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my b-day’s tomorrow yaaass!! nothing special planned and i’ll be @ work but occasions like this always have a nice feeling to them

New York

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 7.000+

Summary: A lot of people who are reading my Pregnancy Series really wanted to know what happened between Y/N and Luke that night in New York, so let’s find out.

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bittyybee replied to your post “so we all know jack’s got crazy hockey money, and bitty wouldn’t want…”

Setting the record straight because Emma alluded to it but not super clearly: Jack looks up a list of “safest cars” so Bitty won’t get hurt in any situation.

ABSOLUTELY. He does SO MUCH RESEARCH. First, like, he just does some fishing, asking about Bitty’s favorite types of cars (Bitty is a Southern boy; he loves big SUVs), and what colors he likes (“I don’t know, any color. There’s something kind of sexy and classic about black cars, though.”), and then Jack is like, cool. Got the info. Time to do some research.

So then he googles, “safest SUVs” and then when that gives him back these like… frankly kinda dumpy looking cars, Jack googles, “safest luxury SUVs” because, well, it was Bittle who said he liked “sexy and classic” cars, so that’s what Jack wants to get. That’s what he’s going for. Sexy and classic. And safe. The safest car.

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@docteurcaligari well…. hes not like my actual sugardaddy, more of just like a rich older bf but here’s the story:
i worked at the festival electron and that was v cool so yeah i went clubbing 4 days in a row. after my second shift i decided to go up to the staff/volonteers room to chill for a bit but to get to the staff room you have to pass by the vip lounge. so i was there looking like a complete mess, walking through a crowd of rich people and there was this guy who was like “oh i saw you yesterday you’re so beautiful, etc” so i was kinda flattered and told him ill be back in a sec. i went to the staff room, changed into my ~super sexy dress~ and went back to the guy again. and then we talked, he bought me drinks, etc. and then i started to realise that hes so fucking rich like damnnn my eyes turned into dollar signs. so yeah we danced and made out and stuff and hed be like “yeahh ill make you my princess” lol and we exchanged phone numbers. i did some kgb level research on him and yep hes very rich))) we went on a date yesterday and hes like obsessed with politics which is a huge plus like he asked me if i knew khodorkovsky and i was like shooketh like m8 talk 90s-oil-company-privatisation to me ;)

bold  what  your  muse  CAN  do   ————   REPOST ,  don’t  reblog .

bake  a  cake  from  scratch   |   ride  a  horse  |   drive  a  submarine   |   speak  a  second  language   | dance   |   catch  a  fish   |   play  an  instrument   |  throw  a  punch |   build  a  deck   |   ice  skate   |  unclog  a  drain   |   program  a  computer   |   change  a  flat  tire |  fire  a  gun |   sew   |   juggle   |   play  poker   |   paint   |   fly  a  kite   |   sculpt   |   write  poetry   |   change  a  diaper   |   sing   |   shoot  a  bow  &  arrow  |   ride  a  bike |  swim |   sail  a  boat  |   do  a  backflip   |   play  chess  |   give cpr |   pitch  a  tent   |  flirt  |   stitch  a  wound   |   read  palms   |   use  chopsticks  |   write  in  cursive  /  calligraphy   |   use  an  electric  drill  |  braid  hair   |   make  a  campfire |   make  a  mixed  drink   |   do  sudoku  puzzles   |   wrap  a  gift   |   give  a  good  massage   |   jump - start  a  car   |   roll  their  tongue |   magic  tricks   |   do  yoga   |   tie  a  tie  | skip  a  rock   | shuffle  a  deck  of  cards  |   read  morse  code   |   pick  a  lock.
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I jumped on the wagon and made a Fatesona lol. I had trouble thinking of a suitable class, I remembered when I reblogged a “What Fates class do you think I am?” thing, people gave me cool things like pegasus knight and spear master and I appreciate that, but I can’t see it myself. :’o

Then I remembered… the merchant class animations… it’s basically me.

Personal skill would probs be something like this:

Persuasion: Unit can ‘convince’ the enemy to stop fighting and leave, or join the players side (for the remainder of the battle only). Can only be used three times per battle, does not work on boss units.

1920s HP au, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trailer insipired the thought: Wirt is a one man band, he uses specific charm spells that allow him to control various musical instruments at the same time (while still playing clarinet himself). And because I like OTGW and Gravity Falls crossovers, Wirt ends up working at Grunkle Stan’s speak easy (it’s not easy to find a place to work when you just arrived at NY for the first time). Detective Dipper and journalist Mabel live with Grunkle Stan and help with his establishment when they are not busy with their own work. That’s how they came to know Wirt. 

Courting of a Cat

requested by anon

pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou/Kozume Kenma
prompt: college au ; Kuroo likes Kenma and tries to impress him by doing small things for him, afraid that Kenma wont like him cause of his tattoos and piercing

The first time they meet, well the first time that Kuroo sees Kenma, is when Kuroo is at the arcade with Tsukishima and Bokuto. They’re goofing off like most college kids do when Kuroo catches sight of Kenma at one of the games, completely focused on the screen and doing an amazing job at the game, which is also the moment when Bokuto pushes him and Kuroo ends up crashing against a guy who’s on a date.

