i used to think i was good at watercolor

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Could you give me some tip on how to water color really want to try and I thing your art is amazing

1) When you want to watercolor something, I suggest you to use a 200gsm paper or higher since it resist to water. Using a printer paper (let’s say it’s 70gsm) the paper can’t hold too much water. 

when watercolor with a printer paper (70gsm) the paper could be easily torn apart when there’s too much water at the paper. It doesn’t blend well with different colors.

when watercolor with a 300gsm (i think) watercolor paper, it resist to water perfectly. The water dries longer than the printer paper. Two colors blend well together. It doesn’t rip the paper apart since it’s thicker than the printer paper.

2) Use good brushes. I personally recommend you to use a synthetic brushes because it really works well with watercolor. I also recommend you to have a round and flat brushes.

The hairs from the synthetic brushes doesn’t easily come off and works very well with watercolors. Although usually when you’re not careful enough while using these brushes, one strand of hair could pop out and might ruin the effect of the brush. The brush could also get frizzy when it’s not properly used. So it’s better when you treat the brush carefully.

You can control how big or small you want the paint to apply with a round brush. A flat brush can be used to cover large places neatly.

3) When coloring a pen lineart with watercolors, use pens/inks that are waterproof on paper. Usually waterproof pens are always written on the pen itself, so keep an eye when you found one. 

used with Staedtler 0.2mm waterproof pen

Once the watercolor is applied, no smudges can be detected

4) Pen sizes, the smaller the size, the more details you can add up to your drawing.

i personally recommend you to use these 3 different sizes of waterproof pen. But it’s totally your choice!

5) Have a plate or palette to put puddles of water to adjust the colors that you want to apply.

Since the colors are individually apart, you can easily try mixing and applying the paint.

6) (Optional) Use a sketchbook paper (around 150gsm/ could be less) to know how the colors shows on paper before applying it to your work.

I think 150gsm paper is not specifically for watercolors, but it resits water pretty well which is a great to try new colors.

Sometimes the paper likes to move around, so you can use a tape to hold it down if you need to.

I also use this paper to remove a little bit of the access if I grabbed too much pigment on the brush. Stroke it once or twice on the paper, then it won’t be as pigment as the first stroke.

7) Whenever your water container is already dark and murky, change it, Because when you keep using it, the dirty water could effect the watercolor palettes.

8) Use reference if you need to. Try to pick an object that you can watercolor on. Let’s say a plant. You can go outside and see the trees and plant. Or you could just google it.

9) White pens for outlines or adding up details. White pens are totally optional, but i really do recommend you to use it just for finishing touches or adding small details on your work!

Pen recommendation, gellyroll white pen and hybrid gel grip.

10) Always experiment! Use different colors and explore more about watercolors!

Experimenting is very important! Try scribbling your brush around the paper. Think of something you wanted to draw. Try something you haven’t done before! Fill in the blank pages with your creativity and imagination. There are no limitations.

Keep practicing your watercolor skills, a small doodle or scribble counts as a progress! Even without reference, you can still picture it by using your imagination. This helps you by expanding your creativity.

Get inspired! Find artists that interest you and motivates you to do the same. You can always try using the same techniques as they do and soon you’ll develop your own style! 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes counts as a progress of improving your skill. The more mistakes you make, the more you learn from it.

Have fun! It’s important for artist to enjoy what hey paint. If they don’t then what’s the point.

note: Hi there! I’m not really an expert on giving tips about watercolors. But i hope this helps! Also this was a really fun ask to answer, I really enjoy making this~

Something I noted about the S2 Matsu announcement picture (that I may or may not be looking too deeply into) is that the boys aren’t wearing their standard hoodies.

…Okay so Ichi probably is, but the others’ outfits have caught my eye. Oso and Kara are wearing hoodies, but they’re not the hoodies. Meanwhile, Choro and Totty have completely new looks. And Jyushi isn’t wearing anything lol but seeing the stuff Choro’s holding up for him, none of them are Jyushi’s regular hoodie either.

In fact, none of their regular hoodies can be seen in the announcement picture (again, with maybe the exception of Ichi). There are various clothes on the racks behind them, but none of them look like the regular Matsu hoodie.

I may be completely wrong and might be looking too deeply into it, so don’t quote me on this, but… Maybe the boys’ default outfits in S2 won’t be their hoodies anymore? Maybe we’re looking at (for some at them, at least) their new default outfits?

