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Naked Birds - Tim Drake x Reader

Summary : You are Tim’s girlfriend, and today, you play some strip poker with the batboys…(Tim is a bit older than he is currently in the comics, like he’s around 19 or something).

for @gobydana, hope you’ll like it (I’m always stressed the people who requested things are gonna be like : “that’s shit”) : 

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It was a Saturday afternoon on a rainy day when everything happened, when you gain your boyfriend’s older brothers’ respect. And also embarrassed them more than they ever been embarrassed in their lives. 

Dick, Jason, Tim and you were spending some times altogether, getting to know each other, as in five years of relationship with Tim, you never really had time to hang out with his family (busy people). 

Bruce was at work, Alfred had a day off, and Damian was hanging out with some friends (which was so rare that no one dared to tell him to stay to spent the day with you guys). 

-No Jason, we  are NOT playing strip poker right now. 

-But I’m bored and a movie is…

-I said we’re not ! 

-Why nooooowwwt ? 

-Because it’s only you, Dick, (Y/N) and I, I don’t need to see my brothers naked. 

-And (Y/N) ?

-We’ve been together for five years, what, you think I never saw her naked ? 

-I never saw her naked. 


Jason gives his brother an infuriating smile and, taking some soda cans while Tim takes a giant bowl of pop-corns, they go back to the living room where you and Dick are waiting. 

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zamboni-whisperer  asked:

Randomly curious: as a healthcare worker with dyspraxia, how careful are you about your own bodily fluids when you're at home instead of work? Like, if you got blood on something like a sofa arm that's not easily launderable, how would you clean it and how concerned would you be about it? What if it was someone else's sofa? (Mostly looking for a second opinion/sanity check on whether I'm too worried or not worried enough, tbh- I don't have a bloodstained sofa or anything IRL. :P )

I would Google how to clean it, because I’m not quite sure how to get blood out of a sofa–I’d use dilute bleach for a hard surface, but for fabric… um…

[hold music]

…I’d sponge it with cold water, then blot with a dry cloth.  Then apply hydrogen peroxide, or, for delicate fabrics, either diluted dish detergent or an enzymatic cleaner.

But beyond that, I don’t do anything special for the biohazard concern.  I get tested regularly and know my HIV/hepatitis status.  And even with no attempt to clean the blood up, bloodborne diseases are generally rendered non-contagious within a week.  So it’s just one week I need to remember not to have guests rub their open wounds on my sofa.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of No Fear translations?

I’m not very keen on them. I don’t think a modern-language translation is ever a match for the original because there’s no way of changing the wording and keeping all the nuances. It won’t be possible to judge how you feel about Shakespeare based on those translations. My worry is that the so-called ‘translations’ of No Fear Shakespeare are so misleading and dumbed-down that if you start with it, you might actually end up having to relearn the plays when you come to read it in early modern English.

I think it’s worth just jumping in at the deep end and tackling the text using a well-annotated edition (footnotes, not endnotes, for your sanity and comfort) instead of depending on a translation. You’ll familiarise yourself quicker with Shakespeare that way, and it’s more rewarding in the long run because you’ll actually acquire the language skills that will help you enjoy his writings. If you need help, it’s better to watch productions and listen to someone who knows how to speak the verse: it’s more helpful than an approximate translation.

Having said that, if No Fear Shakespeare does help someone to get into Shakespeare, use it by all means. No one can tell you what’s right for you personally, and it might be just the thing that gets someone into the plays. I would only warn people to use it with caution, and with the understanding that what you’re reading might not be entirely accurate.

jiminie-jams-bts  asked:

Could I request BTS reacting to their girlfriend having to constantly climb onto the countertops due to her being too short and unable to reach the top cupboards (it's a daily struggle for me XD) THANK YOU!

Ahaha this one was fun~ I hope you like it ^-^ And a few reactions mention a step stool chair, so if you don’t know what that is just click the link~

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin would honestly be a bit worried about you falling off the counter, either while he wasn’t close enough to catch you or when he was on tour. So, for both your safety and his sanity, he’d put your favorite things or the things you used most often on the lower shelves, then prayed that you’d be careful if you ever needed something from the higher shelves.

Yoongi, not trying to be condescending, would buy you a step stool chair. You could push it under the table when you weren’t using it, which would keep it out of the way, and you didn’t have to struggle to climb up on countertops anymore. He’d only roll his eyes if you accused him of teasing you, telling you to just use the stool and make sure you didn’t hurt yourself.

Hoseok loved calling you “baby,” especially when you were climbing up on counters to try to grab things just out of your reach. He’d teasingly coo things like, “Aww baby, let me get that for you,” or, “You could hurt yourself if you climb up on things like that, baby,” reaching past you to grab whatever you were reaching for and coddling you as you climbed off the counter.

