i used to play a lot of dungeons and dragons

Close, but no cigar.

So long story short, my and my usual bunch were playing some good old homebrew DnD. Well, very loose DnD. See, I had never had a legitimate group before, and the only one of us who did wasn’t interested so he didn’t participate. So after looking up and dumbing down a lot of mechanics, we set off into the woods to pick a side in the Orc Civil War. Along the way, we met a group of Vampiric giant mages. And as unsettling as that was, we managed to persuade them to give us Vamparism if we killed a Druid that had been bothering them with various attacks, spells, etc. So we went there and our scout rolled to see what was in the cave, and golly gee was this a bad idea. BUT. The scout decided to roll for sneak, and more or less go past everything for an assassination attempt.
I had no idea wtf was going on, as he was sneaking past literally everything. He was only lvl 3 and he got past a Dragon.
So he gets to the main chamber and learns that the Druid is actually an Arch Druid. He rolls to silence the Arch Druid then kill him in one fell swoop, but he botched the silencing roll.
Pros: He killed the Arch Druid.
Cons: Literally the /entire/ forest knows we just killed the Arch Druid.


There are Other Things I should be doing, but I’m stuck in D&D Hell until further notice.

I was looking for spell cards to print out for ease while playing, as you do, and found I hated every template I came across. So fuck it, I’ll make my own. I’m playing a Warlock so there’s not a lot of spells I’ll have to do, and I’ll probably be choosy about them anyway. If you felt like using them I wouldn’t care but I’m not gonna be doing every spell so I doubt anyone would. But just putting it out there. Whenever I decide I’m done I’ll probably post them all.

I really should have done this in illustrator but I honestly wanted the hand-written look. Typography and graphic design are not some of my strengths but dangit I’m trying.