i used to hate that shit tbh

Post-Kerberos! Matt HC

★ When the rebellion group helped him escape, he just ended up sticking with them and eventually became one of the best fighters there???

★ He doesn’t have any idea where his dad is, but scavenges through old Galran tech to hopefully find out.

★ The group is pretty much amazed by humans and low-key terrified of them bc of Matt 

★ He dislocated his shoulder once and the group was like, “it’s horrible to see another one go,,,,” and Matt was just like “???? i can put it back in place????” 

  • Matt: Guys,,,,stop crying,,,,this can be fixed,,,,,
  • Rebellion leader: i saw a dear friend die bc of that, there is no survival
  • Matt: *silently puts in back in place*

★ He has a scar over his right eye bc of the Galra

★ The Galra also found out he needed glasses and basically went, “well we can’t have The Champions friend like this!” and injected some weird shit into his eyes. Matt no longer needs glasses, but his eyes change colors depending on his mood and who he’s talking too

★ Matt, talking to keith as his eyes turn red: And so– why the fuck are you pulling out your sword?

Keith, seeing Matt’s eyes turning yellow as he talks to Hunk: “Uhm guys? Are we sure that Matt isn’t Galra?”

  • “I am right here”

★ When he first heard of Voltron his main thought was, “Well that sounds lit” but when he hears that ‘The Champion’ aka Shiro is their leader, he immediately turns into that Mr.Krabs meme

★ Somehow some people find a picture of the paladins and everybody is just “???? the tiny one resembles matt”

★ Matt automatically realizes it’s Katie and that the red paladin is Keith and just,,,screams for roughly 5 hrs

★ Why is everyone he knows up in space? He has no fucking clue but w/e

★ Makes it a personal mission to track down Voltron for himself and the rebellion

★ They end up showing up eventually to make allies

★ The Paladins talk to some civilians first, so Allura and Coran meet up with the Rebellion leader

  • “Number 5?! How’d you get here so quickly??” “Funny story actually,,,”
  • The real Pidge shows up like 0.5 seconds later
  • Pidge//Katie, tearfully: “MATT”
  • Matt, nearly sobbing: Oh shit waddup

★ Keith screams at him for a solid 10 minutes before tearing up

  • “It’s okay. I know you’re gay and texan already, Keith”
  • “I fucking hate you”

★ There’s a tie between whether Pidge or Shiro cried more

★ Allura: I’m princess Allura and you are?
single and willing–i meAN MATT

 ★ **Takes in Katie’s appearance** “Well, one of us is going to have to change”

★ **Inspecting Shiro’s arm** “Yo, your weapon is just a bitch slap”

★ “,,,,,you guys do realize Allura just picked your lions off of your clothes right???” “No she–holy shit”


  • He essentially spends his time pointing out problems with basically everything tbh

★ “Why does Voltron represent the olympic rings??”

★ He realizes Keith has a crush on Lance in like a couple of days

  • “Listen here, you piece of shit”

★ Slowly comes to the realization that he likes both Shiro and Allura

  • “Coran have you ever heard of a pickle?”

★ He helps Coran around the castle and stuff

  • “And this is the Teludav” “Y’all have fucking teletubbies here?”

★ Him and Hunk team up to annoy Shiro and Lance with puns

  • “I’m just over the moon with excitement”
  • “Aren’t you glad i’m not lion in the cold depths of space??”

★ Him and Slav get along pretty well

  • Shiro hates it

★ “In this timeline, there is a 42% chance of you getting together with the two of them.” “Thanks buddy”

★ “Why did you choose five kids to defend the universe there’s so many ways this could go wrong”

★ Him and Hunk set up the lions to play “What’s new pussycat?” 7 times with one “It’s not unusual” before resuming ‘What’s new pussycat?’

  • “For years, scientist have wondered if you can make 3 teens, 1 adult, and 3 aliens weep tears of joy by playing Tom Jones’ “It’s not unusual”.”

★ Lance is amazed by how smooth his skin is

  • Like, you’ve been in space for 2 years???? And majority of that was with the Galra??? Tell me your secret

★ Everyone figures out Matt’s crush on both Allura and Shiro and try to get them together

  • One plan consisted of a rock, 15 cups of nunvil, and a very upset bounty group.