If Namjoon was sure that you wouldn’t fall, he’d playfully spank you every time he walked by whenever you’d climbed up onto the counter, smirking all the while. However, if there was a chance of you falling, he’d “help” you by grabbing your sides to steady you, only to end up tickling you or letting his hands slide up under your shirt teasingly before you slapped his hands away.

Jimin understood what it was liked to be teased because of your height, so he wasn’t going to do that to you. He didn’t mind if the two of you picked fun at each other because of your height since he knew it wasn’t serious, but for the most part he just helped you out when he could, grabbing things you couldn’t reach or holding you steady whenever you climbed up onto the counter.

Taehyung, just trying to be “helpful,” would buy a step stool chair for you. Though, rather than just giving it to you, he’d make a big show of demonstrating how to use it. He’d try to look innocent if you accused him of being condescending, assuring you that he was just worried about you falling off the counter, but he’d be unable to hide his teasing smile while he spoke.

Jungkook thought it was really funny to watch you struggle to reach the top shelves, which was why he continued to put the things you used most often on those top shelves, laughing as you glared at him again and again. He would help you if you needed help, and he’d accept whatever punishment you gave him with a smile, knowing that infuriated you more.

anonymous asked:

What is your artistic process? I bet wed all love to see a breakdown of your typical finished drawing !

SO this is gonna be a long post so hold on to ur butts

I always start out with a really messy base sketch just to figure out the very basic form/shape/idea of what im drawing is going to be. I dont worry about details or anything in this step. (I’m using a very simplified drawing to show this process for the sake of time/my sanity)

From there I add a cleaned sketch on a second layer which usually ends up looking like this.

I always sketch in pink because thats whats the easiest on my eyes. Both of these steps I have my stabilizer on 10 & I am using the marker tool with these settings (obviously not at 100.0 size though but you get me)

For the linart layer, I change my stabilizer to s-1, and use the standard pen tool with no fancy settings.

I almost always delete teh sketch layers after I’m through with lineart because I work better with fewer layers.

For the color layer, I select the negative space, or outside of the lineart & then inverse so it ends up like this

& then fill in that layer with my base color (Sometimes I use grey, other times I use the main color of whatever character I’m drawing)

I usualyl add details on the same color layer, but if its a complex design I’ll do them on a layer above the base color. For the most part though I stick to as few layers as possible

& then when I’m done I add some half assed shading/highlights and a solid color background/outline and I’m usually done. 

by the time I’m done my layers usually end up looking something like this

I HOPE THIS WAS INFORMATIVE! I dont have any like ricks or special process really & I tend to do things the easiest way possible with no fancy tricks.

frommetrunui  asked:

Do you think there is a limit to Mokou's and Kaguya's immortality? Do you have any ideas how to actually kill them if possible?

I do, actually. Being an immortal comes with various weaknesses: They are their mind and their physical limitations. Allow me to elaborate.

Immortality is a far cry from invincibility. You can keep going forever, theoretically, but that is only true as far as your pain tolerance and willpower to continue go. In Inaba of the Moon/Earth, for example, Mokou intentionally takes danmaku pointblank and answers that it’s to build and maintain a high pain tolerance exactly for this reason. The thing is, there’s things we have called “fates worse than death”, and they are basically the counter for immortals.

The easiest way to go about this is the consciousness/mind of someone. Mokou and Kaguya both keep their minds very busy, because when you are endless, if left unchecked, your perception of time can become such that hundreds of year will end up passing with the blink of an eye. By all purposes, you are a vegetable if this happens. They keep doing their contests and fights, in part, because it keeps them busy, it gives them something to do, it’s a relationship of mutual gain. Hell, this has even happened: In Cage in Lunatic Runagate, Mokou tells Keine about how she went absolutely insane for three centuries (ages 400-700, approx) because she didn’t keep check of her mental state. Keep in mind, Mokou used to be a human, and human minds are not equipped to deal with eternity, unlike a Lunarian’s, so Kaguya doesn’t have to worry about the same problem. Kaguya IS, however, not all right in her head either, as 1000 years of being in Eientei with no one but the Inaba and Eirin had a toll on her (which is why she is so happy post-IN: she can talk to and know more people). Truthfully, I have it that the Elixir preserves your body and soul, but not your mind, as has been shown with Mokou; She regained her sanity after three hundred years because she was so damn bored, went so freaking bonkers, that she rolled back to sanity, not because the Elixir had anything to do with it. So if you can crush/erase their mind, an immortal would surely “die”. They’d be left as eternal comatose corpses.

