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Whenever you need me, I promise I will be there. I promise to love you unconditionally even on your darkest of days. I promise to stand by your side and support you with your choices. I promise I will be your shoulder to cry on and I promise to be here with open arms when you need someone to hold you. I promise to tell you the truth always, even when it might not be what you want to hear. I promise I will stay forever loyal to you, and I promise I will do everything in my power to make you happy. I am not the person who is going to break your heart, I’m going to fix it.
—  I promise

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Things from this episode I remember with perfect clarity:

- The Evil Queen’s epic solo

- “I’d rather gouge my own eyes out with a rusty fork”

- Zelena aggressively expressing her happiness with some extra gleeful Munchkin bullying (and sounding fantastic!)

- Queenie’s face when the Charmings sang at her

- a surprising appearance by baby Neal who I thought was forever forgotten or perhaps erased by another memory spell

- Blue being her usual shady self

- Regina and Zelena being beautiful and perfect during Happy Beginnings and then proceeding to exit together with Henry as the cutest little family unit

Things from this episode I don’t remember:

- a single word of the wedding vows

alternative title : the case for joseph kavinsky’s life and death mattering to ronan lynch (which has nothing to do with the gray man, because, spoiler alert : he is irrelevant to this discussion.)

“the gray man murdered ronan’s dad and everyone accepts the fact that ronan (rightfully) fucking hates his guts / kavinsky kidnapped and threatened to murder ronan’s little brother, the person ronan cares about above all other and people don’t understand why ronan isn’t mourning him” 

such wrote a tumblr user, priding themselves on not being one of those kavinsky-friendly bloggers.

is that comparison relevant, though, asks tumblr user rrronanlynch, a terrible no-good kavinsky-loving blogger ? why are there people who are defensive of joseph kavinsky, but not so much of the gray man ? today, we find out ! with help from #1 new york times best-selling author maggie stiefvater’s the dream thieves, and, to a lesser extent, blue lily lily blue and the raven boys.

what exactly are the similarities between the gray man and joseph kavinsky ? here, have bullet points :

  • the gray man killed ronan lynch’s father, in a particularly gruesome way, and purposefully so, because he was told to do so, and killing people is his job. he kills people for a living. he has killed people.
    joseph kavinsky
    kidnapped, drugged, stuffed in a car’s trunk and threatened to kill ronan lynch’s little brother matthew, because he somehow thought this would be a good way to get ronan lynch’s attention. it is also probable that he killed his father and is responsible for one of his friends’ death.
  • both the gray man and joseph kavinsky have shitty backstories, although we have more details about the gray man’s than joseph kavinsky’s, due to the fact that joseph kavinsky didn’t get pov chapters and is known to be a liar.
  • the gray man willingly chose to earn his living killing people.
    joseph kavinsky willingly chose to be a terrible person.
  • the gray man did not kidnap ronan lynch to bring him to his employer, and then lured his employer’s other employees out of town, in order to help that same ronan lynch.
    joseph kavinsky saved ronan lynch by killing one of his night horrors.

but are there differences between the gray man and joseph kavinsky ? yes, in fact, there are a few :

  • the gray man is a grown man, an adult, not a teenager.
    joseph kavinsky is not an adult, 17, a teenager.
  • the gray man is not a drug addict.
    joseph kavinsky is a drug addict.
  • the gray man is a complete stranger to everyone.
    joseph kavinsky is a “fellow aglionby student”, someone ronan lynch is already familiar with in the raven boys (chapter 12, [“Lynch !” the call came again. “I’m going to fuck you up !” […] “Was that Kavinsky ? Don’t tell me you’ve been racing again.” “Don’t ask me, then.”]) and with whom he spends quite a lot of time during the dream thieves.
  • the gray man, who originally came to henrietta to find and steal the greywaren for his employer, draws the line at kidnapping kids to hand them over to said employer who would then do heaven knows what (vivisection maybe) to them and decides to help the main characters.
    joseph kavinsky kills himself / lets himself die at the end of the dream thieves.

but isn’t another huge difference the way these two characters are treated by everyone else in the books ? well observed, indeed :

have a book quote about the gray man :

