i used your bathroom

People talk about how Brendon refers to “Emerald City” in the song Kaleidoscope Eyes but why does no one talk about the line(s)

“I swear to God, I’d never heard a better sound coming out
Then when you’re whimpering my name from your mouth

I’ll plead the fifth on all of this”

nagging ; taeyong

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pairing: taeyong & you

genre: boyfriend!taeyong | affectionate drabble | fluff

credit: gif is not mine, credits to the original owner

your boyfriend loves nagging you, it’s not that you are complaining anyway;

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Favorite moments from Ten Count cast talk~

A compilation of some highlights from the cast talks in the four volumes of Ten Count drama CDヾ(*ΦωΦ)ツ

1. Mysophobia


Maeno Tomoaki (Kurose’s seiyuu): I’m slightly mysophobic. I really don’t like it when people use my bathroom…

Tachibana Shinnosuke (Shirotani’s seiyuu): Ahh! I want to use it!

Maeno: *lol* Are you a do-S?

… (when concluding the talk)

Tachibana: I got to see a lot of things that I never knew about Maeno-kun before this time.

Maeno: I hope people can take those things (about me) in a positive way.

Tachibana: Sooner or later, I’ll make sure to use your bathroom.

Maeno: *LOL* Are you a do-S?

2. Four-Letter Ikemen Friend

(CD1, still on the topic of mysophobia)

Tachibana: Do you invite friends to your house then, Maeno-kun?

Maeno: I do, but only certain people have come into my house…

Tachibana: Hehhh~

Maeno: If we’re talking about the people in the (voice acting) circle, only one person has been to my place…

Tachibana: Wow!

Maeno: …That friend of mine, um, whose name starts with a K, um, and has three, no, four letters…

Tachibana: *laughs*

Maeno: That ikemen friend of mine…

Tachibana: *laughs* Oh, ikemen! An ikemen seiyuu.

Maeno: He’s the only one who’s been to my house.

Tachibana: Wow, is that so?

Maeno: That’s how much I don’t like to let people into my house…

Tachibana: Hehhhh!

Maeno: So I can kind of understand Shirotani’s feelings.

3. Not Very Tiring

(CD1, at the very beginning)

Tachibana: Otsukare-sama deshita. (“Thank you for your hard work,” or more literally, “You must’ve been tired.”)

Maeno/Fukushima Jun (Mikami’s seiyuu): Otsukare-sama deshita!

Maeno: I am not very tired! (Because *nothing really happened* in CD 1 lol)

Tachibana: Pfft!

*everyone laughs*

Tachibana: You’re right.

(And then in CD2)

Maeno: I think last time (in the first CD), Kurose’s aggressiveness is based more on his position as a psychologist, but this time he starts to become aggressive for his own emotional reasons… We can see more fluctuation in his emotion.

Tachibana: Yeah, you’re probably right. Since he is also starting to see how Shirotani feels, (Kurose) tries to push (their relationship) a step further.

Maeno: There is a chance that he’ll have an emotional outburst next time, and things are gonna get dramatic.

*everyone laughs*

Tachibana: Well, he’s been holding himself back the whole time…

Maeno: There is a chance that we’ll feel tired after the next recording session.

Tachibana: *LOL*

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Kai’s struggles with living with roommates.

Jay: *Opens bathroom door*
      Hey Kai, may I use your flannel?
Kai: Jay, i’m in the bathroom.
Jay: Yeah! May I use this fla-
Kai: No, get out!
*Pushes Jay out of the door*
Jay: Wa?
*Door shuts*
Kai:  Geez…
Cole: *Barges into the bathroom*
Kai: *Eye twiches*
Cole: *points to deoderant*
      Cole: Let me use this deoderant!
Kai: No, Cole you need to knock.
Cole: …Please?
Kai: No.
Cole: Please?
Kai: No!
Cole: But I smell.
*Holds up arm to Kai’s face*
Kai: I-
*Smells Coles underarm by accident*
      O! my go- No! get out!
*Grabs Cole by the shoulders and pushes him out the door*

