i used to stan you so hard :(

latinx lance stan: the vlog wasn’t as good as people say it because it made me, and other latinx fans, uncomfortable/angry at the fact that lance was reduced to the brainless latino flirt stereotype when he’s showed so much development through the seasons

gringx “stan”: yeah i know but the vlog uses subtext to break the [brainless latino flirt] stereotype apart!!! it’s all planned ur just not digging hard enough to see it !!1! plus i identify with lance too you know 🙄 i’m insecure too so obviously im going to make my issues a priority over a latinx person’s opinion 🙄

no the truth is the writers just didn’t bother writing lance in a way that would be respectful not only to his personality/character but to his ethnic background. you cannot tell latinx people to “just dig a bit more!! you’ll see that this is actually good representation!! it breaks the stereotype!!” you CANNOT know what is good rep to latinx people, YOU ARE NOT LATINX AND WILL NEVER IDENTIFY WITH LANCE AS MUCH AS US LATINXS, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU CLAIM TO LOVE LANCE.

i’m not saying this is a competition to know who loves lance more and if you do think that, you’re missing my point… i’m saying that gringxs claiming the vlog was “amazing” have and will never know how it hurts to see your favorite latinx characters (who are already underdeveloped at the expense of other characters  👀) be treated like they only have 1 facet to their personality who oh so happens to also fit a latinx stereotype we’ve already seen countless times…

i don’t want to rely on subtext or whatever to have good representation. i want to see it upfront, in the very middle of the plot, very explicitly and clearly. i other latinx fans deserve to. fuck your subtext and your stereotypes. don’t be cowards, write about us and experiences and out stories.

Losers Club getting high headcanons: 

(There’s some polyam stuff going on here)
(Tag list: @larrie-or-die@saltofcrows

- They’re out of highschool by the time they all get the chance to actually do this together. Richie and Bev have gotten a little stoned together before, and Richie definitely does it by himself, Bill’s done it with Richie a couple times too, but as far as everyone else goes, it’s just never happened before.

- Bev bought the weed, but since everyone helped pay, there’s a lot. 

- They go to Bill’s apartment. (He worked super hard for it. It’s not very big, but it’s cozy and it’s his and he’s proud.)

- Richie brought his big ass, rainbow, glass pipe and shows everyone how to use it. 

- Eddie’s hands shake really hard when he inhales. 

- Bev shotguns Ben. She also blows smoke rings and teaches Eddie how to do it. 

-Richie thinks that Eddie blowing smoke rings is the hottest thing he’s ever seen.

- Mike is REALLY good at maintaining, and off the bat he’s just so relaxed and serine, just nice, warm, and fuzzy. He can still hold a conversation without any hindrances.

- Ben is definitely that guy who’s like ‘I don’t feel anything,’ so smokes way too much, and when it does kick in, he’s SHOOK.

- With Bill’s permission, he builds a HUGE blanket fort, and everyone piles in. He’s like ‘Beverly, I made this for you, my queen,’ and she almost cries.

-Bev just wants to fucking watch cartoons. She talks to Eddie about superheroes. 

- Ben, Bev, and Mike start talking about conspiracy theories, the meaning of life, cryptids, and, like, every weird thing Ben and Mike have ever read about, and Ben’s SO into it.

- Stan hates the feeling at first. It’s uncomfortable, he’s paranoid, and frustrated.

- Mike helps to relax him, keeping him level and reassuring him that everything’s okay

- Eventually Stan settles and just starts giggling uncontrollably. It’s almost out of nowhere. 

- Bill is SO hungry. He grabs almost everything out of his kitchen and brings it into the fort like a dragon with a food hoard. 

- Richie rests his head in Eddie’s lap and Eddie plays with his hair. Richie is in heaven. 

- Eddie’s gushing over Bill, like ‘you’re so awesome, Bill, you’re so gorgeous, I need you to know how much you mean to me, look at me- seriously, I adore you, Big Bill’

- And Bill, still eating, is like ‘Eddie, I don’t know what I would do without you, you’re so smart, you’re my best friend, I want to carry you around like you’re a baby koala bear literally every moment of the rest of our lives.’ 

- And Richie’s like ‘Get a room. but invite me into it because you’re both so cute i can’t stand it.’ 

- Bill and Eddie both start coddling Richie and lavishing him with praise, and Richie’s just lying there, eating Bill’s chips in silence for once, beaming super wide, like fuck yea 

- Stan turns on music and starts singing. He serenades Beverly, (Rio, Duran Duran) then Eddie, (Come on Eileen, Dexys Midnight Runners) and then gets about half-way through Pour Some Sugar On Me (Def Leppard) before Mike’s like “Hey, Stan, put your shirt back on’ because it didn’t look like he had planned to stop stripping.

- Eddie’s so enamored by Stan’s singing, like, everything is 100x more fascinating to him when he’s high, but he has a LOT of trouble focusing on more than one thing at once and is like “yeah…what?” every five seconds.

- Bill and Richie are Kings of the Munchies. “Bill… You know what would be amazing with this ice cream?”
“Oyster crackers.” 
“I’ll drive.” 
Everyone else: “NO”

- Richie’s mostly quiet and in his own little world, but when he does say something, it’s completely off the wall, and he acts like it’s of the utmost importance that everyone pay attention. 
“…… guys, gUYS, You know what I think? We’re all caterpillars. We’re still like. Baby caterpillars you know? BEN. You’re a caterpillar.”
Stan laughs so hard he almost pisses himself, and just screams something to the effect of “METAMORPHOSIS, MOTHERFUCKER.”
and Richie’s like “… pretty much.”

- Richie and Bill fight over the last snack-cake. Eddie takes it, splits it in half, and then hands a piece to each of them. Bill’s like “EDDIE, YOU’RE A GENIUS,”
Richie’s like “Eddie, you’re the love of my life,”
And Eddie’s like “Thanks, can I have a bite?” and they both, like shove each half into his mouth. 

- Richie drags Eddie into the kitchen to get more food, but after ten minutes, Bill’s decides that he has to go check on them. When he doesn’t come back, Stan gets really fidgety and runs in after them. 

- Stan does not come back. 

- Bev: “Should we see if they’re okay?”
Mike: “I got it.” He gets up and peeks into the kitchen for half a second before returning to his position in the floor, completely silent, but not at all shocked or disturbed. 
Ben: “Um…?”
Mike: “They’re making out.” 
Bev: “Who?”
Mike: “Yes.” 

honestly i’m so tired of people treating makeup and fashion like they can’t be hobbies. like it’s all right for a guy to know every player on every sports team or every car model but when a girl knows every makeup brand or every hand bag on the market she’s a brainless superficial ditz. like it’s a hobby and it doesn’t inhibit us from knowing about politics or what’s going on in the world, so why do assholes care so much that we also know every lipstick shade mac has ever come out with???

