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Never compare Sanvers (aká the queens and actually a good rep) to ugly Brittana (worst bisexual rep and a latina bully). Brittana is trash next to Sanvers

Ummm hello to you too but 1. Who’s comparing them….. 2. I love them both, why are you telling me how to feel and who to ship when representation is clearly a very personal thing?¿

brittana is so important to me and so is sanvers but you do you i guess, I agree glee sucked and they did lots of problematic things on the show, but brittany and santana were two complex characters who had a story arch that lasted 6 years and ended with one very rare happy ending, and for a wlw interracial ship that doesn’t seem like nothing.

Stop pitting femslash ships against each other I honestly hate when y'all do this

VLD Pairings For Dummies™

Okay so we all know shipping plays a really big part in this garbage fire of a fandom. It has divided the fanbase and people will judge you and immediately think you’re an awful person for shipping something they don’t personally like. Why is it like this? I dunno, I’m just here to bitch and pretend that I’m funny (keep in mind these are my personal opinions so take them as grains of salt and throw them over your shoulder if you don’t like them). Let’s get into this

Two of the biggest pairings:

  • Klance: Follows the typical tropes of frienemies to lovers, red and blue aesthetic, opposites attract type of thing. Is currently the most popular pairing in vld.
  • Sheith: the second most popular pairing in vld. A fair amount of people love the chemistry between Shiro and Keith. They want to know more about their back stories and such.

These two pairings have an… intense rivalry… and that’s putting it mildly. It has escalated to the point where it’s an outrageously over blown shipwar taking the guise of social justice. It really has become a case where if you tell a lie long enough it will become accepted as the truth. some Klance shippers (a loud minority really) will accuse people shipping anything other than said ship of supporting pedophilia. And let me assure you, that word isn’t meant to be taken lightly so how dare you haphazardly throw it around to where it loses it’s original meaning? I digress, fans of klance largely out number the fans that like other pairings so antis can get away with all the harassment and bullying that they do, mostly to the sheith shippers and now currently the staff and voice actors. But lately, it’s evolved into a pure hatred for a certain character and ships with that character: Shiro.

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(Part 1) What irritates me quite a bit is that a lot of people just write off Rhajat, Caeldori and Asugi as direct ripoffs of their Awakening counterparts when really, they have their own attributes that give them their own identities (For better or worse). For example, Rhajat doesn't just hate everyone that isn't the avatar, she's just bad at being able to show affections, and Caeldori does more than mope about unrequited love and has more obvious flaws to work on, and Asugi is a lot more fiery

*cracks knuckles*

I 100% agree with you. I know I’ve ranted about this several times already but I can never state this enough. Rhajat is NOT Tharja 2.0. Caeldori is not Cordelia 2.0. (btw, Tsubaki is not “Mandelia”). Asugi is not Gaius 2.0. either.

They are pre incarnations, nods, call them however you want, but not clones. Their personalities, past and the way they interact with other people are different. So, by definition, they are entirely different beings. Let them be their own persons.

I already talked a lot about how Rhajat is kinder/more respectful than Tharja HERE and why Tsubaki is not M!Cordelia HERE, but I don’t think I’ve done it for Caeldori/Cordelia and Asugi/Gaius. So let’s go.

[under the cut because IT’S RIDICULOUSLY LONG]

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Portrait of a strong, beautiful cell woman who deserves more than what she gets.

Queer ppl: our sexualities and gender identities are still illegal or classified as a disease in some countries, we’re still murdered in the streets for who we love, parents still abuse and kick out queer kids, conversion therapy is an incredibly harmful form of psychological torture that’s still legal and used on children, teachers and parents out queer kids daily even in potentionally dangerous situations, the second deadliest shooting in American history was a queer hate crime and happened just last year, same sex marriage still isn’t legal in many countries, trans and nb people can’t use the bathroom as it’s either illegal for them to use the correct bathroom or it puts them in danger, people still use queer folks as the butt of a joke, especially on twitter, it’s very very rare to find a canonly queer character who doesn’t follow a harmful stereotype or who doesn’t get killed off…

Cishets: omg!! Stop trying to victimize yourself!!! Homophobia doesn’t Exist Actually

Fat Shaming and Fat Acceptance

While both of this ideas and opinions can easily be found online, the past few days there has been an increase. And with that there has been an increase of thought in my own mind. 

