i used to think i was the only one that watched this show

Yuuri and Grief/Loss as it Applies to his Career (and Victor)

Following my Victor and Grief post, here is a look at Yuuri’s perspective to his feelings of grief and loss surrounding his own career. Unlike Victor whose perspective we didn’t get until later episodes, Yuuri’s has been laid bare for us since episode 1. We’ve gotten the chance to hear his thoughts in specific moments and watch his evolution throughout the course of the show.

So one thing that I think will come as a surprise to absolutely no one is that he has been grieving over the loss of his career since episode 1. And added to that is that he accepted this loss by the time episode 12’s hotel scene rolled around.

Let’s take a moment to quickly review what kinds of loss Yuuri has been working through.

In the interest of not repeating a huge chunk of text that I already described at the beginning of my Victor post, I’m going to point you to it here and only describe the portions here that apply to Yuuri.

The type of loss that Yuuri works through during the show would fall under the category of Anticipatory Loss. In short, this is the anticipation of loss, regardless of whether the loss will actually come to pass or not. Victor says “I’ll get you gold at the GPF” but never actually states during the entire show that his coaching and time with Yuuri will end there. That interpretation of his words is entirely on Yuuri’s end. Yuuri then spends a lot of time convincing himself that he is going to lose Victor when there’s been no confirmation on whether that will actually happen or not.

The impact of Yuuri’s loss very clearly falls under the category of Compound Loss. It’s easy enough to see that through losing his career he feels like he is going to lose a lot more (the future tense and focus on how he feels about it are important as his loss is about something he feels he is going to lose in the future). He would be losing his role, identity, direction, and more. But most importantly he’d be losing his relationships, both with his friends/fellow skaters (Phichit for example) as well as with Victor, both before he knew him (he’d lose his chance to ever get to know him in any capacity) and after (he’d lose the relationship he had grown with him as a person and not just a skater).

As you can see, none of that really comes as a surprise because Yuuri himself has basically told us as much. So let’s get into the 5 stages and see where they play in.

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This problem is so pervasive, but no one wants to talk about it. Everyone’s so woke, but no one will ever step up and admit to what the fuck we’re seeing here. Wes Gibbins, Glenn Rhee, and Poussey Washington all had so much to look forward to, but now they’re all dead. They all died in an incredibly brutal way, and the writers thought it was a great idea to show their dead bodies after the fact. But people want to derail the conversation and talk about how this isn’t an issue of racism when it fucking is. It absolutely is a fucking issue when there’s a writers room full of White people who think this is just so fucking groundbreaking. 

Watching POC die brutally and watching them be dehumanized when their dead bodies are shown for exploitation to an already desensitized audience is noteworthy. It’s good TV, right?

LGBT+ characters aren’t the only ones who get killed when they’re happy and have some semblance of a bright future. It happens to us too. It happens to Characters of Color too. And the minute you all realize that, the better off we’ll be. Accept this bullshit for what it is. It’s a fucking problem.

These writers didn’t choose these characters because it makes the most sense; they chose these characters because they knew it would make the most impact. They pick the marginalized characters who struggled with everything going on around them while still being a beacon of hope & light, and these writers snuffed that light out. I’m sick of this shit.

I’m a Black lesbian, and I’m sick of seeing other WLW die. But I’m also sick of seeing other POC like me die too. Yes, that’s also incredibly important to me too.

 I’ve seen a few posts around saying that Andy was problematic or that the episode would have worked just fine without him. The thing to remember is that the crewniverse creates this show to be relatable not only in ways that have us singing from the mountain tops, but also in ways that are a little harder for us to face. Maybe in ways that make us uncomfortable, but are very much issues that we need to address as well. 

How many people were reminded of their own closed minded family members while watching Andy? My literal thoughts were ‘oh look, it’s my dad in an SU ep!’, before wanting to sink away from second hand embarrassment for the comments he made. Because man, have I been there before. 

Because who hasn’t had their sort of uncle freak out over the illegal hippy martian immigrant farmers your dad said could live in his barn? 

