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bangtan boys feature in my hogwarts au.

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I really love your writing, and if it's no trouble, could you do the rfa plus V and saeran with a MC who loves writing and wants to be a writer

Thank you so much <3
(Gonna take this chance to promo my sister okayyyy)
My older sister is an aspiring author and, while I haven’t read most of her writing except for excerpts, she is insanely talented. I’m not jealous. Her blog is @crayon-ink. I’d really appreciate if you checked it out. (please give it a look) Thank you ^^
ANYWAY, I enjoy writing too, obviously, so this was really fun to write :D

-Impressed af
-He’s never considered himself to have any talent (wHICH IS WRONG) so he’s really in awe that you can create such flawless writing.
-He’ll read everything, probably more than once. During his breaks, while you’re away, when he’s relaxing; he’s reading your work.
-His friends take notice of his sudden interest in reading and he takes the opportunity to tell them about you.
-Tada, he now promotes you whenever he can because he really wants to be of help.
-Yoosung knows that this is your dream, so he wants to help you achieve it like you’ve helped him.
-While you’re working, he knows not to bother you because he would hate to interrupt your process.
-He watches you as you work, deep in thought. It’s kind of fun to watch because he can see you thinking. He can practically hear your thoughts.
-If you get frustrated, he can calm you down easily.
-He gives really good at pep talks.
-The only time he ever interrupts is to bring you food or water.
-You have to take care of yourself, even if you’re busy.
-He is willing to read your stuff and give feedback, but he never says anything negative, so it’s not very useful (except for a confidence boost).

-Lemme read EVERYTHING you’ve EVER written pleeeeease
-He’ll even ask if you could write some scripts for him, or he’ll turn some of your writing into scripts for him to practice with.
-He had brought some of your stuff with him to rehearsals once and his director caught him mumbling it to himself as he read.
-When Zen shows him what he was reading, the director asks to read it.
-He thinks it’s golden and offers to work with you to turn it into a production. It’s up to you whether you want to or not. Either way, Zen is super proud that your work was noticed and appreciated.
-He’ll do anything he can to help boost your career, whether it be giving shoutouts to your work on social media or simply bringing it up in conversation with important or influential people.
-He likes to brag about being an artistic couple~
-He can give constructive criticism if you want him to, but honestly, he finds it hard to say anything negative about your work, so it’s probably not the best idea.
-He showers you in compliments whenever you’re being productive.
-Who am I kidding he showers you in compliments no matter what you’re doing

-She’s always had a soft spot for story telling. She loves hearing new tales.
-Typically, her main source of stories are musicals, which she is an avid fan of. But, once she finds out that you are a writer, she freaks.
-She’ll excitedly ask you a slur of questions about it.
-What kind of writing do you like? What’s your favorite thing you’ve written? How do you come up with the storylines? Or the characters? How long does it take to write?
-Where can I read your work?
-You answer it all once she calms down. She’s practically jumping in excitement as you talk about your writing.
-She doesn’t have many connections, since she quit working for Jumin especially, but she’ll be there to support your blossoming career every step of the way.
-You think she’s protective over Zen’s career? Wait until you see how she gets about yours.
-She reads everything you’ve written that you’re willing to share with her and loves every bit of it.
-She puts your business cards by the register in the cafe for customers to take. She also recommends your work to her friends and everyone she knows.
-#1 fan and hype-woman
-Jaehee also knows a thing or two about running a business and being productive so she takes charge in that too.
-She’s almost like your assistant now, but also a fan and a girlfriend.
-She knows when you’re working too hard or stressing yourself out an will immediately take action to help you out.

-Jumin has always enjoyed reading.
-He typically likes stories with a deep meaning behind them or with a complex plot.
-He also likes if he can relate to a character, but who doesn’t?
-Even if you don’t write deep stories (lol, get it?), he will read everything you share with him.
-If the love of his life wrote it, of course he’ll love it.
-This man has connections. He can get your name out there in a second.
-He can find publishers and editors for you to work with, if you want him too.
-You’ll have plenty of new opportunities ahead of you because of him.
-Jumin doesn’t interfere with your career, however. He lets you work for yourself and only does anything after you’ve asked for his help with it; meaning he won’t call thirty publishers and twenty companies in the blink of an eye the second you mention a new project. He knows it’s your career, not his. He’ll let you work however you want to work, but will be willing to help where help is needed.
-He won’t bring money or connections or any other shortcuts into it unless you ask for it.
-Jumin is really proud of you. You’re work is his favorite thing to read when he wants to unwind.
-Lots of encouraging words and patience. He has a habit of kissing your temple as you work at your desk when he walks by.
-It makes you lose your train of thought sometimes but you never complain, especially when he whispers “You’re doing great” in your ear before walking off.

