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Goblin ending #4 (in the script)

I could have an opportunity to read the script of Goblin’s final episode yesterday.

Many viewers might be wondering what happened to Deok-Hwa in the end. The script contains the scene where old Deok-Hwa (in his 60s) introduces his 6-year-old grandson Yoo Sung-Jae to Kim Shin, just like his grandfather Chairman Yoo Shin-Woo did in ep 1.

After getting a sandwich from a jobless man in the park, Kim Shin comes back to his house and finds old Deok-Hwa there. Deok-Hwa says his little grandson Sung-Jae has come back from the US. Kim Shin kneels down to the shy little boy, saying “It’s nice to meet you. I’ll be your uncle, your brother, your son, and grandson” like he did to little Deok-Hwa in the past.

About 30 years later (Maybe Deok-hwa is already dead because he should be in his 90s), adult Sung-Jae (in his 30s) comes to Uncle Kim Shin and gives a new passport and a house in Prague, the Czech Republic. He asks Kim Shin “Uncle, did you find her?” “Not yet (sigh)”

Kim Shin looks around the white covered furniture and leaves the Seoul house. On his way to Prague from Seoul, he comes across the actress and the detective in the street. Yes, you know who they are.

Since the lovely scenes of detective Lee Hyeok & actress Kim Sun, about 50 more years have passed. (I guess Kim Shin stayed in Prague for about 20~30 years and returned to Korea once again, but couldn’t find reincarnated Eun-Tak during his stays in Korea) Kim Shin is now in Quebec, Canada. 85-year-old Sung-Jae is staying with him as his butler.

“Are you going somewhere, sir?”
“I’d like to go for a walk”
“You’d better avoid the main street if you can. Some Korean students are visiting and they’re noisy.”
“I’ll come back soon”
“Yes, sir”

And then… here comes the ending scene where Kim Shin reunites with reincarnated Eun-Tak on the hill. (It took at least 110 years for Eun-Tak to get reincarnated after she died.)

“Mister. You know who I am”
“My first and last… Goblin’s bride”

“My name is Park So-Min in this life.”
“I’m still Kim Shin.”

This is the end of the script.

I don’t know whether the director shot the old man Deok-Hwa scene or not.  I doubt he did, because of the insane filming schedule of the last episode.  Anyways, we get to know that the old butler in Quebec is Deok-Hwa’s grandson. 

Time table


  • March, Kim Shin returned to nothingness. (Ep 13)


  • Kim Shin came back to Eun-Tak and married her. (Ep 14~15) 
  • On Christmas eve, Ji Eun-Tak died of the car accident. (Ep 16)


  • October, Sunny died of an illness. (Ep 16)
  • She ascended the stariway to heaven with Wang Yeo.

After some time

  • Deok-Hwa in his 60s introduced his 6-year-old grandson Sung-Jae to Kim Shin.

Around 2086

  • Sung-Jae in his 30s prepared Kim Shin’s new passport and a house in Prague, the Czech Republic. 
  • On his way to Prague, Kim Shin came across reincarnated Wang Yeo and Kim Sun in the Seoul street. (Ep 16)

Around 2136

  • Kim Shin lives in Quebec, Canada, with 85-year-old Sung-Jae.  
  • He reunites with Park So-Min (reincarnated Eun-Tak) on the hill. (Ep 16 ending)
The Signs As Jack Handey Quotes
  • Aries: "After I die, wherever my spirit goes, I'm going to try to get back and visit my skeleton at least once a year, because, "Hey, old buddy, how's it going?""
  • Taurus: “The tiger can't change his spots. No, wait, he did! Good for him!”
  • Gemini: “Sometimes I wonder if I'm patriotic enough. Yes, I want to kill people, but on both sides.”
  • Cancer: “I hope if dogs ever take over the world, and they chose a king, they don’t just go by size, because I bet there are some Chihuahuas with some good ideas.”
  • Leo: "I wish outer-space guys would conquer Earth and make people their pets, because I'd like to have one of those little basket-beds with my name on it."
  • Virgo: "Just as bees will swarm about to protect their nest, so will I "swarm about" to protect my nest of chocolate eggs."
  • Libra: “I think a good novel would be where a bunch of men on a ship are looking for a whale. They look and look, but you know what? They never find him. And you know why they never find him? It doesn’t say. The book leaves it up to you, the reader, to decide. Then, at the very end, there’s a page you can lick and it tastes like Kool-Aid.”
  • Scorpio: "The first thing was, I learned to forgive myself. Then, I told myself, "Go ahead and do whatever you want, it's okay by me.""
  • Sagittarius: "You can't tell me that cowboys, when they're branding cattle, don't sort of "accidentally" brand each other every once in a while. It's their way of letting off stress."
  • Capricorn: "I guess the hard thing for a lot of people to accept is why God would allow me to go running through their yards, yelling and spinning around."
  • Aquarius: “We tend to scoff at the beliefs of the ancients. But we can’t scoff at them personally, to their faces, and this is what annoys me.”
  • Pisces: "Instead of putting a quarter under a kid's pillow, how about a pinecone? That way, he learns that "wishing" isn't going to save our national forests."

Some of my favourite moments from Call Me by Your Name (the novel) Part 2

1. Flirting over Bach. While Elio plays Bach on the guitar, Oliver has a “cutting” and “cruel” look on his face. Wounded, Elio stops playing. Oliver begs him to continue, but Elio teases him by switching to piano and changing the piece, refusing to play it as he played it before until he finally acquiesces:

“I knew exactly what phrase in the piece must have stirred him the first time, and each time I played it, I was sending it to him as a little gift, because it was really dedicated to him, as a token of something very beautiful in me that would take no genius to figure out and that urged me to throw in an extended cadenza. Just for him.”