No but really. Especially that part about hearing about this on AM radio? Yeah, at least one writer has come up close and personal with this type of specimen. It may seem that given the timing of certain current events, the last thing anyone wants to see on SU is one of THOSE types. 

But here’s the thing: they exist. You can hide your head under a rock all you want, but they’re still there. So what do we do? We actually get two points of view on this. One: the gems as literal aliens. On a good day they really don’t understand even the most open minded of humans. So here they are running smack into one that’s mad about a world that’s changing even without the interference of the gems. And he’s upset that they’re not acting in the “traditional” roles he’s use to seeing human women in. Never mind that they’re not human, or technically speaking, women. They’re there in his barn, messing with his things, and really there’s no way this can end well. 

Until you bring in the nephew he never knew he had. Who just so happens to be very, very interested in learning about his human family.And who just wants everyone to get along. Because let’s face it, that’s Steven’s MO. He’s so focused on finding out that his family name is ‘Demayo’ that Andy’s comment to Greg ‘not even marrying an American’ floats right by him. But it was very much meant for the audience to hear. 

Not that any of that matters to Steven, he’s already planning the most awkward family reunion in the galaxy. 

And the Gems, bless their hearts, are eager to make Steven happy.

And honestly, for all his misgivings, so is Andy.

To a point anyway. Until he realizes that maybe, just maybe things are changing. That change is coming whether he likes it or not. And that change can never, ever be one sided. 

And at the first Thanksgiving, the gems and the humans gave thanks for polyamorous wedding cake, corn, this table, and traumatizing life events.

The thing about change is that it’s never simple. It never happens over night. Both sides are scared or angry, or very probably both. They’re also sure that their side is the right side. 

And even when it seems like everything is going right, you’re trying so hard include everyone in your new vision and it seems like you’re really getting through to them, they just… slip away. Because change is scary. Because they’re going through the motions without really understanding why. Because sometimes it’s easier to go along with things even if they don’t agree, even if their heart isn’t in it. So again, what do you do?

You listen. You hear their fears. You let them come to their own conclusions that maybe, just maybe, things HAVE to change. 

But that doesn’t mean being left behind. 

Now for reality: It’s never as simple as this. Bigotry isn’t faced and solved in 20 minutes. No one is saying it is. Sometimes it’s safer not to face it, and sometimes you just can’t. 

But I think overall its meant to be a message of hope- just like the overall message of Steven Universe is a positive one. People have opposing points of view. Talk. Listen. See that in the end you have more in common than you ever thought possible and go from there. Also: family is what you make of it. Even if it’s a dad, an estranged uncle, an alien hybrid child and his hippy illegal martian immigrant aunts. It can work, as long as you work together.

I apologize in advance for the rant-y-ness of this. Press J if you wanna skip.

I’m not a big anime watcher. I definitely used to be, especially in middle and high school. But for the past four-something years I didn’t watch anything until Osomatsu-san was introduced to me. So know in advance that I’ve only been on Crunchyroll and handful of times and of the nominees in this year’s weird anime awards thing Mob Psycho 100 is the only one I’ve seen.

I’m also aware that it is basically a popularity contest. That’s what I expected and that’s what I got.

THAT BEING SAID. I am more than a little miffed that in any category that had Yuri!!! on Ice it had over three times the votes on the runner up. I can’t say anything on the story or characters. I haven’t seen the show. However I have GOT to talk about the opening and ending categories because I am legitimately frustrated by those.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I was like, “Okay, I’m gonna go watch the opening for this. Who knows, maybe it’s really pretty and creative and has really nice animation” *watching* “Okay, watercolors are pretty nice, I’ll give them that. Nicely animated choreography. Not much colors but that’s okay. Okay, they’re skating. More skating. Uh, more skating. Okay, they just reused the same animation right there. Guys. Guys.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry, that does not beat this.

Like. For real, outside of me liking the show for the characters and story and stuff, they did a fantastic job on the opening.

You can watch this a dozen times and STILL find things you never noticed before. And there is so much symbolism.

I mean even if the first part wasn’t as interesting, I’d still promote this just for all the transformation animation at the end.