The Gray Man said, “He told me to kill your father as messily as I could and leave the body where your older brother would find it. So that he would confess to where the Greywaren was.”
For one moment, Ronan didn’t move. It took him that long to realize that the Gray Man was saying he had killed Niall Lynch. Ronan’s mind went perfectly blank. Then he did what had to be done : he hurled himself at the Gray Man.
“I think this is justified,” Gansey replied.
Voice muffled by the tile pressed against his cheek, Ronan said, “No matter how much you do for me, I’ll never forgive you.”

and indeed ronan lynch does not forgive the gray man.
yet in blue lily, lily blue, his friends, and blue’s extended family, have no problem whatsoever being around, even friendly, with the gray man, who, we remember, killed ronan lynch’s father, and beat up ronan lynch’s older brother, although ronan lynch himself doesn’t care about that. these people are very forgiving. also, ronan lynch may not forgive, but hangs around the gray man all the same. the gray man lives to have a blossoming love story with maura sargent and help in the quest to bring her back. it’s very nice.

have two book quotes about joseph kavinsky :

Gansey said : “The only thing that gives me any joy is imagining the used car dealership he’ll be working in by the time he’s thirty.”

[Gansey :] “You know the difference between us and Kavinsky ? We matter.”

then, as we know, joseph kavinsky commits suicide by fire dragon. in blue lily, lily blue, he is only mentioned as gansey refers to his death, to which adam is utterly indifferent, and we vaguely remember his existence when the gray man is given a white mitsubishi (the one joseph kavinsky did not leave for it to sit while ronan lynch blew richard gansey iii.) it does not seem that ronan lynch cares much about all this either.

but, tumblr user rrronanlynch, why do some people think ronan lynch mourned / should have mourned joseph kavinsky ? (there is after all about a month and a half between the dream thieves and blue lily, lily blue, and no textual evidence, i believe, against ronan lynch having indeed had thoughts about joseph kavinsky’s passing in that period of time.)

what a good question ! but first i’ll say, we are not going to say here that ronan should have forgiven joseph kavinsky, this is not the point. and now, let me give you book quotes.

“Try to keep up, Lynch,” Kavinsky said. He withdrew into the car, and for a moment, Ronan was worried that he was leaving. Kavinsky was no ally, but he was human, and he was alive, and he had just saved Ronan’s life, and that was something.

and then we have the break-up scene, about which one could alternatively argue that (a) ronan lynch is the most oblivious book character of all time, or, (b) ronan lynch was very harsh in rejecting joseph kavinsky unequivocally now that joseph kavinsky had helped him do what he wanted to do. tumblr user rrronanlynch would say that ronan lynch was a dick in this instance, which is not unusual for ronan lynch.
[i wish i didn’t have to do this and could count on people’s good faith, but here i insert a disclaimer : ronan lynch didn’t owe joseph kavinsky feelings. ronan lynch’s dickishness doesn’t excuse joseph kavinsky’s actions. this is obvious.]

He rolled down the window. “I’m going.”
For a moment, Kavinsky’s face was perfectly blank, and then Kavinsky flicked back on to it. He said, “You’re shitting me.”
“I’ll send flowers.” Ronan revved the engine.
Kavinsky threw up a hand like he was going to hit something, but there was nothing but air. “You are shitting me.”
“I never lie,” Ronan said. He frowned disbelievingly. This felt like a more bizarre scenario than anything that had happened to this point. “Wait. You thought — it was never gonna be you and me. Is that what you thought ?”
Kavinsky’s expression was scorched. “There’s only with me or against me.”
Which was ludicrous. It has always been Ronan against Kavinsky. There was never any possibility of with. “It was never going to be you and me.”
“I will burn you down,” Kavinsky said.

later on, at the 4th of july party,

“He’s dreaming,” Ronan said. “Who knows what he’s gone to get. Nothing good. Shit, Kavinsky !”
“Can we stop him ?” Gansey asked.
“Only if you kill him,” Ronan replied.

“What’s here, K ? Nothing ! No one !”
“Just us.”
There was a heavy understanding in that statement, amplified by the dream. I know what you are, Kavinsky had said.
“It’s not enough,” Ronan replied.

