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The Effect of Emotional Abuse on Each Type: INFP

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Oh, like a real analysis/description? Okay then.

I’ve seen a few posts/requests on here about the effects of emotional abuse and the affect that it has on each Myers Briggs type so, as someone who works with a lot of domestic abuse victims I thought that I’d give my two cents worth. I wanted them to be quite detailed to give people a fair amount of information so this will be the general format; a general description of what it will look like, how this differs from similar types (ie. the ENFJ compared to the INFJ and ESFJ) and a character in fiction who acts similar to this (may not be for the same reason and I might not get one for each type but I’ll try).


There will be some variation depending on when the abuse took place in their life but there are somethings that will remain the same.

Ever want to see an INFP that defies every stereotype in the book?

From my experience an INFP who has come from an abusive home will contradict pretty much every stereotype there is.

Chances are while they are in an abusive situation these are some of the last people that you would ever see crying or really showing any form of emotion. Until they get out, there will be no torched art work taking place, no heart-breaking poems and no idealism.

Here’s the thing, as far as I’m concerned you can’t really give abusive people a Myers Briggs type.  In fiction, sure it’s easy but as far as real life goes, it doesn’t work because they all end up as ENTJ’s or ESTJ’s and that simply can’t be true.

But I digress, the point of me saying that was that the profile of an abuser is the polar opposite of an INFP profile (this isn’t me saying that all INFP’s are wonderful people because that’s impossible) the point is that an abuser will make an INFP suppress every part of themselves more than with any other type that I’ve come across.

An abusive person doesn’t want you to have a moral code, independent emotions or for there to be any level of removal from a reality that they can control. The result of this is that the INFP can’t use their dominant or auxiliary functions and stay safe at the same time.

But, since is still their type what you will see when an INFP is in an abusive situation is a person who just seems, for want of a better word, empty. The INFP will have suppressed their most natural selves because the truth is you can talk my ear off all about Fi having its own value system that is totally independent and this is what they will act on but, this changes if you are manipulated and never know one day to the next if you are going to be safe.

Its highly unlikely that they will have any of the usual INFP traits of having personal interests or hobbies or anything that would fuel their Fi or Ne, they will simply be surviving, just getting though the day with nothing extra, you may see an excessive amount of reading or TV watching. Anything in short that means they can be their natural selves without anyone noticing.

So in this stage, they would be pretty impossible people to type.

After this person had left their lives say hello to the inferior Te grip. This will just be made worse by the fact that control is something they have never had(and if the abuser was a parent) or hadn’t had  for  a long period of time.

Suddenly it is ‘my way or the high way.’ They will want to have a say in everything, no one will be able to tell them what to do, how to do it or when to do it. I’ve seen a studious INFP friend of mine get in a lot of trouble when she was in this situation because she refused  to work at school or do her homework. Did she really have an issue with school? No, she liked it. But they were telling her what to do and when to do it by and she wasn’t having any of it. She had a strong element of enneagram 8(tri-type) in  she was more confrontational than most would be. Many would just passively refuse to do things because they will not be told what to do anymore.

When this phase of over, its pretty much just all tears and trying to revaluate everything. They finally have the freedom to be who they are but at this point they have no bloody clue who that is. And I don’t mean in a sense of ‘I’m in my 20’s and an trying to find  myself’ sort of way. They have never been able to be who they are so from what I’ve seen they tend to go back and forth between emotional extremes for a few months. Sudden flashes of anger, then idealism and wanting peace. Then they just want to cry all the time, then it is their sole mission to be happy.

If this is you or someone in your life, its hard and I understand but the honest truth is (as long as it’s not something that has been going on for years) all that is really needed here is time. It will mellow itself out.

Just like with the other types, years later they will likely appear to be a lot better and they often will be.

But in those cases when it is a different story in their heads you will often see cases of people who are disconnected to the people around them. They could at a party full of people having fun feel no sort of sense that this is their reality.


  • The ISFP is far more likely to indulge in things like over or under eating, drinking, sex ect. as a method of distraction
  • The INFP will be more liable to appearing detached from situations than an ISFP, despite what they may be feeling, an ISFP will appear to be more grounded in reality and engage with people due to Se
  • Si is far more likely to focus/replay the details of what happened Ni will reply the general experience not the specific events


  • Look at the grip, you will get in the grip 9/10 when you leave an abusive situation the way these types act in grips is very different
  • From what I’ve seen when they are at the stage of accepting and moving on from the abusive situation, an ENFP will likely deflect with humor on the situation, I am yet to see an INFP do this
  • ENFP’s  will be see to try and distract themselves from an abusive home by an extravagant social life.

Finally, you can’t find a better example than Credence Barebone (Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them) for an INFP being an abusive situation. And I apologize but I couldn’t think of an example of what one may look like years after. If you can think of any please mention it.

This for the other types will be coming soon. If there are any further questions I’d be happy to answer(send them to me not this blog).

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can u plz give me some nesta/rhys brotp headcanons?? like them teaming up on the inner circle during cards and winning every single time? or cassian and feyre giving each other confused looks every time they laugh about their inside jokes? or how the cassian/feyre brotp and the rhys/nesta brotp are always super competitive? like pictionary and charades?? or how rhys and nesta are super cultured and love to talk about their favorite plays/musicals they see? PLZ I NEED MORE OF THIS BROTP

YES FRIEND. WE ALL NEED MORE OF THIS BROTP I ADORE IT. I think there’s this idea that Nesta hates Rhys and I’m like…my dudes. ACOMAF happened. There was character development. It was beautiful. Please take note of it and the ‘that was why you painted stars on your drawer’ moment. 

Also I just feel like Nesta and Rhys are….Actually quite similar?? I think there’s a kind of…cool pragmatism in both of them (see: ‘I’m going to starve myself and my sisters to see if my father will actually get off his ass and do something’ and Rhys’s…entire UtM persona) And they’re both quite…regal for want of a better word, they both have powerful mental capacities (Rhys’ daemati magic and Nesta’s ability to resist glamours) they’re both quite cerebral in general too. For all that we get talk of Rhys’ power most of his planning revolves around schemes, cunning, manipulation, stealth that sort of thing, it’s never about brute force, Nesta thinks similarly. It’s calculated and careful and listen what I am driving at here is Nesta and Rhys sitting up late sharing some spiced wine and talking battle tactics/war strategies I’M DOWN FOR THIS.  

right, okay, headcanons now that piece of…unnecessary mini meta is over: 

Yes to them teaming up against the others at cards. Like there’s that part of ACOMAF where Rhys gets all huffy because Cassian and Azriel tag-teamed him when they were playing cards? So he invites Nesta to the next game and they…wipe the board with them and Cass and Az are like….okay so we’re screwed and Nesta is very smirky and pleased with herself. 

DEFINITELY YES TO THE INSIDE JOKES THAT BAFFLE FEYRE AND CASS THIS IS ADORABLE. and it is 100% guaranteed to be some completely nerdy joke about history that even Amren doesn’t get (and she was there) But I will get to the history nerds thing in a minute. 

Nesta and Rhys teaming up against Cass and Feyre would be…Amazing. And like, Nesta and Rhys are ruthlessly competitive and Feyre and Cass are too but while Feyre is ruthlessly competitive Cassian is just like…determined competitive. And basically the big golden hearted bat gets surrounded by all of these vicious bastards who just want to win and will do anything to achieve that and he’s like !?!?! no pls calm down let’s enjoy the snacks I brought okay? He and Feyre do work very,very well together and hot damn is that girl determined and scrappy but most of the time they’re no match for Nesta and Rhys who will just….destroy you then elegantly sip wine over the dust that was once your corpse. 

CHeSs GAmES Rhys being a broody and dramatic bat with the weight of the world on his shoulders and Nesta knows it. Mor and Cass have both tried teasing him and coaxing him into letting go with them and Az has tried quietly talking to him and Feyre has tried too but she knows to just leave him be for a little while but Nesta…is having none of that broody bullshit. She settles herself down opposite him and whips out a chess board and like….Rhys cannot resist it. He just can’t. Nesta makes one move and it’s like he manages to hold out for a whole two minutes before he snaps and swivels round in his chair to face her properly and within ten minutes he’s completely and utterly engrossed and Nesta is just smirking and looking very pleased with herself. 

YES TO THEM BEING CULTURED TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!! And their partners will go the plays/shows with them but they just don’t ~understand~ (I think Cass is typically…..baffled and Feyre appreciates like musical performances but she’s not as big on theatre or plays or the ballet shows Nesta loves and she doesn’t understand the technical aspects as much?) So they start going together instead and then they go to dinner together afterwards and they talk about it for ages and I think….If you get Nesta talking about something that she loves and is invested in and knows a lot about she. will. not. shut. up. She gets all animated and almost…gushes sometimes and Rhys can be similar in that he just intensely talks about this thing and nothing else and basically on these dinners neither of them really notice what they’re eating and they get home after like six hours and Cass and Feyre are ??? and they’re like ‘what I was only away for like an hour what is wrong?’ 

On the subject of intense talks Feyre definitely ambles into the kitchen at like…two o’clock in the morning because she couldn’t sleep and needed some tea…and to discover the mysterious disappearance of her heat source- uh, mate. As she gets nearer she hears the sounds of soft but very intense and irritated arguing and she recognises Rhys’ voice and Nesta’s and she just sighs because she really thought they were getting on better. Then she actually arrives in the kitchen and realises the two of them are sitting there furiously arguing over the most recent book they’ve read (Nesta and Rhys are part of a book group. It contains two people: Nesta and Rhys. They’re very happy with this arrangement) and Feyre just…smiles a little because at least they’re getting on…and have found someone to channel all of this into. 