-He’ll help you launch your writing career just like he helped Zen get is acting career started. Except maybe minus the hacking since you’ve told him you want to get started authentically and legitimately.
-None of that hacking nonsense, _____ wants to actually work for their career.
-He does post your work, with your permission, to social media, or at least links to your pages and throws your name around to a lot of people and websites.
-He could find some publishers if you’d like him to.
-Really, he’s good at spreading your name around. That’s mainly how he aids in launching your career.
-It actually works.
-You get more recognition and even a few emails from people and companies willing to work with you.
-And you don’t have to worry about Saeyoung interfering. All that he did was mention you around the internet. It was your work that drew the companies in, not Saeyoung.
-He’s your own personal cheerleader too. He encourages you through your writing blocks and manages to get you in a positive mood.
-Has about a hundred pages bookmarked on his computer simply for helpful things for you like things to help you relax and things to help you with writing.

-He’s always appreciated literature and writing because art.
-V is very good at listening to your spit-balling and he’s good for bouncing ideas off of.
-Really, he can give helpful tips, if you ask for them.
-He can help you get noticed because he already has a following due to his photography. People know who he is, so he can easily bring you into the spotlight too.
-He’s pretty anonymous with his work, but that doesn’t mean he can’t use the attention he has.
-He hands out your business cards a lot.
-Also, he suggests inviting publishers and good companies/organizations to help your career to the party.
-He can even recommend inviting other groups of writers to discuss writing with.
-Long story short, really helpful.
-He loves everything you write to pieces. He has to have you or someone else read them to him (unless he gets the surgery), but he loves them.
-He can tell when you’re getting stressed and intervenes before you have a breakdown. V is good at calming stress.
-If you feel lost, he’ll offer to read what you have and give some feedback and pointers.
-Poor thing though apologizes for giving any sort of negative feedback. Even something as little as pointing out a spelling error, he apologizes.
-You’ve done nothing wrong V that’s actually really helpful and I appreciate it

-He’s actually very glad to hear you like writing stories because he likes hearing them.
-When he and Saeyoung were little, Saeyoung would read to him. It’s always been something he enjoyed but never got the chance to indulge in since Saeyoung left.
-It makes it even better that you made the story.
-If you’d be up for it, Saeran would love nothing more than to listen to you read your stories to him.
-Occasionally, you’ll have to stop and answer questions for him. Sometimes it’s asking for the definition of a word, other times it’s asking about clarification on the storyline so far, etc.
-At random times during the day, he’ll come to you, one of your stories in-hand, and ask questions.
-He’s always timid when he does though, like he’s nervous you’ll yell at him for talking to you.
-So, just calmly smile and answer his questions. He’ll calm down and thank you for answering him before going back to reading.
-Saeyoung thanks you forever for giving Saeran a new hobby.
-Sometimes Saeran reads other books and stuff, but he enjoys yours the absolute most and would gladly only read your stuff for the rest of his life.

Remember when Naruto said that his goal of Hokage changed? In Two Fates he tells Sasuke himself, in that sweet, soft voice:

“I almost gave into my despair but y o u and Iruka saved me. Back then, I always knew you were alone too.

I felt better knowing there was someone like you, like m e out there.

We were just kids, but dealing with stuff n o other kid had to.

Me- The Nine Tails.

You - The fate of the Uchiha.

We had such similar burdens, pretty ironic, huh?

To be honest nearly every time I saw you all I really wanted to do was come up to you and start talking…

I’d get sort of g i d d y.

Cause I thought maybe y o u of a l l people could understand me.

But I didn’t. Because I was jealous, you were so good at everything.

So I decided I’d make you my rival instead.

