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andarthas-webreplied to your post:[Captain America (2011-2012) #1]“Got solid intel…

*facepalms* Painfully obvious none of you read the comics and are making snap judgements based on incomplete info. Also, you couldn’t tell a nazi from a fascist and a hero from a villain if your life depended on it….

Okay. Wow. I can’t believe we’re here. I’m savoring this moment hold on. Let me breathe it in. Let me just lap it up. I have to feel the grace of God come over me so I don’t school yo ass too hard. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh


Yup. First off, you…. commented on a screencap of me reading the comic. That I own. That I can take screencaps of. That is in my library. On Comixology. That I paid for. Since most of my library, y’know this one

pales in comparison to the one I’m used to having since I moved across the country and don’t have access to the accumulative collection of mine, my dad’s, and my sister’s. Y’know. The one that has comics dating back to first printings in the 60s. But whatever.

What do I have on Comixology at this point?

Oh right. 2634, most of which are trade collections. And that’s not counting the hundreds of issues I have in the archive because I’ve already used them on my comic book reference blog @renaramblesaboutcomics​. Y’know. Where I’m hosting my comic reviews and live reads I’ve been doing on tumblr since 2011.

But you’re riiiiiight. Maybe I don’t have the reference for Cap. Gosh darnit I’m just such a newb. What the fuck’s wrong with me, commenting on Cap comics I don’t know shit about.

Ohhhhhhhh right. I just own the whole fucking run you’re referring to. Right right. Not to mention I have read the Ultimate comics, the Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale Captain America: White, the Sam Wilson Cap comic before Spencer lost his goddamn mind, and a couple dozen more not to mention the Avengers comics I own, the Spider-Man guest appearances, the X-Men guest appearances, the guest appearances in Captain and Ms. Marvel books, and all those other comics that feature him.

My bad. Looks like you’re full of shit. And I’m an actual Cap Fan. Uh oh.

Looks like you’re in trouble.

But I have to close out with one more thing:

Okay I’ll stay away from the obvious answer which is that you…. apparently know that the National Socialist Movement in 1930s Germany was …. fascist. But that’s okay. (It’s actually not, it just shows you’re fucking ridiculous)

The thing is you’re accusing me of not being able to recognize either. So let me introduce you to someone I’m pretty sure knows Nazis when she sees them.

Hi. I’m Renaroo. I run this blog, also @renaramblesaboutcomics​. Along with being a lifetime comic book fan,the daughter of comic book fans, and the granddaughter of comic book fans, I’m something else that you would know if you wandered around my blog any:

I’m German-American. Specifically I’m only the second generation of Americans in my family. My family came over from post-Nazi Germany in 1950. Specifically I have to thank this little woman in the middle:

That’s my grandma. Actually she’s all of our Grandma – We’re now a family of Italian-German-Americans,l Mexican-Americans, Polish-German Americans, and (my sister and I) Appalachian-German-Americans.

My Grandma just turned 78 this year and in her lifetime she lived through, you guessed it, World War II and Nazi Germany. In fact, she lost her father in the war – my great-grandfather.

She was also as a young child mauled and attacked by an SS German police dog, which she has scars on her arms from. They’re next to the scars she got from her time as a welder in a metal shop in Akron, Ohio during the rubber boom, but that’s less relevant.

This 4′9″ woman has taught me many things over the years. She helped raise my sister and me. And some of things she, and my great-grandmother before she died at the age of 98, would talk to us about was living under a fascist dictatorship and how that place was called…

wait for it…

Nazi Germany.

So, yes. I know what Nazis are. I know what fascists are. If I didn’t, I could call up my comic book collecting dad who is also a history professor, and get him to explain it to us, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have to.


Because before slow roasting you over a fire, I guess I could’ve pointed out this. It’s sometimes hard to find so I don’t really blame you for not having read it yourself. I’m not an asshole comic book fan who lords that sort of thing over people

But here’s Captain America (1941-1950) #1:

[Captain America (1940-1941) #1]

Oh wow look it’’s Red Skull’s first appearance. What’s that he’s wearing on his chest? Why doesn’t he know he leads HYDRA? Not Nazis. That’s so weird I wonder what the two have in common…

P.S. @andarthas-web​, in case it’s not obviously apparent from the entirety of this post you enabled by trying smear shit on my original post: You’re a fucking idiot.



the wheel of self-indulgence continues to spin merrily along…
Off The Rails -the epic saga of Bokuto, Akaashi, Oikawa and Iwaizumi all falling in terrible weird love with each other- continues!

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My Method for Contacting Pop-Culture Spirits

As the title says, this is simply how I go about contacting pop-culture spirits. This isn’t the only way to meet them and there’s definitely easier, safer, and more efficient ways to do this.


Many people might not believe that pop-culture characters can become spirits but I’m of the opinion that anything can have a spirit, no matter its origins nor form. All it takes is belief and energy. It is my UPG that pop-culture spirits (PC spirits) are formed by the energy that humans put into them when consuming the media that they are a part of. All of the fanart, fanfiction, and even just conversing or thinking about them lends them the power that they need to form into egregores. Extremely popular characters like Pikachu or Mario can become extremely powerful egregores and even godforms.

Since a lot of their energy comes from multiple sources they are influenced by a lot of people's’ perceptions of them. That is to say that it is very possible for two people to meet the same PC character spirit but have them behave differently. Sometimes they’ll act a bit differently or even contradict their canon personality if the belief in them being different is strong enough. For example, Flandre Scarlet from Touhou has two major personalities that the fandom has flanderized her as ascribed to her: excitable child who can’t control her powers or sadistic murderer. If one were to call the PC spirit of Flandre while being of the belief that she is Flandre the murderer, then most likely they’ll meet the aspect of the PC spirit that has the qualities of the murderer. Likewise, if someone believed that she is Flandre the child then they are more likely to meet the aspect of her PC spirit that is Flandre the child.

I’m not 100% sure why this can happen but I think it’s because of belief and subconscious…things. Belief is the basis for a lot of magical paths and that applies to spirit work too. One’s belief of how a spirit “should” behave will influence how they behave, especially with PC spirits which are easily molded by human belief due to their nature. So when a lot of people believe that a PC spirit should behave a certain way due to their canon or popular fanon interpretations, then the spirit will more likely conform to those beliefs. Even if one doesn’t fully believe in one interpretation of the character, if they know of and have that interpretation in the back of their mind when meeting the PC spirit, then it’s possible that their subconscious will influence how the spirit appears.

If you want to meet a PC spirit that isn’t influenced by your preconceived notions then you’ll need to learn how to cut out all of your mental noise. It’s not an easy task and it isn’t even necessary. Your influence on how the spirit behaves isn’t a bad thing and even if you were to stop your influence, everyone else’s beliefs are still exerting on the spirit. Unless you have a specific goal in mind when working with the spirit then you really don’t need to worry about your influence on them. Especially because, even though I just spent the last few paragraphs talking about the contrary, the spirit will most likely behave as their canon/lore dictates as your belief in a different behavior isn’t strong enough to override that.

Since I haven’t seen too much info about pop-culture spirits out there, I wanted to discuss these experiences that I’ve had. But, basically, just keep an open mind on how the spirit will behave if you don’t want to influence them too much with your preconceived notions. And if you don’t agree with any of this then feel free to ignore everything I just said! These are just my beliefs after all.    

For this post I will outline my procedure for contacting any pop-culture spirit while also provided a specific example in italics of me using this method to contact a PC spirit of one of my favorite pokemon, scolipede. This is so that it may be easier for someone to follow the procedure.


Despite being human made, PC spirits can pose a threat to your well being just like all spirits. Some safety basics are: be able to ward, banish, and cleanse and don’t call characters who are dangerous according to lore if you don’t think you’ll be able to handle them. Just like when calling local spirits into your home, I would recommend constructing a circle to help protect yourself from harm. You can read more about the basics of circle-making on that post [link].

Another thing is that if you want to add more punch to your banishing, use banishing materials that you know the character doesn’t like. For example, if the character doesn’t like bread, get a bag of bread and throw it at them if you need to banish them. A comical example, yes, but the concept is still something that should be considered when making banishing tools.

