i used to hate diamond but she has improved a lot

Sugilite: What was Sapphire’s deal?

For a long time since the reveal of Ruby and Sapphire, I’ve been seeing posts that (jokingly or not) suggest that Sugilite’s behavior, as a Fusion of Ruby, Sapphire, and Amethyst, was the result of the rambunctious Ruby and Amethyst dragging Sapphire along for the ride.

I kinda get why people say that, because obviously both Amethyst and Ruby are prone to anger and sometimes lack filters and coping mechanisms. Meanwhile, Sapphire seems so calm and in control. Surely Sugilite was mostly Amethyst and Ruby getting carried away.

But y’all have seen “Keystone Motel.”

“This will pass. She’ll eventually just burn herself out.”

Sapphire, when she’s upset, pretends to be above it all, ignores others’ emotions while denying the effects of her own, and even resorts to shaming those she loves when she’s not happy with their behavior. 

She can be callous. Cold. 

Sapphire is just as responsible for everything that went on with Sugilite as Ruby and Amethyst were. 

Now here’s the thing. Fusions can feel like they’re one being–especially when they get used to being fused–and though they’re “a conversation” and “a relationship,” they’re also capable of functioning like a single consciousness despite that they technically can never quite be “individuals.” So I do hesitate to pick apart “what comes from which Gem” when examining Fusions’ behavior. However, much like you can analyze the traits of a child and surmise which parent they “get it from,” you can sort of do that with Fusions. But there’s another element you have to keep in mind when you do this.

A manifestation of the fusers’ influence on each other.

Guide to the Crystal Gems is the source of this tidbit–a canon source authored by Rebecca Sugar. You don’t really see the “influence” aspect discussed explicitly in the show, but this implies that Fusions aren’t just what their components are, but what they inspire in each other. What they think of each other, what they expect from each other, what they want to be together. What they bring out in each other, regardless of whether that element is usually part of the individuals.

Look at Smoky Quartz. Before they appeared, Steven and Amethyst had just had an arc with a competitive and self-deprecating tone which led directly to forming Smoky for the first time. They literally fought each other over who was the worst, had a discussion of not living up to what they were supposed to be, and aired their grievances over the proper path to improvement.

“Us worst Gems stick together, right?” “That’s why we’re the best.”

Amethyst and Steven literally formed their collective identity based on their low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy. They play it like a big joke, of course, cracking puns and offering distractions, but when Sardonyx presses them during their second appearance in “Know Your Fusion,” Smoky heaps on the self-abuse.

“I guess zero plus zero equals zero. They say two wrongs don’t make a right–I guess I’m living proof that that’s true! I’m just one big super-wrong good-for-nothing dud with a yo-yo!”

Delivered with a smile. 

Supposedly it’s a common trait of youngest children to be the comedian of the family–if you’ve spent your whole life feeling like those who came before you have won all the awards, done it all before you, and met stratospheric goals before you even found your feet, you might feel like there’s no point in performing well, so you joke about it and poke fun at everything, including yourself. Amethyst and Steven have both spent a lot of their lives feeling like the youngest child who’s a bit of a screw-up with whom everyone must be patient. Smoky doubles that feeling, and when they start to feel inadequate, out come the self-deprecating jokes.

Sugilite is more complicated because she’s a three-Gem Fusion, but I’d like to first refer to my “How Fusion Relationships Work” post and assert that Sugilite is far more a relationship of Amethyst and Garnet than she is a relationship of Amethyst, Ruby, and Sapphire. If Sugilite were to internally argue with herself the way Alexandrite did in “Fusion Cuisine,” you’d probably hear Amethyst’s and Garnet’s voices, not Ruby’s or Sapphire’s. I could be wrong, but I think Sugilite is better understood as Garnet and Amethyst’s Fusion. Therefore, to find out what comes from Sapphire and what comes from Ruby in Sugilite, it makes more sense to pick apart where their traits feed into Garnet first.

Sardonyx and Sugilite are both Garnet Fusions. And Sardonyx and Sugilite have both shown an incredible capacity for showing off for Steven. We know Pearl loves to perform, but Sardonyx seeks to impress through grace and precision, while Sugilite is about power. That is likely a strong Amethyst trait–she REALLY wants to be strong, and she thinks Garnet is this incredible pillar of strength. Amethyst’s beliefs about Garnet and desire to be strong would feed into making Sugilite the powerhouse she is.

