i usually hate shopping but this sweater

Meme | Winter Starters 

Send me a:

  • 🎁 for our muses open presents together
  • 💃 for our muses go ice-skating
  • 🌁 for our muses play in the snow
  • 🍪 for our muses bake and decorate Christmas cookies
  • 🎅 for my muse to still believe in Santa, how does yours handle it?
  • 📥 for our muses sled down a hill
  • ⛺ for our muses to make a gingerbread house
  • 🏂 for our muses to go skiing/snowboarding
  • 🎬 for our muses to watch a Christmas play together
  • 🐎 for our muses to take a horse drawn sleigh ride

Send me a for a Winter/Holiday themed sentence starter:

  1. “I think we need to go gift shopping pretty soon.”
  2. “You’re really wearing that to the Christmas party?”
  3. “So, how do you usually celebrate Christmas?”
  4. “Have you written your list to Santa yet?”
  5. “No, it’s too cold to go outside”
  6. “Come on already, tell me what my present is.”
  7. "I’ll give you a boost so you can put the star on the tree.”
  8. “That is the ugliest Christmas sweater in the world.”
  9. “Have you seen my snow boots?”
  10. “Why haven’t you put your Santa hat on?!”
  11. “Don’t come in here! you’ll see your present.”
  12. “I hate Christmas. I can’t wait for it to be over.”
  13. “I don’t want to be alone during the holidays…”
  14. “I’m not leaving the couch until January.“
  15. "Did you really just throw a snowball at me?”

* also you can still do the Armies task here