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We havent had any headcanons in a while *wink wink nudge nudge*

and a *wink wink nudge nudge* to you too, anon

  • pidge: “when have i ever lied?” hunk: “wh- you literally created a fake identity??”
  • lance refuses to learn the actual definition of quiznak
    • i mean he can pretty much guess it
    • but he’s not allowed to curse at home so quiznak’s perfect because he can just keep pretending he doesn’t know it’s a bad word
    • “you’re still using it incorrectl-” “shut up keith i need plausible deniability”
  • *food network voice* “chef coran has crafted… something”
  • lance, after being slightly inconvenienced: “this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me” keith: “…didn’t you get blown up that one time?”
  • Shiro the Hero
  • one day after a mission lance barges into keith’s room because “that’s it we’re gonna make some hand signals”
    • lance claims they’re doing it because he’s tired of keith not understanding his awesome plans during battle
    • (but lowkey team hand signals are one of his favorite movie tropes)
    • anyway lance and keith are really good at charades now?? good for them
  • allura: “i’m a diplomat who prides myself in my ability to interact with others” [is handed a child] “what the fuck is this”
I have something to say

I love Dear Evan Hansen with all my heart. I love the fandom a lot less though. Why? The shippers. I don’t know about you, but the show means a lot more to me than the ships. So why are we arguing and putting people down about them. Seriously. Is Dear Evan Hansen not about acceptance and understanding those around us? The least we can do as a fandom is put down our petty issues and just get along.

Sure maybe you don’t like a ship, that’s fine no one should forcing you to! Maybe you don’t like a character, that’s also okay! But is it not a little pathetic that this fandom is warding off people because of the shipping discourse? Yes, I have my notps, but I’m not openly complaining about them and sticking them in the tags WHILE putting people down. That’s not cool.

It doesn’t matter if you ship Kleinsen, Tree Bros, Connman, Sincerely Three, Zoe and Evan, Zoe and Jared, Galaxy Girls (zolana) or any other ship, there are way better things to discuss and debate other than ships.

You are welcome to complain about them, really it’s your opinion! BUT can we please avoid discourse and not tag anti stuff in ship or main tags? Not to mention avoid insulting shippers?

For example!
Instead of Tree Bros write Tr*e Bros.
Instead of Kleinsen write Kle*nsen
Instead of Zolana write Z*lana

Because no matter how much you hate a ship, is it really worth scaring new fans away? Or starting discourse? No, it isn’t.

Can we please just take a step back and actually realize how little shipping actually matters in comparison to the show? Please feel free to message me or add onto here. I just want the shipping discourse to stop.

Whelp. The new activity upgrade makes everything huge, which means for a blog that gets thousands of notes a day it’s straight up unusable. 

I’m not sure exactly how to make this work. I can still use mobile to check notes, but I can’t access any of the posts I’m tagged in because of the mobile glitch. So if you tag me in something, either for commentary or a response in a dialogue, please send a link through messenger so I make sure I actually see it. Sigh. 

Also, @staff, it would be great to be able to see what posts people are liking. I have five thousand posts. Maybe, like, fix this because it’s useless and awful. 

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Sophie, I really want to know why you are so diligent about A. Lot. Of. Stuff. But mostly lately why you're so diligent on Camila being gay gay gay. I understand someone wanting someone to be something, and I csnt understand if you're just being playful and witty sometimes or if you really are 100% in your notions. How are you really going to ignore the fact that she does use male pronouns and says Boys, Boys, BOYS.. and you're just always going to think shes lying or making it up? Bi/Pans.

I don’t think you know what the word “diligent” means sweets but anyways I think you mean why am I so set on Camila being gay?

Okay first of all you can’t deny the fact that Camila has been completely inconsistent in her stories - first she didn’t have her first kiss but turned out she did, then she’s never been in a serious relationship but the album is about someone she’s obviously been very serious with, but then again it’s not about boys, so it’s supposed to be about her journey, and yet she keeps bringing up this “relationship” and this “someone” she saw at the studio and thought about while shooting the music video - then the whole album is a concept to tell a story, a story she said she doesn’t have anything more to say about, that she got everything out of her, and yet there she is a couple of days later saying that the album isn’t finished and that she needs a boyfriend to finish it! You add to that the fact that she didn’t sing the “her” during her BBMAS performance, because someone certainly told her not to - I’m not saying Camila is lying because I absolutely want her to be gay, I’m saying she’s lying because I really think she is!  After all these years it’s pretty easy to detect Camila’s bullshit and the management’s plans behind them!

