i used to ship them in the books you know

I feel like writing a letter to the CW

And telling them that they have irresponsible teams for most of their shows. Teams being a general term to cover cast/crew.

And that if they want to remedy relations with the LGBT community, which they keep fraying, they should make a show just for us. A show featuring 90% LGBT characters and relationships, including the main relationship and characters, just for LGBT viewers. Obviously non-LGBT individuals are welcome to watch, I know plenty of people are open-minded and down for equality.

And if they’re concerned that there isn’t a market for LGBT content, they can always have a look at their Clexa stats. The difference in ratings between their numbers now as opposed to the Clexa-heavy days is that market. And if they feel that’s not good enough, remind them that there was a day where The 100 was 0.4 viewership and it still got renewed for another season.

For real. So much progress has been made for the LGBT community, especially in legislature, and that’s STILL not enough for them to not be scared about broadcasting LGBT friendly and thriving content?

They know that they have an LGBT audience, and I feel like that’s why they gave us Sanvers. And I’m not saying that Sanvers isn’t a valid ship because of this suspicion, I’m saying that the CW thinks that giving us side-romances are enough.

“Why ship Supercorp when we already gave you Sanvers?”

“Why still talk about Lexa when you have Clarke and Niylah?”

“Why ship Beronica when we gave you Kevin and Joaquin?”

“Why are you still holding onto Beronica? We’re giving you a bisexual Serpent?”

It’s like they’re saying “Isn’t ONE enough?!”

And the answer is: No. And to give the LGBT community some credit, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. Granted we would love to see many LGBT ships and characters, but we want quality, and the ships that we support and promote are ones where we see quality, positivity, healthy chemistry and the like.

You know we don’t have much, you know this CW. So why are you mocking us for seeing more than you do in your characters and shows?

Because you know what, when I publish my books, regardless of the size of my following, I will never tell a reader that their ship (or the reason why they associate with the ship) is a joke or invalid. Even if I already know that the characters will never be a canon ship, I will not tell them to stop shipping what they do. I won’t pull the “you never knooooooww” bait either.

I’ll be honest. I’ll either say:

“I never considered this pairing. I will do some evaluation, and I promise that if it makes sense and does not threaten the original ending to the main story, I will do my best to include it for your pleasure.”
“I do not plan on making that relationship happen, but you are still more than welcome to see what you do. Please continue you art, playlists, metas, and fics. Never stop.” Because not every ship can happen, we know this, but that’s not a reason to not ship and CREATE. It is a muse for you. A source for your art. Please never stop.

batb things i liked (spoilers, sorry)


-i wanted to scream the moment i saw the castle in the beginning

-that prologue??? i like how they kept adam’s real face a mystery, as he was hidden behind the layers of make up. 

-’belle’ ahhhhh 

-i was expecting that emma would have auto-tuned her voice because of the audio they had released months before the premiere, but boy did it surprise me.

-’belle’ was so nostalgic i had to refrain myself from singing along in the cinema.

-maurice wasn’t only an inventor, he was also an artist. and belle wasn’t only a bibliophile, she was also an inventor (witty belle, creating probably the first washing machine)

-emma’s grunt after the line ‘madame gaston, his little wife’

-philippe was loyal af, esp in the scene where maurice was almost trapped by the wolves and philippe had waited for him to jump. if you were to get a horse, pick one that is as loyal as philippe.

-i love how the beast couldnt care less if maurice had used his stuff, had eaten, had heated up by the fire, had trespassed in his castle but lost all his temper the moment maurice had cut a rose from his rose garden. 

-im not sure if its me, or the village felt small and congested, i was hoping for a more field-like village, the one i got used to in the animated version.

-BE OUR GUEST, BE OUR GUEST AHHHHHH and was disney telling us that Aladdin will be the next film to have a live action movie???

-adam’s ‘are-you-fucking-kidding-me’ eye roll at the mention of romeo and juliet being belle’s favorite book.


-’some of them in greek’. ADAM IS A BIBLIOPHILE AND HE GAVE BELLE THE LIBRARY !!!!!!

-belle’s laughter adam gave her the library.

-my poor baby lefou

-i ship gafou im sorry

-ewan mcgregor’s french accent is en pointe???


-i love how adam still dresses like a prince even in his beast form, ummm that waistcoat in something there and the scene where they had walked into the bridge was fine man. 

-that paris scene, thank you so much for giving us so much more than the animated film has given. also, prince adam’s back story about how he has grown to be a spoiled prince. thank you, thankyou, disney.


-gaston definitely wins asshole of the year, although i like how they put more depth into gaston’s character

-lmao when maurice talked to the driver as if nothing happened, that was hilarious.

-the cursed furniture wouldn’t have been hurt if they had stayed silent and dead, but they had fought to protect adam while he’s lamenting over his loss. his servants loved him albeit his attitude towards them. 

-when gaston showed up with a gun, adam literally did nothing, and you can just see his heart breaking by looking into his eyes

-umm agathe? what are you doing? whose side are you on? is this kind of a test or something?

-’MR. POTTS!’ 

