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I interviewed my husband (just call him P) after our concert to get his opinion on the show and the boys. He got us front row catwalk seats for my wedding present and filmed the entire concert for me because he is wonderful and supports my obsession! He is a 27 year old heterosexual married man who is a casual fan on One Direction and their music! Four is his favorite album and Stockholm Syndrome is his favorite song. He is very open-minded to the idea that Harry and Louis are in a closeted relationship but is not 100% convinced (no matter how hard I try). 

Here is a summary of his thoughts: 

“The Musician”- Niall

P thinks Niall wants to be a true musician. Niall loves his fans and loves what he does but it is obvious that he is looking for more musically and wants to explore new music styles. Along with Liam, Niall knows the songs the best and helps fill in a lot vocally to give the boys (especially Harry and Louis) a rest during songs. P thinks Niall interacted the least with crowd and seemed to focus more on his guitar and the band. P also said Niall is really tiny with tiny legs (haha). 

“The Vocalist”- Liam

In his opinion, Liam is the real leader of the band. He is the best vocally, has great range and knows exactly when to do his little stunts and mic flips perfectly. He knows the songs better than the other boys and is overall so impressive vocally. Before the concert, Harry was P’s favorite but now Liam is his favorite by a landslide. P said Liam knows how to work the crowd and was the most fun to watch. It was hard for P to film Louis for me (whoops) because he was so drawn to Liam. P thinks Liam is very manly and is definitely the most athletic of the boys. P saw Louis rip open Liam’s shirt and I don’t think he minded very much at all haha. 

“The Entertainer”- Harry

Like I said, Harry was P’s favorite before the concert. P said that Harry exudes confidence on stage and interacts so well with his audience of mostly young women. Harry and Liam run around on stage the most and are the most confident, that is their “job”. P thinks Harry is very confident with his sexuality and could be bisexual (P knows I believe in HL so he is biased to think Harry is not straight). He said Harry “dresses like a girl” in that he wore women’s shoes and a billowy white shirt although P hoped he wore his gold or pink boots. P thinks his long hair is cool and really liked his man bun. On his interactions with Harry, P said “you know when Harry is looking at you”. When he first looked at P, Harry gave him a thumbs up like *good job, way to be here*. I think P was a little overwhelmed with all of the attention (which you could tell by the camera shaking) but he enjoyed the fact that Harry was in front of us a lot and acknowledged his presence as one of the only young guys at the concert. P also gave a peace sign that Harry returned :-). 

“The Tease”- Louis

P described Louis as “shy” and “a little coy” which I found so funny considering Louis is known as the loud one in the fandom. Interestingly enough, P took Louis’ stage presence as confident but acts shy as if he regards something as sensitive, maybe it is “about his voice, being gay or having a crush on Harry” (again P knows I believe in HL so he is biased to assume these are possible sensitive topics for Louis). P is not sure if Louis even likes his own voice (this is so sad :(:( ). P said it doesn’t make sense that Louis can talk to Niall and Liam and just avoid Harry, that maybe they are mad at each other or one of them said “I love you” and it wasn’t reciprocated (again he is heavily biased with my belief in Larry). P said Louis knows he has die-hard fans but he interacts the least with the crowd. Louis is obviously confident but sensitive and P thinks he has something going on. P also noticed that Louis touched his bum a lot (lol) and said that Louis’ voice is definitely very unique but not his favorite (I DISAGREE). P said that Louis seemed to be like a big brother to the rest of the boys but was confused by his lack of interaction with Harry (AHEM). 

P’s favorite songs: 

Stockholm Syndrome and Fireproof.

P’s favorite moments: 

1. When Niall read my “Fireproof was our wedding song” sign and went “Oh?” to me and gave a little “where?” shrug. So I gave a thumbs up and pointed back at P who gave a “hang ten” sign, and Niall saw P and pointed at him!  

2. When Louis looked at me :-). P said he knew because I stopped breathing. Ahhhh.  

Overall Thoughts:

P had a great time and was genuinely pleased with the entire experience. He was nervous coming into the concert about the “crazy” young fans and being the only guy there, but once the show started he didn’t mind much at all, especially since all the boys seemed to love that he was there! P thought the boys all put on a great show and are all very kind and humble about the whole situation. Also, P is now a huge Liam fan and he is excited about album five!