And Amethyst also has abandonment issues.

“What about ME, huh? I had someone who was always there for ME until she started hanging out with YOU!”

What was Sugilite’s apparent main complaint?

“You left me behind!”

She was left alone with no one to perform for, no one to encourage her or make her feel cool for being strong enough to take out all those pillars.

This seems like an awful lot of Amethyst, but what about Garnet?

“We don’t need to be careful. We just need to be huge.”

Get the job done, Garnet. Who cares about Pearl’s feelings? Who cares if there might be some speed bumps? It’ll turn out with the result we need, and that’s all that really matters.

Well, that’s some Sapphire there.

That’s probably exacerbated further when all the frustration and feeling of being left out was amplified by Amethyst’s perspective, and it’s all directed at Pearl. What might Sugilite be thinking about Pearl? “She’s to blame! She took Steven away and abandoned me! She called me ‘too much’ because she’s just too little! And now she wants me to unfuse just when I’m enjoying myself! She’s probably just jealous Garnet didn’t pick her instead!”

There’s a ton of feeling in there and not a whole lot of thinking. And feeling is something Ruby does extremely well. Meaning she does a lot of it, and she doesn’t think about the past or the future. Now is all she can think about, and her incredibly important, long history with Pearl and any future consequences are beside the point in the face of all that emotion. Sugilite feels hurt and angry and vengeful now. And she has a ton of power that this little Gem Pearl wants to take from her. She won’t let it happen.

But here’s something complicated. Ruby is emotional, but she isn’t selfish. She’s almost entirely selfless. I mean that literally, too–at the beginning of her life with Sapphire, she expressed that it didn’t matter if she was broken because there are tons of her. Even more recently in her life, in “Jailbreak,” she cared about what happened to Sapphire but had no thoughts for herself.

“Did they hurt you?” “WHO CARES??”

And if you listen to her rant about Blue Diamond in “Gem Heist,” Ruby still offers an onslaught of anger that has almost nothing to do with slights against her.

“She’s a shatterer! She yelled at Sapphire, she hates fusion and love!”

Hear that? Blue Diamond had specifically threatened to shatter Ruby, but she doesn’t say “she threatened to shatter me.” She just uses general terms about her being “a shatterer” before launching right into how Blue Diamond mistreated Sapphire and hates their union. And, going back to “Keystone Motel,” it’s more of the same from Ruby: she’s angry not because Pearl personally hurt her, but because Pearl disrespected fusion. Disrespected Garnet.

“It’s FUSION, Sapphire! What’s more personal to us than fusion?”

She’s so, so angry, but it’s on behalf of their relationship, not on her own behalf. She’s not mad at Sapphire for wronging her. She’s mad at Sapphire because this is about fusion. Without fusion, Ruby doesn’t even think of herself as worth something to be mad about. But the fusion she’s contributing to? Wow, nobody better EVER say anything against THAT, or insult it for ANY reason!

So, no doubt this is magnified in Sugilite.

“I AM myself, and I’m SICK of being split up!”

Amethyst’s respect for power, Ruby’s respect for fusion partnerships, and Sapphire’s respect for outcome over process all contribute to Sugilite’s motives. But Amethyst’s sullenness over abandonment, Ruby’s single-minded emotion, and Sapphire’s callousness make those motives manifest in a destructive way.

When Garnet is just Garnet, she has effective coping mechanisms most of the time, at least when it comes to losing control. But Ruby’s EXPLOSIVE emotion is very present in Garnet–we repeatedly see her punch first and ask questions later, or break things just because she’s pissed off. Sapphire’s soft-spokenness and withdrawal from full engagement are also very present in Garnet, and we see her withholding emotion or letting her overconfidence make her stubborn. But she’s balanced, and she carries leadership without cracking, and she rarely makes her problems into other people’s problems.

But when Garnet is part of Sugilite, emotion is streaming in from Amethyst AND Ruby, and neither of those Gems likes to think outside the present. If you said Sapphire’s future vision and composure is “drowned out” by such passionate energy, you wouldn’t be far off, but I think it’s more nuanced than that: Sapphire’s traits manifest differently. Amethyst respects the heck out of Garnet, and Ruby feels like Sapphire matters far more than she does. Sapphire holds a good deal of the self-respect in Sugilite–the part of her that thinks she deserves attention, dignity, and honor. There’s still some aristocrat in her. In Sugilite, that respect is up against an overwhelming amount of self-directed belittling and inadequacy. So you get someone who knows she should be respected but feels that she doesn’t deserve it.

