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In which Harry is a stripper…

3943 words / Mature

The boy who delivered our drinks was only wearing a flimsy, black apron, which was tied carefully around his waist. With the tray perfectly balanced upon the palm of his hand, he began to pass our drinks out, a huge grin on his face, and his cock just inches from my face.
I turned to the rest of the girls with wide eyes.

“Special occasion?” He asked, a thick Irish accent.

“I’m getting married!” The bride to be piped up, as smug as ever.

“Congratulations!” He beamed. “Sad to see you off the market, Gorgeous.”

All the girls sat around our table let out almighty giggles, swooning and fanning themselves, whereas I was too busy trying not to turn back in his direction and stare at his groin. I figured he was used to it in his line of work, but it still felt a little intrusive.

“What’s your name?” Katie barked at him.

“Niall.” He replied. “I’ll be your waiter for the evening. You need anything, just give me a shout.”

“What about your number?”

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anonymous asked:

Could you please write a story thing about Remus getting asked out by someone other than Sirius and Sirius doesn't hear Remus say 'no' so he gets upset? (LOTS of Wolfstar please.) Thank you!

Yess! I love this so so much!

- Sirius couldn’t stop smiling all week.

- Lately, he and Remus had started to get much closer. 

- They would sit close together on the couch in the commons

- They would casually throw their arms around each other

- They’d share secret looks with each other from across the room

- They’d touch each other innocently in between and during classes

- They’d kiss each others cheeks in greeting

- They shared a bed once or twice

- And Remus even trusted him and felt comfortable enough to wear only a t-shirt and boxers to bed with no binder when they did share!

- It was only a matter of time before they were officially boyfriend’s and Sirius would get to call him his Moony out loud (instead of just in his head and to Prongs in secret).

- It was dinner time on a Wednesday

- Sirius had a skip in his step all the way down to the Great Hall because he knew that once he was there, he’d see his lovely Moony.

- He pushed open the giant doors and made his way down to his usual seat

- However, when he got there, some Ravenclaw was sat there, fawning all over his Remus

- And Remus was blushing!

- He was smiling bashfully, tucking a curl of hair behind his ear, hanging on to ever word this prick - (most likely, though to be fair, Sirius didn’t know who he even was) - had to say.

- He only ever did that when he felt some form of affection for the person who was flirting with him.

- Sirius should know; Remus only ever did that for him!

- Sirius was positively vibrating when he reached them. 

- He turned to glare at Prongs and Wormtail sat on the other side of the bench

- James was set with a permanent scowl aimed at the Ravenclaw

- He wanted Sirius and Remus to get together almost as much as Sirius did!

- (But not quite as much)

- He was a hopeless Romantic and wanted nothing more than his best mates to be happy together

- Peter was staring with a very perplexed look at Remus and the Ravenclaw

- He then turned to look at Sirius, back at the Ravenclaw, then to Remus, then to James to ask him what the heck was even going on.

- “I thought Remus and Sirius were together?” He whispered under his breath to James who shook his head lightly, still staring a hole into the side of the Ravenclaw’s head

- “Not yet.” He mumbled back.

- Sirius stood near the two clearly flirting when Remus looked up at him with a bright smile saved only for Sirius.

- “Pads! There you are!” He grinned and scooted down the table, making space between him and the Ravenclaw and patted the bench.

- The Ravenclaw looked a little put out which only made Sirius revel in Remus’ attention.

- He went to sit in-between the two of them when the Ravenclaw quickly scooted up close to Remus, forcing Sirius to sit on his other side between him and Marlene.

- Sirius scowled and sat with a huff.

- Marlene, who was watching the exchange with an annoyed look herself, patted his shoulder sympathetically 

- “So, Remus,” the Ravenclaw purred, turning his back to Sirius to block him out of the conversation.

- Sirius was glaring at them, catching Remus’ eye over the Ravenclaw’s shoulder every now and then.

- Remus smiled sweetly at him making Sirius’ breath catch in his throat.

- Maybe Remus only has eyes for me?

- He smiled back with a wink, making Remus blush prettily.

- “What do you say about going Hogsmeade with me this Saturday?” The Ravenclaw asked, stroking his hand up and down Remus’ toned arm.

- Remus’ smile fell off his face as his eyes snapped back from Sirius to the Ravenclaw and back, his mouth hanging open slightly.

- “I mean as a date, by the way. Just so we’re clear. I really like you Remus.” He smiled charmingly.

- “O-oh.” He stuttered.

- Sirius was staring at Remus with sadness and a little anger in his eyes.

- He was gripping his knife and fork tightly, despite the fact he had no food on his plate.

- “I’m … I’m flattered, Chris …” Remus turned to face the table where his dinner sat neglected.

- Sirius dropped his cutlery and stood up abruptly.

- The Ravenclaw turned to give him a funny look for disturbing them.

- “Sirius?” Remus pleaded, but Sirius had already started walking back down toward the doors and out of the Great Hall.

- So much for his good mood.

- So much for nearly becoming Remus’ boyfriend.

- So much for Moony becoming his.

- Sirius was out the front doors of the castle and halfway to the Black Lake before Remus caught up with him.

- “S-Sirius! W-Wait!” He called out, sprinting as fast as he could.

- Sirius stopped and turned him.

- A few tears escaped and fallen down his cheeks as he was running which he quickly wiped away before Remus saw.

- Remus caught up and doubled over, taking deep breaths.

- “Why-Why’d you … you run off?” He panted, resting his hands on his knees.

- Sirius scoffed and folded his arms.

- “I didn’t want to sit and witness the atrocity of that dick asking you out.”

- What he meant was I didn’t want to hear you say yes.

- Remus shook his head with a small smile.

- “My, it sound’s like someone is a little jealous,” he teased, gently poking Sirius’ side.

- He flinched away.

- “So what if I am?” He growled and turned away with a pout.

- Remus’ playful smile fell from his face and was replaced by bewilderment.

- “Pads?” He whispered, taking ahold of Sirius’ shoulder and turning him back to face him.

- Sirius looked small and timid when he turned back, making Remus melt.

- “A-Are you? Are you jealous?” He asked.

- Sirius bit his lip and looked down at his shoes with a little shrug.

