i used to stan you so hard :(

honestly i’m so tired of people treating makeup and fashion like they can’t be hobbies. like it’s all right for a guy to know every player on every sports team or every car model but when a girl knows every makeup brand or every hand bag on the market she’s a brainless superficial ditz. like it’s a hobby and it doesn’t inhibit us from knowing about politics or what’s going on in the world, so why do assholes care so much that we also know every lipstick shade mac has ever come out with???

Do What I Tell You - Mitch Rapp

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Mitch Rapp/Reader

Word Count: 12,059

Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Oral (both receiving), Multiple Orgasms, Orgasm Denial, Bar Sex, Death of bad guys, Sir, Voyeurism, Unprotected Sex, Spanking, Choking, Rough Sex, Mutual Masturbation, Fluffy Sex

Notes: Whoops. I feel asleep earlier and didn’t finish till now. Sorry for the long wait. Lemme know how you like thissssss. Oh and happy extended Mitch Week for @stilinski-jpeg and @minhosmeanhoe (I love you guys).

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bts actually did That. they are literally paving the way for other kpop groups as i type this. they went from starved broke trainees to $$rich$$ men and spilling coke on expensive suits. they went from ‘do you know annyeonghasaeyo?’ to ‘y'all and y'all’s parents and y'all’s ancestors all know about us’. they went from rookie award to daesang to billboard music awards. they worked so hard and they didn’t give up and here they are now. stanning bts will truly never be the same after this, but i sure am proud to call myself an ARMY.

Lost in Tanslation

AN: Based on a request from @tony——stark. This is my first request piece so sorry if it’s bad. *I was wondering if you could maybe write a seb x reader fic where the reader doesnt speak english, like she speaks romanian or something and seb always has to translate for her and the marvel cast asks if he finds it annoying or something, also can it be kinda angsty and fluffy*
Sorry it’s short xx Genre(s): Fluff, lil angst

You were a Romanian actress. Now that was fine, except the fact that you only spoke Romanian. And you were working on Avengers:Infinity War with only one Romanian speaker. Sebastian Stan. You had developed a good friendship with Sebastian since you were constantly around him but at the same time insecurities tore away at you. The longer you were with Sebastian the more you felt like you were a burden to him. Your English wasn’t great but you heard what people were saying about you when you were walking around the set.
“She’s such a pain to the cast.”
“Surely they could have chosen a better actress who actually spoke English as well.”
“Y/N must be such a burden to Stan, I mean she follows him around like a puppy.”

However, you had thick skin and pushed all the comments aside thinking that if there was ever a major problem the cast would confront you about it. But then there was one evening that pushed you past the limit.
You were doing your workout in the gym, practising the fight sequence for the scenes tomorrow when Robert and Scarlett walked past talking with Anthony Mackie.
“The women must be such a pain for Stan, though. She can’t do anything without him if it involves other people.” Robert was saying and Scarlett made a noise of approval.
“She just kind of hovers. Lizzie and I were going to invite her out for girls night but then we realised Seb would have to come to so we didn’t do it.”
“It must be hard for her as well though, not being able to talk to us without him.” Anthony backs you up and you made a silent note to thank him as you listened carefully.
What most people didn’t know was that since joining the cast, you had started learning English to surprise them. But now it all seemed pointless. The cast didn’t like you anyway by the sounds of things. Tears threatened to build up in your eyes as you silently ran from the gym, the other actors not even noticing you. You didn’t stop until you were on the floor of your trailer, kneeling by your bed and ugly sobs were tearing up your throat. Your mascara run in thick rivers and clumps down your face, dripping and staining your white sports top beneath your face.
More comments swirled around taunting you in your head. Some not as polite as others but all were derogatory towards you. At some point you must have crawled onto the bed because that’s wear you woke up the next morning curled up in the duvet with Seb banging on the door.
“Y/N!” You dragged yourself out of bed, duvet still wrapped around you, and opened the door.
Instantly Romanian rolled off his tongue. “Come on, let’s go for cost- Y/N what’s wrong?”
“Apparently I’m a pain to the cast and I just hover around you like a puppy. You can go without me.” Beginning to push the door closed you turned around but then Seb stuck his foot in the way.
“Y/N, look at me.” He stepped into your trailer as you curled up on the bed. You didn’t look at him but he continued anyway.
“You’re not a pain to me or the cast. I don’t mind having to translate for you because it’s like having a slice of home with me all the time. Please never think that I hate translating for you.” By now, Seb had wrapped you in his arms. You were quiet for a moment relishing his hold around you.
You took a deep breath. “I am learning English.” You said it perfectly and you couldn’t help but let a small smile come on to your face at Seb’s shocked chuckle.

“I’m proud of you, Y/N/N.” Seb whispered in your ear. The cast was about to do one big Q&A and they were all still oblivious to the fact that you were now almost fluent in English. Seb had been a gift from God when it came to helping you with the language late at night in either of your trailers. Smiles made their way onto your face more and you were proud. Tonight was the night you were going to take control of your own answers and say them yourself.
The questions were flying in and soon came your big moment.
“I have a question for Y/N. What’s it like being surrounded by people who don’t necessarily speak your language?”
You glanced at Sebastian and he nodded encouragingly. “To start with it was quite hard but I had a great translator but then I decided to learn English to keep up with conversations.”
You looked around as no one spoken. “I did get that right, didn’t I?” Sebastian burst out into laughter and scooped you up and swung you round as you laughed as well.
“You did it!” You were laughing and high-fiving as the the crowd roared with applause.

