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Sorry but I really don’t want this ship to sail canonically…


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started with a ride along; baron corbin fanfiction

SUMMARIZED: I know, I know I need to stop. Credit for the o riginal idea goes to @maryskahadeondawwe tho. My sleepless brain took it and ran. Too fa r. And the first part of this thing a maboober here is what happened. THere miiiight be a few more parts after this one and the second one I intend to write, later when my ass has go tten sleep, because god damn it I’m going to sleep tonight. Anyway, this.. This is another A/B / O thing.. And it’s about watching an Alpha and an Omega basically squirm / be awkward with each other. I thiiiiink I might have Baron be more accepting/gentle sooner rather than later just because I waaaant and neeeeed that in my life. The second part I know will have more Ride Along hijinks. And possibly Baron and my OC having to room together. Because ya know.. Tension.

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