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modern witches: 

  • we somehow found our love for the occult and decided we wanted to dive in head first, and then didn’t realize where to start
  • “is this a good one?” we say as we skim through the tiny metaphysical section at our local bookstore, and walk out with a mishmash of titles from various authors, all with conflicting opinions 
  • we jot down notes in old school notebooks because that leather grimoire we found online was too expensive
  • we ditched the books we read over and over again and turned to the internet, hungry for hidden knowledge
  • we all stumbled upon spellsofmagic.com and tried to do the unthinkable before realizing that it wasn’t working and got discouraged
  • we realized that *gasp* you can write your own spells, but how? 
  • we spent hours compiling correspondences for every herb and spice in our kitchen pantry, and dug through boxes to find our old crystal or seashell collection from when we were kids thinking “i could probably use these for… something
  • we spent too much money on candles and incense before realizing we could get them cheaper online
  • we practiced drawing sigils and symbols to make them perfect before crumpling up the paper and starting all over
  • we learned to go outside and look at the moon to see what phase it was in and how we could possibly use that to our advantage 
  • “what cardinal direction was for fire again? south?” we went back to the drawing board, digging through our notes to find the section in which we wrote down the information before giving up and doing a quick google search instead
  • we set up wiccan altars because we didn’t know that there was anything else out there at first
  • we learned about intent, and made sure that we were careful to stir our tea or coffee in one direction or the other to set the mood for the day
  • we would squint at bottles of body wash in the shower to find the ingredients and quickly figure out how to use them for magick: “jasmine and lavender? i think that’s good for peace or something”
  • we say little incantations when we cook dinner, or pour food for our pets - “bunny, you are happy and healthy. enjoy!”

every witch has gone through their own version of uncertainty and unknowing when they first started practicing. everyone’s path is different, and the situations leading up to our current state, made us the witches we are today. your path is yours, and yours alone. don’t let anyone take that from you.


HEY im not one for making long posts but i wanna quickly put a lil note up on the table that people who scam others for ‘donations’ are scum and in reverse it only makes people who need honest help have a harder time because of trash people who make the general audience so skeptical. Here’s some super basic vague tips on helping your own realistic donation post, but also a checklist to help point out who might be pullin ur leg for some extra spending bucks

be specific. include details and photos if you can. the best is to have photo evidence present, it can be alarming to post such a personal thing online, no one’s asking you to do this but when times are tough cutting some of that luxury becomes essential to helping your goal. Some issues can’t call for a photo, or wouldn’t make sense to, and in that case your worded detail needs to be very specific. Not to mention that’s a big thing people want to see before they start donating, something that ‘shows’ there is a real issue, it can seem shitty but again, blame all the scamming buttholes online that created this skepticism. the skepticism comes sometimes when this person regularly takes selfies but provides no photos of the issue at hand, some scams are really easy to identify because common issues like vet or hospital bills would have all that specific information you need, when a scammer post is normally vague like ‘a relative is sick and needs scans done’.

update your issue. scammers are gonna constantly post about how everything is an emergency and use big terms that shock an audience into giving money, like they will be gone tomorrow but then you go back to their page two months later and there’s been no update and they’re onto a new issue. Finish your updates on the issue.  When your problem is solved the people that gave that money deserve to know if its resolved. You are not only thanking the people greatly for their donated hard earned money, but you are SHOWING what they did helped someone, that’s important. Don’t just take their money and ignore the rest, be regretful for the help you were given. 

Scammers tend to continue a cycle of always needing help, but providing no information, update, or end result. in short, all of their posts is just ‘i need money’ and if an issue is resolved, it’s just ‘oh it was resolved thanks mate’. no one should be afraid to update the situation if you ask, they should be comfortable publicly stating how the issue got resolved, because after all you’re asking the public for money and help, the least you can do is help them see their money went somewhere good. 

Don’t be ashamed to ask for money, but also do not rely on donations. im writing a lot of this to help people get closer to a goal with the way they can organize a post, but you cannot rely entirely on donations to save you. Have a backup plan, look up and learn how your situation can be financed or worked out. Know how much you are asking for as well, if your situation requires a lot, look into bigger things then just a post on a blog, open up a kofi, a gofundme, if you have something to give back in any skill you have, consider that. Scammers aren’t going anywhere like official donating sites because they know they don’t have any information to show for their false issue. Does that mean someone who only makes a post on their blog asking for help is a scammer? heck no, but its shady when all of the above has been checked off ontop of the required number is nothing but a very large vague number. 