Malignant spirits can also have a field day with impersonating PC spirits. We’re much more inclined to trust a character spirit than some random spirit, especially if that character is a hero or cute. Be real, how many of you would be suspicious of an adorable pikachu spirit that showed up in your house one day? Well now I’m telling you to be suspicious until you are able to discern whether or not the spirit is actually what it appears as. When doing the call, you can prevent any malignant spirits from sneaking in by having the room that you’re working in warded. Of course, it should always be warded if you’re planning on doing spirit work, I’m just telling you one of the reasons “why” that is so. A sneaky spirit might still be able to hijack the call and impersonate the character so just keep on your toes.

For safety, I read up on scolipede’s canon info so that I am acutely informed about the spirit before calling it. I then use energy work to check the stability of my wards, making sure that everything is active and that there are no weak or damaged parts. The energy barrier on my window is cracked so I patch with new energy (more specifically, I put etheric duct tape over the cracks xP). If I were in a house rather than a dorm room, I would reinforce the wards with protections that don’t allow any spirit that I call to access the rest of the house. This would be helpful if the spirit turns malicious for their range and any damage that they do would be concentrated to only one room.


An image, symbol, or sigil representing the entity that you wish to call. It’d be best to use an official image rather than fanwork or personal drawings but you can still use those if you have to. You can also write their name out if you lack the ability to print or draw. You could even bring up the image on your phone or computer but this runs into the problem of there being a lot of “background noise” that might make it harder to connect with them. Also you will need to make sure that your device does not shut off in the middle of the evocation. You can cleanse the image if you want to remove anything that’s not the character that might be attached to it.

An offering for the entity. Depending on who you call, they might not want an offering but I think it’s best to be prepared just in case. Generic offerings like water, food, or incense would most likely work but if you know of anything that the character likes, such as a particular kind of food or something to do with their favorite color or whatever, then that would be better! Obviously avoid giving them anything that you know that they won’t like. Offerings can also be things like fanart, fanfiction, or even just playing their theme song if they have one! Indulging in their media makes them more powerful after all.

Banishing tools that you are prepared to use if the spirit becomes hostile, any materials that you use for your circle, and any tools that you need for communication.

For my materials I use an official image of scolipede that I bring up on my phone. I change my phone’s settings so that it will give me enough time to talk with the spirit before going to sleep. I use my lily-of-the-valley as my offering for it is poisonous and I believe that the poison-type scolipede would be able to draw power from it. For banishing equipment, I keep flying devil oil and fire salts on hand. Scolipede is weak to fire-type moves so I think fire-based tools would be effective in banishing if something goes wrong. I do not use any objects or tools for my circle or for communication because I personally don’t need them.  

The Procedure

1) Set up your preparations. Place the image and offering next to each other and in front of you. Construct your circle so that both things are outside of it. Have your banishing and communication tools in the circle with you.

2) Focus on the image and say the call. The call can really be anything you want but here’s a basic template that I use:

“I call to [Character’s Name], [Character’s Title (Optional)] of [Story’s setting/Character’s birthplace (optional)] from [Name of work]. I invite you to come talk to me and so that I may give you [Offering].

That’s a bit cluttered so here’s some filled in examples:

“I call to Mudkip, the Mud Fish Pokemon of the Hoenn region from Pokemon. I invite you to come talk to me and so that I may give you an offering of water.”

“I call to Pyroar from Pokemon. I invite you to come talk to me and so that I may give you an offering of fire.”

If you want to get more direct and specific, you can add in more details such as relationships with other characters and other things. It’s up to you whether this makes the call more effective or unnecessarily cumbersome.

“I call to Remilia Scarlet, The Scarlet Devil and older sister of Flandre Scarlet from the Scarlet Devil Mansion of Gensokyo of Touhou Project.”

So yeah, like I said the call can really be anything you want. However, make sure that the words you use are not forcing the spirit to come to you. You “invite”, you “request”, you “ask”. It might seem silly but sometimes the little things can make all the difference. I like the first example that I gave the best but what you choose is up to you.

3) Talk with the spirit and give them the offering! Now in my experience, I’ve never had a PC spirit not show up. At most they showed up and then immediately left. I suspect that this has something to do with our relationships to them and roles as their creators. HOWEVER, do not take this as a guarantee that they’ll show up. I don’t know of the factors affecting you when you do this call and anything that goes down with you and your experience is completely separate from me and my experience.

4) Say goodbye. If you are ready to say goodbye and they haven’t already left on their own then you can let them know that you’re ready for them to depart:

“[Character name], thank you for coming but it is now time for you depart. Please leave respectfully and in peace.”

If they don’t leave, throw out your demands and your commands, be forceful. If they still don’t leave, banish them.

Now this all probably seems awfully over formal, especially for calling little pokemon spirits and the like, because it is, in a way. You could totally give the spirit a “hey man I’m tired, is it alright if you left now?” However, I think starting out formal and then shifting to casual when you’re more comfortable with spirit work is helpful. It gets you in the mindset for spirit work time. It also helps teach you the “proper” and “respectful” ways of doing things so that when you do deviate from them, you can do so without being disrespectful for you understand the fundamentals.

5) Cleanse! If you feel the need to, cleanse after the spirit has left. If you had to force the spirit out then definitely cleanse but even if nothing bad happened, scan the room anyway just to see if you maybe should.

I set the lily-of-the-valley next to my phone which already has the picture of Scolipede brought up. I step away from it so that I may construct my circle, calling upon the four elements and my gods. Beside me are the banishing tools and my laptop so that I may listen to instrumental music that will help me focus in addition to using it for typing up notes on the encounter. I clear my mind by going into a light meditative state and then focus on the image of Scolipede. “I call upon Scolipede, the Megapede Pokemon of the Unova region of Pokemon. I invite you to come talk to me and so that I may give you an offering of Lily-of-the-Valley which will help boost your poisonous power,” I say in my mind rather than out loud. As I do so, I direct my thoughts at the image.A scolipede appears beside my phone. I see him in my mind’s eye, he doesn’t physically manifest (and neither will any spirit that you call). He greets me using telepathy, “Scolipede! Scolipede!” I forgot to specify that I would like a spirit that can speak english in the call. Most pokemon spirits that I’ve met can’t. However, when I ask him if he can speak english, he does so. Our chat is short: he tells me that I didn’t provide enough of the offering for it to be a useful power boost but he likes my room. When we finish talking I say to him, “Scolipede, thank you for coming but it is now time for you to depart. Please leave respectfully and in peace.” He says his goodbyes and then leaves through the image of him on my phone. I close my circle and put my tools away.  

Final Notes

Despite being a pretty simple procedure you must remember all of the other things that go into it. You should be able to ward, banish, construct a circle, discern the presence of a spirit, discern the identity of a spirit, and be comfortable in your communication methods to say the least. That might seem like a lot to a beginner but the only way to really gain those skills is through practice! And guess what? This right here is a good way to practice ^^. Calling things like magikarps or weak mooks from other video games can be a safe way to start gaining that experience needed for calling stronger spirits. (If you start calling to magikarps pls tell me. I want to read about all the magikarp spirits XD)

While working with PC spirits, especially ones that are friendly in canon, can be a safer way to get into spirit work, never forget that they are still spirits and they can still do you harm. Also, do not call a spirit just for the sake of calling them. If you want to practice, then call them but make sure they are rewarded for their time and energy and chat with them, if they’re up for it. Don’t keep calling the same spirit if they have made it clear that they don’t want to work with you or be called anymore (w/ pokemon it’s a little different cause there’s more than one but yeah you get what I mean). Along that note, don’t assume that all spirits who come want to work with you. Some just want a quick meal, others maybe want to chat, but that doesn’t mean that they want to be your friend or that they’re obligated to help or associate with you in anyway.

It’s basically REEEEE but longer

I was asked to elaborate on something I called ‘Mad Nerd Purple Prose’.

So I will.

