i vas beginning to like her

Yana’s message to Snake’s VA

Snake’s voice actor, Takuma Terashima, announced today that he married voice actress Satomi Sato and Yana congratulated them on twitter:

Wow! I heard Mr. Takuma Terashima who voiced Snake🐍 got married! Congratulations! I wish them all the best on their new beginning!

….says Toboso🐍.

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Daron doesn't like starco? I didn't know that

She’s said multiple times she didn’t really ship them, even stated before the show premiered there wasn’t gonna be any romance between star and marco.

She’s supportive of  any ship the fandom likes, but personally she doesn’t ship em.

Even Adam said it in a livestream way back.

The fandom (Being majorly st///arco shippers), like to bury that lil detail.

What she said at Creativa fest for Tomco is amazing not only because she confessed to liking them, but it’s honestly the first time she’s ever admitted to liking a ship on the show.

 Now considering the fans don’t influence her work, it’s clear Star’s crush was intended from the beginning ((Which is also kinda amusing cause Star’s va doesn’t ship it either, i can only imagine how she felt when she found out they were doing this angle)), so if Daron is telling the truth and has no intention on them having any romance, you start to wonder why the crush element was added to begin with.

Which frankly, is what gives me higher hopes that they’ll take another path with this. Daron probably knew the fandom was gonna ship them the most, and a lot, she seems to be a bit self aware on how fandoms do work….I almost consider Ruberiot to be a parody on over obsessed St//arco shippers (They hugged, they must be in love!!).

Can’t promise what she is planning, but she clearly has something in mind with this and i really do hope it’s not another cliche romance. The star crew has done so well with avoiding typical cliches and I want to see Star grow from this kinda stuff instead of giving kids unrealistic expectations out of friendships.

Kids would get more out of it learning to cope with being rejected, then being told their crush owes them a relationship because they’re friends.

Stroke of Midnight VA Auditions

My last assignment in my class is to create an animatic of a scene for Stroke of Midnight. Stroke of Midnight is a re-telling of the fairy tale Cinderella that takes place in Venice, Italy during the Italian Renaissance. Take a look at my Stroke of Midnight tag to learn a little more about the project. 

The scene I will be doing is the final confrontation between the heroin, Elena, and the villain, King Parrion. The final animation will be posted on youtube for public viewing. Please take note that I am a broke ass college student and will be unable to pay you for VA work if you are selected. I can do an art trade if you like with a painted commission - but I am making this perfectly clear from the beginning that I am unable to pay. Credit will be given and again, an art trade is something I can totally do!  


The heroine of our story! For the part of the story this scene will cover, she has been cursed by Fairy King Parrion to relive the same night over and over again and at this point has lived YEARS in this loop. So although she appears young, she comes out of her conflict determined, strong-willed, and powerful. 

Audition Lines:

  1. “This is not a GIFT! This is a CURSE!” (angrily)
  2. “My father and I planted this tree together…in memory of my mother…” (sadly)
  3. “I was my step-mother’s prisoner for years, I refuse to be yours as well! You have no power over me!” (determination and bravery)

While Elena is Italian an accent is not required. 

King Parrion

A powerful Fairy King who is ‘in love’ with Elena. He may call it love but in all honesty he treats Elena more like a favorite toy than a future Queen. He is seductive and calm, expect when his temper flairs. When angry he becomes a monster and a merciless beast. 

Audition Lines

  1. “Just think of all the wishes I might grant for you…if you simply obey me.” (seductively) 
  2. “Elena! Come here…come away from the tree…” (fearfully but whilst trying to remain in control)
  3. “If you will not accept my gifts, you ungrateful child, then I will take everything you have left in this world until I am all you have!” (ferociously, becoming more beast like)

If you wish to use a filter for Parrion’s voice I am fine with that - he is not supposed to sound 100% human so I encourage any creativity you might want to explore!

Alessandra and Margehrita 

For obvious reasons the same person will voice both sisters. Alessandra (left) is extremely smart, but must hide it due to the expectations of women at that time. She is protective of her sister and will do anything to please her mother.

Margehrita (right) is a little slower than her twin, but has a knack for fashion but is unable to explore her interests due to the fact that their mother dresses them to her own tastes. 

Both sisters love each other very much and at this point in the story, love Elena just as much. 

Audition Lines

  1. “Run Elena!” (fearfully)
  2. “I’m sorry…for the way I treated you. I hope…you’ll come to forgive me.” (apologetically)
  3. “I suppose I should call you ‘little sister’ now.” (lovingly)

Recording & Sending Instructions
-Save all files in mp3 format.
-Record all of a character’s audition lines in one file.
-Label as Yourname_Character.mp3
-Put “SoM - Audition" in the subject line of the e-mail 

E-mail you auditions to thepurpah@gmail.com

Note: You will need to have a way to record quality audio in order to be considered for this project. My grade is depending on this! This means no background noise or poor audio quality. 


