i vas beginning to like her

Unsteady Part II

Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 976

A/N: Part two to Unsteady - click here to read part one :))) I hope this matches people’s expectations…


Shawn’s P.O.V

A sharp pain shoots through my back as my chair creaks. Hospital chairs certainly aren’t an ideal bed. Y/N has now been in the hospital, and in her coma, for 28 hours. It’s longer than the doctor initially expected but he keeps reassuring me that she’s just fine. I hardly even notice the constant beeping of the machines as Y/N’s body works hard to fight. My eyelids feel like they’re holding weights as they begin to droop again. I pull my chair closer to the bed and take Y/N’s hands in mine before resting my head on them. I finally give in to my closing eyelids as I fall back into sleep.

“Shawn,” I hear a soft voice say, bringing me out of my uncomfortable sleep, “Shawn.” The voice repeats, making my sleepy head shoot up as I recognise the voice. Her bright eyes are finally open and she has a weak smile spread across her lips, hidden behind the oxygen mask. I feel my mouth fall open slightly as I stare at my poor girl, grabbing her hand tighter. “Y/N… oh my god.” I say, feeling utterly shocked and speechless. I can’t really comprehend the sight in front of me - a scenario I’ve been dreaming of for 28 hours. “I’m so so glad you’re awake, baby.” I say in a slight voice. She just squeezes my hand, keeping that smile on her face as her bright eyes stare into me. “What happened?” I whisper, trying to choke back the tears that are welling in my eyes.

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