i used to love this shoot


I want to spread those juicy thicc ass cheeks apart, bend her over and fuck her doggy style. I keep telling her she’s fucking ugly and then proceed to shoot all over this cumslut. She loves being manhandled, crying for daddy while using her big mouth to suck you off. Treat her like your dog and she’ll squirt for you. She loves attention so let’s give her some. Instagram: shaunamun


Jimin you’re fine?
Jungkook….. Just being himself
Taehyung posing to his Gucci photo shoot
Namjoon, please don’t break your legs
Aoki… I love you XD
Jin handsome as always
Suga has this swag
Jhope-sunshine forever, love us forever

This pic is one big mess. I love them

Cr:the owner

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i FUCKIN love u and ur headcannons and i ffffUCKin love u gosh thank u for giving us the greatest stuff man like dkdlso shOOT?? theyRE just reaLLy good?? and i just love them so much????? short ask but ur doin great and i hope u never stop giving hcs nd if u do bc ur burnt out i hope u rejuvenate like a squishy plant recieving water

‘rejuvenate like a squishy plant receiving water’ ok but this is 5000x better than anything i have ever written, anything i ever WILL write, and i 

the single most messed up i’ve ever been from a moment was when we were doing a book signing in a town called Bristol in England, and we met one really emotional mum - a sad mum. i mean anyone would just get slaughtered by that, there’s no way you can stand up to a sad mum, and she was just like “oh, my daughter or my son have had a really really tough year” but she was really emotional and crying and she was like “i just want to say thank you, everything’s been terrible. but just because they’ve been watching your videos, they’ve been smiling and having a good time”. that was the most real i’ve ever seen something and she was saying “it’s not like you’re Superman or you know..” but simply like - she just wanted to say “thank you. beacuse just by providing this light entertainment, you’ve been so helpful. i really appreciate that you’re just doing whatever the heck it is that you do” and it was that moment where i was like “i can’t complain about anything really” because even if i doubt like “how good is my content? why am i doing it? what’s the meaning of anything?” all of that doesn’t matter when you have that one mum saying “thank you”. despite what you think of what you do, purely because of it existing, you’re doing this really great thing - and that’s just stuck with me for a long time.
—  @danielhowell (at Playlist Live 2017)

Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough For The Two Of Us // My Chemical Romance

Ok, actually… you’re kinda right. I mean, they just keep punching each other and we’re calling it “being in love”.

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And they can’t absolutely stand each other…

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Also when they were in the hospital in 6x09 and Theo said:

You’re going first.
That’s the only reason I’m with you.
Because while they’re busy wrapping a whip around your neck, or shooting a hole in your head, I’ll be running the other direction.
I’m on your side as long it helps me.

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And then Liam said:

I also think whatever happened to you, you deserved it.
When the Ghost Riders find us, I’m not gonna do anything for you.
I’m not gonna help you.
I’m not gonna save you.
I’m gonna do exactly what you would do to me.
I’m gonna use you as bait.

Oh, hang on a second.

Didn’t they save each other from a ghost rider right after that?

And isn’t this Liam saving Theo?

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And isn’t this Theo saving Liam in the exact same way?

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And again…

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Also, is that Theo worrying about Liam?

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Theo: I went trough all of this to keep you from being taken.

Plus, in 6x15…

Theo: Those two losers killed hunters.
Liam: Who killed their pack.
Theo: So what? I mean, Monroe’s gonna tear through anything standing between her and them. That means you, Lydia, Malia and Scott.

Oh, and here’s Theo looking at Liam with heart eyes!!

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Theo not only saved Nolan, but he stopped Liam from doing something he would’ve regretted.

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Liam can’t stand Theo but

Theo: You made the plan.
You wanted me to help.
Liam: If I needed your help for anything, it’ll be so I get angry enough to kill you myself.
Theo: You brought me here because that thing that came out of the Wild Hunt is affecting you, too.

Not Scott, his alpha. Not Mason, his best friend. He choose Theo.

What’s more, they’re such an amazing duo.

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We’ll see them kicking Gabe’s ass as well

In season 5 Theo actually said:

I love this kid.

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And let’s not forget who made all this possible by bringing Theo back…

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In conclusion, yeah, you’re right, they make no sense.