- “But … why?” Remus furrowed his eyebrows with confusion.

- “Why am I jealous? Really Remus?” Sirius mocked.

- Remus titled his head in a very Padfoot-like manner.

- “I-I thought … something was happening between us.” His voice broke as his feelings poured out.

- “We’ve been getting closer lately, my stomach flips everytime we’re together, and you have that secret smile saved only for me, and you brighten my day, and I think I love you, and you always play with my hair and you-”

- “You love me?” Remus repeated, breaking Sirius off midflow.

- Sirius gaped with wide eyes.

- He didn’t realise he let that slip

- He bit his lip and nodded quickly.

- The smile that adorned Remus’ face after he confirmed it made Sirius knees buckle

- He wrapped one arm around Sirius waist, and held his cheek tenderly with his other hand.

- Sirius sighed with content as he rested his hands on Remus’ chest and leant his head into the warmth of his hand.

- “But …but then that Ravenclaw came along and told you he liked you and asked you out and you said yes-”

- “No I didn’t.” Remus stared at Sirius with a bemused, affectionate look.

- Sirius looked at him as if he grew two heads.

- “Yes? You did. I heard you said yes!” Sirius attempted to reason but Remus just chuckled and shook his head.

- “You didn’t say yes?”

- Remus softly smiled, running his hand through Sirius hair and shook his head again.

- “But … but you were blushing! And you tucked one of your curls behind your ear, I saw you!” Sirius accused.

- “The blush was from embarrassment, you should of heard the chat up lines he used!” He joked with a shudder.

- “And the hair tucking thing, that was me trying to hide how cringe worthy it was. It was just a tick. I wasn’t - swoooning

- He dramatically slapped the back of his hand that was running through Sirius’ hair to his forehead and feigned falling backwards.

- Sirius started giggling and wrapped his arms around Remus’ waist to stop him from falling

- “Is that so?” Sirius bit his lip with anticipation

- Remus smiled and lifted himself back up to stare at Sirius.

- “You see, I think I’m in love with someone.” He breathed, tucking a strand of Sirius’ hair behind his ear, watching his eyes flutter shut. 

- “No, that’s a lie. I know I am definitely in love with someone.”

- He tightened his grip around Sirius’ waist and stroked his hair.

- “He has black hair, the most amazing eyes, a Qudditch body approved by Charles Atlas himself! He’s one of my best friends, and I’d very much like to kiss him.”

- Sirius playfully furrowed his eyebrows at Remus

- “I’m going to kill Prongs”

- He pulled out of Remus’ embrace and dramatically stomped toward the castle

- Remus caught him by his hand. 

- He spun him around and pulled him back to him with a sparkle in his eyes.

- Sirius threw his head back with a bark of laughter

- “I meant you, you berk!” He chuckled, pulling Sirius even closer.

- Sirius beamed at him, wrapping his arms loosely around his neck.

- “Oh, well thats good to know. It’d be super awkward if this was unrequited.” He toothily grinned, resting his head against Remus’

- “Very awkward, indeed,” Remus agreed, returning the smile.

- They both couldn’t stop grinning and staring at each other stood underneath the stars.

- “Remus?” 

- They both frown at the intrusion and pulled back slightly to glare at the Ravenclaw.

- “You kind of ran off without giving me an answer.” He stated, oblivious to the way they were stood.

- Remus pulled a face at him.

- “I’m sorry, Chris. As flattered as I am, I don’t think my boyfriend would really appreciate it.” 

- Sirius’ grimace fell and was replaced with wide eyed happiness.

- “Really?” He whispered to him.

- Remus turned back with a shy smile.

- “I mean, if you’d have me?” Remus nervously bit his lip.

- “Always!” Sirius pounced, wrapping his arms tightly around Remus’ neck for a bear hug.

- Remus chuckled, holding him just as tight with an even wider smile.

- “Oh, right …” Chris awkwardly swayed on the spot. “Well, if you change your mind …”

- “He won’t. Now, go away.” Sirius shooed him, making Remus chuckle into his neck.

- Chris angrily frowned and stomped back inside the castle.

- “Bastard won’t take a hint.” Sirius tutted.

- Remus kissed his neck making Sirius shiver and forget all about that dumb Ravenclaw.

- “So, boyfriend?” Sirius seductively whispered. 

- “Yes, boyfriend?” Remus winked.

- “Do I get a proper kiss?” He nuzzled his nose against Remus’.

- “Oh, I think I could do that.” He grinned, pressing his lips softly against Sirius’.

- “WOOO!” 

- They both pulled away to see rose petals were floating down from the sky above them.

- They turned around with a puzzled look to see James and Peter stood there watching.

- James had his hands clenched together and held against his chest, grinning maniacally

- Peter had his wand out pointed above their heads and conjuring the confetti.

- “You guuuuuuys!” James cooed.

- “Okay, reign it in, Potter.” Sirius smirked, wrapping his arm tightly around Remus.

- “I’m just so happy!” He cheered, wiping a fake (they think) tear from his eye.

- “We’ve been waiting for this day this since, like, third year!” Peter chimed in, just as happy as James.

- Remus blushed with a shy laugh.

- “I just have one request.” James gave them a pointed finger. “No shagging in my bed.”

- Sirius’ eyes bulged out of his head.

- He didn’t even know if Remus would want that, let alone being made to feel uncomfortable about it.

- “James!” He scolded.

- “Don’t worry, Prongs,” Remus nudged Sirius ribs playfully, “we won’t want to ruin the mood being surrounded by your wretched stench.”

- Sirius howled with laughter, quickly joined by Peter.

- James pretended to look offended, but couldn’t help the few chuckles that escaped.

- “Come on, they’ve got chocolate cake for pudding!” Peter beamed, turning to walk back to the castle with James close on his heels.

- Remus slipped his hand into Sirius with a love sick smile.

- Sirius stared at their adjoining hands.

- Biting his lip bashfully, he leant up to kiss Remus cheek and pulled him along.

- “So, My Moony. If you’re a good boy, I might feed you some chocolate cake.” He winked.

- “Never thought you’d want a good boy, Black.” Remus huskily whisper into his ear, with a little nip on his lobe.

