i used to wear these daily before my right arm developed crps


I was talking with Matt about my rings, and he wanted to see them. I tried them back on, and they fit again!!! I can’t keep them on for long, because it hurt my fingers, but the swelling has gone down enough that they fit, which makes me happy, even if I can only have them on for a few minutes.

Anyways, the two are on my thumb, and are facing in towards my palm for that picture because it was easier to take, but I normally have them facing out. The Egyptian one I got at the Egyptian exhibit that was at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, years ago. It’s sterling silver, and was made in Egypt. The second ring is silver as well, and simply says “PEACE”. I like to wear it as a little reminder to myself.

The third ring, on my ring finger, is a custom ring. The sapphire is one of my mom’s, from one of her old pairs of earrings that she had lost a mate to. It’s set with 10 diamonds beside it, 5 on each side with the smallest beside the sapphire going to largest at the edges. This ring is white gold, and my mom gave it to me for my birthday last year.