But I’m not sure we’re watching the same tv show.

EXCLUSIVE: BTS Celebrate Their Biggest Album Ever and Reveal What They Love About Themselves

Welcome to BTS’ next chapter.

The K-pop boyband shocked the biggest names in music when they beat out artists like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez for the Top Social Artist award at the Billboard Music Awards in May – but their success is no surprise.

With 8.4 million Twitter followers and a fan base so dedicated it’s referred to as ARMY, BTS is one of the hottest acts in Asia, and soon, the United States.

“There is much more recognition of BTS music than before the BBMAs,” V, one of the band’s seven members, told ET. “Which means fans have higher expectations than before. We’re trying to live up to it and I hope the new album can be the answer to that expectation.”

The new album, Love Yourself: Her, dropped on Monday and was even shattering records weeks before its release with over one million pre-orders, according to BTS’ label, BigHit Entertainment. By Tuesday, Love Yourself had already topped the iTunes Album charts at No. 1 in a record-breaking 73 countries, the largest debut release for any South Korean artists. And “DNA,” the album’s lead single, is also blowing up on YouTube with nearly 30 million views since its early Monday release.

ET caught up with V, Rap Monster, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, Suga and J-Hope on Tuesday, where they opened up about their incredible success, their fifth EP, and what’s next.

Q. Love Yourself: Her is already a huge hit around the world. Were you surprised?

Rap Monster: We’re surprised at the huge response when each album is released but it is beyond our expectation and overwhelming this time. Our new songs topped iTunes chart in 73 countries and made its debut at No. 4 on the US iTunes Song chart. “DNA” music video views surpassed 10 million in just 8 hours, which was the fastest for Korean artists ever. We are very grateful to our fans worldwide for appreciating our music and video.

Q. The music video for “DNA” is a little different from your past music videos, and includes some intense choreography – what does this mean for other music videos off this album? How long did it take to shoot the video?

J-Hope: BTS’ music videos always have intense choreography, but it was even more difficult to learn all the dance moves before the shoot. It may look different compared to previous videos due to complex use of computer graphics and edit styles for “DNA” video, but it took three full days to shoot. Everyone was great in learning the choreography, although there were many different moves we had to perform for the video. Personally, I think Jungkook and Jimin really pulled it off nicely.

Q. You collaborated with The Chainsmoker’s Andrew Taggart on the song “Best of Me” after meeting at the BBMAs. What was the collaboration process like? What did you learn from him?

Rap Monster: We first met at the BBMAs last May. [We] were invited to The Chainsmokers’ rehearsal backstage for the award show and we had fun talking about music and many things. The duo sent us several tracks after we returned home from BBMAs and we selected a couple of tracks to work together. “Best of Me” was the best for our new album in many ways so we decided to write lyrics and finish it together. The song came out great and we were all satisfied with the collaborative process. Andrew is awesome; he’s passionate about music and I think there should be more opportunities for us to work again in near future.

Q. Who’s your next big dream collaborator?

Jungkook: My biggest dream collaborator would be Justin Bieber because I just love his voice and the way he collaborates with other artists. However, I’d like to give it a try with whoever has the right chemistry with BTS musically.

Suga: I’m pretty much open to anyone who’s unique and has mutual appreciation in the music as BTS. I have some tracks and songs written for future collaboration and I’m happy to work with artists who have the right voice and taste.

Q. The song “Skit: Billboard Music Awards,” features Rap Monster’s speech from the awards show – what made you choose to incorporate that into your new album?

Rap Monster: It was one of many ideas we had for this album and we all thought that it would mean a lot to BTS and our fans if we have it permanently in the album and cherish that special moment for everyone. We’re facing the second chapter with Love Yourself: Her in terms of music and life and the BBMAs is like a new turning point for BTS in many ways.

Q. Rap Monster already revealed that Barack Obama was an inspiration for “MIC Drop” – Why? Who else were you inspired by on this album?

Suga: There are so many things that inspire us. For me, it’s people around me. And for RM, it can be books he reads. In general, what fans talk about and think about become a very important source of inspiration to us, because we want to write something that’s real to people, especially those who listen to BTS’ music.

