i used to love this show

Not sure if I sent it to the proper thinger last time but, this was the note my fiancé made me for my lunch at work 😙he’s the one who first showed me daily skyfox x3




Thank you ;u;

okay so I really want to make a succulent garden, right? So I was looking at planters. An obvious place to start. And I found this really cute one!

Adorable, right? I’m loving the little miniatures in there. Maybe this has possibilities!

Except today I was looking for some stuff to organize my desk and GUESS WHAT I FOUND


[TRANS] Renjun’s Birthday Message

Thank you for wishing me happy birthday today!
Today I was very happy, were you guys happy too?
I will work hard to show a better version of myself! Please anticipate it!
Happy birthday Renjun!!!! keke thank you always~~I love you~~^^

Thank you all for wishing me Happy Birthday today! ! Today I am very happy, i wonder if your day was a happy one too? I will work hard to show everyone a more perfect me! Everyone, please anticipate! Renjun happy birthday day! haha I hope the next time I could be together with you all ! This is the first time i’m celebrating my birthday with my fans, i’m very happy! Grow together with us!

This drawing is of my development/growth process!
2000, when I was born, I was still a sprout 🌱
In 2017, I was a small tree 🌿
And please anticipate what I’ll be later in 2018 tooI’ll bloom a lot more flowers 🌸 and I’ll bear more fruit as well 🍊
(T/N: metaphor for growing as a person)Thank you! Let’s grow together!

This drawing depicts my growing process. 2000 i was just born so i was a sprout, 2017 i am a small tree  please anticipate the 2018 me! More flowers will bloom  More fruits will be beared   Thank you everyone! And grow together with us! 

Translation: Rini, Sher (KOR), Rachs (CHN) @ FY! NCT (NCTINFO) | Source: Starhome

Please take out with full credit

wings tour in newark, 3/23

so i don’t have a very good memory and i’m still lowkey freaking out so this will be kinda random and scattered, but here are some highlights that i remember from the concert.

first of all: wow. obviously i knew these boys were talented, but seeing them live is something else. gorgeous vocals, spot on choreo, all around amazing performances. they’re even better live than in recordings.

they’re all so gorgeous in person!!! hobi especially, wow, i couldn’t believe he was actually real??? he wore a choker for the encore and i Died. and jin wore the same dangly earring he wore in the interview yesterday, it looked so cool! and jimin he like…. Glows. it’s hard to describe but in person he’s so stunning and angelic like??? he really seemed otherworldly.

tbh i don’t remember much about introductions bc i was so overwhelmed!!! but they’d all prepared speeches in english, which was so sweet. :’) and their english was all so good. yoongi did the Thing again where he pulled out his earpiece and made us cheer for him asdfffgghjkcsd

baepsae was so cool!!! the changed the instrumentals a bit so it was a different experiece than just listening to it. dope was great bc the whole audience was doing the fanchant and singing along! tae tripped during dope, my clumsy baby 😊

the solo performances were out of this world. the way they were staged was so beautiful and almost theatrical. special shoutout to dance line for pulling off some pretty tough looking choreos while also singing/rapping an entire song!!! jungkook especially, wow. his choreo had lots of tricky footwork and it looked very tiring, but there was only one time in the entire song when he sounded a bit out of breath. he’s become such a stable, powerful singer with great breath support, i’m so proud :’))

yoongi didn’t come out to do first love until after we chanted “min yoongi” for a while ahdjjtjskkd so dramatic. he was amazing, his passion is so clear in his voice whenever he performs. he had a string quartet accompanying him, and towards the end they changed up the instrumentals and played the chorus of so far away i’m so emo :(((

reflection oh my god :(((( we chanted “we love you” in between the “i wish i could love myself” lines and he sounded like he was getting a bit choked up :(((( i straight up started sobbing. he’s so lovely and kind and intelligent and that comes through so strongly when you see him live, everything he said to us was so beautiful and sweet. hearing him perform that song hit me so deeply like :((( knowing that he’s been through the same struggles i’m going through and grew into this beautiful successful person is so inspiring.