-how old is adam? why is his age not mentioned in the movie? i know he should have someone love him by the age of 21, as from the animated film, but they did not mention it? and why hadnt they mentioned his name???

-’come back, i love you’


-le fou dancin with stanley made me so happy 

-the growl™


Alright, I had a post on Instagram displaying my treasure trove of Japanese language learning books. I wanted to show off a few of them and talk about all of them. The first photo displays them all (tumblr limited me to 10 photos only, so I’ll discuss some of them without photos, sorry!). Starting from the bottom of the pile:

1. Kanji Power by Tuttle. It’s what you think it is, a kanji workbook. It has a kanji, a mnemonic, some space to practice writing, on'yomi, kun'yomi, stroke order, and some vocabulary/phrases. It has some kanji not covered in my other kanji books.

2. If You Teach Me Japanese, I’ll Teach You English. It’s a strange little book and it’s taking me a while to get the hang of it, but this book was written specifically for language exchanges. Each lesson is done first in Japanese, then again in English. You and your partner serve as the “teacher” in your native language, while you practice that language. So I would read through as the instructor in the English lesson and guide my partner with the scripted dialogues, helping them along the way so that they learn English. They would do vice versa for me with the Japanese. I got this one specifically to aid me in exchanging my language with my partners. They do great with the Japanese and I needed guidance on how to help them with English. So this one isn’t really to learn Japanese, it’s to help me exchange with my Japanese friends.

3. Japanese Step by Step. This is one of the few books that focuses on teaching you SPEAKING Japanese. Most of my books help in reading, writing and I’m having to supplement with Memrise and YouTube for listening and speaking. This book has very easy to understand lessons, starting with syllables not syllabaries. Shows you in English what they’re trying to teach you in Japanese. So it’s almost like learning in parallel, I’m not explaining it well. It’s a really good book, you should just check it out.

4. Beginning Japanese by Yale University Press. This was originally my Dad’s book that he used to teach himself Japanese since he was being stationed there (way back in ye olden days). He very kindly gave it to me. This book also focuses on SPEAKING Japanese, not reading or writing in it. As such, it’s entirely in romaji! Not ideal, but if you just want to focus on speaking the language, this is a good place to start. Very thorough.

5. Reading Japanese by Yale University Press. Same authors as book #4, but not originally my Dad’s. Since this one is focused on READING (hence the title of the book), it is not in entirely in romaji. Whew! What a relief. I just got it today, so I have no feedback other than, I wanted both of these books together. It’s kind of like an entire course at your fingertips.

6. Japanese Kanji for Beginners by Tuttle. Covers JLPT N5 & N4. This is my primary Kanji workbook. I LOVE it. It’s set up pretty much the same as Kanji Power, it has exercises after each lesson so you can practice what you learned. The Kanji Power has the same things, but after a certain number of kanji have been introduced, instead of after each individual lesson. So they differ that way and in that they have different kanji. This book is specifically for JLPT N5/4 whereas Kanji Power is about expanding your kanji.

7. A Japanese Reader by Tuttle (notice the theme?). Pictures 2-4 are about this book. I cannot say enough nice things about this book! The book is split in two; open it like we open all books in the Western Hemisphere and it’s lessons starting with hiragana, open the book the other way and it’s all the reading lessons: from top to bottom and right to left! It’s so cool! The first few elementary readings aren’t actual sentences. They’re just to get you accustomed to the style of reading and the syllabaries (this is where I’m at). The readings get way more advanced though and are excerpts from Japanese literature, some fictional and some non-fictional.

8. A History of Japan. This is another one of Dad’s book that he is lending to me (sadly I don’t get to keep it). I haven’t read it yet but I’m looking forward to it. Granted, it has nothing to do with the language itself, but who here has learned a language without learning anything about the culture, history, and society of the country that speaks the language? Half the point of learning a language is to learn the history and culture of the target language’s country. So I have a book on Japan’s history to supplement the language learning.

9. A Dictionary of Japanese Food by Tuttle. Pictures 5 & 6 are of this book. Just as I stated in the above book, it’s important to know the culture and history of the place whose language you are learning. The “Japanese Kanji for Beginners” book had an exercise in the first lesson involving food. One of the dishes stood out to me because I had no clue what it was “shabu-shabu.” I still don’t know what it is, but now I have a dictionary so I can look it up! If ever I learn how to cook Japanese food, shabu-shabu will be very near the top of the list of things to make and try. The back of the book has some appendices on chopsticks, some ingredients of Japanese food, and food etiquette.

10. The Handbook of Japanese Verbs (picture 7). Verbs seem to be the guts of a sentence in Japanese so I figured it’d be important to learn them a little more in depth than my grammar book goes into. Besides explaining verbs, it has exercises to practice!

11. All About Particles (picture 8). Much like the verb book above, this is all about particles (another very important part of the Japanese language) and also has exercises to help you grasp the concepts. Goes in depth about the particles and actually has sentences in Japanese, literal translations, and English translations. It’s very thorough.

