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Hey Taime! :-) As an INTP, how can I learn to focus my energy into one subject to master it? I have so many interests that I don't linger much on them.

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  • How can an INTP be more mindful? I set goals for myself to be more productive, then I’m playing my whole day off. Or I can be very forgetful of procedures and names. Not very mindful of me. 😛
  • I know you get a lot of asks, but I figured that this might be a problem with other INTPs as well. I really love music and I’m going into music performance (I play the flute), it’s what I want to make into a career. The only problem is that a lot of what I’d be doing/am doing right now involves lots of meticulous detail work that can drain me really quickly. I have a hard time motivating myself to get up and do it, but it is essential to making things work. Any tips? Thanks!
  • Hey, I’ve read that many INTP’s are usually interested in a lot of things and get bored of them kinda fast. But I can’t even seem to find one thing that I’m not too lazy to do, not to mention a lot of things. I go home and just sit at the computer. I dislike drawing, crafting, etc. because It really gets on my nerves and I’m terrible at it. I don’t really have any hobbies. Have you ever had a period in your life when you were like that too? if yes, then what did you do to change it?
  • Hello! First of all, I adore your blog. Secondly, do you have some kind of advice for an INTP who wants to survive High School with great grades to satisfy her own ambitions? I’m having some problems because of laziness and procrastination
  • And a truckload of similar asks.

Mastery, Motivation, Productivity, Finding Your Interests—An INTP Perspective

I want to write this as an INTP who got at least decent at these things out of my own volition. Most advice, books, speakers on these topics are very Te and/or SJ-focused. Some of them are very helpful, but a lot of them do not work well for me.

How to be better at anything:

1. Observe yourself like a hawk.

The goal is to recognize what’s effective for you. This will be different for everyone. You must set a goal to step out of the moment and truly be mindful of yourself, instead of going through the flow of your daily life. Otherwise, you will not pick up habits and mindset that you’re accustomed to.

For me, I came to realize that I’m much more productive/motivated when:

  • I have multiple projects to switch between when I’m bored or exhausted my ideas for the current one. This is why being an entrepreneur works really well for me. And even when I work in a company, I’d ask my boss for 3-4 projects to do at the same time and demonstrated that I can do this.
  • I’m ridiculously easily distracted by my own thoughts while working (blame the Ne). I found out that it subsided when a something other than music is playing in the background so that I can “focus” my distraction (music doesn’t work somehow). At first, I used to watch game playthroughs because I’m a nerd, but I made a switch to educational videos and audio books half a year ago. Now I spend at least 5 hours/day learning new things while working and not getting distracted. Win-win-win.
  • My workstation isn’t in my bedroom. I’d get sleepy and distracted ridiculously easy.
  • I’m either by myself or in a space where no one would directly interact with me, e.g. library or coworking space.
  • I tell people who are important to me about my goals and keep them updated on the progress. I’m much more motivated to hold myself accountable because I don’t want someone I respect to think of me as flaky.
  • I tend to procrastinate if I wake up early. If I’m up at 11am, I’d go “oh shit it’s already late, I must get started right away” instead of thinking “there’s still so much time…I could make breakfast, go get coffee, etc.” It’s a very common advice to get up earlier to be more productive. I know I won’t be able to fool myself because I’d always rationalize my way out of it. My optimal work hours have been from 11am-3am with breaks in between.
  • I get in the zone easily when I start, but it’s a huge hurdle to get myself to start. And therefore, the point above does help.
  • I can’t do things on a schedule (e.g. at 10AM I will start working on task A and finish by 12PM, then eat lunch, then at 1PM I will start task B). Some people excel at this, mind you, but I’d lose motivation faster than I can start. What works for me is listing the deadlines, which could be in days or weeks, then switch around tasks/projects as I like.

My full list would easily go over a hundred items. Recognize your own. As I mentioned, this list will be different for everyone.