Happy 20th Birthday Jungkook 💜

Our Golden Maknae turns 20 today! This will be a little dedication post for JK -

Thank you for choosing BigHit, thank you for being in Bangtan - just like without any other member, without you BTS will not be BTS.

I can’t begin to explain how proud I am of you and all that you’ve achieved at this age… like hello I’m the same age as you and I’m still a couch potato 🙃😂

I feel like a proud mother watching you grow up 😭 gosh I’m so proud of myself stanning such incredible human beings. 🤧

Thank you for always providing us with amazing covers, that we know you work so incredibly hard for.

Thank you for taking the time to learn languages so that you can communicate with us ARMYs, you have no idea how appreciative we are of that.

Thank you for being you.

I could go on forever JJK. But last and never the least, thank you for being born. Everyday I am inspired by you, thank you for giving me motivation.

생일축하해 전정국💜 사랑합니다!!


In 1994, Stan made his first million. Profits over the course of the last 12 years finally tipped over and altogether reached a million. 

Stan sat back in his desk chair when he realized this. He had a ringing in his ears as Pa’s words from 22 years ago echoed back to him. “Well this time you cost our family potential millions! And until you make us a fortune, you aren’t welcome in this household.”

Well, he’d done it. He’d made a million. And it would only grow. It had to, if Stan was going to make enough to save Ford. 

Stan’s body trembled. He let out a broken sob and cried. Cried himself out over the numbers and figures displaying the news. He’d finally done it. Too late, as usual. Being a liar and a cheat, as usual. Pa was dead. Ford was trapped. Ma wasn’t safe to call. His family was already so far splintered, he wouldn’t recognize it even if he used a whole vat of glue to stick it back together.

When Stan could get his breathing under control, he picked up the phone and dialed a number…


“Hey. Is this a good time? I feel like we should talk.”

“Stanford?! Is that you?”

Stan flinched but answered. “It’s me, Shermie. Sorry it’s been a while, huh?”

Shermie had more than few things to say, questions to ask–the ‘why nows’ hard, but necessary. The brothers talked. Shooting the breeze. Reconnecting slowly, as brothers and friends. Sam jumped on the line at one point, and Stan spoke to his nephew. Shermie’s wife did as well.

By the end of the call, Stan felt more like he belonged than anything else had made him feel in years

He almost laughed as an old adage came to him.

He felt like a million dollars.

(And if his almost laughter turned to choked sobs, well, no one was around to witness it. He’d made sure of that.)

my fav lil things abt jimin

- when a hateful hashtag for hobi demanding him to be kicked out started, he made a post of himself spelling “j-hope!” and wrote “i’m posting a hope tweet for the hope-hyung tht i love”
- understands armys on a different lvl (a prime example is when he exposes jk’s triceps when he was doing push-ups)
- “#JIMIN”
- invented the Pushing Your Hair Back action
- his need to go to the washroom backstage
- tfw he uses his entire upper half to feel the beat of ‘house of cards’ ya feel
- how he helped yoongi both times for his bday project
- has this habit of jumping up and down when he’s rly excited abt a certain idea (that hide&seek bomb when he tried rly hard to get tae to agree staying in one spot)
- so kind he doesn’t release any covers knowing his stans will not be ready for such torture
- “J-I-M-I-N WOW”
- how he’s the first to pop up when you search up ‘rly soft rice cake ’ in korean
- underrated drawing skills
- tfw he giggles uncontrollably
- his legs suddenly becoming weak when he gets rly rly embarrassed
- his sriracha looking hair in dope era
- covering his mouth when he laughs
- blanking out during radio shows
- sticks out his tongue when he messes up
- seemingly forced to do things but secretly enjoys it and would prob do it again in a heartbeat
- a hobby of his: betraying tae
- “jeon jeonnNnguUukkieeEeeEee~~”
- jokes around w tae saying he ended the live broadcast
- how his favourite music is rapmom’s voice
- shamelessly sticking his ass up and shaking it
- buying hobi rly expensive footwear for his bday
- always stays behind monitoring tae’s individual shots and his proud face when he compliments him
- basically monitoring every member
- holds grudges
- helps film eatjin
- when he suddenly turns around and puts his face in between his legs and……shakes lmao
- rly random english phrases here and there like “ayo whaddup”
- a soft-hearted guardian for the maknae line
- enjoys listening to rapmom’s voice
- private interviews with jeongguk bc why not
- supports #JinOnTheStreet
- holds his own dancing style
-yknow tht thing he does when he tilts his head back and you see his jawline and his fluff hair and everything is good
- he just has so much kindness, fondness, and loveliness within him
- simply put he is the embodiment of an angel walking on earth

jin | yoongs | hobi | hobi pt.2 | rapmom | tae | jk

Aaron Michael Minyard

Lets talk about Aaron Minyard… now before all of you look away or ignore this because, lbr, almost everyone in this fandom is a piece of shit towards him… anyway…just think back to when Aaron was growing up,, he was beaten probably on a daily basis and turned to drugs for a way out cause he didn’t know what else to do. Aaron’s mother put a roof over his head, he would of had his own room,, he still loved her even tho she beat him,, then his brother who just turned up out of no where (who he didn’t even know existed) , Aaron actually wanted to know his brother, because maybe he would be able to handle his mother if another person was there, yes there was Nicky, but he was in Germany with his own struggle *im not blaming nicky ok*.