- are they describing the issue or are they just saying its an emergency and they need money

- are they providing updates and resolving the issue and showing publicly that your money helped, or if its not resolved are they providing step by step updates 

- do they converse and take advice from people about the issue, or turn any real advice away

in the end, YOU’LL NEVER TRULY KNOW who is scamming you and who isn’t but beyond mutuals and friends that you know personally enough to know the issue is real, all in all what im trying to say is look into the issue instead of being skeptical if you are really out to donate some money. not every real donation post is going to have these notes, please do not look at this and assume i am saying if they dont have this theyre fake, take these more as tips and ideas to build a better post to help your cause/issue 

also hey if anyone else has any tips or expirience with what works, what doesnt, and what patterns they’ve found in people who make shitty scam posts please by all means share them here, none of these are rules just notes

1920s HP au, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them trailer insipired the thought: Wirt is a one man band, he uses specific charm spells that allow him to control various musical instruments at the same time (while still playing clarinet himself). And because I like OTGW and Gravity Falls crossovers, Wirt ends up working at Grunkle Stan’s speak easy (it’s not easy to find a place to work when you just arrived at NY for the first time). Detective Dipper and journalist Mabel live with Grunkle Stan and help with his establishment when they are not busy with their own work. That’s how they came to know Wirt. 

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#83 - can I request LaSalle? (if not, it's okay...I just may or may not be going through your LaSalle tag...he makes me feel warm & fuzzy. :) and you rock, btw.)

“Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”

Chris was finding it hard to keep reading, with how heavy his eyes were. He definitely needed a break. Maybe some sleep; technically, the case was over. But the files kept calling his name. Like he was missing something…

He instantly looked at his phone when it started ringing; your ringtone registered immediately, and Chris found himself shooting his hand out to answer as quickly as possible. “LaSalle.” He greeted, trying hard not to sound too eager. Your voice is definitely the break he needed.

Chris frowned, however, when you let out an uncharacteristic giggle. “LaSalle, hi! I’m not bothering you, am I?”

“‘Course not.” He instantly answered. “You’re never botherin’ me. What’s up?”

“Uhhhh,” you ended the syllable with a laugh, “I kinda had too much to drink. Can’t drive. Used up all my money, so no cab.”

There was a bit of relief at the realization that you were just drunk. Chris let out a breathy laugh. “Y’at that fancy bar you were talkin’ about earlier?”


Christopher was standing the next second, grabbing his jacket and keys. “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”

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New York

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 7.000+

Summary: A lot of people who are reading my Pregnancy Series really wanted to know what happened between Y/N and Luke that night in New York, so let’s find out.

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Unexpected consequence 7

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Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11

Got7 x Reader



A/N: Hey everyone! Thank you so much for all the love! We really appreciate all the comments and love! Here’s the next chapter!

(Btw, am I the only one who thinks psychotic Bambam is sexy AF? Yes? Okay then… ~Yosei)

Disclaimer: This story is not in any way shape or form true. This is purely fiction. All the boys from Got7 are very sweet and charming guys that wouldn’t hurt a fly. I love them all so much. So please, check them out! They are amazing people. Also, G-Dragon and T.O.P have been introduced. Those two are also the kindest and funniest guys out there, they are nothing like in this story. I will always consider Big Bang the king’s of K-pop (they brought me into this fandom I can no longer escape from).

Trigger Warning: There will be swearing, kidnapping, holding hostage, torture and mentions of killing and drugs. So if you are uncomfortable with any of this, please don’t read! ALSO THIS CHAPTER HAS A LOT OF MENTION OF MORE TORTURE SO PLEAAE BE AWARE. THANK YOU.

Chapter 7

        “We have to go after her.” Mark says, pushing his leader to the side.

        JB raised an eyebrow at the drug lord. “You want to break into Big Bang’s territory to take back a girl whom we only held as a hostage?”

        Mark nods. “I mean, I know it sounds crazy, but I have my reasons. One, I want my damn money. Two, she knows too much about us to keep her in the hands of the enemy. And three, we all have warmed up to her too much to let her go like that and you know it.”