It’s only the second episode, but we can already see Eren’s development when it comes to Mikasa taking care of him. It’s something that didn’t become evident until chapter 53 of the manga.

Shimono Hiro (Connie’s VA) said in the radio show that Eren’s character becomes more adult like, and that he matures both mentally and physically in season 2. I really like how we can see it early on in this season. He doesn’t make remarks or gestures in annoyance as he did in dire situations during season 1. He lets her adjust the cape and take of him, and I can’t wait until he begins doing the same for her.

A War Fought at Home: Chapter 2

Corporal Natsu Dragneel has been through Hell, and unfortunately for him, the ride isn’t quite over. How will a new Rehab program at the local VA help? And will a certain blonde help make matters better?

Modern Military AU. Warnings for mentions of depression and adult language/situations. Other warnings to come as the story progresses. Cross post on AO3 and FF.net.

Chapters: 1 |

Physical Therapy was ten times worse than PT had ever been in Bootcamp. Like Natsu was pretty sure that Therapy was as close to actual Hell on Earth as a human being could get. If he was being honest, he’d rather have his old Drill Sergeant barking orders at him than the “sweet and gentle” Physical Therapist who cooed at him like a child. Nope, he’d take that old, nasty son-of-a-bitch any day over Mili-whatever the fuck her name was.

He knew he was in trouble the minute Lucy rolled him inside the tiny gym. After Natsu was just barely able to drag his eyes away from the gorgeous blonde, his eyes tried to focus on what laid before him. Scattered about the room were different stations designed around different exercises, but with tables, workout balls, resistance bands, a set of mounted parallel bars and treadmills stood dauntingly in the back left-hand corner. His new therapist was seated on what had slowly become his most despised nemesis, black foam puzzle mats. He knew what those meant. They meant the grown- up version of Back and Tummy Time. They were gonna take him out of his chair and put his ass on the ground to have him wriggle around like a baby trying to learn how to crawl. All that was missing were the barbed wire and mud. Then it would have been a party.

“She’s not as bad as she seems,” Lucy said with a giggle, the mere sound ringing in Natsu’s ears like an Angelic choir. It was like she could read his mind. “Plus it’s only for today. She’s going to evaluate you and you’ll be assigned a permanent Therapist tomorrow.”

Natsu sighed in relief which caused Lucy to make that heavenly sound once more. He found himself thanking whatever gods existed for the fact that he wasn’t stuck with his own personal cheerleader. If he had been, his stint in the VA would have ended there and then. “I’ll take your word for it,” he rasped before the Therapist joined them. Her first order of business of dismissing Lucy, effectively beginning the worst two hours Natsu had experienced in months.

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fuck you made me think about the opening lyrics to rap god by eminem and taegi covering it at like 2 am while jumping on the bed shidjdbd "i'm beginning to feel like i'm a rap god (rap god)" djkdjdb -gucci anon


My views on the next Pink Stevenbomb

When I saw the news about the upcoming Stevenbomb, I couldn’t contain myself. This was really needed and the timing just feels right. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the Steven Nuke was extremely awesome, and those special monthly festive episodes were enjoyable too, but this was the right time to deliver something in between (a five episodes story arc). And hell, it seems like we’re gonna get something extraordinary. So let’s start.

Theory #1: Infamous Palanquin

The consensus after “Buddy’s Book” was that the palanquin definitely belonged either to Blue Diamond or Pink Diamond. Now, I guess this confirms the Pink Diamond’s route, which leaves room to a lot of possibilities.

What I would really really really love to happen is to get a flashback with this palanquin being the place where Rose shattered Pink Diamond or the moment when and the location where the Rebellion started. It could very well be narrated by Pearl, who was likely a witness (we have too many clues for her not to be Pink Diamond’s or White Diamond’s Pearl or a gift from the White Diamond to the Pink Diamond).

However, I think certain that the Palanquin was damaged, under attack or abandoned and maybe, it serves now as a memorial/grave for PD.

Theory #2: Jasper’s Hisbiscus

At this point, it’s not a stretch to think that Jasper could be redeemed (I mean, her VA recorded for Season 4) and I personally think it will start slowly, beginning it with this Stevenbomb. The flower hinted in the picture promo is the same flower Jasper wears on autographe from SSDC. I guess she’s wearing it in the memory of the Pink Diamond, but it can also be the first thing from Earth that Jasper will be impressed with.

