i used to like him a lot

Keith + physical affection
  • It takes Keith a while to get comfortable with someone being close to him and in his personal space, but when he does get comfortable with someone he’ll stand as close to them as possible and constantly give or receive casual touches.
  • It’s weird at first, getting used to touching people regularly. He hasn’t had a lot of physical affection in his life, but it doesn’t take him long to decide he loves it.
  • If he likes someone, he will always find excuses to touch them. Shoulder lightly against theirs while standing, hands “accidentally” brushing, sitting right next to them even if there’s more than enough space.
  • Keith never considered himself a hugger, but then Hunk came along, throwing his arms around Keith in celebration or just because and Keith wanted more.
  • The first time Keith and Lance hug, it’s Keith who imitates it, and Lance is so shocked for a moment that he just sorta stands still in Keith’s arms, and then he starts hugging back and neither of them pull away for a while.
  • Keith loves hugging Lance, and he loves hugging Hunk, but he loves it most when he’s hugging both of them at the same time. Sometimes if he’s upset and doesn’t want to talk about it he’ll just let them hug him for a while and it’s a temporary comfort.
  • Keith is a clingy sleeper. He glues himself to the side of the person he’s sleeping with and it’s almost impossible to move him. His favorite way to sleep with someone is to have his leg across them, his arm across them, and his head on their shoulder.
  • Keith will hop out of bed immediately if the castle alarm is going off, but if it’s not going off and he’s cuddling Lance or Hunk he’ll cling tighter to them and start mumbling when they try and move.
  • When Keith holds hands with Lance, Lance likes to run circles with his thumb over Keith’s hand and Keith loves it.
  • One of the best ways to calm Keith down is to play with his hair. Sometimes he’ll be “arguing” with Lance and Lance will say “I’ll play with your hair if you admit I’m right” and Keith doesn’t even hesitate. But when Lance is done playing with his hair, Keith always brings up how he was actually right. 

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it seems like jungkook frequently refers to jimin as jiminie or jiminie hyung though, right? and jimin used the 'ie' with all the members in his thanks to post (post/157287401327). do you think that's just because they speak more informally when they're close? sorry if this question is annoying! I love your language posts about the languages you've learned or rules you see people mistake a lot, but just was curious about that part!

jungkook always, like ALWAYS use hyung when referring to someone older than him, even with bts (i’m really frustrated when ppl look at the way kook speaks and say he disrespects his olders, don’t talk like that about my son :/). adding “ie” to a name and then following by a “hyung” is kind of a habit for koreans to make it sound more natural (only apply when the name ends with a consonant, names ending with vowels = straight up add “hyung”). eg, jiminie-hyung, hobeomie-hyung ✔/ yoongi-hyung, yoonjae-hyung ✔

side note: bts definitely speak with a lower formality level than how you see them on shows. it depends on each one’s personality thoough, like for jimin, i’d say the way he speaks in ‘bts live: eat jin + chimchim + kook’ and in ‘bts gayo - track 11’ are the closest to his way of talking to bts in real life. actually, you can see part of it for all of them in ‘bon voyage’, it’s the most recent one i can think of. there’re some shows where they’ll be so comfortable that they sometimes forget to use the formality tone for the show and slip in the way they talk to e/o in real life.

A Group Effort

Anon: I would love to see my boy Lance with a headcold!! Make him suffer :’)

Anon: i’d like to see Lance with a headcold! and i dont care more than that. just as long as i can see my boy with a snuffly nose.

A/N: This is my first cold-based fic! I’m much more used to fever- and stomach-based things, so here we go with expanding horizons! Pray for me and spelling out sneezes. This had a lot of Lance and Keith still hating each other, it almost hurt my heart to write after all the Klance stuff.

It’s silent in space. It is a vacuum, there’s no medium for sound to travel through. Even while in their lions, practicing maneuvering through fodder the castleship threw at them, the paladins remained silent and focused.
It didn’t last long.
“Alright. That’s it. I’m done. I’m going back to the castle.”
The other four paladins sounded off in Keith’s ear.
“Wait, why?”
“I don’t understand.”
“What’s happening?”
“What is it, Keith?”
“I am done listening to Lance sneeze into the intercom.”

