i voted saxon

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So there was an ask about somebody having no friends who ship Thoschei. I have a story, idk if it will make you laugh but I was wearing my Vote Saxon shirt one day and one person at my school said “Oh you watch Doctor Who?” She was the first person I had met who had watched the show. And I replied “Yeah, The Master's my favorite character.” And she said “Remember when Missy kissed the doctor?” I said “YEAH, I WAS LIKE-” And then, simultaneously, I squealed in joy and she made a disgusted face.

that’s ALMOST THE SAME STORY how I met @coffeesyndrome a few years ago, but we both loved the Master/Doctor ship so I found an amazing friend. Never stop trying dear! :D 
I’m sorry she reacted like that, but I’m sure you will find supportive people here and someday in real life as well <3