As to me being so set on her being a “lesbian” and not “bi” or “pan” I’m usually just joking around, because non of us know for sure except Camila, she’s the only one who gets to decide what she is and if she even wants to label herself - so when I pull out my Gaymila file or slide it’s usually because there is a gay behavior there and tbh it’s hilarious how many there are!  But nevertheless , my personal opinion, my guess, my theory, that I keep strictly to this blog, is that Camila is a lesbian, just like others are gonna think she’s straight, or bi, or pan, or something else, this is all supposition - if tomorrow Camila identifies herself clearly as one of these sexualities then I won’t love her any less - I won’t lie, if tomorrow she gets a real boyfriend, not a pr stunt, I’ll be disappointed for sure but it won’t be the end of the world, I love her too much to get hung up on that.

That being said, as long as I don’t see her actually in a straight relationship, I’ll keep believing that she’s gay and is forced to stay in closet because of the industry she’s evolving in, which is something that highly pisses me off and worries me.

I’ll add to that I have the right to have a settle opinion and believe what I believe as long as I’m respectful to Camila and to other people’s beliefs - you’ll never see me say to an anon that they’re wrong for believing that Camila might be straight or bi or pan, I just respectfully agree to disagree or use a Camren laughing gif, because I like them and they bring a nice effect! (also I truly find it funny to even imagine Camila with a guy, I can’t help it, it’s just the way my brain works - just like I find mascots falling hilarious, I find straight Camila hilarious as well)

You know I once answered to an anon who thought all the Camren theories were absurd, that you should just take this whole thing as a giant fanfic that feeds off real events, and in my fanfic Camila happens to be gay - I’ll never bring that fanfic into the real world because I’ll never directly bother the girls with it, and as long as I do that, I see no reason for me not to be as delusional as I want to, and believe Camila is as gay as it comes.

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okay, this may be a random and not necessary mean anything, but here is what kind of thought struck me today regarding the mixtape, next season and the possible endgame for deancas: the mixtape was labelled "dean's top 13 zepp traxx", right? but isn't it a bit uncommon to make top list of 13 songs? I mean, usually you pick a number which is divided by 5 (5,10,15 etc). Could this be writers hinting to us again that something meaningful between dean and cas is gonna happen the next,13th, season?

So I reblogged this post the other day by @margarittet because it was such a brilliant piece of meta on this that I feel like I don’t need to say anything more. 

That meta post touched on what you are talking about above, because 13 probably isn’t a coincidence and the writers most likely didn’t do the maths on how many Led Zeppelin songs an average cassette tape could actually hold, though for the hell of it I am gonna give it a go. Because why not.

Basically a cassette tape can hold around 45 minutes of song time on it. That averages out to around 11 - 15 songs of the average modern day song length of 3-4 minutes long.

Led Zeppelin songs on average are longer than that, at least 6 minutes long, though some pass the 10 minute mark on their own. It would have made far more sense to pick a top ten for LZ as logically, the only way to fit 13 LZ songs on a standard cassette tape would be if you were only picking the shorter songs, which means you’re skipping some of the best (which Dean totally wouldn’t do). Sure we can imagine Dean went and bought the fancy new cassette tapes with far more space on them, but Dean has always been pretty old school about these things and I just can’t see him going for all that modern stuff. If he was gonna do that, he could have made Cas a CD instead, or a playlist on an Ipod.

Whilst I doubt the writers sat down and worked out song timings and cassette length, the number 13 does make little sense in general and as you say, a top 10 would be far more obvious. So yes. Basically my point is that the number 13 was not pulled out of thin air. It was significant. Just like every single other thing in that entire scene was extremely significant. The whole moment was a spectacular display of storytelling, script writing, editing, production design, everything. It was bloody genius.

Just like the fact that Dean spelt ‘Track’s’ with 2 ‘XX’s to give the double meaning of kisses, the number 13 was part of the message. 13 is an important number. 13 is where we are headed. 13 songs, 13 seasons, and two guys who have been dealing with their unspoken feelings for each other for far too long. 

