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Climate Change Doesn’t Care if You’re a Rich Republican: It’ll Kill Your Grandkids, Too

DJT just surrounded himself with coal miners and signed a series of Executive Orders to roll back President Obama’s climate change initiatives and, also, EPA regulations. 

As all sentient beings know, DJT maintains climate change is “a hoax” created by the Chinese government to give them an upper hand in trade with the U.S. (ignoring that Bejing is literally choking on smog thicker than concrete). 

For (not so) good measure, he also wants the U.S. to withdraw from the Paris Accord, the worldwide climate treaty President Obama signed that promises the U.S. will lower its carbon emissions and take other such steps that try to preserve the planet and all life forms on it. 

I’m old enough to remember when the GOP valued education. Now it panders to the uneducated and, as such, both uses them as pawns and actively harms them. 

Do the Republicans who insist climate change is a hoax really believe it? Or do they say it to garner votes from the ignorant in order to further deregulate big business and keep it happy, rich, and, most importantly, donating? 

I think it’s a combination of willful stupidity and unfettered greed. 

But the scientific reality is that Republican climate change denial imperils not only our loved ones, but their own, too. 

Could you ever be selfish enough to risk the safety of your own kids and grandkids? 

It’s becoming increasing clear DJT isn’t the legitimate POTUS.

But the GOP will always be morally culpable for nominating a climate change denier in the first place. 

No party should get to risk the lives of anyone’s kids, including their own.

So now that I’m thinking about it the cavalier attitude the rebels show towards killing and even their own casualties might have an in universe explanation. Aside from the writers and animators just not wanting to spend time and money on rescuing pilots and animating faces. 

Who are the rebels? What kind of people fill the ranks of the fledgling rebel army? From what we’ve seen, mostly young people. People in their early to mid 30s to people in their early teens are the ones doing most of the fighting, flying, smuggling, etc. People who would have been children and young teens during the Clone Wars. People who grew up in the shadow of the Empire. 

Things like Hera casually saying “We’re loosing more pilots than we can replace” after the gruesome death of a rebel pilot sounds awful. It is awful. She didn’t even talk about the person who died. But think of it from the perspective of a woman who grew up on battle fields. Who watched her people, her family suffer and be sold into slavery from the time she was a child. Who’s family was shattered and broken by a war that dragged on for years. Hera grew up with people who were life long soldiers. She grew up in war and pain and loss and suffering. 

Or how about Kanan? He’s just as guilty of not reminding the others about the value of human life? Like a Jedi should? But what happened when Kanan was young, still forming his identity and worldview? War. A war where he lost his friends, the clones. A war where he lost the most important person in his life, Depa. To his friends the clones. And then, while he was still a child, lived a near solitary life on the run from the empire. A life where survival was all he could care about. A life where all he had ever known was gone. Destroyed. Brutally and violently. 

How about Sabine? We don’t know much about her but she wasn’t being hunted. For all we know her home world was at peace by the time she was old enough to form memories. She had family and friends. But she grew up in the shadow of the Empire. If we know anything about the Empire we know that it’s cold. It’s sterile. It doesn’t put much value on life. If the empire is anything like it’s real life inspiration (and I suspect it is) then it would have a thriving propaganda department that controlled everything from news outlets to children’s education. What kind of values do you think the Empire instilled in it’s youngest citizens? Think they spent a whole lot of time on sharing and tolerance? I’m guessing that things like “reporting people you have suspicions about” and “Do what ever it takes to bring peace”  and “uniformity” and all that fun authoritative dictatorship stuff (seriously look up what real children who lived in horrifying regimes learned in school. It’ll give you chills.) Sabine and I’m guessing her whole generation were influenced indoctrinated by the Empire through their schools. How does that effect children? Well I’m guessing that it certainly makes them emotionally cold in some aspects. If you live in an authoritarian dictatorship that shows little appreciation for the value of life… how do you think that trickles down to the most impressionable members of society? Who have no other scale for what is normal and right? Parents’ stories are nice and can be helpful but it doesn’t change the reality that they grew up in a rather soulless totalitarian situation. I mean this was a government that sent Sabine off at a very young age to learn how to kill people. What do you think that does to a generation? Do you think Sabine’s trigger happy, explosive happy not even thinking about casualties or civilians in the area, “They almost killed Hera” despite multiple pilot deaths, has anything to do with the fact that she was raised in an Imperial world? 

Or Leia? Yeah Leia is a tiny princess full of rage in her own right, but she’s fighting and killing at the age of 15? What does that do to a person? How does that effect someone and their take on the world? Or Ezra who grew up on the streets and lost his parents to the Empire? Or Ahsoka? She turned out wonderful despite being on the front? But do you remember in the clone wars when Ahsoka when adult Jedi would look at her in horror because she was being violent and aggressive? Or any of the times that a padawan or young knight would show a tendency for violence that shocked the older Jedi? Because their children at war and that has an effect on a person. Or Barriss who couldn’t handle the stress of fighting a war and gave way to terrorism? 

Basically I’m saying that the cheapness of the show can be rationalized in universe by the elephant in the room that Rebels has refused to really capitalize on. The fact that the generation(s) who are fighting for revolution are the children who grew up in war zones and under the influence of an oppressive regime. So they do show a grossly dismissive attitude towards the death of their own but it does make more sense when you consider the childhoods these people have experienced. 

Not that that’s the reason it’s just what I tell myself whenever they act like the pilots and background characters don’t matter. 