★ Matt actually likes nunvil

★ The Lions all take a liking to him and everyone would be salty, but he looks adorable when he talks to them so they deal with it

★ Pidge voice: I’ve banned Hunk because he kept messing with my shit but now—

★ He appreciates the fact that Hunk points out all the weird shit that’s going on while everyone else just accepts it

★ “Do you think i could install the internet to my mind?”
★ **sees all the upgrades Pidge added to Green** “yO—YO!”

★ Anytime Shiro or Allura do anything remotely romantic to him, ‘What the heck i gotta do’ starts blasting from the Green Lion

★  Allura called his ears cute once, and nobody saw him for 6 hrs until Lance found him frantically grabbing Altean romance novels while whispering, “what does it mean?!”

★ They go to a planet where it’s considered normal to have more than one partner

  • Coran convinces the newly dubbed “Poly triangle” to pretend they’re actually dating for reasons unknown
  • They pull it off so well that the Aliens eventually ask when they’re gonna get married
  • Everyone had vastly different reactions

★ “You guys are fighting Zarkon right? Why don’t you just turn him Zarkoff?”

★ Hunk voice: Um, guys, what are those things?
    Obviously annoyed Matt voice: Aliens. 
    Different ranges of offended Allura, Coran and Keith voices: Excuse me?

★ “I’m fucking tired. beam me up, Scotty”

★ Keith, kneeling down on one knee: “Matt, Allura, will you do me the honor of marrying my stupid brother?”

★ “Voltron? More like Dabtron.”

  • “How do I return a brother?”


★ Tried to convince Shiro to let him Pidge and Hunk install a laser gun sound effect or the lightsaber noise to his arm

★ Once, he finally found the courage to tell Shiro and Allura that he liked them but they mistook it as him saying he enjoyed their company or smth along those lines

  • He tried to throw himself out the airlock afterwards

★ Lotor eventually shows up and everyone is tense bc he’s shown interest in the Blue Lion

★ Lotor sees Matt, and just pushes Lance out of the way: Hello there ;)

  • Everyone pretends not to notice Shiro’s eye twitch and Allura breaking the weapon she was holding
  • Lance was offended at first but seeing their reactions made it worth it

★ Matt is oblvious to Lotor’s attempts though

  • Everytime he gets close, Matt just assumes it’s some weird galra thing

★ “Raindrops on roses, Allura’s white hair, Shiro’s back muscles and Allura’s eyes. These two could probably kick his ass and they’re a few of Matt’s favorite things”

★ Obviously exasperated Pidge voice: You guys just need to bone
    Stern Matt voice: What did you say?
    Pleading Hunk voice: Please don’t say it again
    Not Caring Pidge voice: I said you guys need to bone
    Shocked, Furious Matt voice: B O N E!?

★ They visit a planet with very tall aliens and of course shenanigans ensure

★ Keith voice: Y’know Allura, Shiro, you should probably hold Matt’s hand, so he can’t get lost everyone around here is pretty tall

  • **Disappointed, obviously knows what you’re doing Shiro Glare**
  • Completely oblivious, already grabbing Matt’s hand Allura voice: Of course! We wouldn’t want that!”
  • **Undignified, silent squeal from Matt**

★ Hunk voice: The stars sure are beautiful tonight
    Lance voice: Y’know what else is beautiful?
    Pidge and Keith voices: A loving relationship between Matt, Shiro and Allura

★ Eventually, the time comes where there’s a serious fight that both Shiro and Allura have to go through alone, and Matt freaks tf out and terribly confesses to the both of them:

  • “Okay, listen tf up. I can’t do that dramatic thing where I pull you down and kiss you and say, ‘Come back to me’ since there’s two of you. But I will say that I love you both, and if you dont come back i’m taking out the entire Galran Empire myself”

★ Allura and Shiro are both shocked but Matt is already fast walking away so they can’t say anything

  • They come back and make a beeline for him
  • Allura makes it to him first

★ Keith cries, Pidge and Hunk pull out a confetti cannon they made for this occasion, Lance falls to his knees in victory, Coran pulls out a cake. Everything is good in the Universe.

