i vow to these blogs

Whenever you need me, I promise I will be there. I promise to love you unconditionally even on your darkest of days. I promise to stand by your side and support you with your choices. I promise I will be your shoulder to cry on and I promise to be here with open arms when you need someone to hold you. I promise to tell you the truth always, even when it might not be what you want to hear. I promise I will stay forever loyal to you, and I promise I will do everything in my power to make you happy. I am not the person who is going to break your heart, I’m going to fix it.
—  I promise

When the two that share destiny part and reunite, beyond the frame of time, the ceased clock will awake and start to tick once again.

[for strawberryandmoon , happy birthday ♥]

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Im really depressed about the spoilers... got any pick-me-ups so i feel better before tonight's new episode?

ahhh nonnie, I’m so sorry I am only just replying to this. I have only just come on as have been at work. *god damn it* and have just got caught up with the ep. (so bitter about not being able to watch live)

I’m sure tonights ep has picked you up no end, it was amazingly beautiful wasn’t it? Soo many amazing moments that I am just starting to re-blog. The vows were so true to them, so beautiful. And we had Rob drink from the welly AND a first dance♥

Dont worry too much about the spoilers tho hunny, they over-egg them at times and yes it will be heartbreaking to watch and yes we are all probably going to be a mess. But I do think there will be unexpected things happen (there always is) But you know what, we are in it together! We will get through the tough times, support one another in the fandom and cheer eachother up when we need it. And we will always have tonight to look back on, to return to in darker times. I’m always here should you need a wave of positivity or just cheeriness :) Hopefully you will feel better about everything now, come back and let me know :) ♥

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something occurred to me today so I decided to share

When I was 17 I fangirled over The V/ampire D/iaries and shipped De/lena so hard and now I’m 23 and horrified at my previous choices because D/amon is an incredibly abusive toxic person who literally won E/lena like some prize just for being only slightly decent sometimes and he kept being awful and depended on a girl to keep him in line and went batshit crazy SEVERAL TIMES when she rejected him and it’s the absolute opposite of a healthy relationship. THE THING IS, I only fully understood what a horrible ship De/lena was when I began shipping Clexa and Lexa showed me what actual supportive partner should be like.

What I’m saying is, Clexa taught me the difference between abuse and sexual tension and the difference between caring for each other vs controlling and manipulating each other and it actually helped me mend my own relationship and prompted me to make better choices and I was so incredibly happy with myself and my life and this is why we need healthy relationship portrayal in media instead of glorified abuse and emotional manipulation that’s mistaken for sexual tension like honey if a person is looking at you with a ‘smoldering gaze’ as you argue chances are they aren’t hot for you they’re actively planning on cutting you up and control your every choice to assert their dominance over you and I just wish young teen girls like I was once would recognize that ugh

I feel so bad for my lack of art, so have a guilt-stricken Sans.

in my mind i say “im taking a vow of drama free blogging today” but in my heart i know im gonna be all “i just think it’s funny how…. :)” in two seconds basically im a human mess thanks

Exam interlude

I vow this blog WILL change after my exams. I have been consuming sooo many amazing POC and feminist podcasts that have really inspired me to do better.

AND helping out at the TEDx event at my university has exposed me to some absolutely amazing female role models that have inspired me to make a change.

Podcast list:

  1. For Coloured Nerds
  2. Another Round
  3. Two Brown Girls
  4. The Read
  5. Throwing Shade
  6. Pushing Hoops With Sticks
  7. Last Name Basis
  8. Black Girls Talking