People deal with trauma in many different ways, and the book series is heavily focused on Neil’s perspective, thus having a not so friendly outtake on Aaron.(This does not excuse any homophobic language he uses). Aaron was given the opportunity to go to collage? (soz im aussie) and actually study! He wants to go to med school, TO HELP PEOPLE, because he couldn’t really help himself so he wants to help other people. He has other interests then exy okay.

 Aaron has witnessed his brother get r*aped and killed the man who did it, just to (quite quickly) reveal that his brother and Neil are ‘not’ dating, yeah I’d be like what the flying fuck. Now for Aaron this does not in any way excuse his homophobic slurs, but this does not mean we should excuse other foxes horrible actions *and yes don’t try to deny all the shitty things the foxes have done, they are foxes for a damn reason*, all the foxes are assholes and that’s what makes them foxes okay. Support to Aaron cause no one else fucking does and appreciate him cause he has never fucking experienced that. 

I am in no way defending his actions for using homophobic slurs but i still have so much respect for him, he has also grown up with shit that he has to deal with, so while everyone loves Andrew, ill always go back to Aaron cause he has dealt with shit but because he isnt a *main protagonist* his problems weren’t gone into detail. Andrews recovery was spoken 1000x more than Arron’s, but these boys don’t care whether you see them recovering or not. And I’m stating this now that if Aaron was fucking Gay or Bi yall would stan this kid so hard and love him. Yeah it was clear that Aaron wasn’t too cosy with the foxes but he stayed with the foxes to get an education! something that he couldn’t do before, THIS KID IS ALLOWED TO DO SOMETHING FOR HIMSELF HE DESERVES TO BE ABLE TO GET AN EDUCATION he works so hard for a future, because he can have one! nothing excuses him for using those slurs but fuck he has also gone through shit and people need to fucking acknowledge that.

Just Friends. (Tom Holland Imagine)

I’ve been wanting to write about Tom Holland/Peter Parker for a while now. So if you have any Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Tom Holland requests, please send them! 


I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

Naturally, when two young celebrities play lovers on a movie or television show, everyone would speculate that the two are dating or eventually will date. You had a long contract with Marvel ever since you were fourteen. Your character had been introduced as Tony Stark’s daughter in Iron Man 2. Now in Civil War being your third movie in the MCU, you were finally shown a love interest. And that was MCU newbie, Tom Holland. 

In a panel for the new Captain America movie, your characters’ romance had been a main topic of interest for questions. “Tom, did you have to read with (Y/N) when you first auditioned?” A fan asked. You shot up and glared at Sebastian Stan, the only person whom you shared your secret attraction towards the British actor. 

Tom smiled a little. “Oh, yes. I did read with (Y/N) but it wasn’t my first audition. It was when they had their final choices and they had each one of us read with this lovely creature.” He swung his arm around your shoulders and many fans awed at his notion. 

Sebastian cleared his throat and your eyes widened giving him a warning. “Fun fact that not everyone knows, but they had a hard time decided who to choose so they asked (Y/N) who she thought she got along with the most. She chose Tom.” You felt a light blush creeping onto your cheeks as you awkwardly pulled away from Tom. 

“The other guys were old enough to be my dad.” You sassed, making the crowd burst into laughter. 

“This one is for (Y/N), actually.” A new fan questioned after being handed the microphone. “And well, Tom can answer as well, but did the on-screen romance transfer to a real life one as well?” Your jaw clenched, thinking of an answer that wouldn’t give away your huge tiny crush on Tom. 

“No.” You said, softly. “We’re Just Friends.” 

What you didn’t see was how Tom slouched back into his seat, his confidence draining. Did he read into your signs wrong? You leaning into him for comfort, Sebastian and RDJ encouraging him to court you, you resting your head on his shoulder after long car rides? Was it all because you thought of him as just a friend? 

After the panel, you all disbanded to look around the convention and take pictures with any fans. You noticed how distant Tom had been from you throughout the day and whenever you tried to talk to him, he always found something to preoccupy himself with. 

A little girl came up to Tom and hugged his leg. Her mother chased after her, scolding her and apologizing.Tom shook his head and said it was fine before scooping the child up. “Hey, there.” He smiled at the girl. 

“Can Peter and (Y/C/N) be my mommy and daddy?” She asked, looking at him with starry eyes. 

Before Tom could bluntly reply a no, you came up to the pair and smiled at the little girl in his arms. “Of course, baby.” You cooed as the three of you posed to take a picture. Tom handed the girl back to her mother and quickly excused himself to go check out the Spider-Man booth that sat across the convention. “Are you avoiding me?“ You questioned, grabbing onto his arm before he could leave.

“Course not, buddy.” He replied. You looked taken aback by the name. Never in your time of knowing Tom have you ever heard him call you buddy it had always been angel, love, or lovely. “What? Isn’t that what we are? Friends? Buddies?” 