Then there’s the ending. It’s a smidge typical. Most endings are relaxing and low-key, and that’s what you want at the end of a show. This one’s just Reigen getting ready in the morning.

However, it is animated using paint on glass.

Which for some reason I can’t find gifs of. >>>:[

But yeah, it looks cool as heck.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6y5CYsZldo <<< Link because tumblr has failed me on gifs.

Long story short, it’s a popularity contest. I get that. But the folks who worked on mp100 put a lot of effort on making things look smooth and cool and creative when they didn’t have to go that far and I just want to throw some appreciation out there for them, y’know? :(

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Something I really really love about the acting in Skam is that they're never like ... capital a Acting? I'm used to TV shows and movies (mostly but certainly not only American ones) having these moments where you're like, oh, this person is Acting now, and you can almost imagine the actor thinking "this is the moment where I show off my skills and impress people". And there's just none of that in Skam. Even the dramatic scenes just feel completely natural.

I knowwwwww. You’re right that even though we did see a lot of highly dramatic events (when you stop and consider it) they didn’t feel like they were trying too hard with them. We were so grounded in the characters and what they felt. It’s making it really hard to go back to some other watching because Skam is so natural? Even other shows that I really enjoy, there’s just much more a subconscious feeling that you’re watching A Character Doing A Plot. But in Skam, I can have that fall away and that’s amazing? 

I’m really impressed by how their conversations feel like real conversations: with stumbles and pauses and people just talking shit sometimes. I don’t know if they’re actually improving some of these lines or if they’re just that good at delivering the script in a way that feels natural? But I really miss how unforced the speech feels, switching back to watching other things.

I just wanna break this down a little bit.

When you use music in a TV show you have to pay for every single piece of music you use. The money goes to the owner of the music, the creator or the label. That’s just how the copyright law works. Of course NRK only paid for the copyright that applies in Norway because that was the only place where the show was intended to air.

And NRK is a public broadcasting company where 94% of their fundings are paid by every Norwegian that owns a television. They have to pay license for owing one, that’s how it works.

So basically, even though SKAM has a small budget, NRK have to pay copyright fees (in Norway) and the money basically comes from the shows intended public, the Norwegians.

However, I think both NRK and everybody else involved with SKAM absolutely LOVES the fact that so many have started watching the show from so many different countries. But the fact that it’s been spreading so far and wide can have bad consequences. They just don’t want to get into any legal problems. That’s why they’ve refused to officially subtitle the show so far. They wanted to minimize the expansion of the show. I mean, I’m sure a lot of people in the fandom will still keep putting subtitles on every clip and keep on spreading it on YouTube and on Google drive, the only thing that will be hard for us non-Norwegians will be keeping up with the show in real time on skam.p3.no

Can’t we just love the fact that NRK has made one of the best and most relatable shows ever and that they’re really trying to work this issue out. No one wants this, not us and not NRK so stop hating, please.

Alt er love ❤️

Chuuya is a not a feminine male.

I found a lot of people in Soukoku fandom who, apparently, think that Chuuya is this crybaby, tsundere maiden who needed Dazai to comfort and save him every 24/7 while overfeminizing his character to the point of being unrecognizable. Just because of his tendency to be emotionally I driven and his beauty.

Honestly, I wanted to ask these people: are we even watching the same show?

The Chuuya that easily kicked Dazai’s ass in first season?
Who could stand on the same stage with Dazai and the only one who could make a threath that could actually shut him up because Dazai didn’t want said threat to come true?
The young man who became a Mafia Executive at 22 despite not being a prodigy like you-know-who and was the best martial artist in the strongest criminal organization of Yokohama?
The man who lost his trusted partner yet stood tall and climbed to the very top of the Mafia using nail and teeth?
That Chuuya being a fragile little flower and being a textbook tsundere? Are you bleeping kidding me?

Look at his mannerism and speech, he’s nowhere near feminine despite his admitedly beautiful appearance (although, this is not really visible if you don’t know Japanese speech).

I mean, come on, stop mutilating his character so he could fit the standard uke/seme dynamic with Dazai. Isn’t being an equal the beauty of Soukoku itself?