We talk a lot about Elio’s thirst but he is a true romantic!

2. While Oliver was dating Chiara he and group of friends decide to go for a bike ride. They are one bike short so Oliver asks Elio if Mario can borrow his:

“I shrugged my shoulders, meaning, Go ahead, I couldn’t care less. But no sooner had they left than I scrambled upstairs and began sobbing into my pillow.”


3. Basically all of Monet’s Berm, but especially when Elio puts his hand on Oliver’s crotch and Oliver removes it in a gesture that’s described as “quite glacial”.

I see you Oliver ;)

4. Vimini:

“He likes you too—more than you do, I think.”

Captain of our ship!

5. When Elio takes Oliver to the bookshop and thinks:

“This is where I dreamed of you before you came into my life.”

My romantic son.

6. Vulnerable Oliver. As much as I love Elio’s teen angst, Oliver’s longing has a quiet pain that is very moving. The first night they sleep together he is “fussing awkwardly”:

“ ‘I’m so glad you came,’ he said. ‘I could hear you moving in your room and for a while I thought you were getting ready to go to bed and had changed your mind.’ ”

And later when he asks, “Can I kiss you?”

7. Oliver taking off Elio’s clothes:

“He was whispering, ‘Off, and off, and off, and off,’ which made me laugh…”

Cute, and cute, and cute, and cute.

8. Elio seeing Oliver wearing his bathing suit and calling it an “unbearable turn-on” which somehow leads him to the memory of Oliver coming on his chest… Have I mentioned that I love this book?

9. The entire peach scene might be the most human thing I have ever read, but especially Elio’s reaction while Oliver is actually eating the peach: 

“I was crying because no stranger has ever been so kind or gone so far for me…”

10. In Rome when Elio begins to contemplate life without Oliver:

“Would I be able to live without his hand on my tummy or around my hips? Without kissing and licking a wound on his hip that would take weeks to heal, but away from me now? Whom else would I ever be able to call by my name?”

I’m in agony.

11. Elio’s dad ripping out what’s left of my heart and handing it back to me:

“I never had what you had. Something always held me back or stood in the way. How you live your life is your business. But remember our hearts and bodies are given to us only once… I don’t envy the pain. But I envy you the pain.”

12. Oliver’s Christmas visit:

“I’d love nothing better than to take your clothes off and at the very least hold you. But I can’t.”

*flips table*

13. And when they meet again years later:

“…he was more me than I had ever been myself, because when he became me and I became him in bed so many years ago, he was and would forever remain, long after every forked road in life had done its work, my brother, my friend, my father, my son, my husband, my lover, myself.”

Congratulations, you broke me.

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Can you give some information on Jonghyun and his family and growing up? I've always wondered

these are just some bits of information on his childhood / family. he told a lot of predebut stories when blue night radio was still airing which you can read through at the link!


1) he has one sibling: an older sister named sodam. even though it’s hard to find the original quotation she was apparently born in 1988, making her around two years older than jonghyun and around twenty nine. she was born when their mom was twenty one. she’s a well known shinhwa changjo and has a job working within the cosmetics industry, based on a comment jonghyun made a year or two back but that could’ve changed by now.

2) his mom is named lee eun kyung. she was born on march 1st, 1967 making her fifty years old (in international age). she’s a christian (and sodam seems to be as well, though jonghyun is non-religious). jonghyun has mentioned the many jobs that his mom held in the past in order to keep their family above water, including (but not limited to): selling stickers at a stationary shop and being the principal of a daycare center. she went back to university late in life where she studied both women’s and children’s psychology and now works as a psychosocial therapist.

3) his grandmother was a haenyeo which is a female sea diver that works exclusively within or around jeju island. they’re often referred to as mermaids in korea and prided for being independent / highly determined / having iron and strong will, and are representative of the semi-matriarchal structure of family on jeju island.

4) he once said that he has a lot of older female cousins and that, as a child, he’d refer to them as “unnie” rather than “noona”.

5) to give a response about his dad: he’s not really in the picture and, though jonghyun has never confirmed it, it’s very likely that his parents are divorced and have been for awhile now. i once responded to a question about this, but it seems that jonghyun’s relationship with him is either extremely strained or nonexistent. he never mentions him when thanking his family for bringing him up (only his mom and sister). he has never been seen at any shinee or solo related event since debut, etc. any mention of him from jonghyun has been negative, such as: telling a story about how his dad was both against him partaking in a music career and attending a music school, and implying that he was a “bad” guy who dated women far too young for him in regards to his parents’ relationship. so, that’s really all that can be said about him.


1) jonghyun once said that his mom, sister and him used to play harmonica together during their spare time when he was in elementary school.

2) it’s been mentioned on various occasions under different circumstances but he used to practice taekwondo, kendo, etc. during his early childhood. he won a bronze medal in kendo once~.

3) his parents were married in 1994 when his mom was twenty seven, sodam was six and jonghyun was four. jonghyun once mentioned on blue night that, in their wedding video, he can be seen crying throughout the entire ceremony.

4) jonghyun revealed in late 2015 that his family was on welfare at least through his middle school years.

5) jonghyun once mentioned that his sister and him lived with his grandparents (on his mom’s side) for two years.

6) jonghyun once said that he doesn’t like thinking back on his childhood. when he was visiting his childhood home back in 2015 for monthly live connection he was quoted as saying: “i don’t want to think back or reminisce about my childhood memories. i have no good memories as i was in a period of storm and stress while living there”. he also said on the show that he doesn’t like looking at childhood pictures for the same reason, but you can view some baby photos of him here.