Your shoulders sank down. “Did I offend you?” You asked. “If I did, I’m sorry for saying the truth. We’re just friends, Tom.” 

“What if I don’t want to be?” He snapped. Your eyes widened as you encouraged him to go on. “I like you, (Y/N). It’s a massive crush. When I was called back to read with you, I was so afraid that I’d mess up because you made me so nervous. My palms are sweaty when you’re near me and my heart beats faster than it should. And for you to say that we’re just friends hurts because I thought you felt something more too.” 

He turned to walk away from you but you pulled him back once again. “(Y/N) don’t-” You cut him off by standing on your tip toes and pulling him into a kiss. You pulled away after a few moments, raising your eyebrows at him. “You did that ‘cause you feel bad for me?” 

“I did that because I don’t see you as just a friend.” You muttered. 

In the distance, you couldn’t hear them, but Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan were giving you two knowing looks while Chris Evans had his jaw dropped. “Here’s fifty bucks, fellas.” Chris Evans said handing the two the green paper. “I thought he’d for sure make the first move.” 

rebuttals to bighit  defenders and jin antis

This so-called “borderline emotional abuse” of calling someone fat is very common in Korea and East Asia as a whole.

Doesn’t mean it still hurts to be called fat. Especially when the standard is to look slim.

This whole business about lines needs to fucking stop. Do you see One Republic fans making a big deal out of “line distribution” because Ryan gets all the “lines”? In fact, I don’t think their fans could give a flying fuck as to how many seconds or how much screen time each member gets on their own instrument.

Um sorry this is one of the worst arguments I’ve seen in my life. 1) The KPop industry and the American music industry are completely different in terms of management and artists (auditioning to be put in a group vs starting off on YouTube) and 2) OneRepublic is a band, BTS is a boyband for lack of better words. You can’t compare the two. Ryan is the lead singer because everyone else has there roles. Jin is a vocalist and visual but he barely gets lines or screen time. You can’t compare the two. 

What is line distribution when it comes to how a song sounds? Is Jin really good enough of a dancer to be at the front? Over Jimin, who majored in dance, and Hoseok, who toughed it out in the underground? Jungkook, who can self-teach himself Chris Martin choreographies? Fans might want Jin to get more lines or more dance parts or more screentime or more attention or more respect but this “A+ for effort” “medal of participation” is not going to work if BTS wants to keep going higher.

Please tell me there are two arguments in this. A song sounds different because of line distribution. Have you ever heard the studio version of “Spring Day” compared to the live version where Hobi actually had lines and Jin had more? And how much happier ARMYs were? I didn’t see fans complain about giving Hobi and Jin more lines, so why can’t we get this all the time? Plus Jin is a “good enough dancer.” He’s not the best like Dance Line, but he keeps up with them, and depending on the choreography, he can be really good. I don’t see you trying to learn the choreography plus sing and remember transitions and positions at the same time. 

Jin has the most popular VLives

y I K E S fam, you need to go fact check. Jin once wanted to completely cancel EatJin because no one was watching. And um, if you actually look on VLive, Jungkook bY FAR has the most popular VLives and HE’S HAD TWO. One is at 3 million and the other is at 2.7 million. 

We have sent nearly abusive hate to BigHit over Seokjin.  

Yeah, but here’s the thing: BigHit is a company, an object, while Jin is a human being with feelings.So what if we sent BigHit nearly abusive hate to Seokjin? As a company needing to sell to people, they respond to what consumers want. And as of right now, ARMYs want more of Jin–which makes perfect sense to send in our complaints. ARMYs want more Jin because they want him to have more love–doing our jobs as ARMYs to love him. Plus it’s not like all fans are respectful anyways, so of course there are some “abusive hate.” Or just the fact that Jin and OT7 stans are sick and tired of seeing Jin robbed of his main roles in BTS: vocalist and visual. It seems like he’s the special backup at this point. Copied from my reply to this post)

Logically saying, BigHit will distribute BTS’ lines according to, first, how many people will be pleased if this person receives these lines; and second, the ability of the member in singing/rapping/expressing that line.

If this is the case, Namjoon should have waaaaaay less lines than he does because he’s always voted as the last favorite member. Don’t believe me? Just look at the amount of fancams and views Namjoon has on his focus videos, vlives, lyric videos, and music videos. They’re always less by hundreds of thousands. And Tae should have waaaaaaay more lines because he’s really really popular with the younger audience, even rivaling with Jungkook (that Billboard poll where Tae beat JK by 6%) So whatever BigHit is doing, it’s wrong anyways. Plus they’re all singers/rappers? They’ve trained for a couple of years and actually debuted? They’re artists? And as artists, changing style to improve is a must, meaning all of them has the ability to sing anything given to them. “Even if it doesn’t fit their voice.” Because look, Jin’s voice is better for ballads right? And it really is, listening to “Arirang” and “Awake.” But where are his lines in “Butterfly”? And Jin absolytely slayed “Come Back Home” when that song “doesn’t fit his voice.” 

bighit WILL distribute lines and mv solos according to a member’s popularity. we cannot expect the company to just hand out equal parts to the members because that’s not how their system works

We have to expect the company to change. Isn’t BTS about fighting for the oppressed? Their whole existence strives on trying to change things for the better. Do you not listen to their songs? They’re always like “fuck the system, I’ll do it my way.” And as an ARMY, we’re here to change how BigHit treats Jin. Especially because he’s someone dear to us. Honestly, what kind of ARMY are you if you’re not defending each and every one of them. 