Do What I Tell You - Mitch Rapp

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Mitch Rapp/Reader

Word Count: 12,059

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Oral (both receiving), Multiple Orgasms, Orgasm Denial, Bar Sex, Death of bad guys, Sir, Voyeurism, Unprotected Sex, Spanking, Choking, Rough Sex, Mutual Masturbation, Fluffy Sex

Notes: Whoops. I feel asleep earlier and didn’t finish till now. Sorry for the long wait. Lemme know how you like thissssss. Oh and happy extended Mitch Week for @stilinski-jpeg and @minhosmeanhoe (I love you guys).

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  • Bill: You b-better get ready to m-make out with R-Richie, or else h-he’s g-gonna think you d-don’t like him.
  • Eddie: French kissing is gross! I wouldn’t french kiss in a million years.
  • Bill: A-And why the hell not?
  • Eddie: Hello? Germs? Spit? Mucus? Old bits of food? Thats just to name a couple. Theres a lot of things in there. I mean, why do you have to use your tongue anyway? Aren’t you supposed to kiss with your lips?
  • Bill: B-Because its not a real k-kiss unless y-you use your t-tongue!
  • Eddie: Why? Whats the point? I mean what are you supposed to do? Lick the inside of their mouth? Are you supposed to lick their teeth? Do you make your tongue hard or soft?
  • Stan: God Eddie, enough!
  • Eddie: What? I wanna know now since everybody seems to think that french kissing is so great.
  • Bill: Ok, Eddie, you p-put your t-tongue against h-his tongue.
  • Eddie: …what if he puts his tongue too far into my mouth? What if I throw up? What if I throw up all over him? What if I throw up in his mouth?
  • Stan: Shut up Eddie! Thats disgusting!
  • Eddie: Alright, well I’m just telling you guys I’m not doing it.
  • Bill: W-Well I am, s-soon as p-possible. *To Stan* W-What do you s-say?
Think Before I Talk | Stanley Uris | Part 2

rating: t (for language)
warning: angst and detail of a panic attack
pairing: stanley uris x fem!reader
a/n: because i got a shit ton of requests for a part 2 of “think before i talk” also added in a few seperate requests into this. THIS IS SO BAD IM SORRY
part 1 

           “Don’t touch me.” 

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♤ what has the world done to be blessed with this angel
♤ literal angel
♤ type of kid to stop walking, take his waterbottle, and water a public tree
♤ like “the tree’s thirsty” he’s holy
♤ also constantly helps the staff n crew like ily
♤ we should all be an yixing

Originally posted by ygyixing

♤ loves buttocks
♤ has a weird idea of greetings
♤ but since it’s yixing we’ll accept it
♤ he’s always looking spaced out which is v cute
♤ but sometimes u gotta wonder is he okay lol
♤ also scared of birds
♤ WO HEN PA CE (i’m so scared of birds :))
♤ p rec i o us

Originally posted by sjabe

♤ but lay is a different story
♤ b ad ass boy
♤ doesn’t give a shit
♤ hip thrusts to no end
♤ which is slightly concerning
♤ likes to give sexy glares
♤ resting sad face
♤ either that or he’s tired probably the latter

Originally posted by smolsejun

♤ to no end
♤ guys hint if anything goes wrong just aiyowei
♤ everything will be fine
♤ basically an exclamatory particle okay
♤ yixing is a tree
♤ TA XIAO WO !!! (he’s laughing at me!!)
♤ stop interrupting yixing’s singing gOD
♤ where can i order an yixing christmas tree?? no, i’m not asking for a “friend”

Originally posted by pinksuho

♤ also to the agent who didn’t pay yixing’s tickets fUCK YOU
♤ honestly i will fight sm let my boy be a boy
♤ who’s half dumb bc he’s either tired or on too many drugs
♤ either way protect this sexy fluffy boy

Originally posted by yixingcanbeagif2

♤ xiao zhu stop harassing yixing on go fighting
♤ i feel like yixing on go fighting shows a whole cuter side of him
♤ cough cough a naked yixing
♤ triple cough cough cough an yixing taking a piss mm
♤ constantly looks so so so so cute and precious and his bros are the best
♤ except honglei stop stealing his gold okay i won’t forgive u yet
♤ also when he fell in the water and u could see his “koko bop” hahaha
♤ his hair on go fighting for some reason always looks cute
♤ yixing x go fighting = B IN GE
♤ someone save him

Originally posted by yakirei

♤ have i mentioned yixing’s vocals are
♤ just
♤ heavenly
♤ that’s an understatement but fight me
♤ how is he that gifted
♤ like little yixing singing is cute
♤ now yixing singing is cutER AH
♤ and his dancing is no JOKE MAN 

Originally posted by baekshitbyun

♤ every ship yixing is in is canon okay
♤ it’s just a fact at this point
♤ with all that butt touching how could you deny it
♤ like um ???????
♤ beautiful member of the numerous exo ships which date back to 2012.
♤ like look at the gif above how could you not believe me

Originally posted by luharem

♤ what a silly boy
♤ cute lil child that just
♤ melts your heart
♤ constantly
♤ do you know how hard it is being an yixing stan
♤ see us xingmi don’t just think of yixing but have many resources to stare
♤ such as go fighting which is literally the death of all yixing stans
♤ fuck off i need to see yixing wet his pants again on a regular basis stfu

Originally posted by zhangyixings

♤ honestly this boy is my ult bias for a reason bc he’s just so silly
♤ and he’s so caring i wanna be as pure and loving as him help me
♤ like an actual inspiration i love him so much
♤ he had such a big impact on my life and i thank him for that :’)
♤ he’s the sun literally
♤ sometimes he’s a bit silly (stupid) i know but still
♤ and if u don’t you haven’t noticed it yet

So…. Dear my Monsta X! You made it! Your dream finally came true! And you deserved it oh so very much! I feel so sorry when you say things like you don’t deserve the love you get, or you are sorry that you’re not good enough, you didn’t work hard enough. This is not true! Monbebes are the ones who don’t deserve you. You are the ones saying you’re not giving all in to your performances, but how much more you want to give us? Monbebes are the ones who can’t repay everything you’ve done for us.

I don’t know which part was the saddest: when the sunshine who’s always showing his happy side to us broke down in tears and barely could say a few words. 

Or when Yoo Kihyun couldn’t even hold himself and was on the floor. But slayed that encore stage anyways.

Or when the members we’ve rarely or never seen crying broke down? It hit me hard when even Shownu couldn’t finish his sentences. And Hyungwon was just standing there trying to hold his composure but failing. The way his tears streamed down his face really broke my heart.

Or when reality slowly hit Wonho and I.M? As their smiles slowly turned into tears? 

Or when Jooheon who’s known as one of the most sensitive members had to do the full speach trying to hold himself together?

All of it were heartbreaking. Why? Because these weren’t only tears of joy. These were also tears of regret and sadness. You could see on their faces how they did not believe that they could achieve this. They still lack the confidence to think that they can have many more 1st wins after this one. And the gratitude and love in their eyes. You can see and feel how much they treasure Monbebes.

Dear Hyunwoo! You are the best leader Monsta x could ever have! You’ve been strong in every situation, it’s okay to break down sometimes!

Dear Hoseok who still lacks a lot of confidence! You are the most beautiful boy in and out! You don’t always have to be the MAN! I’m sure not only your fans but your parents are proud of you as well!