Let me begin with that fact that medically speaking, I am morbidly obese. I will not reveal my actual weight, knowing my status on the weight chart is enough.

 I am not proud to be this size. No one should be proud to be obese. Saying you are proud to be fat is saying that you are proud to be living a really unhealthy life and proud that you are not going to live to see old age. If you say that I should be proud to be fat then I hope that you are telling heroin addicts that they should be proud of their addiction, because it is the same thing. Fat pride is saying it is okay to slowly kill yourself. Fat pride is saying it is okay to not want to be healthy. 

I want to be healthy. I have struggled with my weight for my whole life. I know what it means to eat your emotions. I have paid the price for trying to eat my emotions. These days I am eating better and exercising. It is a long process but I want to be healthy. Its not about being thin, its about taking care of your body and your life. 

I am a fat person that does not support fat acceptance. I think fat acceptance is wrong. People should not accept people for being okay with being unhealthy. It is just not right. Is there alcholic acceptance? Heroin acceptance? Cocain acceptance? Self harm acceptance? No there is not. Why? Because no one should be okay with unhealthy and deadly lifestyles. 

There is a difference between accepting yourself/loving yourself for who you are, and fat acceptance. I love myself. I have a great sense of humor. I am kind. I am creative. I am loving. I am silly. I am an awesome person. But I do not love myself for being fat and unhealthy. I am ashamed of it. I am ashamed that I have allowed myself to have no self control. 

Fat people should be ashamed of themselves. They should be ashamed that they are not able to deal with their emotions or triggers. If you are an emotional eater then you need to get help. Being okay with your weight is not going to help you deal with your emotions. Fat is a symptom of other problems. Its like if you have a crack in the foundation of a house. You cannot say “oh it adds character” or “i like it better that way” saying that does not change the fact that you have a crack in the foundation of your house and it will cause problems down the road. You get that crack fixed and have a stronger house that will last longer. 

And I HATE to hear the excuses of medication or genetics. I will admit that there are a few VERY RARE health conditions that will cause weight gain, but those are very very rare. And some medication can cause you to gain a few pounds… a FEW pounds, but not 50, 100, 200. And all your genes do is determine how your body deals with fat and metabolism but it can VERY EASILY be controlled with the proper diet and exercise and doctors help. 

I am a large framed person. It is just how I am naturally build. I will never weigh what the medical world’s weight chart says I should weigh. If I did weigh that much I would be very ill. I will never be a slender tiny woman. But that does not mean I am not capable of being fit and tone and healthy. 

Life is short. If you are unhealthy and fat, life will be even shorter. If you are a fat person that is okay with being the cause of your own health problems, okay with having a less active and productive life, if you are okay with not being around for years and years to your loved ones, then by all means accept that you are fat. Love the fact that you are fat. Go ahead. But I will not. I will not accept that I am fat. And I will use your warped way of thinking about weight to motivate me to being healthy and dropping those pounds. 

Now if you excuse me, I have to get off my fat ass and go to the gym to get rid of this fat ass.  

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i just finished jane eyre and rochester is a piece of trash i hate him (and i really need to vent, but none of my friends from that class have finished it so now i have to wait for them and not spoil anything)

(2) i love jane eyre (character and the book, both have surprised me so much because i expected the book to be harder to read, boring and instead i couldn’t let it down, and the character was so refreshing and different and wonderful and relatable), but i hate hate hate rochester with a burning passion.

I know, he’s terrible, manipulative, egotistical, despotic, toxic. But Jane Eyre would be much less powerful if the figure of Rochester wasn’t so ambiguous, and if I despise Rochester as a man, I love him as a character.

