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TUMBLR CHANGES, what can we do?

Okay, I’m done making passive aggressive posts on my blog about it now and I’m ready to actually take some action. I know social media has to constantly keep updating and be more modern and all that. I know Tumblr needs to keep up with the latest technology as well. I also know people on this website /always/ complain, even if they just slightly change the colour. But this time, the new update actually causes a lot of trouble.

  • Themes don’t work anymore
  • Art work is out of proportion 
  • Any gifset looks weird 

There’s a lot of artists, webdesigners and all that using this platform to display their works. There’s a lot of people putting hours into creating things, whether that’s a gifset or an entire new theme. On top of that, tumblr brushes it off in their official announcement as “There was no reason not to.” .. Well, I think there are a lot of reasons not to.

Now, what can we do? 

Obviously complaining in tags and posts isn’t really going to do much. The best thing we can do is give concrete feedback. Don’t flame, don’t be hard, just explain them why the new update isn’t working out and be professional about it. Tell them none of the themes are working, and that even with the new dimensions, the posts are still not working as supposed to. 

Email this to support@tumblr.com

Next, I came across THIS petition, which you could sign to let them know about it as well. 

I know it’s just a website and tumblr is free to use and there are indeed more serious problems in this world. But tumblr is a place close to my heart, and it brought me so much happiness and I met some of my best friends on here. So for me, this isn’t “just” a website.