12. Japanese Coursebook by Living Language. Akin to the Yale University Press books that I covered earlier, this book is a complete course for learning how to SPEAK Japanese. As such, it is entirely in romaji but is set up different than the Yale books and has different vocabulary. I use them in conjunction with each other, so that I get the most vocabulary overall.

13. Japanese Grammar by Barron. Pictures 9 & 10 are of this book. This is my absolute favorite book out of them all. Besides being pocket-sized so I can take it just about anywhere with me, it’s a grammar book. I’m not a Grammar Nazi, I’m a Grammarian (one who studies grammar [on purpose]). I read grammar books for my native English and I greatly enjoy grammar for Ancient Greek too (my first foreign language and first true love). All the other books focus on a particular portion of grammar, or the writing system, or speaking. I wanted a book that focused entirely on grammar since I’ve heard it’s so vastly different from English (it’s not THAT different guys). As you can see in the very last picture, the book is printed in two colors. I cannot begin to express how wonderful this is for me. I have Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (SSS or 3S) and basically what that means is, my eyes don’t work right (duh). They don’t pick up all the wavelengths of light that they’re supposed to. So some colors (and light sources) are harder for me to see and make me very sick trying to look at them. It seems like I have dyslexia but it’s not my brain, it’s just my eyes suck. The added color is much easier on my eyes than all black print on white pages (college was nightmare, in case you wondered).

Last book,

14. Kanji Starter 1. Not a lesson book at all! It has 200 kanji and is essentially a book of mnemonics for them. I use it as a catalog and mark the kanji I’ve mastered from other sources in this book. I also use it as a quick reference when I get suddenly forget a kanji I’ve already learned. That way I don’t have to find the right lesson book and track it down. I got this kanji book before any of the others and it served as the introduction to what i was getting myself into. It made the kanji seem so not scary that by the time I picked up a workbook, kanji was beautiful, logical, and fun. No fear!

Sorry this was so long. I’m on a mobile device so I can’t do the nice “keep reading” breaks or formatting. So it’s just a really long, darn post. But now you know of 14 books you can use for Japanese learning! Also, quick note, all of the books with bar code stickers on them were all purchased form the same site.

ThriftBooks.com has so many books, including rare ones, old, ones, and textbooks, for a fraction of the price. I looked up some of my Tuttle books, one of them was like $19.95 normally (without shipping and tax). On ThriftBooks I got it for $3.50! If your total purchase is over $10 shipping is entirely free too. So if you’re looking for language resources, a new novel, or you’re in college and need textbooks, check the site out because it might save you a boat-load of money.


The Language of Thorns Preorder & Sweepstakes are now live! 

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From Amy, With Love (Epilogue)

Dear Boys,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been by Ego Inc., but Mark and I decided to take some time to be alone together after everything that happened. I’m sure you guys will understand.

Mark is taking me to this awesome place in the desert for my birthday! I’m so excited, but I hate that I won’t be able to see you guys. Yes, I’ve received all your presents in the mail already, and I’m still not sure how you got the post office to ship that giant stuffed alien. But I’m not complaining.

Tell Wilford that I appreciate the pink “letter opener,” and I will use it to open many “letters.” I feel like a real Peebstache now. Tell Host that I’m taking the books he sent on the trip with me, and I plan on reading them to Mark while he drives. Oh, and make sure Bim knows that the little cactus he sent me is perfectly healthy and currently sitting in my bedroom window. I’ve named him Bimmy. Aren’t I creative?

Mark says hi. He’s been brainstorming new ways to integrate you guys into the channel, and I think it’s been good for him to have something to distract him. He still gets nightmares. Host, I think you might want to talk to him when we get back. (But don’t tell him I told you about it. He’s too proud to admit when he needs help sometimes.)

Me? I’m just the same. You can’t even see the stitches because of my hair, and the wound is healing up nicely. Don’t worry. Hey, I can feel you worrying right now. Quit it. I don’t often get nightmares anymore, and when they do come, I remind myself that I’ve got like a dozen big brothers making sure that I’m safe.

Wilford text me that you muzzled Dark? Whose idea was that? Because they deserve a gold star, and I want pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I’ll be sure to take plenty of them while we’re on the trip with the camera the Doctor sent me! I’m really excited to be a pile of hipster trash and take lots of pretty Polaroids to bring back to you. For the Host, I’ve brought along a notebook, and I’m going to attempt to write about everything that I see so that I can read it to you when I come back.

I love you guys. Please try to get along while I’m gone. I’d really appreciate it if you are all in one piece when I come back.

And I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me and Mark. I thought that I should let you know, Mark doesn’t know how to tell you guys how sorry he is for letting Dark control you for as long as he did. This nightmare was one hell of a wake-up call. Mark wants to make things right. That’s why he was at Ego Inc. in the first place that day, and if you’ll give him a chance, he wants to help you.

Well, I hear Mark calling me now, so this letter will have to end here. Ed, I have no idea where you got trained carrier pigeons from, but it’s awesome. I hope it works. I hope you get this. I’ll be back soon; I promise.


From Amy, with love.