andkkaldhjfsksjdk i barely even know what to say about mama!!!! i actually got weak in the knees and starting shaking a bit, it was so incredible :’))) hobi’s voice is so beautiful, and his stage presence….. it really can’t be described. he played off of the crowd so well and was just so like…,charismatic. also on the screen behind him they were showing baby pictures of him 😭

awake…… there are really no words. it was even more beautiful live, if that’s possible. his voice is so incredible like??? it sounded even better than in recordings. his high notes were so solid and powerful and gorgeous and i was really just completely blown away. everyone sounded amazing, but tbh i think jin sounded the best tonight out of all the vocalists.

cypher 4 ahfjsjfjak the crowd got so hyped!!!! yoongi dabbed lmao, and hobi poured a water bottle on the crowd again (God I Wish That Were Me)

jimin slapped jungkook’s butt in 21st century girls. amazing.

hobi’s body rolls in no more dream….. i Don’t want to talk about it. i’m honestly surprised i’m still alive.

boy meets evil goes directly into bs&t, and it’s not the full version :((( but hobi was incredible as always. again, his stage presence is really something you need to experience.

they made us wait so long for the encore akdjjdkalakdkdka what little teases! before they came out for the encore, everyone covered their army bombs with colored plastic bags to make a rainbow :’))) the boys were so touched and impressed when they saw it. in jin’s goodbye speech he said “army is our rainbow” 😭😭😭😭 and he did one of his flying kisses and of course we all lost it. tae said something about the rainbow too, but i didn’t catch it :(((( and then hobi said “you’re our wings” in his speech and i started crying. they were all so so sweet and thankful, i could really feel how much they love us 💖

outro wings oh my god!!!! everyone went wild. hobi’s part was amazing. he threw water at us again sfjsdjkhds. also jungkook’s voice was so gorgeous in this song!!!

spring day :(((((( the choreo is so lovely, especially jimins part, he’s so soft and graceful, he really looks like he’s floating. and hobi’s voice oh my god!!!! never let that boy tell you he can’t sing!!! he sounded amazing!!!! truly what can’t he do!!!!!

they stayed on stage for so so long after bows :’))) jimin kept making hearts. tae was reading a bunch of the signs fans brought, and someone gave him one and he got all excited and showed it to us! it was in korean though so i’m not sure what it said. and hobi oh my god 💖💖💖💖 i really can’t begin to describe how cute he was. he was going around and leaning down to talk to fans by the stage and his smile was so beautiful :’) and then some fans started throwing pokémon plushies onstage and he almost caught one and made the cutest giggle into the mic ahdjfjskksjdjjska i died and then he went around picking up the pokemon and playing with them and he was making the cutest faces he was just the most precious thing i’ve ever seen :’))) he and tae were the last to leave. they stayed by the curtain waving at us for ages, and they had a lil hug :’))) it really seemed like they didn’t want to leave :’)

i’m so overwhelmed by their talent and dedication and the love they have for us 💖💖💖 these boys are really something special. they bring so much happiness into my life. i’ll never forget tonight.

  • Sara Lance: We need to destroy the Spear through a dangerous and elaborate plan involving Tolkien and one of the most dangerous battles in history
  • Amaya Jiwe: No we should use it. We can control the power and destroy the threat
  • Gideon: For fuck's sake just throw it in the Sun. Do what you should have done to Vandal Savage and just throw it into the Sun. I am a spaceship. Doesn't anybody notice this?I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

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The "And Now A Word From Us Kids" equivalent bumper that impacted me when it was Marc Brown talking about the production of the show, how he painted the background with watercolors and how they animated it. It was my first introduction to how these shows were even made, and since then I've loved animation and the work behind it. I had known that I loved cartoons, but I think that segment really solidified that fascination for me.

oh wow, that sounds like a really awesome segment! i’m so glad to hear it fostered a love of animation in you like that :>

i haven’t seen that’un myself but i’m gonna poke through the episodes i have and see if i can find it. having marc brown walk you through the animation process sounds so cool :0 

That’s very cool, and I don’t take that lightly. That’s one of the things I love so much about Iris West, and the question I get the most is ‘Do you want her to have powers?’. And while I would say 'Yes, I would love to strap some leather on for an episode’, I love that she provides this human quality to this very super human show. It’s something that our audience can all identify with. We’re probably–none of us are going to get struck by lightening tomorrow and end up being the fastest man alive–I mean it could happen. But this show reminds us. you know, if you did get struck by lightning tomorrow, are you Barry Allen, or are you a villain? Who are you today and what kind of person are you? And so, it’s really fun for me to get to play this really human element on our show. I think she’s extraordinarily important to Barry’s superhero narrative.
—  Candice Patton @ Paleyfest 2017

✨131 Days Post Op 03/24/2017✨ I have had this shirt for years but I haven’t worn it since I’ve gotten top surgery. I love it but it used to cause me such dysphoria because my binder showed through and it got tight when I gained weight making me feel curvier than I really was. Today I threw it on and said fuck it welcome back old friend.