- Sirius shivered with pleasure, his eyes rolling in the back of his head.

- “Last one there has to kiss a Grindylow.” He teased, letting go of Sirius’ hand and racing back to the castle.

- “Cheat!” He feigned a gasp, and took off after his Moony with a bright smile that couldn’t be wiped away if he tried.

I loved writing this! Thank you for the prompt!

out - Ian

Request in which both Max and Joji are fighting over you but you’re secretly dating Ian and, one day, Ian ‘snaps’.


“Oh,” you say, not so surprised as you make it sound like, as you enter the kitchen. “Hey, Ian.” You eye him, carefully approaching him at the table after putting your empty glass in the sink. He acknowledges you with a nod, raising an eyebrow in question at your rather secretive and wary behaviour. You glance one time at the door, making sure that no one is going to disturb you two, then finally you wrap your arms around his neck from behind, hugging him tightly.

“What’s this all about?” the bespectacled boy can’t help but chuckle at your actions, but still leans over into your embrace. He closes his eyes, sighing content as you nuzzle his hair and gently caress his jaw with the tips of your fingers.

“I just missed you. Can’t I?”

He purrs “You can, but…” he glances at the door and you know very well what he means. “Won’t they…?”

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rik mayall looks: rating my not-husband’s different eras (10/10)

baby rik/fuzzy rik - barbara first fell in love with rik from this era and i can def. see why. a cutie patootie baby that you also want to have their babies. 10/10

secret and rare longhair college rik - *fanning myself like an old southern lady in church*. i mean it’s blurry but it’s hotter than sasquatch at least. 10/10

‘Wick’ from The Young Ones - Punk-rock pigtails are definitely a thing now. Super cute spotty acne. Hair doesn’t look as red as usual but maybe that’s because I’m comparing it to Vyvvyan’s super-red tri-hawk. Either way, anarchic and v. cute. Great look for bringing down the fascist pigs. 8.5/10

mid-80s super close head shave - um??? love you but kinda glad this look didn’t last very long. this look is for dudes with weird natural hair not guys with genetic ginger perfection. recognize your brilliance. 6.8/10

colin from bad news - hair (obvious wig) gets darker and curlier over time and i definitely approve. also i guarantee 100% that barbara did his makeup and it’s absolutely gorgeous. and the 80s heavy metal fashion sells this piece. 9.5/10

alan b’stard in the new statesman - finally took my advice n grew his real hair out. gave it curls which i 100% approve. alan is a real b’stard in this show but this super sexy look was a standout. also rik’s a super good actor. go see it. 9/10

Flashheart in WWI - in rik’s own words: ‘so sex’. loved talking about flashheart because it was the sexiest he ever felt on screen and he was stealing the show by being really really funny. also in his own words: ‘i am a living penis!’ 14/10

official 80s Rik look - jESUS. this is goals. also this era produced that one over dramatic but still sexy photo of him in the shower that i will never get over. 10/10

(ok what the heck here it is. and for the record this = 100000000/10)

beardy rik 1st iteration - OH. MY. GOD. I have a crush all over again. 16/10

Travellers’ Cheques/Lemmy tribute - mucho desperado. what. a. babe. 15/10

this effing music video look nobody expected - ARE YOU SERIOUS??? OK I GUESS MY LIFE IS RUINED NOW. 250000/10

the unbridled perfection that is the Rik Mayall Presents era of looks: okay let’s go into each of these in detail.

#1 - this is my favorite RMP episode and rik is brilliant in it. also this gave us a taste of how Grey Fox era Rik would look like down the road. wouldn’t be fully realized until Jonathan Creek in 1998 and we’ll get to that later. but damn. 9.6/10

#2 - this would go on to become the official 90s Rik look, so i should give them the same rating. plus this episode is creepy and hot. 10/10

#3 - Dad (in glasses) Rik. I don’t use the acronym DILF often. and I still won’t. but just know that that applies here. 9.7/10

#4 - beard rik iteration 2. rik hated growing beards and only ever did it for acting purposes. plus dirty old town wasn’t the best. but this look is amazing. it bugs me that this is my least favorite episode but has the most gorgeous look. 26/10

official 90s rik look - bit more pudge and bit more lines on face. still f*cking hot. embraced his dad side and talked about his family more in interviews, and wore a lot more dad clothes like jumpers and sweaters. also in the late 90s after his death gave him a new lease on life, was more carefree in interviews and never stopped talking. also flirted up a storm with everyone. one of my favorites. 10/10

the ‘jesus look’/Merlin the Return - i’m still not over this look. I will never be over this look. this is art, this is f*cking beautiful. this is what white jesus wishes he was like. also actual brown jesus probably approves up in heaven. infinity/10

the mavis davis era/blond i guess? - a series of messed up studio mandated dye jobs that combined into this color. rik hated it. he made jokes about himself in interviews of the time but was obviously very insecure about it. can’t hate on it too much since it wasn’t his choice, but yeah, not the best color combo. but he’s still able to pull it off by being his charming as hell self, and it later faded. 8/10

the grey-age begins - like 90s only getting noticeably more grey. obviously rik didn’t want his hair dyed after mavis davis debacle and that was a good choice. also became his look for the 2000s as well after he grew it out from being short, or vice versa. i don’t know the timelines. but ihe and ade both looked great in the late 90s during the guest house paradiso times. 10/10