Lynne’s about to go all CC af

Darren tweets (at 2am in Italy fyi) about AGBW new song HOLD EACH OTHER.

I read the lyrics…and am drowning in feels rn

Everything looks different now
All this time my head was down
He came along and showed me how to let go
I can’t remember where I’m from
All I know is who I’ve become
That our love has just begun like ohhh

Something happens when I hold him
He keeps my heart from getting broken
When the days get short and the nights get a little bit frozen
We hold each other
We hold each other
We hold each other

If I’m stressing you that blessing that’s sent from heaven
These days start to feel like hours and hours feel more like seconds
People judged us they couldn’t see the connection
When I look at you, it’s like I’m looking back at my reflection
I don’t see nothing different, our pigments they coincide
We hold each other so tight they couldn’t break us if they tried
I feel the love in your touch and I trust what’s inside your mind
My eyes are are those of the blind, I see no color or size, ok
I know that we’ve been through a lot
I know that we both grew up
You know I missed you a lot
When I was young I was dumb
Didn’t think you’d fit in my plot
And I appreciate the break because I love what we got now
You give me chills and I can’t imagine you leaving
If I could build a perfect person honestly you would be it
And you know nobody knows you like I know you
I can’t wait to come back home so I can hold you



get to know me meme |  [1/7] favorite actors: matthew mcconaughey
I love taking advantage of my fame. If I go to the airport and get taken to the front of the line, I’m not going to protest. When I show up to see a band and I get whisked backstage, I like it. If I’m offered the use of a private jet, bring it on. But I draw the line at playing the, “Do you know who I am?” card and I refuse to have every little thing done for me. If you buy into all that, it will show up in your acting. The trick is to understand that being a good actor isn’t playing a red-carpet celebrity. Fame is the by-product. If you don’t see that, you’ll be chasing your tail for a full decade - and that makes a man dizzy. It’s important to realize that fame is a dance, and I’d like to think I’ve got my dance down better now.”

ALERT! ALERT! Reading Rainbow is coming to Netflix in August.

The classic show, with host LeVar Burton, aired on PBS all the way from June 6, 1983, until November 10, 2006. It was crucial to encouraging kids of that generation to read and won over 200 broadcast awards, including a Peabody Award and 26 Emmys.  The show featured celebrities sharing their favorite books, interviews with authors, and adorable kids reading short book reviews. Burton ended every show with, “I’ll see you next time.”

While using technology to encourage literacy is pretty well-accepted today, Reading Rainbow and LeVar Burton were ahead of their time in using TV as a way to get kids to fall in love with books. As Burton told ISTE, “All media is educational. The question is, what are we teaching? Are we teaching with intent, or are children picking up lessons, values and learning things as unintentional consequences as part of the media to which they’re exposed?”

The Signs As Literal Supernatural Quotes
  • Aries:"I think you pissed off my sandwich."
  • Taurus:"What kind of house doesn't have salt?! Low sodium freaks!"
  • Gemini:"She made us try on her panties. They were pink. And satiny. And you know what? We kind of liked it."
  • Cancer:"I would love to have the sex with you."
  • Leo:"Dude, on my car. He showed up naked.. Covered in bees!"
  • Virgo:"I'll interrogate the cat."
  • Libra:" No, God's not on any flatbread."
  • Scorpio:"Cas! Get out of my ass!"
  • Sagittarius:"I like to think it's because of my perky nipples."
  • Capricorn:"Fight the fairies! You fight those fairies!"
  • Aquarius:"And on Tuesdays, we're teddy bear doctors."
  • Pisces:"Gay love can peirce through the veil and save the day."

i’m sad because of those larry related signs. people seem to not really care about interacting with liam, they just want to use him to read the signs and prove something to them. 

i can see why those posters might have been important; fans showing closeted boys support in a subtle way. but at this moment i feel like the whole thing just lost its purpose, like fans aren’t doing this to show boys their love and appreciation but rather in order to boost some fandom fuss. 

posts like ‘niall is no longer the captain of the ship, liam is’ just assured me in my thoughts. other boys not important as individual members of the band, they are pawns in a larry game and the one who plays along is the one who’ll get some recognition at a particular time.