7) his “first love” was fellow classmate from his first year of elementary school. he basically followed her around like a puppy and wasn’t sure himself if it could be regarded as a “first love” or not.

8) he briefly wanted to be a police officer as a child. he then wanted to become a korean language teacher or writer before turning to music.

9) jonghyun once said that there was a period during his childhood where he was very sick often and it caused his mom a lot of stress. he’s also said that he used to get hurt quite a bit during elementary and middle school.

10) his parents briefly owned a record store very early on during his childhood.

11) he used to dye his fingernails different colors with his sister by using garden balsam as a child.

12) jonghyun attended an all boy’s middle school and then a christian high school named mount zion where he was part of a band named zion where he played the bass. it was through a performance with this band that sm scouted him to audition for the company (based on his visuals). he transferred from this school after becoming a trainee to attend the prestigious seoul music institute which he dropped out of before graduating. he later went on to receive his ged.

Elephant in the Room

Combination of Two Prompts: How would Batmom react to Teen Titans Robin and him not being in contact with them for so long? What would happen if she showed up at the tower? AND Dick calls Bruce and Batmom dad and mom for the first time after being adopted.

Words: 1745

AN: This was a pretty long one, but filled with fluffy feels, and I love it!!!

Your son is one of the best of his generation, and in your mother’s eye, the best. You understand why he left, you support his choice of independence, but an entire year without a call is simply too much. He stayed in contact for the first two, a random call here, and email, there, but then suddenly there was nothing.

          The only thing that let you know he was still alive were the news reports. Bruce, of course, follows every morsel of news. Though he’d never say it out loud, he knows that things need to be fixed.  You’d be willing to bet the Wayne family fortune that Dick knows the exact same thing.

          You can’t help but smile, after all, that’s what you’re here for; to beat sense into those stubborn heads. The security system is the exact same as the Batcave’s, and you’re surprised to find that your codes work.

          You let yourself in, and one quick hack into the system tells you that no one is there. So you wander, you take in the sights, and look around at the home your son has built for himself. You smile when you find his room. He’s changed his uniform a bit. There are no photos in obvious places or any real identifying marks.

          You leave the room for the common room and take a seat on the couch. You pull the photo album out and just wait. When the sound of footsteps and laughter sounds, you slip on the mask that’s needed; it actually goes rather nicely with your outfit.

          More than just his team strolls through the doors, it seems like every super powered teen in existence is there and Dick just stops at the sight of you. You stand up, and say, “I didn’t realize you’d be in the middle of a party.”

          He stiffens a bit and asks, “What are you doing here?” His voice is a bit hesitant.

          You grab your bag, and approach him. The closer you get the more you realize just how much he’s grown. You smile and say, “We need to talk.” He glances back at his friends and back to you, you just say, “I’ll wait in your room, I already know the way.”

          He watches you slide through the doors and Starfire asks, “Robin, who is that woman?”

          His voice is tight with emotion when he says “She’s my mother.”

          There’s a collective statement of “You have a mother?”

          Dick just glances at Roy and Wally, the only two not surprised and says, “Of course I have a mother.” Before he walks out of the room.

          He finds you sitting on the bed, sans mask. Before he can say a word you say, “No masks, you know the rules.”

          He doesn’t fight you on it, just removes his mask. You smile and open your arms. Sure enough he slides right into them. His head goes to your lap, and your fingers run through his hair. When the sobs come you know something happened, that there was a reason he hadn’t called.

          You let him cry, because sometimes everyone needs to, and you’d be willing to bet that your baby is long overdue. When he’s done, he slides on to the bed and tells you everything. He tells you about being held against his will by Slade, being forced to do horrible things, and then he tells you about the Brotherhood of Evil, and finally about Trigon.

          You listen as he pours out every pent up emotion, and when he’s done you don’t say anything about it. Instead you start on your own story, “Do you remember when you first came to live at the manor?”

          His brow furrows, “Of course.”

          You smile and remove a stuffed elephant from your bag, his eyes go wide at the sight of it. “You were so little and scared, and man oh man, did you remind me of Bruce. You two were the same age you know, when you lost your parents. You didn’t know what to make of us, and we weren’t really sure what to make of you to be honest. At that point we’d only been responsible for ourselves.”

          Dick smirks, “And all of Gotham.”

          You smile, as your hand strokes over the elephants worn head, “We’d never planned on kids, but when we saw you after that show, it hit us, you were ours. And then you started to grow, and you took on the family business with your dad, and I was just amazed, at how lucky we were to be blessed with a kid like you.”

          “You always made sure to keep my birth parents in the picture though. You’d talk about them with me, you’d take me to visit their graves whenever I wanted to. You even had that portrait made.”

          You grin, “That was all your dad, he didn’t want you to feel like we were replacing them.”

          “You didn’t I just got lucky  and got to have two sets of parents.”

          You smile, and there’s a moment of silence, “He misses you, you know.” Dick doesn’t say anything. “He bookmarks every newspaper article on you saving the day. Even has a subscription to the local paper. He’s very proud.”

          “He wouldn’t be proud if he knew what happened.” You smile a bit and he just groans, “How in the world does he know?”

          You smile, “He saw the footage from the top of the Wayne tower, you were stealing from.”

          “He didn’t come.”

          “He was on his way, already tracked Slade’s headquarters down and everything, when it suddenly blew up, he knew that your team had made things right. The Brotherhood of Evil was a learning experience too, and you saved the world from Trigon. When it comes down to it, you’ve done a lot of good Dick. And you’ve made a lot of friends too.”

          He smiles, “It’s the bi-yearly get together. Pizza party.”