Unlucky for some? But not for Dean and Cas. I’m calling it guys. Season 13 is when it’ll happen. This isn’t based on the mixtape alone, but just a general feeling based on where season 12 has taken us. Destiel is happening, and I would put money on it happening in season 13.

To Hazel: Mythomagic
  • Hazel: Must be something cool 'cause it has 'magic' in it.
  • Nico: Trust me it's AWESOME!
  • Percy: Uh-huh *smirks*
  • Nico: I-I mean it's good, I used to play it...
  • Reyna: Yeah little boy you still play it.
  • Hades: Yup. Sometimes when he comes to the underworld we play a few hundred times.
  • Hades: Hazel you should learn how to play it! Then all three of us can play it like a complete family!
  • Nico: Yeah, like a complete family *almost starts crying*
  • Hazel: You're going teach me big bro!
  • Nico: Yeah, I'll teach you, little sister.
  • Hades: And he has ALL the figurines!
  • Nico: Yes, I have them all.
  • Nico: *Remembers how he used to play in the old times*
  • Nico: Bi- *bursts into tears*

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I had what many may consider a stupid thought, but I'm going to throw it out there anyway. Am I the only one kind of regretting the fact that we'll never have arrogant-but-softhearted Bellamy and headstrong-but-wounded Clarke from the dropship days in sarcastic, banter-filled love with heavy innuendo and physical attraction? They're in flat-out I'll-die-for-you-you're-my-life-partner kind of love now, which is beautiful...But I still think the show missed an opportunity to build up there 1/2

I mean, the romantic relationship potential could have gotten a few more scenes in Season 1. Just a little more flirting or something would’ve been nice. We probably won’t see them spar or argue ever again like they used to. Bellamy can forgive her in the span of a day for holding a gun on him. They’re in so deep, and it’s warm and real and so adult and thorough now, which is awesome. I’m all about it. Bring on the Bellarke! Yet I can’t help but feel a little sad/cheated that we missed the 2/2

3/3 lighter, teasing, flirtatious, sexier build-up? And I know there was the issue of Finn in S1 and the “story is long.” I’m well-informed that it’s a long and winding road with many arcs and at least 5 seasons. I get the concept of a slow burn. But it could have been cool to see a near-romantic miss in S1 - the 108 tree scene doesn’t count - they’d just killed someone. I’m not expecting a deep analysis or anything. Just fan-girling I suppose. But I can’t be the only one thinking this.

Well, I mean, that’s the thing about telling stories. You’ve got to make the choices. The things you choose to focus on are what gives you the story you are eventually going to tell, and if you focus on the wrong things, you weaken your story. You have to pick. If they did the light flirtation that you wanted in season 1, that would have made the story a different thing. It would have made their relationship a different thing. Having that possibility there from the beginning would have brought the physicality to bear much sooner. They would have been more sure about where they stood with each other. They would have pushed their relationship. It would have actually been MORE about romance and flirtation and knowing the possibility was there.

And the thing is, they didn’t want it to be. And they wanted their characters to separate and go on their personal journeys, whether that was about love and forgiveness or morality and authority. To have the beginning of a relationship with Bellamy and Clarke, even just flirting, would have made what happened in season 3 worse. Because it would have been something that was already on the edge of canon. It would have made the whole season more about dating, and less about the deeper connection that lay under their attraction. Putting aside the attraction completely, meant the focus was on the soul connection.

And when something is about physical attraction, there’s always the question… is it just lust? is it just about needing someone? is it just sex? is it just comfort? is there a power game? is it just what they’re supposed to be doing? is it a means to an end? is it real?  Which, to be honest, were questions with every relationship Bellamy and Clarke had since the beginning of the show. Think back. Every single one. From Satisfied Girl to Finn to Roma to Niylah to Raven to Lxa to Bree. All their sexual relationships have questions over them. Whether they were real love (which three of them were) or not.

