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I’m Here

Requested: Can you do an imagine where the reader (Y/N) is sick and Shawn comes over to take care of her? Thank you so much and if you choose now to do this one that’s completely fine! I love your imagines btw👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 LY❤️


You gather all your energy to sit up from the spot on the rug that you’ve been occupying for the last thirty minutes, you close the distance of two feet to the toilet and vomit into the toilet bowl, the disgusting aftertaste in your mouth, but you’re too weak to care enough to do anything about it.

You hear the front door shut, and you immediately realize you didn’t even shut the bathroom door. You’re not looking forward to one of your roommates seeing you like this, but at the same time, you don’t have the energy to get up to close the door.

Footsteps are coming closer, but they disappear into the bedroom. You breathe a sigh of relief. Now you have a little while to gather your energy to close the bathroom door. You’re about to attempt to stand when your boyfriend walks into the bathroom, “There you are,” He says, his voice full of concern.

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An Odd Sort of Meet-Cute - An Olicity AU ficlet

Author’s Note: This little thing came about thanks to this thread on twitter. And then some dialogue sprang to mind and I couldn’t NOT write this. I wish it were a little longer - maybe I’ll lengthen it or expand on it… who knows. But this was a fun little thing to write. Anyways… Enjoy.

“Say a man and a woman both need something to sleep in and both go to the same men’s pajama department. The man says to the salesman, ‘I just need bottoms,’ and the woman says, ‘I just need a top.’ They look at each other and that’s the ‘meet cute.'” - The Holiday

She just wanted a large coat. Something sensible. Something with lots of pockets that would be comfy for any possible scenario. And warm. God, she needed something warm. The coats she had bought recently weren’t shielding her from the Starling City winter chill in the least and it was time for a change. She knew she should shop somewhere more high-end, somewhere with fancy sections dedicated to one overpriced length of fabric that some might call a dress and condescending saleswomen with pinched faces and raised brows. But she couldn’t afford that. Not yet, she reminded herself.

So Felicity opened the door to a three level H&M and welcomed the ridiculous music and strange pattern combinations with a roll of her eyes. She went straight for the outerwear in the women’s section and turned away almost instantly. Brightly colored versions of all the same damn coats she already owned. Slim. Belted at the waist. Thin fabric. She could just hear her mother’s voice in her head.

“Oh, but you can layer things. You have such a lovely figure, Felicity. Don’t hide it!”

Felicity shook her head. “Not today,” she murmured as she went up the escalator to the second floor and was greeted by the men’s section. Muted tones. Lots of plaid. She perused the selection of jackets and coats, her impatience growing. She feared she’d never find the right cut, fabric or color. She feared she’d be stuck in her unsatisfying options all winter.

And then she saw it.

The perfect navy blue.

The perfect wide cut.

The perfect amount of pockets.

It was on a rather tall mannequin - taller than all of the others. And, from where she was standing and even at the odd angle, muscled as all hell. She walked over and eyed the collar as she reached up to feel the fabric. Perfect! she thought as she traced the line of the stitching down to a lovely polished button and…

The mannequin moved.

Just a shift in the shoulders and tap of the foot. But the mannequin moved.

She screamed, suddenly having flashbacks to that weird movie from the eighties her mother loved so much. Am I in the gender-bent version of that?

“Can I help you?” the mannequin asked, voice low and seductive, but etched with amusement.

She looked up into mesmerizing blue eyes. “Uh. No.” The words were there, begging to spill free - begging to overflow and scare the sexy mannequin away. And despite her proficiency in fighting the word vomit, the mannequin’s eyes were too much for her. The curve of his lips as he fought back a grin was enough to make her knees go weak. And the mole at the corner of his mouth looked delicious. “I am so sorry. You’re not a mannequin. You’re a man.” Then she let out a little huff of laughter. “Huh. Man-equin. Is that how they came up with that word?”

Her hand was still at his collar, fingers caressing the fabric. She let it fall and stepped away, cheeks flushing with hot embarrassment. She glanced away from the mannequin - the man - to find two people watching them, close and grinning. A large, Hulk of a man with biceps larger than her head. A young woman who bore striking facial similarities to the man she had just coat-fondled.

Felicity lifted her hand and waved awkwardly. “Sorry to interrupt,” she said as she stepped out of their little triangle of silence.

She ran down the escalator and pretended to merge with the racks of sequined dresses as her eyes scanned the store, in search for the mysterious man. When he didn’t appear, she rested her head on her hand where it held onto the rack and closed her eyes. “Relax, Smoak. This isn’t the weirdest thing you’ve ever done.”

“It isn’t?”

That voice again. Sultry and amused.

She looked up to find the man watching her, one brow raised in distinct interest. His companions were slightly behind him, watching. Felicity imagined that they had popcorn.

“Unfortunately, it isn’t.”

The man let out a little chuckle and stepped closer. “I’d like to hear about these other, weirder things.”

Her eyes widened. “You would?”

He nodded. “And perhaps we can discuss some sort of joint custody of my coat.”

She blushed once more. “Oh, no! I couldn’t. That’s not what I was doing. I mean, well, I was, but that was before I realized you were a man and the coat wasn’t for sale.”

The man shrugged. “We can negotiate.” Then he stuck out his hand. “I’m Oliver. Oliver Queen.”

With slight hesitation, she took his hand and shook. “Felicity Smoak.”

“How does coffee sound, Felicity?”

She raised a brow as their hands disconnected. Her eyes narrowed a bit as she studied his face. “Do you mean coffee like real coffee or coffee like Luke Cage offers coffee?”

The man behind Oliver let out a hearty laugh and covered his face. As he shook his head, she heard him speak between bursts of laughter. “This is the best thing I’ve heard all day.”

The young woman smiled and patted Oliver’s shoulder. “I think you’ve finally found someone as dorky and weird as you are. Well done, Ollie.”

Oliver glared at the young woman and then turned to face Felicity. “Real coffee,” he said with a wink as he began walking away, his coat so inviting and his presence the source of puzzlement. But she followed him anyway.

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I have literally been trying to make these little overalls for months! That sounds absolutely ridiculous but I wanted the little scrunched elastic part on them so bad and couldn’t figure out how to make them and finally I hit a breakthrough today! I seriously love them so much! I’ll try to finish them soon and maybe release them with a “Your computer is going to vomit from the high poly” warning. Ugh I seriously love that scrunched elastic effect but it’s going to be so hard to reduce the polycount and have it still look nice. 

Also those buttons are high poly as hell too. Why all the nice things gotta be so high poly. 

Pierced (Calum smut)

Summary: Your boyfriend pierces your clit and then you fuck (sometimes you gotta be blunt)

Pairing: Y/N x Tattoo Artist!Cal

Requested? Yuss, ‘tattooartist!cal smut where you get a clit piercing??’

Warnings: a piercing, edging, teasing, straight up smut

Word Count: 3k

A/N: Personally I don’t have any experience to do with clit piercings but I spent about an hour researching so I hope I’ve got all my information right! There’s sort of some teasing but after a while there’s some juicy smut so hang in there ;-)

Originally posted by 5secondsofcuteimagines

Masterlist | Have any feedback?

“You realise we won’t be able to have sex for up to four weeks, right?”

A nervous laugh escapes your lips as Calum’s hands smooth over the skin covering your upper thigh. “It’ll be worth it, though.” 

It’ll be worth it.

You’re hoping that if you repeat the words enough you’ll forget the fact that in a matter of minutes you’ll have a piercing in one of the most intimate places of your body. 

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A threatening kiss

You and Harry are arguing after pictures of him making out with a girl are published online. He claims he’s innocent, but fed up and hurt you make him sleep at a hotel for the night. 

Warning: Hints on mature content

This is a One Shot I have had saved in my drafts for a very long time now and since I haven’t posted in a while, I tried to go over it one more time and then publish it. Please pardon any mistakes, I finished it in one sitting. Thank you for reading and I hope you like it!

Gif is not mine, as I have never gotten this close to the beautiful human that is Harry Styles. 

His hair was a mess after having his ringed fingers furiously pulling on the newly short locks. Harry’s eyes were desperate and reflected his distraught emotions. After having argued for over two hours now, he felt like all hope I might believe his words was lost. He didn’t find it in him to blame me though, there was enough evidence to be held against him. I didn’t look much better myself as I had adapted Harry’s habit of stressed hair pulling. Additional to that came the redness on my cheeks and the stickiness the tears had left on them. My mind and heart raced as I stared at the man standing in front of me. He looked so strange to me now. 

I’d always expected something like this to happen, he was the famous Harry Styles after all. People loved him, wanted to be like or with him and as his girlfriend, I was aware that at some point, I’d be pulled into the mess as well. Some day, someone would try to jeopardize our relationship. However, I had always thought that should it happen, it wouldn’t be real. Maybe a PR stunt his management forced onto him without him knowing or something.
I had never believed that he would come home and tell me that the pictures of him pressed against and kissing a girl, who clearly wasn’t me, were real. The pink lips I was so familiar with had just been tasted by someone else and that was something I could not accept.

“Why can’t you just listen to me?” Harry cried, his voice breaking after being raised for too long.

“Because this is exactly what everyone warned me about when I first started going out with you!”

Sitting down on the couch I buried my face in my hands as I allowed more tears to fall. My entire body jerked as sobs wrecked through me and I shook my head in disbelief.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Harry asked, disappointment evident in his voice.

“It’s what you always do, right? You’re going out with one girl and once you’re sick of her you pick the next in line. I always figured that was a PR thing and that it wouldn’t happen once you were in a serious relationship, but I guess I was wrong.”

“Seriously, Y/N? You can’t just hold what I did before I was with you against me now, that would make you no better than all those damn magazines talking bullshit about me. And besides, that’s not what happened at all! This girl just came on to me!

"Yeah? Well maybe none of this would’ve happened if you’d told your precious fans about us! Maybe you wouldn’t have to fight girls off if they knew that you’re already with someone!”

I knew I was being unfair as we had actually gotten to an agreement on that topic already, but I continued anyway. “But you like that don’t you? That’s why you’re keeping me as your dirty, little secret at home! You love how every girl would throw herself at your feet and kiss them should you ask!”

He shook his head. Harry’s breathing was hectic and he looked as exhausted as I felt. His usually intimidating appearance was shadowed by the glossiness of his green eyes and the hollowness of his cheeks. I felt sick. I knew what my words did to him, but to finally have voiced my darkest fears felt like a weigh being lifted off my chest.

“Look, Harry, I think we’ve argued enough for tonight. I’m done.”

He stared at me silently before nodding. “Alright. We should just talk about it tomorrow.”

“No,” I breathed, repetitively clenching and unclenching my fists. “I’m done with this mess. I want- I need a break.”

Harry’s eyes followed my movements as I got up and brushed past him on my way to the kitchen. When my shoulder brushed against his arm I felt as if the contact burned my skin. The meal I had prepared before the yelling had begun was now a mess and littered all over. The pieces of his plate lay still shattered on the floor while my food rested untouched and I quickly decided that I would only clean the worst of it tonight and leave the rest for tomorrow.

“What are you saying? You- You’re breaking up with me?” Harry’s voice sounded small from behind me and my heart broke at the noise.

It was the complete opposite from how he had spoken to me only minutes ago, all quiet and uncertain. I sighed and leaned against the sink.
I knew Harry loved me and god knows I loved him more than anything else, but I couldn’t deny the pain I felt when I first saw the pictures. The disappointment cursing through my veins when he confirmed that they were real. The taste of vomit made its way up my throat by the mere thought of his lips pressed to hers. His hands touched the skin of her waist, the tight crop-top exposing more than I ever wore out of the house, as her own hands fisted in his hair. And no matter how much he swore his faithfulness and devotion to me, he didn’t feel like mine anymore.

“I’ll stay at a hotel for the night.”

Within three strides he reached me and turned me to face him with gentle touches to my cheeks. His green eyes stared intensely into mine, making my knees go weak. I pressed back hard against the cold stone, uncomfortable by his sudden closeness.

“You want away from me that desperately?”

I carefully pried his hands from my face. “Yes. I’m sorry, Harry, but I want some time away from you.”

Tears shot to his eyes, drowning their green in pain. A sob left his mouth and I had to look away. Watching Harry cry hurt more than anything else had tonight. It felt wrong, seeing a person who was usually so confident and had happiness shining from his eyes looking at me with such utter sadness.

“Y/N,” Harry whispered, “Please. I- I know I fucked up badly. But I swear to you I didn’t cheat. I never would. Do you really believe I would ruin us for someone else?” he shook his head forcefully. “You’re the most important person in my life. Please, I beg of you-”

He moved to touch me again but I quickly raised both hands and pushed him away hard, a gesture that wouldn’t have done much given his height and strength, but it was Harry, and Harry reacted to my discomfort. He pulled away instantly and took a few strides back.