Ruby and Amethyst may be the source of Sugilite’s fury and pain, but without Sapphire’s cold indifference, she wouldn’t have ever posed such a threat. Some of the most brutal aspects of Sugilite may have their roots in Sapphire.

Room for Ruby (Steven Universe)

Now here is an episode that many of us have been waiting for.

Not only do we continue from where the Rubies were left off in space, with one coming back to Earth, being Navy, of all of them, but a lot of this episode sets up for future events of what’s to come afterwards, especially that ending!

This was an enjoyable episode, but we get to see much needed character development for Lapis Lazuli, as she’s been recently the subject of people criticizing her character and how the Crewniverse isn’t sure where they’re taking her story arc.

I’m glad they finally had Lapis admit that she has issues in trusting people and that something is wrong with how everyone else is so accepting but she isn’t, due to her being stuck with Jasper for long, traumatized her.

Although Lapis isn’t exactly my favourite character of the series, I do like that the writers are aware that she is still trying to improve and see the good things about Earth.

However, this ending was one of the biggest jaw-drops and completely made the episode raise so many questions.

Navy who was “playing dumb” the whole time, was to be expected, but we didn’t realize that she was doing it all to get the Ruby Ship back, so either she’s going to rescue the other Rubies or head back to Homeworld and report to the Diamonds!

Honestly, this episode already made me hate Navy for how cute she acted throughout the episode, only just to mess over our main characters. Not sure if Navy is more crazier than Eyeball was back in Bubbled, but there’s definitely more to these Rubies than meets the eye.

It was interesting to see that Lapis was justified to be negative and suspicious of Navy and a good message that not everyone can be that well-adjusted so easily.

I was glad to see that they weren’t going to introduce another character to be put in the barn with Peridot and Lapis and shows that you can’t redeem and trust everyone, so it’s sad how this will effect Steven, especially after everything he’s learned so far.

I also want to acknowledge that Lauren Zuke mentioned that this will be one of their last batch of episodes, before they left the show. They mentioned there’s about 4-5 episodes that have yet to air, so I will definitely miss the great charm and animation that they brought to Steven Universe.

This episode did have some great jokes, especially with Garnet’s balloons in the ending and Peridot pointing at the sun, while looking for stars.

A much-needed set-up episode and character development from Lapis! I can only imagine where the end of Season 4 goes from here!

I went on a small research binge last month on Fiji Indians + being constitutionally locked out of land ownership, and some about Chinese Indonesians + pogroms last week. I was interested in the pushback that happens when an ethnic minority has a lot of economic power in a society. I had lunch with a friend this week and talked about this, and he mentioned that one of his friends was reading a book on this very thing – Amy Chua, who calls these groups market minorities, has written World On Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability, which I checked out of the library a few hours ago. I’m ~40 pages in and excited about this (I’m unsure how much of her conclusions are correct, I’ll read the critics when I’m done with the book).

Chua’s thesis: introducing free market capitalism and democracy at the same time to a society that has a “market minority” (an economically productive ethnic group) leads to escalating tensions as the market minority gains more economic power & the majority population gains political power, mutually fucking each other up more.

Markets concentrate enormous wealth in the hands of an ‘outsider’ majority, fomenting ethnic envy and hatred among often chronically poor majorities. In absolute terms the majority may or may not be better off, but any sense of improvement is overwhelmed by their continuing poverty and the hated minority’s economic success. More humiliating still, market-dominant minoroties (along with their foreign investor partners) invariably come to control the crown jewels of the economy, often symbolic of the nation’s patrimony and identity: oil in Russia and Venezuela, diamonds in South Africa, silver and tin in Bolivia, teak and rubies in Burma. …

When free market democracy is pursued in the presence of a market-dominant minority, the almost invariable result is backlash, typically taking one of three forms: backlash against markets, targeting the market minority’s wealth; backlash against democracy by the market minority & allies; violence, sometimes genocidal, against the market minority.