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I got teeth for days.

Today I had my 2nd root canal in one week.

Turns out, in addition to being a complete jerk-faced asshole, my childhood dentist was also pretty shitty at his job. 

He neglected to tell me that a dental instrument broke off in my tooth about 15 years ago, despite being legally obligated to. 

And then instead of stopping the root canal like he was supposed to when you break something inside of someone’s face (because there’s almost no chance it wont get reinfected), he kept going, and ruptured the root, and ended up piercing my jaw bone with the crap shit he used to fill the root which he shouldn’t have used.

And thanks to him, I have a terrible fear of dentists and have put off dealing with a clearly infected tooth for an unreasonably long time.

Anyhow, lots of smoothies and soup in my near future. And beer. Grumpy beer.

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Hi, Your blog nice. As the boys are related to a girl who was abducted from her family. And she came to him. And she was calm enough but at one point burst into tears in front of everyone. I am interested in the reaction: Shu Rukimi, Reiji, Ayato, especially.

(´∀`)♡ Your English is just a little off, so hopefully I’m understanding your request. 


-He doesn’t care for foolish, emotional humans. It’s not like you’re ever going to see your family again, and you’ll be a lot better off just getting used to that. There’s no sympathy in this household for such pathetic feelings, and you’re not doing yourself any good by showing off how weak you are. 


-He dislikes when Livestock like you makes a scene, complaining about things far out of your control and bothering everyone with pointless tears. You’re not gaining any sympathy by making an annoyance of yourself. Perhaps a thorough punishment will make your place a little more clear. 


-He doesn’t tolerate unnecessary outbursts, and breaking out in tears over something far beyond your influence is definitely unnecessary. You’ll be punished for making a scene, and hopefully the lesson will stick. He doesn’t want to have to deal with such bothersome emotions again. 


-The vulnerable humans are always more fun to mess with, and leaving your insecurities so wide open is just asking to be hurt for it. He can hardly resist how pathetic you are, how just missing your family is enough to leave you in tears. Now, you’re his target for sure. 

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Cause your previous drabbles hit me with so much feels, Parental!Royai + 11 *o*

so I completely failed at the 10 sentences thing, and this was more feelings-centric rather than actions… hope it’s alright :’)

11 - sulky

“It seems like every time I see him, Edward is always in a bad mood,” Roy says as he throws down his ever present black overcoat on the back of the couch.

Continuing over to collapse into his chair, which he then spins to face the window, Roy rubs his temples as Riza shuts his office door softly behind them.

“Sir,” she begins placatingly.  “These past few weeks have been difficult for him, for all of us, with everything that’s happened - finding Barry and all.  But you know as well as I do that he does care about you.  A lot.”

When Roy speaks again, his voice is quiet, uncertain.  “I don’t know, Hawkeye…seems like he hates me pretty thoroughly.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him not be sulky and sarcastic around me.”

She purses her lips for a moment before setting down her own coat on top of her superior’s and walking over to his desk.  She pauses before quietly saying, “I know what those two boys mean to you, Sir.”

She hears him take a shuddering inhale before he replies, “sure, but it’s pretty clear that Fullmetal doesn’t appreciate whatever I try to do…even if it’s to keep him safe, or happy, or hell, just alive!”

“Colonel -”

He turns sharply in his chair, but Riza doesn’t even flinch.  “I know I’m not their father, Riza, but somebody has to look out for them…and I guess it feels like it has to be me.”

“Colonel, it doesn’t have to be you, but it’s okay that it is - you’re a good man, and those two trust you.  I trust you.”

Roy drags his hands over his face before meeting her concerned gaze.  “I don’t want to let them down, and yet it seems that’s all I can ever do.”

Riza ignores whatever propriety that is supposed to exist between them and takes his hand in hers, to which Roy responds by absently running his thumb over her knuckles.