THAT scene IS beautiful (Sherlock spoilers)

So I’ve been thinking about THAT SCENE (I haven’t done much else for the past few days) and I was thinking that Louise Brealey was right.  That scene is beautiful.  Not because of the declaration of love that was forced upon Sherlock and Molly, but because that one scene shows us how much Sherlock has learned about love, respect, and cruelty over the course of the show.  When Sherlock realizes he has to get Molly to say ‘I love you’ to him, he is visibly upset.  He already knows it will hurt her.  He knows it is one of the cruelest things he can do to her because he knows she is in love with him.  The man who couldn’t be bothered to notice he was being asked out on a date. The man who had no problem using Molly’s attraction to him to get what he wanted.  The man who could see everything except that Molly went to the Christmas party for him (something everyone else could see clearly).  That man was upset he had to make Molly say three words.  Season 1 Sherlock would have brushed it of.  It’s only words??? What’s the big deal if it saves a person’s life?  But season 4 Sherlock knows exactly what a big deal words can be.  He now understands how his words can hurt a person, and he cares if his words hurt Molly.

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I think I might know what the Grimm from RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 10 is


Okay, so the new Grimm is freaking creepy. It’s the hybrid of a horse and a man with long arms and with the fact that it’s huge

So my friend and I went searching and we’ve come to the conclusion it’s a Nuckelavee

So these little beasts are demons from Orcadian mythology (also has origins in Norse mythology). It’s called the “Devil o’ the Sea” and has webbed hands so it can swim. The beast has been known to travel on land with a horse as horrifying as it is. However people believe that the true form of the beast is the hybrid that’s depicted above and in the show itself.

Here’s another picture for a better look:

Now I’m not certain the significance of using the Nuckelavee in this, but I’m sure there is one. Just food for thought, though… the only entity able to control this beast is the “Mither o’ the Sea” which is an ancient spirit who kept him confined during the summer months (he couldn’t go out during winter because of his terror of fresh rainwater). So, who knows if they’re gonna keep to the Mither o’ the Sea lore, or maybe that might give way to something else for Ren and Nora…

Whatever happens, this is a terrifying Grimm.


Hello, Negan lovers!

Today the super awesome @heartfulloffandoms showed me this video made by a fan who met Jeffrey Dean Morgan at the StalkerWalker Con. She tells in detail her encounter with Jeffrey, it’s an amazing story and everyone should watch it.

But one particular part made me terribly sad. She tells us that Jeff followed her on Twitter after someone sent him her TWD reaction video. He told her he was getting a lot of hate and her video helped him feel better. The idea of him getting SO much hate broke my heart. So I had this idea:

Why don’t we all send him lots of love and support after the next episode airs. Maybe we could have our hashtag, something like #whywelovenegan (I suck at this, if someone can come up with a better idea I’m all ears). I’m open to all ideas. I just don’t want him to get only hate after the next episode airs.

What do you guys think?

@heartfulloffandoms @crzcorgi @negandarylsatisfaction @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @vizhi0n @mamapeterson @kijilinn @my-achilles–heel @monstershade @but-hiddles @ourmarciabrito @abnormal-angel 

*Sorry if I forgot anyone.

btw, EVERYONE is invited to join! <3


So this show is trying to make us believe that Tikki and Plagg don’t feel a presence of each other in that classroom even though show hinted two times that Kwamis feel presence of other Kwamis. 

I can’t stop thinking about the Reveal being caused by one of them accidentally seeing the other one’s Kwami. It’s not so romantic but it would be funny to watch how interactions would change if only one of them knew other’s true identity. Can’t decide who would I prefer to find out first but Plagg appears to be a more careless one and more likely to be accidentally seen. 

If you want a tv show that is the closest equivalent to a warm hug that is possible you’re looking for Pushing Daisies

I can only stress how good this show is so many times, but EVERY time I watch it I think “there’s no way it’s as good as I remember it” and then EVERY single time it’s better….just so much better

It only has 2 seasons before it was very sadly killed by the writer’s strike in 2009. However, unlike so many books and movies that I remember watching/reading earlier in life, this one doesn’t just hold up, it is still an incredible show by today’s standards.

