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The Get Down is really giving us bisexual Dizzee. They are truly acknowledging his attraction towards multiple genders. They are identifying him SPECIFICALLY as bisexual.

They’re not using his attraction to men as a stepping stone to being “fully gay”. They’re not treating this as a fling, or as an experiment, or as a phase.

Dizzee Kipling is really, truly, 100% bisexual, confirmed by the showrunners.

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Keyleth tries to figure out an anniversary gift for Vex, which is easier said than done when you live on a spaceship. [Vex/Keyleth; 2.1K]

vex/keyleth star trek au for the cr femslash fest, featuring percy. title from “accidentally in love” by counting crows

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Keyleth has the coolest girlfriend in Starfleet.

This is, to be fair, a biased statement, and Percy would argue with her on the feasibility of defining “coolness” outside of its standard thermodynamic parameters, and that would devolve into designing an actual measurement system for said “coolness” (that is, of the social variety rather than the thermal one) and, well. Whatever. Percy would be wrong.

Because Keyleth has the coolest girlfriend in Starfleet.

The problem with this, of course (though Keyleth hesitates to call it “problem” because such vocabulary implicates a harmful or unwelcome situation and Keyleth means it in the purely scientific sense, that of an obstacle to be overcome) is that Keyleth doesn’t quite know what to do for and/or with (”and” being preferable to “or” because her girlfriend deserves absolutely everything in the Federation except that she’d probably oppose such ownership on humanitarian grounds) her girlfriend as a surprise for their anniversary.

This is usually the time in which she approaches Vex, because Vex has a skill with interpersonal relationships that Keyleth lacks (making her the least likely candidate to codify a measurement system for societal coolness, as noted). Unfortunately, as Vex is the recipient of said surprise, including her in its creation would undermine the surprise itself and defeat the purpose of all this planning.

So Keyleth’s in a sort of predicament. And she does what she always does when she’s in a predicament.

She seeks out Percy.

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Did that white woman ever apologize for derailing your post by assuming a bunch of fuckshit you didn't say? I saw she deleted the post

You know white women never apologize for pitching a fit at people of color lol. She only deleted the post after three different people said that she had made it clear she didn’t engage in good faith. But apologize to a black person who had the audacity to talk about people treating predominately white experiences as the default? Girl you know that’ll never happen!

  • Trust Issues: Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Extreme Anxiety: Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo
  • Insecurity: Libra, Cancer
  • Stubbornness: Taurus, Aquarius
  • Constant Need for Attention: Leo, Gemini, Aries

We call everything on the ice ‘Love’

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On lists of “words to replace ‘said’”


Replacing “said” is this trend apparently, either Snobby Writers or misled schoolteachers are telling you that using this word is bad. Using it improperly is bad, i.e.: 

“I’m going to work,” John said. 

“Okay,” Maria said. “See you later.” 

“Bye,” John said.

That is bad writing, But it’s bad writing for a number of reasons, and if you replace every instance of “said” with “hopped angrily”, it’s still bad writing. Using the word said, or any replacement thereof, is supposed to be done sparingly, i.e.: 

“I’m going to work,” John said, reaching for his coat.

Maria didn’t look at him. Instead, she kept her eyes focused on her bowl of cereal, shifting the spoon aimlessly. “Okay.” 

He sighed, shaking his head, shrugging the coat on and opening the door. He paused, turning his head over his shoulder. 



Relying on said, or any other verb, is bad writing when you’re relying on it to tell the story happening around it. But I argue that when you must use an descriptive verb like that, 75% of the time you should use ‘said’. Do you know why? 

When it isn’t every other word, you don’t even notice ‘said’. 

I find that most of the time, a ‘more creative’ synonym for that word jars the reader and breaks suspension of disbelief. Instead of thinking about what’s happening ,they’re thinking “oh, that’s different”. 

And while it might be novel for a second, I don’t care about being novel. I care about suspension of disbelief. 

So there, that’s why the endless river of tumblr posts decrying the use of the word said really irritate me, because high school English teachers and snotty English students have decided to tell the unwashed masses that using a perfectly useful tool in your writing arsenal is bad just because They Say So. 

A lot of people like to have viktor speak russian in fics so I decided to make a list of cute russian “love” words for you guys to use! ♡ 

иди нахуй - “don’t go” (Not really a love phrase, but goes along with “stammi vicino”)

пиздеч - “precious” (very common nickname used for lovers)

дебил - “dear/darling”

ёбаный урод - “sparkling gold” (a lot of parents also call their kids this, but can be used amongst lovers)

сука блять - literally “sweet babe” (not to be confused with the english sugar baby)

I tried. I tried so hard to be everything you wanted. To make you happy. To see you smile. To hear you laugh. To be what you need. I tried so god damn hard and that is why it hurts so much that I wasn’t enough for you.

I tried.

But that wasnt enough for you