        JB gives Mark a side glance. “You like her too, don’t you.”

        Mark sighs and runs a hand through his hair. “Yeah, maybe. And I’m certain BamBam feels the same. But…” His gaze stops at Jinyoung who looks absolutely distraught. “I think Jinyoung feels something more for her, something deeper. You saw the way he reacted when they took her. I’ve never seen him like this before.”

        JB thinks this over and nods in agreement. “Alright, we’ll go after her. But we need to be smart about this.” He turns to the rest of the frantic gang and clears his throat. “Alright, Got7, we’re about to go on a rescue mission…”

Big Bang Hideout:

        You groan in pain as you start to regain consciousness. The first thing you notice is pitch darkness surrounding you. You attempt to move but your limbs are tied down to a chair. ‘Again?! ’

        “What the hell is this, kidnap Y/N week?” You mumble out of frustration, mentally cursing your horrible luck. Just then, the lights turn on, momentarily blinding you. ‘Well, this seems awfully familiar.’

        But instead of seven handsome young men, you see only two just as equally handsome, slightly older men. But there is something different about these two. The air feels a lot more sinister.

        “Well well, look who’s awake.” The red haired one pushes himself forward off the wall. He slinks his way towards you with an eerie smile on his face.  Once he’s close enough, he leans down and brings his face level with yours. “What’s your name cutie?”

         You give him a look of disgust and irritation. “Who wants to know?”

         The man infront of you chuckles and runs a hand down your cheek lightly. “Well, you’re a feisty one. The name’s G-Dragon. That one over there is named T.O.P.”

         You shake your head free from his hand and your eyes widened. “Y-you’re from Big Bang.” You say faintly.

         The blonde, T.O.P, tilts his head and eyes you carefully. “Looks like you’ve heard of us. Well, good. No introductions necessary.”

         You swallow the big lump in your throat and look G-Dragon in the eyes. “W-why did you take me from Got7?”

         G-Dragon tilts his head to the side while still remaining full eye contact. “Well, we really only came there to rob the damn place. But we got lucky finding you hiding away in there.” The shorter man smiles once again. “I’ve always wanted my own captive girl. Looks like I have one now. And such a cute one at that.” He leans over to give you a light kiss on your cheek.

         You flinch away from him. “Could you not touch me?!” You growl at the man while tugging at your restraints.

         T.O.P snickers at G-Dragon’s rejection and clasps a hand on his shoulder. “Man, you picked a good one.” They both turn to look at you. T.O.P has a very serious face, but definitely one that could kill a man with just one stare. And, that G-Dragon… ‘I thought BamBam and Jinyoung were bad, but…I have the worst gut feeling about this man’.

         G-Dragon snaps his fingers and T.O.P, without hesitation, leaves the room. Now it’s just you and this lunatic. He then starts to skip around and giggles like a little child.

         “Are you ready? Are you ready my little pretty?” He said in playful tune.

         “W-what do you mean? What are you going to do?” You say trying to be strong, but feel every living cell in you shake in fear.

         “I’m glad you asked, Y/N”. He stops from skipping around and the air became thick again. “You see, we as members of BigBang cover a wide territory. We have foot soldiers, if you will, all around town scouting for those who dare try us. It so happens, that I know your father just as well as Got7 does”.

         Almost forgetting your father in all of this even though he is the reason you’re in this mess, you say, “Yeah…What about my father? I know he already owes Got7”.  G-Dragon puts his hands behind his back with one hand holding the wrist of the other and his back still faces you. He doesn’t say anything.

         You hate being ignored and start to clench your teeth. “HEY! I am talking to you!” G-Dragon immediately turns and charges straight for your throat…Literally. The grip is so strong you feel the air being squeezed from your throat, his face an inch away from yours.

         “If you must know, Y/N, although Mark is the one your father owes money to, you have to remember drugs have to come from a source. Mark may think he’s pretty big around here, but he doesn’t maintain his own supply. He’s still a third party drug lord. Why don’t you take a wild guess where his stuff comes from?” You don’t answer him because you’re still struggling for air, but he shakes you and yells, “GUESS!”. You let out the last of your breath to scream back, “YOURS!”. He let go of your throat and you gasp for air.