“Y/N,” he murmured, defeated. “will you not hear me out? Please.”

“I have and I can’t any longer, Harry,” I exhaled desperately. My hands rubbed the skin beneath my eyes to wipe away any wetness left on the skin. “Even looking at you doesn’t feel the same anymore. You kissed her! I can’t even say it without feeling like I’ll have to vomit! This is too much for me, can’t you see that?”

Harry looked as if I had hit him right across his face. His cheeks were red and his mouth open in shock. He tried to reach me again but seemed to change his mind and he let his hands drop to his sides.

“From the day we met, I have done nothing but love you! I’ve put you first, I sacrificed so much and this is what I get? How is that fair? Tell me ‘cause I’m stumped!”

“Listen to me,” he spoke in an urgent tone. His pleading came unexpected as I had gotten used to him screaming at me with nothing but anger in his voice.

“I’ll leave. Okay? I promise not to come back until you ask me to. I’ll give you time,” his voice cracked and he coughed, “away from me. But please, stay here. I need to know you’re safe.”

His eyes searched my face and widened when I nodded. Sleeping at a hotel somewhere in London wasn’t something I was exactly eager to do and since the entire argument was all his fault in my eyes, it may as well be him who suffers the consequences. Though the whole situation did cause me suffering as well.

“Fine,” I agreed quietly.

“I’ll get a few things and then I’ll be gone.”

He looked like he had hoped I’d say something along the line of a request to make him stay, but I only nodded again and watched as he slowly left the kitchen. I didn’t move, even when I heard him rummaging in our drawers and the zipper of a bag being pulled. The pit of my stomach felt like a vacuum, an empty space that pushed all my organs out its way to fill my body with uneasiness. Soon Harry was standing in the doorway of the kitchen, fully dressed and with his bag over his shoulder.

“I’ll… ehm… I’ll go now. You’ll be alright?”

“I think so,” I croaked.

We stared at each other for a minute. His lips partnered as he bit back so much he had to say, before deciding against it.

“Can I ask one thing from you before I go?”

I hesitated but nodded. Harry sighed and clenched and unclenched his hands.

“Kiss me? I don’t want to leave without one more kiss from you.”

The desperation in his voice caught my attention and kept me from shouting at him for even asking. I understood that he didn’t ask out of lust for me or so that he could prove a point. His eyes pleaded me to let him have one reminder as he feared I would decide to end our relationship while he was absent.

“Just one,” I murmured and forced myself not to step back as he approached me.

Harry carefully touched my cheek and whimpered upon feeling how sore my skin was. I reached my own arms up as he gently nudged my nose with his before leaning in further until his warm mouth met mine. I whined in surprise as he didn’t go slow like he usually did, but pushed his tongue against my lips in order to get me to open them the second they pressed against his. Harry cradled my face in both hands to keep me from moving away as he guided the kiss. Just as I felt myself loosing to him he pulled away.
His eyes stared at me as if he tried to speak through them, but before I could say anything he turned and exited the room.
I jumped when I heard the door slam shut forcefully. My heart ached at the faint sound of his car pulling up on the street as he drove away, leaving me alone in our big and empty home. It took less than ten minutes of him gone before the events of the night came crushing down on me, causing hysterical cries to leave my mouth as I crouched down on the floor. I didn’t bother quieting my sobs and allowed myself to be absorbed in my hurt. At first it surprised me that none of our neighbors came to check up on me, but it soon occurred to me that they had most likely heard Harry and I argue and seen him drive away. A sudden fear crept through me and I jumped to my feet. As it was very late it had got dark outside a long time ago. I knew how crazy the Londoner streets around our house got by this hour and I instantly reached for my phone. How could I have made him drive? My heart ached at the thought of something happening to him; I wouldn’t be able to bare it. Before my fingers could dial the familiar phone number, I stopped. I was acting foolish and simply tried to invent a reason for me to call him back. His presence was already missed dearly.
I made my way up to our bathroom, undressed and stepped into the shower. Hot water touching my skin always washed away any tension, today however, it did little to calm me. At least it killed time. Once dressed I grabbed a blanked and curled up on the couch, but it felt much too big without a second body there. I uncomfortably stretched my limps and after flipping through various channels I switched the TV off. I rested one of my hands against my forehead and momentarily closed my eyes.

Think Y/N. Think. What are the facts?

Harry had kissed a girl that wasn’t me. He had betrayed me in the most hurtful way and had gone against the one promise he’d made me he swore was as sacred to him as it was to me. He cheated. Another cry left my lips and I cursed my eyes for letting more tears fall as an image of him having sex with her shot through my head. My stomach turned. My Harry laying bare on a bed for someone who wasn’t me? I had always hated to as much as imagine him with women before we started dating, but to think of him sleeping with someone else while he had me was something entirely else. Unimaginable almost.

I decided he couldn’t have. Though I had believed him kissing someone else was impossible, too, sex was an entirely different department and I knew he would never cross that line. After all, he did tell me about it. He came home and immediately owned up to everything.
It had hurt just as much as I imagined hearing it through the media would have, but his honesty still meant a lot to me.

His reaction could have been a better one, though. The second I had began questioning him for details about how exactly the girl had gotten to be in a position this close to him, he raised his voice. I understood his anger at my doubts in him, but how could he possibly blame me? There were pictures for god’s sake! And they didn’t exactly show him particularly disgusted to be making out with a fan.
But what if his loud reaction had been his desperation shining through as he tried to show me how scared he was of losing us?

“Oh, Harry,” I whispered. “What are you doing to me.”

Maybe what I had said earlier was true. This happened because no one knew he had a girlfriend. Girls wouldn’t push themselves at him anymore once they knew, right? Okay, some might, but I knew there were fans who respected the girlfriends. And maybe what he had said was true, too. That he had always been faithful to me and didn’t deserve to be doubted by me. If only I could have collected my emotions and let him explain himself better.
I loved him so much. Too much maybe.
One glance to the clock told me that Harry had now been gone for over three hours already. The ache in my chest increased and I missed my boyfriend’s presence more and more by the second. I unlocked my phone and opened his chat where my fingers quickly flew over the keys.

Come home?

His answer came so quickly it made me smile in relief and picture him sitting beside his phone all night, awaiting a message from me.

You sure?

My phone buzzed again before I could reply.

Never mind. Don’t tell me. I’m on my way.

And again.

I’ll be there in 30. I love you. xx

Warmth spread through my body and I smiled. I patted the pillow I rested my head on and sighed happily, knowing that he’d be back soon. For the first time this evening, I felt at ease.



I felt a hand on my shoulder and then one pressed against my hips. My head felt dizzy and my eyes too heavy to fully open as I was lifted up and scooped into Harry’s arms.

“Why were you sleeping down here, baby? Did you forget our incredibly comfortable bed upstairs?” Harry softly chuckled.

“Mhmm,” I hummed, nuzzling his neck, finding comfort in his warmth. My heart swelled and I felt like I could finally breathe again as my chest pressed against his when he pulled me against himself tightly.

“I can’t believe you fought me to leave you the bed and sleep somewhere else, only for you to take the couch. Makes no sense, love, does it?”

Harry smiled when the only answer he received from me was a whine. He carried me upstairs and gently placed me on our soft mattress. Careful fingers unzipped the thin material I wore over my shirt before he slid off my sweats, leaving me in just the shirt and a pair of knickers. All of a sudden his presence was gone again.

“Harry?” I called out for him as I propped myself up on my elbows.

“I’m gonna sleep in the guest room, my angel” his quiet voice hummed from somewhere in the room.

“Why?” I couldn’t hide the disappointment in my voice. I had expected us to be fine now and him to cuddle with me. My mind was too tired to think about any more reasons to argue with him. I longed for this to become one of the quiet and comfortable nights we always had.

“You said you needed space, my love. Wanted away from me, remember?”

I could particularly hear his pout in his voice before a chuckle rumbled through the room when I vigorously shook my head. My shoulders relaxed as I noticed how calm he seemed.

“I changed my mind,” I whined and sat up, reaching both arms out into the direction I believed him standing since the darkness prevented me from actually seeing him. “Come here. Need you to make me warm again.”

Harry didn’t make any noise. I hated not seeing him and sighed as my eyes finally adjusted to the darkness. He stood near the door, an expression of hesitation on his face. There was a small smile playing on his lips, however, and I could see the relief in his eyes upon my request of him staying with me.
He didn’t move fast, as if he was expecting me to change my ming any second, but my breath hitched when I felt the bed dip under the weight of another body. Harry crawled onto his side of the bed, pulling the covers higher over the both of us. He sprawled out beside me and his eyes locked with mine.

“Hi,” he murmured quietly.

I reached out my hand and he entwined our fingers. I smiled when he leaned forward and pressed his lips to my knuckles. A giggle escaped his lips when I pulled at his hand, motioning him to move closer to me. Following my silent request he pushed himself up and laid his body down closer to mine, close enough for me to feel the warmth radiating off of him.

“Hey,” I breathed.

We stared at each other. His green eyes were clear and lightly swollen, telling me that he had cried at least as much as I did.

“I’m so sorry,” he promised in a low whisper.

I shook my head to silence him.

“Harry,” I breathed, brushing his hair from his forehead. “You know you mean the world to me. I want nothing less than to lose you, you must know that.”

“I don’t want to lose you either, Y/N,” Harry spoke and leaned forward to bury his nose against my shoulder and in my hair.

“You’ve proven me often enough that I can trust you,” I continued and reached up one hand so that I could caress his neck.
“Tell me your side of the story,” I suggested, “I’ll listen properly this time and will believe you, whatever it is you tell me.”

“Okay,” Harry agreed and tugged on my hand, followed by giving it a gentle squeeze.

“I was at Sainsbury’s to get your tea like you asked me to, when all of a sudden this girl showed up and she just grabbed my face and began kissing me. She fisted my hair and shirt so I couldn’t get her off of me without hurting her, which I obviously didn’t want to do either. I really had to push her several times before she lessened her grip, but of course that wasn’t until some damn photographer’s took pictures of it. I’m so sorry,” he choked on the last word, “Y/N I never meant for you to get hurt like this. I know what it looks like. But I swear to you, the kiss wasn’t mutual. I didn’t kiss back and I haven’t seen the girl since, nor would I ever want to! I’m so sorry. Please believe me.”

A sob left his lips and I shuddered as wet tears dripped onto my neck.

“Sh, Harry, it’s okay,” I tried to reassure him.

“No it’s not, I mean look at you. You’re hurt and you’ve been crying. And I yelled at you when you aren’t the one who made the mistake. I’m such an asshole. ”

“That’s not true, Harry. You’re nothing like an asshole. At all.”

Harry sniffled and pulled back so he could look at me. The back of my hands moved up to brush over his temples before taking hold of his face.

“I love you so much,” I told him. “You didn’t to anything wrong. I should have believed you in the first place instead of doubting you. You’ve always been faithful to me, a picture shouldn’t have been able to ruin all that.”

I gently stroke over his eyelid with the tip of my finger. The skin felt sore and I sighed sadly.
“I’m sorry I caused you so much pain.”

His hands held my waist and pulled me against him. Harry shuffled further down and pressed his head against my shoulder. I rested my chin on his head and kissed his hair. I felt him breath heavily as if he wanted to say something and couldn’t find the words. Finally all he said was:

“I love you.”

“Love you, too, Harry” I whispered.

Silence settled upon us and I felt like there was nothing more we could say, but we didn’t fall asleep full. Harry didn’t move until the very early morning. It was only then that he allowed me to move my arms from around his shoulders to around his waist as he crawled up to lay closer by the headboard.

“M'gonna tell the world about us tomorrow,” he murmured, “Want everyone to know that m'taken.”

I sighed and nodded. “Please do.”

We stayed cuddled like that for several more hours before he rolled over me. His mouth found mine in a slow kiss and his hands reached down to pull at the hem of my knickers. We didn’t bother taking off my shirt or completely pushing down his boxers, only freeing what was needed.
I kissed him tenderly and blindly reached behind him to pull the covers over both of our heads.

Thank you so much for reading! Feedback is always welcome and so are requests, though I’m quite busy at the moment and it will take me some time to finish anything I start new right now. 

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The Engagement

Jasmine Cephas Jones x Anthony Ramos 
Words: 917
Request: do it where ant proposes on the beach of christmas eve

jas and ant are being adorable in that beach place and there are so many engagement rumours going around soooooo

i call this the fluff that no one asked for but secretly needed


i don’t know if you want me to do anything when i hit 1000. like i could do a lil competition where the prize is like a personal written imagine or something? i’m not sure.


(requests are open but you should know that by now xx)



“Man, I’m freaking out. This is like, a one shot opportunity. If I stuff this up, our relationship may never be the same. This is the end game, you know what I’m saying?”