Cole: *In the distant as the door shuts*
        I’m your friend!
*Door shuts*
Kai: *sighs in great fustration*
*Walks over to toilet*
*Unbuttons pants*
Zane: *Barges into the bathroom vacuuming*
Kai: *Shook*
      Wa- what are- !?
Zane: *Continues vacuuming*
Kai: Zane!- Zane!
Zane: *Shook as well*
*Turns off vacuum*
Kai: S-stohp! I’m using…the bathroom…
Zane: I know, but I have to clean.
Kai: Can’t you do it later?
Zane: I’ve cleaned every other room in this house, and now I gotta clean the bathroom.
*Continues vacumming*
*Vacuuming closer to Kai*
Kai: *Slaps Zanes arm*
Zane: O-ok-
Kai: Get! The f**k out!. GET THE F**K OUT!!
Zane: Alright, alright!
*Closes door frantically*
Kai: I can’t even pee anymore…
Kai: *Steps into the shower*
*Turns on water*
*Begins to wet his hair*

Lloyd: *Hand serches for shampoo in the soap organizer*
*Grabs shampoo bottle before Kai notices*
Kai: *SHOOK*
*Looks around*

*Shower curtain falls down*
Kai: AHH! 

Everyone at the same time:
Jay: Hey Kai! *poses in flannel*
Cole: *Putting on deoderant* I’m gonna use it, it’s cold!
Zane: *Vacuuming the ceiling*
Lloyd: *Scrubbing the shampoo in his hair*

Based on a vine by: Amanda Cerny (RIP vine…it was a great app *tear tear* 

NINJAGO CREATORS! Do this! Do this now! I Wanna see this as a short skit in the show. Even though it has nothing to do with the plot lmao.

our leaseholder….is……really frustrating

the signs as spongebob quotes
  • aries: "I am the master at Kara-TAY!"
  • gemini: "I knew a guy, who know this guy, who knew THIS guy, who knew this guy's cousin..."
  • cancer: "Oh my GOD! A FLOATING SHOPPING LIST! *screaming*"
  • leo: "Can I have everybody's attention?...I have to use the bathroom."
  • virgo: "More soup for your armpit?! *nervous laughter*"
  • libra: "Oh well! I guess I'm not wearing any pants today!"
  • scorpio: "Don't we look vicious and bloodthirsty?"
  • sagittarius: "Woo! Shake it, shake it! Shake that bubble butt!"
  • capricorn: "You can't fool me! I listen to public radio!"
  • aquarius: "No Gary! I like wearing my underpants like this!"
  • pisces: "Seaweed. 50% Sea, 50% Weed."
More OTP prompts
  • you’re dating my best friend but i think i might be falling in love with you
  • we sit next to each other in the park every day during our lunch breaks and one of these days i will have the guts to say something to you
  • we both want the same shoe but there’s only one pair left in what happens to be both of our size
  • you fell off your skateboard, i laughed and you saw me
  • ben & jerry’s is giving away free ice-cream and we team up together to find out where their stupid truck is so that we can gorge ourselves on the goodness
  • your kid threw up on my in the waiting room at the hospital
  • you caught me in the library watching hours of pimple popping and blackhead squeezing videos but didn’t say anything because they fascinate you too
  • “hi i know you don’t know me but i have no idea where i am and i really need the bathroom, can i please use yours?”
perks of dating Park Jinyoung ∞

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pairing: jinyoung & you

genre: boyfriend!jinyoung | affectionate drabble | fluff

credit: gif is not mine, credits to the original owner

blow drying long hair could be a big headache especially when you have a long day, that’s when your boyfriend decides to help;

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catharticmelody  asked:

To add to your bathroom retail horror stories: I used to work the front desk at a hospital. I called a coworker to the desk so I could run to the bathroom quickly. I walk in, and it smells like piss. But it's a bathroom, so of course it smells like piss. It's then that I look down and realize I'm about to step in a giant pool of piss. I then promptly ran back to the front desk to call maintenance. Those poor, poor maintenance workers don't get paid enough.

Oh geez. 

I am certainly no stranger to adventures in human waste.  Maintenance should be salaried. 


Mark: Hey Ara! I brought Velvet. Be nice while I go use your washroom.

Ara: Seriously? You live across the street from me asshole how is it you decided you needed to use my bathroom before coming here?

Mark: Your place is nicer.

Ara: Oh my god. Excuse him. He’s a lunatic. I’m Ara, you must be Velvet. Mark has told me a bit about you already and he wasn’t wrong. You are beautiful.

Mark: Ara!

Ara: You use my bathroom, I spill your secrets!

Velvet laughed as Ara had her sit at the dining room table.