i used to own a pair of shoes like the one's lena is wearing

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Could you write about Tracer trying to flirt with a gender neutral reader at a pub with really cheesy British slang?

A/N: 1300 words, these things are getting longer. I’m not British, so let’s hope I used their slang correctly. I’m assuming Tracer has a smaller accelerator she can wear when not in combat, otherwise it’d be rather difficult to have a normal day out. Threw the orange pants and crocs into that too, it’s hardly the best outfit when you’re looking for a fun evening. I mean, she can’t really wear her adventuring outfit every single day, right? (She could, and probably does, style is clearly not her strongest trait.)

Your eyes were focused on the small screen in the corner of the pub, the bright lights of the newscast contrasting with the dim lighting you’d become accustomed to. Another report about vigilante work being done in London, not that you particularly minded one way or the other. If someone wanted to help deal with any crime, all the power to them, it certainly took bravery to try and keep people safe. Taking a swig of your oak colored beverage, you gave the pub a quick once over. The usual crowd was more or less accounted for, from salary-men to construction workers, everyone was equal once alcohol was thrown into the equation. You reached to take another drink, only to realize that your last swig had emptied the glass. Sighing gently, you reached up to flag down the bartender, only to see him standing before you.

“This one’s on her.” He nodded towards your right, replacing your empty glass with a fresh beer. You clutched the drink in your hand, turning to face your mysterious benefactor. A woman sat several stools down from you, her brown hair styled into several windswept spikes. She wore a brown leather bomber jacket, various patches ironed onto the weather material. A simple white t-shirt peaked out from the jacket, with a strange device prominently layered over it. The device wasn’t terribly large, able to be mostly concealed by the jacket, though it protruded a small amount from her chest.

You smiled appreciatively, raising your glass to show her your thanks. The woman wore a huge smile, practically leaping from her seat as she sauntered towards you. Your eyes wandered for an instant as she neared, taking in the tight pair of torn jeans she wore, a pair of white canvas shoes completing the ensemble. Your gaze quickly returned to her face as she sat down beside you, taking in the small freckles that dotted her cheeks. Though all of her traits, even her hazel eyes, paled in comparison to her beaming smile. Her cheerful grin seemed to brighten the room, even more so than the television in the opposite corner of the pub. It took you an instant for you to register that she had come to sit beside you. You supposed you were supposed to begin the conversation, since she had bought you a drink.

“Uh. Thanks for the drink!” You stammered, inwardly cursing at how nervous your thanks must’ve seemed to her. “I’m (Y/N).” You extended a hand to her, hoping that getting her talking would make the conversation seem a little smoother. She giggled, shaking your hand gently, her smile never fading. That was good, at least, you hoped it was.

“Lena, charmed.” Her eyes seemed to give you a quick once-over, focusing back into your own, apparently pleased at what they gathered. “So, what brings someone like you to a place like this?” To a place like this? The pub didn’t seem terribly run-down or anything, the rustic interior was rather cozy, there were certainly worse places to drink.

“Just seemed like a good place to grab a drink, maybe meet some people.” You smiled, suppressing your confusion at her question. Did the bar have some sort of reputation you weren’t aware of?

“Oh? And what sort of people were you hoping to meet here?” It hit you like a freight train. The way her eyes occasionally darted across your body, the playful smirk, the subtle shifts in her body language to move just a few centimeters closer. She was flirting with you, plain as day. But her? With you? I mean, you certainly weren’t bad looking, at least, you hoped you weren’t. But someone as cute as her fawning over you? It seemed inconceivable, yet her she was, buying you a drink at a pub to get closer. “Luv?” You realized how long you’d been staring in silence at her, a small hint of redness tinging your cheeks due to both your embarrassment, and the endearing phrase she used.

“Sorry, just lost in thought for a second.” You chuckled, hoping to relieve some of the embarrassment you felt, focusing back onto Lena. “Looking for some lovely company, and I figured I’d run into someone interesting eventually.”

“Well, it’s lucky that you ran into me then. I’ve got quite a few stories I could tell, if you’ve got the time?” You nodded, taking another swig of your beer, flagging down the bartender so that Lena could order something. She regaled you for hours with stories of her escapades, her narrow bouts with criminals, her adventures across the world. By the time she finally finished, the bar had mostly cleared out, though it felt like only a moment had passed. “And that was the last time McCree ever rode on a horse!” You each howled with laughter, nearly knocking over the assortment of glasses you had gathered on the bar.

