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Ostara Sugar Cookies

Hi lovelies! Here is a super simple recipe for some cookies that you can use as an offering for Ostara (or anytime really) or as a sort of celebratory snack! They are super customizable! Please feel free to give me your feedback! I hope you enjoy!


🌻4Tbs butter
🌻4Tsp veg oil
🌻1 cup brown sugar
🌻2 egg whites
🌻1ish Tbs Vanilla extract
🌻1&½ cup all-purpose flour
🌻1/2Tsp baking soda
🌻1/4Tsp salt

🍪Optional Ingredients:

🌻1 Cup chocolate chips or
🌻Herbs of any kind to taste (I like lavender) or
🌻1 Cup butterscotch chips or
🌻Anything really! Have fun with it!

🍪Onto instructions!

🌻Preheat your oven to 375°f
🌻Mix together your flour, salt, and baking soda and set aside.
🌻Cream together your butter, oil, and sugar. Make sure your butter is softened.
🌻Next add egg whites and vanilla and mix on high (or really fast) until everything gets a little fluffy.
🌻Add your dry ingredients slowly. A little at a time.
🌻Scrape the sides and make sure you get everything Incorporated.
🌻At this point mix in your flavorings and what ever optional Ingredients you choose.
🌻Then spoon your cookies onto baking sheets covered with aluminum foil. I use a Tsp.
🌻Bake for about 7-10 min or until golden.

🍪Additional notes:

They may puff up and then fall. Don’t worry, that’s normal.
They may take a little longer or less (my oven isn’t reliable lol)
Also, make sure you get creative. Put your intent into these! That’s the point!
With every mix, stir in good things!
Visualize your intent!

🍪I really hope you guys enjoy this! Please if you do this send me pictures or let me know how it goes!

🍪I hope that you can use this recipe for an offering our a celebration party or something. Or use them to enjoy the holiday yourself 😊

🍪Thank you so very much! If you have any questions, feel free to message or send me an ask. Hope you enjoyed! ❤There is more to come!

Love and light
Cait ✌

Was doing some alcohol ink painting and the acetone had such a lovely flow to it when I was cleaning the gold off my brush, I wanted to share it!

Imagine going to art museums with Vernon and discussing what you guys think about all the art that is displayed.


My tumblr app was pretty messed up today and made the pictures blurry. I also wanted to share proper scans and not just a photo of a photo with you.

These are crops of my three photo ops, not manips, and I used Photoshop only to cut myself out of them. ;) All I ask is that you please visually enjoy these fine gentlemen. =D 

Guys, it was a pleasure, you were wonderful sports and I loved laughing with you this weekend!

This spinner is so visually stimming and nice! I am obsessed with it. It even has a little bit of weight to it. This was a really good find on Amazon, I’m very happy with it. I think this style of spinner is normally pretty expensive, but this one was only $14.88 + free shipping. I highly recommend this spinner for those of you who enjoy visual stims as well as weighted things.

Link To Spinner

-there is no talking in video

anonymous asked:

75 Muddz?

“You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Your vision began to clear as his voice pierced into your consciousness.

"I..didn’t do it on purpose.” You started, your throat scratchy from dehydration. Your field of vision was entirely green. What were you looking at exactly?

It occurred to you from the way your body was swaying that you were looking at the back of Murdoc’s neck. He was…carrying you?

Murdoc cleared his throat before he spoke again.

“Well, maybe next time you should remember to actually eat something for once, you fuckin’ dunce.”

“Well this has never happened before, otherwise I would have!” You protested. Murdoc had his arms entwined through your legs.

“Sweet Satan, you’re heavy as fuck.”

“Can it, greeny.” You spat as much venom into the words as you could.

He genuinely laughed at that. It was almost a sweet sound. like someone dusting off a forgotten treasure kind of sweet. Being this close to him, seeing the texture of his skin, the strength it took to carry you at all…you felt small and protected. You detected the faintest scent of licorice. Murdoc’s voice interrupted your thoughts.

”Just kiddin’, love. Only jokin’.”

Blushing, you hid your face in his neck. He didn’t say a word more to you as he carried you back home, his boots tapping the pavement.