He’s the visual.

pUHLEEZE We know he’s the visual. So where is his screentime in “Not Today”? If he’s the visual shouldn’t he also be in the middle of the official lineup and appear a little more often center stage when dancing? He’s also a vocalist I hope you’re not forgetting. He’s not just the visual. 

stay in your lane


It’s hard to find a suitable amount of lines for 7 members.

Well rap line is even enough, right? And um, Jungkook usually has 1 minute to a 4 minute song while Jin has 10 seconds (and Tae all the growling parts). I don’t think it’s that hard to do the math there. Heck, switch Jin and Jimin for the high notes so us Jin/OT7 stans and sleep better at night. 

He has the worst vocal technique in the group.

Well that’s debatable to a certain degree because at the end of the day, Jin is still a singer, he debuted with everyone else, and probably can sing better than you. Plus giving Kookie/Jimin more lines isn’t helping them either. It causes them to work harder to preserve their voice while performing and just adds more pressure to them.

Don’t blame other members.

We’re not. Maybe a little bit because they could at least speak up (because what would BigHit be without BTS), but a true ARMY loves all of them to pieces but still acknowledging that they’re still human and can make mistakes as well as decisions. We’re just bringing them into the conversation to compare because it really isn’t fair to Jin to get the least amount of everything. It just strengthens are argument for Jin to receive more love and if it ever gets fixed, we’ll just go back to loving the members all the same.

BigHit is an angel compared to other companies.

yes BigHit is an angel compared to other companies, but it’s not helping your argument. Maybe if SM is treating their groups bad, using BigHit is a wonderful example to convince to SM that they need to change. But this is Jin we’re talking about, a human being chasing after his dreams, not a company. I think that says enough, right?

Rather than complaining, we should be happy that BTS is doing this for us. All the members deserve the same love.

hmmm I don’t see you defending that Jin (and Namjoon and Hobi) needs more love or that you’re giving it to them. Plus what kind of ARMY are we if we’re not happy that they’re doing it for us. 

BTS distributes the lines

yeah um, that’s a lie and you know it. These boys love each other to pieces and constantly hype each other up, do you really think they’d only give Jin two lines each song?

Honestly, just let us protect our boys and give them what they deserve rather than denying straight fact. (Let’s trend #GiveJinMoreLines2k17 okay? :D)


baekhyun stans:

  • spits water back in cup
  • “bAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” or “OMG NOOOO” there’s no inbetween and you know it
  • won’t shut up about it either way
  • will keep you updated with all the latest “baekhyun falls down on stage during concert” news they can find
  • probably either praying or making a “baekhyun falling down on stage” compilation video
  • passionate

chanyeol stans:

  • used to it
  • “lol that giant human being is equivalent to two kyungsoos falling down next to each other”
  • be ready for memes because they will come at you like wildfire not even joking lmao
  • won’t make too big of a deal
  • but instead turn it into a joke
  • 2% will be spamming your comments section “the reason why chanyeol falls down on stage is because of your hate so stop being mean” 

jongdae stans:

  • antis: “jongdae fell down because he can’t dance”
  • jongdae stans: “jONGdAe fELl dOWn bECAusE HE CAn’T DaNCE”
  • since everything that jongdae does, says, or smells will be turned into a running joke, this will be a running joke
  • leaking pictures of his abs when his shirt lifted (and probably his nipples too)
  • need to seek help a s ap
  • will probably punch someone in the arm because they’re so excited and ignited over this

kyungsoo stans:

  • “aw that’s cute”
  • then the other half are like “how could you say that about my precious sunshine he’s precious”
  • will lose their shit because the other stans are losing their shit
  • probably write articles on koreaboo or whatever about how kyungsoo fell down because news is news everybody
  • probably make those pretty posts with 4 or 9 images about kyungsoo before, during, and after his fall and it’ll be cute af
  • support !! kyungsoo !!

jongin stans:

  • got turned on cause they saw a bulge !!
  • “those buttons on his pants are gonna have to give up one day and i’ll be praying for that day to be soon”
  • thirsty 
  • probably either laughing or crying because he somehow incorporated the fall into the choreo
  • “the fall was beautiful and artsy” and then proceed to come up with 451 reasons as to why it was artsy
  • will document it in the history book of exo that they keep under their bed

kris stans:

  • if they’re not screaming till their shit falls out then they’re probably
  • “y’all this is just the beginning wait till chicken”
  • asking for someone to save them from this seemingly never-ending spiral of memes and inner fandom jokes
  • but when you try to save them they’ll tell you to fuck off because they can’t be saved at this point
  • the softies will be praying for him but do softies even exist rn

yixing stans:

  • “this boy works too hard and deserves a break like i-”
  • sending cute fanmail and gifts and packages to yixing because xingmis love and care and want the best for their best friend
  • genuinely praying for yixing to get better soon if it was a really bad accident but hey they’ll pray even if he gets lost in the dorm
  • starting cute blogs dedicated to him and will update you with cute yixing photos and telling you to pray for him constantly
  • telling all the other stans to support him and make the whole fandom support yixing because the power of hugs
  • support !! yixing !! he !! deserves !! better !!