The book opens with Chua recounting the murder of her Chinese-Philippine aunt Leona by her chauffeur. I found this part sickening in every way and fascinating as hell:

[One of my uncles] replied tersely that the killer had not been found. His wife explained at the Manila police had essentially closed the case. I could not understand my relatives’ matter of fact attitude. Were they not more shocked that my aunt had been killed in cold blood, by people who worked with her, lived with her, saw her every day? Why were they not outraged that the [complicit] maids had not been released? My uncle was short with me. “That’s the way things are here. This is the Philippines – not America.”

My uncle was not simply being callous. As it turns out, my aunt’s death is part of a common pattern. Hundreds of Chinese in the Philippines are kidnapped every year, almost invariably by ethnic Filipinos. Many victims, often children, are brutally murdered, even after a ransom is paid. Other Chinese, like my aunt, are killed without a kidnapping, usually in connection with a robbery. The policemen in the Philippines, all poor ethnic Filipinos themselves, are notoriously unmotivated in these cases. When asked by a Western journalist why it is so frequently the Chinese who are targeted, one grinning Filipino policeman explained it was because “they have more money”.

My family is part of the Philippines’ tiny but entrepreneurial, economically powerful Chinese minority. Just 1 percent of the population, Chinese Filipinos control as much as 60% of the private economy (!!!!!!!!!!!), including the country’s four major airlines and almost all of the country’s banks, hotels, malls, and major conglomerates. …

Since my aunt’s murder, one childhood memory keeps haunting me. I was eight, staying at my family’s splendid hacienda-style house in Manila. It was dawn, still dark. Wide awake, I decided to get a drink from the kitchen. I must have gone down an extra flight of stairs, because I literally stumbled onto six male bodies. I had found the male servants’ quarters. My family’s houseboys, gardeners, and chauffeurs were sleeping on mats on a dirt floor. The place stank of sweat and urine. I was horrified.

Later that day I mentioned the incident to my Aunt Leona, who laughed affectionately and explained that the servants – there were perhaps twenty living on the premises, all ethnic Filipinos – were fortunate to be working for our family. If not for their positions, they would be living amount rats and open sewers without even a roof over their heads. A Filipino maid then walked in; I remember that she had a bowl of food for my aunt’s Pekingese. My aunt took the bowl but kept talking as if the maid were not there. The Filipinos, she continued – in Chinese, but plainly not caring whether the maid understood or not – were lazy and unintelligent and didn’t really want to do much else. If they didn’t like working for us, they were free to leave any time. After all, my aunt said, they were employees, not slaves.

………gah. I did not grok how it must feel to have a bunch of foreigners come into your country and somehow take up all the resources and good jobs and make a living off the land that used to be yours and you’re barely keeping afloat buying the things you need to survive from them, and you want them gone you want them out – before the first thirty pages of this book. I went from a culture where immigrants aren’t really a thing to a culture where (our less powerful) immigrants are great and we love them! That this book has been so eye-opening so far probably speaks to my failure of imagination/empathy.

I’m currently on the chapter on Myanmar/Burma, where the situation is similar – the Chinese own e v e r y t h i n g, especially since the US has been boycotting Myanmar on human rights grounds. The Sino-Burmese that were already there (plus Chinese immigrants who came down and bought identity papers to work there) have collaborated with the military government to profit from deforestation / drug trade / gem exports. After South Asia, Chua’s book will also cover market minorities in Latin America, Russia, Africa, the Middle East. I’m psyched and will probably post excerpts again.

If you could live in any Choices book world, which one would it be, any why?

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If I could live in any Choices book world it would definitely be ‘Endless Summer’.

The answer might seem obvious and unoriginal since ‘Endless summer’ is that one choices book that is generally different from the genres and the usual art style. Although Choices has countless different beautiful worlds such as 'The crown and the flame’ which features splendid landscapes, art work, mythical creatures. Or 'Most Wanted’ which is full of anticipation and exhilaration. Between car chases, gun fights and galas- The world would offer me many opportunities and adventures.

However, 'Endless summer’ stands out from all those books.
At first sight, 'Endless summer’ looks like an easy read, something to pass time with or a way to earn diamonds.
One of my favourite things about 'Endless summer’ is the different art style. Usually all the books have a similar art style and in each book when we customise a character, we are given the same faces and hairstyles.
Endless summer gives us an opportunity to choose a male character as well as a poc character. I am delighted because usually we are only allowed to play as females. By giving us an opportunity to choose a poc character, you help spread support for people of colour as well as that you make many poc and white readers happy.