Season 1 had them flirting with the possibility of making it a light and flirty thing, like you said. We saw Bellamy with the girls, one of whom looked very much like Clarke (not a coincidence, particularly since she came back twice, both times when he could have taken it physical with Clarke and he turned away from her.) It was an option. We saw Bellamy NOT pursue it, consciously, with Clarke. It says something. It says she was already more important than that to him. We saw Clarke reach out to Finn for comfort, and offer him the same. But it was a mess of conflicting intentions and needs and complicated connections. It lead to nothing good, except bringing them Raven. Would she have reached out to Bellamy if disaster hadn’t struck? Quite likely. And it would have been an entirely different story than the one they told.

I do think they played with a platonic love relationship in season 2, a kind of courtly knight/princess thing, what with the Gustus parallel and Bellamy being sent into the mountain on her order. But it turns out the princess was not feeling so platonic (my interpretation) and while from Bellamy’s side, it might have looked like that knightly ideal, and he even accepted that, I don’t think that was the way Clarke saw it, particularly with the comparison between Bellamy and Finn, and later, about not being ready to start something with anyone. The only two options, honestly, being Lxa or Bellamy. 

Season 3 had the love between Clarke and Bellamy grow while they were separated. The intensity of their feelings for each other deepened to the point that they independently sacrificed their lives for the other’s. The pain and hurt caused by Clarke’s abandonment and Bellamy’s rejection did not make their feelings go away though. The love between Bellamy and Clarke was tested and confirmed, before it ever became physical. It is real. It is true. It’s respectful. It’s mutual. It is serious. It is important. That period of testing was an important story to tell, I think. Many romantic relationships do NOT make it through that kind of test, or even smaller tests. Romance can be pretty flighty, to be honest. Not all romance can stand having a rival for affections, or being on opposite sides of a political divide, or distance, or hurting each other (which is part of the package when you become vulnerable to another person.)  Season 3 showed that the relationship between Clarke and Bellamy could not only withstand these challenges, but actually grow deeper despite/because of them.

So what was the purpose of season 4, which has offered the audience so much hope and frustration? Well. Season 4 to me has been about building tension, in both the Bellarke romance and the plight of humanity. They start full of possibility, but bit by bit, each option is knocked out until they are being forced into their only option. It has become downright claustrophobic, leading to the second culling and the locking of the doors of the bunker. But we still have Bellarke running around, working on their last chance. For survival. For admission of feelings. Because those feelings have also been pushed to the breaking point, and they too have been denied, again and again, pushed aside, given obstacles, from Clarke’s admission of love for L to Bellamy turning aside from Clarke’s cheek on his hand, to his steering away from love, to her staying on science island, from his refusing to agree to her bunker plan, to her holding a gun on him,  to Bree, to Niylah. These are the things they saw of the other. They each showed the other that they were not interested. And YET, the AUDIENCE saw Bellamy telling Jaha she centered him, saw her selling 50 of her people for his life, saw the way they looked at each other when the other couldn’t see, saw how much Bree looked like Clarke, saw how Clarke couldn’t leave Bellamy outside of the bunker. It wasn’t until Bellamy realized that Clarke just sacrificed humanity for his sake that I think one of them saw how much the other loved them. 

Season 4 was about upping the intensity of their feelings for each other, while putting obstacles in the way until it seems impossible and unreachable and now time is up and it still hasn’t happened. 


They’re not giving us a sweet love story. They’re giving us a love story so vital and important and desperate that it feels inevitable– and impossible. 

They’re giving us a passionate love story that is about true souls meeting and being held apart. They’re keeping us on the edge of love admission and consummation. We think, they couldn’t possibly hold it off any longer, and they do. 

They’ve absolutely been working us from the very beginning. The intention for romantic bellarke was hinted at from the pilot. But they held it off from becoming admitted outright, took OUT a scene that would have been canon intention from Day Trip. ON PURPOSE. Because it would have taken them over the edge that they intended to ride. If the show had ended with season 3, they could very well have finished the series with Clarke and Bellamy finally admitting their feelings. But they got  two more seasons, so they pushed those romantic 3B-4A feelings, until the very edge of making them canon, on both Clarke’s side and Bellamy’s, and then pulled it back again. None of this would have been possible if they had given us more in season 1. Or it wouldn’t have felt as apocalyptic. And guess, what? They want this story to be apocalyptic.