HISTORY NERDS. (Amren joins in on this sometimes too but other times she just can’t be bothered at which point she palms Rhys off on Nesta) Listen Nesta would be a total history dork okay, she loooves researching it and I feel like one day she’s just sort of @ Rhys ‘you, you’re old, come here, I have questions.’ Rhys is baffled initially but then completely and utterly delighted when he realises that she wants to talk about history. (I can totally see Nesta writing an account of the war once it’s over btw. And maybe she interviews Rhys and the others about the first war too because I don’t care if you’re immortal you need to write these things down.

SCHEMERS IN CHIEF. I just need someone…to use that beautiful brain inside Nesta’s beautiful head okay. Like. The girl is a low-key genius EXPLOIT THIS PLEASE. She and Cass totally plan battle strategy but she and Rhys just do general strategy, war strategy, how to get the other high lords to co-operate, the terms of treaties, exploiting loopholes and closing loopholes and politics. (I don’t think either of them have any patience for more sort of ‘social politics’ and making nice and all that - that’s Elain’s area of expertise) but cunning manipulative courts relations every day politics they’re both like yep we’ve got this. Rhys listening to Nesta and Nesta being a little alarmed because no man has ever taken into account what she thought or had to say before - especially not on these kinds of subjects. But she shares what she has to say and Rhys listens and this is….a novelty. Because someone has found value in her, in her ideas, in her attention to details, in the way her mind works, in all the things that were suppressed in the mortal realm because no, no, ladies don’t need to worry about this sort of thing or were belittled as idle hobbies now they’re important. Now they’re instrumental in the war. Now she is instrumental in the war. And not because she’s made fae and forced herself into the clothes of a warrior but because she’s her. And Rhys can use that. Also, like, if these two start plotting against you you should just…like just move okay? Just leave the country and go somewhere far faaar away it’s…so much easier. 

Also, like, I know we all want Nesta queen of the female Illyrians and standing up to all the camp lords and training them to fight and all that but…consider: Cassian and Mor, now with Feyre in tow, get sorted on teaching the Illyrian females how to fight and training them and all that jazz. But one day Nesta goes to Rhys like ‘okay, but what about just teaching them? What about their education?’ Because not every girl is a warrior and even the ones that are deserve to be properly educated and that is what Nesta is here for. And just…Cass in charge of the girls’ training and then Nesta in charge of their education makes…a beautiful little pair. 

Rhys helping Nesta to control whatever magic she has because he knows what it feels like, having a power you were never equipped to have boiling away inside you, feeling like it might tear you apart, might drive you mad…He helps her channel and hone her magic, helps her to control it instead of the other way around. He helps her to control her emotions as well (though Cass does most of that, Rhys helps) 

Nesta and Rhys (grudgingly) at formal events and parties together and they spend…..the entire time sipping wine and salting those they have issues with/don’t like (ie….everyone) and looking fabulous while they do it. (they bond so much over salt and mutual dislike of people it’s amazing) 

Rhys going to Nesta for advice about Feyre!! Maybe they have an argument or a fight about something and Feyre is…Difficult to read and throws up all of her walls and he doesn’t know how to get through to her and is despairing. Nesta is…Not best pleased that he upset Feyre but…she does admit they’re good for each other and she does know Feyre better than most. She gives him some terse but welcome advice, helps him understand Feyre’s reactions and how best to approach her. 

Nesta going to Rhys about Cassian. Before they’re mated she tentatively asks him what a mating bond is like, what it feels like, why the heck anyone actually wants one (she’s not too sure how she feels about someone with a direct connection to her able to feel things that she does. Her mind is her sanctuary and she doesn’t much care for the idea of someone else being able to rifle through it whenever they feel like it) Rhys explains it for her, carefully explains what an honour it is to find a mate, that it’s a rare and cherished thing…but one that’s her choice, and her mate’s. Rhys sussing out that Nesta and Cass are mates before pretty much anyone else and he helps talk to Nesta who can’t understand why this happened or why fate or the damn Cauldron or whatever else would do this to Cassian and leave him stuck with her. Rhys calms her down and talks to her about it, because mother knows he understands what it’s like to feel like you’re not worthy of your mate - and he still struggles with that sometimes, he admits to her, but it’s worth it.  

I feel like these two would actually talk to each other about their shit (not all of it) but…On quiet evenings when they’re just sipping wine and have exhausted all the history/book/play discussion sometimes little things slip out. Nothing too personal but I think Rhys would tell her about his issues with running the court and the pressures on him as High Lord which he never fully feels he can share with his Circle because…well they’re part of his court, he has to keep them safe too and it can be a bit lonely and isolating sometimes. Feyre helps, obviously, and he talks to her about sort of day to day problems but just the general pressure of responsibility in general he talks to Nesta about. And she maybe opens up a little about her worries of not quite belonging anywhere and Rhys can understand that and just. They have little heart-to-hearts sometimes - the little things that they can’t quite tell anyone else/don’t know where else to put them. 


Did you see what DC are doing? Today in Superwoman they implying our new 52 Superman is actually the pre new 52 Superman and he’s with Lois. Like seriously? what are they smoking?  I know what I read for the last 5 years and it is not this crap. Our Clark, who they gave Kryponite cancer, is dead. He was in love with Diana. He had no romance with nu 52 Lois! How can they seriously undermine everything like that in one stupid issue of a comic just to push the old status quo? Nothing is earned and they dump everything to pander to clois fans who already have a Superman and Lois and son currently in the comics. This is not even good writing. It is making stuff up to cover up the glaring plotholes to pander to Rebirth. I came on board with the new 52 and enjoyed the stories. If this is how DC operates with story, and new fans then I can’t be investing my time or $$ to be lied to and misled. I feel disrespected as a customer. Could they not have just ended the new 52 on a high note and give the older readers what they wanted with Rebirth? Least I would have had my stories. I look at the books I have now and I feel so angry. 


This is called hacked writing. 

DC is flat out lying and changing everything at a whim to serve Rebirth. He is with Lois? Look, new 52 Superman was in love with Diana of Themyscira aka New 52  Wonder Woman.  New 52 Superman had his own origin in a company reboot in 2011. He was not pre Flashpoint Superman. He was his own version like the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age, animation, movies, tv all had their varying origins but essentially the character being a Superman at his core. DC cannot come now and claim the other guy is him. This is dumb and contrived and yes a total disrespect to those of us  who picked up the books and believed the advertising ie it   was a new verse being developed. In short, DC lied to us to buy a falsely advertised product for 5 years. The guy pre Flashpoint does not have the same origin as new 52. They want to steal and merge two vastly different lives without the groundwork.

It is scathing disregard for new 52 Diana. Rebirth writers treating the character as if she was some sloppy seconds or some dumb mouthpiece to justify the changes . This is the woman who was there for new 52 Clark in the most critical times in his life. Not new 52 Lois who did not earn his love. Nor did she constantly put herself at risk to help him as Diana did. Diana from Throne of Atlantis through to Trinity War, Darkseid War, Doomed, Truth, Rao’s invasion,  Final Days,…was at his side, supporting, protecting, fighting alongside and defending her Clark. She loved him and he loved her. He wanted to marry her. Not Lois. New 52 Lois dated other people, saw him mostly as a good friend, got engaged to another man, outed Clark secret etc. And she gets new 52 Superman’s heart based on what? Because they decide to change things at will overnight? Wipe out new 52 Diana and hijack our Clark? And then no doubt change the whole way everyone met and history to pander to themselves. The ironic thing in all this will be the people who hated on new 52 Superman and called him fake will want to say he is real now because he is with Lois. I guess who you bang is what gives you morals and motivates you according to DC. Not your upbringing, choices, heart, honor etc. Diana clearly being with him makes him not Superman because she is … what? Not a good person? Or only Steve Trevor can make her a good hero? Screw all of you at DC who have this idiotic thinking. 

I have no respect for creators and a company who do this. As you say, end a story properly. Make it matter and count. Start the new story and do your thing.  Don’t steal, usurp, undermine stories that came before. Your talent did not create it to just wipe it out or steal it as yours. God forbid all the fans could have something to read and comics be inclusive and appeal to a more diverse readership than only give to the demo that demands nostalgia, rehashes and insist nothing must change.  I feel there is such a level of spite/vitriol leveled at new 52 by some of these so called professionals. I have read what they called fans who don’t kiss their butts and dared to like the changes/stories in the new 52. DC gave us that and they call us “not true fans”, “fake fans”, “haters “etc? Don’t worry your company has ensured many like me will vote with my wallet and give my hard earned money to talent and story telling that is not convoluted, has coherence, not fixated on hating others, and can be understood and isn’t jumping the shark.

We have our ship. We had it before and we’ll still have it. It is growing because people love Clark x Diana. They are a true relationship of equals. Detractors can’t stop that no matter what they try. The fact they have to lie, jump through hoops to do it shows how they have to scrape the bottom of that barrel. 

So to Rebirth, Reborn, Regurgitate whatever  you are.

Diabolik Lovers LOST EDEN [Tsukinami Shin - Maniac Prologue]

Please note, I do not allow my translations to be taken elsewhere, nor do I wish for them to be used as a base for another Language.