Of course that is not the only reason why I would like to live in that world. One of the main thing that captures my interest in this world is how a group of students is left to fend for themselves on a secluded island.

I would actually love to be stuck on La huerta. I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. I would like to be brought together along with people from various cliques- the nerd, the athlete, the rebel- and gradually form friendships. I am terribly shy and I suffer from social anxiety disorder on a daily basis. It’s really difficult for me to open up to people and build new friendships. I receive negative feedback from people when I express my worries and insecurities. I think that if I were to spend time with a small group of people on a daily basis over a long period of time, I would eventually start to improve my social skills and perhaps my mental health would improve along with my anxiety. I would love to form friendships with the students on La huerta due to their different personalities and humour. I think that I would really get along with Aleister and Grace because I know lots of interesting facts and I really enjoy learning at school (not the massive amount of homework no thank you) and I relate to Grace personality wise. I’m also shy and 'nerdy’ although I hate using that term. Both Grace and I were raised in similar households. It was drilled into our head to be ambitious, determined, and to consistently work hard. I wouldn’t complain since those are really good qualities but I wasn’t raised in a supporting household and my mother always kept a blind eye on how I’m feeling, how her wrath and violence makes me feel, and how she’s making me feel emotionally weak and unable to cope.

I couldn’t live in the world of 'Endless summer’ without romanticising Jake Mckenzie. I’m sorry but he’s one of my favourite characters in the choices history. He has a sarcastic sense of humour and I think that he would help me get out of my shell and learn to have a thicker skin. He’s so carefree and he’s skilled. Is there a thing that Jake hasn’t done yet? Dating Jake would consist of hikes, cuddling, wearing his jacket, having long walks on the beach, nicknames. He would provide lots of adventure and late night talks. Over time, I could show him that it’s okay to be scared, and pretending to be fine isn’t the best option. You can’t always mask sadness with a sarcastic retort. Of course I couldn’t live on la huerta without befriending Michelle. Michelle is one of the strongest women along with Quinn and Estela that I have ever met. She was accused of cheating on her boyfriend, everybody turned their backs on her, got stranded on an island and still managed to keep her head high. She never crumbled from despair or the high expectations for her future. She is a natural born leader and her friendship with Quinn is so pure and beautiful. She always has her friend’s back and she’s so supportive of everybody. Also her make up is on point. I love her friendship with Craig and how they tease each other. The whole gang is absolutely amazing! Raj is one of the best cooks and he’s so chill! Estela is so skilled and badass! Sean is a natural born leader and he’s so kind! Quinn is so gentle and strong! Zahra is so brave and rebellious!

Living in the world of 'Endless summer’ would consist of lots of adventures. In order to unravel the mysteries of la huerta, I would have to go on long hikes and treks. I would discover countless new places and I could search for clues to make us unravel the mystery and give us a better idea of what we’re up against. La huerta is one of the most dangerous places ever. Between Sabertooth tigers, the sea monster, possible volcano eruption- The place is full of dangers and near death experiences. It contains 'The watchers’ and Cetus which are a threat. Although the watchers aren’t a threat anymore. As well as that a possible volcano eruption is frightening and something that could make me risk my life. La huerta would provide lots of exhilaration and it would bring many opportunities to learn to become independent and how to survive certain unexpected events.

The world of Endless summer has one of the most beautiful landscapes and places. There are countless locations and buildings that were discovered by the gang and could be further discovered by me. One of my favourite places are The singing cliffs or the trophy room back at the Celestial. The vaanti village is splendid and full of wonderful, wise people. Seraxa is so brave and strong and I would love to meet her and tell her how much she inspires me. The vaanti village is so peaceful and full of happiness. They have wise people that help them in time of crisis and they offer great advice. New places could provide new experiences and entertainment. I could begin to improve and strengthen my relationship with Jake by taking him to romantic and unusual places. Of course I would like to search La huerta for possible Observatories or places where Rourke kept his personal data or clues and hints where the Celestial guests could possibly go.