“Anthony, there’s no way she can say no. Now, can we hang up for real? I’m going to miss my subway.”

Anthony gnawed on his lip anxiously, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. “But what if…”

“Ramos. You’ve got this. Break a leg.”

Anthony sighed as Rob hung up, putting his hand in the pocket of his shorts and feeling the familiar ring box. He had been carrying it around for weeks now, but he hadn’t found the time to reveal it to her yet.

Well… that was a lie. There had been so many perfect moments, but Anthony had freaked out before every single one of them. He put his phone back on charge, jumping slightly when a knock on the door interrupted his thoughts.

“Babe? Are you done yet? We kinda need to get going…”

Of course, Jasmine had no knowledge of why Anthony had been so skittish lately. He had just told her it was a lack of sleep and that he was stressed from filming; that it was not a big thing. But, he couldn’t give her the real reason until he finally was courageous enough to take the ring box out of his pocket.

“Yeah! Of course. I’m just… sorry,” Anthony said, fumbling with the lock on the door and opening it. Jasmine smiled at Anthony, putting her hand into his.

“Ready to go?” Jasmine asked, resting her head on his shoulder and letting out a soft sigh.

“You’ve performed in front of thousands. This should be easy…”

“Y-Yeah. Of course,” Anthony replied, giving Jasmine a quick kiss on the cheek. Jasmine blushed, pulling Anthony out of the hotel room and into the elevator.

“Did you not sleep well last night?” Jasmine asked, giving Anthony’s hand a gentle squeeze. She knew he had been acting strange the past few weeks, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what was making him… different. He had given her excuses whenever she asked, but she knew Anthony so well now that she could tell when he wasn’t telling the truth.

“Oh, I slept okay. But I got a phone call from Spike Lee and he had some problems with a few of my scenes. I’ve gotta fly back to fix them,” Anthony lied, stepping out of the elevator when it opened and quickly heading to the beach.

“Well, I hope you can stay here at least until the Christmas holidays are over. I feel like we’ve been a bit distant since you left Hamilton. With all the filming and my trips to London…”


The two stayed silent for the rest of the walk. The butterflies in Anthony’s stomach were raging and creating a hurricane. He felt like he could vomit, or pass out. But he knew this was it. She wouldn’t leave him alone on Christmas, would she? There was no way she could say no.

They sat down together when they reached the restaurant. The beach was visible from their balcony seating, the sun slowly starting to disappear behind the sea.

“Jas, you look incredible tonight. I love you so much wifey,” Anthony said, smiling as he pulled out her chair. Jasmine blushed, sitting and letting Anthony push her in.

“You look good too Ant. I don’t see why we needed to get so dressed up though. I know it’s Christmas eve, but we’d be fine to leave the house in shorts and a shirt,” Jasmine stated, watching Anthony as he sat down across from her.

“Well, I mean, I have something I want to talk to you about… and if you want to get food first that’s completely okay too. It can definitely wait. It’s not life or death, obviously, I mean talking is never life or death rig-“

“Ramos! Calm down,” Jas said, laughing quietly at how flustered he was getting. Anthony rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, taking a deep breath in and then releasing.

“Let’s get something to eat first. I think you need time to breathe,” Jasmine added, putting her hand on Anthony’s. Anthony relaxed slightly, picking up the menu and starting to read through it.

About an hour later, the two had finished their meals and were happily chatting away. When the first wave of silence in a while hit, Anthony knew the moment had come. He stood, kneeling down in front of Jasmine and pulling out the ring. Jasmine froze.

“Jasmine, I could go on forever about how incredible you are and about how happy you make me, but I think if I put this off any longer I will literally explode. So I want to ask you… will you be my wife?” Anthony asked, fumbling with the ring box and opening it finally.

Jasmine stared back at Anthony with wide eyes. She opened her mouth, trying to produce any sound she could, but failed. She nodded her head quickly, a wide smile spreading on her face as she started to cry tears of joy.

Anthony let out a sigh of relief, slipping the ring onto her finger and pulling her into a tight hug. “I love you so much Jasmine Cephas Jones. You mean the world to me.”

“I… I’m sorry. I have no words,” Jasmine whispered, looking at Anthony shyly. Anthony smiled, kissing her gently.

“Merry Christmas, wifey.”

Tall and smol

Request: Chanyeol 13

13) You are sick with the flu, your bias stays home to take care of you.

Original prompt list can be found here! New prompt list can be found here!

Member: Exo Chanyeol x Y/N

Type: Fluff

I squeezed tighter to the Rilakkuma plush Chanyeol had given me on my birthday and groaned, trying to push out any discomfort through my voice and hopefully out of my body. There was only one gangly boy I trusted to take care of me and his limbs were draped across me, properly asleep.

I grumbled again, trying even louder this time to wake him up without directly waking him up. I had broken into a heavy sweat, stemming from what I could only guess was a fever running through my body, not at all aided by the human space heater beside me.

“Chanyeol.” I finally moaned, trying to wipe the sweat from my face. “Chanyeol I think I’m sick.”

“Did you get medicine from the cabinet?” he grumbled, his voice deep with sleep.

“I can’t reach it…you put it up too high,” I complained, smacking the arm he had placed around my stomach.

I heard him chuckle lightly before he leaned over and kissed my forehead. “Oh jagi,” he sighed. “You’re burning up.”

“Ugh,” I grumbled, flopping around on the bed.

“Should I cancel our plans with Baekhyun today?” he asked, pulling himself up and shuffling towards the bathroom.

“What do you think?” I sighed. I heard him chuckle again as he continued down the hallway. He reappeared after a few moments with a pill bottle in one hand and a thermometer in the other.

“You know what I think?" a smile filling his face.

"Hmm?” I hummed, sitting up and swallowing the medicine he was giving me.

“I think because you’re so small, you’re more susceptible to getting sick. I think I heard that’s what happens when you’re small, but I wouldn’t really know for sure,” he said with another smirk.

“Quit picking on me and take care of me!” I moaned, flopping around again on the bed.

“Ah, I’m sorry,” he cooed, sitting next to me on the bed and shoving the thermometer into my mouth. He began to sing quietly, petting my hair as we both waited for the thermometer to beep.

I was infected by some kind of virus, but normally I had to deal with my happy virus, otherwise known as Chanyeol. He was a simple man, very sweet. He didn’t say “I love you” much, but never hesitated to show it in various, small ways. He had written me over a dozen songs since we had started dating and all of them had been privately performed for me with the accompaniment of his guitar. Granted some of the songs were ad libbed and pretty terrible, but they were still meant for me.

“101.7!” Chanyeol gasped, ripping the beeping thermometer from my mouth. “Jagi!” he flipped over in the bed and pulled me into his arms as tightly as he could, snuggling his face into my neck.

“Too much cuddling,” I gasped, smacking at his hands.

“That is blasphemous and very much not a thing!” he protested, pulling me in even tighter. “Cuddling is the best medicine and-”

“Chanyeol,” I griped. “Let go!”

“Accept the love!” he yelled.

“I’m going to vomit!” I gasped. The word “vomit” immediately made Chanyeol recoil and let go of me with lightning speed. I sprung up from the bed, sprinting to the bathroom and heaved up the contents of my stomach.

“Ja-jagi?” he questioned nervously, standing in the doorway.

“Ugh,” I moaned, holding tightly to the toilet in front of me.

He slowly walked into the room, grabbing a hair tie from the sink and began to gently pull my hair back from my face. He grabbed a small wash cloth and let it get damp with cold water before he placed it on the back of my neck. He took a seat on the edge of the tub and sighed. “What can I do to help?” he whispered.

“Leave,” I cried, looking up at him with a damp face. “I don’t want to get you sick.”

“I can’t possibly get sick,” he said with a quick smirk. “I’m too tall, I breath a completely different level of air than you.”

“Chanyeol!” I yelled, grasping onto the toilet. “As soon as I feel better, you are sooo in for it.”

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Died of a broken heart

Just a little something I wrote in the Seduce Me universe with a Hanahaki twist. NGL I cried writing this so, I hope you enjoy!

Seeing them smile, their arms around their wives, Mika felt the flowers press against her closed lips, the earthy taste mixed with bile. Forcing the petals back down, she faked a smile, pretending to listen to whatever story Erik’s wife was going on about at the moment. Her mind was an empty buzz, a defense mechanism she picked up when the flowers began to appear, just in case Damien was listening. But, of course, he wasn’t. None of them were.

Mika was an outsider now, trespassing upon the happiness of the five men she loved the most. They had loved her, once. But she wasn’t enough to hold their attention. Their love began to wane, as Diana had warned her, finding others to love and cherish. Mika faded to the background, becoming nothing more than an old friend that the boys owed so much to. She assumed that was the only reason she was even invited to these weekly dinners the brothers used to catch up with each other as they lived on in the human world. She had been to every wedding, every important party and event the brothers had, fading into the background so effortlessly that everyone began to forget she even went, recounting stories only to be interrupted with a pained “I was there, you know.”

Soon, it was too much, and Mika had to excuse herself to the bathroom for the fourth time that night, vomiting rose petals helplessly. She had long ago made up some excuse about a chronic illness that ran in her family, hoping to keep the boys from becoming too suspicious. It had worked better than she anticipated, causing ripples of pain across her chest. The petals seemed to never end this time, and Mika had no idea how long she stayed in the bathroom. She only knew the taste of unrequited love, and the stars that she could never reach. Eventually, lucidity left her, leaving her alone in the bathroom of James’ house as she leaned against the cool porcelain of the toilet. She couldn’t remember who she was at this point, or why she was crying. She just stayed there, eyes unfocused and wet, until the petals stopped. Even then, she didn’t move, covered in roses of all colors and sizes.

Voices filtered into her headspace, helping her to regain some semblance of who she was, though all she did was stare at the door helplessly, unable to move. It sounded like the wives, most likely Damien’s and Sam’s having come to the bathroom to gossip, or to fix something of their appearance, which was always flawless. A fear gripped Mika, suddenly worried about being discovered. She willed her body to move, to hide the flowers, but she had reached her limit. The doorknob turned, and her heart pounded in her chest as the door began to open. The more Mika struggled to move, the harder it was to stay awake. Black began to consume her vision as she heard gasps and a yell for the boys.


Mika woke in a bed, in a room to nice to be in a hospital. Her throat burned, and her chest ached, and all she wanted to do was cry.

“She’s awake.” A voice said from outside the door. She began to taste earth and bile, but it was weak and had no promise of blooming. The door opened, and her eyes unfocused momentarily. When the world came back into view, Mika could see five men stationed around the bed, and five women fretting about the doorway. Mika didn’t care to see the worry and pity on the men’s faces, but it was like she couldn’t look anywhere else. She coughed, and a wilted petal landed on her lap, gaining the attention of the boys.

“We’re sorry.” James’ low voice began, and Mika screwed her eyes shut.

“Don’t.” Her voice was raspy and pained, and the pain of her throat became secondary to the pain in her chest, her stomach, and her heart. “Just, don’t. I’m fine. I’ll be fine.” She said robotically, willing them away. This was a sick dream, and she would be awake soon, rid of the tormentors that haunted her every thought. Though her eyes were shut, she knew Damien winced at that, and a bitterness rose up in her, finding enjoyment that he felt some of her pain.

“This is no dream.” His soft voice reminded her, and her eyes only opened to glare at him.

“This is ridiculous!” Sam’s aggression flared up, not knowing how to handle such an emotionally charged situation. “You’re not fine. You are never going to be fine. Why didn’t you tell us about this?” He barked. Mika could see the panic in his eyes, betraying his rough actions.

“It didn’t seem important.” Mika said blandly, voice void of emotion. James’ expression became indecipherable.

“It didn’t seem important?” He growled, trying to restrain his anger. “Mika, you could die from this. If you hadn’t been found, you could have died. What about that isn’t important?”

The bile that creeped up Mika’s throat was not accompanied by the taste of earth, but by rage that had been brewing in her stomach for years.

“It wasn’t important enough to tell any of you.” She spat, pumping her voice with as much venom as she could muster, still consumed with pain. “None of you seemed to care much, even before I began to hide it.” She snarled, thoughts flashing behind her eyes at a rapid rate. Damien began to feel sick, seeing everything she thought.

“Mika, don’t take this out on us!” Sam snapped back. But that only fanned the flames, earning a masochistic laugh from Mika. Erik and Matthew remained silent, their expressions only of sorrow and regret.