You’ve likely seen it before, because from 2005 to roughly 2012, maybe even longer (and it’s still around) Mad Nerd Purple Prose dominated the internet. And yet it’s sort of a hard thing to describe, even with the name I gave it. If you’ve ever read a 'bad webcomic review’ it was probably in Mad Nerd Purple Prose. If you used to follow individual nerd bloggers who wrote about comics or b-movies or sci-fi or whatever, you’ve probably seen it. Hell, TGWTG and all their contributors practically are an entire web brand dedicated to the video form of it (or were in the early 2010s, no comment on their modern incarnations.)

But I guess a more context-free definition would be: when someone employs needlessly flowery language and excessive 'humorous’ or hyperbolic metaphor to attempt to criticize something that really doesn’t deserve the amount of effort being employed. To quote a specific bad webcomic review:

“Am I calling the author the literary equivilent of a pedophile? Yes I am.”

THAT is Mad Nerd Purple Prose.

It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly the root behind it is. It all seems to come together in a big mishmash of horrible. Condescension, smug superiority, combined with the impression the person writing it is gritting their teeth and has their hands balled into little fists, seething. The portrayal of oneself as a super genius through excessive, wordy language and grandious insults or negativity while simultaneously implying scorn towards anyone who disagrees.

That’s the best way I can put it at least. Identifying it is really more art than science.

Thoughts and Theories of the Overwatch's Ship, Meihem

I’ve recently became a Meihem Shipper due to the amazing fan art and fiction. And I’m glad. 👍 However, it took me quite a few handful of artworks to get me to fall for it cuz when I played the game first and then joined the fandom, I didn’t get it. A environmentalist and a crazy demolitionist? But the points people made were great! I’ve also seen blogs of people saying “leave shippers alone” and “Don’t hate on this ship” and personally have not found a hater of the ship. Yet. Maybe I’m not deep enough in it to find the hate. But I don’t doubt it exist. So here’s my observation on why I think Meihem is legit and other theories:

1. In-game Interactions
From the game, its obvious that Mei calls Junkrat a bully and said as one of the interactions, “I hate bullies like you” with Jamison replying “that’s cold.” Yeah. I totally get why haters or trolls would say “that’s not a ship; that’s abuse!”

But there is no abuse. Junkrat may have said “I get cold just lookin at cha” first to Mei, but to me, that’s someone teasing. Not bullying. From experience in real life, someone teasing you like that is like awkward flirting in middle school. And for someone to say “Mei hates him,” just means to me that she doesn’t understand him. From the fact she calls him a bully, probably means she knows he blows stuff up. Which means there’s knowledge or HISTORY of why Mei knows this. Like why?

Plus Bullying would be like “Ya think you’re gonna save the world with a little ice?” and Mei saying “Leave me alone” or “It’s better than destroying it.” or something like that. But I don’t see abuse; I hear: a man awkwardly flirting with a shy girl (“Brr! I get cold just lookin at cha” … “Then look somewhere else then.”) and Mei disliking/misunderstanding Junkrat (“You’re a Bully! How do you look at yourself in the mirror?” … “That’s cooold.”). But what I’m really fascinated by these interactions is:


Outta all the characters that could say something, like Widowmaker to Tracer and Soldier: 76 to Reaper, (which makes sense cuz they have a canon comic of WHY they do), why these two? And it fascinates me. Like, I hope they explain why or how these two even say something to each other.

2. Lunar New Years Special
Why??? Why does Junkrat have “Gong Xi Fa Cai” as a voice line? Why does he have a similar theme to Mei? Did Blizzard do this for the fans or cuz Junkrat likes explosives and fireworks and that’s what Lunar New Years uses for celebration? Here’s what I think and would LIKE to think:

Considering Junkrat likes blowing stuff up makes sense, but according to Michael Chu, he taught himself Mandarin. Cool. But WHY?? Cuz he likes to teach himself different things or to get in the celebration? Or… To impress Mei??? In the comics and game, they never show him interact with people unless it for personal gain or for Roadhog’s sake (read the comic “Legit” and if you have, you know what I mean. If not, Junkrat gets offended that a cop calls Roadhog “a pig.”) So… Question is WHY??? Why would he want to learn this phrase unless he was doing it for a plotted crime in the future or… Did it cuz he has a crush on Mei??? Idk.

3. “Opposites Attract”
Here we have a woman trying to save the world with climate change in the palm of her hand and a man destroying everything in the palm of his hand let alone saw his home destroyed. One’s clean and neat (you can tell by her animation that she brushes her coat off) and one’s filthy (just look at the soot the man’s wearing; he has a skin that’s called “TOASTED” for Overwatch sake). But even though people say “opposites don’t always attract”, SOMETIMES they do. Mei may not see Junkrat as her ideal man, but he’s smart enough to make his own inventions, he’s goofy and makes his own pun jokes, and probably is really a loving man under his insanity. If I was Mei, I could see a broken man. And want Character Development. I think that’s why a lot of people like myself like Meihem cuz they can see potential. Potential doesn’t mean to change the man, but to better himself as a man.

If you’re a fellow Meihem shipper, 💖 this! 04/07/17: Adding more thoughts cuz I can and just thought of them.

4. This Australian likes Oriental Stuff? It’s confirmed by Jeff Kaplan that Junkrat has Milk Tea with Boba in his canteen. Boba Tea is … an ASIAN drink. Why??? I mean, I’m sure a lot of people like Boba Tea (I do too myself, with preference to Extra Boba), but it feels a little too coincidental that they chose this drink compared to, hell, it could have been just water or vodka. Idk.

So I’ve started work on a new comic! 

Comic? Art book? I dunno - All I know is it’s been over a year since I’ve touched photoshop and three since working with a comic style. I’m still getting use to it again so I’m not happy with the first few pages but I’ll get there :D

I’m calling this ‘The Apartment’ and it will follow the canon timeline of 707′s good route from the start of day 5 until they leave Rika’s apartment. There was so much talked about it the chats and calls that we never actually saw in a visual novel. Not to mention all the amazing things that happened during and are implied by the easy to miss outgoing calls. So I though it would be fun to create visuals for all the things we never got to see. 

I decided to use screentone to make it easier to print for conventions - but if you guys would prefer color let me know!

Want to read it all?

Day 5: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | All Day 5
Day 6: 1 | 2

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice on how to make a great original Kaiju?

Here’s a few pro-tips for your hip-hop PSA advisor, Uncle Matt -

1. Don’t just, y’know, make Godzilla, “but different.” At this point, there are so many Godzilla clones that it rivals the Sonic fandom for unoriginal “Original Characters.” About as close to Godzilla as I want to see is Irokus by Frank Parr. Bascially a giant reptile, yes, but he is primarily a burrower and actually can’t swim. That’s a neat idea. So yeah, don’t just make a fire-breathing, semi-aquatic, bipedal-dinosaur monster and call it a day. Try something with a little twist on it. If you MUST do a reptile, Durontus (google it) is a neat take as it’s kind of a serpent/sauropod thing that breathes…acid, I think? Gotta re-read the comic.

2. Don’t be afraid to use old ideas. What I mean here is get creative, but find new twists on old stuff. That can be a relatively easy shorthand for making new monsters. Maybe combine an element with a monster archetype that’s never been seen before. Try a little-known mythological character/creature from Africa or Southeast Asia. Have fun with it, and don’t just try to outright mimic what you’ve already seen, but don’t be afraid to take a concept you’ve seen before and tweak it. Just make sure the tweaks are substantial and you’re not just ripping it off.