Gansey shouted, “Do something !
Ronan could kill Kavinsky. If he stopped Kavinsky, the dragon stopped. But it was one thing to know this solution. It was a very different thing to look at Kavinsky, his arms stretched over his head, and think : I could kill him.
And most important, it wasn’t true.

and now please give your undivided attention to this quote :

Ronan could smell the fire dragon, all carbon and sulphur.
Ronan dived for his brother. He dragged him away from the car. He shouted to Kavinsky, “Get down !”
But Kavinsky didn’t look away from the two creatures. He said, “The world’s a nightmare.”
Horror clawed its way up inside Ronan. It was precisely the feeling he’d had when he realized Kavinsky was going to blow up the Mitsubishi at the substance party.
Dust swirled up from the dragon’s wings;
Furious, Ronan shouted, “Come down, you bastard !”
Kavinsky didn’t answer.
There was that whoof he’d heard in the dream, that clap of wings against air. Like an explosion taking all the oxygen from a room.
Ronan wrapped his arms around Matthew and ducked his head.
A second later, the fire dragon exploded into Kavinsky. It went straight through him, flame around an object. Kavinsky fell. Not as if he was struck, though. Just like when he’d taken the green pill. He crumpled to his knees and then slumped gracelessly off the car.
Non mortem, somni fratrem.

did you see ronan lynch trying to get this desperate kid to save himself ? did you see ronan lynch horrified by what was happening before his eyes ? surely that should be something he would remember, and maybe think about every once in a while.

perhaps now you see how the gray man and joseph kavinsky have completely different relationships with ronan lynch and it therefore makes absolutely zero sense to compare them in that regard ! perhaps now you see why people don’t feel about joseph kavinsky the way they feel about the gray man ! perhaps you see that people are defensive about joseph kavinsky because not once is he treated in a decent way by anyone in the books, while everyone likes the gray man just fine ! that would be a-ma-zing.

Support for Agnes is Red’s Baby Theory

I wanted to create a single post where I could summarize many of the clues that Agnes is Red’s baby. Of course I don’t know what is going to happen for sure. But this theory is just as plausible if not more so than many of the other theories out there. So I am sticking with this theory until it’s proven incorrect.

1) Let’s start with the timeline. 

Agnes was due April 22 which means she was conceived around July 17th. Red and Lizzie went on the run on May 14th according to the newspaper the Director was reading. This eliminates Lizzie getting pregnant with Tom in the boat sex scene and probably eliminates Lizzie getting pregnant with Red in the shipping container scene assuming that scene happened in May.

So how long on the run were they? TBL has 4 different timelines:

  • Liz to Red in Episode 03 x 11 at his residence which was 1 week after she was exonerated (per Lizzie in earlier scene with Cooper): “I thought maybe after all we’ve been through the past three months that you might want to take a break. I mean, aren’t you exhausted?” So 3 months after May 14th is August 14th or so.  So Red was essentially the only guy around July 17th who could be father to Agnes in this scenario.
  • Per a preview of the upcoming release of the comics written by Nicole Philips - Red and blonde on-the-run Lizzie are looking at a Yule log at Christmas time which means they were on the run until at least December. So Red is the father to Agnes here too
  • Per the Arioch Cain episode the date of Lizzie’s “death” was October 29, 2015. Again Red is the only candidate as Agnes’s father in this scenario.
  • Per the scene in 03 x 10 where Red tells the team he put together to exonerate Elizabeth Keen, Red tells them that 5 weeks before he created a hostage situation to free Marvin Gerard. Assuming the Marvin Gerard episode took place in May, in this scenario the baby was conceived around the time of exoneration so the father would be either Red or Tom. The one is the really messed up timeline compared to all the others.

Which one of these timelines do I believe? Well the reference made by Lizzie in Episode 03 x 11 is the most recent reference to a timeline so I would tend to believe that one. The one in the comics occurs in the past, and the Arioch Cain Episode and the one referenced by Red are earlier episodes. But in 3 out of these 4 timelines Red is the only real candidate to be the father of Agnes. Still I think The Blacklist is trying to confuse folks in order to keep their true plans under wraps.

2) Jon Bokenkamp would not commit to Tom being the father in this statement to Entertainment Weekly:

Is it safe to assume that this is Tom Keen’s baby?
I don’t think it’s safe to assume that. I think it’s good to anticipate that. She and Tom did have an evening together on a boat last season. The timing of that evening may add up to the exact math of where we are today. Tom is the likely suspect, yes.