“Then who do I take it out on, Sam? Myself? That hasn’t seemed to do me any good.” Mika refused to look at him, letting her gaze drop to the sheets that covered her. “Years, you assholes. It’s been YEARS.” She let out a broken sob, clenching her fists tightly. “And not once have any of you noticed something was wrong. Or that I even still existed! Inviting me to things is only muscle memory for you now, and as soon as I arrive I am forgotten.” Another small petal made its way past her lips. She wanted to still be angry, to yell more and tell them how much she had suffered, because of them, but she couldn’t. Mika deflated, leaning against the pillows that propped her up in defeat.

“Mika-” Matthew began, but she cut him off.

“Just leave. Please. Just go. I need to rest, and then I’ll be out of your hair.” She said, her voice hardly above a whisper. Sam went to argue, but Erik put a hand on his shoulder. You felt a pang of thankfulness towards the second oldest, but shoved it down, preferring to bask in numbness. James looked like he wanted to argue as well, but he left the room, and his brothers followed his example. Damien lingered at the door, and looked back at her, pain twisting his expression. It broke Mika to see him like that, to see his face reflecting her pain.

“I’m sorr-”

“Go.” Mika commanded, pointing to the door. “Just go.” Damien nodded and left as well, closing the door behind him.


“I don’t get why we’re supposed to be here.” Sam murmured to himself, fighting off tears of his own.

“Because we’re partly responsible for this.” James said, silent tears already streaming down his face as he stared ahead through the rain. The fact that it had rained on the day of a funeral was a slap in the face to the boys, like the world was mocking their sorrow. Damien and Matthew were the first to break down, sobbing as they kneeled at the base of the headstone, the mud and rain ruining their clothes. Erik kept a stony expression, not knowing how to process such intense grief.

“We owe her everything, and she’s gone.” Matthew wailed, his throat tight with words unspoken. Damien sobbed quietly, his emotions intensified by the feelings he could sense his brothers emitting. The guilt, the grief, the regrets they all had when it came to Mika.

It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair at all.

After a while, James closed his eyes and sighed. “Let’s go home.” He said softly, helping pick up his youngest brothers from the ground, exhausted from sobbing. Four of the boys began to walk away, but one lingered.

“Sam,” James’ even voice called out. “You coming?”

“Just a minute. I’ll catch up.” Sam replied, his voice thick and gruff. He placed a gentle hand on the beautiful headstone, tracing the inscription with his eyes. “Doofus.” He said gently, his tears mimicking the slowing rain.

“Sam.” James said again, with a little more force. Sam looked at the sad words once again, before running after his brothers.

Here lies Mika Anderson

Beloved friend and kind soul

Died of a broken heart.

May she rest in peace.

This is a quiet death, my dear.
Muted colors slowly turning to the
grey they had been toying with for so long
now. I never wanted it to end like this,
but how else is it supposed to end?
Should we go out on a bang?
One last hurrah for all the novels we wrote, for
all the times your tears became engraved on my skin like
poetry, like the scars on your arm you try to hide like
the cuts on your thigh you try to cover up from me like
the night I screamed at you and told you
that when you hurt yourself, you hurt me too.
You never asked me to be perfect but
you did ask me to be honest and
I guess I’m trying to follow through
on that promise.

This isn’t working.

What a beautiful machine it is
Shitting brilliance all over the world we roam
Vomiting out galaxies with new stars and histories and lovely things but
It sits on my chest and 
it’s slowly crushing my chest and
I just don’t know if my chest can hold up much longer.

No matter how brilliant we are, no one man was meant to hold the weight of two forever.
No one man can eat for two, can run for two, can think for two, can dream for two.
I feel selfish, but I have to think about myself and
my arms and my slowly cracking chest
I mean, my now splintered chest
I mean, my soon to be crushed chest
that houses your semi-golden heart and
your further-moving bones and
your ever-touching fingertips that
reel me in like thunder and  
lay into me like lightning and
Make my life look like a scene from a movie that I have wanted to watch ever since I could remember.

—  07/30/15 2:15 am - Derecho [Ossuary]
Imagine: You and Harry go to a bar and you get drunk and sing karaoke

The weekend was finally here, and you were ready to let loose. You had just started a new job and were overwhelmed with the amount of work they put on you first thing. On top of that, Harry was busy with meetings and events so you were both stressed out and a bit snippy with each other the whole week. You were so ready to just go out and have a fun Friday night and destress. 

Niall was in town for the weekend and suggested you and Harry join him and a few other of their friends to go to a karaoke bar tonight. It was super low-key and Harry had been there before so nobody was really worried about them being recognized. Especially on a Friday night when everyone there was likely going to be drunk. You usually weren’t one for going out and drinking, but today, you were craving it. And you were excited to spend fun time with Harry, finally. You both had gotten into a routine of not seeing each other all day while you were working and then just eating dinner and maybe watching a movie together before going to sleep in the evenings. Of course you both loved each other so much, but all the work and stress was getting to you both and you knew you just needed to get out. 

“Hot damn, little miss,” Harry commented as he looked up and down at you as you both were finishing getting ready to go out together. You had on tight leather pants and a halter top, your hair messy in a sexy-looking way, and your makeup was bold. Smokey eyes and a dark lip were the way to go tonight, you’d decided.

You smirked at Harry as he slapped your ass. “Um, excuse me sir, that is rude,” you joked, walking past him to grab your bag.

“How am I supposed to keep myself off of you all night, hmm? I’d take you right here right now if we didn’t have to leave.” Harry’s face told you he was being completely serious.

You smiled, satisfied at receiving this reaction to tonight’s look from your boyfriend. “Well you don’t have to be completely off of me tonight,” you told him as you snaked your arms up around his neck, and Harry let out a quiet hiss.

You were interrupted when you heard honking coming from the driveway, signaling it was time to go.

“Damn,” Harry muttered as he readjusted himself. One more slap to your ass and then you both were out the door.

You weren’t planning on getting that drunk tonight. Obviously you wanted a drink or two but next thing you knew you had just downed three shots in a row. 

“Think you might want to slow down there, love? Don’t want you passing out 10 o’clock on a Friday night,” Harry joked, but he was also looking at you with his eyebrows raised, telling you that he wasn’t totally kidding. 

“M’fine, babyyy,” you assured him before you and the other boys took another shot. Harry had had a few shots already too, but his tolerance was much higher than yours and he felt only slightly tipsy, whereas you were full-on drunk now. 

“Alright, babe, let’s drink some water now, though, let’s change it up,” Harry smiled at you as he pushed the glass of water towards you. 

But you weren’t feeling it. It was Friday night, you were drunk, and you were ready to party.

“Harry! I’m gonna go do karaoke!” You decided as you went to stand up, not realizing how drunk you really were until you were on your feet now. Harry had to grab your waist to keep you from swaying, and his brows were furrowed as he looked at you. 

“Love, I really don’t think that’s a good idea. You can barely stand up as it is.”

“Mm, no Harry. I can stand up now I just couldn’t at first when I first stood up, but m’fine now,” you slurred as you turned to start walking toward the stage.

Harry knew that there was no changing your mind once you had made it up, and combined with the alcohol now running through your veins, there was no stopping you. So Harry followed you, his hand on your waist, as you made your way towards the stage.

“Would you like me to join you?” Harry laughed before you jumped up on the small platform. He really was concerned you wouldn’t be able to stay standing on your own for the duration of a whole song.

“Nope babes, this ones for you, mister,” you told him as you poked his nose. Harry couldn’t help but smile as he helped you step up onto the stage, making sure to stand as close to the front as he could so he’d be there if you needed him. He turned around when he felt a hand on his shoulder and heard hollering behind him, seeing that Niall and the rest of their friends were joining him up front to watch your performance.

“Y/N gonna put on a show?” Niall laughed, himself fairly drunk.

“Looks like it, I just hope she doesn’t fall down,” Harry responded as the first notes of a too-familiar song began to play.

“Oh Jesus,” Harry murmured. 

“Not this shit!” Niall yelled, laughing hysterically, as you started singing.

You’re insecure, don’t know what for

You’re turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or

Don’t need makeup, to cover up

Being the way that you are is eno-o-ough.

Harry couldn’t keep himself from laughing as he watched you point out to everyone in the bar as you sang, a proper popstar move. And by the time you got to the chorus, everyone in the bar was singing along. And Harry felt his heart melt as he watched you do some of the moves he would do when singing this song back after the boys had just started performing the song, jumping around and moving your arms around like he used to do. 

You actually weren’t half bad at the singing part, too. The words may have been a little bit slurred and you started to sing the chorus instead of the next verse once, but your voice itself actually sounded quite nice. And Harry felt so much love for you as you finished the song, jumping down to him and the rest of the boys who were all whistling and giving you a high-fives.

“You are something else,” Harry laughed as you fell into his arms, exhausted from your little gig. “That was pretty great, actually,” Harry told you sincerely as he put his lips on the top of your head.

“Mm so drunk, Harold,” he heard you mumble into his shirt.

Harry laughed before moving to wrap his arm around your waist to keep you steady, his hand resting firmly on your hip, as you wrapped an arm around his torso and rested your head below his shoulder. 

“Let’s get my popstar home. Too much vodka for the baby,” Harry smiled as he helped you walk outside and down the street to where a car was waiting to pick you both up. 

“Hey, m’not a baby, youuuu are,” you responded, barely coherent anymore.

“No but you’re my baby,” Harry laughed. “And I love you so much, little one. Let’s get you home and in bed.” 

You nodded your head before pulling away from Harry as he looked at you questioningly, only for you to turn away and vomit all over the sidewalk. Harry held your hair back until you finally finished, turning around looking slightly embarrassed. Harry looked somewhat concerned but there was also a hint of amusement playing on his face.

“Sorry baby,” you mumbled, feeling like a pathetic child but also still drunk enough to not really care.

“S’okay baby, I’ve got you,” Harry reassured you as he picked you up into his arms, only after checking your face to make sure you wouldn’t hurl all over him, as he carried you to the car.

“I love you Harry,” you told him as he gently laid you down on the backseat before getting in behind you so you could rest your head on his lap.

“I love you more, baby,” he told you, stroking your cheek.

“Nooooo.” You drew out the word, making Harry laugh, and that was the last thing you heard before you were passed out in the backseat of the car. 

Harry smiled down at you, feeling so much love for his beautiful and extremely drunk girlfriend.


Hope you enjoyed! Requests/feedback welcome as always :)

Too good to say goodbye//Daryl Dixon

Song imagine for the song To Good To Say Goodbye by Bruno Mars

Warnings: abuse of alcohol, swearing 

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I’ve made mistakes
I could have treated you better

Alexandria was a new, better beginning for many but a bad place for others. Daryl in particular, they had alcohol in Alexandria and Daryl found himself drinking copious amounts. Y/N, his girlfriend, worried but he dismissed it. Day by day he got worse, spent less time with her, more arguing, out late and being mean. They were growing apart and he couldn’t see it due to his lack of sobriety. Daryl knew he should’ve stopped when he could’ve, when he noticed he was drinking too much. He didn’t realize what an ass he was until she left him.

I let you get away
There goes my happily ever after

“I’m leaving” Y/N said to Daryl as she packed up.

“No you’re not” Daryl slurs, a bottle of whiskey hanging lazily in his hand as he was sprawled out on the sofa.

He watched her pack his bag but didn’t do anything. It didn’t settle in with him to do anything. She said she’d leave all the time but never did, if she did she never made it far.

“Don’t ya fuckin dare leave me” Daryl spat at her.

“You can’t even get off the fucking sofa to stop me if you wanted” She yelled back.

“Yes, I can” He spoke as he pushed himself up and fell to the ground instantly.

She scoffed and looked at him. Laying on the ground, almost passed out. She flipped him onto his stomach so he wouldn’t suffocate on his own vomit later in the night. She pushed his hair back from his damp forehead and kissed him softly.

“I love you but you’re hurting me too much” She whispered to him, holding his head in her lap one last time.

“Y/N” Daryl trailed off, couldn’t stay awake to even finish his sentence.

She sniffled and stood up, leaving the house with no clue on where to go. She walked around thinking of places to go. She settled on Maggie’s house. She moved in with them while Daryl and her took an unofficial break.

The next morning when Daryl was sobered up he realized she really left. He realized how much he had fucked up. There goes his happily ever after. Daryl never thought about getting married and starting a family with anyone other than Y/N. He wanted to get married, have kids and grow old together but now she was gone and she was alone.

Yeah, I’m still in love with you darlin’
I know you feel the same

Daryl came to visit her when Maggie and Glenn were out. He found her in one of the spare rooms. Before he let his presence be known he took a look at her. She was burrowed under her blankets, her hair was messy and sticking out from under the blanket. Little did he know that what he was seeing was only a small part of her downward spiral.