Dear Minhyuk who always smiles even during painful times! You always see the positive side in every single little thing. Blieve that you could achieve this prize with all your efforts and stay bright always!

Dear Kihyun! I see every time you come back how much you want to prove that Monsta x is also a top group. Know that your fans were never embarassed to stan a group with no music show wins!

Dear Hyungwon! You are not the best in showing your emotions, right? But we, Monbebes could see all the love and gratitude through your eyes. You are talented enough to be a proud part of Monsta x!

Dear Jooheon! It was hard holding back those tears, right? You put so much effort into promoting Monsta x and giving us the best songs. Keep doing what you love in the future and don’t forget to rest!

Dear Changkyun! You’ve faced a lot of hardships in the beginning, but then you became a part of a family. Your spot in Monsta x is as much well deserved as this first place!

Dear Monbebes! I’m also not good in expressing my feelings, but I’m not only proud of our boys, but of Us too! This first place is ours as well. We’ve been waiting for so long too. There’s a reason to be proud. I’ve never seen a fandom this passionate and hardworking as Monbebes to help our boys live their dreams! Keep up with the good work and share so much more memories together and with Monsta x in the future!

Also a big thanks to Block B, Astro, Hyerin, Yoonho, Youngjae and everyone else who stayed with Monsta x on the stage to congratulate them!

Thank you if you read this awful, cliché, long post, but I have to write out my thoughts and I became emotional. The point is : THANK YOU!

Mark the day 14.11.2017. in your calendars!

woahtherebuddyfriend  asked:

This question is v serious... what cartoons do you think each of the losers likes best? Like the morning after a sleep over which cartoons are each of them looking forward to watching?

I LOVE THIS! So I feel like 1950s/1980s cartoons were kinda limited so I’m going to extend this to 90s cartoons as well if that’s cool.

Bill Denbrough: Scooby-Doo because Bill likes solving a good murder mystery ya feel? Get it? His brother? I’ll see myself out sorry. No but really, Bill likes the idea of a person being behind the mask, it’s a lot less horrifying than the reality he is facing in Derry. Still sad? Oops.

Ben Hanscom: So Ben really likes to watch Hey Arnold! He loves Hulga and Arnold’s character dynamic and honestly used to feel like the Hulga to Beverely’s Arnold if you catch my drift? That all changed when Beverly finally figured out that he was her secret admirer with the amazing poem. He still loves watching it on Saturday mornings with the other Losers. Hey Arnold is usually the first cartoon the group chooses for their morning binge.

Stan Uris: My boy Stan the Man really likes Courage the Cowardly Dog because he is literally Courage. He’s terrified of everything and people keep dragging him into spooky shit unwillingly so he can kinda relate to the poor dog. He loves everything about the show with the only exception is the “Return the Slab” episode because fuck that episode that shit is horrifying for everyone.

Beverly Marsh: So she really likes Eliza Thornberry because fun fact she really loves animals and the idea of traveling the world. The fact that Eliza can talk to animals is so cool to her and she day dreams about helping animals around the world and seeing everything there is to see out there (because fuck Derry). 

Mike Hanlon: Mike loves watching Recess with the other Losers because it reminds him of the Losers Club (without the scary monsters and shit). The show highlights school life and it’s super interesting to him since he’s been home schooled for years. The Losers like to remind him that school isn’t as cool/insane as Recess makes it out to be though.

Richie Tozier: So Richie loves all cartoons but he can’t help but absolutely love watching South Park. Unfortunately, it’s rarely on TV Saturday mornings because it’s inappropriate as fuck so he usually watches it by himself or with Eddie (he loves watching Eddie’s eyes get wide during some of the raunchier episodes). When it’s his turn to pick a cartoon with the Loser’s, Richie normally sides with Eddie’s opinion because he knows that Eddie isn’t able to watch much TV at home because of his mom.

Eddie Kaspbrak: Okay so Eddie is tough because his mom barely ever lets him watch TV because “The radiation from the TV could give you cancer, Edward!” so he’s pretty sheltered when it comes to TV shows. The one cartoon he does like watching is Tom and Jerry. Richie introduced it to him once at a sleepover and they laughed so hard they were crying so it easily makes the list as his number one choice with the Loser’s club.


Request ⇾ can you do a fluffy stan x reader where he can’t sleep the weeks following pennywise’s attack and one night he breaks down and Y/N comforts him?

Warnings ⇾ anxiety, self doubt, mental illness

A/N ⇾ thank you for all of the love I’ve been getting! If you would like to request something just private message me. And feel free to send me asks! I hope you enjoy this!


It was only three weeks after the whole ordeal had taken place but he couldn’t forget, he never would. That event would scar and torture Stanley Uris for the rest of his life, however short or long that may be.

In his mind, he was replaying the exact moment where he turned around in the tunnel, thinking he heard Beverly. Cursing himself, thinking how could he be so stupid? They all knew what It was capable of, he knew all too well, so why did he fool himself into thinking it truly was Beverly? And all of this, the overthinking, the staying up till the early hours of the morning, the not being himself around his friends, did not go unnoticed by Y/N. Y/N noticed it all, how could she not? Y/N and Stanley had been friends since she could remember and they both treasured their friendship more than anything. In fact, Y/N was surprised that her own fear hadn’t been losing Stan, losing her little bird, as she liked to call him.


“Stanley! You can’t go in there, you’ll get mucky!” Seven year old Y/N shouted at her energetic little friend, Stanley Uris.

“I’ll get mucky? We already are! Now come on, I have to see the hummingbird before it gets away!”

Y/N followed Stan through the trees and the flowers. She hoped they wouldn’t be too long, she knew she would get in trouble if she strayed too far away from where they parked their bikes, but for Stan, well, she would do anything.

“Look, look! It’s up there!” Stanley whispered in a quiet hush, he didn’t want to disturb it.


“There! Look, Y/N, beside the other bird. The little bird.”

The two sat under an oak tree watching the birds interact with one another.

“You see, Y/N, you’re like that hummingbird. Unique, charming and weightless.”

“Well, if I’m the hummingbird…. then you must be that, that little bird!”

Y/N was no bird expert, just because she bird watched frequently with Stanley, didn’t mean she had picked up all the tricks of the trade. She could rarely guess the actual type of bird it was, but she always gave it her best go.

“I like that, in fact I like it a lot.” Stan replied with a curt, gracious smile.


Stan snapped upright, reclining his upper body completely vertically. He was screaming and sobbing. He had just had a night terror, he had been having them ever since that night. Y/N shot up alongside Stanley, she immediately turned to her side where Stan lay.

“Stanley! Stan, please calm down. Please, it’s fine. I’m here, I always will be.”

Y/N shook at his shoulders, trying to get him to look at her. If he could only see that she was there for him, he might be able to calm down. He continued screaming though, he was scrambling about on the sheets, desperate to be anywhere but there.

“No! Y/N! You left me, you all did! You made me go into Neibolt, I didn’t want to but you made me!”

Y/N stroked his curly hair in an attempt to soothe him.

“Please, Stanley. Calm down, let’s talk.”