3. Keep it simple. I ran into this problem with a lot of Kaiju Combat’s monsters - a lot of progenitors had fun ideas but little cohesion to their monsters. They wanted, like, 5 different things and a convoluted backstory. What works best is a monster that can be summarized relatively easily, and the little details are just icing. For example, Rodan: “Giant pteranodon, supersonic flight ability.” Let’s see…Gamera: “Rocket-powered, fire-breathing turtle.” Baltan Seijin: “Cicada-ninja-aliens.” Even monsters that don’t look like anything immediately have some sort of basis for their design: Gudara (or whatever it’s called) from Ultraman Towards the Future was based heavily off of whales and other sea-mammals. Speaking of which…

4. Nature makes the best monsters. Chances are, even the most weird and “out there” monster design is based on some sort of pre-existing life form or even geologic structure found in nature. Tohl Narita used to base MANY of his monsters and aliens on geological formations and various patterns found in stones and rocks. Zetton is based on a beetle! Even Gigan was heavily inspired by a mantis, even if the end result doesn’t look like one that much. Having a basis set in reality really helps, because otherwise you run the risk of just mashing a bunch of crap together into a forgettable design. 

blueincandescence  asked:

So, I'm reading Rebirth Vol. 1 right now. I literally haven't read a comic since I was a kid, so I know I've missed a ton. Do you mind giving a little backstory for us newbies? I get that Diana and Clark had a thing -- what happened there? Steve mentions someone starting 8th grade and someone named Maya. Does he have kids? I did a cursory Google, but, alas. I thought you might be the expert to go to! :) Also, I am digging the beard!

Heck yeah, my friend! You came to the right place. I *love* helping people get started with Wonder Woman. Luckily, you only need backstory starting from 2011 with DC’s massive relaunch called The New 52 (there’s a New 52 reading list for those interested, as well as a Steve Trevor comics masterpost).

Pertinent backstory: The New 52 kicks off in “Justice League: Origins,” where we learn that Steve Trevor is a military pilot who crash-landed on Paradise Island. He comes back with Diana, and when there’s a massive invasion she joins other superheroes in saving the world and they form the Justice League. Steve Trevor serves as both the government liaison to the League as well as the head of an agency called ARGUS (Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans). The JL timeline jumps five years in the next arc (“The Villain’s Journey”) and during this interlude apparently Diana and Steve were together. However, this story begins when Steve is kidnapped by a villain intent on taking down the League, and he’s tortured nearly to the point of death. Once the JL finally saves the day, Diana goes to visit Steve in the hospital and decides—against his protests—that she cannot endanger his life anymore and breaks up with him. Later that night, she runs into Superman and thinks to herself “This dude’s not going to get almost killed by my enemies” and then starts dating him (if this seems poorly thought out, it was).

I love Superman, but having *Wonder Woman* date literally the only man stronger than her is the antithesis of who she is. Unfortunately, as DC was going for a Twilight thing, they really drove into this hard and had Steve make occasional petty appearances in Superman/Wonder Woman. In between said petty appearances, Steve went on to assemble the Justice League of America, the government’s answer to the actual JL. As a result, he made cameos in a lot of New 52 books. 

Skipping ahead: The next relevant storyline was “Forever Evil,” where the Crime Syndicate (remember Earth-3′s evil Justice League: Owl Man, Ultraman, Superwoman?) come to our earth and trap our Justice League in another dimension. Steve got his own mini-series spinoff, Forever Evil: ARGUS, which is basically just him fighting all manner of villains in order to “free Wonder Woman—I mean the Justice League” (his words, not mine). It’s incredibly romantic and shirtless and still very surreal. Diana doesn’t know who did all of this because Steve gets knocked out by a villain at the very last minute and Cyborg has to finish the job

Connecting the New 52 to Rebirth: In the last big storyline of the New 52, “Darkseid War,” Diana and Steve are reunited when they have to save the world. This time, we learn that Diana still loves Steve but is unsure whether he feels the same. Just as things are about to get warm and fuzzy, one of the villains (Grail, daughter of Darkseid and a rogue Amazon) kidnaps Steve because she thinks that he is the missing element for her to get revenge on the Amazons—she literally binds him to the anti-life equation and luckily he somehow survives this; when Diana sees that he’s survived she stops frontin’ and they exchange a wordless but emotional hug. (Oh, and Superman dies, but later we learn that he was never really Superman anyway.)

Throughout *all* of this, in her home book Diana learned that she was not made from clay but instead from Zeus’s God-Sperm. The Amazons are rapist-murderers, and everyone is just super mean. DC realized that the hopeless tone of the New 52 wasn’t sustainable and so in Rebirth, they brought on Greg Rucka to fix WW. The very first issue of Rebirth starts with Diana processing all of this information—horrible Amazons, her lack-of-clay origin, her romance with Superman (basically, the horrific time she had in the New 52)—and demanding to know what the truth is. In other words, everything she thought she knew was a lie and now it’s time to find out what’s behind all of this in Wonder Woman Rebirth Vol 1 - The Truth. That should bring you up to speed!

As for the two specific points you mentioned, I would recommend starting with WW Rebirth Vol 2 - Year One before you read The Truth (I know, counter-intuitive, but it’s because of how the issues were released). It shows what the *real* (not New52) Amazons are like, and it explains who Sandy and Maya are (Steve’s goddaughter and her mother, respectively). Hope this helps you and anyone else trying to start the comics!

Today on Rose’s UNCANNY POP CULTURE GRIMOIRE: Let’s make a witches’ familiar out of a toy!

Do you want a familiar but you live in an apartment that is ridiculously small in an insanely polluted city? Do you find the idea of haunted dolls to be cute and endearing? Well, then that’s oddly specific and that means you are probably me… Anyway, this method is experimental and I am not gonna do it until Sunday (I’ll keep you guys updated with pictures) but i’m gonna share the basic idea anyway.

step 1: acquire furby (or a tamagotchi if your apartment is even smaller than mine!). You could arguably do this with any toy, but one that provides a certain degree of interactivity (read: furby) is preferred. But seriously, this is UNCANNY POP CULTURE GRIMOIRE not “logically sound decisions grimoire”, so you can fucking make your with a waifu body pillow for all i care. 
step 2: draw the circle. I use latin words in cursive in lieu of complicated sigils, because writing cursive is complicate enough, but you can substitute. Phrases in comic sans are instructions, not sigils. That’s why I used comic sans.
step 3: put furby in circle and candles in their designed places (tl;dr: do the comic sans thing)
step 4: call the quarters and light the candles in your preferred way and order. I like the Satanic invocation for those, but that’s hard as hell to pronounce, and the traditional Wiccan ones are in English, which sounds like nails on a blackboard to me. So write your own if you wanna. BONUS ONUS: If you have associated deities to every element, you can write their signs/sigils eh whatever in the wax of the candles with a tiny lil stick.
step 5: do the actual spell. Declaration of intent and stuff or what not. Since this is gonna change from person to person, I am not going to give you a template. Tell that you want the thing to come alive, use names to bind bla bla. 
step 6: let the candles burn fully. Finally, don’t let your familiar out of the circle until the next morning so the energy has time to stabilize while you are sleeping. You’re trying to give the thing A SOUL. Souls are complicated things that shouldn’t be disturbed until they have integrated with their body.

You now have a MAGICAL CONNECTION with a cool toy you love! How cool is that?


So, unless your intent is like… real strong, you may have an additional sigil in the middle pentagon: 

Blah blah long alchemical explanation but basically, last step of the transmutation process, in which a volatile substance (and we’re talking a soul here) is given a form. 

This is optional, but may help.

Big change

Hey guys, I just wanted to address some things so you guys can feel updated on some “changes” and comments I’d like to make on my comics.

First, I would like to say thank you all for 3k followers! I actually feel guilty getting this many because Tumblr is the least used social media where I post comics besides imgur and Reddit (which I have slowly drifted away from) so I’m going to try and step up my game with posting and being more active on tumblr. The two social medias I use are twitter (username is @blumod_), where I constantly update on status of comics, do art or fan art, or just do funny tweets, and my second most used social media is iFunny where every single comic I’ve made has been posted unlike tumblr since I originated from iFunny, so if you want to see those, go to iFunny.co/BluMod to read the rest.

Second thing is kinda major; I’m changing my artstyle.

Now this one I have been wanting to talk about for a while. My original artstyle of poorly drawn marshmallow people is very unoriginal. A lot of other users can pull it off and still seem original such as TheOdd1sout, SeaRabbit, 8BitLiam, and many more. But I want an art style I can call mine and not feel guilty of thinking it’s a copy and paste of some one else’s idea. I make comics, and I want to make sure my jokes are 100% original, and I want to do the same to my artstyle, which is what I’ve done.