Lena had told you a great deal about herself. It seemed she was the vigilante that was always on the news, stopping whatever crime she could. The term vigilante had such a negative connotation to it, but Lena used a much more positive term, hero. It felt strange calling someone a hero, but after all the frankly heroic deeds she entertained you with, it was hard not to. You had to admit, she was lovely company, anyone who could make time speed by like that was someone worth knowing. The bartender waved at you, indicating that the pub would be closing shortly, the evening had turned into the dead of night during your time with Lena.

“Well, it’s getting rather late, Lena. I’d love to do this again some time, if you’re interested?” You questioned, hoping to get to spend more time with the lovely woman soon.

“Of course I am! Give me your number, I’ll ring you up!” A thought perked up in the back of your mind, why had Lena decided to drink with you out of all the others in the bar? Writing down your number on a napkin, you ran through the options of why she’d find you so compelling, settling on just asking her yourself.

“Just one more thing.” You held the napkin between the two of you, using it as leverage for your question. “Why did you buy me a drink?” Her eyes darted away from you for a moment, a small hint of redness splashing her cheeks as she averted her gaze.

“I just thought you looked rather lush, y’know? And I figured it couldn’t hurt to chat you up a little bit. I’d say it went pretty well, wouldn’t you?” She leaned in close to you, placing her lips beside your ears. “Besides, you managed to get me in a little bit randy mood tonight.” You felt your cheeks flush red as her breath caressed your face, watching her pull away slightly. “As smashing as you are, I doubt you’ll have to work much harder for that, if you’re up for it.” She winked suggestively, placing a quick kiss on your lips, before hopping out of the stool. “Seeya, luv.”

“Yeah… See you…” You stared at her as Lena walked away, playfully swaying her hips as she disappeared out the door. Running a hand down your face, your dropped several bills on the counter, leaving an ample tip for the bartender. You hadn’t expected to run into someone so lovely this evening, but you were hardly complaining. Your phone buzzed as you entered the narrow streets of King’s Row, an unknown number leaving you a single message. You smiled as you read it, creating a new contact in your phone.

What do you say we skip the pub tomorrow, luv?

Monster Watch Chapter 1: You’re Not Alone (an Overwatch fic)

[widowtracily and pharmercy]

[warning; occasional use of 80s slang}


Angel Falls, Washington

A tall, athletic woman by the name of Fareeha Amari walked along a sidewalk on a brisk afternoon. She wore a blue flannel shirt, jeans, and a pair of combat boots. A knapsack was slung over her shoulder. Fareeha was feeling content. It was a nice, sunny day, a rarity in Angel Falls (and the entire state of Washington). She was going to visit someone very special to her.

After a brisk walk, she arrived at a somewhat unremarkable white house. She rang the doorbell and waited.

A woman opened the door. She looked slightly disheveled but still held herself with a confident posture. She was wearing a lab coat and scrubs. The lab coat bore a nametag reading ‘DOCTOR ANGELA ZIEGLER’.

Angela had had a very bad day. The hospital was short-staffed, as usual, so she had had to fill in for several other doctors as well as her own packed schedule. She felt like she wanted to crawl in a hole and die. Nevertheless, she was still able to muster up a weary smile for Fareeha.

“Hiya, Angie!” Fareeha greeted her.

“If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a million times,” Angela chided, “my name is An-ge-la.”

“Okay, Angie,” Fareeha said with a grin, “Can I come in?”

“Sure.” Angela sighed.

Fareeha walked inside. It concerned her to see how unkempt Angela’s house was. The floors looked like they hadn’t seen a vacuum cleaner in months. The dining room table was nearly covered in stacks of paperwork. She sighed and moved enough out of the way to clear two table spaces.

Angela walked up and asked her, “So, I assume you brought lunch?”

Fareeha smiled. “Well, ya know, I whipped something up quick.”

She set her knapsack on the ground, reached in, and pulled out a big tupperware with a stack of pancakes in it and a smaller one half-full of maple syrup.

Angela chuckled despite herself. Of course it was pancakes, Fareeha couldn’t cook anything else. Still, a kind gesture, and that fact warmed Angela’s heart.


Meanwhile, in a red-roofed house overlooking a lake, Emily was perusing her veritable wall of VHS tapes for something to watch. She couldn’t believe Amelie had never watched a movie all the way through before, a situation that she had to remedy. She skimmed over several sci-fi flicks, taped episodes of Doctor Who and Mystery Science Theater 3000, and Lena’s collection of action films before finding the horror section. After a while of looking at the labels and shaking her head, she found one of her favorites.

“Right, ladies, we’re watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. Great horror flick, you’ll love it, Amelie,” Emily said cheerfully, turning towards the couch where Lena and Amelie sat. (Well, Lena sat. Amelie sort of perched.)