One of the main reasons why I would love to live in the world of 'Endless summer’ is because I would be far away from everyone. Away from people that upset me, made me bleed inside, people that consistently made me doubt myself and made me feel worthless. I could finally be able to live on my conditions away from my parent’s high expectations, unequal society, society standards for women, homophobia and racism. I could live in a happier world where I could allow myself to be the better version of myself.

The world of endless summer is one of the most original and extraordinary places. It’s full of great opportunities and new beginnings. It gives me hope for the future and warms my heart with happiness.

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Improving your skill in Overwatch

So, with a new year comes resolutions. And with Overwatch season 3 in full swing, it’s the perfect time to set goals for improving for either future seasons or just for fun.

Disclaimer: I’m no pro, but I have significantly improved myself, from a 50 rating in the first season (back when it was 1-100, which would equate to 2500SR in the current system) to a current SR of 3161. That’s a jump from barely into platinum to being in diamond, with my season 4 goal being hopefully masters.

So how did I do it?

(I am so sorry mobile users if the readmore doesn’t work.)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! i hope i'm doing this correctly. Could you possibly do a build a boyfriend jungkook oneshot? Like instead of build a bear you build a boyfriend?

Build A Boyfriend - Jungkook

Characters: Jungkook x Twelve (the reader)
Rated: Y for You really inspired me for this one!!

In 2126, a mysterious genetical mutation hit the Earth, making the Y gene inefficient during the conception. Every new born entered life as a girl during 30years. As male human being got older and older and the human race became close to extinction, a Euro-korean scientist named Park Junyeol found a way to recreate an artificial male DNA and clone it to the extend of a complete rebirth of the male kind. With the help of a laboratory specialized in genes he managed to diversify the DNA code to create different types of males to ensure the longevity and richness of the human race. This discovery started a great War called the Survival War in which every nations of the world fought each others to be in possession of the precious male DNA the Sub-Asian State was selfishly keeping for itself.

When Park died with no heir, a merchant company named Big Hit took advantage from the war to buy the rights of the DNA formula to the State in debt. It only took two years for the company to create Build A Man. An entirely new concept of stores where women would be able to create the man of their dreams by ordering it, as some random product. If it provoked a huge controversy on human rights at first, the amount of men dying in the fights of the raging war stifled it really soon. Women needed more men to keep on fighting and keep on procreating. The need to buy men from Big Hit took over any reasoning. 

The procedure became so common that, after the end of the war, it became a social rite of passage to the adult life for young girls turning 16 to build their own man that would share their entire life. As a marketing hype, Big Hit changed the name of his shops from Build A Man to Build A Boyfriend and started a whole new era for the human kind. The gene manipulation had made the man kind submitted, obedient and artificially crazy in love with its owner and creator. The objectification of men had reach the ultimate limit when it became possible to “fix“ the boyfriend when it was no longer fulfilling the expectations of the owner when she grew. Love had became a subjective extension of the notion of possession. 

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Messages: A Klaroline Drabble

This is a follow up to my previous drabble Flowers but you don’t need to read that for this to make sense (I don’t think). The response to Flowers was amazing!! You guys totally motivated me to write more. Enjoy this too. It was so much fun to write

Once again, set in the beautiful world where Klaus went to New Orleans just to claim back the city, no other reason at all!


Despite her early morning wake up, her and Elena only just managed to make it to their first class of the week. The professor was in the middle of recapping what they had covered the week before and she had just jotted down the date for her notes when her phone buzzed. Glancing at it briefly, she sighed and brought it to her lap to read it.

‘Good morning, Caroline.’

Morning texts from Klaus were pretty regular but she knew the reason behind today’s perfectly well.

'Is it really??’

Caroline couldn’t help but huffed internally at his chirpy message. She could practically see the smirk on his face.

'What happened, love?’

Taking a moment to smile softly at the fact that Klaus was probably the only person she spoke with who used proper grammar and punctuation through texts (she had only just began using full words whilst talking to him), she hurriedly tapped out her reply.

'Well for starters I was woken at 6 in the freaking morning! By delivery men!’

'I hope they brought you something worthwhile in that case.’

Smug bastard. He would think so, considering his previous gifts had ranged from a dress and diamond bracelets (which she now happily had back) to sketches and a mini fridge.

'You’d think so right? ’

'You didn’t like my gift?’