Another way to end an immortal, as I said first, is through their physical limitations. To explain this, let’s take a look at Mokou’s abilities first, as it is important in this explanation: Powerful fire magic and complete mastery over it (not manipulation), sealing and extermination techniques (as seen by her usage of seals not unlike Reimu, and her being explicitly called a Youkai Exterminator), knowledge of how to possess others ([Possessed by Phoenix], if you will notice, Mokou goes inside of you, and you get her wings to represent this) and the ability to outright become ethereal and phase through things (when you use a bomb on Mokou during a spellcard, she simply turns transparent and she remains undamaged). Now, why these very particular skills? Because she spent her eternal life making sure no one can permanently get rid of her. In all the written works, Canon!Mokou is taciturn, stoic and, while not without her moment of lightness, a jaded survivalist. Expected of a lone person who has fought and fought and fought for 1300 years. She realized the weakness of immortality, that is, an eternity of being “disabled” or “neutralized”. If someone were to seal her, she can just use her own knowledge of seals and talismans to break out of it. If you were to bury her 60 feet down and cover her in concrete, she can turn ethereal and phase through the ground back to the surface. If faced with an enemy that can destroy her mind, she can possess them and kill them from within them safely. I interpret Mokou’s entire skillset as her fears, and her preparations to deal with the methods a crafty enemy could use to permanently neutralize her, which she no doubt encountered during her 1300 years of fighting. She built herself in a way so no one can counter her immortality, because nothing is more terrifying than eternity suffocating to death underground, sealed, or being left a comatose vegetable. If you can manage to find a way to completely neutralize an immortal in such a way that no one can find them and they can’t escape this fate, surely an immortal would “die”.

This is why immortals keep themselves busy, even if it is something trivial, and why they are often skilled and powerful in over an array of subjects: Yes, they have had all the time in the world to learn this, but it’s actually out of necessity. Immortality means being deathless, nothing more. You can still be subjected to fates worse than death, and those, my friend, are numerous.

anonymous asked:

Babe! How are you feeling about Baekhyun and Taeyeons relationship? Waaaah my baekyeol feels! It hurts 😢

im gonna be all out on this. shush guys. these are my feels. you can agree or not, doesnt matter we all have our opinions, okay. let’s all be chill chicas and chicos on this blog. (r u guys willing to read all the way. r u serious)

anyway. first, let me tell you about my shipper heart.

my shipper heart immensely invests on things like ship interactions, the ship’s friendship, and obviously, fanfiction with the expectation of my shipper heart to combust with blissful ship feels. but one of the greatest factors why my shipper heart continues to pump blood is knowing that both are single and available so I can continue on dreaming my ship’s possible future wedding or smthn. like get the straight out and get the gay on, yaknow.

now let me tell you a sad story.

once the news was out and sm confirmed, my shipper heart shattered into pieces, then was tossed into the fire, burned into ashes, thrown into the sea, eaten by some weird bird, and was pooped into some forest unreachable by muggles. sighs. goodbye dream, it was cool you graced your presence in my mind.

im not gonna lie. it hurt. it was depressing. my tline and dashboard were full of ;(( and TTTT. i was worried for baek’s career, for taeyeon, how this will be another strain for exo’s image, for a lot of things and omg the ship. our beautiful lovely ship. the writers, the readers, dammit just the ship in general. because our ship has experienced a lot of hardships already. and this is like the cherry on top of the cake. because it’s real. real life. not chansoo. not chankai. not krisbaek. not chandara. not chenbaek. it’s baekhyun and taeyeon. in a car. probably making out. in freaking seoul. 2 in the ffkcn morning. caught by dispatch, a legit korean media outlet. these aren’t issues like chanbaek diminishing interactions and absent playful banters in airports. it’s a goddamn real relationship threatening to knock out the ship. what the fffu can top that. and sadly, it’s like a cold bucket of reality thrown at you.

fact: shippers are delusional. of course. damn it of course. i know that. i ffkcn know that. we create things in our mind that won’t ever, ever happen with our ship. it’s goddamn fiction from the very beginning dammit. but that’s not the point. i see people on twitter and tumblr leaving insensitive messages to some shippers and those basically hurting for their ship. no one I MEAN NO ONE can probably understand what a shipper feels unless you’re a shipper yourself. leave us to mourn over the loss of byun baekhyun’s gayness in peace. if you’re not a shipper it doesn’t warrant you any right to tell shippers to get over themselves, suck it up, and leave ‘omg pathetic delulu fans u suck’ at their inboxes. shippers have special feelings only other shippers can connect. if you’re not in our bubble, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. raise your eyebrows and roll your eyes all you want. that doesn’t erase the fact that one, we have feelings and two, we have feelings you don’t comprehend. we have the right to feel depressed okay. we can indulge the issue and suck it up on our own when we’re ready and when we’re able to face the ship again. NOW, some shippers are more nonchalant than the others, seeing the ship as their light entertainment or smthn and not really bothered with the whole dating issue. that’s ok too. that’s healthier even. but if you’re like ‘omg stop the drama already’ or ‘you’re overreacting’. just damn no. leave the more emotional shippers alone and go back to what makes you happy. oh my god. just. damn. understand.