He has a buoyancy about himself that makes all his scenes imbued with impulse, a wildness, rawness that is very rare in Victorian novels. And his role, his defects have such an impact on the originality of the book:

- The unique characterisation : Rochester is a very fascinating character. As I’ve said, his aura is magnetic although he’s pure trash. Magnetic because extremely life-like. Flouting the black and white boundaries of Manicheanism, which is quite ground-breaking for the time —where protagonists had a tendency to fall either in the villain or the hero category.

- The pleasure of reading between the lines : Jane tries to stay objective when it comes to Rochester, and judges his faults quite accurately at first, but her slow, subtle descent into love makes her narration more and more unreliable. What is felt and what it thought from there?

- The implied lesson on love : love isn’t deserved, it is subjectively, personally earned. Of course Jane is vastly superior to Rochester; in the end, and despite what she seems to think, despite social status, she is the more “deserving” one of the two. But constructed hierarchies of any sort have nothing to do with passion, and Jane’s choice is Rochester because there’s something between them. 

- The intertextuality : the Bluebeard motif, the gothic violence of the wife in the attic, the upside-down fairy-tale of Jane facing the villain… and coming back to him willingly out of love? Fate?

- The savage punishment : how satisfying that Rochester is physically punished for his flaws and lies, losing his sight in the fire, and making Jane de facto his master. She reigned on his heart, etc, etc, fairy of the moor, and all that, we know—but by the end, she reigns, full stop. He couldn’t do anything about it, even if he wanted to (the exact opposite as the power-play present in Rebecca, if you’ve read it.)

…And much more. Rochester isn’t hateful, really, not to me at least; but he’s very human, which becomes off-putting when it’s not the kind of “humanity” we can forgive immediately. 

Why I ship Doraelin (Prepare for some tea to be spilled)

Before I begin: yes, some of this I have said before but I am going to reiterate and put everything into one post.

I shipped Doraelin before I even started reading the books. My friend was reading them and she was telling me about how she couldn’t decide who she shipped Celaena with and described Chaol and Dorian to me. I immediately said that I thought she would wind up with Dorian.

Then I started to read the books. I immediately began to feel that my initial gut instinct was right about Dorian. I saw their relationship throughout the first book and enjoyed it so much! The filtration, the book nerdiness (basically if a couple loves books I love that couple), just everything! They basically own a puppy together! I mean basically once she said she’d rather rip her own heart out than fall in love with a Havilliard I started planning their wedding! Also I feel like some people forget that Dorian is the first one she began to open up to about her past. Now it’s important to mention that once I have a ship I don’t jump ship, it would take something really big to make me even consider it. So I was and still am fully prepared to go down with this ship!

Then going into Crown of Midnight of course I was upset that they broke things off, but it made sense. The timing wasn’t right. There was no other issue besides timing really, so I read on and kept hope. I loved how they still managed to be there for each other and be friends. The scene with Celeana killing Baba Yellowlegs because she knew Dorian’s secret totally reeks of “territorial fae bullshit” to me now. With her and Chaol I knew it wouldn’t last. I never paid much attention to it if I’m being honest. I mean then when Nehemia dies and she tries to attack and kill Chaol Dorian is the one who manages to calm her down and when she has her hands on the back of his neck she DOES NOT HURT HIM EVEN THOUGH JUST SECONDS BEFORE SHE WAS IN A MURDEROUS RAGE. And Chaol has trouble fully accepting Celaena which is an issue. Also (I can’t remember exactly which book this occurs in but I feel like it’s CoM I’m sorry if I’m wrong) Gavin Havilliard goes to Dorian about Celaena and he goes to help her. Then we learn about both Aelin and Dorian’s powers. Dorian having ice powers and Aelin having fire. Opposite forces that compliment each other.