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So , can we say bran has not a proper storyline in the show ? I mean, it seems he is on screen only for hodor shocking revelation and to show us r+l=j

I think Bran has a storyline, barely, and badly done. Magic kid learns magic. Done. Great - we’ve now got time for another bro-trip. Of all the characters in ASoIaF, Bran’s the most vulnerable to an adaptation that doesn’t actually appreciate the fantasy genre. You can see where the showrunners have more or less gone “yes, yes, you’re a wizard, Harry, let’s get back to something more interesting.” They don’t seem to care much for Bran as a character.

And the thing is, Bran’s feelings are his storyline. The action is in Bran’s head. If the writers aren’t paying attention to that, they can’t give him much of a storyline.

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honestly i agree with you a hundred percent. people are using very significant words for things that dont match its meaning and so many people believe it and catch on!! dissociating is not just zoning out in class once in a while!! an abuser isnt someone you disagreed with over the internet!!! trauma isnt just a reaction to something that scared you (like a horror movie)!! stop throwing words around and acting like they dont carry so much weight!!! because they do!!!

THIS THIS THIS THIS YES! ! yes. im so glad i made that post bc ik theres a LOT of ppl who are so like minded yes yes yes

Not like this

fandom: The 100

words: 422

pairing: Bellarke

summary: “Clarke.” The deep rumble of his voice interrupted their comfortable silence. “We both know that the fuel isn’t enough for us to land safely. And if something happens I need you to know that I - “

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“Tomorrow’s the day. It’s been five years.”

“It felt way longer than that.”

Bellamy heard a soft hum of agreement over the radio.

They had been talking for a while now, going over the last preparations for tomorrow, so that the delinquents might make it back to earth alive. For Bellamy that didn’t just mean making it to earth but making it back to Clarke’s side.

He tried to imagine Clarke, on the other side of the line, radio in her hand. He had not seen her in five years. Would there be more lines around her mouth, showing the worries of their months on earth together that finally caught up on her? Would he find new scars on her body if he dared to look close? Would her hair be longer or did she cut it?

“Clarke.” The deep rumble of his voice interrupted their comfortable silence. “We both know that the fuel isn’t enough for us to land safely. And if something happens I need you to know that I - “

“Bellamy. Don’t.”, Clarke’s forceful whisper interrupted him.

“Clarke. Please.” He begged her, heart heavy in his chest, fingers clenching around the radio. He needed her to know. Before it was too late (again).

“No. Not like this.”

Bellamy sucked in a breath. Not like this. “If we don’t make it, not that I’m doubting Raven’s and Monty’s abilities, then I … ”

“You will. Make it. And when you get down - ”

Bellamy heard her breathe in and say, “- tell me.”

His heart jumped in his chest as a shy grin spread across his face and he ducked his head.

“Yeah, okay. See you tomorrow, Clarke Griffin.”

“See you tomorrow, Bellamy Blake.”

He looked at the radio one last time. This was the only connection they had to the earth, to Clarke, for the past five years. It had taken Raven and Monty almost a month to establish a working radio link to Becca’s lab. During that month, they had not known if Clarke survived the second nuclear apocalypse the earth had seen in the last 100 years. And when he heard her voice again, asking if he, if they, made it, he could not hold back the tears.

He was waiting for a loud static to fill the room, signaling that Clarke put the radio back on its station. But it didn’t come.

She did not want to say goodbye to him either.

“You know, I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

“Yeah, me neither.”

“Tell me something?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Hey, a little tip for Overwatch. “I was here first” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t switch to something more useful and CERTAINLY doesn’t give you the right to bitch about team composition.

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What are REGs? I think this must be fairly new terminology, I tried Googling and it says it has something to do with weed, but that's obviously not its meaning from the context of your post.

It stands for “Reactionary Exclusionist Gatekeeper”, and it’s the term we’ve started using for aphobes who also usually turn out to be biphobes and nbphobes. Basically the LGBTQ assholes who harass people and yell about how “you must be this gay to ride this ride”. They suck.

this made my day

This is in reply to my ‘court of dreams reading’ post and is in regards to a post I made about some ACOTAR/TOG related IG users reposting our posts without our Tumblr urls. 

Instead of just replying to @flamingveritas on my post, I just want to applaud them for this. Honestly, thank you so much girl for looking out for me, and who I ultimately represent in this fandom—fanfic writers, our fandom’s funny meme creators, and original post and chat writers.