And Sasuke, since that day…

Y o u ’ v e been my g o a l.”

The aspiration to be recognized by the village as a young boy had developed into something so much deeper, significant and it was Sasuke.

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you dont have to if you dont want to but, could you draw yourself? i really do adore how diverse your style is tho regardless! your varying face shapes and body types make me aspire to be as amazing as you! props to your hard work! 💕💕

sure?? I did the meet the artist thing for twitter a few months back, sO I actually have one drawn already lol; and thank you so much, that’s super sweet and v v flattering of you to say, goSh ;w;

impress me; continued

SUMMARIZED: Okay, so.. Adam is an asshole. Pete is still up in arms about his feelings and frustrated by Astrid not being herself. Astrid does show a little of herself here so yay! There’s kinda fluff if you blink? Squint? It’s getting there, babes. Slowly. Oh yeah disclaimer. Adam cole is a huuuuge asshole here. huuuuge. I’m not even kidding hen I say I love the man but even I wanted to choke him to death in this chapter.

[fanfics ] [ part i - part ii - part iii - part iv - part v  ]

And now for the tags: @writergrrrl29 I still say this is our story and not  just mine too because your insight has been so much more helpful than you have any idea. @panic-angel3314 I love you for letting me burst into your DMS like the Kool aid kid andall the great ideas you have and you’re amazingly talented, I mean this . Your insight has also given me a lot more help than you realize and I love you for it. @theworldiscolorful I aspire to write like your Demon Finn au, okay? And you’re a kind person and I am enjoying getting to know you. @fan-fiction-galore Raini, my heart. My ray of sunshine. Your encouraging words mean the world to me and I love you, becdause you are one of a kind. And the fluff queen. Because yes. Yes. I also want to tag @tvrnbvckle because I’m getting to know you and I love, love, love, love your Baron story Flickers of Gold and basically everything you’ve written. I wish I could write intense scenes like you. I am really enjoying our conversations too. And I’d also like to tag @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @xfirespritex @sweetmoxleygal. Oh and my lovely @wwesensualfanfics asked to be tagged and I love her too, she’s an awesome person and writer I also enjoy.

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yoosung kim

yoosung was the first route that i ever played on the mobile korean otome game “mystic messenger”.

he and 707 immediately captured my heart from the prologue, but since 707′s route is supposed to be played last, i went with yoosung.

i’ll be stating my opinion on his character and his route. after all, i have some things to say about this kid…

(i’ll put the cut here, this obviously contains spoilers if you have not played through yoosung’s route)

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i love mike faist i love him so much and while i'm so sad that he didn't win that tony he took it like a chAMP MY MAN STOOD UP AND CHEERED AND LOOKED SO GENUINELY HAPPY WHEN THAT OTHER DUDE WON IT LIKE HE'S AN ANGEL, HE DIDN'T CARE HE WAS SO HAPPY FOR THE OTHER GUY i lo v e h im

I love him because I aspire to be like him. So yeah I have to appreciate that he’s very gracious

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Hi Yu! Can I just say that I freakin' love your art? Your style is so cute, I love it. I've been following you for a while now and to be honest, I can't remember for what but I know I made a good choice with all the DR that you draw (Naegiri OTP). I remember seeing your comic voice acted, the one with Sayaka, and it was amazing. The art, the music, and the voice acting, everything fit so well together, it made me legit tear up. Please, keep up the amazing and fantastic work!

(Yes, do mention me about what you like when you send me kind messages especially when it’s something I know about and am into aaa I might be able to attach a little drawing or something ;v;/ have a naegiri//)

Now onto the reply sorry for replying so late ;v; the day I got this message I had to take a test;; and I couldn’t reply right back but I remember having gotten a lot of strength from this message of yours!!/// I feel really, really happy from getting lovely asks like these. I’ve been safekeeping quite a few, and they never get old.. mm, it really makes me want to keep trying!! Thank you so much! I hope you’ve been enjoying your stay, it relieves me that you feel that I’m a good blog to follow, and the fact that you love my art makes me excited!//