As the girl next to him continued to play with his brown hair and whisper calming things, Stanley soon managed to calm himself down.

“I just can’t stop thinking about it, Y/N.”

He lay his head on her shoulder and continued to cry. He wasn’t holding back, he was letting it all out. All the anxiety, the stress and the events that were breaking him down little by little, were slowly being whittled down as he confessed how he was really feeling.

“It’s just so difficult to forget,” He went on, “I can’t just move on like Richie or like Eddie. I’m not like them and I just can’t do it. I want to, believe me, Y/N. I am trying my best but I keep reliving it in my head. Each time thinking of what I should’ve done and knowing I didn’t do it. I just wish it never happened, Y/N. I want to be normal again.”

His words broke her heart, they truly did. She couldn’t believe he had been bottling this all up but she was so relieved he was finally letting it all come to the surface.

“I know, Stan, I know. I understand why you’re struggling to forget, it’s hard. Some of us, we can forget just like that. But some of us can’t, and it takes longer for us to process things. Both are valid and both are equal. It doesn’t make you any less of the sweet and kind man I know you to be.”

His cries slowly turned into whimpers and them into sniffles.

“I’m so lucky to have you, Y/N. I don’t say it enough, but I truly am grateful. Thanks, Y/N.”

“You’re welcome, my little bird.”

The two sat their for hours. Cuddling, nuzzling and singing sweet songs to one another that they knew the other liked. They both treasured it dearly and Stan knew that this was the start, the start of his recovery.

Lost in Tanslation

AN: Based on a request from @tony——stark. This is my first request piece so sorry if it’s bad. *I was wondering if you could maybe write a seb x reader fic where the reader doesnt speak english, like she speaks romanian or something and seb always has to translate for her and the marvel cast asks if he finds it annoying or something, also can it be kinda angsty and fluffy*
Sorry it’s short xx Genre(s): Fluff, lil angst

You were a Romanian actress. Now that was fine, except the fact that you only spoke Romanian. And you were working on Avengers:Infinity War with only one Romanian speaker. Sebastian Stan. You had developed a good friendship with Sebastian since you were constantly around him but at the same time insecurities tore away at you. The longer you were with Sebastian the more you felt like you were a burden to him. Your English wasn’t great but you heard what people were saying about you when you were walking around the set.
“She’s such a pain to the cast.”
“Surely they could have chosen a better actress who actually spoke English as well.”
“Y/N must be such a burden to Stan, I mean she follows him around like a puppy.”

However, you had thick skin and pushed all the comments aside thinking that if there was ever a major problem the cast would confront you about it. But then there was one evening that pushed you past the limit.
You were doing your workout in the gym, practising the fight sequence for the scenes tomorrow when Robert and Scarlett walked past talking with Anthony Mackie.
“The women must be such a pain for Stan, though. She can’t do anything without him if it involves other people.” Robert was saying and Scarlett made a noise of approval.
“She just kind of hovers. Lizzie and I were going to invite her out for girls night but then we realised Seb would have to come to so we didn’t do it.”
“It must be hard for her as well though, not being able to talk to us without him.” Anthony backs you up and you made a silent note to thank him as you listened carefully.
What most people didn’t know was that since joining the cast, you had started learning English to surprise them. But now it all seemed pointless. The cast didn’t like you anyway by the sounds of things. Tears threatened to build up in your eyes as you silently ran from the gym, the other actors not even noticing you. You didn’t stop until you were on the floor of your trailer, kneeling by your bed and ugly sobs were tearing up your throat. Your mascara run in thick rivers and clumps down your face, dripping and staining your white sports top beneath your face.
More comments swirled around taunting you in your head. Some not as polite as others but all were derogatory towards you. At some point you must have crawled onto the bed because that’s wear you woke up the next morning curled up in the duvet with Seb banging on the door.
“Y/N!” You dragged yourself out of bed, duvet still wrapped around you, and opened the door.
Instantly Romanian rolled off his tongue. “Come on, let’s go for cost- Y/N what’s wrong?”
“Apparently I’m a pain to the cast and I just hover around you like a puppy. You can go without me.” Beginning to push the door closed you turned around but then Seb stuck his foot in the way.
“Y/N, look at me.” He stepped into your trailer as you curled up on the bed. You didn’t look at him but he continued anyway.
“You’re not a pain to me or the cast. I don’t mind having to translate for you because it’s like having a slice of home with me all the time. Please never think that I hate translating for you.” By now, Seb had wrapped you in his arms. You were quiet for a moment relishing his hold around you.
You took a deep breath. “I am learning English.” You said it perfectly and you couldn’t help but let a small smile come on to your face at Seb’s shocked chuckle.

“I’m proud of you, Y/N/N.” Seb whispered in your ear. The cast was about to do one big Q&A and they were all still oblivious to the fact that you were now almost fluent in English. Seb had been a gift from God when it came to helping you with the language late at night in either of your trailers. Smiles made their way onto your face more and you were proud. Tonight was the night you were going to take control of your own answers and say them yourself.
The questions were flying in and soon came your big moment.
“I have a question for Y/N. What’s it like being surrounded by people who don’t necessarily speak your language?”
You glanced at Sebastian and he nodded encouragingly. “To start with it was quite hard but I had a great translator but then I decided to learn English to keep up with conversations.”
You looked around as no one spoken. “I did get that right, didn’t I?” Sebastian burst out into laughter and scooped you up and swung you round as you laughed as well.
“You did it!” You were laughing and high-fiving as the the crowd roared with applause.

st/it crossover: headcanon with babysitter steve

-so it’s canon that the st/it kids would meet one time when joyce took all the kids to visit jonathon at college in maine and instantly take a liking to each other (yes ik the st kids would be older but here they’re all 16/17leave me alone, let me live and dream) (also hopper and joyce are together in this, like the world should be so el and will live together)

-once hopper adopted el, he realized she wouldn’t go anywhere without the rest of the party so him and joyce decided to get a big ass minivan

-it’s summer break so jonathon, nancy and steve are all home from college

-which means babysitter steve is out and ready

-steve was the only one that stayed in hawkins for college which works as a huge plus for joyce and hopper when they go out and need a babysitter

- “mom I’m 15, I don’t need a babysitter”

- “well, you’re still small and fragile and our town is literally insane so I beg to differ”

-the losers and the party have known each other since they were 14 and talk almost everyday and always talk about the losers coming to hawkins

-now that richie finally turned 16 he can drive so the seven packed into his truck and booked it when summer started

-anyway,, one day nancy and jonathon go out on a date

-but hopper and joyce are going out too

-so it’s steve’s time to shine

-however about two hours later, when the losers show up, steve realizes he has his work cut out for him

-stan, lucas and bill are all outside looking at birds and trees and steve sighs in relief when he realizes that those are three less kids he needs to worry about bc I mean, they’re watching the sky

-mike h and dustin are talking about magnets and science and shit bc my smart boys love that shit

-ben shows steve and dustin his poems for his girlfriend samantha back home and dustin goes “I’m going to you for relationship advice from here on out”