         “Damn, right. Mine. Although we are rivals with Got7, we still maintain that part of the relationship because so long as Mark pays my supplier, then everything is fine. However, Mark promised money to be paid later so he can get a bigger supply up front. This was all for your father by the way. Well, we never saw that money come back to us so, I shot my supplier and replaced him.”

         G-Dragon circles you and it starts to make you dizzy. “You and your peasant of a father owe me money.” He grabs your face hard to force you to look back at him. “And since my money is not present…I guess you will do. The daughter of a trash father”.

         “SHUT UP!” You yell with all your might as tears fall to the ground.

         *SLAP* He gave you a swift and hard slap across your face. “YOU DARE TELL ME, G-DRAGON, TO SHUT UP? Bitch…  Just you wait.” G-Dragon spit at your face.

         T.O.P enters the room with a large rolling cabinet. Your eyes follow as he places this in front of you and G-Dragon. T.O.P opens the cabinet and it was just what you expected. T.O.P then leans against the cabinet all smug looking. “I can’t wait for the show”. T.O.P grins to G-Dragon making you extremely nervous.

         “Let’s get started then”. G-Dragon signals T.O.P with a quick head nod and T.O.P then comes to you to untie you. Though you try to wiggle free, T.O.P is twice your height and very strong. He then ties both your wrists together and gives your ankle cuffs that are connected by a chain. T.O.P forces you on your knees and grabs you by the hair, “whatever happened to the fire in this little one?” He shoves your head as he orders you to follow the instruction of G-Dragon.

         “Crawl to me”, G-Dragon said with all seriousness.

         “You think this is going to hurt me at all?” You scoff at him and smirk back. This makes T.O.P clap his hands, as if he’s rooting for you, but really he’s probably just getting off on this display like a psycho.

         “You really don’t know what you’re in for…I’m going to show you how we treat trash”. G-Dragon cracks a whip. He walks up to you caress the length of the whip against your legs. He tries to give you another kiss on your cheek, but you move quick enough to dodge it.

         “No one denies G-Dragon”. He swiftly whips your back. You let out a low growl, but they could tell you’re trying to hold your composure. He whips you without holding back, one after another. Your back stings so bad you couldn’t tell that there was blood running down your back and onto the floor.

         “Is that…*pant* is that all you got?” You taunt him, hoping he is not as bad as Jinyoung. G-Dragon grabs a sharp knife and puts the point right under your chin. “What makes you think I’m done here? I’m just getting started”. He grabs a handful of hair and holds it taunt. He laughs freakishly in your face as he takes one long, slow cut to your jugular. You wince in pain as the tears relentlessly fall and mix with the blood.

          G-Dragon comes behind you and kneels with you. He has you in a choke hold with the knife pressed against your chest this time. “What makes you think you’re so special? Who’s going to save you now? You’re mine…mine forever”. He caresses the back of your neck with his lips as he accurately cuts across your chest. You feel the knife lower towards your belly.

          “Please…stop, I’ll be your slave, just tell me and I’ll do whatever you want!” You unfortunately broke, but it wasn’t enough for G-Dragon and T.O.P.

          “I haven’t seen enough yet,“ said T.O.P from his golden throne which he has been spectating from all along. ‘What is with these men!?’ T.O.P then got up and got a smaller knife and motioned G-Dragon to take a break.

          “Hmph, I bet that knife is bigger than you,” you giggled with pride with your remark. ‘Crap, I just don’t know when to stop don’t I’. But, this doesn’t make T.O.P budge. Instead he walks in front of you and hits you with the handle of the knife. Though you drop and scream in pain, he quickly picks you back up by pulling your hair. “You think you’re so tough…It’s kind of cute,” he gives you a soft, sweet grin that it almost convinces you for a second you’re going to be okay, but then…

          You feel a quick stab to your belly. You couldn’t believe what just happened and all the while he still smiles at you. He stabs you again, and again, and leaves you to fall over onto your side. You cough up blood. ‘Is this going to be how I die?’

          T.O.P walks away from you and gets tagged out by G-Dragon. “Get up. Back on your knees, sweetie”, he said with a playful voice.

          It took all the strength you had to push yourself off the ground and balance on your knees. You look around you and see all the blood that has left your body. You feel how weak your body and your vision starts to become fuzzy. G-Dragon notices this.

          “Nope. You don’t get to pass out just yet”. He holds you up by your hair again and licks the tears and blood that mixed from the cut on your neck. “Mmmm… I can taste the pain and suffering”. He gives you a couple small taps to your cheek.