“You don’t let them down, I promise.”  Before he can interject to say otherwise, she continues.  “Edward…he keeps people shut out because he doesn’t want to get hurt, but as much as you may think so, he cares about you, and in his own way, he’s already let you in.  It doesn’t look the same for everyone - remember how long it took for me to open up to you?”

Roy laughs humorously.  “Months… And even then I couldn’t tell if you actually cared about me or were just putting up with me to keep me helping you around the house.”

“Listen, Roy,” Riza continues softly, a fleeting smile the only acknowledgment of his words.  “I know you think it’s wrong to feel something like a paternal obligation towards Ed and Al, but it’s not.  If that were the case, then my own feelings towards them would be wrong too.  I know I’m not their mother, but that’s not going to stop me from caring about them as if I was.”

“They adore you,” Roy says.

“And they adore you too,” Riza says pointedly.  “Don’t hold yourself to a different standard.”

“Well, all feelings aside, I still can’t always protect them,” Roy sighs.

“No, you can’t, nobody can,” Riza replies.  “But you have me, and I’m with you, and we’re going to do our damn best to keep those two safe and see them get their bodies back.”

Roy smiles sadly and squeezes her hand.

“I’ll follow you into hell, remember?” Riza returns his smile and continues, “and that includes doing everything I possibly can to keep those that you, and I, care about, safe.”

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For my stim im usually tapping/bouncing my leg or tapping my fingers(hence why im mostly on mibling all the time lmao) and i tend to bite the inside of my cheek or lips. So im just headcanoning that tim has a stim were he kinda starts biting inside of his cheek and bounces his leg a whole lot

fjskfjd yes like. he gets a lot of annoyed looks especially when he’s in public or out as Tim Drake Wayne and it makes him feel rly self-conscious and he tries to make himself stop but that gives him anxiety and I bet one of his family members has noticed by now and they’ve taken to sending Looks™ to anyone who gets annoyed with tim’s stimming

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The more I look at possible situations playing out, the more I feel Echo will be used to further Bellarke. Her story with Bellamy separately, unrelated to ships, is important, but I believe Echo feels something for him. I see Echo's potential advances at Bell will cause Clarke to fully open up, or cause Bell to realize he only wants Clarke(which I'm sure he already knows). Any thoughts?

Those are kind of my thoughts, too. It makes a lot of sense. I wrote, like three or four fan fictions with that idea. Of course, I’m not going to try and predict what happens, not with all the twists and the way they play with our hearts. Plus I want to be surprised. (good luck with that, right?)

I have been seeing something along the lines of how easy for others (which a number of people, it seems, claims it to be coming from the side of non-karam*l shippers - Supercorp? Karolsen? And even Sanvers? I am not SUPER SURE tho, please do correct me on this, but I have seen post with the hashtags most likely from ANTI monel, Anti Karam*l which have lead to this problem. And SUPERGIRL writers are RUINING for the most of us) to throw words like “toxic”, “abusive”, and “problematic” about Kara and Monel’s relationship. Platonic turned romantic.

So what I will state below does not fall under any of the three words listed above? You tell me.

(I am not saying I dislike Monel but I dislike him a lot.)

I am still not over the fact that Monel told Winn about him objectifying women in Daxam, he sounded he was reminiscing, (and if you remisnisce, most likely, it is a good memory, it means he likes doing that) and Winn did not correct him on that. Show is telling us - “Boys will be Boys.” They are tolerating this attitude. WTF. Kids are watching. Wow, great example you guys, great!

And right in the middle of the argument with the girl you are defending her honor, you greet a different girl - sounded like “Dana” (Day-na). Defending your side while shifting your attention to another girl. No one pointed out to Monel to not do this in front of someone he is insisting he really likes. Show is telling us that this is okay. For a man to shift his attention to another girl, to greet her in front of the girl he likes and wants to be with. In a middle of a heated argument about something between the two of you only. Wow, great example to us that this is OKAY. For Monel not to be disrespectful of the other girl’s feelings? How about Kara’s feelings? You know the girl Monel supposedly likes and open to the idea of being in a relationship with her. Yeah, that Kara.

