i used to have this trading card

A Star Wars trading card featuring members of Yoda’s unknown alien race at prayer. 

Very little is known about the race Yoda belongs to, but since the only examples of the species we ever see are wise, serene Jedi masters (there’s never one just standing about in the background in a spaceport scene, for instance), it’s reasonable to assume they are a peaceful, spiritual, live monastic lives, and never leave their homeworld. It’s doubtful they even have technology or space travel…and if they do, use them sparingly.

George Lucas made it a policy to never show Yoda’s species. I guess it’s for the same reason that J.R.R. Tolkien added Tom Bombadil and never explained who he was, since in Tolkien’s words, “there should be some mysteries of a world unknown even to the creator.” For instance, the trading card above caused Lucasfilm to pulp the entire run to get it out of circulation. If George Lucas had a story idea behind Yoda’s race, we’ll never know it now, since he sold Star Wars and has no input on the projects.

Anecdotally, I remember that in the days before the internet was a thing, and every kid was obsessed with Star Wars, there was a bit of folklore going around on my playground that Yoda was actually from a race of giants, but as they get older, they get smaller. Who knows how things like that get started?

so i was in elementary school when pokemon was really at its peak and literally everything was pokemon-themed and i have very distinct memories of pokemon being banned from schools because all of us kept playing our games and trading our cards instead of doing whatever we were supposed to do

and i just want to say that i can’t wait until “pokemon go” comes out and colleges are forced to try to ban pokemon because students are battling in the halls and getting up in the middle of class to catch pokemon that just appeared in a different room and setting up tournaments on the lawns

My Pokémon Deck Part 1: How I put it together.

Let me start off by saying the way I made my deck was for me others may have other ways to make it and that’s fine there is no wrong way to make this kind of deck. I just wanted to share just my story, thought process and magical influences while making this fun deck.

            So when I first decided to make this deck while I was away from home in college a week or so to finals, part of me thought buy new cards, then a much louder part of me screamed to wait until I got home, because there were two large zip lock bags bursting at the seams with carefully collected and traded cards. Pokémon cards I traded with my cousins, and two sisters, Cards I snuck into catholic school only to have taken by my teacher and picked up by my mother after school. Cards I gave to my youngest sister when I grew out of them, keeping a small handful up in my room (which I also used). There were two reasons to get those cards over any others. 1) They were free, at this point all my sisters had out grown them and they where packed up safely in the basement. 2) The amount of energy stored in them to me is so much powerful than any ones I could by at the store. And my goodness let me tell you the amount of child like energy they have is amazing, they make a great light and fun deck that’s for sure.

(How the deck is laid out under the cut)

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icons are free to use if you want to request onemessage me here before making a request please checkthis to see the list of anime or cartoons I won’t do. Also make sure to check my icon masterlist to see what I have already made

images from the top and bottom row are taken from the official trading card game. and in the middle row the two images on the side are from the DLC’s and the middle is from the actual game 

Charmander lv. 10 (Vending)

[C] Growl
During your opponent’s next turn, any damage done by attacks from the Defending Pokémon is reduced by 10 (before applying Weakness and Resistance).

[R] [R] Flame Tail: 30 damage.

Obtained From: Psychic Battle
Used By: Ichikawa
+ Reduces damage
+ Flame Tail
- Water weakness
Combos With:
Moltres lv. 37
Pokémon Breeder
Charizard / Dark Charizard
Other Notes:
• Some cards I’ll be covering from here on out have the same level as other cards, so I’ll be doting the newer cards with (Vending), as that’s how they were available physically in Japan.
• This is a very good Charmander, sporting good HP, a defensive attack, and a wonderful offensive attack.
Overall Rating: 3.5/5 (Average/Very Useful)

Mysterious duelist using unfair tactics keeps citizens in fear

A henious criminal who calls himself “The Vagabond” has been reported to wander the streets, preying on inexperienced duelists and using unknown cheating hacks to turn the duels in his favor. His victims have been left utterly devastated and humiliated because of the defeat. Domino Central Police Department warns citizens against accepting duel challenges from suspicious persons. 