          “So, I noticed Jinyoung cut your legs…Pathetic”. G-Dragon grabs a different knife this time and re-opens the cuts on your legs. You scream in intense pain. They weren’t healed yet, but they were still fresh wounds. He then took the knife and dug into the wounds, twisting the knife back and forth. You almost collapse from all the torture, but he still holds you up to watch him torture you.

          He stops to lick the blood off the blade and he throws the knife away. He presses his lips against your ear and whispers, “you’ll never get out of here alive”. He pushes you to the ground and steps on your face hard so that your cheeks are squished. “This is your reality now”.  G-Dragon then wipes his hand with a white cloth and tosses over the blood-covered cloth over to you. G-Dragon and T.O.P leave the room.

          You feel so weak and you lay in a pool of your own blood. But before you lose consciousness you let out a little wimper, “Jinyoung…Save me…”

Got7 Headquarters:

          “Alright BamBam, I gave you a walkie-talkie for now since I have not been able to hack into their system just yet. They have one of the strongest firewalls I have ever seen,” Youngjae clicks away on his laptop.

          “BamBam, you will be our eyes and ears. We need you to scope the area as well as successfully infiltrate the building. You must be on high alert at all times,” JB explains sternly and somewhat nervously.

          “Don’t worry boss, it takes a psycho to know how a psycho works!” Mark exclaims and Jackson laughs in agreement.

          Though JB agrees, he cleared his throat and signaled for BamBam to be released. Before BamBam left Jinyoung grabbed his shoulder.

          “Please…I – “ Jinyoung’s voice cracks. His head is lowered and his hair drapes over his face.

          “Stop that, I got this. I’ll get her back,” without hesitation BamBam runs out to fulfill his mission.

          The rest of the men gathered around Jinyoung in support. “Alright guys, here we go,” JB said with determination.

BigBang Hideout:

          “BamBam, do you hear me?” Youngjae says loudly into the mic.

          “Yeah! Loud and clear…Pipe it down will ya?” BamBam said while he adjusts the volume on the walkie-talkie.

          BamBam scopes the outside of the hideout and effortlessly bypasses their booby traps and alarms. “Hmm…That was a little too easy”. But, he continues on not thinking too much about it.

          “Alright guys, I’m in,” he reports to his gang.

          “Cool, I’m almost in their system, I just have one more set of codes to hack and then I’ll be in. Just be careful not to trigger anything,” Youngjae explains.

          “Yeah, yeah, don’t worry my little techie,” BamBam says almost flirtatiously to Youngjae. The rest of the guys roll their eyes.

           BamBam slowly checks out each of the rooms in hopes that one of them will have Y/N in it. “C’mon, c’mon…How many rooms are there!?” Finally he reaches a room and notices weapons and blood all around. “Oh boy, this can’t be good…Hey, you guys…”.

          “Alright, I’m in their system,” Youngjae says with pride.

          “Guys – “ BamBam says more seriously.

          “I’m starting to get feeds from all the rooms in which they have cameras, so now – “

          “GUYS!!” BamBam loudly says into the walkie-talklie.

          “What’s wrong BamBam?” JB says to BamBam while trying to look at the different screens to see if he can find the feed  where BamBam is in.

          “This…This isn’t good. I’m in the East wing of the building. I see…lots of weapons…and blood”

          “Hold on…I’m rerouting the codes…and…Okay. We can see you and hear you from the camera. We also have control to move it around.”

          BamBam follows the trail of blood to see Y/N out cold and covered in cuts. BamBam quickly assessed you to see if you were breathing and had a pulse. “She has a pulse…But, it’s very weak… She’s also not breathing too well…I gotta get her – “

          * BAM * The feed cuts out and there’s just white noise on the screen.

          “BAMBAM!?… Y/N!? WHAT HAPPENED?” Jinyoung yells into the mic.

          The screen is full of white noise, but the sound was still on. All the men stare in vain hoping to get a response from somebody. Anybody.

           Well not just anybody.

           G-Dragon laughs slowly and maniacally only getting louder and louder. “Nice try, boys”.

bittyybee replied to your post “so we all know jack’s got crazy hockey money, and bitty wouldn’t want…”

Setting the record straight because Emma alluded to it but not super clearly: Jack looks up a list of “safest cars” so Bitty won’t get hurt in any situation.

