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Commissions Open!

I feel like I’ve improved my pixel art enough to open commissions to make them. I mostly plan to do pixel art, but I will do non-pixel stuff mostly because I need practice. Commission prices will be a little high since I don’t have too much time but could use the money for small and general expenses, I recommend you commission an artist who really needs money over me if you’re deciding between multiple artists. I’m taking commissions partially since I dropped a lot of money on textbooks for uni this semester, and I want to make some back.

Any how now, I’ll make a rough table here with some examples:

Pixel Art (In General)

Line Art: You can choose between clean and rough. The difference is minor but a good example between the two is on the pixel icons between celestialkaiju’s character (Rough Lineart) and chainchomped’s character (Clean Lineart). Clean lineart basically means I’ll make the lineart as thin as possible while rough means some lines will be a pixel thicker.

Animations: You can add animations, each frame can cost from nothing to the highest price of the art piece if it was not animated. For example, a Pixel Art Icon animated frame can cost anywhere between $0 to $10.

Shading: You can opt-in for any of these three choices in shading: Dithered, Actual, and None. Feel free to choose any of the three as they don’t cost extra. Both Pixel Art Icons demonstrate actual shading, while the partial fullbodies have dithered shading with the cat. (Visuals below)

Outline: You can choose to have an outline around the focus of your drawing - like your fursona - typically I won’t ask for this until I am near complete, I will recommend a certain way of outlining when I’m done, but the option is ultimately yours.

Backgrounds: For the most part, backgrounds will be free, but anything way too complex will add a cost between $1-$4. If you don’t specify a background, I will send the pic with a transparent background. (None of the pictures below depict a background that would cost extra).

What you get: 

  • PNG Spritesheet if animated
  • GIF if animated
  • Original size PNG if not animated
  • Up-scaled PNG if not animated

Non-Pixel Art (In General)

I will take in non-pixel art commissions. My art style here is very inconsistent. If there’s a certain style on my blog you like please tell me beforehand! These will be cheaper than my pixel art since I can’t guarantee quality on these.

Animations: I do not do animations on these.

Shading: I can attempt to shade, I’ll send in a nonshaded version and a shaded version to you when done.

Backgrounds: I will not do complex backgrounds. I’ll keep these to simple stuff. Alternatively you can ask for a pixel background if you really want one. Same rules as Pixel Backgrounds will then apply if you want a pixel background on non-pixel art.

Art Style: Like I mentioned, my art style is very inconsistent. Don’t be afraid to bring an art style from my blog on how you may want it. Just tell me before I start.

What you get: PNG file of art.

Pixel Art Icons ($7-$10)

Character above belongs to @celestialkaiju

Character above belongs to @chainchomped

Pixel Partial Fullbody ($9 - $13)

Character above belongs to me, this piece shows no shading.

Character above belongs to @cuddlekittyfurever​, this piece shows dithered shading.

Pixel Complete Fullbody ($11-$15)

Character above belongs to me

Pixel Reference Sheets ($11-$15 + $5 per angle)

Both characters above belong to me

Non-Pixel Icon ($3-$5)

Character above belongs to me

Character above belongs to no one, this was practice

Non-Pixel Partial Fullbody ($5-$8)

Character above belongs to @mysanthropeic

Character above belongs to me

Character above belongs to me

Character above belongs to me.

Prerequisites for Commissioning

  • Reference sheet with palette, the only exception is for the pixel reference sheets. Please send in reference sheets in a png format. jpq formats compress the colors and can make it hard to pick out the correct color of your character. Alternatively you can define the colors for me in RGB format, HSV format, or in Hexadecimal. Then send me a place where I can find multiple pictures of your character.
  • To avoid any monetary problems, a down payment of $2 will be required when commissioning. If you decide you no longer want to commission me, I will refund these $2 if I haven’t started.
  • You will have to advise me if you don’t want your commission to be live-streamed.
  • If you want an NSFW commission, you must be able to verify that you are 18+. No exceptions.
  • Please send in as much detail of how you want your commission before I start. I will advise you when I’m about to start working on your commission. Any changes you want afterwards may cost extra if it proves to be cumbersome.
  • All payments will be handled through PayPal Invoices. This means I’ll require an email to send you an invoice.

Feel free to message me about quotes or clarification on anything. I will estimate quotes to the best of my ability.

I reserve the right to refuse any commission as I wish.

I’m planning an herb garden right now and I’m so excited! I plan on making an herb spiral which looks like this:

I don’t have too much money to make it. I’ve been using my retired math skills to calculate circumference etc to estimate how many rocks I’ll need and it’s basically A LOT OF ROCKS. I have awesome home-grown compost, straw and more organic matter for mulch but I need to start looking for rocks on craigslist/outdoors. I already have seeds I want to use and then after that I’ll pretty much just have additional plant expenses. I think I’ll be able to do this for under $25?

Herb spirals create microclimates where you can have hardy plants at the top of the spiral and gravity will help guide water towards more thirsty plants at the bottom. The slope also creates a shady and sunny side to accommodate the sunlight needs of different plants.

When summer starts to cool down, I want to put an inoculated mushroom log on the cool/moist side! I’m excited for a future of tasty garden treats.

anonymous asked:

Thanks for the links. I decided to eat when I'm actually hungry not just when my stomach is empty, so I don't think those studies apply to me, I'm not a medical expert though. I think I used to eat too much and it was a waste of time and money. Not experiencing any drastic weight loss just a gradual decrease, I heard that drastic weight loss can be unhealthy (maybe because of malnutrition?)

It sounds to me like you’ll be just fine anon. We’ll be here if you need anything.

-Mod Bella


I jumped on the wagon and made a Fatesona lol. I had trouble thinking of a suitable class, I remembered when I reblogged a “What Fates class do you think I am?” thing, people gave me cool things like pegasus knight and spear master and I appreciate that, but I can’t see it myself. :’o

Then I remembered… the merchant class animations… it’s basically me.

Personal skill would probs be something like this:

Persuasion: Unit can ‘convince’ the enemy to stop fighting and leave, or join the players side (for the remainder of the battle only). Can only be used three times per battle, does not work on boss units.