          You groan, “Please tell me you at least eat some healthy things.”

          He smirks, “I make Alfred proud every once in awhile.”


          You pass him the elephant and he smiles and you say, “I never thought you’d leave her behind.”

          He shrugs, “I outgrew her.”

          You just smile, “When you first came to live with us you refused to let her go. Took her everywhere, for that first year.”

          Dick just smiles, “You guys homeschooled me for that first year. I didn’t have to let her go.”

          You laugh, “Still, you took her to all the Wayne foundation events, to restaurants, when we’d visit your dad at work. You even insisted that she be buckled in. You also insisted on taking her to that theme park. I was against it, I just knew she’d get put down somewhere, but Bruce insisted that everything would be fine.”

          “I’d been with you guys for about eight months at that point, I was at the tail end of my Robin training.”

          You nod, “Sure enough you left her there. You were in tears, you kept saying I have to have her, we have to get her back, she’s family. And then at some point you look up at me and Bruce and you said, ‘Please Mommy, please Daddy, we have to go search for her.’ That was the first time you called us Mom and Dad. It wouldn’t become a regular thing until a few months later, but in that moment your dad and I knew we’d move heaven and earth to make you happy.”

          Dick just smiles, “That was the first time he took me out as Robin. He called it the case of the missing elephant. He helped me track her down. Someone had thrown her in the trash on top of some nachos.”

          You smile, “I had to hand wash her, and then throw her in the washing machine three times to get all that cheese off. It’s amazing she doesn’t have any stains.”

          There’s a moment of silence before he says, “I’m sorry I didn’t stay in contact.”

          You pull him in for a hug, “It’s okay, baby boy. You can make it up by coming to dinner this Friday.”

          “Mom, I don’t know if I’m …”

          You cut him off, “He misses you Dick. You’re his son, and whatever that stupid argument was about three years ago, it’s forgotten.”

          “He really wants to see me?”

          You smile, “He talks about you all the time, how proud he is of what you’ve accomplished.”

          He smiles and says, “I’ll be there.”

          “Good, you can meet your new brother.”

          His eyes go wide, “You had a, but the papers didn’t say anything about …”

          You smirk, “His name is Jason, Bruce found him trying to take the wheels off the Batmobile. He’s in training right now.”

          Dick smiles, “Good, Batman needs a Robin, and I’ve been thinking it might be time to change things up. New identity for a new chapter and all that.”

          You lean down and kiss the top of his head, “As long as Dick Grayson remains that sweet, caring, and noble boy that I’ve always known, I think that sounds wonderful.”

          He kisses your cheek, “I’ll see you Friday, Mom.”

          You smile and leave his room, slipping on the mask again before you go. Waiting outside the door are all the teen heroes. You smile and say, “Speedy, Kid Flash, you have his back right?”

          Wally just grins and says, “Always Batmom, you know that.”

          You turn to the rest of his immediate team, “Thank you for taking such good care of my son. It’s good to see he’s made excellent friends.” They’re too stunned to say anything else. You leave the tower without another word. You reach home several hours later, to find Bruce waiting up for you despite the hour.

          “Jason asleep?” you ask.

          He just smiles and says, “Yep, he and Alfred baked cookies all day, and you know what a task master Alfred is when it comes to his kitchen.” He pauses before asking, “How’s our oldest son?”

          “Coming to dinner on Friday.”

          “He’s okay though?”

          You nod, “The picture of health, seems like he made some pretty good friends, too.”

Bruce just smiles and says, “Thank God.”

          You grab his hand, “Come on Caped Crusader, time for bed.”

          He come with you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and says, “Bed sounds absolutely divine.”

So ist es immer, touka/yomo fanfic (headcanon)

Summary: Yomo and Touka share a nice moment together the day after her wedding.

i wrote it this morning and i totally forgot to post it! i hope it’s not too ooc, touka apparently knows that yomo is her uncle (it was hinted before..) so i do mention that in here, i also want to believe that they share some corny family moments like this once in a while ♡ enjoy! /////


“It’s… kind of a big deal, you know? Being married and all that,” he says, trying to gather some wisdom. “So much, uhh… stuff to do, you know, responsibilities, many adult decisions to make and… yeah.” He frowns, what the hell is he even saying?

Touka frowns too, blurting out a giggle.

“God. You’re terrible with words, did you know that?”

Yomo smiles, cheeks softly blushing.

“Y-Yeah, sorry.”

“It’s okay. I’m awful with words too. I guess small talks don’t run in the family.”

Yomo shakes his head, and he’s not smiling anymore. His face shifts to one side to look at her, and Touka finds nothing but truth within his eyes.

“No,” he admits, and he’s being serious right now. “You’ve always been great with words. Just like your mother.”

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I sorta refuse to believe that Rory and Jess hadn’t seen each other in 4 years in the revival. Like Luke and Lorelai have been together all that time, Jess is now friendly with his mom, and he’s close with Luke, so especially with how much Jess has matured I feel like he would make semi regular trips to visit family in Stars Hollow (in just AYITL we see him visiting at least twice) and even if Rory was on the road a lot they had to have seen each other at least once or twice for a holiday or something in the past 4 years