[Read Part One// Pre! Kerberos! Matt HC here!]

Sure, okay, corrective rape could happen to anyone! Fair enough! But when an asexual gets raped because of their asexuality, it becomes an issue of the asexual community. I’m not saying it is an exclusive issue of ours, but I am telling you guys: when someone decides that an asexual person needs to understand what Real Sex™ feels like and ignores the fact that we are not consenting, they are doing it out of a need to show the error of our ways.

Sure, it could’ve happened to anyone. But it happened to an asexual BECAUSE OF THEIR ASEXUALITY. You can’t pretend an attack on my sexuality happened just because—it didn’t. It happened because to someone else, our lack of sexual attraction felt childish (you just don’t know any better, let me teach you), immature (how would you know if you don’t try it?/i can make it feel good, you’ll see), absurd. So yeah, it could’ve happened to anyone. Sure. But it happened for a very precise reason.

And okay, we aren’t oppressed because of our sexuality on a constitutional level, sure, I’ll give you guys that. Fair enough.

But how does that somehow mean people accept us and treat us equally? Like, the thing is, we aren’t even well-known enough to be oppressed on our own, and the more people who know us, the more people who start hating us because of our asexuality.

Did you know that Almudena Grandes, a Spanish writer, said in a famous TV Show over here that she hates “the asexual people” because being asexual makes us evil by our very nature? That we are incapable of feeling love and are boring and no one would want to be close to us because, well, we are Evil™?

Did you know that Flex made a nice little ad about asexuality, and that comments towards it ranged from mild “asexuality is stupid” to “they just need a good fucking” while implying that our consent wouldn’t be needed for them to do it, because they would be doing us a favour?

Did you know that no straight ever has looked at us and associated us with them? That for them we’re just as foreign and weird as the rest of the LGBT, that for the kind of people that hate homosexuality, bisexuality, pansexuality, for them asexuality is just one more thing to hate?

Did you know that my best friend looked at me in the eye and said: “I’m so sorry for you” when I came out to her? Did you know she told me she would rather DIE than “become” like me? Did you know my brother made fun of me for weeks after I told him what I was, that my mother took years to even be able to talk about it, that I can’t mention it around my grandma because it makes her so fucking uncomfortable?

Did you know one of my friends asked me not to tell guys I was asexual, because he mentioned it once to his friends, and they all laughed and said they would fuck an asexual woman anyway because that’s what she clearly needed? We’re talking people who actually respected other women, saying shit like this. Did you know he gets scared for me, not just for being a woman, but for being an asexual one?

But then I have to come here and see shit of how we are privileged because Straight people see us as straight (throwing not only us under the bus, but anyone who is “straight passing”, as if that didn’t have psychological consequences, as if it didn’t feel constricting to be forced to act like someone you aren’t), how nobody would ever hate on us or hurt us because of our asexuality, how There Are No Issues With Asexuality In The World.

Haha, there wasn’t any war in Ba Sing Se either.

So okay, keep us out of the LGBT, I don’t even care about the Tumblr community tbh. But don’t come at us using arguments like “you don’t experience hate because of your sexuality!” “aces are just straight anyway!” or variants of these, because, guess what? You’re wrong.

You’re fucking wrong.

tbh its important to popularize shit like “beat up/kill fascists” because you know damn well they’re willing to use violence and ppl have to be psychologically prepared for that…it’s not even necessarily about me hating them So Got Dang Much (even tho i do lol) it’s about wanting ppl to know it is acceptable and even noble to punch them in the fucking face for saying racist, bigoted shit and otherwise trying to assert their power over ppl and terrorize them into silence and complicance


“I like the fighting. I didn’t, at first. I hated it. I was always worried about you getting hurt. But then I realized you’re just doing it to make money to support us. Me and the baby. How many fathers would do that for their child? So when I think about it, I don’t worry as much.” 

– Outsiders 2.07


Shit Crazy Ass Riverdale Watchers Say

“Jughead must be gay because he’s not manly enough and is very introverted.”