ABSOLUTELY. He does SO MUCH RESEARCH. First, like, he just does some fishing, asking about Bitty’s favorite types of cars (Bitty is a Southern boy; he loves big SUVs), and what colors he likes (“I don’t know, any color. There’s something kind of sexy and classic about black cars, though.”), and then Jack is like, cool. Got the info. Time to do some research.

So then he googles, “safest SUVs” and then when that gives him back these like… frankly kinda dumpy looking cars, Jack googles, “safest luxury SUVs” because, well, it was Bittle who said he liked “sexy and classic” cars, so that’s what Jack wants to get. That’s what he’s going for. Sexy and classic. And safe. The safest car.

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Hi tumblr pals I’m making and selling these flags for $25! They can be personalized with any location/ word/ phrase/ Greek organization / club/ whatever your heart desires honestly!! I will ship anywhere within the US (sorry to international friends just too much money ): ) they make great holiday gifts, birthday gifts, just decided where I’m going to college gifts, miss my hometown and I’m in college gifts, graduated college and miss my college gifts, don’t go to college but still a great gift, treat yo self gifts, etc. the size is 18 x 27 so looks so good hanging up in a bedroom or living room decor! Also great creative gift for boys.. I know boys are hard to shop for lol. MESSAGE ME if you’re interested and we can work out the details :-) yay so excited!!

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Hello, I wanted to ask if you could write a second part to Love Song, please? Your writing is so awesome and I really want them to have a happy christmas. :)

I can do this!  And I will give them a wonderful Christmas.  Here is the last part, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1)

It took you two a couple of days to acquire all of your stuff.  Most of it ended up in the garbage…things your father had gotten you to say “I’m sorry”…clothes that were tattered from other beatings…broken memorabilia you had sworn you would piece back together.

You sobbed as you went through everything, the memories flooding back as Spencer would kindly rub your back and coach you through it.

“We don’t have to do this,” he would say, “I can have the team come get your clothes,” he would reassure you.

But you wanted to do this.

You needed to do this.

It turns out you didn’t have much.  Your clothes and shoes fit in to two suitcases, the few books you had scrimped and saved fit in the front zipper of them, and your toiletries were few and far between.

“Here, we will get this stuff back, and once we get your clothes sorted out, we will get you to a pharmacy and you can get some things to clean up with.”

Nodding slowly as your hands tremble, Spencer rolls the two suitcases behind him as you brace yourself from the cold.

Walking in silence as you march up to his apartment, you hear Spencer’s keys jingle as he unlocks the door, opening the threshold to his darkened apartment as you slowly walk in and smile.

“Just like I imagined it would be,” you say, turning back to him and smiling.

“Well, I hope that’s a good thing,” he says, giving you a crooked smile as he slowly rolls your suitcases in to his room.

That was two weeks ago.

The two of you fought every evening on who would take his bed, finally settling on switching every other night.

The two of you had decided to reclaim your holidays.  Spencer had given you a card to his bank account…much to your protest…and said that he wanted to make sure you had access to money whenever he was gone.  Hotch allowed him to stay behind at HQ with Garcia whenever he could, but this week he was needed in Oregon, so you were alone in the apartment.

Sitting on his couch, you watch as the snow begins to fall again outside, a mere 9 days from Christmas.

Sighing as you look around, the dim apartment smelling of coffee and women’s body spray, you hop off of the couch as you get an idea, a smile crossing your finally-healed face as you grab your coat, slip on Spencer’s house shoes, and rush out the door.


“Y/N!” Spencer calls out as he opens the door, “I’m back.  I’m so sorry that it too-”

Looking up as he stops in place, taking in the Christmas tree in front of him, you step out of the room in a full length red ruffle skirt, a sparkly green cardigan, and a Santa hat flopping haphazardly over on your head.

“Welcome home,” you say, a tentative smile crossing your face as you take in Spencer’s surprised stare.

Watching as he looks around the room, taking in the twinkling lights and the strung up garland…the beautiful Christmas ornaments and the fresh apple cider brewing in the crock pot you had bought yesterday, he sets his bag down as he turns his face towards you, his eyes misty as he smiles.

“This is beautiful,” he says breathlessly, your smile growing on your face as he takes in your outfit.