She barely slept, just laid under her blankets and stared out the window. Everyday she hoped Daryl would walk by so she’d see him without him knowing she was missing him. She didn’t eat, Maggie would try and bring her food but she couldn’t bring herself to eat, if she did, it had no taste. She felt sick to her stomach all the time, nausea was common. She cried often, she didn’t shower and barely drank any water. She was in a horrible state and couldn’t bring herself out of her bed unless it was to go to the bathroom. 

She felt a presence and looked up to see him. They both were shocked at the look of each other. Daryl noticed her dark circles and gaunt cheeks due to her lack of nutrition and sleep. Daryl was shaking, the same dark circles were evident on him and he was sweating.

“Why are you here?” She asked calmly when she wanted to yell at him.

“I-I still love you and I know you do too” Daryl says straight forward.

“How?” She asked tilting her head and scowling.

“Have you seen yourself, Y/N?” Daryl asked.

Oh, what’s the point of both of us being broken hearted?
I pray it’s never too late
So tell me, why, why can’t we try and start again?
This can’t be how our story ends

“There’s no point in us sitting around hurting like this” Daryl tells her.

“Daryl, I-I couldn’t sleep at night until you came home, I worried you’d drink yourself to death and I was scared you were cheating and so much more”

“I stopped, Y/N, I stopped drinking when I realized I lost you. I fucked up and I know I can change. Do you trust me, Y/N?”

“Yes, I never lost that”

“Then tell me why we can’t try and start again? This can’t be the end, Y/N, I-I thought we could get married and have kids and raise em here, together” He said fumbling with his hands.

You’re more than my girl, you’re my best friend
Tell me you remember when
I was your man and you were my girl
It was you and me against the world

“Tell me you remember when we were together, when we were happy. We could sleep, eat and laugh together. Now look at us, no appetite, insomnia and crying. I was yours and you were mine, me and you against the world. I don’t know what I’ll do if we can’t at least try. Try again now that I’m sober, I promise and I know I can’t lose you again” Daryl continued.

Baby, ain’t nobody gonna love me like the way you do
And you ain’t never gonna find a love like mine
Tell me what can I do to make it up to you?
‘Cause what we got’s too good to say goodbye, goodbye

“Nobody can love you like I did, because I loved you more than anyone could ever love” 

“Daryl” she cried.

“What can I do to make it up to you? What we have, it’s too good to say goodbye to” He pleaded and kneeled at her bedside, holding her hands in his hands.

“Stop your drinking, that’s all I need” She said with a small smile.

Girl won’t you listen?
(Don’t you give up)
It’s you that I’m missin’
(Don’t you give up)
Take my hand, I wanna go, I wanna go
(All the way)
If we’re gonna fight this fight for better days
I know we’re gonna make it
This is the chance, let’s take it

“I miss you, if you squeeze my hand we can go back home and just lay together, or whatever else you want to do. I love you, Y/N”

She squeezed his hand. He knew in his head that he would change for her. If they were going to fight, they’d be to fight for better days and helping him get sober. This was his second chance and he wasn’t going to fuck up again.

Sorry for my lack of posting, I haven’t been feeling to good and I can’t really bring myself to write about stuff I don’t have much interest in, let alone write anything to be honest.

anonymous asked:

If requests are open--Rfa helping mc through an eating disorder please. I'm struggling with one and it'd be so much easier if I had people like Yoosung and jumin for support :/

I hope it’s okay that I’ve mainly gone with a general eating disorder here rather than anything specific

also I got quite emotional throughout this and they got kind of long, I’m really sorry

TW// eating disorders


  • he had always been kind of upset at how you barely ate any of what he cooked for you
  • he just figured you must not like it
  • one day, he’s up late playing LOLOL and he hears you heading into the kitchen
  • he doesn’t really think much of it until he hears a sudden crash
  • he immediately jumps up and runs into the kitchen
  • you are collapsed, sobbing on the floor with half-eaten food lying all around you and the fridge door wide open
  • he grabs hold of you and pulls you into his arms
  • he really has no idea what’s going on
  • you start rambling on and he can barely understand you though your tears but he picks up the words “fat” and “make myself better for you” and “binge”
  • he grabs your face in his hands and looks straight in your eyes
  • you look so empty and hurt and broken and he wants to be strong for you but he just can’t
  • the sight of you like this… it’s breaking his heart
  • “listen… you are so beautiful. I love everything about you. I barely deserve you and all I want is to make you happy”
  • his heartbroken words make you cry even more
  • he carries you to the bedroom and you fall asleep in each other’s arms
  • the next day, he’ll try gently to get you to eat but you just can’t. not after last night’s binge.
  • he does so much research
  • he sits you down one day and tells you that he thinks you need to go see a doctor
  • you are so against it at first
  • how could anyone so fat have an eating disorder?
  • he is actually shocked that you think you’re fat
  • he gradually manages to convince you to go and get help, and he absolutely promises he’ll be there every step of the way
  • he does everything he can - he signs up for all these groups and information sessions about how to help someone who has an eating disorder
  • his hope for your recovery never wavers, and gradually, over time you slowly get better
  • he is so proud of you
  • he constantly reminds you how much he loves you


  • he has a pretty shitty eating schedule, so it takes him a while to realise
  • it’s actually when you’re in the bedroom one day and he runs his hand down your body and all of a sudden he can feel how much skinnier you’ve become
  • it suddenly hits him that he’s never seen you eat more than a salad
  • “…you do eat, right?” he blurts out
  • fuck he shouldn’t have said that
  • he’s known quite a few people in the industry with eating disorders, and he knows that’s not how you approach someone about it
  • you look at him, shocked
  • he immediately apologises and pulls you into his arms, hugging you against his chest
  • “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said it like that… I’m just so worried about you because you feel so much smaller than when we first met and I don’t think I’ve ever seen you eat before”
  • you tell him you’re on a diet and that it’s no big deal
  • he says you don’t need to go on a diet because you’re so beautiful already
  • he asks how much you eat every day
  • you tell him it’s usually around 500 calories, and then you exercise as much of it off as you can
  • he is actually speechless for once
  • “I think… I think you should see a doctor about this”
  • you know it’s bad that you’re eating so little, but you honestly feel so fucking fat you can’t deal with it
  • he manages to convince you to come and see a doctor with him
  • he holds your hand throughout the entire thing
  • all he wants is for you to be better
  • he never pressures you into eating, because he knows that won’t help, but his gentle encouragements really do help
  • he rewards you with a kiss if you eat half a block of cheese, and gives you a huge bear hug if you manage to have a few small bites of a piece of buttered bread
  • he completely understands how difficult it is, but he is absolutely relieved to see you gradually starting to eat more each day and your face and skin slowly beginning to look as though they have more life 
  • all he wants is your happiness


  • she’d noticed your strange eating habits but hadn’t figured out a way to bring it up
  • it’s obvious you’re trying to lose weight, but it got to the point where you were barely eating at all
  • she started by tentatively suggesting the two of you going out for dinner one evening
  • she sees the panicked look in your eyes, but you quickly smile and agree
  • but that evening you only order a salad
  • you eat it slowly, and she notices how you chew each mouthful too many times to be considered normal, as though you’re trying to burn the calories before they’re even in your body
  • when you get home you excuse yourself to go to the toilet, and she decides to follow you
  • she stands on the other side of the door, hearing a few gagging noises before she hears the vomiting start
  • she clasps her hand to her mouth and tries to stop herself from hyperventilating as the tears fall from her eyes
  • she waits there, and as soon as you come out she hugs you so suddenly and so tightly you can barely breathe
  • she starts babbling through her tears
  • “I love you so much, all I want is for you to be happy and I don’t want you to think you’re anything less than perfect because you’re not you are so beautiful and I want to help you but I don’t know how”
  • eventually you’re crying too and you go and sit on the sofa, clinging to each other and crying
  • eventually, when you both calm down a little, you pull away from each other
  • “I want to get better” you confess in a whisper “I just don’t know how”
  • Jaehee immediately grabs her laptop and researches the best doctors in the area
  • she doesn’t even care about how much money it will cost, she just wants you to feel better
  • once you start trying to recover, she makes a super cheesy chart, sticking a gold star on your ‘good days’ and a sad face on your ‘bad days’
  • she watches your progress as the number of sad faces gets smaller and smaller, and she’s honestly so proud of you
  • she never wants to lose you


  • he notices you’ve been losing weight and offers to get his nutritionist to adjust your diet
  • you politely refuse, and he starts getting worried
  • he’s usually busy, so he’s not around very regularly
  • in fact, he doesn’t think he’s ever really seen you eat, he just kind of assumed you must do when he’s not there
  • he starts asking you whether you’ve eaten more regularly than he did before
  • when you say yes he asks you what you had, to which you usually just respond with a kind of vague answer
  • he decides to take a few days off work to spend time with you and make sure you’re okay
  • he makes pancakes for breakfast, but you only have a bite before saying you’re not hungry
  • he personally makes you both some sandwiches for lunch, but you nibble at the corner of one before telling him you’re not feeling well so you’re not hungry
  • dinner comes around, and you don’t eat that either, so that’s when he starts really worrying
  • “but you haven’t eaten anything all day”
  • “I had some of the pancakes and those sandwiches”
  • “you had barely even a bite”
  • he doesn’t intend to sound aggressive, but when he’s worried his voice comes out more chopped and panicked, which you mistake for anger
  • he watches as tears begin to fill your eyes
  • “you wouldn’t understand” you whisper
  • he stands up and walks round to your side of the table, pulling you to stand so he can wrap his arms around you
  • “there’s more to this than you just not being hungry, isn’t there?” he asks softly
  • the tears hit you all of a sudden, sobs shaking your entire body
  • he doesn’t let go, even though you’re completely soaking his favourite shirt
  • he doesn’t care. all he cares about is your happiness.
  • he’s shocked to feel tears prick at his eyes and make their way down his cheeks
  • he softly kisses the top of your head and murmurs into your hair
  • “I love you so much. you’re my entire world and I don’t know what I’d do if I ever lost you. you mean everything to me and all I want is for you to be happy. I want to understand so I can help. please let me help”
  • he finds the best possible doctor he can and doesn’t leave your side the entire time
  • as the months progress, he notices your body ever so slowly start to return back to how it was when you first met
  • he always averts his eyes when you eat because he knows it makes you uncomfortable
  • but whenever you’re eating he is so fucking happy he can’t help a smile breaking out on his face
  • he rewards you with kisses and hugs and takes time off work so he can spend more time with you
  • he never forces you to eat anything, but his presence makes you feel so much stronger


  • the two of you don’t really do the whole sit down meal thing, because he mainly eats junk food while he’s busy working
  • he’s always offering to make you food, but you just smile and tell him it’s okay, he’s busy enough as it is
  • he doesn’t even really think about it until one day he decides to cook for both of you
  • he looks in the cupboards and sees there is nothing there
  • all there is are a few cans of soup and his supply of Honey Buddha Chips and Doctor Pepper
  • then it hits him all of a sudden, and it feels like a punch to the gut
  • everything falls into place
  • the fact he’s never seen you eating before
  • that one time he walked in on you throwing up and you said it was food poisoning
  • the fact that in the shower and on your pillow you seem to leave clumps of hair that have just… fallen out
  • oh my god, she has an eating disorder
  • he blames himself for not realising sooner
  • he has absolutely no idea how to bring it up
  • one day you’re sitting on the sofa on your phone and he sneaks up behind you, wrapping his arms around you and resting his chin on your head
  • “you are eating properly… aren’t you?”
  • he feels you tense in his arms and in that moment he knew he was right
  • “mmhm yeah” you mumble
  • he comes round to the front of the sofa and sits next to you, taking your hands in his
  • he already has tears in his eyes and it hits you that he knows
  • “p-please” he stammers “I want to help”
  • the sight of him on the verge of tears just pushes you over the edge
  • you completely break down, falling into his arms and telling him how sorry you are and how you just want to look better because then perhaps you’ll feel like you deserve him
  • oh god your words absolutely break his heart
  • “listen, if anything, I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you. I love you so much. I love absolutely everything about you and if I ever lost you… I just… I wouldn’t be able to…”
  • he can’t even speak through his tears
  • he begs you to see a doctor, and you finally agree to go on the condition that he comes with you
  • he doesn’t let go of your hand throughout the whole thing
  • from that moment onwards he makes sure the house is aways properly stocked with food
  • he never pressures you into eating, but he always makes sure you have meals together now
  • he makes sure he constantly tells you how beautiful you are, and they are all actual genuine compliments
  • he keeps a mental record of your recovery, and if he ever senses a possible relapse he’ll buy you some new item of clothing so that if you lose weight it won’t fit anymore
  • he doesn’t ever outright mention it again, but you’ll sometimes bring it up and he’ll tell you how proud he is of your progress and how you’re almost well enough to marry him at the space station - just a bit further to go
  • it’s all the little things he does which help you through, and the way he touches you, both sexually and non-sexually, makes you feel like you’re the most beautiful person in the world