Heir of Fire. Now here’s where it got dicey. She leaves, but promises to come back FOR DORIAN. She leaves Fleetfoot in his care (again they essentially own the dog together which is adorable). While she’s gone Dorian has a fling with Sorscha, a healer, which if you recall is what Aelin said she wanted to be as a child. He compares Sorscha to Celaena (Aelin) on an occasion or two, and even Sorscha talks about how she saw the relationship between Dorian and Aelin (it’s easier to just call her that from this point on). We also get Dorian saying (about Aelin) “you can’t pick and choose which parts of her you love.” He never judges Aelin and likes her no mater who she decides to be. On Aelin’s side she is in Wendlyn and learning to use and control her powers and meets Rowan. Now again I didn’t pay much attention to Dorian and Sorscha or Rowan and Aelin because I could tell Sorscha was gonna die (yes I saw it coming I very rarely don’t see that kind of thing coming) and Rowan and Aelin spend the entire book friend-zoning each other and hating each other. They physically fight each other. Now I do not hate Rowan by any means, I find his character very interesting. I just never saw he and Aelin as something romantic or something that was meant to last. Finally in this book we get the whole “you can not hurt your mate” from Rowan. Now Aelin asks him if her trying to kill Chaol meant Chaol wasn’t her mate. Rowan says he doesn’t know but that because she didn’t have her Fae form then that he might still be (something along those lines but he is rather vague about it though he mentions nothing about it only occurring after a bond has snapped into place, in fact from what I understand in mates the bond is always there it’s a matter of realizing it and don’t try to use the mate bond in the ACOTAR series to talk about this it isn’t the same). . .

I’m throwing Assassins Blade in here for a second. Just simply the scene at the party where Dorian and Celaena (cause she was still Celaena at the time and yes her names are so confusing) interact and have a kinda flirty back and forth.

Finally (hold on to your seat-belts) Queen of Shadows. A lot goes down so bear with me and I’m sorry if I miss something (actually sorry if I’ve missed anything at all during this). Before I go into anything else I want to mention the scene of young Dorian, Aelin, and Aeodin we get (I’m pretty sure it’s this book though it might’ve been HoF so again my bad I apologize). This completes Dorian being present in some way in every part of Aelin’s story. Dorian is now possessed by a valg demon. It is Arobynn who mocks her with this information and seems surprised she didn’t know. When Aelin finds out she is upset because she believes that this means Dorian is gone and suffering and that killing him is the only way to save him, so that’s her initial decision. Chaol is upset by this because he feels Aelin is the only one who could save Dorian. She teams up with Chaol and Nesryn to save Aeodin. While executing this plan she runs into Dorian. She literally has a sword over his head but still BEGS (her voice was shaking) for ONE SIGN that Dorian is still there, she asks more than once for this sign. Even when he does not respond she hesitates. The Valg even mocks her saying she can’t do it. Yes Nesryn comes in and tells her not to kill Dorian but she is relieved by this and backs off. I will again point out this snippet
Aelin let out a low snarl. “You want to know what I did? I gave him one minute. I gave up one minute of my escape to him. Do you understand what can happen in one minute? Because I gave one to Dorian when he attacked Aedion and me today—to capture us. I gave him a minute, in which the fate of my entire kingdom could have changed forever. I chose the son of my enemy.”
Now despite all of this I’ll admit I almost lost faith in these two. Rowan comes back and he and Aelin (after friendzoning a whole book) decide they are horny and wanna hook up with each other. Again I love Rowan but he and Aelin just don’t belong together in my opinion they are better as friends and all this came at a time when Aelin was figuring herself out and didn’t need a love interest (but that’s a different argument). Now what really annoyed me about Rowaelin is that when Aelin has to be Celaena again in front of Arobynn Rowan at the very least seems uncomfortable. I fear that he cannot accept the part of her that is and will always be Celaena (because let’s be honest she barely knows not being Celaena she was her for like ten years and since she was eight years old. As much as she may want it to that doesn’t just go away) much like Chaol couldn’t accept her as Aelin. But anyway yeah I almost lost hope but then Manon comes through and tells Aelin that Dorian is still there and that changes everything. Her plan goes from killing to rescuing him on a dime at the last minute. Throughout this rescue we get that Dorian and Aelin are players in the unfinished game and will have to fight Erawan like their ancestors Gavin Havilliard and Elena Galathynius who feel in love fighting him (foreshadowing though) (also Dorians “you came back” parallels Stydia in Teen Wolf 5x16 so I was crying). And of course page 575 the holy grail for Doraelin shippers.
“They were infinite. They were the beginning and the ending; they were eternity.” Possibly alluding to the fact that they were the first couple together in the series and may well be endgame. They end this book promising to stay in touch and send each other good books. I hope to see more of these two in the last two books, after all they are going to go about changing the world together!