And these examples are only in 2x13. And in the other episodes in which he contradicted and called Kara out for being hero and her real intention, that Kara loves the attention from people who she saved, along the line of not being selfless (?), just watched her being tortured cos he is not hero like Kara - with or without powers, he is not strong enough cos he doesn’t have his usual ability in that moon. If you have the will and determination to do something good, you can be a hero with or without your strong abilities/powers.

And you tell me, Kara and Mike being together is a good thing cos of the chemistry. Fuck CHEMISTRY! Fuck the reason they look good together! if one of the people in the relationship does not treat and respect the other. Mutual respect is vital and I do not see that in Monel.

(Note: And being abusive, is not only physical, also mental and emotional. You can mentally hurt someone. You can emotionally hurt someone. That means it is ABUSIVE. By letting the other have her hopes up because she likes you, but you continue to fuck up, and you think apologizing will make up for that, and you fuck up again and you apologize again, but have no interest in changing for the better, for yourself. And feel proud to show, you are changing for her, because of her, BUT actually do not understand WHY you need to change. Cos you also fuck up in the end, cos you actually do not understand the concept of CHANGING for the BETTER, FOR YOURSELF. Always thinking with your dick, rather than your brain.)

Kara is a beloved character by everyone who watches the show.

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Hey! Do you think Adachitoka could be setting Trash Dad up to be Izanagi? There have been some parallels such as TD supposedly having made his own trip to Yomi, and between Ebisu's musings on his origins, hints of a hierarchy above Amaterasu, parts of the Yomi arc, and even this last omake, we're establishing more and more that bit of Shinto mythology. It would definitely play into the Tsukuyomi theory (which I love the idea of but surely can't be endgame in cannon?) and

would explain a lot about how TD is unlike any human or god we’ve met… What do you think?

Hi! All my current thoughts on Father’s identity can be found here. I remember studying the possibilities of him being Izanagi, but I found several holes in the theory.

One of the problems is that Father doesn’t seem to be a God, he just has God-like powers. Why go through all the trouble of making us doubt whether he’s human or a God if he was a regular God all along? The only explanation I could see for that is that he’s a fallen God who was punished by Heaven and whose powers have been taken away. But then again, who exactly could punish Izanagi, creator of the Japanese archipelago and most Shinto Gods? Amaterasu is the one who reigns over Heaven, but she’s still Izanagi’s daughter, so she’d be below him in the Heaven hierarchy. And Izanagi and Izanami are only at the bottom of the Seven Divine Generations, but so far, there’s been no proof that they exist in Noragami. Don’t get me wrong - I like the idea of Father being a fallen God, but if that’s the case, I’d find it easier to believe he’s Susanoo. 

As per the Yomi arc references, I’m not sure whether we should be reading much into Father’s actions. Yes, Father is very important in that arc, but most of what we see about him is very misleading. In the actual Shinto myth, Izanagi went to Yomi to retrieve his wife Izanami, but then he discovered she had become a vengeful monster, and had to run away from there. It was only after that that he gave birth to Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo. This seems like something that would have happened in ancient times. However, when we see Father’s flashback in the Yomi arc, his appearance (hair, clothes…) is that of the Heian era, when Yaboku was born. Besides, the reason why Father went to Yomi was to retrieve the Kotonoha, and he escaped thanks to the freckled girl calling his name (meaning, he already had another lover and he’d have no interest in saving Izanami). Adachitoka often take creative liberties when it comes to representing Gods, but to me this whole trip to Yomi seems more of a red herring than anything else.

