i very very rarely hate characters

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I don't know if you love or hate Murakami

ok so


my mutual december literally wrote this about murakami. this post accurately describes how terrible his writing is. ALSO he cant write women. he writes rape scenes very often and very ….. badly and grossly and in ways that at times almost sympathise with the rapist (?). in his books it’s not uncommon for multiple women to be attracted sexually to his bland protagonists. he very very rarely writes women who are characters for their own sake rather than as foils to fulfil the plots of the male characters. PLUS he’s super pretentious and in love with his own perceived superiority. that’s evident in all his works. so. is his command of metaphor enough to make up for that? imo? No it is Not

also i dont actually hate him bc i dont have the energy for that but i def think hes incredibly shitty at writing