I know that I haven’t stopped everybody from reposting uncredited work from us here on Tumblr to other social media sites, but what I have done is inform and educate people on the matter of artist appropriation. The fact that someone now understands and respects original content, and is brave enough to say that “what’s happening here is wrong—you should give credit where credit is due” means that I have had an effect to some people. And honestly, I’m just so grateful.

This is the start of something good you guys. We should acknowledge and celebrate each other, and not steal someone’s idea as our own.

These are my notes from my fourth lesson from the intermediate, orange 빈도별 토픽 book I am studying. Lesson 4 covers -으나마나 and it means “there is no use/point in doing,” or “its not worth doing.” Regardless of whether someone tries to do or does something it won’t work. Ex: “Even if I tried studying for the test now I can’t get a good score.” You can also use the form “으나마나이다.” Additionally, the grammar “가봤지” can be interchanged with “으나마나.”

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The thing about Liam's writer writing Jacob.... How is that relevant to Liam? Writers can realize they wrote something problematic and change? Like the fact that Jacob leaves you in the original trilogy and then we got Liam in MEA (who is super serious and committed) to me shows Liam's writer learned their lesson there and decided to give us a black male LI with a happy ending. That's what I took Liam's 'I'm not stupid' in reference to a possible break up to mean.

His writer has said he absolutely made mistakes when writing Jacob. He knows that, and he learned from it. And I think it really shows in Liam’s writing. I found Liam to be a very interesting character because there’s clearly a ton going on with him, and I was fascinated and actually really inspired by his storyline in Andromeda. It was nice to watch someone come into their own that way.

But it’s not relevant to Liam. It’s just using something to excuse and almost make the racism that fans throw at Liam acceptable. There’s a massive difference between me saying “the fandom reacts this way to Liam and it has racial undertones” and “his writer has done some shit™”.

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I've identified as a transboy for a while now, but I've realized I'm not 100% boy. I feel mostly boy but a bit nonbinary... would demiboy be a good label, you think?? And would it be wrong to just say I'm a transboy for simplicity sake to some people... I like being called a boy but I just think it's not all it is

If you feel comfortable calling yourself a demiboy, you can absolutely use that label! What words you use to describe yourself is always up to you.

There’s also magiboy, meaning mostly boy but partially something else (nonbinary, in your case), if you’d want a label that’s a bit more specific. And of course there’s many, many other labels too, but I won’t overwhelm you with a long list of them here.

(Small side note: It’s trans boy, not transboy. Trans is an adjective here, so you don’t join it up with other words like that!)

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What do you mean “drill”? How?

I genuinely mean an electric drill!

Basically, wind it around the bobbin a couple of times to anchor it, then pull all the floss out so its in a loose pile

then screw the bobbin into the head of the drill (works best with something behind it, the person I found this from used a coin but I couldnt get one to fit so i used a bit of cardboard– the bobbins end up with a little kink in them but thats not really a big deal)

with one hand gently hold up the thread a foot or so away from the drill (loosely enough that the floss can run through it, its just to keep it straight/so you catch knots before its too late) and with the other hand operate the drill. Go slowly/in pulses, it takes a little while to get it right but omg when its working its so nice. Can do a full skein in <10 seconds

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as someone who completely loved hetalia when i was younger (some ppl in fandom helped me through a rough patch in my life) i can completely understand where you're coming from. its hard to completely damn something that used to be a lot of fun... but if you make that fanart you're probably going to be called insensitive and maybe antisemitic. overall, its a shitty sitaution and i feel for you. :/

uhg yeah. like is it possible to recognize something is Not Good™ but still feel the nostalgia of when i used to like it? back when i was totally naive and unaware. 

i mean, if i did end up making an animatic with hetalia characters, it’d only be america and england from the revolutionary war times. 

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this whole agency thing is such a mess and being dealt with so badly - posting a screencap of Siv's post in a fb group and tagging skam fan pages? yikes. but some of the comments on that post are awful too; it's a disaster from every angle and I feel so bad for Henrik 💔

yes i can’t believe that they can’t handle with this situation like professionals. would it be that hard to say “we didn’t mean to say something homophobic, we are sorry if it hurt you” or something like that. and now they just use henrik’s mom words that they are not homophobes? just say something yourself. i’m really in shock that such an ignorant CEO runs this agency