i waaaant these

xxtheaufactoryxx  asked:

Draw a smol Fennie child holding a flag and waving it and the flag says: Team Fara~ And Ara and Friday look embarrassed if that's not too much trouble ^__^'

ThERe we go- This took me longer than it should have but that’s only bc I was tryna make it look niCE

I drew a smol, older Fennie boiii-

and pppf, ara is a confused child, he can’t read it mAN

anonymous asked:

Do you plan on doing any watercolour streams? Also can you offer any tips/tutorials for watercolouring?

oh man, I can’t tell you how much I waaaant to livestream traditionally. It’s like, a life goal of mine, no joke. But unless I can get the equipment and get over my distaste for drawing flat on a table, it probably won’t be happening any time soon :/

As for watercoloring tips, I don’t know many! I was never taught how to watercolor, I just had a set lying around and pulled it out one day. Although I guess I can say:

  • don’t draw your pencil lines/sketch super dark bc you won’t be able to erase them afterward.
  • maintain a level of patience and readiness. Watercolor dries pretty fast, so if you’re trying to do a huge space with one color (which I cannot do, goddamn), be prepared to paint quickly.
  • don’t go over the same area multiple times. You’ll either muddy up that area or rip/dissolve the paper.
  • paint in washes/layers. ESPECIALLY WITH WATERCOLOR, you gotta plan ahead. You don’t need a planner or a list, but just consider the end product and draw accordingly. If you go too dark too early, it’ll be near impossible to salvage the area unless you make some spontaneous decisions.
  • clean your brush FREQUENTLY and PROPERLY, and be mindful of muddying your colors
  • paper towels are literally your best friend
  • test your colors on your palette/on a scratch sheet before painting with them, I promise you it’ll save your life

good luck anon!

exosdancingqueen  asked:

You're gonna make dinneeeer?? I waaaant. I'm eating early dinner rn (aka a lollipop)

@exosdancingqueen thats not dinner! 😡 also I made it yesterday but I’m having it again today lol. It’s pasta don’t tell my make believe trainer 😖. I didn’t have a big lunch so I have a lot of calories left so I was like why not just go big or go home. Plus I’m gonna go to the gym tonight so I keep telling myself it’s ok to eat all these carbs 😩(im gonna have lots of regrets)


I got the opportunity to be a colorist in a huge animation project with a fellow artist of FA, To color characters and maybe some background pieces or something,

I waaaant to…But then theres where the self doubt kicks in. 

Mine will probably look like shit compared to others….And Id hate to be the one to fuck up someone elses project…ugh… 

I have so much shit I want to learn and work on, like colors and shading and lines and just….Blah. 

I wish I had classes to go to or watch and learn more but…Meh.. 

This self doubt is killing me…..


300++ Followers Gift !!! :D 

Here’s my little gift for my all lovely followers ! :D thank you so much for following me :) 

I do some recolor for @maximss​ tapestries and thenumberswoman rug mesh (sorry for the lazy preview) . You will get 100++ swatches for each rug and tapestries. Before you download my recolor you need to download the mesh : 

  1. rug mesh : HERE
  2. Tapestries mesh : HERE

And you can download my recolor : 

  1. rug : HERE
  2. Tapestries : HERE


if you used my recolor please tag me because i really waaaant to see it :)


Credits : @maximss (wall decor, guitar and mesh) , @mio-sims (plant, books and table) , @lindseyxsims (album and horse statue), @msteaqueen (living chair), @thenumberwoman (rug mesh)