Cannon’s note before you start:

万魔殿 / Banmaden > Tsukinami sibling’s residing place

月浪家 / Tsukinami Ie / Tsukinami House - Tsukinami siblings residing place in the Human World

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What do you think the Lords' ideal spouses are like? For Masamune, Kojuro, Yukimura, Toshiie, Mitsuhide and Shingen.

I’m gonna assume you mean something like… a spouse that’s not MC? Or something along those lines? I’ll do some bullet points and run w/ it lmao

Masamune’s Wife:

  • completely looks the part of a Real Lady and plays it well too her political knowledge is astounding
  • but also like. ridiculously eccentric. loves collecting like little duck wood sculptures because she thinks they’re cute (and like. just ducks. little ducks. that’s it). also loves the shade of yellow specifically and always brushes her hair over her right shoulder. silly silly silly
  • very very patient too so masamune never feels pressured to rush into anything because he’s confused by his feelings in the beginning
  • literal sunshine smile. always stops masamune in his tracks he’s so enraptured by it
    • also her laugh is contagious shigezane will constantly tell u that
  • the type of girl to kiss you silly just for the sake of doing so
  • Very Kind and Sweet but also very ambitious and will always put up a fight if she thinks something is blatantly wrong (ie: Yoshihime)
  • good at many things but she’s so awful at embroidery. can never get it right and always ends up with little pricks all over her fingers

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Any advice, or links to pages I can get advice, for things like tucking, and getting started trying to pass? I really appreciate any help you can give me! Hope to hear from you soon. Isabel-Lynn

Dear Isabel-Lynn:


To those of you who don’t know what tucking means, it basically means to hide the fact you have a ‘malehood’ as some call it. Some find it incredibly uncomfortable and others are completely okay with it. My recommendation is that you read here…


And -only- in the section predated by “in RuPaul’s book Lettin’ It All Hang Out she outlines the perfect tuck.” I’m not too much of a fan of the rest of the article given it feels kind of… Uncomfortably worded.

If tucking hurts, don’t do it. It’s not worth damaging your body.

Starting to pass- THE VOICE:

Voice training voice training voice training. I struggle with my voice because I am abhorrently tone deaf, however it is important that you start to try. There are many places to look or to try to look for voice training help, though professional voice trainers exist and I’ve heard miraculous things about them before. 

If you want to try it at home, there’s a wonderful reddit post. https://www.reddit.com/r/asktransgender/comments/1ske7b/mtf_voice_training_regimen/

You *may or may not be* comfortable with taking a voice recording program and playing back how you hear. While it can be uncomfortable it can also help you piece out what your issue is. Many DMAB [designated male @ birth] women struggle with their voice because they think pitch is everything. My biggest struggle is learning to not speak with my throat and chest, which causes the deeper ‘rumbly’ parts of your voice. Keep at it, hon, it’s something we all struggle with.

Starting to pass- THE LOOKS:

Find what works for you. I have found things that do work for me or don’t work for me whatsoever, for example eyeliner works great for me. For me, Target sells cheap but good makeup to get started with. It won’t cost you $100 for a single piece, but it’s still not cheap! Straightening my hair works great for me– get haircuts! Don’t be afraid to find androgynous ones if you feel safest not going straight to fully feminine. It’s totally understandable. 

Things that shape your face in ways you like are important. Scarves in the winter can help hide your adam’s apple if it’s prominent. Take care of your hands– use moisturizer, take care of your nails, the likes. 

Starting to pass- THE CLOTHES:

You’re a girl! Find clothes you like. Don’t be afraid to wear guy’s clothing if you want– it’s your choice– but I’ve personally found that it’s difficult to not frame my shoulders in an obvious way. I’ve seen some people recommend waist cinches (basically a corset) but I recommend being cautious about this. I don’t know the health risks. Below are two highly rated women’s waist cinches.



Find colors and shapes that work for you. Frilled skirts can break some of the image.


Hormones! If you’re a transgender woman, hormones are important. They do a lot for you. They make your body redistribute fat, soften the facial features, slim certain areas, (apparently they shrink your shoe size), reduce hair growth in certain locations (not the face), and in general soften the skin and hair. Try looking for local doctors regarding hormonal replacement therapy [HRT]. 


Shaving your face is one of the important things. Sadly an obvious beard or shadow is a pretty good giveaway. If you’re going for guaranteed full-time, laser procedures (while requiring many visits) are able to almost permanently remove your facial hair. It can be somewhat painful and sensitive after (I’ve heard it be compared to having a rubber band be snapped against your face). 


Don’t ever, ever think that you can’t be yourself. Be the person that you want to see yourself be, don’t sacrifice interests or passions for the sake of trying to pass. If you like to skateboard, skateboard. Videogames– play them! Be yourself. Confidence is key and you won’t be confident if you forego every interst you’ve had that’s masculine. Love yourself and treat yourself like you are who you want to be– but don’t forget that you don’t have to leave everything behind.

I hope this helps you and everyone else on here that needs help, Isabel-Lynn. The future will be bright. While things may be scary now, there is always a light in the darkness to move towards. 

Dragon Ball Z Musings

So I’ve been rewatching Dragon Ball Z to catch myself up before starting to watch Dragon Ball Super, and I’m remembering a lot of things that I used to think about the show - and some new things that are striking me as interesting… so I thought I’d take notes and share things.

Warning!! This post will likely contain spoilers for the series. Mostly for the Buu Saga, but it will probably have spoilers for most of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, possibly even a movie or two!

Ready? If not, turn back!

Good now? Okay! Click below!

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So I have noticed a boon on my prior scrub tech posts and have received a few questions about setting up from new grads. The following are tips that I have passed along to my former students, people in training, and techs who may not have done certain procedures. I don’t know if my peers will agree with my techniques, but this is what I found works for me. In no particular order besides the 1st rule.

#1 Trust NO one…
I know it seems mean, but always check your pulled cases. If you ask for an item, verify it is what you asked for before passing to the surgeon. If someone sets up for you, check your field for the appropriate items, look for your sterile indicators. If a count was performed redo a count to yourself to confirm. The bottom line is once you are the tech you will be held 100% for things that happen. I can add more scenarios, but the summary is you cannot throw anyone else under the bus or lay blame because you are the scrub, it’s on you and you should know better.

#2 Effectively communicate
This means talking with the surgeon and talking with your nurse. You and your circulator are a team. Try to plan your moves in advance. Get their advice, they are knowledgeable and experienced.
It is better to speak with your surgeon prior to the case start about anything you don’t know or understand or even to get his/her plan of action in advance to be better prepared. Most of them like to teach and appreciate the communication. Waiting until the middle of the procedure when you didn’t know a step or something was needed is not a good time. This usually leads to flared tempers, especially if you have made not being prepared habitual.
I have always done this even calling my surgeons office to speak to them about a case I am doing with them the next day.

#3 Taking Note
This helps especially when starting out.
Carry a pocket sized notebook. Write the name of the procedure, your set up, draping sequence, surgeons preferences, and any mistakes you have made down.
Now you have a reference. Next time you do a ventral hernia with Dr. X you can look back and say oh yeah he wanted some stitches back handed. Now you will be prepared for that scenario. Perhaps today Dr. T is doing a ventral hernia and you haven’t done it with him before. You have a basis set up to reference in your notepad about Dr. X. Utilize that information for this case and later you can note anything new you have learned for future reference about Dr. T..
All these years later I still have to reference my setup for v.p. Shunt, it just won’t stick, because we do so few.

#4 paying attention
If you are distracted by everything else going on in the room you aren’t picking up key clues to your next moves. Your eye has to be on the field and specifically on the wound at all times. I tell my students to ear hustle the surgeons conversations because a lot of times their discussions are clues about their ( our) next moves. Watching and listening is key. Sometimes I am told “you can read my mind”. It is more I have been watching and can see what’s coming next. Sometimes I have multiple ideas and therefore multiple instruments in my hand ready to go. I am never empty handed .
This being said I recently told a per diem co worker who allowed her entire back table to go to the floor that she has to pay attention to EVERYTHING in the room. She didn’t notice that as the O.R. Bed was being raised it grabbed her table on the end and dumped it over. Her explanation was she was retracting and one on one with the surgeon. I told her to pretend her son was in the room while trying to work. You have to pay attention to everything. Who is coming in and out, your drapes,the surgeons gloves, laying thing on the patient, where is your bovie and suction, your sponges and needles, etc etc. It’s like you are constantly scanning while being totally immersed in the surgery. You just have to split your mind that way.

#5 setting up
Here it is good to be a robot.
Good example here is when I do eye cases, there are generally 12 or 13 in a row. They are primarily cataract extractions with some having stent placements.It is a lot for one tech to do all day alone. My setups for each case are identical. All the instruments the same direction in order of use. Every once in a while I will notice a gap and then it’s like BOOM I forgot something.
Watch others techniques add or subtract what you like or what seems helpful. You are not limited to what you learned in your program. Once you have a routine try to stick to it, after a while setting up becomes rote. I will say that being neat helps a lot. I have a hard time in chaos, I don know too many who can thrive in that environment.

