i used to hate u too and i regret it

anonymous asked:

Mnnn I know that gonna sound hateful (but Is not) but sometimes I kinda regret it following u here, when I saw u here, I was "Fuck yeahhhh she Is here too OMG " now I just kinda "another text about bisexual" I get that u wanna protect and talk about but can u just "stop" talking about it ? Idk sometimes i Feel that jax on the vines is a diferente person from here. My thought about it and dont take like a hateful mensage bc isnt one

oh honey do both of us the favor and please unfollow me. I don’t need your follow. I have enough.

but while i have you here im gonna summarize what you said: “i dont like hearing about your sexuality and the topics you feel passionate about concerning prejudice you face because it makes me uncomfortable”

good. stay uncomfortable. i never changed myself for another, and i sure as hell won’t change for a wuss anon esp when more people need the bi rep than you need your comfort.

P.S vine and tumblr are two different social networks for a reason.