An important note: it’s not shameful to admit that you need external validation. I know that I wouldn’t have gotten this blog going if I didn’t get this much support and interests from you guys. I probably wouldn’t have been drawing so much either if I didn’t get compliments from friends irl and online. I knew this about myself and intentionally put my work out there to get encouragement, which I received. And in turns, I also learn how to listen to criticism in the process.

2. When you have multiple interests, pick something and get good at it.

Choose one to develop at the moment, or 2-3, if you need to switch like me. You don’t have to abandon other interests. You will have time to develop them later on. But for now, just pick something, anything. Roll a dice if you must.

I’m an advocate of the “T-shaped skills” concept—you can be a generalist in many things, but you must master at least one. While you’re trying to master that one thing, there’s no harm in trying out a bunch of other skills.

When people see that you’re very good at one thing, they tend to believe that you’re capable of being good at other things (sometimes even unrelated things). More opportunities will be offered to you if people recognize that you’re good at one thing.

For example, I’m a good UX designer and I’m somewhat known in the startup community in my city. I’ve been invited by tech event organizers to speak, even though I was shite at public speaking, they insisted that I try. I’ve been asked to advise on the business side of startups and asked to design logos, even when I told them that I’m no expert in these things. They’d insist that they want my opinions anyway because they saw the way I work and think through design.

3. If you aren’t interested in anything, try a lot of things.

Get yourself out there and try new things. Maybe you haven’t found what you really click with yet. Try a bunch of local classes and workshops, volunteer, learn about possibilities of things you can do.

You might already be interested in something, but society tells you that it’s not considered a hobby or a job. You love learning about any topics and could read Wikipedia for hours? That is a hobby. You might even want to get a job in research. You love playing games? Maybe you want to create one yourself and make it a really enjoyable experience because you know games so well. Or maybe you could make a build guide for your favorite RPG on youtube, and learn some digital marketing to get your channel more popular. There are more ways to do things than what people think is “acceptable”

Think of how you can spin things you like into something productive and sustainable. From examples above, playing games in itself won’t do much for you. But if you create a useful gaming guide for other people, coupled with some SEO skills, you can turn the hobby you love into a career you love. 

4. If you don’t know your goals, follow your mentors.

You probably already have people you admire in many areas of your life, whether it’s because of their career success, their skill expertise, their wisdom, or certain qualities they possess. List things you admire about these people. What kind of things make you want to be like them? Once you have this list, it can be your goal.

If you really don’t have anyone you admire, start looking for them. They don’t have to be people you know irl. They can be anyone from a celebrity, an inventor who’s long dead, someone in your family, or even a fictional character. You don’t have to like everything about that person for them to be your mentor. You just need aim for specific qualities that you admire in them.

In the beginning, study your mentors intensely and copy them. Once you’re proficient, adapt their techniques to your personality. I’ve been trying to improve my public speaking skill. There’s an older INTJ guy whose speaking style I think is very captivating. To learn from him, I watched at least 50 videos of him speaking in public to study his mannerism, his tone of voice, how he structured his scripts, where he added pauses—specific things contributing to his speaking style that captivates attention. Then, I’d try to use specific techniques I learn from him when I taught the university class, even the same phrases and analogies he used because of their clarity. After the 5-6 class, I started to get a hang of it and was able to adapt “his” style that I emulated to become more of my own, adding my own twists and personality into the way I talk.

5. Mastery takes grit—practice v.s. practice smart.

Many people say “I don’t like anything because I’m not good at anything.” Well, here’s some good news for you:

Talent is overrated. No one, I repeat, no one, is automatically good at anything. Maybe you have a natural inclination that gives you an advantage, e.g. you were born with a physique suitable to be a runner and you happen to like running. You might have a competitive advantage as a runner, but there’s absolutely no way you’d become good at running without years of training.

When you see other people and think they’re “talented,” you’re seeing the results of years of practice. What they don’t show you is the grind, the long hours, the years of crappy results but sticking with it.