Anyways, sorry for the long rant but that’s my situation. Thank you to all who cared to read that. You guys are the best! :)

If you will read ALL THIS TEXT ( you really love Jungkook)

1. Jungkook real name is Jeon Jungkook

2. Jungkook Favorite number is 1

3. Jungkook favorite weather is a sunny weather with a cool breeze

4. Jungkook’s family is Dad, Mom, and Older brotherJungkook have older Brother, his name is Jung Hyun who will go to the Army (2014).

5. Jungkook blood type is A

6. In 7th grade Jungkook learned B-boying in a club with his some friends and Hyungs.

7. In 10 years Jungkook want to be an Owner of a duck meat restaurant or a Tattooist.

8. Jungkook went to the Mnet for Superstar K2 auditions and got casted by my current company’s staff. When he danced, Bang Sihyuk PD told him,“No emotion. No emotion while dancing.” So, he went to the U.S.A for dance training.

9. In USA, Jungkook learned Urban Style, Female Dancing Style, Powerful Dances, and many more from famous choreographers.

10. JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He think express color of Hip Hop is Black and Red.

11. Jungkook Ideal Type is Someone who’s at least 168 cm but smaller than him, a good wife, good at cooking, smart, has pretty legs & she nice.

12. Q) Jungkook, I heard that you got casted while auditioning for Superstar K3.

– Jungkook, “In 7th grade, I had dreams of becoming a singer after listening to G-Dragon sunbaenim’s songs. Then in 8th grade, I got casted by Big Hit after leaving the Superstar K3 auditions and became a part of Bangtan.”

13. Q) I guess you won’t be able to go on Superstar K anymore since you got casted.

– Jungkook, “I got eliminated anyways.(laughs) Even if I hadpassed, I think I would have chosen Big Hit.”

– All, “Ooh~”

– Rap Monster, “Yeah, you can’t really say anything. You’ve debuted now. (laughs)”

14. Jungkook Favourite song is Zion T Feat Primary ‘See Through’.

15. Jungkook resolution in 2014 —> “In 2014, i want to upgrade my vocal power!”

16. Jungkook birthday is 1 September 1997.

17. Jungkook nicknames is Jeon Jungkookie (Suga calls him a lot), Golden Maknae, and Kookie.

18. Jeongguk about his Satoori, “It’s true that I’m unable to fix it, but it’s also that I’m not trying.”

19. Favourite food is bread, pizza, and anything with flour, pork soup rice, sashimi, sea eel.

20. Favourite item is Shoes, make up.

21. Jungkook is a Golden Maknae but he also like a Devil Maknae.

22. Jungkook habbits is sniffling (he has rhinitis), wriggling his fingers, stomp around.

23. Jungkook role model is G-Dragon.

24. Jungkook hometown is Busan.

25. Jungkook wants Japanesse fans called him Golden Maknae or Kkukie.

26. Artist or song that has influenced is Supreme Team, G-Dragon, and Macklemore.

27. Jungkook dream when he was younger is Badminton Player. In the 1st year of High School he listened to G-Dragon’s song and changed my dream to singer.

28. His motto —> (He searching it on his smartphone) “Living without passion is like being dead.” and “Rather be dead than cool.”

29. Because he didn’t satisfied with his voice when he sing alive, and he always to practice sing a song while he exercise her abs or run.

30. A happening that made he cry is because he sang badly one song and he cried in the practice room.

31. When he in trouble/worried, he will talk to Rap Monster. It because Rap Monster is the first one to notice when something happen to him and will give him advice.

32. Jungkook wants to go on trip with his lover someday.

33. All member said, Jungkook is the member of Bangtan who seems like he’d have a girlfriend older than him. And he admit it.

34. When he has a super power, he wants talking to the animal that live on earth.

35. Q) If you had a compare Jungkook to non human, what would they be?

– Jimin, “A dog without collar.”

– Suga, “A Dog.”

– J-Hope, “A Dog.”

– Rap Monster, “Chikorita (One of character in Pokemon). And maybe a fox that imitates a bear? He turns his head really fast and he’s trained in his conduct of life; on the other hand, he acts like he has no aegyo but, in fact, he’s as lively as a beagle dog and talks a lot.”

36. Jungkook mostly read book, mainly comic books. These days Jungkook reading a book called ‘1 cm’ from his fan and he read it when they don’t have schedules, before he sleeps

37. Jungkook really like to say annoying things a lot to the Hyungs.

38. About Jungkook.

– Suga, “Jungkook has a good memory so he can imitate us well. And i remember that when Jungkook first came, he was shorter than me. Seeing him grow taller makes me feel like i’ve raised him.””

– Jimin, “I’m 2 years older than him but he keeps making fun of me for my height.”

39. Jungkook height is about 3 cm taller than Jimin and he didn’t think he was growing.

40. Jungkook really like tease Jimin who older 2 years than him, especially about his height.

41. Jungkook has score 92 times on ‘Jump Rope Challenge MBC Music Show’.

42. Jungkook Ideal Date –> “I want walking along the beach in the night.”

43. He said about his image before debut is like a normal student who liked playing games and liked Hip Hop.

– Jungkook, “In order to become a trainee I came from Busan to Seoul but I was shy and couldn’t make friends, so I was kind of lonely…”

– Jungkook, “When i was younger, i played on the computer from morning until night. I was a bit more hardcore than other kids. I used my parents money to pay for games. I liked really long, single player games.” -Mnet JJANG #63-

44. When Jungkook was a child, he interested a lot in arts.

45. Jungkook, “Bangtan is my life!”

46. Something he really wants to accomplish is Composing. He study it really hard because he wants to be a musician who writes briliant lyrics like his hyungs.

47. His favourite times of the day is resting time, free time, eating time.

48. Things that he wants to steal from other members is Rap Monster’s knowledge, Suga’s diverse knowledge, J-Hope’s positive mind, Jimin’s persistence and his effort, V’s natural talent, and Jin’s wide shoulders.

49. Something he is addicted to these days is music. He has his earphones on all day and listen to music. And he think he’ll be like this forever.

50. Jungkook Favorite Song in 2nd mini album Skool Luv Affair is BTS Cypher PT.2: Triptych

51. He feels he isn’t good about acting in front of the camera.

52. Q) Which outfit concept do u like in the Simulation Love Game? [Kstar Wonderland]

– Jungkook, “I haven’t wearing all costumes yet, but a suit style is chic and good, right?”

53. Q) Do you have any expression that hard to try to shoot? Please explain it. [Kstar Wonderland]

– Jungkook : Such a surprised and pained ekspression.

54 . Jungkook choose IU if he wants invite make duet because IU have a great Voice he like’s IU Voice. [Park Seo Hyun ‘Love Game’ Radio]

55. Jungkook started learning to Play Guitar after seeing Justin Bieber. It’s because he can sing, play the drums and guitar.

56. When Jungkook visit in China, he wants to eat Peking Duck and visit Great Wall of China.

57. Jungkook winning Pushing Game as a tough guy at MTV The Show. In the final, he battle with V with just one attack.

58. Rap Monster imagined When God Made Jungkook?

Rap Monster : “Adding a bit of dance skill. Since he’s a singer, so some vocal as well. Also we’ve to add plentiful of handsomeness. Now, a fair balance, with the other member, i couldn’t add, couldn’t balanced them up! “

59. About cross-dressing, Jungkook thinks his Hyungs really gave off a girly feel. They were sexy.

59. Jungkook and Suga sharing underware often. At Mnet JJang #63, when Suga said he got a lot more underware present from fans, but he realized his underware was disappear. And at the moment, Jungkook admit that he wearing them. (I think Jungkook was revenge).

60. Jungkook is the member whose bed is dirtiest than other members. Rap Monster said Jungkook takes up the most space and his the King. -Mnet Jjang #63-

Jungkook, “I only have the one bed. So i have to put all my stuff around it.”

