i usually am too lazy to make them

I don’t usually read Tokyo Ghoul scanlations beside THS, but I took a look at MS today and let me say, I am impressed with the amount of mistakes. Let’s take a look at the latest Tokyo Ghoul re: scanlated chapter VS what the characters actually say, for posterity’s sake. And then I’ll go translate more of Ishida’s tweets.


ms!Furuta: Well, as an endlessly noisy person I am rather uncharacteristically afraid.

actual Furuta: My superiors won’t shut up about you. They are rather uncharacteristically afraid.


ms!Furuta: but it seems that even those in the know are drawing a blank on this one

actual Furuta: But the information seller didn’t clear things up

Okay, so he doesn’t say her name, but he clearly means Itori here. Might’ve wanted to mention this, although it’s not that big of a deal.


ms!Furuta: having people put their faith in something that doesn’t exist will make for a lot of broken hearts

actual Furuta: If people believe in something that doesn’t exist they won’t have an opportunity to be disappoin…

(Eto interrupts him here asserting that the OEK is indeed very real).


ms!Eto: mother, all those parents whose lives you stole… on their behalf, as someone stolen away by you lot, i cannot accept such hypotheticals

actual Eto: as someone who has had their mother and foster parent taken by you I can’t agree so easily.


ms!Eto: I’d be more than willing to protect that lot

actual Eto: I could at least be a hindrance to them


misc mistranslated words such as, “for old times’ sake” which should be “just in case”, “shall we begin” instead of “so it has begun”, “one hour” instead of “a week”, or failure to make Yoshitoki Commander-in-Chief instead of just an Investigation Lead.