(Gah, I cried writing this! So, this is it for FAWL for now. I may come back to it later because I feel like this timeline has plenty more possibilities, but as many of you have pointed out, I don’t want to ruin what FAWL is right now. Don’t worry, though. There is plenty more angst where this came from!)

Chemistry | Part 1 | COLE SPROUSE X READER

Description: When Camila hosts a viewing part for the season 1 premiere of Riverdale, the reader find out that the fans ship her and Cole together on and off screen. So she decides to have some fun with it.

Word Count: 1972

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Chemistry isn’t something you can fake no matter how good of an actress or actor you are. You either have it or you don’t and I’ve yet to find to a way to create it if it’s just not there.

I’m pretty sure the main reason I got my job on Riverdale was because of the chemistry I had with my co-star, Cole Sprouse. I auditioned for the role of a girl who played his character Jughead’s love interest on the show, so it was important to the casting director that whoever played this character got along with Cole.

Cole was in the room reading lines with the people auditioning for the role and it became inherently obvious within the first 20 seconds that we had great chemistry and similar interests.

I walked into the room wearing dark wash jeans and a black and white flannel with white converse. Cole stood up straight off of the table he was leaning against and looked me up and down. He too was wearing dark wash jeans and a black and white flannel with white converse, though he made it look one hundred times better than I did.

Cole broke out in a grin and chuckled. “I like your style…” he trailed off not knowing my name.

“(Y/N),” I supplied him with a smile of my own. “And thank you I like yours as well. Great minds think alike and I have a great one,” I said with a wink.

The people in the room all let out a laugh at my response. Cole walked up to me and reached a hand out. “Well nice to meet you (Y/N) I’m Cole Sprouse and I’ll be one of your co-stars if you get this role.”

I firmly grasped his reached out hand and shook it firmly. “Nice to meet you too Cole though I already knew your name. I don’t live under a rock.”

And the rest as they say is history.  I got a call the next day saying I got the part and showed up to set the following week. That was a year ago.

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After mulling over the prices ( And postage fee) for at least a few days, I’ve finally got something!!

So hey, now I’m selling these GF Stickers!

They’re made from Waterproof PVC sticker paper, so it also essentially means you can stick them probably anywhere! Stick it on your laptop! Your book! Even your car! Don’t know why you’d want to, but the option’s available.

Since I’m shipping from Malaysia, and I’m sure most of the people who want to actually buy this is from the US, the shipping will be a bit…. costly. 

  • Postage for non sets are - 4 USD
  • Postage for sets or purchase of 6USD and above - 2USD 

And I’m cutting as many corners as I can here, but if you live in a country nearby Malaysia, do inform me and I’ll be able to manage a lower fee. International postage is expensive ya’ll!

It’ll take at the very least Two Weeks or a little more for them to arrive after you’ve ordered, and I’ll provide you a Tracking number so it doesn’t get lost in the mail! 

If you’re interested in ordering, IM me your order on tumblr! Thank you for your support and taking the time to read this! 

why is everybody so upset people ship clalec? so far we had three episodes filled with angry looks, banter and sassy remarks, not to mention “you’re upset by the way jace is looking at her” and “if you really feel that way about her why did you help us”, generally alec being lowkey obsessed with clary and, let’s be real, some real chemistry game going on.

i’m personally not so big on hate-to-love relationships, but how are you all so surprised people who have not read the books jumped on clalec like thirsty wanderers on an oasis.


Hey all!

After an EXTREMELY LONG HIATUS, I am back in the habit of writing an illustrating for Ironbeak’s Journal again. So where are the new entries? Well, this week, they are actually … the old entries. I’ve been doing some editing of art and writing on the first 30 or so entries to bring them in line with the style of the more recent ones (the ones where I’ve actually planned out what I’m doing in advance and have a better handle on what Ironbeak looks and sounds like).

And I’ll be continuing to edit art and text through tomorrow.

Most of the text edits are minor, but I wanted to assure anyone who’s rereading and has a really good memory that they aren’t going crazy. The only major overhaul of an entry occurred with Log 20: The Reading Room, which is now quite a bit different to bring it in line with the lore I’ve decided on for the Glitch.

Here’s the old version for your enjoyment (or not–I always wanted to redo this one cause it bothered me, lol).

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voltaicsparks  asked:

Hello, What would you recommend for a newbie? I've been wanting to start for a while now, I am just at the point where I have no idea where to begin or what to begin with (and I really do want to take it seriously, so it's hard to tell which resources are true and which ones are just made up/exaggerated bullshit). Recommended resources (books,supplies, basically what might help me understand it all better and what the basic supplies) would be very much appreciated.

Hi! There are so many beginning tips and tricks, and so, SO many masterposts on tumblr about suggested places to begin, so I’m just going to give you the thinnest aspects. There are a lot of things you’re going to want to try, so I’ll give you my most basic advice. 