61. Jungkook did cute version of Boy In Luv (His part). – Mnet MCD Backstage Japan 140404-

62. Jungkook being a Showchampion Writer for ‘One Day Show Champion Mission’. -Show Champion 140416-

63. Jungkook can drawing Bang Shi Hyuk with just 3 strokes. -MTV Show Behind 140425-

64. Jungkook loves palying Games, games is cheers him a lot. If get a day off, Jungkook wants to play games. So, J-Hope comment it’s typical answer from a 17 years old. -MCD Backstage 140425-

65. Jungkook really like to lift up other members.

66. Jungkook failed to show strength physical. He push up with Park Ji Young on his back but he can’t do it. So, his head hit the floor and he was very embarashed.

67. Jungkook has a Maltese and his name is 구름 (Cloud) and he said he misses him a lot. Jungkook said, his parents are always out working and his older brother is at the Army so Cloud is always alone all the time.

68. Jungkook doesn’t like bugs, but he likes cool bugs like (stag) beetles. He used to have a stage beetle when he was younger, but he didn’t take care of it well, so it died.

68. Jeongguk caught about 3~4 crawfish during the summer and raised them, but he accidentally left them (the crawfish) out in the sun for too long so they turned red and died. About his crawfish, he didn’t even get to name them, so he was really upset.

69. Jungkook jokingly asked the hyungs if he could raise a dog in the dorms but they said NO. (I think other members doubt if his pet will long alive).

70. About school subjects, Jungkook dislike everything except Physical Education, Art, and Music Class.

71. Jungkook likes Physical Education the most when he play Dodgeball or Badminton.

72. For Jungkook, Earth Science is too difficult and that’s why he’s already given up on it.

73. Jungkook, “Last year I only practiced because I had to, but now I do it on my own.”

74. Jungkook said he usually doesn’t exercise a lot but started working out after seeing Taeyang and Jay Park.

75. He believe you have to work out scientifically. He is about 65 kg so he lift 6kgs dumbbells.

76. Jungkook, “I suddenly have a lot of wrinkles near my eyes… Maybe it’s because I smile a lot?”

77. Jungkook good at drawing. Everyone in Jungkook’s family is good at drawing, so since he was little, he followed and drew too.

78. Sometimes, Jungkook will feel uncomfortable if he drawing the members’ faces. But he think it was the easiest to draw Rap Monster when he wore sunglasses and had wavy hair in the past.

79. Suga about Jungkook entering High School, “Jeongguk was the most handsome one there.”

80. V about Jungkook entering High School, “It’s not that the other students were ugly, but JK was most noticeable because he’s tall.”

81. Jungkook’s team goals, “Getting No.1 through our music.” (Profile written by Jungkook)

82. Jungkook’s words to BTS, “I’ll work hard.” (Profile written by Jungkook)

83. Jungkook’s Greeting: ”Hello. I’m BTS’ Jeongguk.” (Profile written by Jungkook)

84. In charge of : Vocals, maknae, dancing. (Profile written by Jungkook)

85. Favorite Nickname : Jeonjeonggukie. (Profile written by Jungkook)

86. Body size : 178 cm, 69 kg. (Profile written by Jungkook)

87. Hobby : Scribbling drawings, playing guitar, watching movies and animations (Bad Country) (Profile written by Jungkook)

88. Charm point : Thighs, lips. (Profile written by Jungkook)

89. Things he like (3 things) : Exercising, tasty things, just standing there without a thought, being alone. (Profile written by Jungkook)

90. Things he dislike (3 things) : Tasteless things, bugs, getting hurt, studying. (Profile written by Jungkook)

91. His biggest recent interest : Clothes, computer, shoes, games, tasty things, exercising, drawing, guitar. (Profile written by Jungkook)

92. The member who’s most similar to him : “V Hyung. He’s random, our comedic cords match well, and I think our personalities are similar.” (Profile written by Jungkook)

93. He is the best at at least this : Passion. (Profile written by Jungkook)

94. He will at least try to put an effort in this : “Things I’m doing now, and things I’ll have to do.” (Profile written by Jungkook)

95. His life’s best (voice) was IU voice. (1st IU, 2nd Sweden Laundry, 3rd J.Rabbit) (Profile written by Jungkook)

96. A song he want to recommend to you : Sweden Laundry – ‘Voice’ (he like sad songs). (Profile written by Jungkook)

97. What you think about when you can’t sleep : “Thoughts lying on top of a river at night where there’s no one, the moon is up, and cherry blossoms are flying in the air.” (Profile written by Jungkook)

98. Your representative pictures and videos : “My girl group dancing video at Weekly Idols, N.O jacket picture.” (Profile written by Jungkook)

99. The ranking in BTS that he write: “Rap hyung – Jin hyung – Suga hyung – Hope hyung – Jim hyung – V hyung – Jeongguk.” (Profile written by Jungkook)

100. He thinks his looks ranks (0.01) out of 100.” (Profile written by Jungkook)

101. The place you have the most confidence in on your body? : Thighs, lips. (Profile written by Jungkook)

102. Let’s praise yourself : “You’re good at anything that has to do with the body as long as you learn, and you overflow in passion.” (Profile written by Jungkook)

103. His goal : “I want to sing well to the point where people’s mouths would drop and I want to become smart.” (Profile written by Jungkook)

104. His personality as viewed by other members.

– Jin, “Although he seems like a danhobak (T/N: danhobak is pumpkin, but the danho here is used as wordplay for 단호하다/danhohada which means stern), to me it seems like a concept. He’s quite bad at refusing requests.”

– Rap Monster, “Individualistic, doesn’t share clothes. Washes his clothes separately. A slight timid-ness that’s like a maknae. Although he wants to seem manly, he’s actually a cutie. Although his passion overflows, it doesn’t go on long. Puberty, rebellious, but it seems cute.”

– J-Hope danjeon hope!! Hoo~ (T/N: it sounds similar to danjeon hoheup which is breathing), “He maknae who talks backs a lot and doesn’t listen. Although his personality is quite kind… I also have no answer for his personality”

– V, “Truthfully, he’s the same as me. I have no answer.”

– Suga, “Because he’s the youngest, he’s still immature. However, he clearly shows what he likes and what he dislikes.”

– Jimin, “He’s kind, innocent, and is bad at expressing his feelings. That’s why he’s cute. Jeonggukkie’s mine.”

105.Jeongguk personality, “Loud at times quiet at times, overflowing with passion, and I think he’s a bit dumb. There are many things he wants to do. Doesn’t like to lose and has a strong sense of pride. Truthfully, finds a lot of things tiresome.”

106. Message to Jungkook. (BTS RADIO FESTA 1st Anniversary)

– Dance Teacher,“You are my manager. Now and forever.”

– Manager, “Jungkook, please get up when i wake you up in the morning. Sometimes i even feel scared you don’t move at all like a stone statue. Also sleep in your bed.” (Rap Mon, “He was sleeping in jimin’s bed yesterday even. So, jimin had to sleep in the room.”)

– Suga, “Jungkook piles up everything on his bed. Theres no space for him.”

107. Jungkook About ‘Can you Turn Off your Phone’ Song in ‘Dark and Wild’ Album.
– Jungkook, “Rap Mon and i were trying to come up with new lyrics, but couldn’t. So we decided to call it a night. Rap Monster woke me up in the middle of the night because he came up with the idea for the lyrics. When he heard the locking and messaging sounds while fiddling with his smartphone. He said that we should record it right away, and that’s how we came up with the lyrics.”

108. Noisiest members Rank by Jin. [Arirang After School Club After Show 140827]
1st : V

2nd : Jungkook

3rd : Jimin

109. Adorable Jungkook hide in a box at Arirang After School (140827) setting place and he said no one will know him.

110. Jungkook did ‘Self PR Time mission’ at M!Countdown Begins (140918). He sing the fast version of his part in his song ‘Danger’.

111. Jungkook ideal type is a girl who wears a boxy, white button up. [Behind The Show 140928]
– Jungkook, “For me, i like it when a girl wears boxy, white button up! For me, i like a girl who wears boxy T-Shirts.”

112. Jungkook got highest record of Game shake the pedometer with 123 shakes (30 seconds) and Game flipping a thick book [M!Countdown Begins Fall’s Mini Sport Event (141002)].