I was tagged by @danidery and @stariousfalls to post a pic of my lock screen, background, last song and selfie. I love you both but how dare you make me post a selfie! Just kidding mwah!

My lock screen is an old photo of my grandparents from back when they were about my age. I love them both and I’m glad they’re both resting in peace together. My background is just a generic galaxy image I found on here that I liked. Also ignore the large amount of emails and calls I’ve missed. It’s a lot of work stuff that I use an actual computer for. Last song is Control by Halsey. I love Halsey and it was on my “Whatever” playlist. The selfie is just a very serious and intimidating looking me showing which side I got my tooth taken out for a friend. I promise I’m not always like that it’s just the last one I took 😫

I’m tagging @the-ill-doctor @scipunk63 @triturechan @a-million-chromatic-dreams @thedobermutt @embulalia @skaleigha and that’s all for now!

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Okay I must admit I am very very sad :( mostly about alpha but it's okay we'll get used to the new ghouls I guess

SIMON SEEMS LIKE HES HAVING FUN WITH PRIEST THOUGH!! we gotta remember that just because they aren’t ghouls anymore, that doesn’t mean we’re never gonna see em again. hell, now that they’re not ghouls we’ll actually see MORE of them because now they can show their faces lmao

also i love the new fire ghoul he’s a rowdy dirty boy who likes to make friends

Hi everyone!! Okay wow so this is really hard for me to say!!! But I’ve gotten two anons sort of calling me out about me liking Regina and I didn’t think I needed to explain myself but oh well. Years back, I had an ouat gif blog when I first started out on Tumblr and I used to edit every character, every ship, etc. I enjoyed all the characters, respected all ships, and wasn’t so negative about the show. And I really wanted to get back to being that way. I’ve made some extremely wonderful and amazing friends on here lately that love Regina and even ship Swan Queen! For quite a while, I got wrapped up in all of the negativity and I’m not even going to deny that. But that just wasn’t good for me. Having a positive outlook on things again makes me feel better about myself and I’m happy. So I’m asking all of my followers, mutuals and friends to please respect that. My blog has been considered 100% hate free (says so on my about page) for quite some time. Captain swan will forever be my otp and I love them more than anything. That hasn’t changed and it never will. Idk if this makes any sense and I know I’m rambling but yeah!! Im assuming I got asked this bc I reblogged the Emma/Regina hug?? I was genuinely excited for them finally getting it. It’s the same as friends of mine from different parts of this fandom congratulating me on the CS proposal. Anyway, I guess I’ll just end this by saying that the fandom would be a much better place if we all accepted the fact that people are going to have different opinions and views on things. And if we can look past that, we may actually be able to find common ground and get a great friendship out of it. I have and I don’t regret it all. Like I said, I’m 10000000x happier!

not to be that bitch that stirs up drama (and i hope i word this okay) but honestly isn’t it kinda demeaning/rude when people post these videos that go viral of them asking a special needs kid to prom??? like they’re using them as a prop or a trophy as sorts (in my opinion) to be like “wow look how much of a good person i am!!” like can’t you do that out of the goodness of your own heart without showing the entire internet for points or w/e? idk don’t fight me but i am up for discussion because i am not special needs therefore i don’t have much place to speak on the topic i would love other opinions tho!

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Things that I find oddly satisfying to watch: Horse shoeing, its so satisfying watching bits of the horses hoof be chipped and scrapped off (dont worry by the way if you look it up, it doesn't hurt the horse its basically like getting your nails cut all neat and pretty)

Yoooo I used to watch a show on animal planet where they did that a lot!! I forget what show it was….horse police or something?? They’d respond to calls about neglectful horse owners and they’d take the horses and get them back to good health! I used to love that part when they’d trim down their hooves, you’re right, it is super satisfying! :3 (plus the horses always looked like they felt so much better afterward!)