“And you look…”

Shaking his head as he holds his arms out, he walks towards you and brings you in for a strong hug, your hands wrapping around his waist as you plod your head in to his chest, taking in his scent as he holds you close.

“It’s been so long since I’ve celebrated the holidays…” Spencer trails off.

“Me, too,” you muffle in to his chest.

Standing there in his living area, the Christmas tree lights twinkling against the darkened walls of the apartment, you finally pull from his grasp as you tilt your head up at him.

“So, you like it?” you ask tentatively.

“I love it,” he whispers, bending down and kissing the tip of your nose lightly.

Watching your face beam swelled his heart with pride.

“Will you get any time off?  F-from work, that is.  I mean, if you don’t it’s fine…I just don’t know.”

Shuffling on your feet, Spencer smiles as he turns back towards the tree.

“Hotch approved my time off before I started home,” he says.

Squealing as you wrap your arms around his waist, your cheek pressing in to his back, you feel his hands slowly slip up to yours, his fingers slowly entwining with yours.

“I have another surprise,” you say.

“Another one?” he asks, turning around as his eyes widen at you.

“Wait right here,” you say, holding your finger up as you scurry in to his room.

Bringing out a bag along with a carrying case, Spencer eyes you curiously as you scurry over to the couch, a smile across your face as you sit down, patting the cushion beside you.

“I know that you don’t like technology, and that’s completely fine, I was never allowed to watch television or anything anyway…”

Trailing off as you blush, realizing what you had just admitted, you watch as Spencer’s face drops, his gaze full of sorrow as he sighs and takes your hand.

“Anyway…sorry,” you say, brushing your hand at him as you continue, “I don’t want to use too much of your money, since I interviewed at a couple of places while you were away.”

“Oh really?” he says, his head cocking, “Where did you apply?”

“There’s a bookstore down the road looking for some part-time help, and the big office building a couple of blocks up is looking for a secretary.”

“That’s awesome,” Spencer says, taking your hands as he smiles at you, “But I have no problems taking care of you.”

“Oh, Spencer,” you say, cupping his face with your free hand as you smile at him wearily, “I need to be able to stand on my own two feet.”

“Just understand that I am standing right beside you,” he says as he scoots closer to you, “Just in case you falter.”

Smiling at him, your eyes misting lightly with tears, you clear your throat as you turn your attention back to the items on the table.

“Well, the pawn shop down the road had this on sale.”

Opening the carrying case, you pull out a rather large DVD player.

“Don’t worry,” you say, turning back towards him, “It was only $30.”

“I don’t care about the money,” he urges, his hand strong on your back as he searches your face.

“I know…but I don’t want to take advantage,” you say, looking back at him with a tentative look.

Shaking his head as he chuckles, you bring the plastic bag over as you continue.

“And these were at the dollar store.”

Pulling out the old Christmas movies, you spread them out on the table, smiling from ear to ear as you turn your gaze back to his.

“I’ve never watched Christmas movies before, and I was talking with a nice woman in the store that said that these were some classics.”

As Spencer holds out his hand to lightly finger the movies, he slowly turns his gaze back to you as he smiles.

“Christmas movies, apple cider, a tree…” he drifts off.

“Too much?” you ask, your face crinkling in worry.

“It’s perfect,” he whispers, his face getting closer to yours as he smiles.

Beaming from ear to ear as you watch his face get closer, you feel his hand on your knee as he lifts off of the cushion, his eyes shutting as his lips slowly land upon yours.

Sighing into him as you lean your body forward, he catches you around your waist, supporting your body as your entire demeanor weakens for him.

Breathing raggedly as he abruptly pulls away, he cups your face in his hands as your body weight rests against him.

“Now, I have a surprise of my own,” he smiles, his eyes half-hooded as he takes your hand, urging you off of the couch.

“Come with me,” he says.

As he grabs your coat and wraps it around your shoulders, he looks at it intently, fingering the hole at the side as he makes a mental note to get you another one.

Taking your hand and flying down the steps, you giggle as you trip behind him, missing steps and jumping down level trying to keep up.

“Spencer!” you squeal as he tugs you towards the door, “What on earth!?”

“Just hang on,” he says, smiling back at you as you two burst through the double doors and slide out into the middle of the sidewalk.