That’s not to say, if you keep at it, you’ll get better. Repetition alone doesn’t work. You must practice smart. I also believe in the 80/20 rule. 20% of the things you normally do get you 80% of the results. If you’re trying to get better at playing piano, would playing your favorite song from start to finish repeatedly make you any better?


You must target your weak points and attack it. Maybe your left little finger is weak and you can’t get the pressure you want. Do some Hanon exercises that focus on the little finger. Maybe you mess up a trill in a specific section half the time. Single out that section and practice it—don’t just play the whole song from start to finish.

I recommend watching Josh Kaufman talks about how it only takes 20 hours to become decent at something if you practice smart:


6. Mastery takes sacrifice.

Everyone has the same amount of hours in a day. It’s up to you to choose what you do with your hours. It’s impossible to do everything and be everything in our lifetime, so choose wisely. It’s better that you proactively choose for yourself than let life choose for you, otherwise, you’ll look back in 10 years and hate where your life is heading.

Here are some examples from my experience:

  • I sacrifice going out with friends for working on my own company. I have friends who go out 2-3 times a week, and it’d have been fun if I go with them but that would mean much less time for things I want to accomplish. Instead, I actively set up a hangout session with this group once a month and truly spend quality time together talking or playing board games, rather than joining their usual bar-hopping routine.
  • I sacrifice job stability and consistent income for personal growth. I worked at a tech company and a design agency before, and both of them still want me back (I’m still in touch with former bosses from both), and it’d have been a nice and easy life to do what I love and have stability. But I know that I’d never be satisfied if I don’t try to make something out on my own from scratch.
  • I sacrifice comfort for opportunities. I’m a true introvert. I could stay in my apartment for a month straight, not talk to anyone, and be perfectly comfortable. But I’ve come to realize that I need to go out, make friends and connections so that I can find more opportunities to advance my career goals. It’s still difficult for me now, but I know to push myself to do it. Each time I see an event invitation, my first thought would be “urg, I need to wear pants, and put makeup, and take the subway full of people…” But now I know how important it is to make connections, going to events that are relevant to my goals usually win.
  • I sacrifice some friends for friends who push me to grow. There are many people I like and whom like me, but some of those people only want to hang out and talk about other friends’ lives, TV series, or complain about work. It makes a huge difference in my life to spend time with friends who love discussing big ideas, business opportunities, self-improvement, and learning. And I’d rather spend time with the latter than the former, even though I could get along with both groups.

7. Aim to create more than you consume.

Most people only consume—watch, read, listen, play music other people wrote, use contents that other people created. It’s easy to do this, and you can even learn a lot from consuming, but you won’t grow nearly as much as creating something.

Put something out into the world that’s not junk, e.g. not your selfies, photos of your pet, a rant blog, negative comments on other people’s contents.

Think of what you can contribute, and do it. If you’re reading my blog, you probably like MBTI. You could write an explanation post of your own, compile resources for people to learn from, or write about other aspects of personality psychology. You could even become MBTI certified and teach people irl. I see so many MBTI blogs where half of the content is telling other people that they’re mistyped and stupid. What use is that to yourself and other people?

Realistically, it’s extremely difficult to create more than you consume since you’d be sacrificing convenience and efficiency (i.e. you wouldn’t want to build your own phone from scratch instead of buying one), but you get what I mean when I say aim to create more.

8. Be proactive.

Don’t wait for people to feed knowledge and skills to you. We’re lucky to live in the digital age where pretty much everything can be searched in a few seconds—do it. Don’t wait to be taught in school, and don’t wait for answers.

I get so many asks about basic things that can be easily googled or search on my blog. I do not have time to answer every question I get, especially on things I wrote about before. I wonder if these people go ahead and google it themselves, or do they wait forever and never end up learning because they didn’t get a reply.

If you want to get better at something, be proactive in seeking knowledge. If you already have the skills to use the internet, you can learn and become anything you want.