YES!! I remember about that too! it’s this one right here, dubbed by the lovely narwhal. (I WANT TO REDRAW THAT COMIC NOW aa I like the idea and I really felt like drawing it before I forgot but it looks so rushed now;;) I listen to it when I feel a little down, it was a wonderful dub. About three of my drawings got dubbed and two of the asks I’ve sent got lovely dubs too and I drew fanart for it, dubs.. are so incredible. I never thought that good of a thing would happen to me, but it did, and the dr fandom is full of talented people, seriously. We have people capable of doing a lot of different things and contributing to the fandom in many unique ways of their own. I felt very happy and lucky for having this happen to me and when I remember about this time to time I still feel so lucky!!// You say it was a good choice for you to have followed me and I feel that’s a very lovely thing to have heard..// I feel the same way about having joined the dr fandom on my end. It’s been a pleasant journey so far and I was able to meet a lot of wonderful people, and also find people who like my things too which makes me all the more happier!//

Bless you so much!! ‘v’/ my works ain’t so propro yet but I aspire to make something that would make people go “wow that’s so cool” someday. In ten years maybe, I’m going to give myself a lot of time. But definitely someday!// And I hope to see you there too, it’ll be so lovely to have you and all the lovely people I’ve met with me!// have a lovely weekend, this week wasn’t the best for me in fact I was feeling pretty stressed out just thirty minutes ago writing papers and stuff;; but while I was answering I felt a lot better and happier. 

Sorry the reply got super long too! I got a bit carried away as always, I hope you don’t mind! ><;; Have fun and see you around! I think I’ll linger around drawing a bit before I head off to sleep tonight

So im waiting in line at the coffeeshop to get a chocolate muffin and i’ve decided coffeeshops are Grixis, buffet style places are Naya, sit-down restaurants are Esper, Food Courts are Bant, and Fast-food joints are Jund.

Coffeeshops are Grixis because R/U of coffee and creativity, B full of zombies particularly in the morning and finals week, and overall the setup is very individual-focused, if you order for a group, particularly if you’re getting things other than just drinks, things become more difficult. 

Sit-down I decided was Esper because there’s a clear order to how to do things, there’s multiple groups together but everyone is kept from having to interact with other groups. The waitstaff are flesh-robots, changed from humans with aspirations to mechanized customer-service persona’s. 

Buffet’s have everything together you are interacting with everyone around you, v communal, PLUS tons of personal choice, not having to wait for your order, and eat as much as you want. 

Food Court is similar to Buffet in that everything’s together and communal, but I figured the way the food is seperated by business is more ordered and that you have to pay for more food restricts how much you get. May or may not be more efficient than a buffet? idk. I was back and forth on which was Naya which was Bant but decided Buffets were DEFINITELY red 

Fast Food places are Jund because you go in for Fast! Now! Want! Me! Food! and also having been in a McDonalds at 3am I can say that it is everything the Azorius are not.    

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dude, i'm so in love with your blog, your theme and posts are so pretty <3 would ya mind checking out mine? (i'm super new on here and i would appreciate any tips) also i'm obsessed w your color scheme and theme, so so gorgeous

oh my gosh hi and thank you so much? you’re too sweet, oh my ;v; i usually find my notes pretty plain, but i’m glad they help me study well !!

some tips i’d suggest would be … 

1) post an introduction!

all of us here in the studyblr community would love to know who you are! this was pretty much the first thing i did when i made my after creating my blog :)) talk about yourself, what classes you’re taking, things you like, things you have an interest for, or your goals and aspirations! i love reading intros and seeing people’s interests! it’s pretty nice when you see people with similar interests to your own ;v;

2) post your original content!

everybody here in this community loves seeing new original content! oh and when you do post your own things, remember to insert some tags like #studyblr, #studyspo, and #studyinspo! you can also tag other studyblrs’ tags! you can use mine #hobifulstudies hehe shameless self-promo moments ! by doing this, it’ll be easier for all of us here to see your own content!

3) reach out to people

you can message people here and be friends with them and have fun! the people here in this community are absolutely so nice oh my gosh. possibly one of the sweetest communities ever. if you find something nice and just wanna share some positivity, you can always reblog and just compliment the studyblr’s work!

4) be yourself

you do you and let your imagination run free ~

oh and welcome to the studyblr community! for sure, you’ll have a wonderful time here :’))))) best wishes to you and your studies and i hope you have a lovely day !