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So you know nothing of druidry 😂😂 You're very obviously fake, you have no education in the craft nor do you understand its origins, you are not a witch stop embarrassing us, literally you're just some insane edge Lord who wants to be cool because you have nothing else going for you, witches don't cast black magic, your friends are cretins, you don't understand anything, get some books, read up on the levels, you only know the goddess? Better start learning sweetie

i do not know much of druidry, nor am i going to claim that i do, except from that it worships nature and values life in all forms… however i don’t practice druidry, and i have my own path to focus on. one can only know so much. i like to think i am educated on the craft but then again you are right about me not knowing anything compared to all there is to know, but you are also the same. i understand the origins of witchcraft and i have studied it. i really don’t know whats gotten into you, but the way youre behaving is actually quite closed minded and out of line.. and most witches would be embarrassed by you…. but u kno
please dont refer to me as insane, thats, lowkey ableist. my psychosis has NOTHING to do with my craft.
my friends are not cretins for using their craft against my abusive 18 year old boyfriend….. idk what u are, judging by your asks youre probably wiccan, but may i just point out it isn’t a very wiccan way to send anonymous hate to some 16 year old witch girl, starting with “You’re an embarrassment” like….. energy follows through ur just going to get bit in the ass by karma :/
whatever i do not understand i try to do so by researching, but i pretty much understand the basics of witchcraft and how it works. well, i mostly work with energy manipulation, crystals and law of attraction but, i understand most things about my personal craft! the only thing i dont understand is why youre so salty with me and why youre trying to convince me im not dedicated to witchcraft when its a huge part of who i am???? you are not very nice
i dont know what gave u the impression that “i only know the goddess”, like i said the deities for me are personifications of functions and elements of the universe. i dont base my craft around deities as much but i still recognise them. i am sorry that i cant include every single thing i have learnt about witchcraft to impress you and gain your respect..
also i have lots of cool books and i love to read, infact ive gotten some new ones the day before yesterday!! i shall show you
“witches don’t cast black magic” ummmmm….. but like.. they did……. so like…. uhhhh…….. who casts black magic then….. what happens to a witch when they cast black magic. do they just. ascend. does spontaneous human combustion occur. do they just skip dimensions. does the system collapse. i dont get it

MBTI and Hogwarts House

Because MBTI types you and describes who you are many want to find a correlation between the houses and an MBTI type. What these are telling about people are a bit different. For one MBTI as 16 categories and there are only 4 Hogwart houses. I don’t believe a type is more likely to be in one house or the other. MBTI figures out how you function, what comes naturally, and how you will communicate with someone. A house tells you above all else, what you take pride in. What kind of community you fit best in? What community values the same forms of education you do? In what house will you learn best? No community works with the same types within them A Slytherin ISFJ will be different from a Ravenclaw ISFJ.

So I think I will create a series of posts (4, one for each house) that shows how each type would “act” or the reason they would be in each house. Wish me luck!

Reflecting on my first year in university, I’ve realized I learned invaluable lessons I wish someone had exposed me to prior to the Fall 2013 semester. However, I’m glad I learned in my own time that these lessons play a major role in ensuring your first year at university goes smoothly - because now I can share them with you! 

Everyone will undoubtedly have their own personal challenges their freshman year, but I hope this article gives you useful tips so you don’t have to learn (or relearn!) the same lessons I did. 

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On Saturday morning I got up early and did my run down 4th avenue to 10th street and back. While I ran, I listened to the playlist I made for Lily’s visit on shuffle. The run started with We Are Young by Fun. which is a very good song to make you feel youthful and strong and get your blood pumping, especially because I associate it with the person I was three years ago. If you could see me now! I told my younger self in my head as I made my way down the sunny sidewalk in my sky blue sneakers. You aren’t fast, but you are resolute.

After my run, I paced the apartment, fluffing the sofa pillows and straightening up the vanity before Lily arrived. I shot a disapproving frown at the peach carnations going brown in the vase by the window, as if they should know better. I put strawberries on the little wooden tray my mom brought back from her honeymoon in Italy and sticky almonds in a little white dish and set them out on the kitchen table, because traveling makes people hungry, and I felt like I needed something to indicate welcome. A few minutes later, I thought of the mice, and put the tray and the dish in the fridge. I waited impatiently on the couch until finally the buzzer sounded and I rushed out the door to meet Lily at the stairs, carrying less luggage than she used to for an afternoon visit when she lived in Bed Stuy.

I was pleased to see that, with the exception of our matching short hair cuts, six months hadn’t really changed us. We aren’t all grown up yet, which means it’s still perfectly acceptable to order vodka redbulls at night, eat 3 slices of pizza for breakfast the next morning, and then go out for ice cream in candy-coated sugar cones when the ice cream parlor opens at noon. It’s still alright for me to spend the money I should be spending on a new black cardigan for work on stacks of used books. It’s acceptable that neither of us really knows how to use eyeshadow and it’s acceptable to go to sleep without washing it off first. It’s alright for me to confess my silliest, most materialistic fears about my future while walking through Prospect Park, and to make fun of very rich young men on Soho street corners, and to order nothing but sides off the brunch menu to ensure I get exactly what I want.

I think that’s the thing that is most wonderful to see reflected in each other. We are both inching closer and closer to knowing what it is we want and how to go about getting it without guilt or embarrassment. We are seeing other people more clearly and ourselves more kindly, and our personalities are still shifting, slowly and ever so slightly closer to the wise women we always wanted to be. We are wary where we lack experience, contemplative where we lack education, and shrewd where we lack sophistication. And more than wise, we are tender, which we always have been, which we haven’t lost yet, and won’t lose ever, because now we recognize its value. We honor our tenderness, we cultivate and encourage it. We look out for it in others. I feel myself gravitating toward tenderness in all forms these days. I think it must be the hiding place for all joy.