Q. During your live stream on Monday, Rap Monster said that his favorite song is “Ocean,” but that song wasn’t released with the album. What can you tease about when the song will drop, and what it sounds like?

Rap Monster: It’s one of two hidden tracks you can listen to only on the physical album. “Ocean” has a lot of things I thought about since my debut in BTS four years ago. I have lived through many different dreams, worries and emotions in past years and I wanted to share those moments in the song. Sound-wise, there’s guitar and synth and the song is over five minutes, which is quite long. I hope people like it as one of the surprises I’ve prepared.

Q. You changed up your hair color since we last saw you – who decides when it’s time to change your look?

Jimin and J-Hope: The hair color decision is based on the concept of the new album and the timing is discussed with the whole production timeline. Each member’s opinion counts, so our stylists and creative team propose optional colors for us to choose from. But at the end of the day, they’re professionals and they know what they’re doing and in most cases, the proposed colors turn out to be the best for each member.

Q. This new album marks a new chapter in your careers after School, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life and Wings. What do you want fans to know about this new era of BTS?

Rap Monster: We tried many new things for this album and I’d like to label it as “innovative,” if I may. There will be new styled songs, new video, and many new things from now on. We want to evolve as artists and develop what we have within ourselves. If we ever slow down or even fail for our trials, it’s OK and we’ll be and stay as BTS. In addition, I’d like people to love themselves and think about what true love is while listening to the new album, because real love calls for courage to appreciate myself as is.  

Q. What do each of you love about yourselves?

Jin: I love my face and how it looks, which I appreciate very much.

Jimin: I love my attitude towards work and tendency for perfection.

V: My newly discovered talent to shoot great photos.  

Q. You’re wrapping up your tour this December. When will you be back performing in the U.S.?

Rap Monster: We do have plans for a world tour in 2018 so we will definitely go back to the U.S. soon and meet our fans as much as we can. If there’s any special opportunity for us any time soon, we’ll make sure to share it with you first.


hey I know I’m late but….


can we just talk about how tessa thompson is doing the actual most for valkyrie???

apparently she insisted on valkyrie being bisexual (because of brunnhilde’s relationship with a woman in the comics!!!) and convinced waititi to shoot a glimpse of a woman walking out of valkyrie’s bedroom!!! but sadly (yet not surprisingly) it was cut

and (spoilers!!!!) the scene where one of her fellow valkyries is slain in front of her by hela??? according to tessa that woman was valkyrie’s lover!!!

the movie barely gave us anything but tessa tried so hard!!! and she wants to keep trying!!! tessa thompson is a GIFT and we do not deserve her

my favorite parts of ragnarok (because i need to list them out)

i’m literally sorry y’all i just gotta relive this masterpiece. definitely gonna misquote everything but you get the gist 

  • “BEHOLD… my stuff.”
  • taika’s infamous shakewake literally making a cameo
  • sam niell’s presence 
  • thor *arrives* loki: *spittake* o shit
  • “i swear i left him right here.” 
  • the weirdly flawless selfie thor takes with those girls 
  • *thor’s hammer smashes all of doctor stranger’s shit* ssssssssorryyyyyy……. 
  • literally valkyrie’s entire existence 
  • “anywhere else in the universe i’d be like a billion years old but here…….” *weird goldblum face journey* *loki and thor stare at each other*
  • “she’s the, starts with a b—” “trash”
  • “i tried to start a revolution but no one showed up… except my mum, and her boyfriend who i hate so…”
  • loki, mouthing: then you, and me… *makes leaving motion*
  • “piss off ghost!… he’s friggin’ gone.”
  • loki’s blank trauma-fueled expression upon seeing the hulk
  • “sun’s getting real low… sun’s… sun’s getting REAL low buddy… sun’s getting–”
  • “YES! YES! THAT’S HOW IT FEELS!… sorry, i just love sports.”
  • the fact that hulk now has a personality and bonded with thor independently of bruce
  • “oh! very naked… ah, it’s in my mind now…”
  • the revengers 
  • “he turned into a snake and he knows i love snakes, so i picked it up to admire it and he turned back into himself and was like “ARRGH IT’S ME”. and he stabbed me. we were eight at the time.”
  • the orgy leisure ship 
  • “did she just saw the grand master uses this for orgies?” “yes… don’t touch anything”
  • “I CAN’T FLY AN ALIEN SPACE SHIP” “use one of your phDs!!!!” 
  • loki making 0.00001 seconds of eye contact with the tesseract and everyone in the theater screaming 
  • when the hulk attacks the giant fire dude and everyone’s like “NO DUDE DON’T”
  • “The damage is not too bad. As long as the foundations are still strong, we can rebuild this place. It will become a haven for all peoples and aliens of the universe……. oh. No those foundations are gone. Sorry.“ 
  • “if you were really here i’d hug you.” “i’m here.”
  • “king of asgard” *thor awkwardly waves to entire population of asgard behind him*
  • “it’s a tie”