1) Buy/Borrow books. Will all of them be good? No. Will some of them be racist or homophobic or have misleading information or be extremely Wiccan-centric? Yeah, probably. But it’ll be good lessons on real issues in the community and teach you how to spot the shady bits in other literature. The upside is that most books are very easy to understand because they assume the reader knows absolutely nothing and will try to teach you from the ground up. Newer books will be better (and more secular), but they’ll be, uh, $$$$. A lot of $$$$. I suggest instead buying used witchcraft books on Thriftbooks.com (I’m always plugging them but it’s because I use it so often!) which has a $10=no shipping payment deal and on amazon (which is something like $25= no shipping deal). If this isn’t possible, because not everyone has a credit card, you always can visit your local library and download free ibooks and kindle books.

Actually, go to the library first before buying. Some books are really the worst and you’ll know which ones not to buy after a trip to the library. Wiccan books will be in the religion section but more secular books will be in the occult or mythology sections. My personal library is up at the top of my header, with notes on books that I have read and a few on books I own but have not. You can see what seems useful to you there. 

2) Pinterest. It’s all bootlegged material, and some of it is culturally appropriative (if it says “smudging”, you say no. If it says “Voodoo”, you say no). But beyond that, there are a number of really easy to understand graphics and charts on theory and easy to understand spells that are just as easy to perform.  I particularly like the tarot spreads there. 

3) Tumblr. Ah yes, the Hellsite. Is it abominable and ridiculous? Absolutely! but look at where you are; you’re here, and so am I. There are just as many racists and white supremacists and homophobes and transphobes in the witchcraft tumblr community as there are in all of tumblr, but the issues and fights and discourse here gives you a better understanding of what witches exist in the world, what we’re all actually like when interacting together and in large groups.

Which is people. Except very cold-war style and perhaps a little too much cursing. 

There are people who will want to help you, people just trying to show off to you, and people who will want to take you down. That’s natural. Follow people you think are authenic and either block or unfollow people who become too aggravating. There are many great people who will be open to questions and willing to answer, but if they’re backlogged or don’t feel up to answering, just…be understanding.

4) Now, NOW I come to supplies. Don’t buy witchcraft tools first

Let me explain. Many witchcraft tools are extremely expensive. That makes sense: purchasing one is an investment, and can run you a pretty penny depending on what components make it up. There is a lot of (expensive) variety, but this will be a waste if you buy something you end up never using. Or worse, if you buy something upcharged at a metaphys shop that can be bought cheaper elsewhere. That wicked-looking athame? Work up to that: start by consecrating a dinner knife and see if you actually like using a knife in the first place. A pretty besom? See if using a broom is worth it in your craft in the first place. Crystals? See if you like working with crystals at all before dropping $3.99 on a fingernail sized piece of rose quartz. Find your habits and hobbies first, and then invest down the line in things you think would enhance your craft. I have a gorgeous runeset I bought in Iceland that I never use because I prefer tarot but can’t consider handing away because it was a souvenir. It is a beloved waste of the heart, but a waste nevertheless.

Here are the basics when it comes to cutting costs:

  • Chime candles: cheaper on amazon (price compare for sales)
  • Taper candles+holders: dollar store
  • Incense: walmart/dollar store
  • Rider-Waite Deck from Spirit of Halloween for $3.99
  • Incense holders: dollar store, or Five Below
  • Ribbon: Dollar store
  • Altar decorations: just pick stuff up in the park. 
  • Bulk Herbs from Monterey Bay Spice co (Works best for West-Coasters)
  • Cheap Herbs: Doesn’t have a wide variety, but dollar stores do stock some as spices
  • Crystals are better bought in scientific areas, like museums and kid’s science shops, as they don’t upcharge for religion 
  • Buying bulk tea is a great place to buy food-grade flowers and plants

That’s all I could think of immediately, but you’ll find more when you start practicing. 

Maybe not 5) The Real World.  

Witchvox.com is home to what looks like older-style pagans and wiccan witches. There will also be a lot of free or pay-to-enter pagan and witch gatherings throughout the year that are open to the public for celebration and networking. If you;re looking for mentors, or for a coven, you might be able to find someone there, but uh… be careful. I’m gonna get a little serious here: 

I don’t know how deep you are into the witchcraft community, but remember to remain wary of people trying to control you, your actions, or your religion. If you don’t feel comfortable with a person, don’t stay there. If you’re uncomfortable, say, working sky-clad or participating in certain things, don’t let yourself or anyone else bully you into doing it. Your profile pic looks very feminine (although I can’t tell from the tiny pic) so let me add that harassment and sexism are not uncommon, along with racism and homophobia and transphobia and everything else under the sun. It’s the reason many women and femmes and others are solitary: it becomes too aggravating to deal with, so they don’t. Harassment is not, perhaps, common, and there’s a chance you may never encounter it, but it does exist. If they ask you for money, say no. If they ask you for things you are not comfortable with, say no. If they try to spring things upon you without your consent, say no. If you ask about what their history or credibility and they refuse, say no. If they rule with an iron fist and don’t accept discussion and critique, leave. Spiritual beliefs and religion are really big ways people try to control other people. It happens in a lot of disciplines, but because the occult and witchcraft is so hidden, sometimes by it’s own nature, it can fester a lot longer in witchcraft. 