  • it was never something he really considered even being possible
  • he loves your body
  • he adores taking pictures of you, but it gradually gets to the point where you start turning him down and asking him not to
  • he doesn’t understand why, but that’s when he first starts thinking something could be wrong
  • one day he overhears you throwing up in the bathroom after lunch
  • and that’s when it hits him there’s something seriously wrong
  • he waits for you to come out of the bathroom and back into the kitchen and he just grabs hold of you into such a tight hug you can barely move
  • “you’re beautiful” he whispers “please don’t do this to yourself”
  • and then you realise he must have overheard you in the bathroom
  • and you completely break down
  • he guides you softly to sit down with him on the sofa
  • he tries to appear calm, but he feels the tears threatening to fall down his face
  • he just holds you while whispering into your ear
  • “I love you so much, I don’t think you truly understand how much. I have so much love for you that I will never feel as though I’m showing it enough. I have so much to give and I never want to stop giving it. you mean everything to me and I want to be able to make you happy and live a long life together and I want to help you through the hard times and never leave your side”
  • his words make you cry even harder
  • once you’ve mostly calmed down he asks if you’ll see a doctor, and after some convincing, you agree
  • he repeatedly tells you that he doesn’t want you to recover for him, but rather he wants you to recover for yourself
  • he helps you through every step of the way
  • he constantly checks up on your progress - not in a pushy way, but in a way that shows he cares
  • every single night he makes sure to prove to you just how much he admires and adores your body
  • he gradually starts asking you if he can take pictures of you again, and is so proud when he notices you starting to say yes more often
  • his small gestures really help you through your recovery, and whenever you relapse he just hugs you tightly and tells you it’s okay and that relapse is a normal part of recovery
  • he never lets you forget how much he loves you and how perfect he thinks you are

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rfa+v+saeran reactions if their beloved rika is trying to kill their mc?

hoh boy

warning: smol amounts of blood? its like super smol tho


  • Yoosung stops by MC’s place one day to surprise them with a pizza lunch!
  • knock knock knock
  • no answer
  • “MC? It’s me, Yoosung! I brought you lunch!”
  • no answer
  • “MC…?”
  • Yoosung turns the door handle and pushes, finding it was unlocked
  • he enters the apartment, setting the pizza box on the coffee table
  • he calls for MC again, looking around a bit
  • maybe MC is out…? but then, why would the door be unlocked?
  • he notices the window is open, too, and closes it
  • the last place Yoosung checks is the bathroom
  • upon opening the door, Yoosung finds an unconscious MC on the bathroom floor
  • there’s blood on the edge of the sink, and a sizable cut on MC’s forehead that’s still bleeding
  • “oh my god!”
  • Yoosung grabs the nearest towel and presses it to the cut, using his other hand to cradle their head
  • tears start to stream down his face as he stares at MC’s pale expression
  • he’s shaking
  • please wake up please wake up please wake up
  • Yoosung leans down and kisses MC gently
  • when he pulls away, their eyes slowly flutter open
  • Yoosung wants to shout for joy and has a million questions running through his mind, but knows he has to be calm right now.
  • “MC…what happened?”
  • a tear falls from his face and lands on MC’s cheek
  • “R….Rika….”
  • Yoosung stops breathing for a moment
  • Rika?
  • did he just hear that right?
  • how is that possible?
  • this cant be happening
  • Yoosung just finished burring his Rika-demons for good, thanks to MC
  • but now…Rika is alive?
  • and she hurt MC
  • “We have to go to the hospital”
  • Yoosung carries MC to the car
  • on the drive there his mind is full of questions this poor boys head is a jumbled confused mess right now
  • Yoosung used to depended on Rika for so much
  • he idolized her
  • but if what MC says is true…that Rika hurt them..
  • then that’s all over
  • Yoosung is stonger now
  • he has to protect MC from anything and anyone, no matter who they are
  • or who they used to be
  • Yoosung used to wish Rika was still alive
  • but now the only person that matters to him is MC
  • Yoosung will literally kill lol if rika wasnt dead b4 she gon b dead now


  • Zen stops by MC’s apartment before rehearsal that day
  • as he approaches the door, he hears crashing sounds come from inside
  • and MC screaming
  • “Hey! What’s going on in there?!”
  • after about two second’s of getting no answer, Zen literally kicks the door open
  • “Zen! Thank god!”
  • MC’s on their knees in the middle of the room, holding their shoulder with one hand
  • “What happened?! Is your shoulder alright?”
  • “Zen…I was attacked…”
  • “By who?! I swear to god i’ll kill em.”
  • “Um..”
  • “Was it a stranger?! What did they look like?”
  • “Zen…it was Rika”
  • “What the hell…?”
  • Zen staggers backward for a moment
  • but then he looks up again at MC griping their shoulder in pain
  • he thinks about how confused MC must be…someone they thought was dead just broke into their apartment and dislocated their shoulder
  • someone Zen thought was dead
  • Zen kneels down in front of MC, cupping their cheek in his hand
  • “I don’t know whats going on…and im sure you dont either”
  • Zen takes a deep breath
  • “But you’re very important to me, ok? and i’m going to make sure Rika can never hurt you. I promise”
  • “Thank you, Zen”
  • tears are streaming down MC’s pain-twisted face
  • “the Rika I cared about is dead. You’re all that matters to me now, okay?”
  • “Okay”


  • Jaehee is at the office when she gets a call from MC
  • “Hello, MC! Is everything alright?”
  • “no”
  • their voice is shaky
  • “wh…what? whats wrong?”
  • “Jaehee, please listen to me”
  • “MC, im listening. please tell me whats going on”
  • “I think Rika just tried to kill me”
  • “What….?”
  • “Someone just broke into my apartment and tried to attack me. i think it was Rika”
  • “Please stay still. I’m leaving the office right now”
  • on the way over to MC’s apartment Jaehee is flipping out
  • Rika is alive?
  • and broke into MC’s appartment?
  • and tried to hurt them?
  • a drive that should take around 20 minutes ends up being 10
  • Jaehee knocks on the door
  • MC opens the door and squeezes Jaehee in a tight hug
  • “Jaehee, thank you for coming over. im sorry to spring this up on you”
  • “MC… don’t be sorry. you’re the victim, here”
  • “Jaehee…did you know Rika was alive?”
  • “No…”
  •  but Jaehee doesn’t really care at this moment
  • she just wants MC to be safe
  •  “It’s clear that a lot of secrets were kept from us… but maybe you shouldnt stay here anymore, MC”
  •  “but..where can I go?”
  • “Please, come stay with me. I can make sure you’re safe”
  • so MC packs their bags and moves in with Jaehee for safety reasons of course
  •  and when MC isnt looking Jaehee calls V and screams at him for like 10 minutes straight
  •  “Did you know? how could you keep this from us? MC could have been seriously hurt or killed
  • Jaehee bombards V with questions but doesn’t really let him answer
  •  “Well it doesn’t matter now. i’m going to personally see to it that no one can hurt MC. not even Rika


  • it happens on a night MC spends at Jumin’s penthouse
  • MC’s woken up by some crashing sounds coming from downstairs
  • they thought Elizabeth might have knocked something over, so they get up to investigate, careful not to wake Jumin up
  • when MC gets to the down stairs kitchen, they see that it wasnt a Elizabeth who cause those noises, but a person
  • standing in the middle of the room was Rika
  • she looked battered, her long curly hair was tangled and frizzed outward in all directions
  • “Who the hell are you?”
  • Rika snarls at MC, grabbing a large knife off the kitchen counter
  • “JUMIN!”
  • MC runs back upstairs to Jumin
  • Rika chases after them
  • Jumin stands in front of his bedroom when MC runs into his arms, tears streaming down their face
  • seconds later Rika appears at the top of the staircase, but when she sees Jumin with his arms wrapped around MC, she drops the knife and rushes out of the penthouse
  • the sound of the knife hitting the ground takes Jumin’s attention off MC for a second, and he watches Rika vanish from the stairway in a blur
  • was that…?
  • Jumin wants to chase after her, but MC’s shaking brings his concern back to them
  • Jumin stays still, keeping his arms wrapped tightly around MC, softly kissing them on the head
  • “Jumin…what’s going on?”
  • MC can barley choke out the words through their sobs
  • Jumin opens his mouth to answer but
  • he has no idea
  • was that a ghost?
  • can ghosts stab people?
  • “It doesn’t matter. what matters is that you stay by my side from now on. forever. okay?”
  • if that was Rika…
  • why should she try to kill MC?
  • Jumin loved Rika because she seemed to understand him
  • but Rika doesnt matter anymore
  • MC matters
  • and Jumin has to protect them


  • creepy 707′s spying on MC today via CCTV as per usual
  • work is especially boring today
  • so he decides to see what MC is gonna make for lunch instead of just asking them like a normal boy
  • but MC is not making lunch right now
  • right now, MC is having a shouting match with..
  • holy shit
  • is that RIKA?
  • Seven has never driven so fast in his life
  • when he gets there, he finds the lock on the door is broken
  • he quickly pushes it open to see Rika hovering over MC, one hand pinning MC’s arm to the ground and the other hand holding a knife in the air over MC
  • MC’s using their free arm to struggle against Rika’s attack
  • adrenaline takes over Seven’s body and he runs into the room, tackling Rika and tossing her knife across the floor
  • “Rika, what the HELL?!”
  • Rika pushes Seven off of her and bolts out the door
  • Seven hold his head with his hands and sits on the ground
  • it feels like his brain is short circuiting
  • rika??? is??? alive?
  • and wants to kill MC
  • oh god, MC!
  • Seven rushes to MC’s side, putting an arm around them
  • “are you okay?! did she hurt you?!”
  • “no….im f-fine”
  • MC’s staring at the floor, but Seven sees a tear roll down their face
  • he pulls MC into his lap, wrapping his arms around them
  • “hey now, it’s okay. i’m here now”
  • “Seven…I…thank you so much. i might have died without you”
  • Seven smiles and kisses MC on the cheek gently
  • “i’m just doing my job at the defender of justice”
  • MC giggles a little, sinking deeper and deeper into Sevens warm embrace
  • Seven tells MC they should stay with him from now on, since he practically lives in a bunker
  • he pushes away all thoughts of confusion
  • he pushes away all thoughts of Rika
  • he has to protect MC from danger, no matter what the danger is
  • he cant afford to be confused right now
  • Rika doesnt matter
  • more than anything, MC matters


  • V receives a call from a frantic, sobbing MC
  • “MC? what’s going on? are you safe?”
  • “i dont think so”
  • so V rushes to MC’s side, wanting to comfort them and ensure their safety
  • he sits down with them on the couch, ready to listen to everything MC has to say
  • “when you’re ready, please tell me happened”
  • MC takes a few more minutes before they’re able to form words
  • “someone broke in, V. and… they were trying to attack me”
  • who could have gotten into the apartment?
  • V moves closer to MC, gently grabbing their hands
  • “was is anyone you know? this apartment is practically intruder-proof”
  • “it…it was Rika”
  • Rika….?
  • why would she hurt MC?
  • why wont she just let him move on?
  • doesnt she know how much this hurts him, too?
  • V feels his stomach twist into knots
  • he feels like vomiting
  • “I know this must be hard for you to hear-”
  • “MC, please. i am not the victim here, you are”
  • V knows the woman he loved is dead
  • he has someone else important to protect now
  • “MC, if it’s alright, i’d like to stay here with you now. i need to make sure you’re safe”
  • V pulls MC close to him
  • “o…okay..”
  • V relaxes a little now, with MC close to him
  • he’ll protect them from anyone
  • even Rika
  • forever


  • just when Saeran thought he had rid his life of all traces of Rika
  • that he had finally moved on to live a normal life with MC
  • she makes a comeback
  • in the worst way possible
  • Saeran always kept a close eye on MC
  • he knows better than anyone how cruel this world can be and wants to protect them as best as he can
  • so, as always, Saeran calls MC in the morning after he wakes up to make sure they slept well, and to see if they’re feeling alright
  • MC is always awake to answer his call
  • but today, there’s no answer
  • he calls again
  • still no answer
  • Saeran starts to get concerned, so he drives to MC’s place
  • he knocks on the door and calls for MC
  • the door swings open almost instantaneously, and MC tackles Saeran in a tight hug
  • “Saeran!”
  • “nice to see you too, haha..is..everything okay?”
  • MC pulls away from him
  • “Saeran, I think Rika just tried to kill me”
  • ?????
  • did he…hear that right?
  • “what?”
  • “she climbed in through the window and attacked me…but she’s kind of bad at fighting. she panicked when you knocked on the door and ran off”
  • “…..what?”
  • “Do you have any idea why Rika would wanna kill me?”
  • “sorry..but…what?!”
  • Saeran’s brain cannot compute anything coming out of MC’s mouth right now
  • they….fought Rika?
  • the dead one?
  • “are…are you hurt?”
  • “only bruised a bit. i was winning before she ran off”
  • “are you sure it was Rika?”
  • “yes”
  • “positve?”
  • “Saeran”
  • “ok, ok. sorry”
  • Saeran decides to stay with MC to keep constant watch over them
  • even though they claim Rika poses no real threat
  • Saeran know’s first hand how dangerous Rika can be
  • and has no intention of letting her get anywhere near MC ever again



headcannon requests?