Lena made a face. “A horror movie? Love, I don’t want to scare our guest.”

Amelie raised an eyebrow and interjected, “Scare? Pardonez-moi? I’ve seen worse things in life than some silly horror movie.”

Emily smiled brightly and went to put the tape in the VCR, almost tripping over a Stephen King book on her way.


That night, Fareeha lay awake in bed, unable to sleep. She got up and walked downstairs to make herself a cup of decaf to relax.

As she brewed her coffee, she looked out a sliding glass door and saw something strange going on in the woods nearby her house.

There were weird lights flashing in the forest. Bright yellow flashes and dark red ones seemed to wage war in between the trees.

Fareeha stared for a few seconds, mentally debating how to handle the situation, before running to the hall closet to get her coat and shoes. Whatever was going on, she was gonna find out, you betcha.

She ran out of her house and into the woods, heading towards the lights’ sources. She noticed that the red lights seemed to be waning.


Eventually, Fareeha reached the clearing that the lights seemed to originate from. She hid behind a tree and peeked around it, and saw the last thing she would expect to see.

In the clearing, four creatures stood. Three looked to Fareeha like… demons, or something along those lines. Whatever they were, they sent a chill down her spine just looking at them. They were apparently the originators of the red lights; they were hurling what appeared to be red energy at the fourth being. The fourth creature looked like a tall, beautiful, glowing woman with massive angelic wings. But Fareeha noticed something about her. That hair… that figure…

“Angie?” Fareeha whispered under her breath.

Her mind was blown. Angela Ziegler? Her friend and crush for just over a year? An angel? Fighting DEMONS?! Whatever was going on, it was… actually really cool, now that she came to think of it.


After a short while more of crossfire, the three demons, battered and handily defeated, seemed to teleport away. The angelic figure waited a few seconds, then sighed. She landed, and her light faded away, revealing the form of Dr. Angela Ziegler. Angela wavered a bit, then collapsed on the ground, shaking.

“ANGIE!” Fareeha shouted, sprinting towards her.

Angela turned, eyes open in an expression of pure horror. When she noticed that it was Fareeha, her mood shifted to total embarassment.

Fareeha ran up to her, grinning like a fool, and, trying to find the right words to say, blurted out, “You’re an angel!”

Angela blushed and stammered, “W-well, technically only a HALF-angel, but…”

“Yeah, and you’re an angel!” Fareeha continued, glowing with admiration.

“…oh. Oh! Thank you!” Angela blushed even redder and smiled faintly, relieved and flattered.

“So, uh… you wanna come on over to my place and explain to me what I just saw?” Fareeha asked, pointing over her shoulder in the direction of her home.

Angela sighed, hung her head, and said, “Ja, I guess I owe you that much.”


A little while later, Angela and Fareeha sat at a coffee table in Fareeha’s living room. Fareeha was brimming with questions, but Angela was tired, battered, and wanted to get this ordeal over with. Thus, she began her story while Fareeha eagerly listened.

“All right, starting from the basics. Monsters exist, all sorts of us. Most are basically people, not inclined towards some nebulous definition of good or evil. I’m not one of them. As a half-angel, I’m kinda built for good. My job is to protect this town from the forces of evil.”

She sighed, looked down dejectedly, and said, “It’s been my secondary job since I turned 18. No pay. No vacations. No days off. No backup. Every day, for the past nineteen years. And for some reason, either they’re getting stronger or I’m getting weaker. I just can’t handle it on my own anymore.”

Fareeha contemplated this information, fiddling with her hair. Angela sat across from her, tired and hunched over.

A light seemed to click on behind Fareeha’s eyes. A smile crept along her face. She had a brilliant idea.

“So your biggest problem here is having to go it alone, eh?” Fareeha asked Angela.


“…could I help?”

Angela looked at Fareeha like she had just gone insane. 

“Look, why don’tcha hear me out, Angie,” Fareeha said sympathetically. “You need help, and I’m happy to provide it.”


The next morning, Fareeha and Angela arrived at Lena and Emily’s home with a few sketch pages full of blueprints and ideas. Lena answered the door and Fareeha blurted out, “Lena, I need you to silver-plate my hockey stick!”

Lena was taken aback. Eyebrows raised, she cautiously said, “You need me to do what with your hockey what?”

Fareeha edged her way into the house, an almost manic glow in her eyes, as she said, “I need to fight demons. Demons hate silver. Makes sense that I’d need a silver weapon, eh?”