I mean, we’ve had photos of the boys changing into different outfits outside of their default hoodies before, and we have so many alternate outfits for them already from official apps, merch, etc. So it probably isn’t anything new… But at the same time, that they’re doing this for the official S2 announcement has got me wondering if it means anything.

Tbh in my opinion, I really like the idea of their default outfits not being their hoodies again - and I also really like the idea of the boys’ default outfits being different from each other! It breaks the monotony of the almost-six same hoodies haha. Also in a way, it could symbolize the boys slowly finding their own identities completely separate from being identical sextuplets - Oso included - and that they’re slowly but surely growing up…?

…But of course, again, I could be wrong and the new outfits here might just be for promotional purposes :P (That or they actually will be new casual outfits for the boys in S2, just not their default ones.) It’s still a nice thought, though.

First attempt of drawing my favorite couple from SENSE8 - Kala & Wolfgang. They don’t look like them, but I tried. 😂 Also, if you’ve followed me for awhile, you’d know that I don’t draw guys very often so this is my 1st practice in about a year I think. Phew! Gonna draw them again another time! ⠀ As usual, this is drawn on my handy-dandy @mossery mixed media sketchbook with Van Gogh watercolors & some Sakura pen magixxxx✨⠀ P.S. I’m so used to painting light skin tones that it took me awhile to get a good darker color for Kala. Must practice again! 🤔⠀

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I love your watercolor paintings! How do you get such small, clean details like that? It looks amazing!

Thank youuu!

It’s basically because I’m crazy with details… But I think I can tell my brushes helps a lot with it! I love using the Raphaël n°3, and I bought a new one this year, I love it to deaaath!

I won’t seems a lot of difference on the picture, but I can assure you that you need to take good care of your brushes to keep them in shape!
(I used the first one since… 4 years now at school with a lot of different mediums, he isn’t as precise as the new one!)


Words with Love

I really believe that combining colors and letters, words and love will create such a beautiful piece of art. Allow me to share some of my latest artworks. I really feel happy because I used to have difficulties when using brush pens but now I think I am doing a good job. If you find it hard to make legit calligraphy artworks using brushes, please keep practicing! You’ll get there! Above are lines or titles of the song I love listening lately. And since minimalism is not my thing, I practiced adding watercolor elements around at the four seasons of the earth. :)

It has only been for a few months, but I know who you are.
I think life is strange. We know each other. It has only been for a few months, but I know who you are.
You’re a painting. You’re made from watercolors. You’re a sunrise waiting to happen.
We’re a little too good to be true, so it comes with a price. We’re alike, so I know what’s best for us. We’ve got plenty of time to explore each other, so we should analyze our reality. My words are stained with the love I have for you; you’re in everything, you’re everything.
On my best days, I’m just a breath away from you, but sometimes, I just need a little help getting out of my head.
You’re the story I tell when the wind asks about my love for sunsets.
I just want to be the owner of the galaxies dripping from your eyes. The less we talk, the more words mean.
if I’m ever on my last dollar, if I’m ever on my last heartbeat, if I’m ever at the end of the line, if I ever forget about you, if I never loved you, remember that there’s better people out there for you to fall in love with.
—  luna

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are the words in your grimoire drawn or edited on?

If you mean the grimoire-styled infographics I post, then they’re digital collages made in Photoshop! I have a physical grimoire (images below) but as you can see, it’s much messier! 

I have what’s called dyskinesia (a movement disorder), and my hands shake, so it’s difficult for me to draw or write in a neat/pretty fashion. My handwriting’s tolerable, but beyond that, I really struggle to draw or illustrate physically.

Below are some images from one of my physical grimoires. This one is just my taking notes on Christopher Penczak’s writings, but I also have a similar one for spellcraft, and a completely different-looking binder for daily use/normal stuff like Tarot readings and schedule notes.

The reason I started making the grimoire infographics was because I longed to create something pretty and Craft-related. The notebook images themselves are photographs with Photoshop layers designed to fit on the pages. 

This will sound extremely weird, but I find using Photoshop very relaxing and I’ve often used it as a sort of coping mechanism when I’ve had anxiety issues in the past.

A friend took my handwriting and turned it into a font, and I sometimes use that font for the images. I think that’s really cool and probably more people would take advantage of it if they knew how easy it is to get a personalized font!

Of course, that was a few years back, and since then, I’ve been trying to practice with physical drawing/art. I doubt I’ll ever be good, but I’m hoping some day to have a really nice physical grimoire. 