Jonathan Creek - The look that shook the world by revealing that Rik had gone full grey for realsies. this ain’t the young ones anymore guys, grey fox rik is here to stay. this was also the first project he took on after his death on the quad bike and recovery in the hospital. so f*cking brave and it gets extra points. 22/10

grey fox rik - was around for most of the mid 2000s and featured prominently in quality programs such as All About George, Violent Nation. slightly more dad-ish and still punk and very very cute. lots of great interviews from this time. 10/10

the silverage begins/Believe Nothing - this probably was before short grey fox timeline wise, but there was already silver and white under the grey in those so i will counting this as the first time we see silver, even though he’s still vaguely ginger most of the time. he’s gorgeous either way and i love this show. 10.5/10

wut - wut. yeah this was a bit of a weird choice. skunkbeard no go. he got rid of it soon after his one episode and went back to his good beard record. 6.7/10

sideswept disheveled thing I didn’t even know about until i started looking at more pictures for this whole project - i fucking love this. no censors. 15/10

bombadier - beer commercials and rik with beards are like macaroni n cheese pizza: two things too good for this world. also rik’s new whiteage underneath the silver means there’s going to be a new rik era very soon. stay tuned. 9.8/10

official dad rik in Man Down - full beardy rik look #3, this time grown to make him look 20 years older since he’s late 50s and playing greg davies’ 70 year old pop pop. next to 6′7 greg he’s an adorable dwarf dad. he also gets to indulge in more dad fashion, while still being punk rock and saying ‘comrade’. also like JC this is the first time we see a new era of all-white hair rik, and it’s so cool. 10/10

unfortunately the last days of rik - full white hair, sans beard, jean jackets and shorts and his life is buying lil sudoku books from stores and sleeping on trains. has fully embraced his old dad status and loves it. can still be suave as f*ck in a blue and white suit though (in his last film Der Ontsnapping in Holland). Despite his big personality he still was facing a lot of medical problems including epilepsy and the other repercussions of his head injury. died way too soon and we still will miss him always. it was personally one of the worst times of my life. infinity/10

anonymous asked:

I would give you my legs if you did the rfa and the minor trios reaction to MC being very short! And very much so a guy

As a person who’s 5ft I approve of this!!! This sounds so fun!! YAY!!!!! May the short people rejoice, because I got them! Yeah! Lolol! Okay, I’ll start now, moment over…..

Note, the whole thing deleted and I thought my computer was broken, wow I’m crappy at this lol! Anyway again sorry it’s been so long, I feel so guilty >~<


  • He’s so surprised
  • He finds it ridiculous lol
  • Gets you everything you need
  • Always getting things that you can’t reach
  • Snuggling you all the time
  • Totally loves being big spoon
  • Your hair just smells so nice!!
  • You think he’s the sweetest person to ever walk this earth!
  • You obviously don’t see when he watches you try to each something
  • He feels kinda bad, but it’s just too cute, eventually he’ll help you
  • One day he saw someone at a party making fun of your height
  • The rest of the time you had to watch Zen “I’m going to kill him” idiot McGee
  • You actually thought it was super sweet
  • He just wants to make sure you’re happy all the time
  • No matter what
  • He’ll go to the ends of the earth and back for you his angel
  • You in turn treasure all of his company
  • You two are perfect together, like a duet of happiness and sunny days


  • Oh my goodness!
  • He thought he was the shortest dude in the RFA?
  • Apparently not!
  • He’s so unsure what to do
  • You have to convince him to not go out and buy every stepstool he can find
  • You assure him you’ll be fine
  • You guys can’t decide on who’s big spoon
  • So you face each other
  • Or sometimes lay on top of each other when it’s not tbh
  • Shhh!
  • One day an ex of yours was making fun of you
  • “Wow, I never thought you’d be into guys you piece of shit! You’re about as close to Hell as you can get, especially considering you have the height of a dwarf!”
  • You’re obviously very distressed
  • He punches the lady in the face
  • And you have to pull him back from doing something he’ll regret
  • He eventually calms down, but not before the woman runs away
  • You say good riddance
  • Since then he’s super protective of anyone who makes a comment on your stature
  • You’re grateful


  • She was the shortest person in the RFA before
  • But you’re super tiny!
  • Like wtf!
  • She’s so surprised!
  • There’s only one stepstool in the house
  • So everything is a battle for you guys
  • One day she catches you climbing up on the counter
  • She freaked!
  • But later you see her doing the same thing
  • Hehehehehe
  • One day someone at a park bumped into you
  • And they tried to make you feel better by saying some really shitty things about your height
  • Yeah, he’s an idiot
  • Because Jaehee is amazing at Tae Kwon Do
  • And you’re amazing at kicking anything below the belt as hard as possible
  • Yeah, no one messes with you
  • Even Seven knows if he goes to far…  stuff’s going to go down!


  • Okay, so before we get into your height something needs to be clarified
  • DoesJuminHanisgayconfirmedIsweartoGodfightmeokayI’llstopnow…
  • He makes sure everything is accessible to your height
  • The first week while it was all getting set up he found you climbing up to get something in the kitchen
  • On the fridge…
  • “It’s fine! I’ve done this loads before!”
  • Yeah, he’s a total worrywart
  • But the sweetest worrywart ever
  • Also best cuddler goes to this guy I swear to god
  • Super aware of your feelings about being 5ft
  • One time you were with him at a party and this guy was making fun of your height
  • You had to stop Jumin from hiring Seven to wreck his life
  • “Not the answer babe.”
  • But the minute you visit the men’s room he’s getting this guy out of the party
  • You notice, but by then decide not to talk about it
  • It ended up being a pretty good night
  • With lots of lovey dovey moments when you get home
  • IfyouknowwhatImean


  • Okay, let’s be honest
  • There’s no way in Hell he’s not going to make fun of you
  • Just because he’s in love with you doesn’t mean he’s going to give up the meaning of life
  • Totally grabs whatever you want and holding it above your head
  • You got so frustrated once you pulled him down and screamed in his ear
  • In response he began tickling you like crazy
  • Yeah, you spent a lot of time cleaning that up under Saeran’s eye
  • Sometimes when Saeran and Seayoung are fighting pettily Saeyoung will yell out; “MC’s MY ONLY BROTHER NOW!!!”
  • You made him apologize
  • But in all serious he won’t take it too far
  • One time someone approached you because apparently you bumped into them at the store
  • And began saying the most horrible things about your height
  • Yeah, hack God 707 wasn’t go to let that slide
  • The guy ended up blowing all his recent paychecks on buying Vegemite
  • Yeah, it was pretty funny
  • You guys had a good laugh about it
  • And lots of hugs afterwards!