minhyun!volleyball player au

Originally posted by utamun

  • the star setter on the varsity team
  • is still better than basically everyone at playing every other position
  • constantly has scouts at his team’s games
  • expected to go to the best university in the country with a scholarship
  • has one of the biggest fan clubs tbh
  • has been mistaken for an idol both because of how attractive he is and the herd of fans behind him 
  • seems cold because he doesn’t have very many people he talks to since he sacrifices a lot of time for volleyball
  • actually the nicest person alive
  • really caring towards his teammates (especially jinyoung but no one needs to know that)
  • also the tallest person alive (as sworn by sungwoon)
  • never does a day go by that he doesn’t compare sungwoon’s height to the net
  • or himself
  • “minhyun shut up”
  • “but you’re so small-”
  • once daniel asked him to help him practice his receives
  • but then he almost broke daniel’s arm with a serve so daniel never asked for his help ever again
  • always tries to pair up with guanlin during blocking drills so they can high five over the net
  • the biggest nerd
  • can recite to you the entire “volleyball handbook” in the coach’s office word for word if you asked
  • can’t jump that high but his height makes up for it
  • jihoon always tries to challenge him to a jumping battle
  • but he always wins
  • “it’s not fair, you’re taller”
  • “you’re the one that wanted to do this”
  • “that’s not the point hyung”
  • “but it’s the 5th time this week”
  • likes setting to seongwoo and jaehwan the most
  • seongwoo because he looks the best while spiking
  • he can’t give you a reason for jaehwan even if he wanted to
  • you can find him shouting at jaehwan to shut up during practice
  • takes care of the others really well
  • is really protective once someone gets hurt
  • doesn’t realize when he gets hurt sometimes so needs jisung to take care of him too
  • seonho, a 1st year from the basketball team, has the biggest crush on him
  • told him once he was gonna drop basketball to join volleybal to spend a lot of time with him
  • he was joking (at least minhyun hoped)
  • didn’t end up dropping the basketball team but stuck to minhyun when he visited practices
  • kinda sucks at studying and spends so much time on practicing but still somehow one of the best students
  • best friends with jonghyun, minki, aaron and dongho from the badminton and tennis teams
  • dongho never stops making volleyball puns
  • “I guess that serves you right”
  • “you get 2 more warnings before I kick you out”
  • the rest of his teammates and even players from rival schools look up to him a lot (literally and metaphorically asjsdgf)
  • both in skill and character
  • despite being extremely talented in his trade, he never used that to hurt anyone
  • has stayed extremely humble and continues to stay humble
  • just a Good Person and an amazing volleyball player tbh
  • gets really serious when it comes to volleyball
  • games with him are intense
  • is really passionate about the sport and would do anything to continue playing it for the rest of his life

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ahhhhh I totally love all hispanic yamaguchi headcanons!! would you share some of yours?!

wow okay i haven’t given this au much though but: 
- He’s the single child and was born in Japan. he’s fluent in both spanish and japanese.
- His dad’s Mexican and his mother japanese. They met when her mother was visiting friends in México. 
- His mother passed away when he was young but instead of going back to México, his dad raised him in Japan. 
- They go to México at least once per year. 

Breaking Point Part 2 (Lafayette x Reader x Peggy Schuyler)

Originally posted by real-hamiltrash

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader x Peggy Schuyler

Requested?: ‘WHY NOT BOTH??? Laf and Peggy are already a popular ship? You could have them dating and then let the Reader in the relationship?’ 

Prompt: A few day after leaving her husband, Reader has to struggle with single motherhood, divorce, and a certain Frenchman and Schuyler sister back in her life.

Words: 4800+

Warnings: Poly Relationship, Divorce, and Fluff

Masterlist / Part One


You had barely moved all of your stuff out of the house before the weight of being a single parent reached your shoulders.

Ever since your twin children turned five, you felt like a single mom, since Thomas was always working or off with his friends at parties and wine-tastings. But now you were out of the house and filing for divorce, you never knew what single parenthood was until now. Now, you have to pay bills and work and take care of your kids. Not to mention that the newspapers and gossip magazines are all trying to get exclusive interviews with you over your divorce from the wealthy lawyer Thomas Jefferson. You, of course, made sure to keep walking and ignore the press and all the emails and shout outs on social media from them. You just needed some peace and goddamn quiet to collect yourself and figure out what to do.

You were laying in bed one late Saturday night when your phone was ringing out of the blue. You were staying with your mother for the time being until you figured out what to do in your predicament. Your children were sleeping in a trundle bed on the floor next to you in a large guest room. You softly crept out of bed and retrieved your cell phone from the desk on the other side of the room. When you saw the caller ID, you were shocked and relieved. You almost didn’t answer the call.

“Peggy?” You whispered into the phone in a disbelief tone.

You heard an ever-familiar giggle come from the other side. “Well, good evening, Mrs. Jefferson.”

Your eye twitched. “Please don’t ever say that again.”

“Sorry! I almost forgot about your situation. I haven’t been keeping up with the gossip down there in Monticello. Lafayette has been giving me updates on Thomas’ public image and how many times he’d mention you and the kids in interviews. You know how love sick Laf is for you.”

You chuckled. Lafayette was a friend of yours that introduced you to Thomas. Lafayette had been in love with you for a long time but realized the mutual connection you shared with Thomas so the Frenchman stood back as a supportive friend and was the one to walk you down the aisle at your wedding since your dad passed away when you were young. Lafayette had always been there but you hadn’t spoken to him since you moved to Virginia with Thomas while you were pregnant.

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Surprise Visit

Request: Viktor and I become close friends during his time at Hogwarts and he is too shy to tell me that he has fallen in love with me. He is on his last day at Hogwarts when I finialy tell him how I feel and we write each other and I visit him when I finish with my schooling.
Please and thank you!


You really enjoyed the whole “Triwizard Tournament” thing. You loved having new people around Hogwarts, but you loved having one specific person around the most, Viktor Krum. The two of you grew really close throughout his time there, and you had developed feelings for him. Sadly, though, he never showed any sign of reciprocating those feelings. It was his last day, and you were dreading having to say goodbye.

