings appropriately and almost every day I post a positive and encouraging Message of the Day to you.  My happy tag is pages long and constantly being added to.

More than anything in this fandom, more than loving Sherlock, more than my ships, more than all of it, my primary focus is to bring joy and light to people’s lives whenever I can and to help in the ways I best know how.

If you are feeling alone, I am here.

If you are scared, I am here.

If you feel depressed and hopeless, I am here.

Even if you are not feeling any of these things and you just want to say hi, to share a head canon, tell me about your day or just say “I’m doing great”, I am here always.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about people’s blogs being a “safehouse blog”, so yes, consider this my official declaration that here, now and as it has ever been, I am a “safehouse blog” and you are welcome here.

I love every single one of you and want you to be happy and I will do whatever I can to ensure that you are.

Frannie’s end of 2015 follow forever or at least for a long time!

I’m too lazy to make a header. No bolds or italics because I love you all. So yeah. This looks kind of boring and unimpressive. ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m very sorry if I missed you, I was struggling to make this before midnight!

A - K

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I´ve already stated this a few times but maybe some of you didn´t see it.

Just to warn you (again), since this 2 year Sherlock hiatus is rather long and I don´t want to reblog the same edit 5 times a day just because there are not enough posts left to keep up my standard, I have decided to blog about a few other fandoms.

Sherlock will always be the focus though, it´s still the best show out there and it will always be.

Those other fandoms are: Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter (plus the cast of those 3).

If you don´t wanna see this blacklist the following: dw, got, hp

Sherlock is still my main fandom though, all my icons, URLS, blog pictures and whatnot will be from this incredible show. Because I adore it far too much to let a super long hiatus destroy my love for it.

Thank you for your attention.

Tag thingy

I got tagged by @kawaii-miunicorn a longer time ago, but I kinda didn’t had the power to do it. I just want to disatract me at the moment a bit

General Info
Name: Kim
Nickname: Kimmie, L, Traffy, Kira, Mink and some others too
Sexuality: I’m queer and that’s it. Not going in detail
Height: 1.78m
Star sign: aquarius
Hair colour: brown
Relationship status: complicated…..
Pets: none
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Lucky Number(s): -

Favourite Things
- Colours: black, red, some shades of green 
- Food: bananas, waffles, crepe and cakes
- Sweets: nearly everything
- Family Member: my parents and two older brothers
- Bird & Animal: cats, dogs, jellyfishes and many more!
- Season: winter and autumn
- Fruit: bananas
- Flower: cherry blossoms(want to get a tattoo of them) and roses
- Hobby: listening to music, being on tumblr, reading and just being trash
- Place: nature, somewhere calm where I can relax
- Emoji: don’t really have one
- Celebreties:  Son Ga In, Synyster Gates and… Idk I never really think about favorite celebs
- TV show(s): Game of Thrones, Vikings, Supernatural, Marco Polo,NANA, One Piece, Paradise Kiss and so much more!  
- Movie(s): Th Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Memoirs of a Geisha, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beats and where to find them, Howls Moving Castle and some others too, but those movies make me the happiest
- Characters: Trafalgar Law, Corazon, Bepo, Victor Nikiforov, Nana Osaki, L Lawliet, Mink(DMMD), Kakashi, Shikamaru, Daryl(TWD), Mugen(Samurai Champloo)

I tag everyone who wants to do it! I’m really bad at tagging people I’m sry♥