- “yeah, me too” says steve

-richie, will, mike w. and eddie are running around the backyard (mike’s actually just chasing richie bc he keeps flirting with will. also richie called mike bitchboy so that boy is anGRY)

-eddie and will are running after them desperately trying to prevent richie’s murder

-bev, el and max are all outside too, sitting on the lone picnic table not so discreetly sharing a cigarette while el moves random things around

-steve almost has a heart attack when eleven moves a chair over richie’s head and drops it on him


-“use them safely”


- “at least she used the plastic chair instead of the metal one”


-steve turning around to see lucas, stan and bill wandering into the woods

-“hey, idiOTS! where the HELL do you think you’re going??? the woods are off limits and I will not taint my reputation by losing ANY kids”

-richie glaring at el so hard that all she can do is smirk in return

-“i wasted gas to come here just to get constantly abused”

-eddie smacking richie on the arm “beep beep richie”

-everyone beeping tf out of richie 25/8

-steve panicking when it’s starts to rain and he heards the group inside

-“im not taking care anyone of you shits if you get sick, so gET INSIDE”

-there’s 13 of them in total so steve is constantly running around trying to locate them

-its so stressful he literally ends up making an attendance sheet

- “okay so we have max, will, mike, other mike, ben, bill, stan, lucas, dustin- where the fuck are beverly, el, richie and eddie?”

-“richie and eddie are probably making out in wills room and beverly and el are smoking outside”

-steve jumps up so fukin quick and drags richie and eddie out of wills room and eddie is sO red

- “great now I have to burn my sheets”

- “oh please we know you’re not as innocent as you look, byers”

-now it’s mike’s turn to go red

- “beep beep, richie. jesus christ im going to get el to drop a bus on you next time” -steve

-when steve finally gets eleven and beverly from outside, he puts a bunch of snacks out and puts on a movie

-bill, stan, max, lucas, will, bev and eleven are all on the couch while dustin, eddie and richie, mike, ben, and mike (he’s sitting under will) are all on the floor

- steve is on the reclining chair watching them all curl up together and his heart swells bc damn he loves his annoying ass kids

-everything is peaceful until richie throws popcorn on el and she dumps a full can of soda on his head some of which ends up on eddie who screams bloody murder and fling his arm up and spraying everyone on couch with his water which leads dustin to commence a food fight

-they spend the rest of the night cleaning and steve just fucking sighs bc he went from being the king of everything to a single mother with 13 fucking kids who have behavioral problems

-(he wouldn’t have it any other way tho)

losers club community au

- its the first day of their first year of community college and the losers don’t know each other yet, but they’re all enrolled in the same spanish class

- richie strolls into class and immediately sets his sights on the tall curly haired boy sitting near the window, and sits in the empty seat next to him

- “what’s a pretty young thing like you doing in a place like this, huh?”

- stan furiously ignores richie for the entire class while richie tries to get his attention with bad pick up lines, the teacher tells him off multiple times for disrupting the rest of the class

- after that class stan leaves and richie loses him in the crowd, so he turns to the person who was sitting behind stan while he packs up his books

- “so, you know anything about that guy?”

“well, we only t-talked once when I asked t-to borrow a pencil, b-but his name is s-Stan, he’s t-t-twenty two, birthday in s-september, lives on campus, has a cousin who lives in v-Vancouver, he likes b-birds, really n-n-nervous about that quiz t-tomorrow, and he’s jewish”

“right on”

- richie spots stan later on in the cafeteria hunched over a textbook and he slides into the seat beside him

- “already stuck in the books on your first day? not gonna lie, that’s pretty hot”

“look, whatever your goal is I’m not interested. I’m just here to pass my classes and get out of here.”

“well maybe i can be of assistance then”

*cue annoyed squint* “what are you talking about?”

“i’m- uh- I’m a … I run a study group”

“i saw you playing angry birds on your phone in class, i don’t really believe you care about studying enough to have a group” 

“well, i’m just taking the class for an easy A, i’m- i’m actually a spanish tutor”

“say that in spanish, then”

duermo tarde espanol, una hora mas, no rayar mi coche


- stan meets richie that afternoon in the study room in the library 

- “stan the man! i think everyone else is running late, so maybe we should get-”

“hi bill!” 

the guy that richie talked to earlier walks in and sits next to stan 

“hope you don’t mind, rich, I told some of our classmates about your study group”

*through gritted teeth* “the more the merrier!”

- soon there are seven of them around the table and richie is like … mhm this went to shit

- and what’s worse is that bill is making eyes at stan and richie is a Jealous son of a bitch

- they all introduce themselves and kind of start talking about what they were doing before college, mike was captain of the football team and prom king and still wears his varsity jacket, and he went to the same high school as eddie though he says he doesn’t remember him (he does) ((that’s a story for another time ;-) )), bill’s a massive movie buff and writes scripts in his spare time, ben’s into architecture and baking and can’t decide which field he wants to go into, and bev used to play keyboard in a vaguely known indie band in high school but kinda fell into hard times so she’s trying to find herself again in college

- stan says he’s going to the bathroom and slips out, and it’s been ten minutes and he isn’t back and richie just kinda Gives Up tm and leaves

- “oh shoot, i forgot something from my locker. i’m gonna go get it, and take my phone and my keys and my jacket with me, you know, in case there’s a fire”

- he books it out towards the quad

- “and, busted”

- stan steps out in front of him and richie thinks he’s done for

- “you caught me, i’m a smoker” stan holds up a half lit cigarette in front of his face and richie breathes a sigh of relief

“yeah, but they’re filtered, so they’re healthy, right?”

“where’re you headed in such a rush anyway?”

“i uh, i think our little group may be untutorable. maybe we should just ditch ‘em and go get dinner, i know a really nice place downtown”

“so you really did just do this to get in my pants. typical”

“what? no. i really am a tutor”

“okay then, let’s go back and you can do your job. and if they really do prove to be untutorable, then i’ll let you take me out”


((idk lol, does anyone want more of this??))

you can’t (stanley uris)

requested by anonymous:  This was for the prompts but could you do a stan one using “I can’t stand the thought of losing you” and “don’t die on me”

i feel like crying :( i love angst oof oh and like has anybody heard the song “too good at goodbyes” by sam smith? it’s a great sad song and i feel like making a fic to it, idk hmm

pair: stan x reader

warnings: angst, cussing maybe?

prompts | request here

it masterlist

“y/n, it got beverly.” bill panted, the others behind and you dropped your library books.

“let’s go.” you say and run out the library, hopping onto your bike, the others following suit. you didn’t hesitate for any second. you didn’t even think about the terrors that will haunt you through the rest of your nights. 

you didn’t even consider how anybody else would feel.

once everybody got to the neibolt house, you threw your bike down and ran up the creaky, moldy wooden steps to the door and opened it.

“come on, hurry we need to get bev!” you rush them as they walk up the steps.

“y-y/n’s r-right, we n-need to go in t-together. th-that w-way, it c-can’t g-get us.” bill stammered, his stutter laced with determination.

“stan?” ben asked, and everyone turned towards the door where stan was frozen to.