DWTS’ Sharna Burgess Explains Bonner Bolton’s ‘Handgate’ and More About Her Hot Partner

Pro dancer Sharna Burgess is blogging exclusively with Us Weekly about her partnership with champion bull rider Bonner Bolton and their quest to take home the Dancing With the Stars season 23 mirrorball trophy! Check back each week for her latest update on the competition. 

Oh my goodness. The first night was quite the night! To be honest, the morning after the show, with all the … controversy … I tried to stay away from looking at too much social media. I looked at some of it on Monday night and I got a little frustrated with people getting a little crazy. But then there was so much love for Bonner in there, too, and people seeing that he’s never done this before, he’s coming back from being paralyzed, he’s a real life cowboy … and look, he’s obviously gorgeous, I think everyone can agree on that. But he actually did a really good job!

I’ve obviously never danced with a bull rider before, so that is new. But in some ways, Bonner fits into a category that has become my specialty: guys who have come back from near-death experiences. So in that sense, I’m very familiar with working with people who have had traumatic injuries in their life and something that they have to work through. I’ve danced with Noah Galloway, missing his left arm and left leg, James Hinchcliffe, who only 18 months ago definitely shouldn’t have lived or walked, let alone be on Dancing With the Stars, so funnily enough, Bonner really fits into that category. I love telling stories. I consider myself a storyteller through dance, so I think that’s how I wind up with these guys with incredible, tragically beautiful stories that I get to help tell.

Bonner did so well on Monday, but this is actually very difficult for him. We don’t realize what being paralyzed does to your body, even though it was only for 24 hours, he had to learn how to walk again, how to hold a spoon again — all of his muscles were totally debilitated so we really are at square one. Even though he is young and looks fit and very able, this is not as easy for him as you would think it would be. But he is so incredibly hungry to be out there and competing. He is a natural born competitor and since his last ride where he broke his neck, he hasn’t had the opportunity to compete. So being on DWTS actually means the world to him.

Look, I know everyone has been talking about #Handgate but oh, my gosh, he’s mortified. He’s such a Southern gentleman, and at the time he didn’t realize where his hand was! When I moved it, he didn’t even react. There was no understanding of what had happened until I looked at my Twitter feed and was like, Oh, my gosh! We’re on Pacific time and you know, the fans miss NOTHING! If it wasn’t on the live cameras, it would have been on the backstage red room cameras. The fans would have caught it. So that, paired with the actual innuendos in the Skybox really flustered him, because he really is mortified about the entire thing. He would never inappropriately touch or even speak to anyone! He’s such a sweetheart. He had his family in the audience! He was so embarrassed. He just wanted to come out and do a good job.

I said to him, “Well, let’s look at the silver lining. Before this, not many DWTS fans knew who you were, but now, everyone knows your name!” But it was obviously incidental! Next week, we’re going to be covered from neck to toe and probably not touch for the entire dance! Just kidding! But we actually have a traditional Viennese waltz for week two, which is exciting because we get to show the more romantic side of our chemistry.

Swan Queen was made by you and me.

Swen, Swan Queen has always, and will always belong to the fandom. They never have belonged to those in power, and they never will. We decide where they go, what they do, and who they are. Swan Queen has been divorced from the show for basically it’s whole existance, to their (the show’s) detriment and our benefit. Think about the things you love most about Swan Queen - they have been truely brought to life through fanfiction, fanart, debate and discourse.

There are two options here: either these people have been living under a rock and they really are so ignorant that they dont understand what they do (unlikely), or they don’t care. Everything we’ve ever had from them in the form of comment or action has shown us that the latter is true.

If you were (or are) holding out hope, I am truely sorry that you have been hurt. I would encourage you to ditch this sunken boat once and for all and come be a participant in fandom where we can (and have all along) create with this pairing endlessly and imaginatively. The people of this fandom have paid this pairing more respect than those “leading/creating” this show ever will. They have done countless hours of work to educate on the importance of representation, and advocate for others.

I don’t mean to represent or imply that this fandom is perfect - it definitely is not. There are fights, disagreements, poor decisions made all around. I am positive that I’ve done some of these things myself. But I’ve also seen lively, productive debate, helpful and quality education, and some of the most beautiful pieces of written and visual art I’ve ever encountered. There are wonderful friendships and relationships that have come from this fandom. The shared fandom of this relationship has changed lives.

That’s what Swan Queen is really about. It is ours because we’ve built it, we’ve loved and nurtured it. We’ve welcomed it into our lives, and in many ways our lives have been made better for it. No one can take that away from us.