Witchcraft is not inherently dangerous: people are

Wow, I didn’t mean to get so serious so fast. Okay! 

You’re going to want to make a routine, whether it be monthy, weekly, or daily, to keep you on track. A lot of people suggest journalling, but I mainly use mine as a log for reference so do what feels right to you. And don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day, you just HAVE to keep going or else you might give up. Breaks are okay, but remember to pick yourself back up when you’re done! Incorporate little magics into your daily routine, into your bath routine, into your food, into your job/school, into your self-care, hell, into your meds if you have any. Learn how to magic up on the fly and do little exercises. Bring your books onto the bus with you for some light reading. (Book socks, if you have them, are excellent for this). Whatever you do, don’t fight you as you hop in. Learn to work with yourself; you’ll be the biggest constant. 

Good luck! Message me for any other questions you might have, and know you have my blessings! :) 

anonymous asked:

I don't think Kit ships Jonerys....

Hey anon,

No offense to Kit, but who cares what he thinks. Now, if you told me George R.R. Martin doesn’t ship Jonerys, I’d be upset. Because I would feel like he’s been leading us on all this time with clues and such. 

I mean, it’s fun when the actors that play the characters also ship the characters together but if they don’t that doesn’t ruin my enjoyment. It’s the character’s whose lives we’ve followed and whose thoughts we’ve read (in the books) that we really love. Because we know them, we want what’s best for them. 

It’s his loss anyway, Jon x Daenerys 4life!


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*sad babby weeping* oh god I'm so on board SamuraiBravo. I LOVE EVERY MORSEL OF THEM YOU GIVE US. Is there any chance of a fanbook like the KevEdd one?

Idk? Really depends if this ship gets a big enough following like the kevedd ship. I don’t mean to sound like a business but i need to know for sure there’s enough people that might buy the book, before i can even start to think about making another fanbook. ( i nearly died trying to make the kevedd book, so i want to make sure that it’s worth the big amount of effort i’ll have to put)

Let’s just be happy with what we have for now, and see what goes on from there. ok? 


I really feel the need to discuss this. We’re getting too far from the main idea that EMBER is here to give us. Let’s say about 80% of the fandom is glorifying either Laia or Helene and blaming the other for all that’s wrong in the world..it’s not just about shipping and stuff… like, I know. Each group of us is excited to see their ship come true. But that’s not what the book is about. I don’t think the characters here were made to be compared (and you have every right to disagree). But from how I see it, it’s about how many diverse people can become one. How people can forgive and fall in love. How two enemies can save each other and stand up for one another. It’s about erasing all mistakes in history and correcting them. EMBER is about this:

Elias defying the system. Wanting more out of his life, and bringing both sides closer to each other.

Laia trusting a mask to help her and know her secret, sacrificing her freedom in order to save the only family she has left.

Helene healing Laia, helping her escape with Elias even though she loved him, and Sacrificing her free will in order to grant Elias a safe escape.

Darin putting himself in danger to help his people, giving everything up in a second so that his sister can escape, and defying those who have power over him.

Izzi learning how to stand up for herself, and learning more about the world she never saw before. Izzi learning how to escape the boundaries that surrounded her all her life and the way she gave up her life to stand in the way of death coming for a person she cared about

And Keenan (who represents the broken system they are all up against) how he always played on both sides, acting like he’s on the commandant’s side and also on the resistance’s side. Making war’s flame burn harder and brighter that’s it’s ever so harder to stop it. He’s a representation of how the devil works it’s way through the minds of the weak and throws them into a never-ending web of war and hate.

EMBER is about how people who are diverse by many ways could become one. How oppressor can become oppressed and vice versa. How all aspects of diversity can be erased in order to gain peace. How one is ready to give up everything for the sake of the person they love. and how humans are all the same no matter how different they may seem on the outside. They all strive for one purpose: peace, love, and acceptance.

No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way

Kabby social media AU, 3200 words, T

did u know that 1. it is @kane-and-griffin‘s birthday 2. she accidentally went viral for ranting about Friends and 3. once I start thinking about how A Thing (random example: Marcus Kane writing viral Friends tweets) would go down I cannot stop until I just write the thing

anyway happy birthday claire!!

Marcus Kane is, unfortunately, very familiar with the Nice Guy phenomenon.

It’s an occupational hazard of writing science fiction, especially in the internet age; all he has to do is look for his most obnoxious fans, and he finds an unfortunately loud contingent of entitled mostly white men who believe that the world owes them women and happiness without any effort on their parts. It’s something he tries to combat as much as possible, wherever he can, and he knows it works in some cases. For every reader who’s turned against him for being an SJW cuck (whatever that means), he has another who’s expressed appreciation for his opening them up to perspectives they hadn’t considered and broadened their empathy and understanding.

That’s what sci-fi should do, as far as Marcus is concerned. The heart of science fiction is acceptance and unity.

Which is why he tells Bellamy, “I need you to do one of those Twitter threads for me.”