Pausing as you take in the sight around you, the snow covered walkways and the frigid light poles, you turn your gaze back to him as you watch him approach you slowly, his hand slipping around your waist as he grabs your right hand, extending it out as he slowly presses his chest in to yours.

“Dance with me,” he mutters lowly.

Feeling your heart flutter, you smile up at him, your eyes large and your face flushed as the two of you sway to the sound of carolers off in the distance, and as you slowly lean your head in to his chest, his heart beat keeping time as the snow continues to fall around you, a tear slips out of the corner of your eye as you kiss his chest lightly and look back up at him.

“Merry Christmas, Spencer,” you sigh up to him.

“Merry Christmas, my love.”


I jumped on the wagon and made a Fatesona lol. I had trouble thinking of a suitable class, I remembered when I reblogged a “What Fates class do you think I am?” thing, people gave me cool things like pegasus knight and spear master and I appreciate that, but I can’t see it myself. :’o

Then I remembered… the merchant class animations… it’s basically me.

Personal skill would probs be something like this:

Persuasion: Unit can ‘convince’ the enemy to stop fighting and leave, or join the players side (for the remainder of the battle only). Can only be used three times per battle, does not work on boss units.

Courting of a Cat

requested by anon

pairing: Kuroo Tetsurou/Kozume Kenma
prompt: college au ; Kuroo likes Kenma and tries to impress him by doing small things for him, afraid that Kenma wont like him cause of his tattoos and piercing

The first time they meet, well the first time that Kuroo sees Kenma, is when Kuroo is at the arcade with Tsukishima and Bokuto. They’re goofing off like most college kids do when Kuroo catches sight of Kenma at one of the games, completely focused on the screen and doing an amazing job at the game, which is also the moment when Bokuto pushes him and Kuroo ends up crashing against a guy who’s on a date.

The guy spills his coke on himself and his girlfriend. The trio hightail it out of the arcade before the guy can even open his mouth to chew them out, technically Kuroo and Bokuto have to pull Tsukishima along since he doesn’t see much of a problem since he didn’t participate in the act.

On the walk back toward the train station so they can go their own ways, Bokuto rambles about getting a new tattoo while Tsukishima stays on his phone, Kuroo’s under the impression the blonde is texting Yamaguchi but he can’t be sure since he’ll never admit it, and Kuroo is thinking about the pudding haired boy he saw at the arcade. He’s in love is all he can think.

When they reach the station, they all separate so they can catch their own trains. Kuroo needs to catch the train back to the campus dorms, Bokuto is heading back to his campus’ dorms, and Tsukishima is going to his apartment that he shares with Yamaguchi. They wave and promise to hang out again soon before separating.

The train ride is a calm one for Kuroo and he can’t help but let his mind drift, thinking about the pudding head and about the classes he’ll have to attend the next day, which he debates about skipping.


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Roommate Wanted

Pairing: Taekey. Past Jongkey (kinda).
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 4800+
Other notes: AU. Content warnings for very brief mentions of blood and vomit. I kinda hate this title because it’s so bland. Meh.
Synopsis: “Kibum moves in with a random hot creepy weirdo.” - ourlordandsaviorkimkibum (lol i’m gonna make andy write every synopsis from now on) 

Kibum knew he couldn’t live with his grandmother forever. What had begun as a temporary month-long stay after graduation had turned into three months, then six months, then three years. He felt increasingly pathetic as he watched his fellow graduates climb the corporate ladder, some now making six figure salaries, while he continued to work as a supervisor at the local dollar store.

Still, he was unprepared for the morning his grandmother walked into the kitchen and plunked a clipping from the classifieds down by his elbow, with several entries circled in yellow highlighter. He stopped idly stirring his bowl of Rice Krispies, which was mostly milk at this point, and looked up at her.

“It’s time, Kibum,” she said. “I’m giving you a month, and then you have to get your own apartment.”

Kibum used one forefinger to drag the clipping closer, and leaned his chin on one hand as he looked at it silently.

“Is it the money?” he said finally. “Do I use too much water? Should I buy more groceries? Is my room too messy?”

“You’re too old,” his grandmother said. “You’re too old to live with your grandmother, and I’m definitely too old to babysit you.”

Kibum frowned and looked down the newspaper clipping again. “All of these options look terrible,” he whined.

“So find another option,” his grandmother said. “But you’re out in one month.”

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