luhan stans:

  • “i wonder if my prince is okay”
  • they’re concerned and chill on the outside but inside they’re all up in your face like
  • they only want the best for their prince lu and need the whole fandom to know that
  • trying to record as much evidence they have about hunhan/layhan/luhan/whateverothershipthereishan based on his fall
  • spamming weibo

junmyeon stans:

  • “he works so hard to take care of others he forgot to take care of himself and he needs to take care of himself”
  • the rare moment when a junmyeon stan gets emotional
  • crying and telling everyone to appreciate junmyeon because he clearly deserves better and is overworking himself for exo-l
  • but then when they calm down they’re like “please just support junmyeon my bunny”
  • so they go from 0 to 70 then down to 20 okay
  • working so hard to protect junmyeon they forget to protect themselves :((

sehun stans:

  • fandom immediately becomes a wreck because of them
  • like they’re the actual living reasons as to why exo is trending on tumblr or something 
  • flipping out because they have 19391384913 new pictures of sehun that they can turn into memes
  • news? nah what are you 27?? smut is where it’s at
  • please please let us be concerned

tao stans:

  • “how could he even fall”
  • praise the panda tao for he has conquered falling
  • talking about how amazing and cool tao looked like when he fell down oR they’re talking about “lmao that wasn’t even a slip that was the surprise of the choreo learn slowly bitc-”
  • deep in their hearts they hope he’s okay
  • distracting everyone from current world events because tao is more important than everything else

minseok stans:

  • “protect this precious lil pokemon because he needs to be protected he is my baby i swea-”
  • overly protective at this point
  • making sure that this event makes the headlines and also making sure everyone is as equally if not more concerned for him
  • want everyone to make sure that they know how they feel for their precious minseok 
  • protect !! minseok !! at !! all !! costs !!
  • time to write a fluff 

Hi ! 

First of all, I really like your blog since I follows you and thank you for all the positives vibes you’re sharing. When I started following you,I didn’t think one day I’ll have something to say in the “story time"tag. Until today.

My sisters and I are from French Caribbean island and we’re living in France (and I’m really sorry if my English is not good, I hope my story is clear). We decided to go on a sister road trip in London this week. It was not planned but we went to a Korean restaurant for dinner and we ordered our meals in Korean mixed with English  (we’re slowly learning Korean ^^). Just before our order arrived, two Korean women and one little Korean boy between 10-12 years old came and sit just next to us. We started to eat and the women were surprised we were able to eat with chopsticks.

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holy shit why’s my banner blue again

Hello peeps!

I’m back with my second follow forever. A lot of things have changed since my first follow forever, both positively and negatively. I have been heavily demotivated to continue this blog, due to certain things that have happened, such as the nsfw tag issue in addition to my emotional outbreak a while ago. However… a bunch of you have encouraged me that everything will be okay, and you will all be patiently waiting for my return if I do manage to take a break to cool out and let my blog rest for a bit. 

Lol but guys, I love making gifs THAT much. There’s basically no way I’m gonna give up this blog lmao. Content creating is an important aspect that brings the fandom together, and being able to be included in this community of content creators makes me feel warm and cosy. I love seeing my dash filled up with these exquisite creations. 

I just want to thank everyone who has supported this blog, and everyone who has appreciated my content. It really does motivate me to create better gifs for all of you. 

This follow forever would be a little different, it’s gonna be similar to a blog rec and I’ll be grouping blogs together based on their respective biases/who their blog is based more on. All the blogs I’ve included here are blogs I 100% recommend everyone to follow, as they’re run by dedicated people and they produce A+ content. 

If there’s 🥑 beside your name, that means i have a little message for you under the cut ^^ 
avocados cuz woojin’s avocado shirt was so fucking cute, i was gonna actually buy it but they don’t ship internationally fml, and why does it feel like i’m writing a love letter to all of you lmao
+ the amazing WOOJINGLES™ fam, I’ve also got a message for y’all under the cut as well :P 

Yoon Jisung: @yoonjsung , @yjjisung
Ha Sungwoon: @sung-woons, @sungwoona 
Hwang Minhyun: @minhyum , @minhwangs 
🥑, @emperorhwangs  
Ong Seongwoo: @ong-seungwoo 🥑, @extraongdinary 🥑, @ongsecngwoo, @ongdan
Kang Daniel: @godkangdaniel , @danik-chu, @peachyniel, @peachgodkangdaniel, @kngniel , @kangdanielprotectionsquad 
Kim Jaehwan: @kimsjaehwan 
Park Jihoon: @jeo-jang 🥑  
Park Woojin (basically da woojingles™ fam): @woojinnies 🥑, @parkkwoojin 🥑, @perkwoojin 🥑, @woojiniee@p-arkwoojin , @darkpastwoojin , @woojinstinygf
Bae Jinyoung: @deer-jinyoung  
Lee Daehwi: @dearlydaehwi 🥑, @daehwi-protection-squad 🥑, @wannaoneioi 🥑, @daeswhis , @hitoritabi,  @idaehwi, @dae-hwee 🥑, @daewi 
Lai Guanlin: @lai-guanlin 
Im Youngmin: @im-youngmin 🥑, @cherry-youngmin 🥑, @swoojin   
Kim Donghyun: @dxnghyuns 🥑  
Jung Sewoon: @godsewoon , @seongwoos 
Takada Kenta: @jbjanti   
Kim Yongguk: @jinguos   
Kim Jonghyun: @minsbugi 🥑  
Kim Donghan: @donghans  
Multi: @yooneroos, @misswannaone, @produced101, @onqs