Yes, another shameless visual self insert of myself with mudz. I hope you all enjoy! <3


artistic-garbage-can-not-cant  asked:

Hey! Have you seen the video PHR - 2/771 EDUCATIONAL VIDEO? It's very interesting and combines creepy visuals with interesting audio? I think you'd enjoy it?

ohHHH I HAVEN’T HEARD OF IT BUT i just watched it and this video is a Big Big Mood honestly

[ for anyone who checks it out, mild tw for blood, suicide and general…. weird vibes

and major tw for trypophobia at one point (it’s only one picture from 1:41 - 147) ]


fic moodboard: into the blue by zarah5

sansa-hand-of-the-king  asked:

Hi! First i have to say i love your metas, the one about the dragons is my favorite ( you totally convinced me that viserion is jons). Can i ask you a question? There is a lot speculation about sansa dying this season. I am worried because she doesnt have any connection to the others or fighting skills, and she isnt one of the main 5. (Arya,bran,tyrion,dany,jon). Can she survive? Thank you for the answer ;)

In the books, I feel confident that Sansa survives the series and is there at the end to help rebuild Winterfell. GRRM has said that the original outline is no longer relevant, and he regularly talks about Sansa when he mentions his main POVs :)

I think there are different ways to fight the War for the Dawn. Some heroes like Bran and Dany are going to be called upon to actively fight the War in a magical context. But a lot of other heroes are going to be called upon just to hold. To quote GRRM’s friend Robert Jordan, “We hold. With everything we have, we hold. We don’t pull back. We don’t try anything clever. We just hold.” If I may steal another Wheel of Time quote, 

“if the Lord Dragon three heads of the dragon attacks Shayol Ghul beyond the curtain of light, we will likely need to seize the valley North and the Riverlands and then hold it for as long as it takes him Bran Stark to battle with the Dark One Euron. I don’t know how long that will take, but it could take hours. Days. Tell me, have you ever had to entrench and fight a protracted, defensive war?”

Humanity doesn’t know it yet, but Westeros is already under siege. (Robert Jordan uses this same theme of humanity under siege btw; y’all should read Wheel of Time while you’re waiting for TWOW.) The first line of defense, the Wall, is about to fall, and an enemy that will not break – that will not stop – that will only grow stronger as everyone you love dies – is about to overwhelm the world. While Bran and Dany and Jon and Tyrion are fighting, everyone else has one job: stay alive. To steal from another of GRRM’s favs and give the corollary to Dany’s “dragons plant no trees” quote, “your job [humanity’s job] is to plant yourself like a tree” and not move. Hold. Stay alive. Even if Bran and the three heads succeed in their tasks, the War is still lost if humanity dies. 

Some people like Arya and Brienne will stay alive by the sword, and that’s essential in this fight. But as you point out, Sansa’s story has never been about her fighting skills. Sansa has long been the maiden in the tower, surrounded by the thick castle walls of the Red Keep and later the Eyrie. Well, we know GRRM likes to turn tropes on their heads, right? That’s why we’ll put Sansa in another tower. I love the idea of turning the powerless maiden in the tower trope on its head and making Winterfell the place where Sansa comes into her own and having her hold it in the War. That’s what Winterfell was built for: to hold. Winterfell is designed so that when the first wall is lost, the defenders can retreat to the second wall and keep holding. Sansa has a strong connection to Winterfell, and many people believe Sansa’s snowcastle foreshadows her rebuilding the castle post-ADOS. 

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Fingering Visual!

Hello! I’m really sorry that I haven’t posted as much as I should have recently! Here’s a visual for you all! I hope you enjoy it! As always it contains very smutty visuals (that aren’t mine) so please don’t read it if you’re not into that kind of thing! Oh and feedback is always welcome!




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My entire public school experience basically
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> *says the right answer*<p/><b>Teacher:</b> are you sure that's the right answer??<p/><b>Me, not sure anymore so I change my answer:</b> is it this then?<p/><b>Teacher:</b> ....no.. how did you even get that answer??<p/><b></b> *class laughs at me and I die inside*<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

can’t get the image out of my head of me twitching my blinds open to peek outside only i’m naked and seconds later another gap in the blinds appears at d*ck and b*lls height and it’s implied i did that with no hands. if vine was still a thing i’d probably make one where that is the visual gag. in its place i hope you all enjoyed this conceptual text post


Rosa. Re

by Sol Galeano

It’s been a while since i’ve recorded a visual to my music. I hope you enjoy +