You and Viktor stood in front of each other, waiting for the other to say something. You decided to break the awkward silence.

“Please don’t go…” You said. The tears that you were trying to hold back were streaming down your face.

“I don’t want to leave, but you know I have to. And please don’t cry, Y/N.” Viktor wiped the tears from your face, but more continued to fall.

You stepped closer to him so you could hug him and you buried your head in his chest. He sighed and just let you cry while rubbing your back.

Finally he said, “Don’t act like we’ll never speak to each other again. I promise I’ll write.”

You sniffed and nodded, still not lifting your head from his chest.

“Y/N, please stop crying.

You finally looked up and stepped away from him and glared at him through tear filled eyes.

"Don’t tell me to stop crying! I’m obviously going to cry when the boy I fell in love with is leaving and I’ll probably never see him again! I know you don’t feel the same way so you’re probably not even upset about leaving, but I can’t help but cry!!” You screamed at him.

“Y/N, how can you say I’m not upset about this?”

You crossed your arms and looked away from him. “You don’t seem upset to me,” you mumbled.

He sighed. “Look at me, Y/N.”

“No,” you said.

He stepped forward and lifted your chin so you were looking into his eyes. “Yes,” was all he said before he leaned down and placed a soft and short kiss on your lips. “Don’t you dare say I’m not upset about leaving you. And I know I’ve never said anything, but I DO feel the same way about you, Y/N, and I promise we’ll see each other again.”

You just stood and stared at him in shock…he felt the same way. You were surprised to say the least.

Viktor chucked at your lack of response and said, “I have to go now, but I’ll see you soon, Y/N.” And he kissed you again, this time a little longer. He pulled away and gave you a small smile before leaving.

Viktor wrote to you at least once a week. It wasn’t the same as having him with you, but it was still nice.

One year later, you finally finished school. You were officially done at Hogwarts and it was very exciting. As soon as you got home, you packed your things to give Viktor a surprise visit.

You apparated to his front door and knocked. You had a huge smile on your face when he opened it.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” He asked.

“Visiting you, of course. I’m done with school!”

He pulled you into a hug and told you over and over again how happy he was to see you. You went into his house and the two of you just talked about the things that have been going on in your lives, although you already knew from writing to each other.

It was late when the two of you finally decided to go to bed. And right as you were falling asleep, Viktor said, “I don’t ever want to be away from you again.”

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So I'm writing a fic about TK, and and I was thinking about his initals, and I had a random thought.... Why is he named Takeshi and not Ishida? Is that common practice in Japan when a couple gets divorced and the kids get split up?

You mean Takaishi. I remember reading about this a few years ago when my curiosity on the issue sparkled but if I’m honest I’m not familiar with Japan’s family registration rules back in the 90′s at all…

Judging from the materials I found online alone, I got the impression it’s extremely difficult for women in Japan to use their maiden names after a divorce, and one article even stated it was impossible to change it back. Honestly I always snort at words like “impossible”, one thing I learnt in my short time studying Law is no court decision can’t be taken for granted….

Anyway, apparently their law doesn’t necessarily force the couple to pick the man’s family name; it’s just that a family name must be chosen after marriage for the sake of the family book registration. While unnusual the man can pick the woman’s family name instead.

There’s only one exception: it’s when a Japanese person marries a foreign person. Which may be somewhat relevant, considering Natsuko is half-french. 

I had a couple of conversations with a digimon fan about this, she’s half Brazillian half Japanese, and she vented to me once how Japan (according to her) had strange proceedures when it comes to the nationality of women who marry foreigners. Apparently it’s like their Japanese nationaliy is questioned… I don’t know. Anyway this is the case of Natsuko’s mother, who - as we know - married a French man, the Michel guy we see in 02. I honestly don’t know to what extent I should rely on the information she’s no longer considered Japanese (with all honestly I take this with a grain of salt; just putting it out there in case anyone feels like enlightening me where the hell does this come from), but I think Natsuko got - most likely - the family name of her mother anyway.

This was just superficial online research, of course information of this caliber isn’t fact or to be trusted just because it shows up in google search results or because random people I found online tell me things.

A possible course of explanation I came up with at the time, however, is one where restoring the maiden name and retroactively change Takeru’s surname was one of Natsuko’s conditions for the divorce negotiations. I even developed this theory she tried to take advantage of her forgein blood as much as possible, to go against the establishment. Perhaps she asked it in return of Hiroaki getting the right to keep Yamato and have Takeru visiting him at least once per year, every August, who knows…

Sorry if you find some incoherent line of thought since I’m a bit in a rush at the moment but, yeah… It’s fun stuff to think about. 


Two years ago I met David Tennant at a comic con in Philadelphia today. And this year I got to see him again last month around his birthday. Meeting David
that first time was the most incredible time of my life, and I will never forget it. And also thanks to him, I found out that nothing is impossible because two years ago the idea of me seeing him after that was absurd. But now it’s two years later, and I did see him again in London of all places. A city I never expected to visit, but I did, and just like Philly and those memories of him, I will never forget visiting London and seeing him in person there. Anyway I guess what I am trying say to all of David Tennant’s fans is never say never. And that one day I hope with all my hearts that all his fans will have the chance the meet him just once at least, even if it is for a brief second because that second with him lasts forever.

-tennydr10confidential aka Katie

Can we talk about Japanese Percy please?