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haikyuu is a children's manga aimed at preteen and teenage boys. kageyama isn't meant to be some unrelateable god. you can find plenty of decently good-looking guys who are very good at their relative high school sport, and not much else. you're putting him up on a pedestal and then getting mad when the rest of the fanbase doesn't want to suck his dick. just because you think a character is "superior" doesn't mean he is. it's subjective. it's manga. your likes are not universal.

I’m glad rest of the fanbase doesn’t suck his dick, I’m a very, very jealous girl.

First of all, you’re just throwing an absurd line without anything to back it up, do you think all shounen have is mediocre “relatable” characters you validation-thirsty cringe-monsters can wank to? Haikyuu is not some children’s cartoon. Not to mention, saying “he can’t be unrelatable TO US bc this is shounen” is nonsensical as hell, “female western fandom” is the furthest thing you can get from shounen target audience XD I also merely compared him to other characters in the narrative and underlined what canon clearly says. You’re simply sending anon hate with no point bc you’re just angry that I pointed out why people like you hate him. Ironic, isn’t it?

“You can find plenty of decently good-looking guys who are very good at their relative high school sport” BITCH WHERE. You must have very low standards irl L O L

And.. describing Kageyama like that??? Wow, talk about being delusional? He’s not just “very good”, he’s the best. And he’s not just “decently good looking” either, he’s incredibly good looking. And he has an extremely strong character, which is rare as hell. I can gush about the perfection of the intricacies of his naive but aggressive and dorky and adorable and character but it’s not like you’ll read unbiased, it’s obvious from the way you described him. Btw, was reading that huge rant fun? I mean, 3,5k about the character you hate? :’D Or are you one of those people who claim to like him only to bash on him at every turn for things he wasn’t even in the wrong for? 

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY. Superiority isn’t subjective, only people like you would want idiotic shit like that to be true and come to screech on tumblr like: “evurrryone is bewtiful, evurrryone is smart, evvrrryyone is soooo strong OMG WERE ALL SO SPESHUL we are all sooo NICE in our plastic fantastic bubble,,, AND EVERYONE WHO INVALIDATES US MUST DIEE”. You’re a full-blown tumblr cliche, congratulations.

My likes aren’t universal, obviously. Tastes are subjective - facts are not - and your taste, anon, is bad. And that’s a fact.

I finally watched this after having it on my list for a really long time, and it took me by surprise. It’s a vicious coming of age story about a character that I struggled to like, but also struggled to hate in equal measure. I’ve always liked Kristen Bell but she really went for it here in a way I haven’t seen her before. Though it appears to be on the lighter side of the dark comedy spectrum (based on the very sunny poster you see above), the film actually skews to the other end.

It’s a shame they only put Kristen Bell’s name and picture on the poster as well, considering how much they focus on her small-town friends. It’s very rare to find a movie that actually fleshes out side characters, but this one does it beautifully. Mamie Gummer is especially fantastic and deserves more credit than she gets, while Martin Starr’s extremely subdued performance surprised me.

There’s a lot of really fucked up shit in this movie, but it’s definitely worth a watch if you have the time. It’s on Netflix!