#6 some specialized hints
Frozen specimens/ specimens
I have my specimen cup ready to go with a saline dampened piece of cut telfa inside. Marking stitch if applicable is loaded and ready to go. I, also, write down the name of the specimen/s . Saving gown tags makes a great place for note taking. If in a case that has lymph node dissection I make a grid on my back table and number the boxes 1 - 10 or so.
Sometimes, like in a thoracotomy, the surgeon is moving faster than my nurse. So when he passes me a node from left lower lobe. I repeat what he said, I put the specimen in the numbered box we are on, ie this is the 3rd specimen, I write LLL in the corner of that box and am ready to receive my next specimen until my nurse can get to me.

I’ll give you an lavh and a bowel resection.
2 mayo stands. 1 laparoscopic set up, 1vaginal set up.
Back table = clean set up with 1/8- ¼ of the table reserved for being dirty. I lay towels in this area where I keep my basin with injection for the uterus. A separate needle book, my sutures for the vaginal hysterectomy. And anything else I cannot fit on my vaginal mayo stand. The rest of the table is kept clean just in case we have to open. Have back up gloves and gowns available. Generally, the surgeon puts in a uterine manipulator & Foley catheter (dirty), then goes up top to take down the uterine suspensory ligaments laparoscopically (clean ) then back below for removing the uterus maybe an a&p rx too ( dirty), then back above to check laparoscopically for bleeding , etc (clean). You have to watch your instruments and watch what gets touched. Changing gloves and gowns necessary. I have been in a few of these cases where we should have been finished but had to open due to bleeding. Not keeping clean can lead to peritonitis for the patient. If you suspect a break fix it and alert the surgeon so more antibiotics can be put on deck and irrigating with antibiotic solution can take place.

Bowel resection
I notice some people like to reserve an area on their back table for dirty. I don’t do this, I prefer my table to stay clean (no shit allowed) I ask my nurse to make a spot for me to pass off dirty instruments and staplers. At the very start of the case I lay two towels below the incision . Those towels are where the surgeon can lay his dirty tipped instruments once we start dirty work. After all the dirty work is done I lift the dirty towels with instruments on them off the field and place it on the spot reserved in advance. When we do the instrument count at the end my nurse counts those items.
Other tips about bowel resection: have an extra suction tip handy sometimes you have to throw the one you were using off. Load sutures in advance, I generally have a few silks loaded ready to go and at least one vicryl loaded just in case we hit a vessel.

#7 Fully Prepared
Having the instruments and items in the room in advance are a great way to be prepared. It sucks when the nurse has to run out the room every few minutes to get items. When I am doing bowel resection I have all size linear staplers and reloads in the room. Extra long instruments in the room ( what if my patient is obese). Multiple sutures available. If ortho or podiatry extra sutures, saw blades, blades, double the cement, and dressings. If a fracture the box with all the bone reduction clamps, and various screw caddys come in the room ( btw, wipe your drill bit after each use and always measure your screws before passing). Anyway, you get what I mean. Generally, if I think of something I bring it into the room for available. It takes less time to put back whatever you don’t need or use after the case than to watch the surgeon watch you as you both wait for the circulator to find, bring and open what’s needed. On the other side of that coin sometimes these things cannot be avoided. Once you know to be prepared tho, you just can’t go back.


I hope some of this was helpful to you newbies or anyone else for that matter. Good luck out there :) 😷

Call for Osomatsu-san Artists!

Have you ever wanted to be featured in an art book or zine? Have you got a lot of love for a certain second brother? Have you got at least some sort of basic art skills? Then I have a proposition for you!

Do any of you remember this?

Yes, Karamatsu’s one-time gag, the “Beauty  Karamatsu” photo book. (just look at that toned body, those roses, those glasses, i’m shuddering)

The idea is to make “Beauty Karamatsu” a reality, available to read online or purchase a hard copy of from online for all Karamatsu Fans! 

It would basically be a nice big book full of pictures featuring and centering on Karamatsu, our lovely, painful, favorite brother.

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Appearance vs Reality on Langblr

After scrolling through the most recent posts in the ‘langblr’ tag, and also seeing the posts that come up on my dash or my inbox all the time, I thought I should address this when it comes to langblr and ‘bigger’ langblrs, ie. those with thousands of followers.

Ok so maybe some of you have seen articles, videos, whatever, about the truth of instagram. It’s no secret now that those girls flaunting “perfect” bodies on their “perfect” instagrams, took hundreds of pictures in order to get the perfect shot and lighting. You don’t see them on a bad hair day, or from a bad angle, or just after they’ve eaten and they’re bloated, or when they’ve taken their makeup off. All you see is the good sides of them and none of the bad, so you think that’s how they are all the time; that they’re perfect.

“You big langblrs are always posting vocabulary lists and I’m not good enough at my target language to do that”
Do you realise how long it takes me to make a vocab list? I have to whip out the dictionary and check the definition of each word like 5 times. Do you know how many times I then still make mistakes and have to be corrected after I’ve already published the post?

“You big langblrs always make posts in your target languages”
I know ‘big’ langblrs that won’t publicly post a single word in their target language until they get it checked by a native speaker first. Or have to look up a few words in the dictionary, or double-check they’ve used the correct gender. Sometimes it can take me 10 minutes to make a post in another language that would’ve taken 1 minute to make in my native language.

“You big langblrs know so many resources, you must have such extensive knowledge of the culture”
You know where I found my resources? Google.

“You big langblrs study languages all day and make so much progress”
I’ve gone weeks at a time not speaking, hearing, reading or writing a word of German. Yep. I go days on end where the only Norwegian I’ve been exposed to is listening to a song. When I make a post that says “tips for practicing your target languages: watch a movie in the language, read a book in the language, exercise listening to that language” it doesn’t mean I do all three of those things every single day. It means that once a week I’ll read 2 pages of a German book, and a month later I’ll watch a movie in Norwegian.

You don’t see me making my mistakes. You don’t see me when all I do is watch my Friends box set for a week. You don’t see me looking up every single word in the dictionary before I make a post. I’m not perfect and you’re not inferior to me and what you’re doing is good enough. Hey, it’s probably more than I’m doing.

All I ask is that you be aware of false perceptions of people and their ‘perfection’. We all tend to only show the best of ourselves on social media, and langblr is included in that.

Carcharodons Q&A

I recently opened the floor to a Questions and Answers session. The subject - writing about the enigmatic Carcharodons Astra in my forthcoming novel, “Red Tithe.” The response was impressive, not to mention a bit intimidating - I’ve received over 50 questions in the last 24 hours. There were a number of reoccurring themes (such as variations of “will we see Tyberos making an appearance”), so I’ve amalgamated some of my responses below. Happy reading, Space Sharks! 

1) Is Tyberos going to be in it? Tyberos the Red Wake isn’t going to make an appearance. Initially he was actually going to be the primary Carcharodon character, but that was changed for two reasons. Firstly, there are so few named Chapter characters we thought it would be nice to bring some new ones to light. Secondly, if this first book is successful enough to warrant a series, Tyberos is the perfect “big fish” to bring in as the story develops, so to speak. Rest assured that if there are sequels he will feature in an ever-increasing capacity. 

2) Are you keeping the Pacific Islander feel in the Chapter? I am indeed playing upon the Pacific roots of the Chapter. What the likes of the White Scars are to Japan, China and Korea, the Carcharodons will be to Polynesian and Maori culture.

3) Will you be following previous cannon from Badab? The stealthy silent approach then super psycho? This story is actually set before Badab. Their combat doctrines, however, remain the same. 

4) Can we have any of the names of the characters and their role so we can start building our own minis to represent them? I feel as though I shouldn’t divulge all the character names at this point, but suffice to say all the usual Space Marine Company roles will be there – Captain, Chaplain, Champion, ect. The Chapter’s Chief Librarian is also a central character. I’d love to see minis of them when the book hits the shelves! 

5) Which Primarch do they respect, and who do they hate? I can see how you could claim that answering that won’t reveal there origins… but it’s still too close to the bone I’m afraid!

6) How much do they contribute to shark conservation, and what kind of shark outreach programs do they run? They have lots of sharks in big tanks within the predation fleet. On a serious note though, I do intend to hold a charity auction for a signed copy of the book, with all proceeds going towards a shark conservation trust. More on that come January!

7) I haven’t read any of the various stories/novels outside of Gaunts Ghosts. Are there any other books I should be reading beforehand that will add to my enjoyment of Red Tithe? No, there’s no real previous knowledge required for this one.

8) Carcharadons are silent during battle, will this be implemented in the book? It will. I should clarify that naturally they talk over private vox during combat, but their warcry is their deliberate, eerie lack of a warcry.

9) Are they going to have awesome tattoos? Definitely. They’re called exile markings, and they hold a number of meanings, but for a real-world representation look up tā moko.

10) What era will Red Tithe be set in the timeline? The novel is set in 875.M41. That’s 124 years before the current timeline events and 26 years before the initial events resulting in the Badab War.

11) How much of the chapters origins and culture can we expect to have revealed? A fair amount on the culture, delving into those Polynesian influences. For example, we look at the Chapter’s view of the Emperor and the Imperium, particularly the Imperial Creed. We also examine rites like tapu and the Void Vows. As for the origins, I’ve not only avoided giving answers, but actively tried to muddy the waters even more. I should stress there is a full origin story in there, we’re just not revealing it… yet.