“Lili, Camila, and the writers hate asexuals, are racist, and homophobic.”

“Jughead’s asexual storyline was SO fleshed out in the comics! I mean, they used the word asexual less than five times but it was still perfect!!”

“Veronica’s sexuality hasn’t been tackled yet, but if she’s bi that means she can only be with Betty! Bc everyone in real life is certain about their sexuality right away and can only be interested in one person!!! And you have to fit into a label!!! Veronica has to be bi and not a person!!! Ahhhhh!!”

“Thinking Betty and Jughead AND Betty and Veronica would make nice couples?? That’s so aphobic and you’re just trying to please the antis!!”

“Cheryl doesn’t deserve redemption!! Let’s just keep her as bland as possible so that her horrid abuse doesn’t instantly make people become abusers or bullies!!!!!!!”

“Bughead is abusive!”

“Bughead is abusive because I don’t like it!”

“Bughead is abusive because I think Cole Sprouse is a bad person and has personal shit!!”

“The writers are evil and stupid in every sense of those words for choosing that Jughead, an introverted boy with a neglectful father and horrible home life, learning how to love someone else and himself, is better for the story they want to tell than him being asexual even though both of these things haven’t had good representation in shows like this”

“Reggie and Josie need more screen time or else the show is racist!!! Black people and asians matter more than Latinos!!! Idc that Veronica is latina!!!!! Josie and Reggie, characters that mattered less in the comics too even when Reggie was white deserve hours more of time in screen!! Idc if they chose to keep Val and Archie’s biracial relationship in the show or if Josie was given a story line about her dad that will later be developed on!!!! Everyone is racist and going to hell!!!! Curse you and your families and I hope your crops dieee!!”

Okay so i used to be the biggest lapidot hater out there but this new ep really helped me see lapis’s mental state and how she feels about peridot. They actually give a shit about each other and its not just “zuccini’s domestic au” anymore. I hated lapidot because it felt rushed and tbh peridot was her captor and she really didnt like peridot in the begining and tbh ive seen that theyre actually friends now. Its hard to pull yourself out of a depression and we REALLY got to see just how actually depressed lapis was/is and i think its important to note that peridot really helped her? Shes surrounded by the positivity she needs and its not just steven’s “uwu you did nothing wrong.” Peridot is showing her how good life can be while allowing lapis to heal by herself. I still dont ship it but i realy appreciate their relationship whether it be romantic or platonic. Thank you steven universe crew for finally giving me that episode and that evidence i needed to see that lapidot isnt bad at all

Once again, I have woken up to the news of Jackson being sick… once again I am heartbroken at how much he pushes himself for us, faking to be okay, acting like the life is not being sucked out of him because of all the damn schedules and now he has been rushed to the hospital in the middle of a fansign because of his sickness…
I just want him to be ok, to care of himself as much as he tells us to, even though it must not be easy to do when your company fills you schedules and promotions just to squeeze money out of you… and then there are those ungrateful, Jackson antis.. y'all are not even part of the fandom tbh. You are always shitting all over him because of what?? Because of irrelevant shit and guess what? Y'all are irrelevant too. If y'all need to hate, you can go hate elsewhere. You don’t deserve Jackson and I can guarantee you that you probably don’t even deserve the rest of the Got7 boys because they wouldn’t want someone like that in the fandom.

To Jackson,
Please take care of yourself from now on… my thoughts and prayers go to you and hopefully give you some strength to recover fast and carry on. Please don’t push yourself so much and be careful. You are too precious for us, and since we are too far to take care of you, we need you to be safe. Jackys and real Ahgases appreciate you and your daily hardwork, we really don’t deserve you, but please accept our love and support.