And by the way Jon, the math of the boat sex does not add up as the date of conception after all.

3) Red’s “I assume Tom is the father” comment to Lizzie

Why would Red ask her that unless he had an idea that Tom wasn’t the father? Red has Lizzie monitored 24/7 so he knows who she sleeps with and that Lizzie is not one to sleep around. So if Red knew Lizzie only slept with Tom he could have said something like “Does Tom know”? But he didn’t. And Red asked her the question in a way of assuming Tom was the father as a protective device - assume the negative and you won’t get hurt.  It also gives her an out as discussed in point 4.

Anyway she had a strange response herself to Red’s question. Instead of a simple yes or no, she says “I haven’t told him”. This is very ambiguous because she never says what she hasn’t told Tom - she is pregnant and the baby is Tom’s, she loves Red, she likes chocolate, she had sex with Red - I mean what did she mean here? 

In addition, Red knew she was pregnant while spending all this time with her on the run. This again supports the theory that she got pregnant while on the run with him as we know the Tom boat sex thingy was too early in the process.

4) Lizzie’s moodiness and her running back to Tom

I think Lizzie knew or at least suspected the baby was Red’s. So she started feeling him out to see how he would react. She started by telling him she was pregnant (and BTW, she told Red before she told Tom). Maybe she was hoping for him to say something like that’s great, I am so happy right now. But instead he asked about Tom. So she was probably disappointed and hurt with his comment and then decided to agree it was Tom’s baby since he was apparently doing so too. Maybe Red felt their initial intimacy happened too early in their relationship and neither of them were ready for it yet (and I think Red knew Lizzie still had feelings for Tom that had to be resolved). Or that Red being the father would put the baby in danger, so he wanted to give her an out by asking the Tom question. And maybe he doesn’t know for sure if the father is him or Tom so he believes her. She did not mention how far along she was in this conversation.

In addition, Lizzie had stated what they had done so far was enough for her, but it wasn’t for Red. Red made it clear to Lizzie he can’t stop until he defeats the Cabal and it’s alliances. Again this is not what a woman having a baby would want to hear from the father of her child.

So Lizzie’s first priority is protecting the baby. She felt rejected and hurt by Red and still has feelings for Tom and remembers the “good husband” Tom. So as funny as it sounds, Tom seemed like the safest choice to be father of her baby. Red has enemies all over the place who recognize him on sight. So him being the father would put her baby in danger. So she is conflicted. I believe she does love Red (and finally realized it at the end and tried to tell him), but she felt rejected and confused by him and she decided Tom was the safest bet as father for her baby so she got all moody, hot and cold, and totally upset with Red about everything because of all this.

She also decided she needed to rush into the wedding with Tom. Even Tom questioned this. Perhaps she was afraid her true feelings for Red would surface soon and she wanted to prevent that in order to marry the “safe” choice?

5) The foreshadowing scenes during the wedding and the baby’s birth

During the wedding scene the camera was on Red and Lizzie (not Tom) during the large majority of the wedding vows scene. I did an entire blog on this HERE.

During the Lizzie giving birth scene, Red was shown while the song lyrics where saying “Having My Baby”. Not exclusively as in the wedding vows scene but enough to make you wonder if some foreshadowing was going on. And in the overall birthing scene Red and Lizzie were shown the most with Tom a secondary character.

6) Solomon swabbing Lizzie’s blood for DNA

When the car Tom was driving with Lizzie crashes some of Lizzie’s blood was left on the front seat. Solomon swabbed it up. Remember Lizzie had a placental abruption.  Isn’t it possible to test placental blood for the DNA of the father? Why else is Solomon taking a blood sample here? A child of Red and Lizzie would be very valuable to Red’s enemies.

7) Lizzie kicking Red out when he wanted to see the baby

This was a painful scene. I had never seen Lizzie this angry. She kicked Red out when he asked to see the baby.  Lizzie: “It’s not the drugs. This is MY daughter. I’m begging you.” This extreme anger towards Red made no sense unless she felt like she was protecting her child - no mention of Tom was made. Perhaps she thought that Red would see that Agnes looks like him? And the TPTB did pick a baby who looks like Red - fair haired unlike Lizzie and Tom, along with a cute eyebrow raise. And Red certainly got Agnes to calm down and smile at him in a hurry while Tom was struggling with everything to do with the baby.

