i volunteer as test subject

i dreamed that the gop was pushing for a rehaul of … like … polling station procedure, the details of which were very secret, and in retaliation some scientists were doing a study to show how the proposed changes would End Democracy

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Maybe Not

When someone with her credentials can’t pull that off?  One has to assume she was never talented enough to begin with.

She clearly has connections in the industry too.  She can’t say she is in anyway deprived of resources.

As for science, you need some sort of hypotheses to deem it science…I’m very sick, Anna.  I’d like volunteer as test subject for that medicine.  Even if it is just a placebo effect that makes me feel better.

- Maybe Not


My hypothesis is that everyone with a pulse that’s even remotely attracted to men, starts experiencing sialorrhea when they see this picture:

and then the sialorrhea gets worse when they see this gif:

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and then it reaches critical point when they see this gif:

*poor Khan, he’s so confused by water*

doctor-fructose  asked:

Dear person I hate,

⋆ [dear] person i hate,

⋆ hate’s. a real harsh word, ain’t it? not a word i thought i’d. ever be usin’ for you. not a word i ever wanted to use at all. like to. pretend i’m better than that

⋆ guess i like to. pretend a lotta things. he h..

⋆ ‘course it’s. the fact i never expected it that. stings the most. ya know? back then i trusted ya, sorta trusted everyone. maybe i was. bein’ too damn naive but you were like family to us. not. in the way somma ya alts are to somma mine but..

⋆ …‘ll be honest, bud. makes me sick, knowin’ that possibility even exists

⋆ but in fairness? can’t exactly. blame ya for everything. not after i volunteered. the research. the theories

⋆ the test subject.

⋆ just. wish i’d known how far you’d end up goin’ with it

⋆ …am i even a monster after what we did? or. just a weapon, somethin’ that’s. only good for causing harm? somethin’ that..

⋆ ..shouldn’t exist

⋆ guess i’ll. never know now, will i? might be better this way…

⋆ point is? i really fuckin’ hate you, old man

⋆ but don’t tell the other sanses, alright?

⋆ they wouldn’t understand…