Bottom line, Father could still be Izanagi depending on how much Adachitoka decide to change the lore, but given all the mysteries we’ve seen surrounding him (’the sorcerer’, his possible conection to the Emishi…), I’d rather him be something new, unexpected, and that’s original to Noragami. 

sniperct replied to your post: I don’t watch Supergirl, but I follow a lot of…

the only way to salvage the mon-el mess is exactly the toxic relationships can happen to the best of us thing

like he’s literally been gaslighting her. it is a toxic, unhealthy, at times abusive ship. talking about how she’s a hero for the brownie points? because he can’t possibly understand why anyone would act unless it was for selfish reasons? and yes. since cw seems hellbent on shoving this monstrosity down our throats, as much as it will hurt kara, showing it to be what it is, showing him hurting her and the inevitable outcome of such a relationship and showing the audience that this is NOT love and it is NOT how to have a happy, healthy relationship is the only way to move forward. i am so tired of this kind of relationship. i already had one in real life. i don’t need to see it on screen in literally every fucking show ever. 

hey @cw! let me give you some tips!
- it is not a woman’s purpose to fix a man
- it is not a woman’s goal to find a man to fix
- a woman is not a man’s ‘weakness’
- a healthy relationship builds all partners up, not uses one to prop the other up
- a healthy partner does not put his partner down and belittle her choices
- a woman who isn’t interested is not ‘playing hard to get’, she’s not interested. 

you know how Mxy showed up and said ‘i chose you for my mate and now i’ll woo you’? how that was played for laughs? except that’s LITERALLY WHAT DUDES DO. stop rewarding that fucking behavior. 

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so uh me and my bf had a discussion and he wont want to be with me anymore if i use hormones or transition (ftm) and tbh its killing me and gdi it sucks being trans and why must the world hate me so much i love him but now just bc of this i might lose him. why cant i stay a girl or him be slightly gay.

Think about if your boyfriend is more important to you than your mental health. Don’t put yourself in pain because he disapproves. If you really want to stay with him and feel like you can make the exchange do it, but if it will hurt you a lot I suggest you take your own path. You will lose people along the way, it’s a given, and it’s painful. But there will be a person out there who will love you for who you are.


Since i can’t show my face because privacy reasons, I decided to draw Jack! :D

I found him through Markiplier. I sometimes watch Mark, but I used to watch Jack’s video a lot. Proobably more than usual ^^“. His videos are very funny, entertaining and it has brighten up my day whenever I feel like crap. He is also very kind to his fans, which I would like to see that more in YouTube. The community is also full of nice and supportive people. I appreciated that. ^^ Because of Jack, I got motivated to do good things more and want to entertain many people like Jack, Felix and Mark does.

I just want to say thank you for everything, Jack. You helped me a lot. Keep up the good work <3

I haven’t called you since the election

because you told my brother on Christmas day that his beard makes him look like “someone who could cause a lot of trouble at an airport” if he wore “one of those turban things”

because the day after you helped elect this man, a female friend of mine was literally grabbed by the pussy in the middle of the street

because what you see as “just politics” I see as my life and my livelihood, my friends’ lives and their livelihoods, our passions and dreams being threatened and taken from us

because he has lied every single day since his inauguration and you believe him blindly and without question

because other grandchildren are loved fiercely by grandparents who are walking in the streets holding signs asking that their families not be torn apart by deportation

because other grandparents rely on welfare to care for grandchildren whose parents cannot 

because my life is not more worthwhile than The Other just because you are my grandparents

because you hung up on my mother when she told you she voted for Hillary Clinton





Because it is exhausting to continue to try to explain to you why it hurts so much to talk to someone who voted against everything that I love, that I want to be, that I dream of, that I believe in, that I am.

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Hello! I wanted to ask how you decided to make cooper turkish and if there was any specific reasoning behind that? And I love your comic, it has a very unique and interesting concept, and your art and style has developed so much over the course so far!

if i’m being 100% honest, he was originally white, and then ambiguously brown, and then i decided to make him turkish because i teach a lot of turkish families. being in turkish homes, eating turkish food, and hearing the turkish language multiple times a week made me interested in the language and culture, and i was like “oh lol i’ll make my oc turkish there we go!” this was before syw even started, and now he’s much more fleshed out than he used to be. i even named his dad after one of my turkish student’s dads, but i would never my student’s dad that!

also thank you so much!!


demyx + battle quotes


Call the po-lice and the fireman.

Tbh I have no excuse for this. I just want Keith and Shiro to sing like idiots in their disney alien shirts wearing glasses. Fight me. (ง •̀_•́)ง Redbubble