You’ll notice that the physical grimoire I keep is basically just my writing covered with a layer of broad soft pastels, which is easy for me to do - I slide the pastels over the image, then smudge with a sponge. It’s hardly nice or perfect, but it’s soothing to add color to it, and I enjoy it!

I am thinking of doing some sort of tutorial about how to make images using these methods, because I think it’s a cool thing if you are interested in Photoshop. From my perspective it was really good for me since I really have trouble with fine movements, and maybe other people in the same situation would like it.

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I feel like you get this question a lot but what are your brush settings?

actually its been 50.345 years since i last updated my brush settings L OL. the ones on my faq are a good 8 months old…..

sketch settings:

brush to lay down shadows

brush to blend

i use the default SAI pen settings for filling in colors


theres no such think as a ‘BLEND’ brush on sai LOL. the brushes that were provided for you are actually different settings of already provided tools (pen, brush, watercolor, eraser, airbrush, etc). the blend brush i created is basically the watercolor brush but with more blending properties. to create a new tool preset, just right click on a blank square


When people ask me what do I plan to study in the future or who I want to become, I don’t know how to answer. It’s not because I can’t think of anything. It’s because I can think of too much. There are a lot of things I want to be. An astronaut, a doctor, a violinist, a writer. I have never understood people who know what they want and are so determined to get it. How do you shrink your heart and let it settle on one thing? What if it’s too big to fit in your hands, comfortably? Or what if you change your mind, after plucking it from your chest? Won’t it be too late? I don’t understand.

I don’t think I ever will.

I once loved to paint. Watercolor was my favorite. I used to sit in my mother’s bedroom, where the biggest window in my entire house was and in the natural light, I’d become my paintbrush, moving as graceful as a ballerina across the 8x11 sheet of paper. I was only good at creating flowers—and that’s it, but I was sure I was going to be a famous artist someday. I thought that was going to be my life and I’d make it happen.
I did not make it happen.

I never have the time to sit in front of my stretcher. Most of my paint brushes have dried bristles, because I was too careless to wash them after abusing them. They sit closed off, in the lowest drawer of my dressing table that I barely glance at.

At the time, I did not realize that passions can die so quickly.
I know now. So how am I to settle on being one thing, for the rest of my life? I think most adults avoid that question because that’s what they’re expected to do.
Be mature.
Be responsible.
Be someone.
Grow up.
I hate that phrase.
Your limbs become bleak and decay once you’re dead.
Your veins become white.
Your blood becomes nearly black and then dries up.
You become what you are made of.

So why does it matter, if I am seventeen or seventy for the world to make sense? it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter because regardless of how old you are, you will never escape what you are.
It’s only a matter of how much.

Some are content with living in a cycle until their bodies give out. Sometimes that scares me.
Resisting to conform.
Questioning the unanswerable.
I don’t think I fit in, truly.
But perhaps that is the way it is best fit.

Perhaps not knowing all the answers to the universe is what keeps
the thumping of my heart erratic and lively at the moments I feel the most detached from my body.
And I am grateful for being lost, because in these confined hours where it is just me, my notebook, and the moon watching, I know that even if I don’t know where I am heading, I am heading somewhere and in the end, that is all that matters.
To move towards infinity and nowhere at the same time.
I cannot be calculated.

—  Not knowing is enough

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hi! i like ur art a lot (just got that out of the way aha) and i was wondering if you still use the artist's loft watercolours? and if you do, are they chalky? most reviews say they dry really chalky and i wanted to know what you think, cause i'm considering buying them. thanks! - asai :))

i don’t use them often but yeah i still have that brand~ its definitely not the best, but considering they were like $5-10 you can’t expect too much

they’re good for beginners, so you can mess around with watercolors without worrying that you’re wasting something professional. they do dry quite chalky but it also depends on the paper you’re using.

 if you want something better i know winsor and newton and/or koi watercolors are really good, a couple artists i follow use them. they’re more expensive but if you’re already experienced w/ watercolors and you have the $ for it then they are worth it


This is a mini advice thing for watercolor :)
Dedicated to procrastinate-repeat and any other ppl that want some tips:

1st photo: here’s how my desk is usually set up when I paint. Most of the time I use colors from the palette on the right and I have two cup/ containers for water. (One is for cleaning the brush and the other is for dipping the brush for water to paint, though I don’t always follow that rule haha) I have paper towels on the right to dry my brush and usually when I paint I have another paper towel in my left hand so I can dab at the painting if it gets too wet or if I have to erase something. I’m right handed so if you’re a lefty, then place the water and paper towels to the other side. The sketch of your painting should be done by this point, but mine’s blank right now.