“stan? come on.” you coax and he locked eyes with you. scared ones to determined, scared ones. you tried to convince him like how all best friends ddo through their eyes but he looked away.

“we need to talk first.” stan says and he turns back and walks back down the steps.

you turn back to bill and look at him, silently asking him for permission to get stan.

“h-hurry, b-beverly n-needs us.”

you thanked him and ran out the door to get to stan, placing your hand on his shoulder to signal you’re there, “stan? what’s wrong?”

he shook your shoulder off, his expression cold and terrified, causing you to frown.

“you can’t go in there.” he said simply, crossing his hands in front of his chest.

“what’d you mean can’t? you don’t own me stan.” you sass, popping your hip out.

“no, not like that. i just- you just can’t go in there. go home and i’ll go.” stan nudges you towards the fence.

“stan, you heard bill, we all need to-”

“i don’t give a fuck about what bill says y/n! don’t you understand? i can’t stand the thought of losing you to that- that thing!” he bursts out, his voice cracking mid-sentence.

you two grew quiet, tension so heavy in the air that you couldn’t breathe properly. 

“go home, y/n. please.” stan pleaded, reaching out for your hand and squeezing it. you didn’t know how to feel anymore and for a moment, you considered going home. the desparation in stan’s voice sent a chill throughout your spine and it almost swayed you to go. almost.

“stan, you’re my best friend. if you’re going in, i am too and i don’t care if you protest against it,” you huff, tugging him back towards the house, “our friends need us.”

surprisingly, he follows.

“where’s stan?” you ask eddie, who was in the back with you, “stan!”

you walk forward and call out his name, your voice getting even more desperate with each call, “stan! stan, where are you?”

you hear the others call his name but you end up separated from them after you turned the corner.

“guys?” you yell out and when you didn’t get an answer, panic seeps through your veins. you run back the way you came but ended up right back where you started. it wasn’t until you heard your name through the metal door that you ended up somewhere else. but, that somewhere else wasn’t with the others. you were in a big room, items upon items stacked up like a mountain.

then you saw beverly.

“beverly! beverly!” you screech as you see her body floating in mid-air. you try jumping up to pull her down but you weren’t tall enough, “bill! anyone! help me!” 

“y/n?” you hear a sinister voice whisper, making your stomach churn.

“g-get away f-from m-me you demon.” you whisper, turning in circles ensure nothing was coming towards you. or so you thought.

“boo!” it jumped out in front of you and you screamed so loud, your chest ached. it tried to grab you but you jumped back and grabbed the nearest object to throw at him.

“don’t be scared, y/n. relax, you can float with us.” it giggled, gesturing to the many bodies in the air. you threw the object at it but nothing happened, “i guess i’ll take you the hard way.”

with those words, it transformed itself into a pitch black figure and came closer to you, the figure slowly dissolving into smoke. you scramble back, your heart pounding and blood rushing.

“stan! stan! help me!” you cry out, backing against a wall. the smoke surrounded you and wrapped around your neck, slowly squeezing the air out of you. 

this is it. this is how i die. fuck clowns, especially this one.

the last thing you remember before blacking out is a gold glow and teeth.

“stan! stan! help me!” rang out through the sewers. stan swore his heartbeat increased by a hundred.

“that’s y/n! that’s her! y/n? i’‘m coming!” he shouts, running across the greywater and into the huge room, the other boys running close behind.

he scanned the room and saw you and beverly floating, “look it’s them!”

stan and the other boys pull you and beverly down, holding the two of you down. as ben violently shakes beverly, he looked at you and shivered at your blank eyes and lost expression.

“y/n? y/n, please wake up. please, i haven’t told you the things i needed to tell you yet. l-like how i was the one who fucked up your science project, how i ate your hamburger and spit it out, i didn’t even get to tell you that i love you. so please, don’t die on me.” he whimpered, pressing his forehead against yours.

“try kissing her, lover boy did it and bev woke up.” richie said, his voice humorous but laced with a quiver.

stan glanced at your lips and pressed his against them and pulled away momentarily. his grip tightened on your shoulders when you didn’t seem to wake up, “give me a miracle.”

then, your eyes closed and bursted wide open. you gasped for air as if there wasn’t enough around you. as your breaths regulated, you took in your surroundings and more importantly, the person in front of you.

“you fucked up my science project? you asshole.” you breathed out, a small smirk on your face. stan let out a sigh of relief and pulled you in tight.

“thank god, i swear i thought i lost you. damn it, you should listen more often!” he pulled you in even closer, his hands in your hair, pressing soft kisses on your head.

“i love you too, uris.” you whisper, barely audible.

stan’s breath hitched and he let you out of his grip, his mouth slightly agape. “you heard?”

you nodded your head weakly, slowly standing up and you felt your heart leap a bit when his lips curved into a smile. he stood up and looked at you longingly and pressed another kiss on your lips, one which you gladly returned.

for a second, things seemed amazing.

“yo lovers! we gonna kill a clown or what?” richie called and you turned to face them.

“let’s kill that scumbag.” you smile, lacing your hand into stan’s.

turns out, kill him you did.

School Days Pt. 5 (Losers Club/Reader)

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part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4

(A/N: Also very Stan/Reader leaning in this part. It be like that sometimes. If this sucks it’s because I suck, actually. I’d rather die than proofread this so come eat the hell)

Summary: The Losers Club meets the reader and Stan at his house for an emergency meeting.

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i have a fic i should be working on instead but this popped into my head and it wouldn’t go away so i present to you stozier college!au with soccer player stan and theater major richie