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So I'm almost out of shows soon... I know you love the show so could I have ten reasons why I should start Brooklyn 99? I'm considering it but I need some more motivation


1) awesome, super strong male-female friendships where romance/sex is never even hinted at

2) romantic relationships are developed organically, are healthy, often rooted in deep, caring friendship, diverse in their dynamics, respectful, loving, and full of trust (also mostly interracial!) (And arguably the most idealized romantic relationship in the show is that of an elderly LGBT couple)

3) misogynistic, racist, homophobic and otherwise disrespectful behaviour towards different groups is /for the most part/ ALWAYS called out very seriously and directly despite the light hearted tone of the show

4) multiple complex female characters w very diverse personalities, all shown to be important and amazing (additionally, language used to describe women is actually textbook empowerment language, putting adjectives such as “amazing” “strong” “smart” and “incredible” first and foremost before physical attributes and even then usually using words like “beautiful” rather than “hot” to describe attraction – this is done by both men and women). Also, lady friendships!!!! So many lady friendships!!!!

5) NO tokenism; more than one African American, Latinx, female, LGBT+, etc character, all different and unique, as well as a totally non-stereotyped Jewish main character in a comedy show (Rare™). It can obviously do better and be much more diverse, but comparatively, it is incredibly refreshing

6) related – none of the jokes are based on stereotypes, target any particular group, or rely on degrading comments; despite the diversity, the jokes are not sexist, racist, or homophobic almost 99% of the time. It is also one of the funniest TV shows I have ever watched, and none of the jokes get old

7) constant inversion of gender roles and traditionally masculine/feminine pursuits, something that is normalized frequently. Male characters have “feminine” qualities and interests and female characters have “masculine” qualities and interests; the characters are human, essentially. Additionally, toxic masculinity, as well as the Nice Guy Syndrome and the angry black man trope are thoroughly thrown in the trash

8) one of the ONLY shows where a guy has completely respected a woman’s “no” in response to romantic interest. No pushing, no wheedling, only complete respect and acceptance, despite the obvious heartbreak.

9) comparatively does really well at organically writing characters to have mental health issues that don’t define them – anxiety, OCD, ADHD, depression, etc. Its definitely not perfect, but the characters are nuanced and very rarely are these issues mocked by the narrative, especially considering the comedic context of the show

10) Doug Judy

(+11) listen it’s just. Its HILARIOUS and pure and full of love, so much love and happiness and support and compassion. The characters love each other and the actors love each other, and its like sunshine in a computer screen. Its definitely not perfect (I hate that I have to keep giving this disclaimer bc often ppl assume that in praising something ur incapable of also accepting its faults, but anyways) but it’s very refreshing, and the villains are fun, the action/soft family/comedy balance great, and the characters so SO endearing.

U should totally give it a shot!

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I love your style of drawing!! And that little kacchako fic you did really struck a chord with me, kacchan was very in character and I love it when people write him well! :) Have a great day!

[fic being referenced]

ahhhhh, thank you!!! <33 

and no problem!! tbh, i really couldn’t ship Uraraka/Bakugou at all before now b/c it seemed like everything i saw for it was totally out of character. no offense to those artists or authors, since we all have different interpretations of characters and relationships, but to me, it all felt off. to be blunt, the only version of it i ship is my version, haha

i have a very particular view of Bakugou. i really love his character and, as such, i’ve analyzed him a lot, noting little things here and there. he’s not an affectionate person. his response to new situations that make him uncomfortable is to get angrier and/or to ignore them as much as possible, because he hates feeling uncomfortable

one headcanon i have about Bakugou is that he hates to be touched. just, completely hates it. be it high fives, back slaps, or handshakes, he just can’t stand being touched or touching other people. in canon, he very rarely ever touches other characters (he looks PISSED when All Might puts a hand on his shoulder… tho he was already pissed lmao). in fact, the only moment i can think of with him voluntarily touching someone (outside of a fighting/violence context, anyway) is when the kids save him from All for One, which shows just how much he’s come (specifically in his friendship with Kirishima)

most other times he avoids it as much as possible. it’s a way to keep other people out, but he’s also secretly quite insecure of himself. it might even be because his mom always slaps his head whenever he acts up. or maybe he’s scared he’ll hurt the other person b/c he once lost control as a kid and hurt someone by accident. (there’s a big difference between hurting someone intentionally, and doing it by accident, after all). 