12) How closely do the Carchardons follow the Codex, ie battle companies, first being veterans tenth being scouts? What level of tech do they have access to, ie pre or post grav/storm talon? Relatively closely, but there are many differences. Companies are known as Battle Shoals, and a Captain as a Shoal Master. Each Shoal is its own self-sufficient fleet, that then combines into the greater Nomad Predation Feet. The 1st Shoal are the veteran Red Brethren and the 10th are Scouts, as with Codex-compliant Chapters, but given how spread out the Chapter is it’s not known if there are actually more Shoals after the 10th. There are also no reserve companies – all 8 “Battle” Shoals follow the standard pattern of Tactical, Assault and Devastator squads. Lastly, the Red Brethren almost never fight as a single Shoal, but are dispersed among the other ones to act as “enforcers” during the long periods Shoals spend separated from the main Nomad Predation Fleet, ensuring they continue to follow the wider directives of the Chapter. In terms of tech, it’s a big mix of old and new, but some of it stretches right back to Heresy-era stuff.

13) What level of tactics and such can we expect to see on display in the book? Is it going to be purely character driven or action oriented? It’s quite character driven and a bit less hardcore military scifi, but needless to say there’s plenty of action and both sides have their own little tricks up their power gauntlets. 

14) What’s the dynamic between battle brothers off the field of battle. Isolationism is a key tenant of the Chapter’s rather complex and ancient philosophy. Large amounts of time are spent between voyages in the void deep in suspended cryo-animation, and when the Carcharodons aren’t asleep they prefer solitary contemplation. Much like more drastic adherents to the Imperial Cult, such as the Death Korps of Krieg, Carcharodons are encouraged to view the whole as important and not think of themselves. Matters like honour or duty mean little to them. Such isolationism is, in part, an element of the coping mechanism the Chapter has developed over 10,000 years of exile.

15) What’s the main enemy of the book? Xenos or chaos? Chaos, specifically the mighty VIII Legion, the Night Lords!

16) Did you remember to use noxl Dreng as a name aha an do the Charcaradons have a unique formation like the Deathwing? He’s not in it, but he will be in the next one! And they do, but that likewise won’t be featured until later in the series.

17) Do they suffer the harsh scrutiny of the Inquisition as the Wolves do? They undoubtedly would, if the Inquisition could ever actually get a hold of them. They may be getting close to doing just that though, as the events of the novel will show…

18) Will we get a look “behind the scenes”? Or more about their talent to seemingly appear out of nowhere at the right time? Any huge revelations in general? (aka, will I have to scrap my Deathwatch sharkie’s background again? There’ll be a lot of cultural flavour, though I should also stress it’ll be by no means the beginning-and-end of what we have to learn of them. And I hate to think of anyone scrapping their background because of what I write! I certainly hope not.

19) How much void war might we see? I’d love to see some giant ship on giant ship action. There’s a little bit of void war, but if it’s major fleet engagements you want you better hope the sequel gets a green light, because that’s going to be a major part of it. 

20) Will this turn into a series, or will it be a one off? Would like to see a closer look at their culture as a Chapter so more than one book would be great. If it sells it’ll likely be a trilogy of novels. I’m certainly hoping so, anyway!

21) I’m curious as to Tyberos’ wargear, if he is in sole possession of a few one of a kind items then would they be capable of making other unique shit like that in their forges for others in their chapter? As mentioned above, Tyberos doesn’t feature yet, but when he does we’ll get a good look at his gear!

22) I wonder more about their style of combat and if they share traditions from various island people of Terra? They adhere to the documented “strike from the shadows” and “no mercy” ideology laid down, though I also explore their use of various Polynesian weaponry, such as koa spears and leiomano clubs.

23) While we know that the Carcharodons have access to Heresy era wargear and their tactics are reminiscent of the Warhounds/Night lords/Raven Guard they would need a way to A. replenish their war-gear, B. Maintain it……..the question becomes how is this done, as far as we know up until the Badab war the Carcharodons were little more than myths, I doubt they sent Astartes to become techmarines on Mars. Do the Techmarines simply pass down the knowledge or is it psychically implanted in aspiring brothers. Furthermore do they have their own forge vessels or simply acquire new gear via…….less conventional methods? Without giving too much away, the various “tithes” they extract from worlds provide the majority of their resources – the “red” tithe is merely one form of tribute acquisition. However, there are also a number of factions within the Imperium they possess secret dealings with (I hope to explore one in the sequel). 

24) I feel like what makes them especially fascinating is the mystery that surrounds them, the fact that they’re pretty much an enigma to everyone and their motivations can’t be readily gauged. I’m not really sure what my question is… Probably something like “how much light are you planning to bring into the darkness - and how much of said darkness will be left untouched?” The mystery is half the fun! I’m hoping to shed a lot of light when it comes to their culture, while at the same time confounding anyone who’s hoping for the big origins revelation so early on (trust me, it’s worth the wait). 

25) Do you think their actions in the Badab war helped their rep or hindered it? Hindered insomuch as the Imperium is now more aware of them, but at the same time they’re now definitely seen as a force to be reckoned with. That brings its own challenges and benefits. 

26) What are your thoughts on them possibly being related to the Night Lords? We shall have to wait and see!

27) Are there female characters in the novel? Definitely, one of the primary point of view characters is female, and there are several secondary female characters. 

28) How did they manage to get their hands (fins?) on so much Heresy gear? Because they were around during the Heresy…

29) What trials do potential recruits go though? Recruits undertake a number of “bloodings” and eventually earn enough exile markings for promotion to the rank of full Void Brother. The precise details of their non-combat trials have yet to be explored though. 

30) Would I be correct in assuming that the Carcharodons and the Marines Malevolent would agree on many things? Only to an extent. Whereas the Marines Malevolent actively seem to dislike humanity and fight with jaded bitterness, the Carcharodons simply don’t often consider the importance of individual human lives. It’s a sin of omission, rather than active… malevolence. 

31) The Charcarodons from their known lore always strike me as a kinda eccentric bunch. And yet they are a choosable chapter in Deathwatch. Is it plausible that Charcaradons send marines to the watch to easy the tension between them and the big I? I’m not sure if the Fantasy Flight lore still holds, but it’s not inconceivable there have been Carcharodon inductees since Badab. 

32) Silly question but this is kind of how I decide if I like a chapter or not. How well do they treat their Chapter Serfs? If your policy is “I love Chapters that brutalise their serfs”… you’re going to like the Carcharodons. Simply put, their serfs are straight-up slaves. Refusal to give up the practice of slavery was one of the many reasons the Carcharodons were exiled in the first place. I’m hoping to explore this more in the second book. 

33) How it happened that you started to write about Carcharadons? Did you get a choice of what Chapter to write about or was it an assignment from BL? I was asked to come up with and pitch my own ideas to the editors. I’d always liked the Carcharodons and felt they deserved more page-time. There were some doubts at first, but I managed to convince everyone that I thought they deserved a shot, even if they weren’t a First Founding Chapter. Big credit to BL for trusting me enough to give the project the green light!

34) How well do the Carcharodons get on with the rest of the Imperium at large? Not so well I’d imagine. At the moment the relationship is a bit of an enigma – the Imperium just isn’t particularly aware of the Carcharodons, although interest is growing… 

35) What was the hardest part about writing the Carcharadons? What was the easiest part? How hard was the novel to write overall? It was definitely a tricky project. Astartes are already inhuman, and the Carcharodons are the most inhuman of them all, so getting into their heads and showing things realistically from their point of view took some fine-tuning. Conversely, I really enjoyed writing the Night Lords parts. Without taking away from their nuance, they really are wonderfully classic villains, midnight armour and lightning bolts to boot! 

36) Are there any named characters in the book that we can look forward to? No big ones from the current lore, but hopefully I’ve added a few. I’m going to throw a curve ball and say that my favourite character in the book isn’t a Carcharodon, but is actually Amon Cull, the Prince of Thorns… 

37) What is the Space Sharks view on librarians? I wouldn’t call it veneration, but they view their Librarians as very important. This is because it’s very difficult to replenish the Librarian Coven outside of the Imperium. Finding untainted psykers of the correct age is a tricky business even for Chapters that can operate inside of the Imperium’s borders, so for exiles it’s even more difficult. Librarians are also the keepers of the Carcharodon’s lore, and are thus viewed with great respect. 

38) Did the revelation regarding the Carcharodon’s origins blow your mind so much that you had to rewrite much of the story? Also, is Tyberos the Chapter Master? And can we have some Intel on the massacre between the Carcharodons and the Executioners? Things were indeed changed a bit once I discovered their true origins! And Tyberos’ place within the Chapter is something I hope to explore in the future. As for the Corcyran Massacre, that information remains classified…

39) Has their habit of recruiting from the worlds they attack ever backfired on them? Only occasionally, and that’s something I hope to explore in the future. 

40) Any chance we can get a estimated word count? 85,000 words. As a pointer, most Black Library novels fall between 50,000 and 90,000 words.

41) Is there a way to order signed copies? I’m happy to sign and return any books sent to me, though I may have to be miserly and beg for postage money to be included, lest I somehow prove wildly successful and lose all my royalties to mailing people back their books. 

42) Is there any kind of reoccurring theme to their armour or tactics we could incorporate into our models?The greys on their armour vary a lot in shade, and they’re fond of chain axes. They also use exile markings on their armour to record various things – just look up ta moko. 

43) Can you twist someone’s arm to rerelease a transfer sheet? I’ll do my best!

44) Did you think about having an Inquisitor called George? So they could be sharkies and George? You’re joking, but the sequel will definitely include a character called Gorg now.