  • Nearly runs into you the first time you two meet I swear to God
  • He felt so bad about it!
  • Apologized profusely, but you just laughed and said it was fine
  • “Can you feel the love tonight…..”
  • It was a magical moment
  • He isn’t really sure where stuff is, so you spend a ton of tiem climbing up on things
  • When he realizes this he gets you a super tall step stool for each room
  • So worried about you honestly
  • What an innocent bean!
  • Super duper big spoon!!!
  • His hair is super tickly, and it’s super relaxing
  • He doesn’t tolerate any form of harassment at all
  • Someone makes one short joke at you and he’s there
  • For someone who can look in a mirror he’s mastered the death stare face
  • Yeah, people tend to stop after that
  • Always kisses you tons after
  • You mean the universe to him!
  • He’d do anything for you


  • Much like his brother
  • Lots of stuff over your head
  • Your tactics don’t work on him
  • Sometimes he’ll throw you over his shoulder
  • It seems all ridiculous
  • You take it in stride though, because you know that he’ll give it to you eventually, and that he’d go to the deepest parts of the earth for you
  • You guys alternate who’s big spoon
  • When Saeran has a night mare you’ll be big spoon
  • But usually he is
  • It took him a while to get used to snuggling, but he loves it
  • Unfortunately it’s not perfect
  • During one of his attacks he became sadistically horrible, ripping on your height
  • You ran away crying that day
  • Thankfully you figured it out, and he hasn’t had a bad attack in a while
  • He’s amazingly grateful for you staying with him
  • The least he can do is do the same for you
  • Whenever someone else teases you about it Saeran gives them the death stare and a few choice words
  • Then ice cream for you
  • You guys spent the rest of the night watching the ducks and hugging each other in the cool air
  • And your height didn’t matter
  • You were an endless supply of happiness
  • Also Saeran thinks you’re the darndest cute thing that’s ever walked this planet


  • Very chill about it
  • Doesn’t understand why it’s a big deal
  • It’s only a few inches, how bad could it be?
  • How bad could it be?
  • They realized it could be pretty bad when you told them about how you were brutally bullied about it
  • Another thing is getting things, from at the drugstore, to a book on the shelf
  • So they’re now constantly around you
  • There for you all the time
  • You guys sleep forehead to forehead, so there’s no real spooning
  • But when you’ve had a crappy day they’ll do it a bit
  • They don’t mind it
  • You’re soft
  • Sometimes someone will make a comment on your stature
  • And they will shoot you them like nothing else
  • There for you
  • And when someone has the audacity to stalk you and continue to harasss you about it they hack into all their accounts, lock them, and post random crap, including a profile pic of a rotting vegetable
  • Yeah, no one touches their loved one
  • You find it a bit over the top, but happy you’ll never have to deal with them again

I know this was kinda short, but I hope it was sweet enough. This was something interesting for me, because I’m short, and have been caught climbing on counters and cupboards so yeah. Hope you like! Sorry for the delay again, and see you guys tomorrow hopefully!!!! Until the I wish you all the sparkles in the world!!!

How to Handle a Nico: How to Celebrate a Maki

Primary Pairing: NicoMaki
Words: ~3.8k
Rating: T

Author’s Note: It’s Midnight in Japan! Happy Birthday, Maki!  ❤ \(≧▽≦)/ ❤

“Ma~ki~-cha~n~!” A voice sang.

“Mmmmph…” The redhead burrowed deeper into her pillow.

“Ma~ki~-cha~n~!” the voice repeated as weight pressed down on the mattress near the drowsy doctor.

Maki had never been one to love waking up. In years past, it was because she often stayed up too late with homework. She still stayed up too late with paperwork for the hospital, but nowadays, she hated waking up mostly because her favorite reason for being in bed was typically already out of bed. But now that said reason had come back…

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PORTRAIT COMMISSIONS (Black and White, Bust only)
check sidebar to see if I’m open for commissions


• 70$ 

• Very detailed clothing may add 5$+ depending


• PLEASE think of what you want before contacting me

• Paypal only!

• I will make a sketch/draft/pose, once it has been approved I’ll send an Invoice via PayPal. Full refunds (minus paypal fees) can be issued for any commission I have not yet started. Once I’ve begun painting there won’t be any refunds.

• I need reference pics of poses, moods, appearence (hair, eyes, faceclaims, skin, outfits, just everything thank you very much) etc.
If you use pinterest you could make a board and send the link to me! Easier since they’re all in one place (If you have screenshots u can just send them) 
You can also make a sheet like THIS it would help a lot.

Do you have a deadline? tell me before so I can verify that i’ll be able to finish the commission in time

• I have the right to turn down any commissions I don’t want to do

I will NOT draw

• IF there’s something I feel uncomfortable doing we’ll discuss it.

I WILL draw

Ocs and Canon characters, anyone just yeah. 

fill out this form and send it with the subject “Art commission” to:

Description of character’s appearance:
Description of mood:
reference pictures (links etc):
Paypal E-mail:

All commissioned artwork is for non-commercial use only.

I retain copyright to the artwork, but claim no ownership over the characters/stories/etc. Do NOT claim the artwork as your own! If commission work is used in a public domain (i.e. icons or wallpapers) please be sure to credit me or link to my art blog.

Imagine baby Scorpius being obsessed with Draco’s hair. Draco wears it down and long to start with, but Scorpius always manages to get his sticky fingers tangled in it, so he starts putting it up. But that just gives Scorpius something solid to grab onto. And once Scorpius has got hold of something he isn’t letting it go.

So often Draco tries to stand up but finds himself trapped, and so often Astoria will just stand and watch, trying not to laugh.

“Do you need some help there, sweetheart?”

Draco just glares at her, so she comes to his rescue, distracting Scorpius with her reading glasses which are kind of gold and sparkly round the rims.

“I still don’t understand why he likes MY hair so much,” Draco complains, watching Astoria tease Scorpius with the glasses.

“It’s silver,” she says without looking up, pulling a ridiculous face at Scorpius who giggles delightedly and blows a few bubbles. “He likes shiny things. Gold and silver. Just like his dad.”

Draco smiles. “Our child has expensive taste. Very Malfoy of him.”

“He’s definitely your son,” Astoria says, tapping Scorpius on the nose. He catches hold of her finger and clings to it.

“I approve,” Draco says. “It’s important our child should enjoy the finer things in life. I just wish he didn’t count my hair as one of them.”

Astoria grins. “I’m sure it’s just a phase he’s going through.”