Fareeha turned a corner and found herself face to face with Amelie. Now keep in mind, Amelie is an eight-foot-tall blueish-purple woman, with two regular yellow-irised eyes and six little fully yellow ones, who has the lower body of a massive six-legged spider. The fact that one of her arms was in a sling and two of her legs were bandaged up did little to diminish her fearsome appearance.

Amelie’s eyes narrowed. She hissed at Fareeha and skitter-limped down the hallway in the opposite direction.

Fareeha stood there for about a second, then turned to Lena and asked her, “Who’s that hoser?”

Lena grinned, tilted her head, and looked at Fareeha, asking incredulously, “You just ran into a spider-woman and your first bloody question is ‘who’s that?’”

Fareeha responded, “My girlfriend is an angel and I’m asking you to silver-plate a hockey stick. The spider-lady is odd at best. So who is she?”

Lena smiled and responded, “Oh, Spidey there? That’s Amelie Lacroix. We saved her life, now she’s staying with us. She’s… really not good with people,” She raised an eyebrow. “Now what was that about demons?”


About an hour later, Angela and Fareeha had filled the three other women in on the details (Emily having coaxed Amelie into the living room).

“…so, are any of you in?” Fareeha finished.

“Oh, of course!” Lena cheerfully exclaimed. “Fighting demons? Protecting my town? Having an excuse to use all these weapons I stockpiled? Count. Me. In.”

“Well, if you’r going I’m going,” Emily said with a shrug. “I can handle myself, and I know a thing or two about strategy and the supernatural.”

“Oui, moi aussi,” Amelie said. “I’m good in a fight, I don’t know if any of you are, and I have little better to do.”

“Okay then, looks like we’re a team!” Fareeha said happily, glad that this had gone so well.

As the four began discussing how to go about fighting demons, Angela sat back and smiled wistfully. For the first time in nineteen years, she truly wasn’t alone.

Second draft! Thank you so much for reading!

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OKAY FOR THE SHIP because I love your headcanons. For Supercorp who: - spikes the eggnog? - "accidentally” throws away the fruitcake - goes overboard on the whipped cream? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - wakes up first on Christmas? - starts playing Christmas music the day after Halloween? - decorates the Christmas tree

