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Portrait of a strong, beautiful cell woman who deserves more than what she gets.

I finally watched this after having it on my list for a really long time, and it took me by surprise. It’s a vicious coming of age story about a character that I struggled to like, but also struggled to hate in equal measure. I’ve always liked Kristen Bell but she really went for it here in a way I haven’t seen her before. Though it appears to be on the lighter side of the dark comedy spectrum (based on the very sunny poster you see above), the film actually skews to the other end.

It’s a shame they only put Kristen Bell’s name and picture on the poster as well, considering how much they focus on her small-town friends. It’s very rare to find a movie that actually fleshes out side characters, but this one does it beautifully. Mamie Gummer is especially fantastic and deserves more credit than she gets, while Martin Starr’s extremely subdued performance surprised me.

There’s a lot of really fucked up shit in this movie, but it’s definitely worth a watch if you have the time. It’s on Netflix!

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what's your fave Jacqueline Wilson book? (sorry if I'm annoying you and feel free to ignore this)

You’re not annoying me at all! Sorry I didn’t answer this sooner! 

It’s a very hard question, because she’s written so many. My overall favourite at the moment might be Katy. I kind of hate the original What Katy Did, and JW’s Katy fixes every single thing I hated about it and, without giving too much away, makes it a good and positive story about disability, with a stroung and independent disabled main character, which is so rare in children’s fiction.

On a similar note, I also love Take A Good Look, because the main character Mary is awesome. I mean:

“I just can’t see very well. Which suits me OK, because who’d want to look at a pair of twits like you?”

-“You go to that special school, don’t you? Where all the nuts and freaks go.”
-“Sounds like you’ve got your fair shar of nuts and freaks at your school. Judging by you two.”

Mary brings the sass! :P Not to mention she then outwits a pair of violent criminals all by herself, making her officially one of JW’s most hardcore and badass characters. :D

I also love all of the Tracy Beaker books, obviously, Tracy is one of my all-time heroes, and I’ll automatically love every story involving her, either on the page or the screen. :D  And I also love Queenie, The Butterfly Club, and Cliffhanger, because they’re all so happy and cute and positive. As much as I love a good bit of classic Jacky angst and serious issues, sometimes you just want something cute and uplifting. A story doesn’t have to be endless torment and suffering to be good. *side-eyes the Hetty Feather books*

And also despite still being kind of bitter it exists at all and wishing the Hetty Feather franchise would just end and stay ended finally, I REALLY enjoyed Clover Moon. Clover is a way more likeable character than Hetty, and I also ADORED her friend Jane (who I’m pretty sure is supposed to be autistic, which is amazing because honestly when was the last time there was a female autistic character in children’s fiction?? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before???), and I especially loved her best friend/love interest Jimmy Wheels, he’s a total seeetheart and I REALLy hope she meets up with him again in the sequel. (But it also kind of breaks my heart, because Clover and Jimmy would’ve LOVED Saul and Gideon and been way better sibling figures to them than Hetty and Jem, and when you combine that with the fact that Jimmy’s lovely mother desperately wants more children, it just makes me really want to write an AU fanfic where Saul and Gideon run away from the hospital somehow and get adopted by Jimmy’s mother and they both survive into adulthood and grow up loved and appreciated and not bullied because Clover and Jimmy wouldn’t let anyone even try. Now I’m upset again. #SaulDeservedBetter #GideonDeservedBetter)

Anyway, back on topic, what are your favourite Jacqueline Wilson books? :) (Sorry if it’s Hetty Feather. :P)

EDIT:  I forgot Rent-A-Bridesmaid! I absolutely LOVED Rent-A-Bridesmaid, it had everything, from main characters that looked and behaved EXACTLY like me and my best friend, to casual and chill inclusion of a gay couple and an elderly couple that are both not treated any differently to any of the other couples by the children, to chill and casual inclusion of a main character seeing a counsellor, to a “girly girl” and a “tomboy” being best friends and being able to look past it to the many things they have in common instead of seeing each other as being “on a different side” and natural enemies or something, it was just happy and nice and good. A good and pure book, 10/10, would recommend.