The guy spills his coke on himself and his girlfriend. The trio hightail it out of the arcade before the guy can even open his mouth to chew them out, technically Kuroo and Bokuto have to pull Tsukishima along since he doesn’t see much of a problem since he didn’t participate in the act.

On the walk back toward the train station so they can go their own ways, Bokuto rambles about getting a new tattoo while Tsukishima stays on his phone, Kuroo’s under the impression the blonde is texting Yamaguchi but he can’t be sure since he’ll never admit it, and Kuroo is thinking about the pudding haired boy he saw at the arcade. He’s in love is all he can think.

When they reach the station, they all separate so they can catch their own trains. Kuroo needs to catch the train back to the campus dorms, Bokuto is heading back to his campus’ dorms, and Tsukishima is going to his apartment that he shares with Yamaguchi. They wave and promise to hang out again soon before separating.

The train ride is a calm one for Kuroo and he can’t help but let his mind drift, thinking about the pudding head and about the classes he’ll have to attend the next day, which he debates about skipping.


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anonymous asked:

Hi Shin, which inkwell do you use. I struggle to dip my oblique nib into the normal bottles of ink and I wondered whether you either decanted your ink into a more appropriate (wider mouthed container) or you had a lovely vintage inkwell that was suitable.

Hey Anonymous,

It’s true that some bottles of ink are very unreasonable for oblique holders. Here are some ink bottles I have which unfortunately do not work well with oblique holders.

Here is a vermillion Yasutomo ink, a lovely ink for calligraphy indeed but as you can see my holder does not fit through the mouth. I would have to tip the bottle or something to get at the ink, and that can cause a mess. This also stains the holder, ick.

And here is a fountain pen ink bottle. Fountain pen makers have some lovely inks but their bottles aren’t always accommodating to dipping.

Even bottles that look like they have a wide mouth don’t always fit a cumbersome oblique holder. This is a Noodler’s ink bottle, they have great ink but nope, doesn’t work.

And of course some inks come with an eyedropper. This is a little better as you can just drop the ink on to the nib, but still a pain.

So here’s what one can do.. either deal with the bottles or pour a little bit into a container with a wider mouth.

The cheapest way is to use a dappen dish or something similar. These little jars have a wide enough mouth to admit the holder an deep enough to dip properly. Best of all, these are made of glass so it’s easy to clean and if you use gouache, you can let the ink dry in it and just add water to reuse.

Dinky dips are also very popular, but I don’t like them as I find them too small and needs constant refilling, and difficult to clean. Also, I can’t tell what color is in which little tube once the caps are on! Argh.

And if you need a larger container, you can get glass jars like this. It’s clear so you can see what color ink it contains, and easy to clean for reuse.

Of course, if you feel fancy, you can get a vintage inkwell, and you can find them in many places online. Just make sure the mouth of the inkwell is big enough to admit the oblique holder, just because it is listed as ‘inkwell’ doesn’t meant it is appropriate for an oblique holder. Also you should consider where you live.. many of these are not airtight. If you live in a dry place, the ink will just evaporate and you have to constantly refill. I can’t use these inkwells because here in Vegas, the ink will evaporate by 20% if I leave it uncapped overnight!

These are my favorite inkwells.. the McCaffrey’s brass or stainless steel inkwell. These beauties are so heavy that they won’t tip over, holds a good amount of ink and just so lovely to have on the desk. Too bad they cost so much money though. I use mine for my favorite inks: walnut ink and iron gall ink.

But of course, some very considerate ink makers supply their inks in big jars to solve this problem first hand. Once these are done you can reuse the bottle!

Roommate Wanted

Pairing: Taekey. Past Jongkey (kinda).
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 4800+
Other notes: AU. Content warnings for very brief mentions of blood and vomit. I kinda hate this title because it’s so bland. Meh.
Synopsis: “Kibum moves in with a random hot creepy weirdo.” - ourlordandsaviorkimkibum (lol i’m gonna make andy write every synopsis from now on) 

Kibum knew he couldn’t live with his grandmother forever. What had begun as a temporary month-long stay after graduation had turned into three months, then six months, then three years. He felt increasingly pathetic as he watched his fellow graduates climb the corporate ladder, some now making six figure salaries, while he continued to work as a supervisor at the local dollar store.

Still, he was unprepared for the morning his grandmother walked into the kitchen and plunked a clipping from the classifieds down by his elbow, with several entries circled in yellow highlighter. He stopped idly stirring his bowl of Rice Krispies, which was mostly milk at this point, and looked up at her.

“It’s time, Kibum,” she said. “I’m giving you a month, and then you have to get your own apartment.”

Kibum used one forefinger to drag the clipping closer, and leaned his chin on one hand as he looked at it silently.

“Is it the money?” he said finally. “Do I use too much water? Should I buy more groceries? Is my room too messy?”

“You’re too old,” his grandmother said. “You’re too old to live with your grandmother, and I’m definitely too old to babysit you.”

Kibum frowned and looked down the newspaper clipping again. “All of these options look terrible,” he whined.

“So find another option,” his grandmother said. “But you’re out in one month.”

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