“Let’s hope it’s a short one,” Draco says with a heavy sigh. “Or I won’t have any hair left for him to pull.”

Bedtime selfie from Feb 4, 2017 (from instagram)

 Recently a couple of trolling 💩 s found their way onto my Instagram and felt the need to post negative comments about my looks on a few selfies with empowering messages attached to them. 

And we’ll, those turds got what they wanted, I tried not to let them win but they did. I even took down the pictures including one that Chris Hemsworth’s brother in law liked- now why in hell did I give creeps on the internet so much power?! The answer is I don’t know. I have fought very hard to love and accept myself as is and not need other peoples approval but the truth is that those kind of words still sting- even from strangers. I don’t want to let them win though. I want the acceptance of myself to be bigger and stronger than their tiny turd words. I know I am beautiful. Even right after my relaxing bubble bath with no makeup and crazy hair. I’ve got it going on and the only people who can’t see that are beneath me and not worth my time. 

And because of that, I am going to share more selfies on instagram, and on tumblr because even though I feel like I’ve gotten to a place where I have accepted myself, there is a certain self-consciousness still attached to me so this is part of my empowerment (it’s why I’ll be blogging more personal stuff in general too-I’m working on putting myself out there in baby steps.)

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13 for drarry!!

Harry’s hands were shaking as he folded his clothes to pack them into his bag.

Draco was taking him to the Manor for a few days to get “better acquainted”, as Draco put it, with his parents. To say Harry was nervous would be an understatement.

Draco noticed his shaking hands and got up to walk towards Harry and wrap his arms around his waist from behind.

“Harry,” he murmured into Harry’s ear.

“Hmm?” Harry responded distractedly as he tried folding his cloak. His hands were trembling so much, however, that it was proving to be very difficult.

Harry groaned in frustration before roughly throwing the cloak aside and picking up the next article of clothing.

Draco sighed and walked around so he was face-to-face with Harry.

“Harry, love, stop,” he said softly, taking the shirt from Harry’s hands and quickly folding it for him. Then he grabbed the now wrinkled cloak, folded it neatly, and put it in Harry’s bag.

Harry watched as Draco folded and packed the rest of his things, zipped up his bag, and placed it off to the side.

“Why are you so nervous, Harry? You’ve faced much worse things than my parents, and it’s not like you haven’t already met them.”

“It’s not like we’re on good terms, Draco! In case you’ve forgotten, your father wanted me dead for 7 years of my life! And he probably does again, now that he’s found out I’m dating his son!”

Draco sighed and sat down on the bed, pulling Harry down with him and onto his lap.

“Harry,” he said and kissed Harry’s forehead. “My parents aren’t the same people they were back then. I can promise you there will be no more scheming to get you killed,” he joked.

“That’s not what I’m worried about,” Harry grumbled.

“What are you worried about, then, love?”

“I just, I mean I know they don’t like me. And that’s fine, well no it’s not fine, I want them to like me, but I can live with it if they don’t I guess. What I’m worried about is them not approving of me…of us. You’re always seeking out their approval, and…and if they don’t approve…” Harry trailed off, unable to continue because of the tightening in his throat as he felt tears form in his eyes.


I just don’t want to lose you, Draco!” He burst out. “You’re the best thing in my life and you just mean everything to me and never in my life have I had someone of my own to love and who loves me back just as much. I’ve never felt so loved in my entire life, Draco. It’s the best feeling in the world. I can’t lose that, I can’t lose you. I know I’m not good with affection and feelings and stuff, Draco, but god I just love you so fucking much.” A few tears slid down Harry’s face, but he didn’t care because he needed Draco to know how important he was to him.

“Harry, shh, it’s okay. You’re okay,” he soothed, rubbing circles onto Harry’s back. “You’re not going to lose me, Harry, I promise. I’m almost positive my parents will approve, but if they don’t, we’ll leave. Of course I want their approval, but if they won’t give it to us, I don’t care. I love you very much, and I’m not letting you slip away, especially not because of something dumb like that, okay?”

Harry nodded his head and looked at Draco, who wiped the rest of Harry’s tears away.

“Good,” he said and lightly kissed the tip of Harry’s nose. “Shall we go then?”

Harry nodded again and made to stand up, but not before Draco grabbed him around his waist, holding him there for another moment.

Draco ran a hand through Harry’s hair and softly kissed his lips. Harry keened at the touch, which made Draco pull away, chuckling.

“I love you, Harry,” he said and gave one last quick kiss to Harry before releasing him so he could stand up.

“I love you too,” Harry said with a smile.

So I’m fairly new to tumblr.

So lets go over some stuff from the first Ghost

When I first joined the Ghost team one of the first shots I had to work on was reworking Lewis’s hair.

The hair had already been animated but it looked a little stiff and everyone wanted a more flowing fire.

So I did some concepts and they were approved and we have the SFX in the final.

This is actually one of the very few shots where Lewis’s magic splits into discrete chunks. Since this shot I’ve tried to keep the magic much more cohesive.

Secret Unkept

A/N: This is a follow-up and final piece to Busted, which was requested by @damhunterofartemis! It’s a bit on the short side, but I hope you enjoy! <3 



“You ARE busted!” JJ said, looking at Spencer wide-eyed. “You have a new girlfriend and didn’t tell anyone?” She was surprised he was able to keep the secret so well, he was normally much more expressive when he was dating someone, so his face gave it away.

You laughed under your breath, “Not new, JJ.”

“What do you mean?” she asked, turning to you in surprise. “How long have you been seeing each other?”

“Over a year.”

“What!?” she screeched, before being shushed by the museum employee. She turned back to Spencer, punching him in the arm.

“Ow!” he laughed. “We just didn’t want to be under the microscope until we were ready.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you into his embrace.

You looked up from his chest and toward JJ again. “We actually talked about him mentioning me when he went back to work on Monday.” He’d been out for a week to go visit his mother in Vegas.

“Well finally,” she said exasperatedly. She looked at her watch, realizing that she had been gone for about 10 minutes and needed to get back to the kids.

“Henry’s field trip is today?” he asked.

JJ nodded as you gasped, “Henry’s here? Spencer’s told me all about him.”