We’ve asked Walter Dafidus, prime minister candidate for his plans to solve this problem. 

“Capturing the Vagabond is not a priority right now. Ultimately, what he’s doing is not illegal, only mildly annoying, and only for duelists. I don’t see why we should waste resources on such a frivolous issue. Domino has more pressing problems than someone disrespecting the rules of children’s trading card games. Duelists should deal with this themselves, by refusing to concern themselves with this individual.”

It seems like our prime minister candidate doesn’t quite realize the threat of this henious criminal. His disrespect of duelists doesn’t bode well for Domino’s future and he’s no doubt going to lose a number of votes because of this.


All of these cards will be up for both trade and sale. If you buy 2+ photocards I can give a discount. I can trade any card for any card on my wishlist even if the two aren’t from the same album/group. I will send more pics of the card individually as these are somewhat bad!!

I’m selling all of these for really cheap just because I have no use for them and hope that that anyone else might want them more! :)

I will ship WW, but I cannot do tracking as it is expensive. (I can send first if trading, but I do have proof from successful trades)



Kris - Growl A ; $4, XOXO ;  $4 (has tiny flaw on the back)                                 Tao - Growl B ;  $4, Exodus black ver ;  $4                                                         Sehun - Ex’Act lucky ver ;  $5                                                                                Xiumin - Mama A ver (china press) ;  $6  on hold                                                             


The8 - love & letter ; $4                                                                                      DK - boys be 2nd ver ; $4                                                                                    S.Coups (not show in picture) very nice both versions ; $4 each             Joshua - going 17 make the 17 ver ; $4, very nice big polariod ; $5                    Vernon - going 17 make a wish ver ; $4                                                              Wonwoo & Jeonghan unit card ; $4                                                           Woozi paddle ; $2


Woohyun - be back ; $6, solo card ; $4                                                               Sunggyu - season 2 (not opened) ; $5, solo sticker ; $3                                      Hoya -  fly high gold card ; $4, fly again ; $4 each                                               Dongwoo - fly high gold card ; $4, reality ; $4                                        Sungjong - azure polaroid ; $4                                                                          Sungyeol - azure holo card - $4

Sometimes @crackedverbosity and I like to imagine what would happen if the characters from our respective AUs could meet. Most of the time, it’s closer to chaos but look how cute her senator and my knight are together. It’s like having a brother you can do all kind of crazy things with like blowing shit up and using the Force to swindle half the galaxy (they also exchange embarrassing pictures of Hux like trading cards).

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I want to do commissions but I don't have a way of getting paid bc I don't have a card. Would making an amazon wishlist and having people get things for me from it in exchange for art work out do you think? Or do you know of any ways to be paid? :0

PayPal. Trading an Amazon wish list item for a commission piece is the barter system of economy and is generally too unreliable/subjective to use as payment for most services. Connect your PayPal to your bank account and you should be good to go!

Trading amiibo cards HHD

I recommend this for anyone trading cards:

1. Have the person you are trading with send you a picture of the cards you are trading with their username written out on paper.
2. When sending out the envelope don’t just drop it in the mailbox. TAKE IT TO THE POSTOFFICE. It’s an additional 20¢-22¢ (somewhere around there) to make sure it doesn’t go through the processor so the cards won’t get bent.
3. While at the post office make sure they use the “DO NOT BEND” stamp at he same time so the cards don’t get messed up.
4. Put something nice in. Whether it’s a note, some pins or buttons, or even just a cute card cover.

It’s important to talk with he person you are trading. Nintendo wants you to trade cars and be social. That’s why they didn’t just put them all in one card pack for everyone. Don’t rip people off. Animal crossing is a safe haven where everyone can be friends. Please reblog this and add any important info!!!

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Hardy, bold, relaxed? ^^

Hardy- What was your first pokemon game and when?

Pokemon Red! I can’t remember exactly when I got it… Probably as a birthday or Christmas present one year but I was very little. 

Bold- What is your favorite pokemon game outside of the the main series?