“For what?” Bellamy asks, wary. As Marcus’s assistant, he seems to think his most important duty is talking Marcus out of interacting with social media. And he may be right.

“Ross Gellar.”

It takes him a second. “The guy from Friends?” he finally asks.

“Yes. I want to explain to my followers why he’s bad romantic lead and role model.”

To his shock, the response is instant. “Okay.”

“No arguments? No lecture on how that isn’t what Twitter is for?”

“No, fuck Ross,” he says. “What do you want to say? I’ll make it happen.”

Marcus clucks his tongue. “I’ll write up a statement.”

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Is it just me, or do you think that Rick Riordan has put Sam as Muslim in the series just to spite people? Not that they aren't beautiful characters, and we love them for who they are... But it's also raising awareness, like now my brother is curious about Muslims and the LGBTQ community, and he's been taught, basically by these books, only acceptance, like no one has ever told him any different... sorry ranting a bit...

I wouldn’t say it was to spite people necessarily; I think Riordan knows he has an audience and that he can and should use his books as a platform to promote inclusivity and positivity for marginalised and culturally diverse people.

I know we all joke that he spits in Disney’s face with his LGBT+, non-white and non-athiest/ Christian characters, but you’re right; he’s raising awareness and encouraging young people (like your brother…?) to be more open-minded. Especially in SHIP; he could’ve glossed over the racism, Islamophobia and transphobia that occurs, but he didn’t, and hence, his readers will become better educated and more critical of such issues in the real world.

That’s what we need right now. Riordan can sure make us laugh with his hilarious voice and spin an edge-of-your-seat adventure, but I think the best part of his books is that those young people who read them will grow up more tolerant and with the knowledge that different doesn’t equate to bad. <3

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What are your completely honest thoughts about Elriel and Elucien? Which one do you think is more likely to happen?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: If either of these is going to happen, the likeliest is Elucien. From the very beginning of Elriel as a ship it was always one that @sparkleywonderful and I considered to be more of a (I believe the phrase we used was) a raft we tied together with our hair. 😂

Look. Let’s be clear. There were 2-3 points in ACOMAF we could use as foreshadowing for Elriel, right? And we could apply what we know about how Maas likes to build ships to it too symbolism-wise. Dark and light. Shadows and flowers. BUT LETS BE CLEAR it was always a ship I backed BECAUSE I, MYSELF, have a Hades and Persephone kink. It’s what I’m primed to want when I pick up a book.

Now when ACOWAR came out, there were/are some LEGIT moments of Elain and Az that could be read as them one day finding more than friendship between them. That’s undeniable. You have to have friendship before you have love. Love doesn’t last without friendship. And this is where I’ll segue into Elucien.

The only reason I stepped back from Elucien in favor of Elriel is because after ACOMAF people were thinking with their “Disney” brains and not with their actual brains. Here Elain was traumatized and freshly reborn after being kidnapped and murdered and the first thing he says is “You’re my mate.” NOW I GET HE WAS FREAKING OUT TOO. And he’s allowed to do that. Especially with his history. BUT. The idea of love at first sight (EVERY DISNEY MOVIE WE ALL GREW UP ON) is one that I consider to be the MOST DANGEROUS to women. So when people were suddenly “they’re in love” I was like hold the effing phone. Let’s all back up from the situation and recognize how incredibly dangerous and toxic it is to promote the idea that still-engaged-and-in-love-with-Graysen-freshly-made-fae-and-oh-yeah-her-future-has-been-ripped-to-shreds-Elain is going to suddenly be A-Okay! because a hot Fae male declares that they share a bond? YIKES. Not for me.

(So that’s when I stepped away from that ship. But I did and do still enjoy fic etc. where people explain how they built a relationship before choosing of their own free will to accept the bond because they loved each other. Not the other way around.)

But from the very moment Lucien declared they were mates, that ship was 99% going to sail. And after ACOWAR, I think it has the MOST foreshadowing and hints to sailing. BUT. Maas 100% wants to explain that they have to both want that bond and one another. And while I love to get carried away with thoughts of Elriel, Maas certainly set it up (with all the talk about Jessamine and how she loved Lucien fiercely and of her own free will) for that to be something Elain and Lucien have to find with one another. Jessamine chose to love Lucien without influence from anyone or anything and he told us that. And that’s what he, Lucien, is going to value in the end. I did not get the impression that he would just agree to spend his life with Elain because they have a bond. He’s going to want her to choose him regardless of the bond. And that’s how it should be, right? Love based on a mating bond is cheap and it doesn’t last—as we saw with Tamlin’s parents and Rhys’s. But as with Feyre and Rhys their love was/is not based on a bond. It existed before that with a friendship that they built. And you know the friendship is SOLID when Rhys says that he would’ve let her reject the bond and walk away. That’s not him just being a nice dude. That’s him putting their friendship first.

And I hate to bring this up, but let’s be frank about ACOWAR. It was a good book that I enjoyed immensely. But it was in no way polished to the point that the rest of Maas’s books have been. It fell short. And because if that, it makes reading into some of the “classic” Maas romance setup things difficult.