Basically what’s great about it:

  • It’s magical, but like literally, the main character (Ned) is a man who can bring dead things back to life magically
  • It’s hilarious, Ned uses his powers to make rotten fruit perfectly ripe again so he can bake delicious pies instead of anything nefarious, which is unbelievable amazing
  • It’s adorable, the show is mostly about relationships between people, from unrequited love, to childhood romance, to parental love, it will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy
  • Every character in this show is AMAZING, basically everyone has unusual jobs and characteristics, you have everything from beekeeping, to circus people, to candy makers, to renewable car manufacturers, to nuns, to synchronized swimmers, to prisoners, to polygamy, and this show treats EVERY single character like they are important and like their role in society is important and like their jobs and lives may be unusual but they are still great and worthy of love
  • It is surprisingly subtle and incredibly wholesome in its treatment of mental illness. Almost every character in this show has some sort of definable mental illness from agoraphobia in the aunts, to anxiety in Ned, to delusional disorders
  • And Ned even has triggers that are dealt with on the show with nothing but kindness and understanding and yet they never even use the word trigger, because they don’t have to, because the people in this show only want to take care of each other and treat them with kindness. I also think this show built a foundation in my life for how I treat mental illness in myself and others and it’s super important in this aspect
  • If you look at it without the magical element, it’s basically a show about an asexual man with anxiety issues and his wonderful girlfriend who cares enough about him to love him in his own way solving delightfully colorful and ridiculous murders and trying to help people, so: AWESOME

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I wanted to ask you a Slyvia Plath poem for the poetry ask but there are so many I love I just can't choose ! So can you share with us your favourite lines by her (or the first that come to your mind if you're stuck like me)? ☼

“Mirrors can kill and talk, they are terrible rooms
In which a torture goes on one can only watch.”

“Your body
Hurts me as the world hurts God.”

“I am inhabited by a cry.” (x)

“I am terrified by this dark thing
That sleeps in me;”

“What would the dark
Do without fevers to eat?”

“My ribs show. What have I eaten?
Lies and smiles.”

“I dreamed that you bewitched me into bed
And sung me moon-struck, kissed me quite insane.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)”

“Men have used her meanly. She will eat them.”

“Is this my lover then? This death, this death?”

“I am nobody; I have nothing to do with explosions.” (x)

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Cue five minutes of me flipping back through your blog for things you've watched. Buffy!

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha oh god I have WAY more than five things I’d like to change about Buffy, but I’ll try to hit the big ones here: 

1. It Would Be Less Racist (specifically: it would not be 98% white, as it takes place IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, OH MY GOD WHERE ARE THE LATINO CHARACTERS IN THIS SHOW. WHERE ARE THE ASIAN CHARACTERS. WHY ARE THERE ONLY LIKE TWO BLACK CHARACTERS PER SEASON. Delete Inca Mummy Girl and the thanksgiving episode with extreme prejudice, much as I love Spike going “you made a bear!”, and Willow’s white guilt.) 

2. “Seeing Red” is gone. Spike’s season six character arc makes sense, and James Marsters and the writers don’t visibly fight in the lines vs delivery about who Spike is, what he thinks and feels, and where he’s going as a character. Rape isn’t used as a prop. Spike doesn’t get a soul. He’s more interesting without one, and Spike/Buffy is more interesting without the half-assed sanitizing they did of Spike’s character in s7, caught uselessly between wanting to stay on the right side of the sexual DMZ they set up for themselves with demons and “bad” sex on one side and souled up people and “good” sex on the other side and the knowledge that Spike can’t go the way of Angelus–he has to stay Spike to be interesting. 

3. Faith kisses Buffy on the mouth instead of the forehead. In S7, the will-they-won’t-they Spike/Buffy dynamic is broken not by Angel/Buffy but Faith/Buffy. Faith comes bearing the amulet for a hero–Angel, understandably busy with his own apocalypse, doesn’t show. Faith kissing Buffy in the basement. Faith gets the cookies speech. 

4. The magic-is-drugs thing is gone. Dark Willow isn’t poisoned, isn’t under the influence. Dark Willow is just Willow, doing what she thinks is best. Because that’s who Willow has always been. That’s the scary/awesome part. 