Love you, always.

reasons why you should read “of fire and stars”
  • gay princesses!!!! that should say it all tbh this list doesn’t even need to continue but i will anyways because of how much i love this book
  • one of the princesses (Denna) is conventional, proper, has been betrothed to a prince since she was a child
  • the other princess (Mare) is unconventional- loves horses and spends her days in the stables instead of attending to royal duties. super sarcastic and always mouths off, especially to her brother (who is marrying Denna). i love her tbh 
  • denna falls in love with mare instead of the prince, who she is engaged to!! honestly it’s. classic
  • slow burn wlw romance that we Deserve
  • hate to love relationship (or more accurately, hate to friendship to love)
  • it’s actually written by a woman who is married to another woman!!! (not sure what her sexual orientation is but!)
  • there’s a scene where denna sees mare in a gown for the first time and it was the cutest shit ever
  • just a lot of cute fluffy stuff in general scattered through the whole thing
  • denna’s fire affinity and using fire as a metaphor for how denna feels for mare !!!
  • the whole “my dress is stuck can you help me unlace it” trope
  • the scenes where the finally kiss/sleep together are so pure and well written and i felt some type of way, bye
  • the whole forbidden romance aspect….. having said romance discovered and them being kept away from each other…… meeting in secret……. how could u not want that angsty shit
  • princesses saving each other!!!
  • they don’t die at the end
  • happily ever after. gay princesses together forever

anonymous asked:

OMG NEKO! ! Lately there is so much hate going on, arist blogs are dying and jokublog left or something?!!?! D: Please never leave us. Asdfghj! I love your blog so much and after all that shit going down, I'm scared more weird sh!t could happend. QAQ Hugssz

actually Joku didnt left- she just moved her accounts-

and anyway I do notice the fandom have been looked pretty desspressing and quiet tbh- and it’s not helping that my collage got me tired everyday I ended up cant contribute anything for the fandom.

but your message today remind me that I’m not alone ;w; thank u dear sweet anon! WE will do our best!

anonymous asked:

how are you so good at writing? my teacher legit hates whenever i write essays bc its shitty af cause of grammar or sentence level shit. how do you do it? can you teach us just a little bit or more?

Hi nonnie,

I think there are a couple of things that can be helpful, if your concern is grammar/language. First thing is to read a lot. Don’t study grammar. TBH it’s not like I ever think “is there agreement between my verb and subject?” Just, no. People don’t do that. You have to just get a sense of what is correct, even if you don’t know exactly why. And maybe some people would cringe at my philosophy, but… I have some big issues with what your teacher’s reaction to your writing, which I’m going to put under the cut because #salty. But basically you have to get an ear for what is correct, which comes with a lot of reading. Most people who call others out on shitty grammar can’t actually explain why it is wrong with any great success.

The other suggestion I will make is to read your writing out loud. Make sure when you read it, you sound like you are speaking to an authority figure, not a friend. With your friend you can say shit like “bro, Tamlin is such bleeding tool I can’t even deal but ya know whatever the spring court be goin’ down”, which is completely a run-on sentence and super informal and doesn’t conjugate “to be” correctly. But you would not write like that to an authority figure! Plus, reading things out loud can help you realize that oh, actually this sounds like literal poo, I had better change that. OR, even better, have someone else read it out loud to you. Listen for parts when they are struggling, make note of them, and revise.

If you have other questions and/or comments let me know, I teach college-level writing so I know some stuff.

OK time for some salt re: grammar and writing below the cut; you didn’t ask for this nonnie, but you got it.

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I hate that I have to say this, but please stop comparing macdennis to johnlock and using johnlock as a reason why macdennis will/won’t happen. They’re completely different shows, different genres, different writers, different networks, different ships with a different interpersonal dynamic, and tbh the only thing they have in common is that macdennis and johnlock are m/m ships.

  • Okabe: I'm too hot!
  • Kurisu: Maybe you shouldn't be wearing your lab coat in the middle of summer. Just a thought.
  • Okabe: ...
  • Okabe: You're useless
  • Mayuri: *From across the room* HOT DAMN!
  • Okabe: Thank you, Mayuri.

when u probably deserve anon hate but you’re not popular enough in the fandom to recieve any

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Could it be that you hinata haters are just salty??? Hinata was always on narutos side thats why she deserves to be with him!!! I don`t know why you are so jealous.Naruto and sasuke are like siblings,the same with naruto and sakura.Kishimoto planned naruhina since the beginning!A fact.You always say Hina is weak but in fact she could be stronger than Sasuke if she wanted to but she always wanted to save her power.Stop being so salty and accept the ending!