113. Jungkook, “Looking back at my audition, i was shy and i had no self confidence. I couldn’t control my feelings properly. I had a chance to stay in the US for a month before the debut. So many things changed. I gained confidence. Also i was awakened to expressing my feelings or dancing.” [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK]

114. Happiness for Jungkook is when he feels happy, he’s happy. [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK]

115. Name 3 requirements for Jungkook happiness is Health, Love, and Honor. [SKOOL LUV AFFAIR KEYWORD TALK]

i honestly hate that cishet white ppl (especially men but women arent that better) yell and whine about us the evil qu*er not being able to take a joke and get offended by “everything” but the moment i joke like “dinah and oliver together? when barbara is there? homophobic am i right fellow gays” they act like i just killed their dog or something.. they get all HOW DARE YOU TUMBLR USER ARKHAMKNIGNT, HOW IS THIS HOMOPHOBIC??? YOU DUMB BITC.. READ A COMIC.. YOU’RE TRYING TO FIND PROBLEMS EVERYWHERE.. I’LL CALL THE POLICE

Hello ladies and gents! I just wanted to give a quick update for those who take the time to read these things.

I’m working on a very ambitious project for the first time in years, since I used to be some edgy little teenager writing short stories about I was the best at everything or something like that. No, this project is nothing like that.

The project I’m working on is a webcomic called Alderburg. The comic in and of itself is a story of a young spectacled bear living in a small town trying to get his life back together and pull himself out of a pit of depression with the help of some friends. I’m loosely basing the story off of some real-life experiences. Characters in this comic are all anthromorphic animals, so yes it’ll be a furry sort of thing. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the storyline I’ve been putting together, and that this project will be at least somewhat of a success for myself, just to see how far I’ve come in terms of artistic skill.

As of now I don’t have a solid upload schedule, but I do have the first ten pages planned out already, and I’m ideally going to upload new pages weekly.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you’re looking forward to seeing what Alderburg has to offer!

anonymous asked:

hey not to be That Person but. i'm trying to get into dc comics but i dont understand the whole rebirth thing and infinite crisis or its context and im feeling so ! anxiety over it so. can u recommend a starting point so i can have some structure in my life again

unless things have progressed monstrously in the past month i haven’t caught up and infinite crisis is somehow directly connected to rebirth now, then the following answer is bull, so write it off. if things are still the same, you’re still free to write everything i say off because i usually don’t know what i’m doing. i’m here for the memes

the short answer is: read every big event DC has ever published up until the year of our lord 2016. no? no? alright, i’m gonna take you by the hand and try to explain some things about DC. seeing i don’t know the level of your comics knowledge, there is really no short answer if you want to understand some basics so this is going to get long, but still shorter than actually reading everything. i have also consumed an ungodly amount of carbs this evening, all the bread in me will get us through this

when comic companies reach a certain point with their comics that can’t progress their storytelling no matter what techniques they employ (we, in the mortal realm, call this screwing up beyond belief), we have these big events that occur throughout every title currently published, that change/erase, affect and influence the entire comics universe. the very first time DC did it was because they realized all the issues got too confusing for the new readers and the dollas didn’t holla when younglings had no reason to buy stuff they didn’t understand, and that’s how in 1986 they rebooted the DC universe for the very first time with Crisis on Infinite Earths. CoIE basically took this idea of a “multiverse”, an infinite possibility of worlds, stories, and ideas existing concurrently but not necessarily affecting each other up until then, and destroyed it. bye, felicia. everything was unified into one neat bundle and due to this compression, certain characters had to die, others got completely retconned (especially superman), and others kept existing only in a pocket universe (like superboy). generally speaking, the characterizations of all the characters after Crisis on Infinite Earths is what’s commonly considered canon (pre-ColE batman didn’t brood 24/7, for shame)

in the following two decades after ColE, things got so convoluted and messed up that we ended up having an incredible number of inconsistencies even though the goal was to eliminate them in the first place. we had like… doubles of the same heroes that had made it into the ColE universe from the pre-ColE/silver age universe running about like nobody’s business? because why the fuck not, i guess. thus DC had to reboot again… and then again… and then once more… and then they chilled for a bit but that didn’t really matter much because a few things like superboy-prime getting angry and punching a literal hole through continuity happened. through trial and many errors, we get to the point Flashpoint happens, an event that rebooted DC again, and gave us the New 52

the New 52 started every hero’s title from #1 once more. a new start where readers wouldn’t have to know 60something years worth of comics to understand what’s going on. only that that didn’t happen because heroes like batman and green lantern still held their pre-Flashpoint stories/memories/lives, so if you wanted to follow them, you had to have read that period between ColE and Flashpoint i just explained. due to the retcon, certain heroes died/got erased similarly to how people got offed in Crisis on Infinite Earths and that, coupled with storylines that progressively made less and less sense, resulted in the New 52 drawing the short stick and ending a few months ago, with Rebirth following in its steps

Rebirth, however, isn’t a reboot. it’s a direct continuation of the New 52, this time trying to fix things up. DC stopped trying to erase all their mistakes with reboots (not like they work anyway) and decided to find an excuse as to why the pre-flashpoint universe was morphed into the New 52, meaning everything that happened between ColE and Flashpoint is valid. it’s just that everyone forgot and… got… younger………. why? i’m not gonna explain that. it involves the watchmen and dr. big blue dick and we haven’t gotten a straight answer yet anyway

anyway, to finally answer your question about getting into current DC, here’s what i suggest:

  • have a basic grip on DC heroes. if you have absolutely no idea who is who, you’ll have to do some basic reading on your favorite heroes. here’s my reading guide for batman to get you started
  • after you know why batman is an occassional dick, jump directly into Rebirth. no N52 for you. there have been minimal if any references to the new 52 so far and since Rebirth is trying to get the DC universe back to it’s pre-flashpoint state, you don’t really need to know what happened in the n52
  • do, however, know that new 52 superman died after a series of bad writing and mishandling and our current superman is pre-flashpoint superman even though every other hero is their new 52 counterpart. pre-flashpoint clark made it into the new 52 universe after an event called Convergence, alongside a then pregnant lois lane, and didn’t make himself known up until new 52 clark died
  • interestingly, in infinite crisis pre-flashpoint clark met pre-crisis on infinite earths clark, similarly to how new 52 clark met pre-flashpoint clark now. dam? dam

i know a lot of the above makes zero sense right now but it’s in its most basic form you’ll find at this point. DC has A LONG ASS history of messed-up events and timelines so confusion will ensue even after you’ve been reading comics for a while. jump into Rebirth even if you feel you won’t understand a thing. we all started somewhere, we all still understand about half of what the writers want us to (they understand a third of their own works). try to have fun whatever you do and look up/ask about things you have no idea about. comics weren’t meant to be streamlined, or at least they never managed to be, so you will have gaps for a long time. final crisis what? zero hour who? hypertime not even once

just have fun? just have fun. nobody really understands. it’s okay

thehellmax replied to your post “so wait, do you have a lab coat?”

So I went to the last pages. I read all of your comic again in the wait (which is fine i just love your comic I love re-reading it !) aaand I read that at some point you wrote that Dr Gaster -I guess- used a molecule called Ranunculin for the chromatgraphy. Aaand since I know you’re both an awesome artist and kinda scientist, I assumed it was something real and looked it up ! Imagine how surprised I was when I read “a glucoside found in plants of the BUTTERCUP FAMILY” My god I love your comic =D

In case it wasn’t clear I am a big silly nerd, and I am cramming as many dumb nerdy things into this comic as I possibly can =U

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Not so much weird but more disturbing. How can I not look at them? When I look at your profile it's there. And also for your Fnaf au aren't you just using Scott Cawthon's characters and then drawing them as furries and calling them your own?

How is it disturbing? I don’t really understand. And if you don’t want to read my comic, just scroll past it every time you see the “Springlocks Page… whichever”. And yes. As with every FNaF AU, they are Scott’s characters but I’m telling my own unique story with them. I’m not copywriting my stuff or anything. Thousands of people do the exact same thing, there’s nothing wrong with it. Dusky is my own character, my OC. The rest may have names that are the Fnaf characters, but their personality, story, etc, that’s all me. I’m not copywriting them as my own though, I never said that.