Oh… There’s some really good ones so it’s hard to decide… I’d have to say Pokemon Snap, but I was very fond of the Game Boy Color Pokemon Trading Card Game that came with a special Meowth card! I was DEVASTATED when the sequel never came out in the US.

Relaxed- Where would you take a vacation in the pokemon world?

Alola had so many neat spots! I’d want to go ghost hunting in the abandoned super market!

I have high hopes for the next Pokemon game that should come out on the switch.
They can take all the popular parts of Pokemon Go, the card game and the DS games and use them on the new system.
Imagine the Tournaments on a massive TV screen and then take it out to school and battling, having a smash-style fight with the mini controllers, have the region based pokemon in VR from Go, trading.
It’ll make the greatest pokemon game ever and if they don’t do this then Pokemon, you’ve fucked up.


Dear Pokemon Community,

I’ve been working on this collage of energys for 2 years. Most of them are from yard sales and flea markets, and I’ve gotten a lot done so far, but I’m still not done, and I’d like your help to finish it. If you have any extra energy cards you’re not using and want to help me finish this work of art, you can send them to my PO Box:

P.O. Box 125
North Greece, NY 14515

I really need Fairy, Steel, Dark, and Normal, but I’ll use any that get sent to me. Even if you only have a one, it will help me out! If you send me some let me know so I can shout out your blog when I finish!

Saiyuki: The Lollipops: Goku & Hakkai

One of two bonus illustration cards with the purchase of a full box of Saiyuki Reload Blast trading cards released in 2013. I’m sure like the Sanzo & Gojyo matching image, likely Minekura re-used the outfits for Hakkai & Goku from another illustration, but which one(s) I can’t think of. If you guys re-blog put it in the tags! xD I’d certainly like to know, since eventually someday I’d like to write about the fashion of Minekura’s men. Asides being obviously handsome she really knows how to dress her men very well ^^

~EDIT: And now to address the following: Scans being taken situation has been resolved. Thank you.

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

Okay, so, I have this headcanon that James had been collecting chocolate frog cards his entire life, using them to pretend to trade cards with an imaginary friend or something, as an only child this is likely to have happened. All of his duplicate cards would be in a different set (Which he once tried to give to Sirius who was never allowed to collect something that trivial but Sirius wanted to ou-collect James on his own) and then one day Harry finds them when he’s going through his dads old stuff, and takes glee  in the fact that he owned more cards than Ron, it was like his dad was helping him beat Ron in one of those friendly little competition things (Like when you just have to have the best halloween costume), like Harry would later do with his own children.


hello! this time i have a little semi-account up for trade!

it has two urs, cafe maid rin and pool ruby. i managed to get two copies of christmas yoshiko (as you can see in the picture) and it has cheer mari too!

no muse songs have been played at all (i mean literally none.) i havent touched the muse side at all so that + the low amount of cards ive max bonded makes this account really farmable.

in return, im looking for an en starter/semi account with cheerleader riko/chika (i want riko so i can have matching urs with my girlfriend but chika is my dream ur so if you magically have an account with both id instantly trade this for it) or halloween dia.

please dont lowball me! if you offer, at least let your account have two or more urs!

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✦ please contact the submitter to negotiate a trade! make sure to let us know if you want us to be your middleman ✦

So, I just came back from getting a bunch of stuff from my Mom’s house (18 hour drive. Woo.), and look at this beautiful piece of magnificence I finally have in my home. Soda can included for size reference.

I found this at a flea market many years ago. It’s a three-dimensional piece. It looks like mostly wood with some sort of plastic coating (you can see a bit of the wood grain underneath where the bottom bit of Broadway’s wing has been chipped off - it was like that when I bought it). The image was also used as a nine-card puzzle from the Gargoyles Series 1 trading card set.

I have no clue as to it’s origins. I haven’t been able to find another Gargoyles one online, but similar wooden posters for other Disney properties used to hang in Disney Stores, so maybe it was a display piece in a past life, though finding Gargoyles merch advertised anywhere was pretty difficult,even at the height of the show’s popularity. If anyone has any info in this piece, I’d love for you to share it with me.