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p.s. If there’s anything on this topic I still haven’t covered in this post or other posts I wrote before (search or look at my elaborate index), you can ask.

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Your art is so colorful and detailed omg! How long does an average drawing take? Do you do use multiple layers and drafts? I'm so inspired!

i’m sorry it’s so late! thank you so much for the kind message :)) 

i think it’s a good time to just explain how i use my layers because i’ve been getting a few questions.
i’ll use the latest drawing i uploaded (inkling) as an example:

here are the (very messy) layers of that artwork. 

A - the lineart for this is put into a group because i used multiple layers; one for the inkling and the other for the gun. i usually only make one merged lineart layer.
B - the color layers are put into a group above the lineart and the entire group is multiplied.
C - you can also see that i rarely name the layers because i am lazy but when the layers get far too out of hand, i do name them. this artwork’s total layer count is 20, which is pretty little for me.
D - those three layers are solid colors which are on top of everything so that they won’t be affected by the lineart or the color, used for extreme highlights, etc.
E - i use a screen layer on top of the black lineart so i can make some areas of the lineart different colors so it receives the colors better.

i do make drafts, like those ones where you think you have an idea/inspiration to draw but once you start drawing you hate everything in life. 

the sketch that turns out good usually becomes the lineart (i don’t make a new lineart layer to trace it unless it’s really messy) and the rest gets deleted.

as for the length of each artwork, i really really take a long time to draw so i have no clue myself.. this drawing was just for fun so i finished it in 2 days on and off? not sure of how many hours tho.

i hope this answers your question! thanks again.


How I usually edit my pictures.

_a tutorial by londerlaand.

I wanted to show you guys my newest baby and took the chance to try to write a little tutorial since a few of you asked me how I edit my pictures. 

This tutorial assumes that you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop!

(also sorry for the wall of text. As I’ve said I am not very good at explaining things. Anyway I hope this helps a few of you guys and please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions!)

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ship meme,,, how about style?

001… . kills the spider: kyle does. stan’s too scared of creepy crawly things to even get near spiders

002… . proposed: kyle

003… . kissed the other first: hmm probably kyle

004… . initiates things: stan does ;)

005… . would leave the other: stan

006… . is more jealous: stan for sure

007… . is lazier: stan? but i wouldn’t say lazy more than it’s like “i’m having a I Can’t Do Anything” day if that makes sense

008… . sends weird texts at 3 AM: kyle does and it’s usually because he’s high. stan screencaps them because he thinks it’s cute

009… . is more experienced: stan is

010… . said i love you first: gaywads have been saying “i love you” to each other since they could speak but in a romantic sense…? probably stan


18/07 and 21/07/17, black marker on two a5 papers

I got this really cool calligraphy brush/marker at the end of my 2nd stage Japanese course from my teacher/friend (THANK YOU AGAIN!). Well, it is signed as “calligraphy” pen and it was produced by Platinum, but here I am, doing very much not calligraphy with it. It’s really cool, though, I can do all sorts of thick and thin lines with it.

And it’s not waterproof, so I didn’t have that pressure to make this in colour, so I focused on the details instead. Usually when I know I’m about to paint something in colour, I often pass by making more details, because later I’m too lazy to colour them properly. Ew. Not this time, you lazy ass. Not this time.

more of Yuugen and Shion under this tag

don’t repost


So, I usually don’t post my cosplays here (you can check out my instagram for that), bit with this I make an exception.

The makeup was inspired by @bubblline and their beautiful artwork
I am honestly so in love with this qq sadly I don’t have any pointed ears here and I was too lazy to paint my arms and neck as well, but maybe I will when I cosplay this version at the Frankfurt Bookfair next weekend.