BUT I WILL WAY THIS: When Feyre pointed out the window at Elain and Azriel in the garden and said to Rhys why can Elain have that—I text @sparkleywonderful and was like “Damn. There goes any hope of Elriel! LOL.”

That’s not foreshadowing. If it is, it’s BAD foreshadowing. And, GRANTED, this book was in NO WAY up to the quality of the other books, but it was blatant enough that I got the impression Maas was letting the reader know that Elain and Az were not supposed to be read as a thing.

Now I could be wrong. Because so much of that book was uncharacteristic of Maas’s writing. But it’s just not the style of Maas’s foreshadowing. If we were reading The Raven Boys then it’d be a different story. (The foreshadowing in that book was hit you in the face obvious. Ronan “I’m not straight” the first thing the dead kid says to Blue is “I’m dead.” LOL. All hints made to looks like jokes and not-hints.). To me that line by Feyre was the skin to Feyre constantly telling us Azrie loved Mor and NOT ONCE saying she though Mor reciprocated those feelings. Granted, Moriel not happening was waaaaay WAY more obvious that Elriel not happening, but this was one of those lines where it was too direct to mean anything more that exactly what Feyre said. (But to anyone angry right now—I COULD BE WRONG! LOL.)

And as I’ve been explaining to a bunch of you lately in PM, I could be wrong. But I’m not going to pretend that Elriel was ever a solid ship. I ship it because it calls to me. It’s right up my alley. He treats her how I think someone worthy of her affection should treat her. They should see her. Not her as a mating bond. Or a broken thing. See Her as a person. And To be fair to Lucien, he didn’t really get a lot of chances to do that because he was gone the whole book, but he also just wasn’t paying attention to her. And that’s something he’s gonna have to work on. And to be fair to both of them and myself (LOL) I don’t want them to heal because of one another. I want them to find themselves on their own and then choose to be together because they built a friendship. I want Lucien to get his groove back and learn to stop being what everyone else wants him to be. To stop being beholden to Tamlin/Tamlin’s bitch (and Feyre’s for that matter. He’s kind of a clueless dude now I think about it). He’s better than that and he needs to find that strength on his own. Elain can’t so that for him. And I need Elain to come to terms with her eternity. With the fact that her life has been ripped away from her and that only she can deal with that. And learn from it.

And Elriel could still happen. I’m not saying it couldn’t. I love to fangirl for that ship. It’s my child. LOL. But I’m not gonna be butt hurt when/if it doesn’t happen. And honestly. Let’s be real. ACOWAR was the book that solidified it as a potential ship and not a crackship. So I think if anything I’m totally fine with that. And maybe that’s why I honestly don’t feel as connected to it anymore. LOL. Because it’s cool now to ship it so it’s lost it’s initial magic. (LOL. I’m like a bad boyfriend—all about the chase apparently. 😂)

And FOR REAL: by that one chapter where Elain was in front of the window sort of yelling/upset I stopped giving a shit about the ships I just need her to be okay. And I selfishly want that angst, too. So however I get it, I’m DOWN.

But for any concerned parties, I will continue to fangirl Elriel, and maintain Elucien as my side piece. Because even if Elain ends up with Tamlin—I’m still writing Elriel fics!


more books! help me clean out my bookshelves. I super just need to get rid of these, so help out if you want them!

hamilton, shakespeare, LOTS of theology/religion stuff, sexy kings and queens, LGBT history, a fancy Les Mis en francais

some of my favorites that i super recommend, but just don’t have use/space for them anymore. if you used to read a lot of my millennial gospel/theology pieces years ago - these are the books that taught me what I know now!

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I really want to apply for a community manager position, but writing a cover letter is a problem. Should I let them know I've been studying for it, read Groundswell by Charlene Li and other similar books, or that I have community management experience in fandoms? Telling about studying feels like boasting, it's not like it shows any actual experience, and communities I've successfully managed for years were mostly about slash ships. Which do you guys prefer?

In the game industry, experience trumps schooling every time. We have a job that we need somebody to do, and the best way to get us to pick you is to convince us that you can do all of the duties that job and do them well. Slash ships or not, you still moderated/managed the forums and kept the peace. Write about the things you did, what you learned from them, and how you would apply those skills as a community manager for whatever game studio. 

It might feel like boasting, but it really isn’t. You need to get over that ASAP. In a cover letter, you’re answering the implied question “Why should we hire you?”, and there is nothing wrong with giving an honest assessment of your own skills and qualifications. Don’t lie on your resume or cover letter, but tell us what qualifies you to do the job. We want to fill the position; if you can do the job, we want to know!

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Bought this a while ago but forgot to post about it. It’s pretty cool! Maybe not terribly practical since you’re not going to just sit there and look stuff up when you need to know a word (or it would be difficult to do it quickly), but it should be fun to study the different vocab words. :) I was thinking it might be fun to redraw some of the images and label them myself to study (plus practice drawing).

Bought it on Amazon used for only $8 after shipping! Link below.
Japanese English Bilingual Visual Dictionary (DK Visual Dictionaries)