I’m so emotional over this damn house.

Because let’s be honest, THIS is where Emma and Killian will have their first time together. 

They’re not going to have to fight for privacy and rush and keep quiet like teenagers; they’re going to be able to go upstairs, take their time with each other, make love in their own bed as many times as they want, fall asleep and wake up together, and go downstairs to make hot cocoa and breakfast together in whatever state of undress they wish.

And now that we have a picture of it and know it’s real, I’m SO glad they waited to show us.



Back… to this.


And… we’re back.. yeay!.
I feel your joy from here. *kisses cheek* What a beautiful and lovely day it is.
Yes… *sigh*
Wasn’t your father supposed to pick us up?…. it’s getting late.
He was… but I got a message from mom when I was in the restroom. She’s not far.
Is she coming alone? By herself?
I think…
That’s odd.
Maybe they prepared us a secret welcome party.
Haha maybe.

Mommy! *runs to hug her, raindrops cover her face*
Aww sweetie, did you two enjoy the trip? I’m sure you had fun.
Yes mom, we had fun. Took a lot of pictures, I can show them to you when we get home. Why didn’t dad come? And why the taxi?… and the car?
About that… we have somewhere else to go before going home… Please Jaxon, would you hand the driver your suitcases? Let me take your backpack honey.
Wait… what’s going on?
Get in the cab, I’ll tell you on our way there.

Pose: couple by dearkims, umbrella conversion & pose by me.


Brandon Flowers has done some great work with creating a new identity for himself with his solo career. When he blasted out onto the stage with his sleeves rolled up and with the charisma of a magician, you know you’re looking at a man who feels like he has reinvented the very dream he has achieved once before. He introduced his songs with a wide smile, and you can honestly know he was in love with this career reincarnation. He told us about pilgrimages, both in Mexico and within the musical community, and it’s this notion that served as a nurturing blurring of fascination and knowledge. Flowers’ vocal work was powerful, and a lot of this felt like it came from the enthusiasm he had with being there. His backing band cushioned his excitement by providing a lush backdrop for his jumps, yodels and lunges to sink into. It was a feel good show, and while I haven’t been largely into his solo work, I found myself as ecstatic about his set as he was. His joy was infectious, and someone like Brandon Flowers can only bloom even more so with this kind of love. Original photos and review: http://www.liveinlimbo.com/2015/07/28/concert-reviews/sam-smith-vance-joy-walk-the-moon-brandon-flowers-st-vincent-at-wayhome.html

Give me treasures
Through every peephole in my skin.
Fill your needles with
Give me wings on the inside.
Let their colors fill me.

Show me a kaleidoscope version of us,
Where catastrophe
Is admired, like how paint splatters
Are symbolic.
Remind me that broken
Can imply beautiful. And empty
Can imply open.

Sculpt a life-size version of me,
Pretty please.
Design me ready for anything;
Begging for a piggyback ride to the unknown.
Craft the immobile me
Hallow, ready to be consumed.

I’m here.
My chameleon brain will soak up
All of your affection.
I may look like the still life, but
I’m just the ever-changing paint water.
Dip your chaos in me,

—  Blank Canvas, written and submitted by skinny-poetry

Listen I know im a crazy girl and I post some pretty weird things about bangtan but I can be matured if I want to. BTS are human beings and I dont think shoving them and invading there privacy and screaming “BTS” in there ear is showing love. 

Cant you just be quiet and set aside and GIVE THEM SPACE and hold up your posters. 


 I remember BTS were so respectful towards their fans and always use to mention us and now……im not sure if they will continue that!

If you want BTS to “love you” be respectful and give them privacy. They are human beings with there own lifes you know!! THEY ARE NOT OBJECTS!

The concert did not even start yet and all this shiz is happening.

Listen I know there are SO MANY good armys right now who are such wonderful people but its one of those situations where the whole class in getting blamed for one student’s stupid actions.