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i'm an aspiring writer and i admire you so much!! i read your fics repeatedly and i wish that one day i could write as well as you! ily :)

Oh, thank you! What a wholesome ask!

But yeah, the best writing advice is to honestly just keep writing, you know? You just have to figure out your own style and what you champion most (plot v characters v world building v themes) and obv grammar/spelling/format rules and such. 

You’ll def surpass me, lol. I’ve just been writing ever since I was like fourteen so I’ve just had practice!

But thank you so much. This warmed my heart a lot, and I wish you the best!

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I FUCKING LOVE YOUR ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE HOW CAN U BE SO good, i wish that one day i can aspire to have your abilities tbh! lit my goals, I love your Drrr!! animations / art / anything you draw tbh, and you need to know how freaking cool you are, pls keep on making art

Thank you very much! I really enjoy animating and drawing, so of course I will keep on doing that. I hope you’ll keep on drawing too (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ 

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Hi this isn't an ask, but rather a thank you for writing such diverse, addictive stories! You're one of the few writers who can actually write v damn well with interesting plots and such, so yeah... Just wanted to say that you are appreciated and adored, and keep up the good work (did not mean for that to sound condescending I do apologise 🌚) THANK YOU 💛 JJTD

Awwww, THANK YOU LOVE! This is so lovely and kind of you to say! This is honestly everything I aspire to be as a writer, so… It’s just amazing to hear you think this. Thank you very much, I hope to continue to provide works you enjoy! Have a wonderful day, angel! 

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I love your work, currently using the asian lounge/mini mart! SO F'IN AWESOME! I used all the cheats you said are needed, and the items show when I place it but some of the items delete in the little market, and I had to replace it all myself, and it looked terrible ;/ lol, but do you know how do get around that?? and also I **LOVE** how you include all the CC in a folder! So easy!! You rock! I have downloaded every creation of yours and was curious if you know of any other creators

thank you so much! and i actually did know about that problem cuz my friend had the same one. i think it’s because i placed too many items in one place and the system could not recognize which one is where even though you typed in the cheats. :/ i apologize for that but the only solution is to place them in the right places regarding my photos > < if you need more photos with details in the lot, please let me know. :) 

again, really appreciate your kind words. i do know some other creators who make wonderful clutter CCs and lots! here they are:

mio-sims : great quality 2 to 4 items
simsfanscreations : i love the items from the game store
blackmojitos : amazing builder
ladesirecreativecorner : always make great food CCs
youn-zoey : retro quality CCs
pearljasminesims : another amazing builder
lina-cherie : i’m totally in love with her CCs
grilledcheese-aspiration : colorful clutter CCs
omorfi-mera : too good to comment lol
onebillionpixels​ : my crush, my love, excellent quality CCs
ajoya-sims : not only cute but functional CCs
fayesta​ : i love her lots
v-vian-sims​ : really cute and quality CCs
aroundthesims : doubtlessly one of the best
veranka-s4cc​ : you can’t miss her CCs
tanitas8 : a builder that i admire very much
ozyman4 : another great retro CC creator
sims4luxury : i use her stuff all the time, great quality
noiranddarksims : one of the best japanese CC creators
imadako​ : just love her CCs too much
sg5150 : full of surprises, u can’t miss her CCs
serialsimmer : she’s currently not using tumblr but  her CCs are really nice
nolween-sims​ : cuteness overload, great quality CCs, u can’t miss her store
sim-sons​ : i love her painting CCs
smsmcr​ : amazing builder, one of my favorites
kiwisims4​ : too good to miss, wonderful CCs
cool-panther​ : i’ve always been using this creator’s CCs, just great
sentate : incredible clothing store
prismaplanetsims : her CCs are really neat and cute
roundog : really creative CC maker
budgie2budgie : too many good CCs, don’t miss
simsplex : neat CCs, great quality
notegain​ : definitely one of my favorites
peacemaker-ic : just wonderful
rubyred-1023​ : one of the most amazing builders in simblr community
tok–sik​ : my idol, no need to say more, lol
a3ru : really neat CCs, very detailed too
inabadromance​ : it’s impossible not knowing her, her CCs are just too good
black-le​ : she is my goddess lol.. too amazing
puresims : again, one of my favorites

be sure to follow all of them!! ε٩(๑> ₃ <)۶з

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Your blog is so fucking funny all the time and your tags are really nice to read. You somehow remind me of Prompto. Also your selfies are cute! Take care!