8) Revelations in the Cape May episode - First Half

There were reveals all over the place in this episode. But most of them were not obvious. Daniel Knauf tweeted this out:

So in this episode, Red starts talking about Lizzie (The woman he loved) to Katarina (his hallucination, his subconscious): “She left behind a little girl, one last precious piece of herself. I would give anything to be a part of that child’s life. But a man made it clear that I would never see her, hold her, watch her grow. And I knew in that moment I would never be any part of that beautiful little girls life.“

Red speaks further about Tom - he could not kill him “because”…  Katarina finishes his sentence “He was her father.”  Red “And to harm him would be to harm her. A mortal sin. Her mother is gone. The father is what she has left in the world.” Katarina looking dreamily  “Her father”.  

Red never directly refers to Tom as Agnes’s father in the entire episode. Best he could do was say “the father” in general terms. Katarina repeats “Her Father” but looks dreamily distant when she says it. I think we are getting a big hint here that Red, not Tom is Agnes’s father. This is Red’s subconscious speaking - and underneath he believes he is Agnes’s father. And when he speaks about not harming the father, is he now talking about not harming himself (suicide is a mortal sin) because maybe he is the father of Agnes after all?  I think so.

9) Revelations in the Cape May episode - 2nd Half

Later Katarina questions Red on the child Lizzie left behind:  “What would you do if you knew… knew… that as long as you drew breath, as long as you continued to exist, her life would be in danger? She would be hunted, and she would be killed. What would you do?”  And Red turns it around and asks Katarina, “What would you do?” Because that is the choice he is now wrestling with Agnes - the same choice Katarina wrestled with Masha.

Katarina continues “My child is being raised by someone else. I am her mother and I am death to her. So this is what I am doing”. Again Katarina is really Red’s subconscious. So Red is thinking “My child is being raised by someone else.” And he is death to her. But in the end he realizes that suicide is not the answer and he needs to be there for Agnes.

10) Doctor talking to Tom about family history and genetics

The doctor was talking to Tom about family history and Tom did not know either Lizzie’s family history nor his family history. I am guessing the doctors would do some sort of genetic test on both Tom and Agnes to try to see if there is something in Tom’s history that may effect Agnes. And I believe they will find out that Tom is not the father after all. Again the writers are setting us up for this.

11) The “What is your Fantasy” revelation

I believe this was one of the keys scenes of the entire season. Red asks Lizzie what her fantasy is. And she says “It’s been the same thing for as long as I can remember. I’m walking in a park with my husband. In between us is our little girl. I’m holding her hand in mine and I never let go.” And you can see from Red’s reaction he is really affected by this. Did he have any idea then that she may be pregnant with his child?  I think this is foreshadowing in the extreme - between Red and Lizzie

12) Comments from the writers

First the “Insane” re-tweet from Brandon Sonnier below

And then The Blacklist Writers tweeted out a video on April 7th where Brandon Sonnier said that Twitter is going to explode at the end of this season. Yeah, it could be that Lizzie is really alive but at least 80% of fans already believe that. Or it could be a Red and Lizzie kiss in the last episode but many already suspect that Red and Lizzie love each other that way.  But a Red - Lizzie baby reveal would absolutely cause twitter to explode and would be insane, don’t you think?

So these are some of the clues I have put together. Feel free to add more clues to this post.

Source: iloveredmorethanever


When the two that share destiny part and reunite, beyond the frame of time, the ceased clock will awake and start to tick once again.

[for strawberryandmoon , happy birthday ♥]

Think... It's the New Sexy: The Trials of Mycroft Holmes

All right, I want some input on this.

Here’s the background info:

Mycroft has always had a problem, which is that he can’t kill Jim until he can round up all of Jim’s minions. Jim’s said “Help me play twisted games with your brother or I’ll kill him,” and Mycroft knows Jim actually can kill Sherlock and that he (Mycroft) can’t stop him:

Jim came to Mycroft and said “Help me play twisted games with your brother or I’ll kill him,” and Mycroft said no and expected to catch Jim when he tried. But Jim blew up the flat and Mycroft didn’t catch him, proving Jim’s perfectly capable and perfectly willing to carry out his threat. The next morning, Mycroft shows up with the Bruce Partington case and a willingness to fake a toothache.