“I’m sorry Bug,”-Little Winchester Sister

So here’s this. It was requested, sorry it took literally 3 weeks to get anything up. College has been kicking my ass. Its fun, but its a lot too. I’ll try to be more active with my writing, I promise. anyways, this is something to curb you guys over. enjoy, request, show your parents, cat, siblings, follow me, reblog,burn, smile. I love yall so much, never forget that. have a great day, night, morning, afternoon. Happy birthday who ever was born today.m Ask me questions. TRIGGER WARNING: VOMIT VOMIT VOMIT AND IT COMES FROM THE READER.


“Y/N! Buggie! It’s time to get up, baby girl.” Dean called through the bunker. You opened your eyes with a small groan. Rolling over your head hit the headboard with a loud thump. 

“Owwww,” You whined, rubbing the throbbing area on your head. You were sick, you could tell you were, but it was also your first day of school. You got dressed sluggishly, wincing when you heard your big brother’s booming voice echo through the house. 

“Y/N, I’m not going to repeat myself. Get up and come eat breakfast.” Dean said. You groaned again, pulling on your sneakers and walking down the hallway, only to choke down the bile that slowly crept up your throat when the smell of pancakes, eggs and bacon wafted through the small area. Sam looked up at you from his spot at the table, sipping on some coffee.  

“Hey, bug. You excited for school today?” He asked you excitedly. You walked over to him, crawling into his lap, being careful not to let your skirt show your bum, and buried your face in his large chest. 

“I don’t feel good, Thammy.” You lisped into his shirt. His laughter vibrated your forehead.

“That’s just first day jitters, baby girl. You’ll be fine. You’re going to make lots of new friends and have a great day.” Sam said, pulling you away from his chest when Dean placed a plate of food in front of him. You ate the food from your spot on Sam’s lap, pushing the plate away when you were full. You actually didn’t want anything, but you knew Dean would give you the look of disapproval of you didn’t even touch your food.  

Dean drove you to school, shutting the car off in the parking lot, waiting for you to climb out. You stared out the window, at all the kids hugging their parents goodbye, telling them that they’ll see them in the late afternoon, then scurrying off to be with the other children who had already parted from their parents.
“Y/N?” Your brother said, jolting you from your thoughts. Your vision swam a little when you turned to look at him. 

“Thorry, De. I don’t feel good, I don’t wanna go today. Can we go home please?” You spoke quietly, ignoring the churning in your stomach. Dean chuckled, shaking his head. 

“You gotta go to school, baby. It’s only first day jitters. You’ll be fine, I’ll be back to pick you up later today, okay? I love you.” Dean said, leaning over to press a kiss on your head. You reluctanly climbed out of the Impala, and trudged to the front doors of the school before the bell rang. You could hear Dean pull out and drive away, but refused to look back to watch him leave. You were upset that he didn’t believe you when you said that you felt sick. You were mad that he didn’t even care.

You walked into the classroom, being met with a ton of curious eyes. The teacher turned in her desk to smile warmly at you. She stood up from her chair, walking over to you, placing a kind hand on your shoulder.  

“Looks like we have a new student. What’s your name, sweetheart?” She asked. 

“Y/N.” You said shyly, looking at the tiled floor, trying to get rid of the sudden dizziness.  

“Welcome , Y/N. I trust that you have a good time here at Cardinal elementary. I’m Miss. Quarry, and welcome to my 1st grade class. You can sit wherever you like.” The woman said, gesturing that you sit down. You sat in the first seat you saw was empty, dropping your bag on the floor next to you. A boy was sitting next to you and his name tag read, “Sammy.” You smiled slightly at his curious stare. 

“That’s my big brother’s name too.” You said, your smile widening when you saw the boy crack a small smile.  

The day droned on, listening to things you already knew because Sam had taught you when you were on the road. Your eyes started closing,allowing you to drift off for a few minutes; only for you to jerk them back open when someone coughed for made  loud noise. The churning feeling in your stomach was back and you could feel the contents of your stomach lurch up your throat.

 Before you knew it, your mouth was open and the rest of your lunch was erupting from  your lips and onto the floor next to you. The class was screaming when they saw your mess. Sammy was gentleman enough to hold your long hair away from your face while you continued to be sick. For being 6, he was already a man. 

The teacher called Dean and he rushed to the school to pick you up. You were sitting in the nurses’ office, tears streaming down your sweaty face and shaking from the fever you had gotten when you were throwing up. When he saw you, pain and sorrow etched in his features.
“Oh buggie, I am so so sorry. I should’ve known something was wrong when you said that you didn’t feel good,” Your oldest brother said, lifting you into his arms, moving your hair back from your sweat covered face. You nodded, hiding your face in his chest. 

“’s okay, Dean. I just wanna go home and theep, now. Okay?” You muttered, closing your eyes, letting sleep overcome you fully now. 

Dean felt terrible that he was completely oblivious to his little sister being sick. Next time he swore to himself that if he realized that something was wrong or that you said you weren’t feeling well, whatever the reason, he was going to be there every step of the way, helping you through it. He loved you and he wanted you to make sure you knew that.He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead as he laid you in your bed, going into the kitchen make some soup and crackers for your upset tummy. Never again was he going to let something like this get out of hand again.

My devoted friends are the coolest on tumblr. And so amazing that God stumbles out of sacred bushes and waves at them, while they peacefully dream, the pirate flag. Nobody rises because they’re bewitched in moonlight slumber. Forever outcasts and rebels juggling with polished words trying to reassemble the green fairies scrambled game . Dear God, I’m a woman and I digest poetical debates beside one can trash it and sliced it and at last vomited it politely in the jukebox’s bin amongst my favorite cat’s exuberant thoughts. I can fucking touch them, imploding by channeling transfer in my fatigue brain. Back to my beloved friends. See what smuggled diamonds can cut when too much imagination runs like a drunken feather in one’s overloaded brain. My devoted friends are the coolest on tumblr. Hallelujahs…and as usual, tones of love from me my dearest ones! And excuse me for an awkward piece of whatever is this.

I doubt anyone will actually like it. Aside they’ve penguins imagination :)

“Stop shaking,” Cas said softly, wrapping his hand around Dean’s trembling one. “Whatever this is, whatever is wrong, we’ll face it together.” 

Dean nodded, too overcome to use anything resembling words. He was scared. There was no ifs, ands, or buts. He was scared, clinging tighter to his alpha’s hand as their doctor let himself into the office. 

“Mr. Winchester?” Dr. Cochran sat down across from them and smiled reassuringly. “I’ve got your results and I’m pleased to announce that you don’t have cervical cancer. You don’t have any cancer at all, actually, but I do know why your heats haven’t come as scheduled.”

“You do?” Dean whispered. 

“Yes,” the doctor smiled. “You’re four months pregnant.”

Both Dean and Cas’s jaws dropped. 

“But - th-the last doctor told us - I mean - he’d been on suppressants for too long -”

“Six doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. Six. I was on suppressants most of my adult life, hell, I didn’t even have a heat when I came off of them!” Dean protested. 

“Well,” Dr. Cochran smiled, “sonograms and blood tests don’t lie. You’re pregnant. And according to the sono, you’re four months pregnant. Your babies are due at the end of the summer.”

“Oh my go-,” Dean sucked in a gasp. “Babies?!

“Yes.” He laid a piece of paper on the desk. “See? Two. Two little angels growing inside of you.” 

Dean almost laughed hysterically, wondering what the doctor would think if he knew the alpha sitting next to him was indeed a former angel - but - wow. “I’m pregnant,” he whispered, reaching out for the picture of his children. “Cas, we’re gonna be dads -”

He turned to Cas, smiling softly at the stream of tears rolling down his face. Dean reached for Cas’s hand, feeling the trembling running through his body. 

“So at any rate, you don’t need an oncologist, you need an obstetrician, which happens to be my sister’s line of work. You’ll like her, Dean, she’s an omega too. I’ll give you guys some time to talk. In fact, take all the time you need. Congratulations,” he said, before letting himself out of the office. 

“You ok?”

“I am -” Cas sniffled. “I am so happy. I don’t know why I’m crying.” He took the tissue Dean handed him and wiped his face. “You’re not sick and we’re going to have the children we didn’t think we’d be able to. Stupid to cry when something so wonderful, something miraculous, has happened.”

“Such a thing as happy tears, Cas.”

“We’re going to have to baby proof the bunker!”

“I sure Sam and Eileen can help. They’re experienced parents.” Dean looked down at his middle. “Guess it’s not extra pie forcing me out of my jeans after all.”

“No, and it does explain the three months of vomiting. But why didn’t I smell the change?”

“Dunno. Does it matter?”

“No,” Cas smiled, cupping Dean’s face in his hands and pulling him in for a kiss. “I love you so much,” he said softly. 

“Love you, too.”

Cas’s hands slid from Dean’s face to his belly. “Hello there, little ones,” he murmured. 

“Babies,” Dean said quietly, his voice full of wonder. 

They sat in the doctors office for a while, basking in the late afternoon sun and the warmth of their promised family. 

Fred Weasley Imagine Parents

Requested by @marygracewinchester 

“Oh God.” You whispered, as you stared at the pregnancy test in your hands. You were pregnant with Fred’s child. Your hands flew to your mouth and you let out a scream of happiness. You’d been married to Fred for about a year and you’d been trying for kids. 

“Are you ok in there (Y/n)?” Fred asked from outside. He opened the door and you stood up, waving the test excitedly. Fred looked at it and grinned, spinning you around in his arms. 

“We’re going to be parents!” He shouted happily and kissed you. 

“I love you so much!” 

“I love you too!” 

You opened your eyes and rolled out of bed, clutching your stomach. You stumbled towards the bathroom and leaned over the toilet, before vomiting. Fred sleepily followed you and rubbed your back comfortingly. He did it every time you had morning sickness and he’d been there for you every time you’d needed him, even if it meant leaving the shop. 

“I think it’s over.” You said once the vomiting finished. Fred nodded and kissed your forehead. 

“Only six months to go babe.” He said encouragingly and you nodded, rubbing the small bump that you had. Fred leaned down and kissed it. 

“I can’t wait to meet you.” he whispered to your child. 

“Alright Mrs Weasley, let’s take a look at your child.” The midwife said, as she smeared paste on your stomach. Fred squeezed your hand excitedly, because you were finding out the gender. The midwife watched the ultrasound. 

“Ok, both heartbeats look strong, so that’s good.” You looked at Fred in confusion and turned back to the midwife questioningly. 

“Um, two heartbeats?” You asked and the midwife looked up in shock. 

“Don’t you know that you’re carrying twins? I thought you already knew.” You shook your head and Fred grinned. He kissed you lightly. 

“Twins must run in the family.” Fred said and you rolled your eyes at him. 

“Well, you’re having twins. You’ll have a boy and a girl. Congratulations.” The midwife said, before leaving to give the two of you a moment alone. Fred moved forwards and you looked a him worriedly. 

“Do you think we can handle twins, Fred?” 

“Of course we can (Y/N).” Fred reassured you. 

“Fred.” You hissed in pain, as you tried to wake your sleeping husband. His eyes opened slowly and you groaned as another contraction hit your body. Fred sat up and rubbed his eyes. 

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong? Why is the bed wet?” Fred asked tiredly. 

“I’m in labour Fred.” He snapped his eyes open and stood up, running around nervously. He grabbed your bag and took you to the car. He jumped in the car and kissed your cheek. 

‘We’re having a baby! I need to tell George!” Fred said excitedly and you rolled your eyes. 

“I think getting to a hospital is slightly higher on my priorities.” You replied and Fred nodded seriously, before driving off.

“Ah!” You screamed, as you pushed for the final time, hearing your second child’s cry fill the room. You slumped back from exhaustion and Fred kissed your forehead. 

“I’m so proud of you babe. You did it. I love you so much.” Fred whispered and you tiredly smiled at him. The nurse gave your children to you and you smiled down at their tiny faces, knowing that the months of your pregnancy had been worth it. 

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Little Pink Plus Sign - Part 2/? - Rose POV

Dimitri smiled at me as he walked in. “Hey, babe.”

I forced a smile and kissed him. My stomach was doing flips. “How’s Christian?”