hell, it could even be partially b/c his body was nearly taken over by a villain in the first chapter. that would be a deeply unsettling experience, to have something try to take you over so completely. Izuku experienced it for a much shorter time than Bakugou, and we all know how uncomfortable he was about it.

there are a lot of reasons for him to have an aversion to touch. so even if he were in a romantic relationship, i just can’t see him being very comfortable with the idea of physical affection. which is partially why i couldn’t look at content for Uraraka/Bakugou (or most other Bakugou ships), b/c i just can’t see him being super physically affectionate with whoever he’s with

i also headcanon him as asexual to so, lmao. i think he might be sex repulsed, b/c it’s such an intimate, close act that requires a lot of touching and i can’t see him being comfortable in his skin for long enough to go through with it

all this is why, in the fic i wrote, Bakugou hesitates when shaking Uraraka’s hand, and why he quickly takes his hand back, because he just hates being touched. he’s also not romantic in the least. so i could see him trying something in a relationship, but more like… doing favors for the other person. 

Bakugou prides himself on what he can do, so the same might apply to what he could do for whoever he’s with. maybe there’d be some hand holding (which i think is the most physical contact that Bakugou can stand for long periods of time), and maybe quick pecks on the cheek from the other person. but i can’t see it going further beyond that.

haha, sorry, this kinda got out of control, but yeah. as you can see, i’m very particular about his character and how it’s portrayed, haha

Okay so here is my problem with how Dick has been treated recently in comics. 

I just read a post in one of my tags about Dick that infuriates the hell out of me. They basically call Dick a manwhore. I’m not really mad at that though, cause it’s a common fan misconception due to Dick’s history with the ladies. I’m more mad at the possibility that it might not be such a misconception anymore.

Starting off, I’d like to address the whole “manwhore” thing. For those who don’t know about how Dick is with relationships. He is a friggin Disney Prince. From short couple of dates with Bridget Clancy

 to steady relationships with Deborah Poulos

 to the fiery passionate years with Koriand’r

 to the beautiful chemistry factory with Barbara Gordon. 

Granted, Dick is not perfect. He does have his fair share of screw ups, but when it comes to romance, Dick takes such things extremely seriously, and treats his partners with the utmost respect no matter what. Even in the New 52 Nightwing run you wouldn’t see him having some random fling with someone he JUST met. 

(Except in 1 Year Later, but that whole storyline was a train wreck due to how he was supposed to die in Infinite Crisis.)

Grayson sadly contributes much to this problem. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Grayson, now. I use to hate it cause of some personal gripes I had with how DC was treating him in the Nightwing vol. 3, but after reading from issue 1-7, I think the creative team is doing great things for Dick’s character, but as I was reading, noticed something very wrong. That being the almost unbearable oversexualization of Dick.

 Dick is very much a sexualized character, but  how it was portrayed back then (and to give them credit, yes they even do it well in Grayson to some extant.) was that they showed and rarely told.

His sexualization was portrayed through how he moves, fights and leaps from building to building, showing off his fabulous butt and muscles with a skin tight outfit as he did it. He didn’t need to have one night stands or other characters emphasizing how hot he looks with degrading comments. We have fanfics, and roleplaying for that kind of crap. We don’t need that in our comics.

I’m not trying to get anyone mad here. Like I said, other than that I really do like Grayson. I just want to see it do better. Hopefully that will happen now in the new and improved DC You. 