The only way to solve this is if we work TOGETHERRRR

My request for armys now is to apologize for bangtan for EVERYTHING weve done wrong and please make a fresh start and earn our name back!

Spread the hashtag #WEARESORRYBTS and make BTS love armys again, they still do but im pretty sure they have a negative aura towards us!


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people in the tag like: stop talking about jason not having a job at home! big brother isnt a charity!

youre right. big brother isnt a charity. people who have real incomes deserve to play as well because its a game. however, has it not occurred to you that maybe, justtt maybe some of us arent that worried about the fact that jason doesnt have a job to go home to? like yes, that sucks i wish he were getting more money from his stipend. but thats not why im upset he is most likely leaving.

im upset because jason is a superfan. someone who loves and respects this game. and hes leaving before a creep who just wants to fuck a girl in jury. and hes leaving over a fucking recruit that got cast from tinder. so yeah. big brother isnt a charity. but it should be played by people who actually watch the show more than the seasons that get fucking shown in sequester and are a fan. 

anonymous asked:

So I recently got the courage to talk to my fiancee about polyamory (I'm not afraid of him, just afraid of hurting his feelings) and he has mixed emotions about it. He told me he's concerned about jealousy and that I would stop loving him. How can I be there for him while also working through my own fears? We're in our early 20's and very new to poly, any advice is welcome! btw I love your blog!! <3 (:

One thing that worked for us was realizing that it was a process. There is never a “turn off jealousy or insecurity” button. That will never 100% exist. We ALL struggled (an still do from time to time) and that is completely normal. In the first few months we had regular conversations about feelings. We forced ourselves to admit our fears and insecurities and to talk about why we felt them and what our partner could do to help make it better. 

Showing your first partner through actions that they are still important is one of the most important things ever. Its easy to get caught up in the hearts and butterflies of new relationship energy (NRE) and dismiss your first partner’s frustrations because they aren’t always supportive and happy like you would like them to be. 

Regularly my husband would say “can you just not talk about him the rest of the night please and spend some time with me? I know your excited, but Im feeling left out and Id like some extra attention.” and other times he would be in a funk about something and I would actually cancel my plans with Enigma to help Glowbug understand that his feelings were valid and important. 

Hobbies help. If you can date your fiancee more often, or have a regular hobby event sort of thing that is 100% their time to look forward too, that will help. That was really hard for us as Glowbug and I are parents, and date nights were exceptionally rare. We decided it was best to split our time into 3 categories, My time with one partner, my time with the second partner and trio time with us all together. 

That doesn’t work for everyone of course, but it worked for us really well. During trio time we were all friends hanging out, laughing, goofing around, and often times talking about our relationship weirdness and how to make it better. You can never communicate too much in my opinion. 

I know that little gestures mean the world to my husband, so taking the extra time to write him a love note or to send him a cute text while I was out with my boyfriend, helped. I was never 100% unavailable if he was having a hard time and needed me to come home. He never used that offer but I tried my best to let him know that his frustration or fears were just as important as my excitement. 

It’s really hard at first. You almost have to train yourself to see things from other’s perspective. Shut off your wants for a second and try to imagine it from their point of view. How would you feel? What could they do to make you feel better? Can you talk about emergency “I need attention now!” situations without being annoyed by them coming at the most unlikely (and sometimes annoying) times? 

If you don’t have another person in mind right now then thats actually even better. Just open those communication doors and explore the topic without threat of it being “RIGHT NOW.” I repressed my feelings for my boyfriend for an entire year because my husband did not respond well to me bringing up polyamory initially, we talked about it many times over the course of the year and eventually he realized that I was repressing my feelings towards my boyfriend and when he was ready he called me out on it. I never would have acted on my feelings until my husband was ready to explore it. Thats our story though. Not everyone is the same for sure. I accidentally became poly because I realized I was in love with more than one person, it was never something I set off to pursue for myself. 

But no matter the process, communication communication communication, learning to approach situations objectively and recognizing that Joy is not greater than Sadness. Your relationship is only as strong as the person who is struggling the most, that goes for monogamy and polyamory. Strong relationships are when the weakest person feels supported and become stronger and that can take a lot of time and work but Strong relationships are always worth the effort. <3 *hugs*