Could it be that you hinata haters are just salty???

First of all it’s not Hinata bit SHITnata since she is obviously a shit. Don’t talk about Shitnata haters as if we are one. Individually, each of us has a reason why we hate Shitnata and treating us as if we are just salty is just really stupid TBH.

Hinata was always on narutos side thats why she deserves to be with him!!! I don`t know why you are so jealous. 

Shitnata is by Naruto’s side, always JUST WATCHING HIM, ADMIRING HIM AND NOT DONG ANYTHING TO HELP. She is a passive audience, a stalker at its best. Occasionally, when she thinks Naruto is about to die, she pops up and help but this is only because he is at the brink of death. When Naruto dies, she will no longer be happy so she has to prevent that from happening. Her main motive when helping him is always SELFISHNESS. She helps him to protect her happiness. Also, please DO NOT assume I am jealous when there is NOTHING GOOD ABOUT Shitnata. She disgusts me to the very core. I BASH HER BECAUSE I HATE HER to the very core of my being.

Naruto and sasuke are like siblings,the same with naruto and sakura. 

Yet these SIBLINGS you are talking about has MORE MOMENTS with Naruto in the manga, Moments that are so intense they are almost romantic. You know why Kishi has to emphasize that Narusaku and Sasunaru are siblings relationship? Because Naruhina is NOTHING compared to these two. He has to say it over and over again to make people believe Naruhina matters when in fact it’s NOT developed properly because Naruto is busy chasing after Sasuke because he loves him and he is also busy in fulfilling his promise to Sakura because he loves her as well.

Also, anon, how is narusaku a sibling relationship when even SP emphasized the date when Naruto FELL IN LOVE with Sakura? It’s April 3 BTW

And how the heck is Sasunaru just a sibling relationship when all Naruto did was to chase after Sasuke. Heck, even Kishi drew Sasunaru with matching necklace-the one that couples wear.

Anon, you say that but the MANGA completely contradicts everything

And guess what? Sasunaru is gonna be reincarnated again anyway. Shitnata wouldn’t be there. Sasunaru will always live longer than NH. LMAO.

Kishimoto planned naruhina since the beginning!A fact.

LMAO something that Kishi said in his interview. This same Kishi who said that Shitnata was only added to the manga as an afterthought! It’s amazing how only the facts that support your claim are only the facts that matter. You turn a blind eye to one interview and rejoice in the other. SO STUPID!

You always say Hina is weak but in fact she could be stronger than Sasuke if she wanted to but she always wanted to save her power.

SAVE HER POWER? Oh my gosh! I just facepalmed BIG TIME!If Shitnata just want to SAVE her power then why the heck did she not use this power she SAVED to save her daughter or protect Burrito? Is SAVING her power SO important that she would sacrifice her love ones life just to PROTECT her power?And why the heck does she need a power-up in the movie when she is already stronger than Sasuke?Why is she swatted like a fly by Pein? She is saving her powers right? She is SUPPOSED TO USE IT at a critical time!Where are these amazing powers? Wow! She SAVES them so much they are almost non existent! LMAO Unless it is SEXUAL powers you are talking about then I’ll agree. LMAO. That’s the only thing she is good for TBH Anon, please come back again when you’re not stupid anymore.Your bullshit disgusts me! FUCK OFF!

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I don't personally ship Ka//ura(I'm not used to shipping characters in more than one ship, and I already ship Keith with someone, but I can dig why some people like it) but I dont hate it, nor do I see a reason to be against it. I know my ship aint gonna be canon, but its other fans have gotten shit from other *cough*K/ance*cough* shippers in the fandom so, even though I don't ship it, I kinda hope it becomes canon.

i love kall//ura to death and tbh since theyve been canon back in the previous vol//trons id be satisfied if it was canon in vl//d bc i love watching the world burn

basically i really love the-dane-of-my-existence ‘s wedding aesthetics of hetalia characters and wanted to draw my favourite girlfriends first.

also bonus basch/vash(?):