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Audrey! (for the OC thingie)

Full Name: Audrey Reine
Gender and Sexuality: cis female, straight 
Pronouns: she/her
Ethnicity/Species: Narinian, human
Birthplace and Birthdate: August 1st in Intar
Guilty Pleasures: hanging out and being a kid with darcy 
Phobias: none in particular
What They Would Be Famous For: she’s canonically famous for being a member of the Narinian royal family, but she has no real desire to be
What They Would Get Arrested For: being a member of the Narinian royal family…..
OC You Ship Them With: for the most part i just ship her w some goddamn happiness….. but cillian sort of
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: oh man … where do i start
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: if she were in 2016 audrey really wouldn’t be interested in movies or books, she doesn’t like to be physically idle
Talents and/or Powers: very very good with a short sword, quick as all hell
Why Someone Might Love Them: she’s very practical & level-headed. thoughtful and v invested in the people she loves. 
Why Someone Might Hate Them:  rarely affectionate, aggressively independent, completely uncompromising, and v blunt. 
How They’ve Changed:  not a lot! she’s one of my newer ocs, created in 2013, and she’s remained steady since then.
Why You Love Them: ugh she had such a shitty life i just want her to have some consistency and security i love her she;s so strong :’(

hornedfreak  asked:

YES HELLO IT ME AGAIN. So I've been thinking about Oliver a lot lately and I've wondered - did Senkha and Chadley and all their friends, etc. ever had trouble with, well, society because they're married/related/friends with a DK? It's probably not something people just yell about out on the streets, "hey this DK is my best friend!", but I'm sure it is noticeable sometimes. Since DKs are not the most liked bunch out there, I wonder how would society treat the living who chose to stick with them?

I think there’s a stark difference between how they’re actually treated and how player characters treat them, to be honest. While I’m sure plenty of people have gotten used to them, I can’t imagine a lot of regular citizens would be comfortable with the idea of bloodthirsty, loose-screwed, soul-sucking bearers of plague and necrotic energy just kind of wandering around the same streets as their children. When we RPed Senkha and Oliver living in Surwich, we RPed the NPC citizens (mostly Gilnean, who I feel would have a particular distaste for DKs due to their experience with other undead and lack of camaraderie with them throughout the Wrath events) as being extremely uncomfortable with their presence, barely tolerating them for the fact that Oliver would kill the demons in the forest. They were known as the witch and her monster, and their house was avoided and the source of rumors.

I don’t think there’s anything in the real world that can really be used as a comparison to how I think average people would treat them. They are pariahs, certainly, but peoples’ fear and mistrust is justified. These are people that have to literally cause pain and suffering to survive. They’re not just soldiers, they’re obligate sadists, and they also have the appearance and magic of the things that obliterated the entirety of Lordaeron. Running into one would be like going to the grocery store and suddenly behind you in line is an ex-member of the dismantled brainwash death cult that took your sister from you. You can’t entirely blame him, but you don’t want to even look at him, even if he now runs run a food bank.

That metaphor got away from me. But you get the idea.

Player characters take a very different approach. It’s an exciting day when I meet a character who outright dislikes death knights– most are completely friendly, unafraid, and forgiving. When the rare disdainful character shows up, they are countered by about ten white knights that seem to seep out of the cobblestones beneath them and are chased from the area by a barrage of lectures about how DKs are people too. (I suspect this is actually why very few people play bigoted characters. I’ve seen the situation turn to OOC arguments in /say about why or why not it’s reasonable for a character to hate DKs despite their contributions to the Alliance and I think a lot of random RPers have a difficult time distinguishing “my character disagrees with your character” and “I don’t like you OOC”. So it’s just easier to play a nice person and avoid the trouble, keeping the zealots to private RP.)

Oliver appreciates the people standing up for him, even if deep down he’s not sure how much he really believes it. He thinks the haters are pretty justified in their opinions and would rather leave and avoid conflict altogether than have people defend him.

I have seen Senkha get even less guff about her choice in a partner. This might be because Senkha oozes an attitude of “fuck off”. Or maybe they just figure that if you’re crazy enough to marry a death knight (that’s old enough to be your grandfather), you’re probably not going to care what sort of criticism you get. Do not engage. This one is dangerous and has no fucks to give.

The only discomfort Chadley gets about his father is from his own husband, and it’s not so much hatred as it is “your father creeps me out and also intimidates me, do we really have to spend quality time together or can I just hide?”