5. Dawn’s Keyness doesn’t go away after season five! Dawn’s Keyness continues to be important, a part of herself she learns to access and use, even if she doesn’t unlock the particular door Glory wanted her to unlock anymore! (I want Dawn to unlock doors between dimensions. I want Dawn to be the masterkey for the multiverse.) 

6. (Yes, I know I was only supposed to go to five, and I know that this is Angel and not Buffy, but this is important:) SPIKE TELLS BUFFY HE IS ALIVE





….okay I was hoping to keep this at ten, but ONE MORE


okay i lied ONE MORE FOR REAL


Youtube isn't about Youtubers anymore

Going through the trending tab and looking through the recent trending videos (whilst searching for videos with very high views), almost all of them are either TV Shows/Movie Related. I don’t know if the stuff viewers watch are changing or Youtube is promoting more high production/Big companies stuff cause they get paid more? Like everytime I go to the Youtube trending tab, I could count the number of videos made by Youtubers using one hand. Heck there are youtubers out there who made a million views in a day and never seen them in the trending tab. Instead I see TV Interviews/Talk Shows that only got 500K views that day. Not that I think that there might be a paid promotion deal going on, but I wish Youtube would promote the more grounded side of Youtube, where people are sharing their life stories and making skits or screaming at video games or animation. Not high production, Hollywood traditional media wanting to take over. I’ve nothing against traditional media stars, but they are approaching on territory where a lot of Youtube Stars consider their job and to them, Youtube is just another platform to help them stay relevant. Youtube, at the very least help the small channels and even your current big channels. Cause I feel you guys are neglecting them a bit.

negotiations and commands

@bleachitwhite and I were talking about supercorp, Krypto, and then supercorp and Krypto. bleach is too nice and let me use some ideas, so this happened.


She’s come to expect certain things from her life.

Letters from Lex? Once a week at most if she’s lucky.

(It’s generous to call the mass of threats letters, but it’s easier that way. To act like she gets well wishes from her brother instead of attacks against her.

To act like he’s still the Lex who took her in when no one else would even though now, he’s anything but.)

She’s expecting her mother’s to join the pile soon.

(She could just shred them with the rest of her mail, but there’s something particularly soothing about watching them go up in flames.

Sometimes she thinks that’s the only ending for Luthors.)

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Some Shows to Watch in Little Space :)

I’m making myself another list! It seems the last one was helpful to some people so again feel free to use and add on whatever you can think of, I have a not-so-great memory so this list will (at least for now) only include what I can think of off the top of my head.

- Wishbone

- Arthur

- The Moomins

- Steven Universe

- Adventure Time

- The Magic School Bus

- Paddington Bear

- Babar

- Blue’s Clues

- Charlie & Lola

- Little Bear

-Winnie the Pooh

- Country Mouse and City Mouse

- Zaboomafoo

- Scooby Doo

- Pokemon

- Pocket Dragons

-Hello Kitty and Friends

My little space age isn’t always consistent so some of these may be better for slightly older littles, and I haven’t thought of very many so if there are shows you want to remember feel free to add them or make your own list! :)

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did you watch world meets girl? and if yes, what do you think of the way the rucaya storyline was presented?

I think it’s pretty 👀👀👀🤔🤔🤔 that the way they cut it together implied that the only way to “put the triangle out of its misery” was for Maya to *consciously decide* to “become Riley,” rather than the whole thing happening to begin with BECAUSE Maya accidentally “became Riley.”

It literally goes from “this Triangle needs to be put out of its misery and there’s only one way” to “i need you to turn me into Riley!” They don’t use ANYTHING from the actual “Maya became Riley ‘reveal’” arc; there’s no “okay, I’m you” or “you pick Riley you get Riley, you pick me you get Riley,” which is pretty weird if the point was to show that it all happened *because* Maya “turned into Riley.” They skip over Maya & Riley in the pre-SL non-triangle arc entirely, and they kinda glaringly 100% left out Upstate and True Maya. They also skipped over the Josh/Maya stuff entirely.