🥑  under the cut ↓↓↓↓

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It’s already KNK’s first birthday ~! Their debut is still fresh in my memory, and I’m really proud of them for what they did this year. They worked so hard even when they couldn’t release a MV for U, even if they didn’t have the best mediatic exposure… They maybe didn’t win a price this year but I’m already proud because I stan a group like them. 

A talented group with amazing vocalists and original choreographies. A group who can bring you back this old kpop vibe. A group who share a lot with their fans, who want to be close with them. A group who love us equally regardless our genre. A group with members who are caring, funny, talented, precious

Until the end I want to be by their side, and I know they will grow bigger and bigger with time and the support of Tinkerbells. KNK Mansae ~!

BTS Reactions~ TH~ You try to take it TOO far~ Flawless:

Feeling the warm, summer air against your face, you walked slowly along the pathway. The sky was painted with a beautiful orange gradient, and breeze dusted the hair from your face. You took a deep, fresh breath of the warm air, and sighed contently, glancing up at his face.


He was staring off into the distance, like always. Even when he went off into his daydream state, he still looked flawless. Everything about him was perfect, and in that moment you were the happiest you had ever been. Your hand gripped his, and as you walked, you fell more and more in love. The way he just had so many different sides to his personality- it was fun to explore. Just: Flawless.

You’d finally made your way to the dorm room. You technically didn’t live there, but it seemed as if you did. It was far better than living alone, living with your boyfriend and his group members. Every day was new, and exciting.

“And the couple of the evening have finally arrived!” You heard a loud voice shout. It was none other than Hobi, the ball of sunshine himself. You giggled, and struck a pose. Tae did the same.

“Hyung is strange…” You heard Kookie mutter.

All the members were sat around the TV, Jin and Jimin engrossed in a game of Mario Kart, the rest just conversing amongst themselves.

“I’m gonna win this round, watch me.” teased Jimin, as you and Tae went to sit down. With all the boys sat- well, slouching- on the couch, there was barely any room at all for you. You shrugged it off, lowering yourself to sit on the floor, but before you do, Tae gestures for you to sit on his lap. It was innocent at first.

“HA. You, win against me? I think you’re forgetting how much I love Mario- by the time we’re done, you’ll be seeing coins!” Jin laughs, with his weird window-washer sound.

“Dorks.” Tae whispers to you, and you giggle at his remark.

“You two are no different.” Yoongi whispers back, before shouting, “WHO WANTS PIZZA?! I want pizza.”

Namjoon sighed, “God, Hyung, don’t shout. But yeah, I want pizza.” 

“Me tooooooo” You whined, slapping Jungkook’s shoulder a little. “Order some for us, Kookie? I know you have a thing for the delivery girl~”

He blushed, but nonetheless called the pizza place, and shortly after, it arrived.

“THAT’S THE PIZZA!” Squealed Hobi, “Jungkookie~”

Opening the door, Jungkook went to pay, but was running short on change at hand. You rushed over to the girl, handing her some coins from your coat, which was hanging by the door.

“Here you go. Oh and, I love your hair!” You complemented her, Jungkook giving you a ‘what are you up to’ glare.

“Thanks, Y/N, right? I just had it dyed yesterday, but I’m thinking of going back to the salon after this shift. I don’t know whether it suits me really…” She mumbles shyly.

I think it looks great on you.” he blurts out, still blushing like mad.

She giggles, passing him the change. “Thank you.”

“Say, when does your shift end? If you don’t need to go back to the salon, how about hanging out with us? We’re not creeps, I swear.” You laugh.

“Oh! Thanks for the invite, I’d love to! My shift actually ends after this… I think I can get one of my coworkers to clock out for me, so is it alright if I join you now?”

You invite her in, giving Kookie a thumbs up, as you introduce her to everyone, before slumping yourself back on Tae’s lap. 

“Babe, pass me a slice.” he says, and you wriggle forwards to do just that. Then you wriggle backwards to pass it to him, and over the course of the meal, you just can’t seem to stop wriggling, not realizing the effect this had on Tae.

He was struggling to keep it together, as every time you move you brushed against his crotch. He grit his teeth, trying to distract himself with conversation with others, but he just can’t get the thought of you off his mind. His mind wandered places it shouldn’t, and he was getting hard. He didn’t want to ask anything from you, as you were clearly too busy making friends with the girl from earlier and hanging out with the members. Besides, you’d never even had sex together yet. 

But somehow, he needed to escape and relieve himself before you noticed anything.

Too late.

You felt something poking your thigh. Instantly, you knew what it was, and you turned to Tae, your face red.

“I’m sorry, it’s just… you’re moving too much.” He covered his face with his hands, embarrassed.

“Just sitting and talking is boring. Let’s go somewhere!” Jimin exclaims.