I don’t think Darkiplier was trying to trick us in ADWM.

“Shoot him. Shoot him now, please. You do not have time. He needs to die. He is dark. He’s a bad influence. He takes over everything you’ve ever loved. Please shoot him RIGHT NOW. Don’t listen to him. He’s a liar. Please shoot him. He’s a bad man and does bad things to good people. You have to trust me.”

This is the exact text of what Darkiplier says to us at the end of “FREEDOM!” in ADWM.

You know what I noticed about this?

Not once does he claim to be Mark.

Also, there’s a reason the word “dark” isn’t capitalized. This is not Dark trying to trick us into thinking Mark is really Dark– this is him telling us what Mark’s really done.

And now we know what Mark has done, thanks to WKM.

“He needs to die” = Dark recognizing that he CAN die now that he’s out of the house.

“He takes over everything you’ve ever loved” = Mark taking over Damien’s body and life.

“Don’t listen to him, he’s a liar” = Dark warning us about Mark calling us ‘a close and trusted friend’.

“He’s a bad man and does bad things to good people” = the fact that Celine and Damien were torn apart, (Y/N) was pushed out and left behind, and the Colonel was subjected to madness, all because of Mark’s sinister plot.

This was not Dark trying to trick us.

This was Dark trying to stop Mark from making things worse.

This was Dark actually needing our help.

And you know what kills me the most about this?

The fact that Mark totally discredits any potential for goodness left inside of Dark… and we believe every word of it.

“It’s just us now.”

I am so excited to share this lovely photo from our wonderful Reylo shoot with *@crashovahryde @crashthephotos* at Dragoncon. My wonderful bf Noel is my Kylo 💗 I’ve never done a pairing shoot before so this was a great experience. I’m so happy with how everything turned out and I can’t wait to share more from this shoot.

Photo by Crash: The Photos (Luis Correa) 

~Please kindly do not edit without permission or crop out the watermark on this photo ❤️

So Much More

Synopsis: You are a new and upcoming superstar and during an interview, you get asked questions about the one and only Harry Styles. 

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cute date ideas:

  • meadow field date; on top of a blanket you lie on me, I am breathing slowly yet my heart races, the smell of the field trickles my nose and you lean to kiss my forehead, loving you feels like the sun’s warmth
  • flower garden date; a rosy blush is what conceals your cheeks, you hold onto a petal that fell using its scent on your neck, flowers surround us as we walk through all the roses, you smile as I hum with the bees 
  • under the stars date; we are under the night’s sky, longing gazes, and soft embraces, you hold my hand and lean on me, perhaps it was the shooting star or maybe it was the way I looked at you but you finally said the I love you I wished for

people tell me to trust the sky
that it will guide me home
and it feels like a betrayal to tell them 
that my sky is you

that my sun comes from your smile
that my stars come from every mark you’ve made on my skin
that my moon comes from your words, echoing in my mind

how do I explain to them that 
the constellations all look the pieces of you you’ve gifted me
the shooting stars are the way you say my name when the world is quiet
the black holes are the empty space within my chest when the universe separates us

that I don’t need to be guided home
because home is your heartbeat and your hands and your love
and if my sky is you and home is you
then as long I can find a piece of you in the middle of the night
I can find my way home

—  I don’t a compass, I only need an whisper falling from your lips by Abby S

listen, harry is on a mission to give us every single thing we ask for. high fashion photo shoot? check. amazing album? check. iconic appearances and performances? check. puppies? check. harry with babies? hell yes. harry playing the piano?? you got it bitch. i swear he loves us and wants us to be happy and we stan a legend