Why Batman vs. Superman reviews are... irking me.


I’m a shameless comic book nerd. Most of my followers probably already know this, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that I went to see Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Friday afternoon. Before I went, I had heard something vague about a bad response from critics, but I decided to be optimistic and open-minded.

I came into the movie with a pretty good mindset; after all, I enjoyed Henry Cavill’s performance in Man of Steel, a movie that, admittedly, had a couple moments which rubbed me the wrong way. I had decided to give Ben Affleck a fair shot at winning me over, and I was ready for wherever the film might take me.

What followed was nearly three hours of what felt like an out-of-body experience. The downside of seeing a movie on opening day was that I ended up stuffed between a seven-year-old boy on my right (whose mother loudly cautioned him to cover his eyes during the “kissing parts”), and an incredibly large gentleman on my left who overflowed into my seat and had a habit of heavy mouth-breathing. Despite all this, I was transported. Darth Vader’s Ventilator and Little Boy Wonder couldn’t make a dent in my enjoyment of DC’s latest blockbuster. I barely noticed how long the run time was, and I felt completely immersed in the world Snyder constructed on screen. 

It took me about twenty minutes to realize why Dawn of Justice felt a bit… different. Once I put my finger on it, though, everything became clear. 

Dawn of Justice is not paced and framed like a traditional Hollywood movie. It reads– or watches, your preference– like a comic book in movie format. It only lacks the speech bubbles. For anyone who is familiar with and loves that form of media, this is like a wet dream come true. It resulted in some bold choices, some traditional movie tropes being abandoned, a few plot twists that seem to come out of nowhere if you’re unfamiliar with the source material. This is not a movie that panders to brand-new fans; it can be somewhat confusing if you know nothing about the DC Comics universe. To be honest, though, I found that beyond refreshing. I’m tired of easily palatable superhero movies, films that are simply a relaxing way to spend an hour and a half, no hard thinking required. I’ll be going back to see Dawn of Justice at least a couple more times, if only because I know there are details I’ve missed in the first viewing. It is a massive, complex, beautiful beast, and it kept me on the literal edge of my seat the entire time. The plot stayed pretty tightly focused on the central conflict, with just enough Justice League foreshadowing and Wonder Woman screen time to tease and tantalize hopeful nerds everywhere.

I already knew Cavill would be excellent in his reprisal as Clark Kent/Superman, but he exceeded my expectations, showing a depth of emotion rarely seen in the character, who is often portrayed as a bit of a stoic, all-powerful hero. As a result, I believe he’s made me finally fall in love with a character I previously felt lukewarm towards, at best. 

Ben Affleck was far better than I ever could have imagined, with a versatility that blindsided me. Fans of previous Batman movies know that one of the most difficult aspects of this role is believably and smoothly portraying both Bruce Wayne and Batman. Affleck nailed it. He conveyed the perfect level of disconnect between the dual sides of his personality, while leaving the two tethered together in a way that had me wondering if his performance can ever be matched by a future Batman. 

Jesse Eisenberg was as good as I had hoped as Lex Luthor, and though some of his minor choices for the character surprised me, it was all positive. I was more than satisfied with Gal Gadot’s characterization of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, and I look forward to seeing her in future movies when she has more time to really shine. 

I also have to add, regarding Amy Adams and the romance between Superman and Lois Lane: There was a lot of improvement in between Man of Steel and this movie. In MoS, I felt almost like the relationship was forced, but Dawn of Justice banished all my doubts. An easy chemistry flowed between the two characters, and Lois Lane proved herself a valuable player in the story, rather than just a love interest/damsel in distress. The feminist in me approves.

Overall, I don’t really have anything negative to say, which is why the critical reception of the film is beyond disappointing to me. I don’t usually put much stock in critics, anyway, and this movie illustrates perfectly my reasons for doing so. I read several of the so-called critics’ reviews, and what I found made me irrationally angry. 

Almost every critic-written review uses overwhelming negativity, ad hominen (personal) attacks, and buzz words to disguise the fact that the reviewer has little to no familiarity with comic books, only with other superhero movies. The complexity that I so admire, the divergence from Hollywood stereotypes that I applaud? Critics loathe these things, apparently. One of the most common takeaways, I found, was that Dawn of Justice should have been more like, or tried to emulate (insert generic superhero movie title here.) The critics show almost no originality in their thinking, and honestly, I’m not having it. 

I’m not the only one, either. The audience reviews rate this movie at 75% positive, compared to the critics’ 29%. I browsed the audience reviews, and out of the negatives, most of the reviewers sounded as if they had never picked up a comic book in their life. One had the audacity to claim that the movie “wasn’t true to DC lore.” I’m not even going to touch that one, other than to say that it is patently untrue. Another person said that they didn’t like Batman as a vigilante character. Um, have you heard of Batman before? The guy who introduced a nine-year-old boy to vigilante crime-fighting as his sidekick? I’m beginning to have flashbacks to when Deadpool was released, and thousands of outraged people demanded to know why it wasn’t family-friendly. The answer is simple: The filmmakers decided not to pander to new fans. Instead, they made a film that comic book nerds like myself will cherish for decades.

The audience in general likes this movie, and I think it’s time the critics caught onto that. The days of trying to be cool and edgy by spreading negativity to everything you touch ended a long time ago. Get the memo, people. In the meantime, I’ll be happily enjoying a wonderful film that hundreds, if not thousands of people, dedicated years of their lives to. 

Well, usually I’m not so keen on talking about whitewashing/representing issues in the US media bc I’m not American and English is not my first language tho… sometimes MCU fandom makes me do so.

Yeah, you can enjoy superhero movies without reading comics. Trust me,  I hate elitism and gatekeeping.

Of course, you can enjoy/love any superhero media even your favorite ones are calling out for being racist/sexist/misogynistic/whatever. I also love many problematic things.

But yelling “IT’S NOT WHITEWASHED!!!! THEY ARE ALWAYS WHITE IN COMICS!!” or “THEY ARE EASTERN EUROPEAN!! SO THEY SUPPOSED TO BE WHITE!!!” to comic geeks even you don’t have proper amount of the knowledge of the source materials is just make a fool of yourself.

Oh, you want to pull the “FOX HAS THE MOVIE RIGHTS OF THE X-MEN SO THEY CANT BE RROMANI-JEWISH!!!” excuse? Oh well, I didn’t know the movie right of an entire ethnic group can be owned by a movie company. Maybe FOX also has the movie rights of Tibetans so The Ancient One couldn’t be an Asian man, yeah it makes sense.

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Hi :) about the new kuro chapter, do you have any ideas why Ciel didn't want Soma to see the photograph of his family? *cough* 2CT *cough*

Anonymous said: I think the latest g fantasy have us a hint about 2ct

Yes, call me biased but I definitely think that the scene with the family photo was a hint for the 2CT! xD I read comments that Ciel might have been just embarassed, but to me he didn’t really look ebarassed, but rather upset and irritated. Also, the overall atmosphere of that scene, as well as Sebastian’s reaction to Ciel’s behaviour, was’t really comical either, but more serious (compared to this scene for example).

The only thing I’m wondering is (if the 2CT is true, of course) why Ciel didn’t want Soma to know that he had a twin. Unlike Lizzie, Tanaka, Frances, etc, Soma has never met real!Ciel before, so there’s actually no risk that he would ever find out that our!Ciel took over his brother’s identity D:

That said, I personally think that it’s actually 99.9% confirmed that Ciel had a sibling (not a split personality, but a real sibling) because 1) Joker said that the “the Earl and his children (plural)” were killed in the fire, 2) the family tree in ch105 definitely shows two branches coming from Vincent and Rachel and 3) Vincent said “my sons (plural)”. So unless Yana mysteriously made the same mistake in all three scenes, we can safely say that Ciel had a brohter - at some point, at least. Whether that sibling was a twin whose identity our!Ciel took over or not is still a mystery, though! :D