“Good. He’s good. Didn’t want to go to that meeting with Lissa today, but you know he’d do anything for her.” Pulling me into a hug, he kissed my forehead.

Snuggling against his chest, I fought the urge to cry. “I’m glad she has him.”

He nodded, then grabbing my hand, we walked to the kitchen together. “So who were you talking to?”

I almost didn’t make it onto the chair. “Umm…my mom.”

“Aren’t she and Abe on vacation?” he asked as he grabbed a couple mugs from the cabinet.

“Yeah, they are. I think they’re having a good time. I’m glad she finally took some time off to spend with him. She’s always been too much about work.” Realizing I was word vomiting, I snapped my mouth shut and looked down quickly.

Dimitri knew me too well. He set the mugs down and walked over to me. “Roza, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I said waving him off, but the tears forming in my eyes betrayed me. “Dammit,” I cursed, wiping them away quickly.

Kneeling down, he wiped my hair from my face and gazed into my eyes. The love, adoration and almost worship shining in them just about killed me. My tears began to run freely, and I buried my face in his shirt, probably ruining it.

Without saying a word, he picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. Gently, he laid me on the bed and covered me with the comforter before crawling in beside me. Pulling me into his arms, he held me tight as I sobbed. Loving me despite the horrid amount of ugly crying that was happening.

I’m not sure how long we sat there before I fell asleep, but I woke up two hours later. Dimitri wasn’t in bed anymore, so rubbing my eyes, I went to find him.

He was sitting at the dining table, his back to me. Slowly, I made my way over to him and sat down beside him. That’s when I noticed what was in his hands. The prenatal vitamins. Pure confusion filled every feature of his face; it made me wonder how long he’d been sitting here staring at the bottle.

Deciding that honestly was probably the best policy, I took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant, Dimka. I went to the doctor, and they confirmed it. I told them it was impossible since we’re both dhampir, but somehow I am. I didn’t want to tell you because I was afraid you’d think that…” I tried to ignore the tears forming in my eyes. Damn hormones. “We’re having a baby, Dimitri. They said it’s really rare and that we might run into complications, but we’re having a baby.”

He looked up slowly, his eyes filled with tears. “You thought I’d be mad? That I’d think you cheated on me?” His voice radiated hurt.

“I know it was stupid, but, Dimitri, this was impossible. We weren’t supposed to be able to have a baby. I was scared. I am scared.”

Suddenly, he threw the vitamins down, and I started. He was angry. He didn’t believe me. But instead of yelling, instead of accusing me and pointing fingers and hating me, he kissed me. He pulled me so close that I wasn’t sure where my body ended and his began.

Pulling away briefly, he pressed his forehead against mine. “We’re having a baby.”

I laughed through my tears. “Yes.” Suddenly, I felt my feet come up off the ground as Dimitri spun me around. Then, his mouth was on mine again. Under his touch, every worry I’d had melted away.

He began to laugh…and laugh and laugh. His joy was contagious and before long, we were both laying on the floor laughing uncontrollably. Between giggles, he’d plant small kisses on my forehead and cheeks and nose. Then, he sat up. Placing a hand on my stomach, he smiled. “We’re having a baby,” he said again as if trying to convince himself it was true.

Nodding, I sat up too. “It’s not going to be easy, Dimitri. The doctor said there’s a pretty big chance that I’ll…that the baby…”

Placing a finger on my lips, he shushed me. “Don’t worry, Roza. I’ll take care of you.” Then, getting close to my stomach, he whispered, “I’ll take care of both of you.”

Doctor Sugg. - Joe Sugg Imagine.

You mumbled groggily feeling your body lay limp and freezing cold under the blue and white striped duvet of Joe’s bed. Your blood shivered with a cold feeling as your eyes stayed glued shut, too heavy to pull them open as your dry throat cried for any type of liquid. You were laying sick in bed since last night at three o’ clock in the morning when your body and your stomach decided it would be the perfect time to cough up the food you had inside of you. The room was spinning and as soon as you opened your eyes last night, to see everything in Joe’s room swirling like a fast carousel, you knew exactly what you had. You were unfortunately cursed with vertigo. You groaned at the thought before winced feeling your head release shooting pains, like guns having the trigger pulled inside of your skull. You felt like absolute crap. You felt so crap that you wanted to do nothing more than cry and vomit.

When Joe heard you calling his name from his small ensuite bathroom in the middle of the night, he was quick to rush to your side and gather back your hair, and rub your back soothingly. Joe had to carry you back to bed since everything was whirling around in circles on you, making it hard to focus on where you were going, especially in the dark. Currently your hand was on your stomach and your head buried deeply into one of Joe’s fluffy pillows, a black basin beside you in case of vomiting emergencies. The blinds were partially open, allowing a slim streak of light to enter into the room so you could see where you were and what you were doing, even though the room was still spinning.

You listened closely to everything around you, since it was literally your only sense you currently had and listened to footsteps, quietly creak down the stairs before you could hear the small squeak of Joe’s door open. “Hey baby..” He whispered, sitting down onto the edge of the bed where you were sprawled across and softly tucked the blanket over your body and brushed a strand of hair away from your face as you slowly opened your eyes, allowing them to adjust so you could see a swaying Joe. “How are you feeling now?” He asked you, gently rubbing your arm as you closed your eyes and pressed yourself back against the pillows, pulling the blanket closer to yourself feeling goosebumps rise onto your cold skin. “Honestly?” You question, clutching to your stomach feeling it swirl crazily, the basin instantly sitting in your lap as you groaned. “I feel like crap..and I’m so sorry for getting sick last night..that’s the last thing you want in your cool bathroom..” You whispered as you took slow, deep breaths with five second intervals to try and steady yourself.

“Y/N don’t be silly. I love you so much and I want to take care of you. You’re feeling sicker than anything and it’s so rare when you get sick..it’s unfortunate that your sick but I’m going to take care of you today..I brought you down a water bottle and a small tablet that should help with the headaches and I’ve got a liquid, pink medicine here from the doctor that said it will help with the stomach aches and the vomiting..I’ve turned the heating on too..” Joe talked softly, unscrewing the cap from the bottle and placing a large straw into the water bottle, placing the straw to your mouth and ordering you to sip slowly before swallowing your tablet. You felt your heart flutter under all of the sickness as you reached out for Joe’s hand, squeezing it softly and keeping your eyes closed.

“Thank you for everything Joe..I really wish I could look at you right now but my eyes are so heavy and I really haven’t got the energy to open them..but I love you so much..and I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me and I’m so sorry about the vomit..” You said embarrassedly and thinking about how embarrassing it was as you poured out your insides while crying over his toilet, a wave of guilt washing over you at the thought. You felt small circles being rubbed onto the back of your hand and you managed to find the strength to open one eye and gaze to Joe who was looking at you worriedly, a small smile playing on his lips as he shook his head. “Get some rest babe, I’ll be back down in a few minutes..please stop saying your sorry for something so silly, it’s fine and I love you so much..” Joe whispered, kissing the back of your hand before tucking you back under the covers and setting the water bottle on the bedside table before you listened to him leave the room as you fell into a much needed, dark and dreamless sleep.


“Ah, Ms. Last/Name, it’s so good to see your starting to wake up..” You stirred hearing a formal voice speak making you confused as you fluttered your eyes open only to gasp loudly seeing Joe standing beside your bed, dressed in a pair of black trousers, a white shirt and a large white doctors over coat, a dummy stethoscope hanging around his neck and a clip board in his hand as he smiled cutely at you making you giggle. “How’s the patient feeling, eh?” He smiled, sticking his tongue out between his lips as he began to write down on his clip board and pretend that he was taking your blood pressure. It was now eight o’ clock and the dizziness has stopped thankfully but everything was swaying only slightly, but you were beginning to slowly feel better. “I’m feeling a little better Doctor..” You giggled, resting back against the pillows and watch Joe knock his pen against the clip board and hum, before he sat you up slowly and shook his head. “Maybe it’s best if I check your heart beat..” He nodded, placing the ear plugs in his ear and began to set the cold metal against your chest making you gasp.

“Breathing is normal..hmm…your heart is beating very fast..” Joe trailed off, keeping the cool metal pressed over your heart as he bit his lip and flashed you a sexy but oh so innocent look before pulling back slowly and scribbling down some things. “Well Ms. Last/Name, I think your starting to get much better..take some rest and I’ll allow some visitors in soon..but in the mean time, get some much needed rest..” Doctor Joe grinned at you before he left the room making you burst into a fit of giggles at his actions, thinking about how dorky and sweet he was. You relaxed back against the large warm pillows, taking deep breaths to settle your spinning stomach and dizzy mind before you turned to the door hearing a knock come from it. You raised an eyebrow oddly before seeing a large teddy bear peek it’s head in at you and wave his hand, Joe’s adorable face jumping out from behind the bear as he smiled at you, walking into the room with a bouquet of flowers in the other hand and sat down beside you as you gasped and smiled brightly feeling your spirit instantly lift as Joe placed the large cuddly bear into your arms, as you hugged it against your chest tightly. “This poor guy hasn’t got a name..and I knew you would just love to give him a big cuddle..” Joe smirked at you as you smiled widely the large teddy bear in front of you, stroking the soft material before looking down to the bouquet of beautiful, colourful flowers. “Joe..” You trailed off, feeling your heart swell up at the thought as Joe left the room and returned with a bowl of warm, thin chicken soup.

“How are you feeling my love? The doctor told me you were feeling a bit better..I think he has the hots for you..I really wanted to beat him up..” Joe huffed folding his arms as he sat beside you, making you laugh quietly and roll your eyes playfully at Joe who smiled sweetly at you and kissed your temple tenderly. “I love you Y/N..I love you so much..” Joe whispered against your hair as he held you close into his chest, squeezing your shoulder before slowly lifting a spoon with warm chicken soup on it, blowing over it before bringing it to your lips whilst making aeroplane noises making you stick your tongue out and laugh quietly before taking the soup from the spoon and gently blowing a kiss to Joe, not wanting to spread your illness. “I love you, you big goofball..and I love Suggy..” You smiled sipping on the soup Joe would feed you, pulling Suggy the bear beside you making Joe chuckle loudly at the bears new name.

That night you occasionally got visits from Doctor Sugg and then have Joe enter the room after his little imitation and act all jealous of ‘Doctor Sugg’, but Joe took great care of you and made sure you were nursed right back to health and you felt so lucky to have such a wonderful, dorky boyfriend that you loved so much.

The End.


This was requested: A cute fluffy imagine, where Joe takes care of Y/N. :) I hope you enjoyed this imagine as much as I loved writing it! I’ll be posting part two to The Boxer as soon as I can! Don’t be afraid to message me, I don’t bite! All my love xx

It Hurts: Part 10

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A/N: sigh, im going to have to start reusing gifs T.T and I tried my best to clarify the time settings of the sections of this chapter, please tell me if anything is too complicated!

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[A week ago]

“Taehyung! Taehyung! What’s wrong? Hey hey, I’m here.“

Seulgi ran out of her car and found Taehyung, just sitting no the grass of an empty park. Her heart sunk when she saw him, in possibly the worst state ever.

The moment he saw her, he just fell into her arms and cried. He didn’t say anything, he didn’t do anything. He just cried and cried the tears he’d been holding back. It just all seemed to come out when he was with Seulgi.

She brought him under a tree and just sat with him. He laid his head on her shoulder, moving his way down to her lap, and she held him until he fell asleep.

He looked so good, even when he was sleeping with swollen eyes and an irritated nose.

Seulgi always had a weakness for Taehyung. She was like a dog on a leash, always there for him. Whenever he called, wherever he was, whatever she was doing, she dropped everything for him. She didn’t even know what all this was about- but it didn’t matter. Even if he was crying about a dead fish she’d come to make him feel better.

It was really a problem. Not once in their friendship had Taehyung showed any kind of love beside a platonic one. This meant she had to watch as he fell in love with Y/N, spiral into darkness and sleep with countless girls. Even when he was sleeping with girls for fun, she was never an option.

No more, she whispered to herself. She laughed at herself as she looked at the multiple messages her manager sent her. She was in HUGE trouble but, again, it didn’t matter.

But not again, she said under her breath. He’s never going to feel the same way. Let’s just stop.

However, right when she was about to wake him up, his eyes swiftly opened and he grabbed her hand.

“Feel the same way about what?”

Startled and scared, she brushed it off, “Oh nothing! How long were you awake?”

“You,” he said, finally realizing Seulgi’s kindness and support, “You were always there for me. Is that why? Do you have feelings for me?”

“What? No! Come on, Taehyung, my managers going to kill me. Lets-”

She was cut off by a pair of lips, and he took her in his arms, trying to feel anything other than pain. 

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