i usually use gimp

Hair Edit Tutorial

Disclaimer ***

“I’m not really the best at editing or explaining, this is just my quick version for editing hairs. There are other ways of doing this but I think this method is easier. I also usually use Photoshop but Gimp is free for everyone :)”

@catsblob and @bananahut​ , sorry for taking so long >-<

First you would have to install hair brushes. You could just google hair brushes for Photoshop and you can find anything.

Then find this folder:


And drop the brushes in the brushes folder (make sure to unzip any folder).

Open gimp and your hair brushes should be there.

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alive4stories  asked:

Do you use a special program for your Molliarty moodboards? And do you get all the little pictures from Google? They look so amazing!

@alive4stories Hi, dear <3 First of all, thank you so much for you kind words, I’m so glad you like my edits. About my Molliarty AUs/moodboards, I usually use both Photoshop CS6/Gimp 2.6 to make them, and almost all the pictures are taken from Google, even if I sometimes find some good aesthetics here, scrolling various Tumblr tags ;) 

you dont know how tiring it is to work on something like this with a mouse

Yeah, twas some challenge :y Anyway here’s the queen Mangle in orlandofox’s style…somewhat. I based the colors off of one of Orlando’s Mangle art mainly bc I seriously love the color palette she used there. I also tried using MS Paint again cause I usually use GIMP now :yyy 

Someone on yt uploaded a speedpaint and shaded everything using the airbrush and I thought it was a nice touch so I somewhat input the shading style here. This drawing was based off a Mangle sketch-thing I did last year (on my old sketchbook) and I actually really liked that sketch (which is quite rare bc i usually hate my art x’D) so I just went and colored it blah blah blah

Stuff used: ms paint, a mouse

Time taken: I made this in 3 days, but I took a break once in a while. All in all I’d say it took about 7 hours.

Okay I’m tired I will never do anything like this ever again