Jim must have told Mycroft at some point that if he (Jim) dies or disappears, there are a multitude of people ready to make a hit on Sherlock. That’s how you blackmail people. So Mycroft can't get Jim until he’s also ready to get all of Jim’s people. But Jim knows this, so Mycroft can’t give Jim any hint of what he’s doing. Basically, Mycroft has to be able to roll up Jim and Jim’s whole organization at the same time. Even worse, Mycroft knows Jim has moles in the government:

There’s been a fair amount of speculation that this guy works for Jim. Regardless, there’s the police mole:

And a cabinet minister:

And Jim can get pretty much anyone on his team if he needs to:

JIM: … and every person has their pressure point; someone that they want to protect from harm.

Maybe Jim has people in Mycroft’s office and/or MI6 (probably), maybe he doesn’t, but the thing is: Mycroft doesn’t know for sure. He doesn’t know who he can trust, so he has to orchestrate this whole thing on his own.

Mycroft’s a clever guy, but it hasn’t been going well thus far: in HLV, he tried to play Jim using CAM using Sherlock, and it didn’t work. But now - finally, finally - Jim’s overplayed his hand and Mycroft knows it. John read the flash drive, came to Mycroft, and the two of them are working against Mary without telling Sherlock

The trouble is that Mycroft knows exactly who Mary is, but he probably can’t tell John because I don’t think Mycroft thinks John could continue lying to Mary well enough if John knew she was Moran. But Mycroft has to be using this situation to his advantage: Jim thinks he owns John, but he doesn’t.

But there are more problems: Jim can’t really trust Mary much at all anymore after she shot Sherlock (if he ever did). So it seems unlikely that Mary has any sensitive information on Jim that Mycroft needs (whatever that might be).

Mycroft has one other asset: Greg. But there’s a problem with that, too: there’s at least one mole in the police, so Greg is handicapped as well. Additionally, Mycroft probably hasn’t told Greg about the mole in the police because it would give away too much information about how much Mycroft knows.

It’s also possibly that Mycroft might attempt to buy out Janine, successfully or unsuccessfully.

Here’s the question:

Jim thinks he’s got his best (if trigger-happy and Sherlock-hating) assassin all cuddled up to Sherlock and John (well, Jim doesn’t think Sherlock trusts Mary, but he knows Sherlock’s hands are tied as long as Sherlock thinks John loves her), but Mycroft knows what’s actually happening is that he’s got a snarly ex-soldier who would do anything for Sherlock all cuddled up to Jim’s best assassin. Mycroft’s got to be using this somehow. Jim’s finally overplayed his hand. This is Mycroft’s chance. He’s got have a plan. 

What is it?

something occurred to me today so I decided to share

When I was 17 I fangirled over The V/ampire D/iaries and shipped De/lena so hard and now I’m 23 and horrified at my previous choices because D/amon is an incredibly abusive toxic person who literally won E/lena like some prize just for being only slightly decent sometimes and he kept being awful and depended on a girl to keep him in line and went batshit crazy SEVERAL TIMES when she rejected him and it’s the absolute opposite of a healthy relationship. THE THING IS, I only fully understood what a horrible ship De/lena was when I began shipping Clexa and Lexa showed me what actual supportive partner should be like.

What I’m saying is, Clexa taught me the difference between abuse and sexual tension and the difference between caring for each other vs controlling and manipulating each other and it actually helped me mend my own relationship and prompted me to make better choices and I was so incredibly happy with myself and my life and this is why we need healthy relationship portrayal in media instead of glorified abuse and emotional manipulation that’s mistaken for sexual tension like honey if a person is looking at you with a ‘smoldering gaze’ as you argue chances are they aren’t hot for you they’re actively planning on cutting you up and control your every choice to assert their dominance over you and I just wish young teen girls like I was once would recognize that ugh

I feel so bad for my lack of art, so have a guilt-stricken Sans.