“Do you wanna meet him?” she asked. “I’m sure he’d love to meet you and I know he’d love to see his uncle.”

You looked toward Spencer and with confirmation, you both followed JJ to an exhibit you’d already visited during the day. “Hey, Henry, look who I ran into!”

The little blond boy with adorable hair ran into Spencer’s arms. “Uncle Spencer!” Henry wrapped his arms around Spencer’s neck. “I’ve missed you. Who’s this?”

“This is my girlfriend, Y/N,” he told Henry, searching his face for signs of approval. Henry looked toward you and extended his hand, introducing himself like a gentleman.

“Hi, I’m Henry. Be good to my Uncle Spencer, okay?”

You laughed. It was obvious he loved his uncle very much. “I will, I promise.” As he walked back to his classmates, you told JJ how adorable he was.”

“Thank you,” she replied. “I’d say he likes you.”

“I would hope so, I need his approval.”

JJ looked toward the group of kids who were slowly migrating toward the next exhibit. “I have to go. I’m a chaperone, but maybe sometime this week the whole group of us can get together so we can get to know you.”

“You ready for that, Spence?” you asked. “Now’s a good a time as any.”

“How about Wednesday?” he asked JJ. “Would that work?”

She responded. “I think so. See you then.”


“I can’t believe you managed to keep this woman a secret for more than a year,” Derek said for the third time that night. “If I was seeing a woman like you I’d be screaming it from the rooftops.” Ever the charmer, Derek had picked up your hand and kissed the back of it.

“Hey!” Spencer said, punching him in the arm. “Hands off!”

Over the past hour, you had told everyone how you’d met Spencer (he’d helped you out on the side of the road when your car broke down), how difficult it was to keep your little secret and how much you’d fallen for the man with a beautiful face and a heart of gold during the course of the last year. “I’m definitely looking forward to spending the rest of my life with this man,” you said, rubbing Spencer’s forearm.

Everyone went silent. “What?” Penelope asked, her eyes wide with anticipation. She looked between you and Spencer with a look of unrestrained glee. “Are you? Are YOU?!”

“Oh, yea,” you said, pulling a diamond ring out of your pocket book. “I can finally put this back on.”

“WHAT?!” everyone burst out, enveloping you in a hug that welcomed you into the family.

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers

Okay I’m in a good mood rn so Imma do this now

1) I’m very kind. Very giving in nature. I like to help people. Probably too much, but still.

2) My sense of humor is like….super inoffensive. Like if you say “burger” in a funny voice, I’ll probably bust a gut

3) My hair is pretty great I mean not to brag but my hair is fucking amazing

4) I have a really good work ethic, not because of money or approval but because I genuinely love to do a good job and to know that I can rely on myself to do a good job allt he time

5) Uhh….I’m super proud of the fact that I’m good at math and science

I guess I’ll tag @strayprussia, @transfrerin, @zoosmellpooplord, @ladyknightthebrave…..and i can’t…..think of anyone else…..

Fake Dating

A/N:  The fake dating cliche is something that I not-so-secretly enjoy.  A lot.  So here’s my version. :)

“I don’t know, Lily,” James sighed, scratching the back of his head. “It seems kind of risky, doesn’t it?”

Lily laughed.  He hated it when she did that, because it made his heart beat just a bit faster. “Since when were you the cautious one?  You’re practically the poster child for risky business.  I thought you would’ve been all for this.”

James put his cup of tea down on the table and shook his head.  She had called him an hour before to ask him to come over to her flat, and when Lily Evans called, James Potter always answered.  He’d had no idea that she would want to suggest something like this, and now he was trying to talk her out of it.

“It just isn’t… realistic, you know?” he said after a moment of silence. “I don’t think any of my friends would buy it, and yours definitely wouldn’t.”

“Yeah, but they’re not going to find out!” Lily argued. “Come on, James, it’s just for a weekend, and you don’t even have to hold my hand if you don’t want to.”

He laughed weakly, trying not to think about how much he actually wanted to hold her hand. “That’s not the issue.  I’m just not sure that you’ve thought this through enough.”

“Ugggh,” she groaned, throwing one of the couch pillows at him. “When did you become a grown up?  You don’t ever think anything through!”

“Yeah, well, maybe I’ve changed!” he retorted, tossing the pillow back at her. “Attending university really makes you rethink some of your previous life choices.”

Lily rolled her eyes. “Whatever, James.  But seriously, I need you to do this for me.”

“Why, though?  Your sister’s getting married, big deal.”

“Under normal circumstances, I would agree that it isn’t such a big deal, especially since Vernon Dursley is a fat, sexist walrus. However, I may have already…” Her voice trailed off and James leaned towards her.

“Already what?”

“I may have already told her that Ihaveaboyfriend.”  

His laugh was genuine this time. “You didn’t! Why would you do something like that?”

“I don’t know!” she moaned. “She’s always talking about Vernon and how great he is, and saying that it’s such a pity that I haven’t found a man like him.  And last week I just snapped and started making things up.”

“And I was the only person you could think of?” James asked incredulously. “What about Sirius, the handsome one?  Or Remus, the smart one?”

“Sirius has a motorbike,” Lily scoffed. “Besides, Petunia would never believe that I would date someone who wears leather on a regular basis.  And Remus would’ve been ideal, actually, but Petunia’s met him before.  And she knows that he’s in love with Sirius.  So you were the only option, really.”

“Ah, but you forgot Peter,” he pointed out. “What’s wrong with the Cheddar Meister?”

“The fact that you call him the Cheddar Meister, for one.  For another, Vernon went to university, and Peter isn’t even considering it.  I needed a college man, and you were the first one that came to mind.”

“Yeah, because my list of accomplishments is so long and substantial.  University, wow.  I’ve done so much.”

“Oh stop being sarcastic,” Lily nudged him. “You’ve played football for years, you’ve been the captain of your league since last season, and you’re majoring in law enforcement.  It all sounds very impressive, in theory.  Petunia seemed impressed when I told her.”

“So glad to have your sister’s approval,” he muttered.

“Yeah, actually it’s pretty good, because maybe she won’t hate you when she meets you,” she shot back. “Are you in, or aren’t you?”