The art is for @shions-heart amazing fanfiction called Being Human and you should definitely check it and the other fanfics out, because I adore them so, so much

Please ignore the crappy quality, I took it wih my phone at night so… 

Anonymous said: about the prompts - sick!dan and kyle taking care of him or they had fight about something

this didn’t turn out the way i anticipated it to turn out… but dan has been having a cold lately, and that inspired me. and they’re not fighting in this, per se… but bickering like little kids. hope you like it anyway! some fluff and kinda crack-ish, ~2 600 words

Dan wouldn’t think of himself as a very fussy person when it comes to being ill. He never complains about it, not wanting to worry anyone else with him not feeling good, and he’s never had to have a gig cancelled due to illness. And today is not going to be the first time.

“You should probably see someone for that cold.”

Dan looks up from his phone screen, having been busy going through his morning Twitter feed. It’s still filled with positive comments about ‘Comfort of Strangers’, and Dan can’t help but feel flattered over the artwork their fans put the time and effort into creating, based on their music. “What?” he asks, watching as Kyle flops down on the couch in the lounge area of the bus.

“You’ve been snoring worse than Woody.” Kyle points out. “Been keeping me up.”

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Fall Cuddles HC: reader x Peter Parker

Warnings: food mention and cuddle fluff

A/N: request more headcanons, guys! I like to do them so I can post while I work on bigger projects like my series’s or one shots. Also, I feel like this one is not my best work so sorry…

Originally posted by i-dont-believe-inhumans

Dating Peter in the fall would include: 

  • you would just being home one day during the weekend and call Peter
  • “I’m craving cuddles”
  • “I’m not saying no, but why?”
  • “It’s fall and that’s what I crave in fall”
  • “Okay, five minutes, babe”
  • You’d turn on the christmas lights that framed your bed and your favorite Halloween movie
  • Then you’d put a pile of blankets on your bed and dive in, your window open and waiting for your friendly neighborhood boyfriend to leap into the room
  • As is on cue he’d swing in, but being the clumsily cutie that he is, he stumbled forward and crashed into the wall
  • “Awe, Peter! It looks you fell for me!”
  • Cuddling for hours and watching movie after movie
  • “I want hot chocolate”
  • “Well good for you, Peter”
  • He’d pout and then bury his face into your neck
  • “Can you make hot chocolate, babe? Pleaseeeeee???”
  • “Only because you are so adorable.”
  • “Yayyyyyyy!”
  • You usually made it on the stove to get a better taste out of it, but you were feeling particularly lazy so you used your microwave
  • When you got back to your room you found Peter in a little cave of blankets, his head barely poking out of the center
  • He’d see you and then pounce out with a smile
  • “Let me help you carry them!”
  • “Oh, thanks! How helpful after you made me get up and make them”
  • “I am helpful aren’t I?”
  • “You’re lucky I love you, Peter Parker”
  • “I love you too babbbbbbeeeeeee”
  • He’d kiss your cheek, wait till you got settled in bed, and then hand you your mug of coco before settling in beside you

Not a request :)

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Once you get this you have to say 5 things about yourself, publicly. Then send this to 10 of your favorite followers!

1) I am a very lazy person and when it comes to doing schoolwork I usually do it at the last moment and them panic about it.

2) I have more friends online than irl (alot of people do) but I think I talk to irl friends less then online friends.

3) I like helping people when they are in shitty situations, I mean im not pro at it but im decent and if I can make someone else happy, im happy too.

4) Im a huge fanboy of motogp driver Cal Crutchlow and have a huge folder of pics of him

5) im addicted to videogames lol

I dont contact people on tumblr that much but ill tagg some gays (they prolly wont even do it) @notsogooddoodles @lumiipon @elladoodles @imsmoldoodles @meepdotthaliawaop

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what do you do when you're having writers block? what gives you inspiration to write?

To be honest I live in a constant state of writer’s block. Like my mind is really active and I imagine lots of scenarios and stuff but I am way too lazy to write them down.

Usually music really helps. I have special playlists created for all kind of genres I wanna write and it makes the job easier most of the time.

oops my hand slipped

but yeah i come up with the weirdest ideas at 1 am and usually don’t draw them

but yet here we are

i’m probably going to regret this