2nd photo:
1: I’ve been using straight up purple for a while but lately I think it’s better to mix a warm blue and a cold red for a nice color.. I like this color for backgrounds and shadows
2: mixing a dull yellow and a warm blue makes nice green colors for trees and nature and such, try not to use premixed green when painting nature
3: cold blue and black just makes a nice color.. you can use this for hair, clothes, eyes, etc.
4: red, orange and yellow, mixed. I have no idea why I included this mixture.
5: when you’re painting skin, if it gets too orange-y or red, if you add green it will look much better
6: a simple eye tutorial
7: when painting hair, I like to put a blue undercoat, it’s a personal preference, I think it looks better.

3rd photo: I’ve been using these three brushes for most of my portraits. They’re actually pretty old and cheap, I brought them from a pack but they still work.
1: this flat brush is good for backgrounds and a first layer of color.
2: I like to use this flat brush the most, it’s useful for painting cloth and most of the face.
3: this round brush is used for finer and more detailed areas like the eye, lips, nostrils etc.

that’s pretty much it. Watercolor is hard to control at first but then… You just get the hang of it after enough practice :) also, don’t be afraid of the water or afraid of making mistakes, that In itself is a mistake. Take broad, strong strokes. After that, just PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE! Also, by no means am I a teacher, I’m just a kid that appreciates art and tries to make some, so this is just how I paint

I have a very strong emotion towards this particular family…

Had this idea rolling around my head and I thought, ‘why not?’ lol. Out of all the movies, the third one will always have a special place in my heart.

I wanted to use purple as the dominant shade in this painting and I think I did a pretty good job…? At the least, I’m satisfied with the result lol. My favorite part of this whole piece is honestly BABY-YASHA vsjvhkd; he’s adorablee<3


Designed a very organic looking cafe for our Color 3 plate. Alcohol based markers on watercolor paper. It’s my first time using markers and my blockmates said I’m pretty good at it. Don’t know if I should believe them, but I think I did pretty well on this plate.

Hoping to slay all the plates that my profs will give to me in the future. lol. That is all for now :)))



As a new artist I’d use this:

Cost of materials for the piece + minimum wage for how long you worked + what you think your blood, sweat, and tears are worth for this.

Ex- My alien god pieces break down like this:

Materials: I used ½ a sheet of my watercolor paper pad per painting. the pad is about 35$ and it comes with 12 sheets. So 35/24= about $1.50 of paper per each. Then I got watercolors, tape, the board I use to tape it to, acrylics, inking pens (which I burn through with these real fast) pencils, salt, and the paper I used to sketch it out on. breaking down the cost like I did with the paper my materials for each piece come around $10.50. 

But materials can also be:
Your tablet and the program you’re using
Paper you used to print on and how much the printer/ ink cost you
Even breaking down your laptop/ computer cost can count tbh if you can do it right. 

Minimum wage: Each piece takes me around 9 hours total from research to final product (including sketching and thumb nailing. Basically any time I’m sitting and only doing that piece) and minimum wage is around 9.50 for me so thats $85.50.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears: These are really fun to do and they are helping me build my portfolio so I don’t think I suffered a lot doing them. I’d say $15-$20 depending on what the piece is (if theres a lot of background, a lot of armor, or just a difficult composition I will lean more towards the $20)

Total: So for my pieces its about $100- $116. If they are using the design for something (like my gods are going into books) I will usually make up contracts for what they can do, how many prints they cam make of whatever they want (T shirts, books, bags, etc. Like, maybe I only want them to make limited runs because I don’t want it to just go on for 100 years, you know?) and how much of a cut I get per each thing with my things sold. 

I usually price on high ends if they want the originals and lower if they just want prints or digital copies. If you are framing and shipping be sure to cover that in materials too. Also, for big commissions make sure you have an agreement ready and you charge ½ up front and the second half after it’s done. Give yourself a fair time limit and DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HOW MUCH YOUR TALENT IS PLEASE. Haggling is not cool and if you let people haggle you down it devalues your art and makes people feel like they can get whatever they want from you. You are a creator and what you do is important. 

This was like, long and stuff but its handy, every artist should read and add on more stuff tbh. 

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Hi! I love your watercolor fanarts. They are all amazing😍 I use watercolor too and I wish I could make beautiful arts like yours. Do you do tutorials?