  • this is an au where most of the losers met in college with a few exceptions
  • mike, stan, and eddie grew up together, played soccer together and all went to the same college when they were offered scholarships ( their hometown always said that it was because of them that they won the championships all four years the boys were in high school ), they even get an apartment together to make thing easier
  • that’s when they meet bill because they have on extra place and it doesn’t take long for bill to fit right in
  • richie didn’t meet any of the losers until he came to college but he had to take a literature class his first semester and that’s where he met ben and they hit it off immediately
  • ben introduced him to beverly and they became a trio who got along fantastically. richie and bev always found a chance to smoke between classes and richie was good at getting ben to come out of his shell more and to be a little less shy ( bev had already made a lot of progress in that regard but richie is loud and out there so he was able to push ben the rest of the way out of his shell )
  • richie and bill meet during a theater production. richie and bill actually compete for the lead but bill ends up getting the part and richie plays the goofy sidekick and he’s honestly amazing at it. everyone loves him. ( he gets more serious parts as well as the years go on and he likes them but he finds that he enjoys playing the goofy characters more because then he gets to do fun voices and channel all of his excess energy)
  • stan see’s richie for the first time when he’s performing, mike and eddie had pulled him away from studying to go watch bill perform (stan considers bill one of his best friends, maybe even closer with him than he is with mike and eddie but he also knows that mike and eddie are trying to find a way for the three of them to be in a relationship, they both bring him roses at the end of the performance)
  • stan finds that he laughs every time that richie is on stage, his eyes are glued to him. he’s gangly and awkward like he never quite grew into his limbs and his hair is slicked back for the part but there’s something oddly charming about it
  • cut to after the show, mike and eddie are surrounding bill and giving him his roses so stan approaches richie once his own fans have separated a bit
  • stan actually hesitates for a moment because the gel had started to come out of richie’s hair and he just looks unbelievably adorable and dorky
  • the hesitation stops when richie looks at him and winks, “do i have a shy admirer over there? i don’t bite…unless you’re into that. you look like you’d be into that.”
  • stan scoffs and rolls his eyes before telling richie that he was amazing in the show and that he’s half tempted to watch it again just for his performance
  • richie is about to respond with a witty one liner ( read as: cheesy ) that he’s sure will get him stan’s number when bev and ben are approaching and giving richie hugs and congratulating him. inviting him out to dinner for a post show celebration and richie gets caught up in the moment of being with his best friends that by the time he looks back over to where stan had been standing, the curly haired boy had made his way back over to his friend and they were leaving
  • his heart drops completely into his stomach and he can’t quite explain why. he hadn’t even learned the boys name, just seen how incredibly handsome he was. 
  • he definitely starts lusting after him and stalks through half the schools instagram trying to find him but they go to a huge college and, again, richie doesn’t even have his name
  • sometimes he gets glimpses of stan at the shows that bill is also in but the boy never approaches him like he did that first time and richie never has time to approach him because he has to talk to all the people that come to support him. he actually does have people who call themselves his fans.
  • it’s a year later when bev invites him to come to a soccer game. she had been talking to bill in class and he wanted to go support his boyfriends and his roommate/best friend and didn’t want to go alone.
  • bev agrees and then invites ben and richie to come as well
  • richie has been so proud of himself for never going to a sports game in all of his years at college but bev somehow casually drops that stan is on the team and is bill’s roommate (not one of bill’s boyfriends though)
  • “your story wouldn’t be as romantic if i helped you”
  • he turns to ben with puppy dog eyes “did you know about this too, benny boy? how could you, the true love and light of my life, betray me like this” ben pushes richie away and laughs when he tries to put an arm around him but he does apologize for not saying anything.
  • flash forward to the next day when they all go to the game. they’re all dressed in light blue ( that’s the color the team wears ), and bill is on his feet as soon as all the starting players are announced ( stan, mike, and eddie are all starting players )
  • all that richie can think about is LEGS
  • stan’s legs look damn GOOD in that uniform
  • he ends up cheering just as loudly as bill despite the fact that he doesn’t really know what’s going on
  • their school’s team ends up winning and richie is screaming “YEAH WE FUCKING WON FUCK YOU GUYS” and other obscenities until bev finally puts a hand over his mouth when they get a warning look from a parent sitting a couple of seats away
  • ben is laughing so hard he can barely stand up
  • they meet up with the guys after and they’re all sweaty and gross after playing but richie doesn’t hesitate to stride forward and use his hands to smoosh stan’s cheeks. “i am in love with you.”
  • stan rolls his eyes and is glad that it’s easy to hide his grin when his face is smooshed, harder to his his blush though
  • richie is suddenly really into soccer after this. ben and bev don’t always tag along but bill always wants to support mike and eddie so they usually carpool to the away games
  • everyone is waiting for stan and richie to officially get together but all they do is banter and flirt and the other’s are so annoyed with their nonsense 
  • their first kiss happens after a game one night, richie offers to walk stan home because the other boy always took ages in the showers and his roommates were getting sick of waiting for them. stan doesn’t seem disappointed to walk out and see richie waiting for him and they fall into step beside each other easily enough.
  • richie is feeling oddly sentimental, “how come you never talked to me again?”
  • “what?”
  • “after the first performance, how come you never spoke to me again?”
  • stan seems surprised by the question, just shrugging.
  • “c’mon stanley. were you too intimidated by my devilish good looks?”
  • “the first thought i had when i saw you was ‘this guy is a complete dork’“ which isn’t entirely true but it shuts richie up for a moment while stan thinks about it.
  • “after that you always seemed to have fans surrounding you and while i do consider myself a richie tozier fan, i didn’t want you to think of me that way.”
  • richie is an idiot so he ignores everything except, “you’re a fan of me?”
  • “i just said that, idiot.”
  • richie is about to say more, probably tease stan, when stan pushes him up against the wall and presses their lips together. effectively shutting richie up.
  • the kiss lasts until they both need to pull away for air and richie’s hair is slightly messy from stan running his fingers through it and now they’re both grinning like idiots
  • somehow they’re still not dating
  • stan goes to every single one of richie’s shows even if it means seeing the same production ten times and richie goes to every soccer game.
  • championships come around and stan spends more time training and gets all stressed over it and one night richie finally gets him to sit down so they can watch star wars together or something and stan looks like he wants to say something all night but everytime richie asks he just gets brushed off
  • they don’t see each other over the next three days and stan seems to be avoiding richie but richie still goes with all of their other friends to watch the championship game
  • it’s tense, both teams are crazy talented.
  • things get worse when there ten minutes left in the game and someone collides with stan when going after the ball.
  • stan’s cry of agony is audible to everyone when he crumples on to the field, clutching his leg.
  • ben and bill have to restrain richie from running onto the field
  • eddie and mike end up having to carry stan off the field and the game continues while the on-site medics provide icepacks ( there are plans to get him to the hospital after the game, stan refuses to leave during such an important game. it’s bad for team morale he says even though he’s crying )
  • their team wins and richie finally bolts until he gets to stan’s side just as they’re about to help him to the ambulance
  • “are you his family? close relative?” the paramedics ask
  • richie is about to say no, that they’re just really close friends when stan speaks up voice strained. “he’s my boyfriend.”
  • that’s enough for the paramedics and they get stan into the ambulance and richie hops in beside him, immediately taking his hand.
  • they’re quiet for a bit, “boyfriend, huh?”
  • stan groans, “i was going to ask you the other night but i didn’t want you to say no. this game was coming up and you’re my good luck charm and i don’t think i would have been able to handle the rejection. i don’t want to be just friends with you, richie.”
  • “i figured that out when you kissed me.”
  • stan is staring at him blank faced and richie sighs, “stan, i’ve wanted to be with you since the first time we spoke. you can ask beverly if you don’t believe me.”
  • there’s no response as stan pulls richie down for a kiss, it ends up being very messy with how much the two of them are smiling
  • richie holds stan’s hand as he gets his leg checked, he stays with him for moral support when he finds out that he’s going to need surgery to fix it, he sticks around when stan gets frustrated with physical therapy and just wants to give up even though they both know it’s his dream to play professionally.
  • richie is there when, a year later, stan is finally back out on the field doing what he loves. after all of this time richie still stares at stan’s legs for a majority of the game.
  • it’s his last performance of his college career when stan approaches him immediately after the performance. usually he would wait until all of richies fans had cleared out ( the number had grown throughout the years ) but this time it’s like he’s on a mission
  • richie can’t help but fear the worst. stan is going to break up with him, all of their plans to move out to california and get an apartment together were going to be ruined.
  • “you look like a dork.” stan’s voice is incredibly fond.
  • richie’s smile is shaky, “you love my horrible fashion sense.”
  • “i do.”
  • and then stan is dropping down on to one knee and all of the people around them have started to squeal when stan pulls out the ring box and looks up at richie.
  • “richie tozier, will you marry me?”
my fav lil things abt jimin