I’v been trying to think about what to say to this since like 6AM and I have yet to come up with anything other then tears because this is one of the nicest things I’v ever been sent. To be told that I remind someone of Prompto is really motivational because he’s so kinda and pure and I aspire to be like that. I mean…I do have his barcode tattooed after all. But just…..thank you so much for sending this to me and I hope to keep this blog up to the tip top of the meme city dumpsters! 

Please have this hug as well~


I’m a little nervous about this video…

Due to my public relationship I get a lot of girls messaging me confessing how much they aspire to have a relationship like mine. It’s fine and healthy to want a relationship but I would be proud if my presence on the internet meant that people were inspired to aim to get so much more out of life, we only have a short time here and I would love for you all to get the most out of it you can <3


ok hear me out people

cartinelli star wars au where angie is aspiring thespian lesbian mechanic and owns a scrapyard on tatooine, and peggy is the best pilot in the resistance (excuse you poe dameron she’s just as good, thank you v much) and looking for luke skywalker when she gets shot down and crashes in the desert

angie rescuing peggy from jawas trying to steal her ship and helping her fix her x-wing using spare parts from her scrapyard and doing it all for free

peggy being like chill she’s just being kind omg she’s the smartest cutest mechanic and I have zero chill

angie being like jesus an honest to God resistance pilot who’s devastatingly pretty and kickass and did she mention the voice because dammnnnn

the gals become pals and spend a lot of time together, tinkering over an xwing and tools and angie showing off her acting skills that has peggy like jfc how is this possible, great with a wrench, knows her way around complex circuits and machinery and a damn fine actress to boot, but stop staring/control yourself woman you’ll freak her out

ofc there is angst. peggy has to leave but doesn’t want to, angie wants her to stay but feels its too selfish to ask

at which point the first order show up during their its-not-a-date-shutup at a cantina and peggy grabs angies hand and shoots the shit out of them whilst the two of them leg it back to her xwing

cue the “Ive got to go, its not safe for you if i stay- I don’t want you to go- so come with me” exchange and ridiculously sweet fluff + first kiss

Then they take off and angie hyperventilates because she’s flYING AND HOLYSHIT EXPLOSIONS AND FCUK IM IN SPACE, all the while peggy’s laughing and showing off her ace pilot skills and trashing the first order because they belong in the trash

epilogue: peggy hands over intel that leads poe to jakku, cue the events of tfa, angie is introduced to leia and honestly can’t handle it because freakiN GENERAL PRINCESS LEIA

peggy scores angie an audition (thanks, general organa) and ofc she aces it, bing bang boom she becomes major holovid star and couldn’t be more happy except for when peggy’s there for the movie premieres

In short: cartinelli space girlfriends

v: i hate this family/au: i hate this family

In this verse/au, Jefferson was the first born to Cora and Henry and the first child Cora focused her aspirations of rising to royalty on. However, when he grew older, his mother’s aspirations were already weighing on him when he fell in love with a mysterious girl from a world called London. Knowing his mother wouldn’t approve, he left the family to meet up with his Alice during the night to escape via his magical hat.

They may not have had much after that but it didn’t matter as long as he had her and their daughter. The first time Jefferson sees Regina after his escape is long after his Alice has been lost to him. The first time he sees his mother again ends with his head at her feet, literally. 

In Storybrooke, he waits for the day the curse is broken so he can get back the daughter Regina took away from him and maybe finally get out of weekly dinners at the mayor’s mansion. 

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Does any of the MM boys have feelings for Rika? I think I saw someone mention that Jumin did and I came across a chat where MC asks Seven if he did and he said he did but then just posted a picture of him as a girl(what a troll lol) so I was just wondering stuff about that

Soo this answer definitely has spoilers in it, thus it is under the cut. Major spoilers for Seven’s route as well as a few small ones for Zen, Jumin, and Yoosung’s. 

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