Her green eyes bored into his, and the way her hair caught the light was incredible.  James could feel himself giving in, just as he always did when Lily begged him for help on one of his schemes. “Wait a moment, Evans.  If you’re going to ask me, make sure you do it properly.” He stuck his nose up in the air. “Because I’m worth it.”

“Well, alright,” she said, getting down on one knee and taking his hand. “James Potter, will you fake-date me for a whole weekend and allow me to show you off to my sister and her atrocious wedding guests?”

He grinned. “When you put it that way, how could I resist?”


“Are you sure you know what to say?” Lily asked, wringing her hands.  It was the weekend of the wedding, and she and James were about to check into the posh hotel that Petunia had chosen for the venue.

“Yes, I’m sure.  We’ve got everything covered—a plausible backstory, a collection of stereotypical memories—I mean, what more do we really need?” James asked, lifting their suitcases out of his car.

“I think we’ll be sharing a room,” she said nervously, her eyes wide. “I might’ve told Petunia…”

James groaned. “You told her that we were doing it?”

“Yes!  I wasn’t thinking!” Lily shouted, startling a nearby flock of pigeons. “And I’m sure that if I had been thinking at the time, I would’ve chosen a boy who doesn’t refer to having sex as ‘doing it.’”

“Yeah, well.  It’s all the same thing,” James mumbled. “Are we actually going to go inside, or are we going to stand out here in this car park for the whole weekend?”

“No, let’s go inside.”  She grabbed her suitcase from him and strode towards the hotel. He had to walk very quickly to catch up with her.

“Whoa, slow down, tiger.  And shouldn’t I carry your suitcase, since we are dating and all?”

She slapped him on the arm. “No, you git.  I don’t need your chivalry right now.”

“Alright,” he said, and they walked in silence up to the door of the hotel.  He graciously held the door for Lily, chuckling as she muttered about being capable of opening her own doors.

However, when they stood side by side, staring at the lavish interior of the lobby, he felt her hand slip gently into his.

“Evans, I thought you said I didn’t have to hold your hand,” he whispered to her.

“Shut up, Potter.”


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PLEASE SOME USHIWAKA X GOSHIKI please i can find n o t h i n g and i love it so much

I’m in Goshijima hell right now and theres only two english fanfics and like no art and i love them sooo much aahahaahahahahah, I want Ushijima to pat his head and like kiss his nose and stuff im like in tears thinking about rn. I would also like to think that ushijima is a terrible chef and goshiki is super proud he can cook and he brags about it all the time and ushijimas just liike “yeah yeah” and aaahahahaha i want this so bad

THERE IS actually some art for it if you look through AJ’s twitter account and my friend @candy-harlot also recently drew a thing ^^ IM HAVING FEELINGS ABOUT THEM THOUGH, THANKS TO THIS MOST RECENT EPISODE

like ushijima…why won’t you notice this poor kid who clearly idolizes you??

I just…I want fic where Goshiki very obviously has a crush on ushijima and he’s constantly looking for his approval but no matter what he does, he can’t seem to get a satisfying response. he challenges ushijima and ushijima wishes him good luck. he practically felates an popsicle when the team goes for celebratory snack after a match and ushijima doesn’t blink an eye at it - although reon pats goshiki’s back and tells goshiki to take it easy when goshiki gets overambitious and tries swallowing too much at once. goshiki probably even changes his hair color at one point - to red, because he once heard ushijima compliment tendou on the bright color of his hair - and ushijima doesn’t say anything at all. goshiki fumes. 

and his entire team (with the exception of ushijima) know about his crush because it’s OBVIOUS. goshiki doesn’t have a subtle bone in his body, really. at one point goshiki tries flirting with ushijima and ushijima shoots him down so quickly with straight forward answers that yamagata scowls and says, “don’t you think that was a little harsh, even for you?”

and ushijima has no idea what he’s talking about. His lips slant in a frown and he answers, “What? he asked if i had time to work on serves with him after practice, but i don’t.” and yamagata shakes his head in disbelief. 

“look, if you don’t like him, just tell him that. But let him down easy, y’know? he’s a good kid. but he’s delicate, too. it’s just a puppy crush, i’m sure he’ll get over it eventually.”

and at this point ushijima has even LESS idea what yamagata’s talking about. “A crush?” something suddenly clicks in his mind. “Goshiki has a crush on me?”

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Bonus comic Synopsis - After seeing her social media page explode with something, Adrienne Agreste meets her mother as they look at the new poster made to advertise the Superhero market. (Characters fan-made by @yaushie )

 Yes, I am slightly ashamed of drawing this. But at least it’s proof that I am capable of drawing a woman.

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AIC 22

“I was on the toilet.” Aiko lied baldly. “When I heard your ANBU loudly stumble into my room, by complete accident and stoogish incompetency, I assume, since they are obviously forbidden from invading the privacy of a foreign diplomat, I was so embarrassed that I used a genjutsu to hide. What else was I to do?” She met his eyes, deadpan.

Her interrogator might have sighed- it was hard to be certain. “For 34 minutes?” he asked. His gravelly voice could have dried up the onsen. “You hid under genjutsu from an ANBU team for 34 minutes? On the toilet. That must have been quite the genjutsu.” He paused. “That must have been quite the bowel movement.”

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Doug’s Hair

So I was thinking about Wolf 359 a lot and got a funny idea in my head. So Godard uses a military system for their space missions and was thinking, the military has hair requirements so is it that illogically that Godard would also enforce the requirements. But then what about Eiffel’s floofy hair?

My thought is that Eiffel would not part with his hair under any circumstance. Men’s military haircuts are very short but I have no doubt that Eiffel would find a loop hole… with women’s hair cuts. Just imagine Eiffel finding an acceptable women’s haircut that is about the same length as his hair and making a huge deal about how haircuts shouldn’t be gendered and that he should be allowed to choose any of the approved hair cuts he wants. Eventually Godard would just decide its too much effort to legally fight Eiffel on this and lets him get away with it.

Then imagine on the day that the crew meets Eiffel has his newly cut hair that’s still styled exactly as the military required because he put off cutting his hair until the last possible moment. And then Minkowski walks in and she has the exact same hair cut.