45) Would you consider their tactical specialty to be void warfare and ship to ship boarding actions?Yes, and brutal close assaults in general. That, and leaving no survivors.

46) What’s their homeworld like? Now that is a wonderfully tricky question. They do have a homeworld, and they love it dearly. It’s their devotion to it that’s a keystone of their ongoing loyalty, in fact. But I dare say no more on the subject just yet!

47) How would you say the Carcharodons fair in terms of how they relate to the rest of the imperium? Are they disliked by most other Chapters? The Guard? Mechanicus, ect. The Imperium is still largely unaware of their existence. Those who do know of them view them with a mixture of fear and disgust, even among their fellow Astartes. The Carcharodons, however, care not. 

anonymous asked:

For daredevil prompts: a list of all the things foggy realised he didn't get away with after finding out what Matt was capable of. (Ie like 'borrowing' things from him etc)

(there was more than one ask like this. consider this an abbreviated list)

“You didn’t chew him out, did you?”

Foggy doesn’t look up from his textbook. “I promised you I wouldn’t.”

“That’s not an answer,” Matt points out. His mouth is slanted, in that sad tilt he gets when he thinks Foggy’s being overprotective. “Really, that’s hardly the worst joke I’ve heard about being blind, and we’ve still got another group project with him later in the semester, so tell me you didn’t-”

“I didn’t say anything after you left. I was perfectly civil.”

“Can I ask you a weird question?”

Foggy’s interest is immediately piqued. He leans back in his chair, trying to get a better look at where Matt is slowly emerging from his room. He’s wearing a long sleeved shirt Foggy hasn’t seen before - a pleasant forest green, tight in the shoulders and across the chest. Not pinchy-tight, just… stretchy-tight.

Foggy still isn’t used to being able to stare without repercussion.

“…and it was a nice thought of her to send me a gift, but I’m not sure it fits.” Matt’s fingers brush uncertainly over his chest for a brief moment, then to his - oh, his hipbones. It clings to those too, right where they just above the low-slung pajama pants Matt always wears around the dorm room. Foggy’s eyes widen. “Mind giving a second opinion?”

Foggy uses the moment he’s given for an evaluation to get his throat to widen up enough to make normal human sounds.

“Not too tight,” Foggy says.

Matt makes a long groaning sound from the other side of the room. Foggy peers over to where Matt’s fingertips are gliding over the braille USB keyboard.

“Please tell me you didn’t just see our grade for the caselaw project.”

“No,” Matt says. “Reynolds sent another assignment as a PDF.”


“It must be scanned out of a book. Can you -” Matt winces. “Would you mind coming to look?”

Foggy still hasn’t worked out how to get Matt to stop feeling like helping him with little things like this is some kind of chore. He gets out of his chair, crossing the room and looking over Matt’s shoulder at the laptop screen. Shit.

“How many times have you asked him not to do this?”

“Twice,” Matt mumbles. “His email didn’t include the book or page number. If you give me that I can look up -”

“No, it’s some old newspaper clipping. Let me…” Foggy leans forward, close enough to feel Matt’s breath on his shoulder, and uses the down key to scroll through the pages. “This is a mess. No year, no publication title.”

Matt makes another quiet defeated sound.

“I can read it to you?”

Foggy feels more than sees Matt lean back in surprise. “Don’t, um.” Matt swallows. “Don’t you have to finish the that language packet thing for tomorrow?” He sounds concerned but hopeful.

“She pushed the due date back,” Foggy says confidently. “I’ve got time.”

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Reign 3 x 08: That Girl is Poison

How was your holiday? Did you see friends and family? Did you eat? Did you drink? Did you get some new slippers? I hope all of the above.

And now our TV’s are giving us another gift: a new episode of Reign, precious as an hour of pearls, and this episode started with Mary and Catherine fleeing the scene of a sexy murder and burning their bloody clothes!

Mary’s hem and Catherine’s over-kirtle or whathaveyou went in the fire and then Catherine was like “Well while we’re burning shit let’s get rid of some of my exotic and deadly poisons” but knock knock knock someone was at the door and the two women had to hastily pretend they were just whiling away the evening playing chess. (Before TV, radio, and internet, chess was heart-pounding excitement and fantasy adventure akin to Game of Thrones. )

Yes, Narcisse had come to officially accuse Catherine of killing her own son and to reveal a key piece of evidence he was planning to use during the inquest was the dead rat Lola had found in her bathtub, allegedly planted by Catherine, then skipped off all pleased with himself like a little asshole. Mary’s face during this whole exchange was perfect on every level.

Catherine was like “YOU HAVE TO TELL LOLA” and Mary was like don’t drag me into this.

This is a real moral quandry most of us will face at one time or another. If your friend is in a happy relationship, and you learn their partner did some questionable shit, is the moral thing to tell them or not to tell them? Obviously if it’s sex outside the relationship without conset, because of STD’s, you have a moral obligation. But slightly-shady shit? That’s a pickle of a different color.

And then Catherine was like “Also I’ve been fucking Narcisse.”

Hahahaha. Of course when Mary went to tell Lola, Lola immediately handwaved her off, as if Mary didn’t full distrust Catherine at all times and knew her better than anyone and is at this point the last person Catherine can fool. As we know Lola has always been dicks before chicks in her heart, throughout this whole series. We have the receipts. From defending her piece-of-trash fiancee episode one to right here and now helping her son’s grandma get framed for the murder of Francis, we have the receipts. I see you Lola.

Meanwhile the Spanish Ambassador was heading up an extremely slut-shamey investigation into HOW exactly the Future King of Spain ended up tied to a sex horse with his head caved in. His answer? French people.

Mary gave Greer the head’s up to clear her girls out of court before they could get slut shamed, then was like “Hmmm you look different.” And Greer was like “I am wearing 18 braids on my head for some reason?” and Mary was like “Oh okay that must be it.”

Meanwhile Catherine and Claude were having a heartwarming mother daughter talk.

Proving she’s Catherine’s daughter after all, Claude struck a canny deal: she wouldn’t mention that time Catherine tried to kill her if she could choose her next husband.

Meanwhile, Don Carlos had woken up, with Catherine poised to terminate him if he started pointing fingers.

The good news: he didn’t remember that Catherine and Mary had tipped him over in a BDSM scene gone awry! The bad news: that was because his brain was very badly injured. Very badly.

We’ve all been there Don Carlos.  Oooof, there are days and there are days.

Meanwhile, Bash then intercepted Catherine in what seemed like him policing her but was actually him asking her how he could help. When the actual scene was happening I just kept thinking about how there’s a small but loyal set of fans who ship Bash and Catherine really hard and how much they were enjoying this scene.

Meanwhile, Lola was dutifully testifying about the rat. And then she got word her brother and father had been kidnapped by the English and were being held hostages, not to be released until Lola had joined Elizabeth at her court. Narcisse was like “That will never happen” but I was like “Wow I really hope that happens. Lola at English court? Yes, hell to the yes.”

Then Mary kind of got into with Narcisse because both of them wanted to keep Lola safe for slightly different reasons? IDK. People give Narcisse a real tough time when he’s so cool and charismatic and awesome and oh whoops he killed his scribe so Lola wouldn’t find out he left the rat in the bathtub.

Hahahaha wow Narcisse turned a corner this episode! To explain how it happened: Lola was dictating a letter back to her mother, and the scribe was writing it, and then she noticed his handwriting, and I thought to myself: can Lola write? I am not sure if Lola can write.

I see your reading-but-not-writing shenanigans, Lola.

Meanwhile Mary was confronted by the growing famine in Scotland by ambassadors who had smuggled over some ACTUAL STARVING CHILDREN to guilt her with. In an age before smartphones, “pics or it didn’t happen” could get very weird.

Mary offered to sell all her jewels but Mary you can’t eat jewels girl.

Meanwhile Claude was trying to white-knuckle it through the inquest acting like her mom didn’t kill her when they confronted her with a book of painful teenage secrets.

I can imagine nothing more embarassing and heartbreaking than having to explain to a court that you lied about how your mom tried to kill you, to protect her. I mean. I need a hug after that confession.

Clearly Catherine is going to make Narcisse pay for this. But first she had to dress up like a Dickensian urchin and sneak out of the castle!

Lol. Megan Follows looks 16 in that hat. What in the world. Is she part Merlin? Why is she aging backwards? Please someone figure out the creams she is using because I need to stock tf up.

In the carriage, on the way to a safe house, Catherine was like “Marry that Spanish himbo. Take him back to Scotland. Spend his money and eat as much as you want. It’s the best life you could ask for.” then she made a break for the safe house and ran straight into Bash. It was BASHERINE MAGIC.

Also he dropped a bit of a bomb: the embalmer paid to embalm Francis kinda never did. Silver lining? If they dug up Francis he would still have his liver, disproving the murder charge Catherine had been convicted of.

Dear Lord. Not even on Game of Thrones has someone had to do something this darkly hardcore. This was Lady Stark levels of awful to contemplate.

Anyway, back at the castle the worst day of Narcisse’s life was dawning. The night before he’d killed his scribe and then when Lola confronted him about possibly bribing the scribe he totally choked, lost his shit, and she put it all together. Lola was like “Fuck you butthead, I’m going to England and while I’m gone you just think about what you did.”

Then she turned around to Mary and was like “Still very much into him.”

Yes, Catherine returned with Francis’ body to give Narcisse the tongue-lashing of a century and make us all miss Francis all over again. 