  • Sally not being all that surprised when she finds out she’s sleeping with the god of the sea because hey japanese people have worshipped the sea for years
  • she even asks him if isonade is real one night when she’s drunk and can’t stop giggling and he looks at her likes she’s the cutest thing on the planet (because she is)
  • He gets Sally’s silky black hair and her tan skin and Poseidon is h a p p y
  • Percy speaking fluent Japanese !!!!! (and turning everyone at camp on)
  • Sally and Percy refusing to speak anything but Japanese to each other after Gabe said it was a language for “chinks” and being an overall racist prick
  • Percy being able to transition between Japanese, English, and Greek so well it actually terrifies annabeth
  • Fourteen year old Percy wanting to be friends with Ethan because he was the only other Japanese kid at camp and he sympathized with Ethan for feeling like an outsider
  • Percy hating school because of the little shitheads that would tease him and say “you’re too dumb to be asian/i thought asians were supposed to be smart”
  • Percy watching his mom work and seeing how easily she could crunch numbers or watching her finish reading her novel before he even finished going down the slide and feeling s a d
  • Ofc Mama Sally told him he was perfect the way he was, he still can’t shake the feeling of constantly not being smart enough
  • When he meets Annabeth at her egotistical bratty stage and sees how she looks down at him for not being a genius he wants to punch her in the mouth (with his mouth)
  • Little Percy going through pictures of his mom dressed in her kimono looking all types of gorgeous and thinking she’s the prettiest woman in the world
  • Older Percy finding out kimonos are the latest “trend” this year and just    s i g h s
  • Percy being really close to his grandparents and visiting them at least once a year back in Japan
  • Percy really respecting his elders like everyone thinks he’s some punk ass kid but he really helps old ladies with their groceries
  • This even applies to the gods because even though they’re assholes and deadbeat parents for the most part he does respect them on some level
  • Percy cooking super spicy soba noodles and  Okonomiyaki for Annabeth/Jason/anyone that is willing to have their taste buds burnt off
  • Percy being the ultimate sushi snob
  • Percy giving everyone cute lil japanese nicknames especially a certain scary son of hades
  • Percy and Drew talking shit in Japanese
  • Drew meeting Sally and the two of them becoming gal pals who love tea and have the shiniest hair on the block
  • Nico impressing Sally with how much of Japan he’s visited because of shadow travel mishaps
  • Percy taking all the new asian campers under his wing and making sure they felt at home at camp, especially the ones who can’t speak english too well
  • Percy teaching his kids how to speak Japanese and telling them they’re doing amazing even when they fumble over all the words and being super proud of them trying because they know how much it means to him

Japanese Percy warms my cold heart <3 

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Can you do a blurb where Harry is dating an American girl fan and he surprises her for her 18th birthday?!

Here you go :) Hope you like this one. I almost didn’t include smut because it started out so sweet, but I assumed you want at least some sexual content, so…*ehem* enjoy.

Under any other circumstances, you would be excited that it was your birthday. Especially your eighteenth. But you were anything but happy. Because you couldn’t be with him.

You and Harry had been dating for almost a year. You’re actually not even sure if you would call it dating. How can you be dating someone you rarely see? Other than a brief courtship in the beginning, and the two times you had seen him - once when he came to visit during a break in the tour, and once when you went to see him - your “dating” had consisted of quickly interrupted phone calls and a series of conversations through texting.

You woke up this morning feeling melancholy. Harry’d had a show last night and he’d called you beforehand to wish you a happy birthday. He’d be traveling most of the day today and doing press until the next show tomorrow. You’d told each other how badly you missed the other and he’d said how he wished he could be with you. You’d gone to bed early, crying yourself to sleep, not even bothering to watch any of the fan videos online from the show. You just couldn’t bear to think of him being across the country instead of with you.

You didn’t want to be selfish. In fact, you’d taken his fame and your relationship all in stride so far. You knew how in demand he was, and he appreciated you for that. Being the girlfriend of a famous pop-star couldn’t be easy on anyone. Fortunately for you both, you’d been able to keep it under wraps. The tabloids continued to suspect Harry was dating someone, but they’d yet been able to pinpoint whom.

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I Get Drunk on Jealousy.

At least three times a week Cristiano came by the stables and graced me with his appearance. He was very handsome and his build was beyond amazing. If I had to guess, I’d say he stood around 6’1” and wasn’t a day over twenty-five. That’s only if I was guessing of course. The two of us engaged in conversation, but for the time being it was more flirting than anything. We hadn’t had the chance to exchange anything too personal, which was what I hoped to change today.

After speaking with a few close friends of mine, I decided maybe I should be bold enough to make the first move. There was absolutely nothing wrong with me from the way I saw it, but I couldn’t help but wonder what held Mr. Ronaldo back some. Was it something that I said, or didn’t say? So many questions ran through my mind, but I tried my best not to overthink things.

I always thought too much – I hated it.

“Y/N your friend is arriving.”

I turned my head and immediately blushed. It was my best friend of five years alerting me of his arrival. “Thank you and I guess I’ll be seeing you later on?”

For just one moment she paused and then her eyes lit up. She understood that I needed this time to fill out Cristiano and see if we could at least be on a texting basis. I mean, he always came to visit me, right? There had to be something that was keeping him around.

As I waited for Cristiano to walk towards me, I gently petted a horse and gave him a warm smile. Once he approached I smiled even wider and walked into his embrace. He smelled amazing, which caused me to take in his scent for just a moment longer. No words between us had been spoken yet. Everything seemed perfect and for that reason, I couldn’t make myself open the conversation with us exchanging numbers.

“How’ve you been, Y/N? I meant to come by here yesterday, but something came up. You not doing any riding today?” He glanced at the horse that I had been petting not too long ago and then around the stable. There wasn’t much happening and wouldn’t be over the course of the next few days.

“I’ve been pretty good. I did some talking to some friends of mine about some … things. I haven’t done much riding today. I’ve just been out here. It’s something like my sanctuary.”