next, what i think about baek and taeyeon.

there are four sides of the story. first three: baekyeon’s, sm’s, the truth.

baekhyun and taeyeon. cool story. i hope they have a blissful relationship. damn taeng is a hot piece of ass how did baek charm his way. i have high respect for taeyeon. taeng’s probably someone who would want her man not to bore her to death because she’s pretty much funny too and baek’s a hilarious guy. i feel like their personalities match and their friendship probably clicked from the very beginning. and taeyeon’s a leader for a reason too. which led me to think, why was she goddamn careless with baek. she knew baek’s in the middle of his career and one ugly scandal can break his forte. look at his musical. people were already asking for refunds. tsk.

okay. damn our love-hate relationship with sm entertainment. this could be a ploy to take our minds away from their legal battle with kris. probably. best explanation for me. baekhyun and taeyeon could have been dating in secret and sm could pay media outlets like dispatch to not release scandals that could taint its artists. especially for exo since they’re the current cash cow. but i have no idea how sm and korean media works. baek and taeng could just have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, who knows. everything is shady dammit. this could also be sm’s way of attacking kris’ side by suddenly showing freedom in dating and other activites. in yeeears, sm groups’ fans were led to think a no dating contract was effective for a looooong time. and now sm suddenly just confirms ‘ok guys! baekhyun is dating just two years in his debut, arent u happy!’ hours after it blew. and dating from the same company no less. dear sm, do u think this could take our minds off your issues with kris? what kind of fools do you think we are?

the truth? no one knows unless idk you work for sm or smthn. but for me FOR MEEEEEEE i think baek and taeng are legitimately dating and sm just used the opportunity to cover the whole legal battle, throwing two of their artists under the bus and not caring for whatever personal repercussions it can cause them. guys, they were dating even before kris left. the romantic feelings are probably there.

but the fourth and the saddest side of the story; the fans’.

no matter the reason, no matter the ploy, the fans were hurt. the fans were disappointed. it would have been normal if it was just another scene of immature fans leaving death threats and hateful comments on their sns. but it wasn’t the case. it was a matter of deceiving their fans. dear baby baek, do you understand how painful it is? :(

sure i was hurt for my ship but i move on fast on these things. i took a break from the internet and the next day, i was already fine. still sad, but fine enough to continue with chanbaek. but then everything was put into light. baek’s and taeng’s ig posts were for each other. okay maybe some of them are merely coincidences. but, baek’s ‘this is the start’ banner post with the written pikachu caption similar to taeyeon’s? how could that be a coincidence. baek, that was an insensitive dick move. :( a lot of fans were still hurting at that time. do you know how many of those fans endured holding that up even though deep inside their hearts, their start happened with twelve exo members and have to continue with eleven? just to make you guys know that we’re here, we’re not gonna leave the group? and you use it for secret messages with your girlfriend? a lot of people protected you, baby. :( from your past, from the offensive jokes you make, from basically anything you go through, but baby, you’re not supposed to deceive your fans, :( fans have the most fragile hearts, do you know that? cause the desires of their hearts can only be a far-off dream. fans can never reach you, baby. do you understand how painful that is? and do you know how easy they break? :( your fans wanted you to fly high. you said so yourself in different radio shows that you want to have as much activities as possible. you expected to be the most successful among your members. but baby baek, it was really careless. your fans don’t even know how to save you from this, this time :( i hope you don’t forget to thank those who’ll stand by you until the end :(

okay! please understand i am in nooooo way against their relationship. at all. not even from the time i saw their pictures together. they can do whatever the hell they want. we don’t have a say in all their personal relationship issues tbh. it was extremely hurtful at first, scary for my lovely ship even, and then disappointing the next. even my friend who really didnt care about ships and dating issues was seriously depressed. just this whole deceiving issue got us. it was just— give me a bag of tissues dammit! and give me a hammer to smack baek while you’re at it!

so that’s me. that’s my take on the whole issue. i know we all take it differently but please for the sake of everyone’s sanity, keep it cool, keep it calm.

now ive been receiving msgs over fanmails expressing their emotions on the whole issue. anyone’s free to like drop your feels on it without having to worry about me posting it publicly (FANMAIL OK. THE LITTLE ENVELOPE ON THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER) or just basically in need of someone to talk to. im fine with that :>

PS. i found my shipper heart in the dark forest in poop pieces, restored by a nice wizard with a clumsy reparo. so basically, im not abandoning the blog. and definitely not the ship. this issue can be like a huuuuge ass prompt for the bacon and eggs exchange or smthn. mehe /or is that offensive sorry ._./