Narcisse had lost his case, probably he regency,and his wife, for selfishly overreaching and trying to frame Catherine for the most despicable of crimes. And also he had bummed us all out.

And worst of all, he had cost me my Nola.

Seeing Lola do what had to be done to help her family, ie go off to England and become Queen Elizabeth’s hostage, inspired Mary to do the unthinkable: agree to marry Don Carlos. It would mean the wealth and security and most importantly oatmeal packets all those adorable dying moppets needed. Of course it would mean a lifetime of gently mopping up drool from Don Carlos’ chin, but Mary is a Queen damn it.

And, let’s be real, we just know something will come along and save her.

So. A great return! An honestly stunning red gown! I don’t know what to think about Nola except that I would probably have instantly forgiven him, but I am excited about one of our core cast showing up in England. What did you think?

Holy shit, that spell WORKED: also, spells and mental illness

Isn’t it the best feeling?? When you’ve done a spell, and the results unfold for you in an unmistakable way?

I’ve been waiting for weeks to talk about this particular spell I did, one of the biggest I’ve ever cast (behind that one money spell, idek where that one came from). I didn’t want to talk about it before I felt it had run its course.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a mental health professional. This is all opinion and experience. If you feel or practice differently, I respect that! Everyone is different, and different things work for them. This is a complex subject so not everything is addressed, and I’m absolutely not trying to shame anyone. I just want to write about some thoughts and experiences I’ve had on this journey.

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OKAY SO I saw @cheekygryffindor’s submission to @academla! and, since this was something that I’ve been wanting to write about for a while, my months of hard work has to amount to something more than just a score given to me by collegeboard, right? I wanted to take this opportunity to help as much as I can ^-^ 

also, because I don’t really know much about your specific situation, I kind of wanted to cover as many possibilities/scenarios as I could. I hope it was somewhat helpful! Of course, all of it is based off of my own experiences, so take what you will with a grain of salt and experiment to see what works for you! (under read more because it got really long oof)

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For You ~ pt. 18

| all parts up to date |

~ Mother ~

‘’ ________, over here!’’ I look at the direction where Lee’s voice was coming from. When I spot her, I do a double. How much merchandise did she buy?

She decked herself completely in them and was holding the cute looking light stick in her hand.
Walking over, I wonder where Joon was, and once I’m close enough I burst out laughing, seeing him holding all her stuff.

‘’Ya, I didn’t know you were a fan boy.’’

‘’Don’t say anything.’’ He looks displeased. ‘’I’m only doing this for Lee.’’

‘’Well, guess now we know what her obsession truly is.’’ I give him a meaningful look.

‘’Guys, I’m right here.’’ She takes something out from her bag. ‘’And I got you this. Tada (jjajan)!’’

She holds out a zip up hoodie version of the T-Shirt that she was wearing, she helps me slip it on.
Fumbling with something, she then presses her palm above my chest, I look at her weirdly.
When I look at that area, I see a sticker stuck there. ‘’They didn’t have member customized hoodie’s so I got this instead.’’

‘’Thank you, Lee.’’ I say.

‘’Oh, and the fansites sold these.’’ I look through all the banners and photo cards, impressed by the huge fanbase that is called ARMY. They really are an army.

‘’We got seating tickets. Do you know what that means?’’ Before I can even think of a response she reveals it herself. ‘’We might see their family members.’’

‘’You sound creepy, my friend.’’ I look around worried that security people might ban us from getting in because of her.

‘’Our number is up.’’ Joon says all of a sudden his eyes focus on the sign.

‘’Are we the first?’’ I help Lee gather her many things and together we walk over to the staff. ‘’It’s still two hours until the concert.’’

‘’I think the seated areas are first.’’ We follow the small stream of people and look for the correct line to stand in.

~ ~ ~

Finally taking a seat in our designated seats, I put my bag on the space in front of me and relax, tired from rushing here after work.

‘’Excuse me (jugi-yo).’’ I look up at the man, surprised, and peek at Lee, she shrugs her shoulders not knowing either. ‘’Are you Miss ________?’’

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more pointless sabriel fluff

(stands alone, or follows on from here.)

(In which Sam is curious about angelic origins / age.)

It starts this one time when Sam’s trying to fill in an internet survey to work out what Game of Thrones character he’d be (and deflecting Gabriel’s ‘witty’ remarks on the fact that he’s secretly hoping to get Robb Stark), and has to enter his age. Not that he’s under any obligation to enter his real age; but still, finds he has to actually stop and calculate it, and that’s weird enough in itself to pause and grumble about getting old.

Gabriel helpfully complicates things (lounging on the table behind Sam’s laptop) by debating conversion times between Hell and earth and arguing with himself over whether soulless ageing counts, besides how many years that whole insomnia period ought to add to Sam’s toll, not to mention his own amazingly perfect time loops; until finally, all of a sudden, Sam breaks in with, “okay, so how old are you then?”

For some reason, that makes Gabriel stutter to a stop, and he blinks at Sam like his is way more complicated even than a Winchester life. It only lasts a moment, though; then Gabriel is beaming, and pronouncing, with deep satisfaction, “Old as balls.”

“Which kind of balls?” Sam deadpans, because he’s used to playing straight man by now.

“You know those little silver and gold balls you use in cake decoration? Yep. Well, not them. Just the ones you get on those orb thingies kings and queens hold in old pictures. The ones that are there just to say, ‘hey, you dicks in the future? see this thing I’m holding representing my dominion over the whole world? Notice the shape? Stop fucking retconning me, I know it ain’t flat, own up to your damned strawmen’. Strawmans. Whatever.”

“Obviously,” says Sam. “Let me know what you want for your birthday.”


It turns into a running sort-of joke.

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anonymous asked:

hello. this is just my opinion, but i dont think you should edit these pictures particularly those from non-editable fansites. and tbh its their picture they have every right to do whatever they want with it. and i think its kind of rude of you to call them stalkers. personally i think more so than some other fans, they know their boundaries with the boys the most. and i also dont think it is right for you to say how they feel, the way you're saying they're promoting racism and all -c-

-c- because you dont know them personally. so i think it’s not right for you to say things like that about them. you’re basically judging people whom you’ve never met. but anyways thank you for reading these. have a nice day.

I want to warn you first that this is a long read. If you have no intentions to understanding why we are editing pictures, I suggest you stop right here.

I’m going to break down your ask into separate topics and address the issues in each one.

Okay you made it this far, so let’s take a journey to educate ourselves shall we?

this is just my opinion, but i dont think you should edit these pictures particularly those from non-editable fansites. and tbh its their picture they have every right to do whatever they want with it

Let’s start at the beginning, white washing and light skin beauty ideals have had a long and intensive history in many cultures. But for the sake of time I’m going to center around Eastern Asia/South Eastern Asia and the effects. 

It’s the idea that light skinned people are better than others.

Not to be confused with “wanting to be white/looking like white people”. Because the goal in a colorist society is to look “brighter” and “paler” enough to be the color white. Not white people.

Mostly light skinned people are considered more well mannered, civilized, clean, educated, but mostly intelligent and beautiful. So much in fact that light skinned people are worshipped and if anybody wishes to be treated with respect than they should work to look like pale people.

Now we all know that this sounds ridiculous right?

Well, unfortunately this ideal is so widely accepted that it became a part of 3,000 years worth of cultural East and Southeast Asian history and continues to rear its ugly head today. So much that it became an economic industry that continues promoting this ugly beauty ideal. ie. Skin Whitening Products and Commercialized Whitewashing.

This prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group is called colorism or shadeism. (Which are real terms that you can look up on google! Amazing.) And those that promote these ideals are called colorists or shadeists. Which is what I’m calling these fansites.

Why do we edit their pictures? Simply put it’s to bring back Bangtan’s skin color to their original form. To show that, no, they DO NOT have to have their skin color changed to be considered beautiful. That they do not have to change who they are or what they look to be worthy of all of the fans love. And if we don’t STOP them and let them know that this behavior is incredibly offensive than they are just going to continue. 

If you say that they have “every right to do whatever they want” you are condoning this.

OH LOOK! The same fansite!! Same day! Same event! But one is a preview and the other is a whitewashed nightmare.

Obviously these fansites love these boys, but they apparently don’t love them enough to accept that YES, some of them do have tan skin. YES, some of them are even considered dark. And YES, they are still the beautiful and handsome boys that we have come to know with their real skin tone.

They even go to the extent of whitewashing the palest member of Bangtan. Min Yoongi aka SUGA. Like literally his name is to show how pale he is COMPARED to the members (he is not the palest being in the universe mind you) and yet they whitewash him. Why? I have no clue at this point, they have lost all reason.

Same Yoongi fansite, same day, same event. And yet a world of differences.

Wow, yes they have “a right to do this”. But that doesn’t mean their actions don’t have consequences.

Their CONSTANT whitewashing leads many fans to believe that they all look like their whitewashed pictures. When they don’t. The problem is that, this goes so unnoticed by fans that they start perceiving the whitewashed version as the real deal, and then get surprised when they see a photo or video of an idol with their natural skintone.

Now what I am about to say is the real kicker, most if not all kpop idols are already using WHITENING MAKEUP.  SURPRISE!!

Some idols/celebrities/average people have even thought it necessary that they should entirely get rid of their natural skin tone with WHITENING PRODUCTS because of their insecurities and the bullying.