  • spikes the eggnog?
    • in general?  alex danvers.  between supercorp?  well friend that would be one lena luthor, who tolerates the holidays and, unlike her alien gf, can get fucking trashed
      • the first christmas after lena and kara get together is awful bc it was bad enough with just alex staring kara down while dumping an ungodly amt of booze into the eggnog but now kara gets to watch in muted horror as lena does the same and then gets to chase around her gay ass sister and her gay ass gf who both somehow????  get gayer??????  and louder and like 5x more emotional when drunk and boy are they wasted bc alex didnt realize lena spiked the nog after her and lena didnt realize that alex spiked it before her and kara, for a while, thought there were two batches of eggnog, each independently spiked and didnt put it together until alex was draped over maggie’s shoulders and mumbling abt how pretty she is and lena’s kicked off her heels and is sitting on the floor with winn and slurring her words as she describes some vastly complicated concept of metaphysics and then kara’s just like shit
      • the next year they kind of get their shit together and coordinate spiking so neither woman gets quite so fucking shitfaced which, like, kara’s glad for, but she’s also pretty sure that her sister’s a bad influence on her girlfriend and vice versa and listen, she may be a superhero, but she is just one girl and maggie’s rlly gotta start pulling her weight when it comes to drunk patrol instead of just laughing when kara’s trying to get alex to get off the floor and lena makes the task twelve times harder by just fuckin attaching herself to kara’s side
  • “accidentally” throws away the fruitcake 
    • omg its lena one hundred percent bc like???  kara hates it too but kara is also an actual angel and refuses to throw it out bc someone worked really hard to make that for us lena!
      • lena has no such qualms bc fruitcake is the fucking worst but she tries to make the crime look good when she tosses it, makes sure she spends a few days building up a layer of stuff around it so that it’s sort of believable when she sweeps an arm across the counter and drags everything in her path into the trash like oh no, oh dear, what a tragedy, the fruitcake is in the garbage, i suppose we can just have the pecan pie i bought for dessert
  • goes overboard on the whipped cream? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
    • firstly: i like ur addition to this one
    • secondly: i mean kara, obviously, in the most innocent sense like on more than one occasion lena’s walked into the kitchen and seen a startled kara pop up from behind the fridge door, cheeks puffed out from the sheer volume of whipped cream she just shot straight from the can
      • like her hot cocoa is always a dangerous situation bc if its not overloaded with marshmallows its topped with a tower of whipped cream that has a forty percent chance of toppling before kara can even eat it and lena’s just sort of learned to accept that kara’s kisses are always going to taste a little too sweet throughout the holiday season
    • that said, lena definitely makes use of whipped cream too though in a much more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) kinda way
  • wakes up first on Christmas? 
    • KARA DUH like lena’s not a morning person anyway but after years of emotional neglect and christmases spent alone she’s essentially trained herself to sleep in as long as possible on the day bc that means less time for wallowing and drinking :))))))))))))))))
      • ANYWAY their first christmas, they’ve been together just under a year??  and they sleep at each other’s places pretty regularly, but lena isn’t abt to impose bc she knows that kara has her own traditions with her family and lena’s not–it’s not that she doesn’t count kara as her family.  bc she does, she absolutely does, its just that she doesnt want to assume that kara counts her as part of hers, part of the group that gets christmas morning, but then its christmas eve and lena’s still at her office, alone, and then kara marches in and is like um?  aren’t you coming over? and lena’s maybe been dramatically staring out her wall of windows and nursing a scotch and she gives kara this blank look and kara softens entirely, sets about packing up lena’s stuff for the night as she says i figured you’d stay over tonight so you wouldnt have to come over super early tomorrow and lena’s warm all over, warm and soft and quite honestly on the verge of tears a little and she lets kara shuffle her out of her office, her building, into the uber that kara took bc its a clear night and kara danvers flying into the top floor of lcorp would look a lil weird and when they get to kara’s place they change into comfy pjs and watch every home alone movie and how the grinch stole christmas (cartoon and live action) before lena dozes on kara’s shoulder and kara flips the tv off and carries her to bed
        • so this very soft and sweet night ends and then lena’s abruptly woken up at fuck off o’clock (that is to say, the ass crack of dawn) by kara zipping around the apartment, singing christmas songs and wearing an honest to god pair of elf shoes as she finishes putting all the presents under the tree and making sure every stocking is hung right and starting breakfast for everyone that’s coming over in a couple of hours and lena’s just about to hide under a pillow and try and sleep for a little longer when kara hears her moving around and comes in singing all i want for christmas is you and pulls lena out of bed and ok, how is lena supposed to resist mariah carey and elf shoes
      • later christmases find a compromise: kara stays in bed an hour longer, lena makes sure they’re asleep at a reasonable hour so that she’s not quite a monster come morning
        • that said, all bets are off when they have kids bc two of them are just like kara in that they also get up at the ass crack of dawn with their mother and LIVE for christmas but the last usually stumbles into their bedroom sleepily and crawls in beside lena for the few moments they have left before the rest of the family comes for them and that turns into its own christmas tradition, the annual wrangling of the non-morning ppl
  • starts playing Christmas music the day after Halloween? 
    • omfg kara obviously though after they move in together lena places a ban on christmas music until after thanksgiving at least (the ban is useless bc lena is weak for kara’s pout and kara is v aware of this)
  • decorates the Christmas tree
    • they both do!!  it started out mostly as kara, with lena sort of acting as supervisor (read: sitting on the floor surrounded by garland, drinking some cider and picking through ornaments to find the most aesthetically pleasing ones) but after a couple years together it became more of a shared task 
      • lena’s style veers towards aestheticism, v coordinated with like a chosen palette for everything
      • kara’s is like sentimentality above all else; every ornament that means anything to her is on that damn tree
        • they meet somewhere in the middle, veering towards kara’s sentimental style bc its warmth and home and things lena’s never had in excess and its feels nice to be a part of that, even if it means her color schemes mean jack shit
All I Want For Christmas Is You

The familiar tune of a holiday classic sounds softly over the din of the room filled with people chattering animatedly to each other about the nearing holiday season. Although Lena disliked the holidays, she found herself in awe of the effort that went into the decoration of the building. Beautiful balsam wreaths were wrapped intricately around the pillars throughout the space, the pleasant albeit sharp smell of cinnamon permeated the air, and in the back of the room was a large, pulchritudinous pine tree adorned with thousands of shining lights, shimmering red tinsel, and a plethora of ornaments of various shapes and sizes. It looked like a scene from one of those Hallmark movies that played on television every year.

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won’t be gone long

Kara and Lena don’t get to spend their first Christmas together actually together.

Kara’s apologetic and worried and swearing vengeance on Snapper for this assignment, even as she whirls about her apartment in a hurry as she tries to pack. She doesn’t notice how she’s going a bit too fast, and Lena pretends to look the other way as Alex shoots Kara a warning look, because really, she isn’t stupid. 

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