Swen on, friends.

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Apropos helping people understand season 4, there's just one thing I absolutely fail to understand from T6T: why did Sherlock ask Mrs. Hudson to say the word "Norbury"? - I pride myself in being able to understand everything, at least to SOME degree, by the end of every Sherlock episode, but this one completely eludes me no matter how many times I watch it. It looks completely nonsensical. Can you shed some light on this matter for me?

Yeah, I’d love to help people understand season 4… but what I’d love more is if more people actually wanted to understand it as it is. Instead of, you know, so many fellow fans just kind of disliking my favorite show and rejecting or dismissing everything that doesn’t immediately make sense or feel good as fake, stupid, and/or otherwise wrong. This, after so many of us spending years overanalyzing everything in the show and assuming everything meant something… which I wasn’t necessarily on board with either. This is much worse though. More painful. Not that one can actually help that sort of reaction! I know that. And I know it sucks for everyone. It’s awful to lose something you love, and people deal in various ways, even if I wish those ways didn’t have to be so difficult to watch. It’s a sucky, sad situation all around to see a large portion of fandom implode before your eyes, and really having nowhere to go. As far as I am aware of, it’s not that I’m super great at writing meta on plot or other assorted little detail stuff, nor is it that I feel I understand everything (though I try, and I’m pretty good at that too). What I meant earlier is just that as far as I know, no one else but Ivy is really working consistently to write Johnlock-friendly meta about Series 4 right now. Wah.

Still, knowing there’s some people who still care about figuring out the little details (like… um, as in, assuming they are real), that helps me. So thank you!

I think the whole thing with Norbury is multi-layered. He initially accepted his fate when Norbury was about to shoot him, ‘cause he expected to die after cheating death in both TRF and HLV, in a sequence of events that @ivyblossom described. This failure to react due to his arrogance in needing to taunt Norbury, to be clever (yet again!), as well as the carelessness about and acceptance of his own inevitable death, resulted in Sherlock failing to ‘protect’ Mary, which both devastated him and seemed to result in him losing John. He’d seemingly been taught a lesson about his arrogance and fixation on his own cleverness multiple times (the last time was just in HLV with Magnussen!), but he’d always gotten away with it because Sherlock doesn’t consider danger to himself to be paying too high a price. He’d come perilously close to disappointing John (and Mary) at Appledore, but in the end he did shoot Magnussen and ‘fixed’ it. Here, someone else had to ‘fix it’, and this cost him the person he holds most dear in the world.

Now, the combination of Sherlock’s major weaknesses, which had led to his biggest mistakes ever since ASiP and the cabbie– his arrogance and his death-wish– resulted in the loss of both Mary and John in one fell swoop. More specifically, he’d lost the one constant in his life: John’s faith in him. Sherlock is devastated on many levels. He says in TLD that still doesn’t know what to do with the ‘currency’ of continued life that he’d been granted, not least because that life would now be without John by his side. But he’s learned something, too. So he tells Mrs Hudson:

SHERLOCK: If you ever think I’m becoming a bit … (he pauses and swallows) … full of myself, cocky or … (he pulls in a breath) … over-confident …
SHERLOCK (turning on his seat to face her): … would you just say the word ‘Norbury’ to me, would you? (x)

This is the equivalent of ‘Vatican Cameos’. A codeword for Sherlock remembering his fallibility, his humanity. A reminder that he has to ‘save the life’ no matter what. An admission that he’s only human, I think, and a vow to do better. To be better from now on: to be worthy of the ‘beautiful gifts’ he was born with, but more importantly, to be worthy of the gifts his friends have granted him.

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Nice theory! I have one thing to add to it: in the Betatraz ep we see that this purple quintessence is able to transform those who get in touch with it. The prison guard (whose name I forgot) gains size and power and his eyes turn purple. So I believe that the Galra use the raw quintessence to boost their bodies. They do harvest this, but we don't know yet WHY they do it.

Yes! I noticed that as well and it’s so interesting. We don’t know a lot about how the Galra use quintessence, but we know Zarkon gets zapped full of it by the Druids. And that prison warden also had the tubes on his back that injected him with quintessence and he got bigger and more powerful.

I really want to know more about how the quintessence works and especially how the Druids do their experiments. Clearly they love experimenting on people. I hope the show goes into more detail about it because I want to know how it all works!