i vip my hair back and forth


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Autumn’s POV

I was helping clean up the table when mom had said she has a “surprise” for us. Usually that meant we were going to my grandparents down in Cleveland, but they were both in Florida for the weekend, so it’s obviously not that. My sister, Dakota, was jumping all over the place as if she couldn’t wait five minutes and squealed, “Mom just tell us!” She stopped where she was and blurted out, “I got you guys Magcon tickets!” Great, Magcon I thought to myself. “But Magcon is in like two days, how on earth did you get Dakota tickets? Besides, doesn’t this even sell out in like 10 seconds?” She looked at me then started laughing, “Well first of all, I’ve had these tickets for a while now. I got two VIP tickets for you and your sister. Therefore, you will be taking her.”

By now, Kota was rocking back and forth in the corner with tears almost spilling out of her eyes. She wasn’t the prettiest crier but her natural beauty makes up for that. She has hair that is a shade of dark chocolate, her eyes were a lighter shade, but they were big, and flawless skin-she takes after mom. Whereas I take after my father, blonde hair and green eyes. I’m more of an outdoorsy person while Kota likes to play on her phone and watch the “famous vines” of Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier. You couldn’t blame me for being annoyed every time I heard their names, I mean she only talked about them 24/7. So I sure as hell didn’t want to go with her and her constant fangirling to an event that I didn’t even want to go to.

“Mom, I am not driving two hours to San Diego in the morning and be at this place and be annoyed, just to drive two hours back.” “I got us a room at the hotel, I’ll be going with you guys-just not to Magcon. We’re staying there for a weekend, but we’re leaving tonight so go get packed.” Dakota ran up the stairs slamming the door, screaming out of excitement. I just stared at mom to see if she was joking or not, she slid me two tickets, right then and there, I knew that this was actually going to happen.

Matt’s POV

In less than 20 minutes I’ll be landing in San Diego. In less than 20 minutes, I’ll be meeting up with the buys. In less than 20 minutes, I’ll be able to relax on the beach. The fans, magcon, everything, will be there to be able to take my mind off of everything. I feel like something big is going to happen this time, I don’t know what, but I can just feel it.

A/N sorry guys this is really long and kind of detailed. Its just so you guys can get the feel of everything in the beginning. Part 2 will be better