- when a hateful hashtag for hobi demanding him to be kicked out started, he made a post of himself spelling “j-hope!” and wrote “i’m posting a hope tweet for the hope-hyung tht i love”
- understands armys on a different lvl (a prime example is when he exposes jk’s triceps when he was doing push-ups)
- “#JIMIN”
- invented the Pushing Your Hair Back action
- his need to go to the washroom backstage
- tfw he uses his entire upper half to feel the beat of ‘house of cards’ ya feel
- how he helped yoongi both times for his bday project
- has this habit of jumping up and down when he’s rly excited abt a certain idea (that hide&seek bomb when he tried rly hard to get tae to agree staying in one spot)
- so kind he doesn’t release any covers knowing his stans will not be ready for such torture
- “J-I-M-I-N WOW”
- how he’s the first to pop up when you search up ‘rly soft rice cake ’ in korean
- underrated drawing skills
- tfw he giggles uncontrollably
- his legs suddenly becoming weak when he gets rly rly embarrassed
- his sriracha looking hair in dope era
- covering his mouth when he laughs
- blanking out during radio shows
- sticks out his tongue when he messes up
- seemingly forced to do things but secretly enjoys it and would prob do it again in a heartbeat
- a hobby of his: betraying tae
- “jeon jeonnNnguUukkieeEeeEee~~”
- jokes around w tae saying he ended the live broadcast
- how his favourite music is rapmom’s voice
- shamelessly sticking his ass up and shaking it
- buying hobi rly expensive footwear for his bday
- always stays behind monitoring tae’s individual shots and his proud face when he compliments him
- basically monitoring every member
- holds grudges
- helps film eatjin
- when he suddenly turns around and puts his face in between his legs and……shakes lmao
- rly random english phrases here and there like “ayo whaddup”
- a soft-hearted guardian for the maknae line
- enjoys listening to rapmom’s voice
- private interviews with jeongguk bc why not
- supports #JinOnTheStreet
- holds his own dancing style
-yknow tht thing he does when he tilts his head back and you see his jawline and his fluff hair and everything is good
- he just has so much kindness, fondness, and loveliness within him
- simply put he is the embodiment of an angel walking on earth

jin | yoongs | hobi | hobi pt.2 | rapmom | tae | jk

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Dude, I'm in the mood for angst so give me some angsty (maybe sorta sad) stike headcanons

  • stan and mike are the outcasts from the outcasts
  • they rarely have time to be together alone
  • but when they do they need to be super careful
    • i mean come on, henry bowers would have a field day if he caught a black boy and a jewish boy holding hands
  • they do little things
    • a brush of the shoulder in the hallway
    • a note that says “im here”
  • stan wants to bring mike over during a family party
  • his parents say no but he does it anyways
  • the stares mike gets as hes the only black non-jewish person at the party
  • he can feel the disgust in their eyes
  • its much like how henry looks at him
    • but this is stan’s family
    • this is his boyfriend’s family
    • it hurts so much more because he knows they’ll never accept him as stan’s friend much less his lover
  • mike suggests that they break up
  • “your family hates me” 
    “i don’t care about my family” 
    “yes you do stop lying”
  • to prove his love stan grabs him by the hand and walks with him to the quarry to watch a movie
    • mike is in tears, his head down so no one can see him
    • everyone notices
    • everyone stares
    • he’s used to that
  • the girl selling them movie tickets gives them a really hard time
  • but stan stays strong 
  • they watch the movie in the dark together holding hands, not really paying attention to whats on screen but more of the fact theyre holding hands in public in derry fucking maine.
  • they get out of the movie and walk home
    • of course henry bowers shows up 
    • henry is livid, he’s disgusted
  • henry beats the living hell out of mike 
  • stan gets him home
    • mike doesnt come to the barrens for 2 weeks
    • hes too scared
  • they drift away slowly, knowing they would have to be stuck in privacy if they pursued a relationship
  • stan is the first person mike calls, eager to hear his old lovers voice
    • mike crumbles when he gets the call of stan passing away
    • he had hope for a future, for their future, but it was dead the minute he thought it was a possibility
Aaron Michael Minyard

Lets talk about Aaron Minyard… now before all of you look away or ignore this because, lbr, almost everyone in this fandom is a piece of shit towards him… anyway…just think back to when Aaron was growing up,, he was beaten probably on a daily basis and turned to drugs for a way out cause he didn’t know what else to do. Aaron’s mother put a roof over his head, he would of had his own room,, he still loved her even tho she beat him,, then his brother who just turned up out of no where (who he didn’t even know existed) , Aaron actually wanted to know his brother, because maybe he would be able to handle his mother if another person was there, yes there was Nicky, but he was in Germany with his own struggle *im not blaming nicky ok*.

People deal with trauma in many different ways, and the book series is heavily focused on Neil’s perspective, thus having a not so friendly outtake on Aaron.(This does not excuse any homophobic language he uses). Aaron was given the opportunity to go to collage? (soz im aussie) and actually study! He wants to go to med school, TO HELP PEOPLE, because he couldn’t really help himself so he wants to help other people. He has other interests then exy okay.

 Aaron has witnessed his brother get r*aped and killed the man who did it, just to (quite quickly) reveal that his brother and Neil are ‘not’ dating, yeah I’d be like what the flying fuck. Now for Aaron this does not in any way excuse his homophobic slurs, but this does not mean we should excuse other foxes horrible actions *and yes don’t try to deny all the shitty things the foxes have done, they are foxes for a damn reason*, all the foxes are assholes and that’s what makes them foxes okay. Support to Aaron cause no one else fucking does and appreciate him cause he has never fucking experienced that. 

I am in no way defending his actions for using homophobic slurs but i still have so much respect for him, he has also grown up with shit that he has to deal with, so while everyone loves Andrew, ill always go back to Aaron cause he has dealt with shit but because he isnt a *main protagonist* his problems weren’t gone into detail. Andrews recovery was spoken 1000x more than Arron’s, but these boys don’t care whether you see them recovering or not. And I’m stating this now that if Aaron was fucking Gay or Bi yall would stan this kid so hard and love him. Yeah it was clear that Aaron wasn’t too cosy with the foxes but he stayed with the foxes to get an education! something that he couldn’t do before, THIS KID IS ALLOWED TO DO SOMETHING FOR HIMSELF HE DESERVES TO BE ABLE TO GET AN EDUCATION he works so hard for a future, because he can have one! nothing excuses him for using those slurs but fuck he has also gone through shit and people need to fucking acknowledge that.

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um can i get uhhhhhhh bichie soulmate part 2

Part One / Two / Three

Legit I had no time to edit this but I have to get ready for a show tonight, so I figured you guys would prefer that I got it out now rather than it be 100% perfect and not out until like Monday sometime!

Warnings: Cute shit, upset Richie, bloody lips

Word Count: 2742

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