i usually am too lazy to make them

t3hfluff  asked:

Your art is so colorful and detailed omg! How long does an average drawing take? Do you do use multiple layers and drafts? I'm so inspired!

i’m sorry it’s so late! thank you so much for the kind message :)) 

i think it’s a good time to just explain how i use my layers because i’ve been getting a few questions.
i’ll use the latest drawing i uploaded (inkling) as an example:

here are the (very messy) layers of that artwork. 

A - the lineart for this is put into a group because i used multiple layers; one for the inkling and the other for the gun. i usually only make one merged lineart layer.
B - the color layers are put into a group above the lineart and the entire group is multiplied.
C - you can also see that i rarely name the layers because i am lazy but when the layers get far too out of hand, i do name them. this artwork’s total layer count is 20, which is pretty little for me.
D - those three layers are solid colors which are on top of everything so that they won’t be affected by the lineart or the color, used for extreme highlights, etc.
E - i use a screen layer on top of the black lineart so i can make some areas of the lineart different colors so it receives the colors better.

i do make drafts, like those ones where you think you have an idea/inspiration to draw but once you start drawing you hate everything in life. 

the sketch that turns out good usually becomes the lineart (i don’t make a new lineart layer to trace it unless it’s really messy) and the rest gets deleted.

as for the length of each artwork, i really really take a long time to draw so i have no clue myself.. this drawing was just for fun so i finished it in 2 days on and off? not sure of how many hours tho.

i hope this answers your question! thanks again.

the-saturnine  asked:

Is there an easy way of keeping up with all your cuties and what they do? Or like, going back and reading up the history and personality of people we might've missed? I'm inferring a lot of development happens in role plays and streams and you post about them later, correct?

Huh. Well I guess that yeah, it is pretty confusing when you have no idea who are these characters and what they do… *sweats* I’m afraid that there’s no easy way for that… mainly because I just keep throwing pics of them in blog and… don’t tell much about them %D

I usually just come to friends’ chat and we start discussing things annnd this is where development happens! I actually should make proper character pages for each of my OCs… *looks at 20+ characters* or maybe I am too lazy for this haha.

Okay wait no, I think I can manage to do some story pages at least for the main cast… (all my characters are the main cast… sweet alchemy save me) … I’ll try.


How I usually edit my pictures.

_a tutorial by londerlaand.

I wanted to show you guys my newest baby and took the chance to try to write a little tutorial since a few of you asked me how I edit my pictures. 

This tutorial assumes that you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop!

(also sorry for the wall of text. As I’ve said I am not very good at explaining things. Anyway I hope this helps a few of you guys and please don’t hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions!)

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post TEN characters you’d like to roleplay as, have roleplayed as, and might bring back, then tag ten people to do the same.  ( If you can’t think of ten characters, just write down however many you can. )



LYDIA MARTIN;  ‘  teen wolf ’  /  KORIAND’R;  ‘ dc comics ’  /  NATALYA ARLOVSKAYA;  ‘ hetalia ’  /  ELIZAVETA HEDERVARY;  ‘ hetalia’  /  CRISTOFANO ESPOSITO;  ‘ hetalia ’  /  STEVE ROGERS;  ‘ marvel  ’  


BELLE FRENCH;  ‘ once upon a time ’  /  ARIEL;  ‘ once upon a time ’  / CAPTAIN HOOK;  ‘ once upon a time ’  /  ARTHUR KIRKLAND;  ‘ hetalia ’  /  CAROLNE FORBES;  ‘ the vampire diaries ’  / KATHERINE PIERCE;  ‘ the vampire diaries ’ / SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN ‘ gossip girl ‘/ THEA QUEEN ‘ arrow ‘ / ROY HARPER ‘ arrow ‘ 


LOIS LANE;  ‘ dc comics ’  /  NARCISSA MALFOY;  ‘ harry potter ’  /  BLAIR WALDORF;  ‘ gossip girl ’  /  CHUCK BASS;  ‘ gossip girl ’  /  PERCEPHONE;  ‘ greek mythologyl ’  /  JUGHEAD JONES;  ‘ riverdale ’  /  VICTOR NIKIFOROV;  ‘ yuri on ice l ’  /  EMILY GILMORE;  ‘ gilmore girls ’  /  JESS MARIANO;  ‘ gilmore girls ’  /  DAENARYS TARGARYEN;  ‘ game of thrones  ’

TAGGED BY: @inthequiver

TAGGING: @caducxus / @flowerofwar / @speedforcechosen / @amaninyellow / @ofaltruxsm / @inkxpapers / @theoreticalguardianangel / @ everyone i’m roleplaying with rn ( just in case i missed anyone!!! )

Anonymous said: about the prompts - sick!dan and kyle taking care of him or they had fight about something

this didn’t turn out the way i anticipated it to turn out… but dan has been having a cold lately, and that inspired me. and they’re not fighting in this, per se… but bickering like little kids. hope you like it anyway! some fluff and kinda crack-ish, ~2 600 words

Dan wouldn’t think of himself as a very fussy person when it comes to being ill. He never complains about it, not wanting to worry anyone else with him not feeling good, and he’s never had to have a gig cancelled due to illness. And today is not going to be the first time.

“You should probably see someone for that cold.”

Dan looks up from his phone screen, having been busy going through his morning Twitter feed. It’s still filled with positive comments about ‘Comfort of Strangers’, and Dan can’t help but feel flattered over the artwork their fans put the time and effort into creating, based on their music. “What?” he asks, watching as Kyle flops down on the couch in the lounge area of the bus.

“You’ve been snoring worse than Woody.” Kyle points out. “Been keeping me up.”

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Fall Cuddles HC: reader x Peter Parker

Warnings: food mention and cuddle fluff

A/N: request more headcanons, guys! I like to do them so I can post while I work on bigger projects like my series’s or one shots. Also, I feel like this one is not my best work so sorry…

Originally posted by i-dont-believe-inhumans

Dating Peter in the fall would include: 

  • you would just being home one day during the weekend and call Peter
  • “I’m craving cuddles”
  • “I’m not saying no, but why?”
  • “It’s fall and that’s what I crave in fall”
  • “Okay, five minutes, babe”
  • You’d turn on the christmas lights that framed your bed and your favorite Halloween movie
  • Then you’d put a pile of blankets on your bed and dive in, your window open and waiting for your friendly neighborhood boyfriend to leap into the room
  • As is on cue he’d swing in, but being the clumsily cutie that he is, he stumbled forward and crashed into the wall
  • “Awe, Peter! It looks you fell for me!”
  • Cuddling for hours and watching movie after movie
  • “I want hot chocolate”
  • “Well good for you, Peter”
  • He’d pout and then bury his face into your neck
  • “Can you make hot chocolate, babe? Pleaseeeeee???”
  • “Only because you are so adorable.”
  • “Yayyyyyyy!”
  • You usually made it on the stove to get a better taste out of it, but you were feeling particularly lazy so you used your microwave
  • When you got back to your room you found Peter in a little cave of blankets, his head barely poking out of the center
  • He’d see you and then pounce out with a smile
  • “Let me help you carry them!”
  • “Oh, thanks! How helpful after you made me get up and make them”
  • “I am helpful aren’t I?”
  • “You’re lucky I love you, Peter Parker”
  • “I love you too babbbbbbeeeeeee”
  • He’d kiss your cheek, wait till you got settled in bed, and then hand you your mug of coco before settling in beside you

Not a request :)

oops my hand slipped

but yeah i come up with the weirdest ideas at 1 am and usually don’t draw them

but yet here we are

i’m probably going to regret this