Cristiano chuckled and then bit his bottom lip. “I can tell. It would be nice to pull you away from it one of these days.” He folded his arms and slightly cocked his head to the side. He was subtle with his suggestion, but I didn’t want to get too excited until I knew for sure what he was asking.

My mouth opened to ask for clarification, but then I was greeted with a surprise from behind. I was lifted from the ground and spun around. With the look on Cristiano’s face, I could tell that the cheery setting was now turning into something else.

The moment I was let down, I turned to see a guy that had the hugest crush on me. My mother thought he would be the perfect fit. He came from a prestigious family and appeared to have the best manners. He was far from my type and I had denied every attempt of him trying to take me out. He couldn’t even reach me unless it was through a direct message via Twitter.

“I missed you Y/N. I knew I would find you here. Come with me, I have something for you.”

The man standing before me was the one person I did not want to see. He was conceited and so self-involved that he could probably date himself. Everything he said went into one ear and out of the other. He probably thought that I was intrigued by what was coming from his mouth, but that was the least bit true. He bored me to oblivion.

“…Y/N, is that a yes?”

I was snapped back to reality when he called my name and asked for an answer. An answer to a question I had no idea he was even asking. My hand ran through my hair as I bit down on my lip. I was going to ask for confirmation on what it was he was asking, until I saw Cristiano leaving.

“Hey, I really have to go. It was nice seeing you.”

“Wait! What’s your answer, Y/N? Y/N!” He called out, but I was too focused on stopping Mr. Ronaldo.

I started out in a light jog behind him and called out his name first. He didn’t look back or answer me, which caused me to run until I actually caught him. Thank God it wasn’t too far. “Hey, what’s the rush? Why didn’t you answer me? You okay?”

“I’m cool but I have to go. I didn’t want to come between you and … him.”

By his pause I could tell he wasn’t too happy about the small scene that played out in front of him. It definitely wasn’t what it looked like, but having him wait for at least six or so minutes wasn’t looking so good.

“It’s not like that with him. He’s just some—,” I started to explain, until he gave off a chuckle and shook his head, cutting me off mid-sentence.

“Some guy? I don’t buy that too much. His eyes lit up when he saw you.”

“The way that mine do whenever I see you?” I was bold in this moment. I hoped that it wouldn’t bite me in the ass. “Cristiano, I’m not interested in him. Today I was praying that I would see you. My intent wasn’t to make you feel any way. I just wanted to leave here today on a solid basis with you. I’m really interested in getting to know you.”

Cristiano seemed both flattered and silly. His facial expression lightened and he let out yet another chuckle. He grabbed for my hand and then kissed it. “I guess I was honestly jealous for a minute. I came here with that same intent. I thought he had beat me to the punch.”

I smiled.

“Then how about you take down my number and we make some official plans away from here? I’m a simple woman. Anything would please me.”

From there we exchanged numbers and talked a little more. I had somewhere to be and he seemed as if he needed to go as well. The moment I turned to walk away, I got a text that read: Sorry again for my reaction. This is Cristiano, btw. I look forward to talking with you more.

Needless to say, my day was made and the mission I had in mind was accomplished.

One more sleep

First of all: to the anon with that best friends prompt, I’m working on it but my brain has too many good ideas and I can’t decide, but I will write this. Might just take a while.

Now to this little one here: there’s this beautiful Christmas song by Leona Lewis called “One more sleep” that I love dearly and I always wanted to write a fanfic about it. So in the next days before Christmas, I’ll write a little drabble about it and add it to this post. I hope you enjoy this!

Five more nights of sleeping on my own/five more nights until you’re next to me

Sleeping got a lot harder since Matteo left to visit his family in Italy. For the first time this year, they were separated for more than a couple days so of course Luna hadn’t been aware of how used she was to having her boyfriend around. Here and now, the bed lacked his presence, his warmth and it nearly tore her apart. Snuggling with him usually kept her nightmares away. Without him, she woke up again at least once a night.

In the dream she just woke up from, more old memories came up, twisted and recolored by her brain to the point they no longer remained happy. A sensation of heartbreak in her veins, and she reminded herself that Matteo would be back in a couple days.

However, sleep didn’t return. No matter how she turned, the emptiness next to her crept into her bones. Giving up, Luna pushed the blanket away and sat down in front of the bedroom window. It was a clear night, with a nearly full moon surrounded by stars sprinkled all over the sky. Unconsciously, her hand wandered to her necklace – or at least to where it was supposed to be. Hoping it relived Matteo’s homesickness, she had given it to him for the trip.

Her phone lit up, indicating a new message. She almost tripped on her way to the drawer next to the bed. The time difference in mind, there was a chance Matteo was awake as well.

Everyone’s fighting right now because of some stupid thing that happened years ago and I’m really jealous of your pillow. Love you.

The text increased her worry, but at the same time it was the best thing that happened all day. When you’re back, you can be my pillow. Love you more.

The minute it took him to answer felt like an hour. Shouldn’t you be asleep? Or are you having nightmares again?

Yes, but I’ll be fine when you’re back.

This time he answered sooner. That’s five more nights, right? You can do this.

Matteo was right. Only five more nights…

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I wonder if Jack's girls ever told their S/O's that their dad is a four year old? Like, I can imagine a middle-aged man sitting at the table and they're all like "happy 21st birthday, dad!" while Jack's son-in-law stares into the camera like The Office.

TBH I don’t even know that they’d know. Jack might tell them once or twice when they’re younger, but for the sake of this proposal- it’s kind of an inside joke with him and the girls. “My dad is younger then he looks!”And everyone cracks up, visiting partner excluded

At least til Jack dies way too early