Now the question lies, why are these fansites whitewashing them EVEN MORE when they are already wearing things that make them look paler?

and i think its kind of rude of you to call them stalkers. personally i think more so than some other fans, they know their boundaries with the boys the most.

Listen, fansites are people. They are not deities clear of sin and representative of the highest virtues.

Here is the process to be a fansite.

1. Be a fan (JUST LIKE YOU OR ME)

2. Make a fansite (Putting it on some form of social media. Example: twitter)

3. Buy a DSLR Camera (a really expensive camera with giant lenses)

4. Have 100% full attendance. (follow the same schedule as the boys.)

5. Take pictures, edit, and upload. And if you got time, sell your finished photos.

It’s really that easy, give or take you have to sacrifice your soul to the devil to own one of those cameras. There is no clear indication on whether these fansites are sasaengs, who have every as much as ability to become a fansite as other rich fans.

Here is an example of a sasaeng fansite here that was for previous EXO member Wu Yifan aka Kris.


Where they even went to the extent to book an airplane ticket next to them to take pictures as they were sleeping.

Not many sasaengs of BTS are fansites luckily, but BTS sasaengs DO exist. And already have caused an annoyance to fans and BTS. The chances of sasaengs becoming fansites increases as popularity increases. So lets not start putting fansites on a pedestal this early in the fandom, okay?

But seriously, even average fansites go the extent to going to different countries, even outside of Asia to take pictures of the boys. All for what? To whitewash them? It is literally going over the boundaries of idols, or in this case BTS’,  skin color.

Why do these fansites think that it is appropriate to choose what skin color looks good on these idols enough to completely bleach them out of existance. Especially when there is already BULLYING within idol groups based on dark skin color. Heck, there was even multiple occasions within Bangtan themselves where they made fun of the darker members skin color!

But apparently it’s cool for fansites to continue whitewashing when people get bullied enough? Now fansites have some “god given mission” that they gotta prove that idols LOOK BETTER WITH PALER SKIN? And even the leader, Namjoon has stated in his songs that he likes his dark skin? Why take what they love about themselves away?

Infact, why do these fansites have the NERVE to take away the skin color that some of them don’t even have the confidence of loving themselves yet?

Here is a link to BTS’ Picture Diary and the Translations. It has Jimin’s, Jin’s and Taehyung’s Diary Entry.


What leaves me heartbroken the most is reading Taehyung’s.

3. V Kota Kinabalu2 / We went to the island. A.R.M.Y will be surprised to see me in Korea since I got tanned. I’m quite dark. I hope they don’t make fun of me. I got on the banana boat and the parachute, had a shooting at home, and swam for 10 minutes. There could’ve been more. The end. Today’s lesson: Let’s learn how to float in the water. Today’s compliments/regrets: I tried not to get tanned./But I did.

Why is he so afraid of tanning? Why is he so afraid of the ARMY making fun of him that he has to mention the fans twice? Why is he afraid of the ARMY making fun of him so much that he considers his skin color a regretful lesson? Why is he so anxious that he has to write his insecurities about his tan skin in the BEGINNING and the END? Why is he so afraid of SPECIFICALLY the ARMY in Korea: the fans that apparently see Taehyung the most, interact with the most, and according to you “know his boundaries” more than other fans?

WHY are fansites hurting the ones they supposedly love the most in this way?

God, everytime I read this it always makes me fucking cry. Cause his insecurity over his skin color is something that a LOT of East Asian/Southeast Asians can empathize with. Because this not only affects idols, this affects ALL East/Southeast Asian kids.

The reason restoring blogs exist because OTHER EAST/SOUTHEAST ASIANS are sick of having people OF THEIR OWN RACE AND ETHNIC PEOPLE BE ERASED OF THEIR NATURAL SKIN COLOR. Which will then in turn perpetuate colorism.

You heard it here folks!

This restoring movement is conducted by a network of East/Southeast Asians, the same race and ethnic background as YOUR favorite kpop star. Hell I even know some Koreans that are restoring idols.

So stop thinking that restore blogs exist solely to feel superior to faneditors. The goal is to make people more aware of what these fansites are doing and what could be harming the idols and fans of color.

Infact, I can tell you that some fansites were actually EDITABLE in the past. Some fansites were okay with editing. Like “average editing” for photosets, or videos, or ridiculous “pastel edits” (some which kill their skin color even more.)

But as soon as restoring blogs came into the picture, whether restoring blogs gave credit or not, they were furious. 

Most fansites make money off their pictures. Not only that, but they make a profit. The fansites “giving us” their pictures is not a “privilege”, they are literally selling a product/brand. If people want to criticize the product and voice their thoughts about it they are well within their rights. 

and i also dont think it is right for you to say how they feel, the way you’re saying they’re promoting racism and all because you dont know them personally. so i think it’s not right for you to say things like that about them. you’re basically judging people whom you’ve never met.

As we all know by now, I’m calling them colorists, as the fansites usually are within the same racial and ethnic group as most kpop idols. (Of course I said most because, as we should all know by now that not ALL kpop idols are Korean and some Korean celebrities are of mixed race as well. And hell not even all fansites are Korean.)

But colorism can lead to racist behavior. (Which will one day be saved for a different day.)

And also, nobody has to know someone PERSONALLY to know that someone is racist or is conducting racist behavior.

Like, I don’t know these students in this Philadelphia school play personally, but yellowfacing is racist even if you claim it as “your art” and “your hardwork”.


No they are not, out blatantly saying “I hate East Asians,” but you do not need much to know that their actions are OFFENSIVE.

Similar to these fansites, they are not publicly saying “I hate their skin color,” but you can definitely know that fansites consciously took the TIME and EFFORT to edit idols skin to feed their offensive beauty ideals when its just easier to post their HD photos. 

Which makes them colorist.

And what boggles my mind the most. Why are you more angry at the fact that we are calling them offensive and colorist instead of understanding that their behavior does more harm to generations of East/Southeast Asians?

Why do you care more about getting whitewashed HD pics instead of respecting the idols and treating them like real people?

But I guess to you,

art is pain.

-Admin Matte


Besides all that was said above, I just want to mention that, besides restoring blogs, there is unwhitewashed content. Such as broadcasting pictures, livestreaming videos from events, some of the selfies the members upload on social medias, even official content from the companies, and not to mention unwhitewashed previews from the fansites just as Admin Matte pointed out.

 All this content is up alongside the whitewashed ones. Everyone sees it and likes/reblogs it. They’re posted on the dedicated blogs too. So my question is, how do people not notice how extremely different they can be? The differences go far beyond the point where you could say it’s due to lighting, camera flash, distance, or just whitening makeup. Why does no one question these differences? 

- Admin Gloss

Star Wars Rant-Along: TFA EDITION! (Chapter VIII)

Alright, so in honor of this glorious masterpiece I’m back for another round of dRUNKINATOR, aka Star Wars Rant Along: TFA EDITION. We are almost halfway thru book now, my spelling is perfekt, and I am pleased as a pickle. For those of you who are wonderingwat I am doing here, basically I am reading thru the TFA novelizationchapter by chapter while drunk, and imma ranting about it. u can find the not-so-drunk-thesis on this thing here. For penis novelization rants, follow these links below (warning: Chapters I – IV were drunk-blogged. Chapters V-VI were sober, and Chapter VII was drunk af again):

Also I called it. I called it back in FEBRUARY AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENS

Originally posted by schnooleheletteletto


TFA CHAPTER VIII (in which HAN-FUCKING-SOLO is a windbag and we find out where Kylo-fuckin’-Ren gets his habit of talkin’ out his ass)


  • Last week: kylo threw a hissy fit and mikata was all like mmmmwhatcha say. Then finn n’ rey tried to fix the ship and failed miserably. ADF tried to write romance and failed miserably. Han Solo arrived and tried not to be old and crotchety n’failed miserably. my speilling is really good tonite! i did not fail miserably.
  • THIS WEEK: finn, rey and TheSoloSmuggler™ have a convo that basically lasts forever. TheSoloSmgglr and generic bad guy have a convo. Rathars get loose. The end.

Originally posted by meyong

Liveloggin’ (just started drinkin and I’m still spelling like a pro!)

  • So like, I am game for all this stuff, but I am also really tired so this thing will probably beshorter than normal.
  • Also I just lost my pants
  • again
  • Ignore that

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Shattered - Part 3

|Prologue| |Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 7| |Part 8| |Part 9| |Part 10|

Member: Taehyung

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 1907

Summary: Time breaks relationships, but it can also rekindle them.

A/N: I noticed in some of my writing, my verb tenses seem to be all over the place so I tried to fix that here and put everything into present tense (english is hard guys). Enjoy Xx 

*Y/L/N = your last name 

p.s., let me know what you think about this series! are you enjoying it? do you want more angst? more fluff? (small spoiler, V doesn’t appear too much in this part, but I promise his role will become bigger) 

Originally posted by kths

“Hello, my name is Bang Si Hyuk. I am the CEO of BigHit Entertainment. You must be Y/N? Taehyung has told me about you. It’s nice to meet you.” You were currently situated in an meeting room environment where you were going to be interviewed.

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you. I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” You shake Bang Si Hyuk’s hand.

“How about we start the interview now?”

“Of course.” The two of you sat down at the table on opposite ends.

“Great! Alright, the first thing I must ask is, what kind of input can you bring as a vice manager?”

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