His reply was immediate, as if he couldn’t believe that that could be true.

'Our room has more flowers than the local florist Klaus! And don’t even get me started on you marrying us off without even asking me!’

Oh yeah, she was pissed about that too! It wasn’t that she didn’t like the idea of it, or hadn’t toyed with the conjunction of their names in her head before, but she hated being told something. If she was going to do something, she’d do it out of her own free will before she wants to. Not because some control freak, thousand year old Original hybrid had decided it to be so.

'That florist sounds pitiful if it doesn’t have a mere 12 dozen bouquets of flowers, sweetheart. About the name, I was simply showing you what our lives will be like after you decide it’s time to join me down here in New Orleans.’

Well, that sent funny butterflies aflutter in her stomach. Why was the idea of him talking about their lives together still such an adrenaline rush for her?

'Yeah well don’t think it’s a given. You still have to get a ring and propose and wonder in fear whether or not I’d say yes. After an appropriate length of time too’

Like she would say no! Hell, she couldn’t turn him down when he was sincere even before they had embarked on this pseudo relationship. Caroline wouldn’t even let her mind wander to think about what the ring would be like. That would be a daydream for another day.

'I will keep that under consideration.’

'While you’re at it you might want to learn more about your 'wife’ cos this one hates roses!’

'Nonsense.  No one hates roses.’

Seriously! Could he never accept the fact that he was sometime wrong?

'I do! They remind me of funerals and last minute valentine’s gifts’

She replied slightly aggressively to the point where Elena looked over to her in question. Caroline rolled her eyes and shook her phone at her to show her briefly the last message from Klaus. Elena smirked and shook her head before getting back to taking the notes that they’d both need.

'My sincere apologies in that case, Caroline. Perhaps if you tell me your favourite flowers, I can rectify my mistake?’

That pulled a smiled out of her. She could hear his voice, tone smooth like warm honey as he seduced her with his words even through text. Not that she would let him know.

'Hell no!! 144 flowers are enough. We don’t need another delivery otherwise we may as well open our own store!’

They really could because they currently had no room to spare except that to walk on.

'And it’s lillies. Not the ones that stain everything but the other ones.’

She added when she realised she hadn’t answered his question.

'Calor lillies, love? And I see your arithmetic skills are improving magnificently.’

'Yeah those. I’m a college student thank you very much. My arithmetic is just fine’

'I never meant to suggest otherwise.’

'Oh shut up! Don’t you have a city to destroy or run or whatever? Leave me alone. I’ve got psychology to learn and trust me when I say I spend a lot of time thinking about you in this class as it is.’

Caroline let him know after realising that she had wasted a quarter of the class already. Any longer and she might as well have stayed in bed for the extra hour.

'You do?’

Oh, she could see his arrogant smirk from there, and she had her own one on as she replied.

'Yep. I could apply almost every one of these diagnoses to you’

'You wound me, sweetheart.’

His light answer was rapid. Caroline had to stifle her laugh when the girl in front of her threw her a dirty look over her shoulder.


I’ll call you later to try and sooth your ego.xo’

'I’ll be waiting.’

i wrote a witch au headcanon for @lessonsincartography and i set her a challenge on monday that if she reached 20k on her new fic i’d post an add-on focusing on andrew and neil and their relationship with the addition of magic (and bc clearly i can’t keep on track there’s a bunch thrown in there about their backgrounds too e.g. i viciously kill of drake and nicky is a True Diamond) and kate won the challenge! so here is roughly 1k of new stuff, mostly under a cut bc its long. 

  • (in case you haven’t read the other post (which you can find here) in this au witches have a main active power and sometimes have a secondary. andrew’s main is shadow/light manipulation and his secondary is power over plant life, neil’s main is weather control and his second is mimicry).
  • when they meet in millport andrew doesn’t hit neil with an exy stick; he manipulates the light in front of neil so that he can’t see where he’s going and then trips him up.
  • andrew still picks neil up from the airport but he doesn’t bother pretending to be aaron.
  • in this au drake wasn’t a witch and andrew used his power over light to temporarily blind drake or hide himself from drake whenever he came looking for andrew. eventually he decided “fuck it” and blinded drake as he was crossing the road, resulting in drake’s well deserved and messy death.
  • rip(ieces) drake lmao

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