Hi! Thank you anon and sorry I took too long to reply. Some people also asked for tutorials but I didn’t think my paintings are anywhere near good enough to make tutorials about. And also, I don’t have a fixed style yet so yeah. But if it helps, here are some WIPs of my old painting (you can find the finished piece here)

Sketch: I started with a simple pencil sketch then put some shades in. As the size of this painting is quite small, I tried not to put in all the details I could saw and kept them as simple as possible.

Base: A “base” color for everything grounds everything together in a way. So in this one I used a blueish green (sorry I don’t really remember which pigments I used anymore) for the first layer, and kept the lightest part paint-free for now.

Keep reading

I think red is a good color for him…

I didn’t touched my watercolor for two years, and it feel sooooo good to use them again! I think I’m gonna use watercolor for my 30 days challenge, it suits me better than photoshop^^

Maybe I’m gonna do John like this too.

Not really Café related, but (my try) at fanart for @fragmentsofchaldea‘s Redemption from Sin. The mental image of Fou jumping at Merlin was too good to pass up.

It only occurred to me when I finished coloring the background that using three characters that are almost completely white/black is hard to color traditionally - and Ana’s scythe should be behind Merlin’s staff - but I think it turned out all right.

Drawn using watercolor pencils

A quick doodle since I thought it would be a funny idea if PJ actually grew up with Palette as half brothers o-o

Just goodness PJ would NOT like to be a sibling at ALL. And really when I was drawing this I would think that whoever would hand baby Palette to Pj (most likely Ink so I will use that) would be like

Ink: “…PJ… make sure he doesn’t slip through your arms like when you hold other things…ok?”
PJ: “But what if I don’t like him?”
Ink: “….still… don’t. He’s a living being!”
PJ: *after holding him for a minute* “I don’t like him - can we return him and get no refunds?”
Ink: “…ಠ_ಠ. No PJ. No…….. no watercolor cakes for you.”

So yeah… Small break from finals now complete! ^^
Time to actually be productive again. 

PJ by Me
Palette by @angexci

also tagging @nekophy cause yeah got inspired to draw this due to them o-o

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Your painting style is an inspiration to me. Are there people you look up to for inspiration? Any favorites you look at to get inspired? I'm sorry if there is a faq or something, I'm on mobile. Thanks in advance. Have a great day =D

So kind of you, thank you for the ask :)
I do, like any denizen of these webbyplaces, have a number of favorite artists whose work I turn to again and again for inspiration and study.

I feel like I’ve made a more comprehensive list somewhere once, but what the hey? I’ll take a pass at a few recent favorites (since I too am on mobile, I don’t know how to hotlink these, but a brisk googling should furbish you with blazing eye candy)

Hayao Miyazaki- let’s just get this titan of all feels out of the way first and foremost- what a wonderful human: he’s my favorite living artist, and his work is an influence on everything I do. I love spirited away, and have a special fondness for Porco and Kiki. This year I was blessed to be able to make a pilgrimage to the ghibli museum in Tokyo, and i stayed until it closed and they kicked me out- standing in front of the work leveled me. I cried, I had chills- so incredible.

Fabien Mense is a wonderful character designer- something really playful and exciting about his shapes, colors and design decisions- it’s good stuff and always gets me thinking

Man Arenas- he’s a perennial favorite of mine- his work always comes back up- the watercolor, composition and value structures he creates across all his work (especially his comic Yaxin The Faun) are just tasty tasty tasty)

Mike Mignola- while we’re on the topic of composition and storytelling- man, I don’t think it gets much better than Mike. His work is something I always return to as a touchstone- and I’ve also used 3D interpretations of his characters to help explain KILLER stylization in sculpture

Ovopack- a recent delight, their work has been something I’ve come back to many times over the past year for inspiration in both design and painting style- something about the shapes, volumes, colors and subjects just really gets to me.

Alexandre “Zedig” Diboine- sheeeeeesh. Speaking of which, this prolific Frenchman rocks my world every time he puts out an update. Killer stuff, gorgeous design, fresh and painterly execution, delightful new ideas.

NC Wyeth- didn’t see this one coming, DIDJA? He just comes up perpetually when I’m discussing composition, story, Illustration of any kind- I love his sense of wild, spirited adventure, bold color and grand sweep of his clouds. A real classic.

Those are probably a decent smattering of the biggest influences that come to the top of my head this Saturday- of course there are countless others all over the Internet that I watch and keep track of- but there are always the big ones you resonate with and turn to for fresh wind. Those are some of mine :) hope that’s helpful!