Theory #3: Let’s kidnap the Crystal Gems

Something’s really fishy about the next episodes descriptions:

  • “Adventures in Light Distortion” – Steven and the Gems take off on a search and recovery mission. 
  • “Gem Heist” – The Gems try to pull off a heist. 
  • “That Will Be All” – Steven and the Gems make a daring escape! 

This screams infiltrating into a Homeworld ship and then getting kidnapped by the Homeworld Gems so bad, but I’d rather not go jumping into conclusions because I don’t want to be disappointed. This would be extremely awesome though. Can I even dare to stay that they go to Homeworld? I guess it’s too soon.

Other thoughts

  • Steven will find out about Pink Diamond’s Palanquin by going into Jasper’s or Pearl’s mind; I’d rather say Jasper only because we have these little hints
  • We’ll definitely see Pink Diamond’s full appearance
  • “The Zoo” is a serious episode; I doubt it’s about corrupted gems since that would be really insensitive, but it makes sense if the gems are kidnapped because of the parallels between a zoo and a jail
  • This bomb might represent the start of the endgame, possibly the beginning of the second war with Homeworld

Anyway, I’m dying to get some answers. I’m gonna be on full theorising mode until next time.

First of all like I said we won’t ever dig her death, no matter what the circumstances are. Doesn’t matter if she sacrifices herself or not, it’s still death and we wouldn’t dig it. Haters might. But we won’t.

• her and Daryl have a growing connection. How can it grow if one of them is dead?

• an amazing journey this season. How can her journey even begin if she dies before it starts? I don’t consider this her journey. I consider her escaping and heading to Alexandria and journey.

• I know it was just a quote but Gimple said she was like Michael Corelone at the end of Slabtown. Now that’s a high honor, Why would he call her that if she was going to die before her true story can begin? Michael Corelone never died in battle, he died an old man.

• the DC spoon and Noah talking about VA, why would beth pick up the spoon and not Daryl? Why would they cleverly say that Noah is from Richmond which is practically neighbors with DC?

• why would Maggie be heading to DC without her sister? why would they mention DC again in Beth’s presence? (Connect the dots)

• Beth is the greater good.

• the new sheriff in town foreshadowing in s4 finale, why would they only have one badass episode for Beth then kill her off in 3 episodes before she has a chance to continue?

• then the putting her down by officer bitchy, that’s foreshadowing how not weak she is. And how strong she truly is. And how she will make it out.

• why promote bethyl/Beth at the SDCC if Beth were dying? Why go through all that trouble to do that if she wasn’t going to make it?

• why put her in the main credits for only four episodes?

• why be so hush hush about Beth’s whereabouts if every time they turn around spoilers of her “death” are popping up?

• TSDF is also the same spoiler page that said in episode ten she was seen driving a cop car away from the hospital. Why now are they saying that Beth is dead?

• why after 4 seasons do they kill her off just as she starts to get interesting? From writing pov it would have made sense last season or even s3 or s2. Because she was a background character. Now she’s a main character (almost) and with an incredible storyline, TWD is making funny money off of this, why kill off their next money maker?

• lastly but not least why do that to Daryl? Why make him search for another person only for him to get there late or he watches them die? Gimple is not Mazzara, he has already proven that. Even if its the history of the show, it won’t be with this show runner. He’s changed TWD so much last season and this season. Stuff that Mazzara probably would never dabble in to. There is a reason why Gimple been signed on for s6 as show runner.

• lastly - why on earth would they not have any other episode spoilers? What happened to 5,6,7? Why is it just MSF? Don’t they know that is the most locked down episode when filming? Don’t they know that what their “sources” see might not be the whole story? Last year they never had spoilers in such detail for the MSF, it was all spec. And it just so happens it was somewhat accurate. Some things they left out and some things they didn’t even put in. Why now? Why again? Why is it always Beth? Her story is just beginning, plus Gimple said a character has to earn a death and honestly has Beth earned it? No. Have other characters? Yes most definitely.

So before you go and start believing people who’ve got it wrong before, think about the foreshadowing they’ve done for Beth. Why do that? Why waste so much time if she was just going to die in the end? Why even bother with putting her in the main credits? It doesn’t make sense. And I know they’ve been right before with things, but they have been wrong.

So I’m calling it now, their “sources” didn’t see the whole thing and they only saw what they want or could, maybe after an alleged “scene” took place they were spotted by security and asked to leave, meaning they didn’t get anything else. And they just reported what they saw. But until there is solid proof of it happening, like right before the episode airs or seeing it on our screens, I’m not believing anything anyone says, even if they claim to be a legit site with “sources”

Because Norman said it best ⬇

“They think they know, but they don’t. Not in 5 seasons have they gotten anything right. They’re going to eat their words this season.”