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“I know your work is important, but you’re going to end up in hospital if you go on like this!”

Worried Starters || ⚜Accepting

Nara is slumped over her desk when Alice finds her, sunken eyes that once were staring at ledgers were now burning holes into the charismatic dancer. 

“Are you insinuating that I’m weak? That I can’t handle a hard day’s work?” As if to make a point, she stands, perhaps a bit too quickly. Luckily she has a hand on her desk to catch herself before she tumbles over onto the floor. Nara had been awake for nearly three days now, ensuring that Club Nylon’s paperwork was in order, while also conducting business as usual during the night. This was the most legally run illegal speakeasy in the underground. Well… All except for the name and functions of the business listed on the forms. Nara took it upon herself to show that her girls were making an honest living in the eyes of everyone on the surface. Her goal? To empower them and herself. It was one of the only ways Nara kept with the times.  

The near fall doesn’t go unnoticed, Alice’s brows furrowing further, giving Nara a look as if to say she was being ridiculous. Which she absolutely was. But she was too prideful and stubborn to admit it. “I’d think twice before you say anything else. That is, if you want to get paid this week.” An empty threat. But the words definitely had the ferocity behind them for it to seem like she was being truthful. This only makes Alice want to talk more however, words bubbling to the tip of her tongue. Nara couldn’t stay mad at her. At least she hadn’t been able to so far. And with how easy it was to throw her into a tizzy, how could she not?!