“But it’s dark out.” Namjoon facepalms.

“Well we could go to that club downtown. I heard they have firework shows!” 

“Sure!” The pizza girl agrees. “I’d love to go somewhere with you guys, but I call seat next to Kookie in the car. We need to talk more about Overwatch!” she giggles, and Jungkook looks over the moon that he shares interests with her.

Everyone agrees, except you and Tae. You don’t want to move an inch, because you know that if you do, a moan might escape your lips.

“How about you two?” Asks Yoongi, as everyone puts on their jackets.

“I.. think we’ll stay here, and have a movie night or something. I’m not a big fan of clubs, really.” You manage to say, giving him a fake smile. All of that was pure lies- you didn’t want a movie night at all.

They all leave, and you stare at Tae in silence.


You mumble, “you’re still…?”


More awkwardness silence.

You can’t help yourself. You grit your teeth, and move slightly to the left, centering his member between your thighs. A muffled moan from you both.

You edge yourself forward. He grunts, and you can feel yourself getting wetter by the second.

“Y/N, turn around.” His raspy, low voice seductively luring you in .

You turn as he said, and gently rock your hips from side to side. It feels so good.

“Fuck. Are you sure you wanna do this? Now? I mean I’m fine with it-”

You cut him off, with a kiss to the lips. He grasps your waist, helping you move.

“Ahh~” He grunts again, this time into the kiss. His slender fingers trail up your shirt, pullng it off, and round to your back, unclasping your bra. He held one of your breasts, circling it round.

You hands found their way to his belt, and you lightly tugged, teasing him more than you already had. He began to use tongue, exploring the wet caverns of your mouth. it was intense, but it was Heaven; it was flawless.

He whispered:

“Let’s make this a night to remember~” 

~ahhhhh i’m blushing so hard >_<  as a tae stan I now feel weak

Let me know if You want a part 2? Idk when I’ll do it but hey-ho


imagine sitting in class with daehwi. he leans over as you’re on your phone, “who are you talking to?”

“just a friend,” you reply. you feel your body tense up suddenly as he places his head on your shoulder.

“just a friend?” he questions while pouting.

“just a friend.” you repeat, trying to hide your rapidly-growing smile.

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Little Letters

(A little something I wrote about a month back. Some post-finale feels for everyone!)

The hug was warm, close, sweet. It didn’t last long enough though.

Before Stan knew it Dipper and Mabel were pulling back from the embrace, causing the weight on his shoulders to lift. From the side of the road, he clasped his niece’s hands tight in his own, words failing him as he looked into their eyes. Both children were a picture of absolute adoration, faces flushed and cheeks shining with tears, and for a moment he could only stay crouching on one knee, smiling fondly at them as he struggled not to let his own tears fall.

They moved away from him then, and Stan’s hands remained hovering in the air before he lowered them and stood up. Two sad, warm smiles were directed at him before Dipper and Mabel began gathering their luggage together.

Well, this is it.

Stan watched from afar, perched between his brother and his coworkers as the twins stepped toward the bus and exchanged a few words at the foot of the stairs. They climbed on after a few seconds of conversation, the doors shutting with a hiss behind them, and proceeded to wave at the group from their seats. The sad smiles never left their faces. Even Waddles was waving, Mabel having grasped his tiny hoof to mimic the motion, and it made Stan chuckle at her silly antics.

However, their happy little moment was shattered as the bus sputtered back to life, spewing out smoke and exhaust. As the tires began screeching forward, the small, odd family followed alongside of it every step of the way, chanting tearful goodbyes and take-cares and be-safes until the vehicle became only a small dot in the horizon.

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I got hit with an idea a while back and since I can’t write a story worth to save my life, I thought I’d try giving examples of it. I’ve been in such an angsty mood lately.

Alrighty. So since I’m a sucker for angst and hurt/comfort and these poor boys can never get a break, I thought of a scenario where Stan has a little accident, resulting in him losing his memory temporarily. Buckle up cuz this might get quite angsty.

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Snowbarry stans: Barry is so in love with Caitlin yet he has to be with Iris, so sad😭

-you look amazing
-is it that obvious
-As a scientist, I know there is nothing magical about what makes us feel something for someone else. But then I see her smile… Man, that cannot be science
-what other girls?
-I love you Iris.. When we were kids, I loved you, I loved you before I even knew what the word love meant
-Iris and I have these moments and when I’m looking into her eyes, It’s hard to think she doesn’t feel the same way
-I never stopped thinking about you
-all I want is for Iris to be happy
-do it for me, Barry
-Everytime I falter or make a mistake, the thought of you is what picks me up and keeps me going
-Without you, there wouldn’t be the flash
-she’s just not Iris
-we can do this together
-she is Iris, she is to me, no matter what universe I’m in
-right now, we have to help Iris first
-i’m not leaving your side
-all those cars came at us and it was like the whole world froze, you and i were the only two people in the world
-i knew that i could save you
-you’re everything to me and you always have been
-the sound of your voice will always bring me home
-i love you too and i always will
-some people are just meant to be in your life
-it escapes definition
-it’s love because this is what love feels like-ever since the day i met you
-i have everything i’ve ever wanted
-there is no flash without iris west
-i couldn’t do this without you
-you’re my life