Also, YB was never once referenced in the arc itself as a pinpoint for Maya “becoming Riley”; only Hurricane and “all of the sudden we’re in high school.” On top of that, Maya very emphatically did NOT wanna be Riley by the end of YB (not to mention the fact that Maya was showing signs of having feelings for Lucas prior to YB). So it’s odd they would use YB AFTER Maya saying there’s only one way to end the triangle, rather than playing out the resolution as it actually happened chronologically by using clips of Maya saying she became Riley during the actual arc itself (Tri-SL2).

Still, if I wasn’t spoiled rotten I might be like “well, maybe that’s all there was to it after all” after seeing that montage. But considering the way the actual narrative and what MJ & Co have said about it doesn’t support the notion of the triangle arc being even remotely about Riley & Lucas’s “true love overcoming the odds,” and since I know what’s coming next, it feels more like they’re doing one final mindwipe to make what happens in the finale feel more shocking in terms of how the game changer affects Riley and Lucas as an official couple, and the way they react to it. It’s maybe also there because they cut several of those surface level cute/subtext bad moments for Rilucas.

The Farkle voiceover at the beginning was kinda 🤔 as well.

The whole thing also felt rather out of place in terms of WMG’s emphasis on friendship, as well as the way Sabrina answered the question about Ski Lodge.

Anyway, like I said: if I didn’t know what was coming next the montage might give me pause and make even me believe the story really was all about Rilucas and their “true love” all along. But since I DO know what’s coming next…I 99.9999% believe they presented it that way to lull people into a false sense of security about the “depth” of Riley and Lucas’s romantic feelings ahead of the final two episodes. Because if you believe Riley and Lucas are legit in love/falling in love with each other, what happens with them in GMGB is gonna be a shocker indeed. But if you don’t believe that, you probably won’t be surprised at all by what happens. Assuming the scene isn’t cut, and I doubt it will be in this case.

That’s my take, take it or leave it. 💛

look, if you’re going to run a website dedicated to civil rights and liberties (and especially if your website deals with disability issues) …

… then you have to make sure your website is accessible for people who use devices like screen readers, adapted keyboards, speech-to-text, etc..

the big one I’m thinking of here is image captions.

If you’re going to put an image in a post, caption it in plain, screen-reader accessible text.

If there’s a link to a reader-accessible version or transcript, put it in the body of the post near the image.

but this is also for things like closed captioning.

Of the many YouTube channels I watch, I can think of only two that have regular, high-quality closed captioning (Tom Scott* and @annieelainey**, if anyone is wondering).

The rest are a sort of piecemeal, hit-and-miss fashion.

Including channels like John Oliver and Samantha Bee – these channels feature clips from network comedy news shows! They have network backing; surely they can assign someone to make sure the YouTube videos have closed captions.

Gah, and understanding that not everyone is able to use a mouse and hardware keyboard at all times.

Some people use tablets (think iPad) because of a disability. Some use a drawing tablet and pen (think what Wacom makes) because those are easier. Some people use voice-controlled mouse and speech-to-text software.

(Kristen Cashore, author of the Graceling trilogy, has written before about how she writes all her novels with pen and paper and then uses speech-to-text software to transcribe them into a computer.)

Some people can only use a keyboard, no mouse or tablet or pen at all.

my point is here that if you want to strive for progress and make that clear in your website, you must make it accessible to disabled people who use adaptive computers.

Do not leave us out of your activism because we can’t access your sites. Many of us already can’t be involved in activism offline because of our disabilities.

Don’t make the internet even more hostile to us. Please.

(I realize that I am leaving a lot of adaptive systems out of this post. If you have more examples of ways people can make websites accessible, please add them.)

*Tom Scott makes videos about science, interesting “Things You Might Not Know,” travelogues, and general British buffoonery.

**Annie Elainey is a disability activist who makes videos about her experiences with disability, race, gender, sexuality, and a number of other issues.

I feel like @annieelainey (obviously), @becauseoftheshame, @thequantumqueer, @wetwareproblem, @petitetimidgay and anyone else who wants to add something might have good points to add to this post. Go ahead!