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hogwarts houses: study edition


  • creating study groups with your friends
  • studying to do good in the world
  • flashcards!!
  • coffee at 2 am
  • being obsessed with highlighters
  • finding a secret spot to study
  • the perfect study playlist


  • sitting in the park, studying
  • texting your friends little motivational quotes
  • beautiful bullet journals
  • Camomile tea
  • scented candles
  • creating the perfect study environment
  • calming yourself before an exam
  • studying to help and create


  • procrastinating. a. lot
  • “oh look I spent 2 hours on wikipedia again”
  • studying to finally understand everything
  • embellishing notes with cute little drawings
  • ancient libraries
  • helping friends on the night before the exam
  • pretty desktop backgrounds
  • the sound of turning a page in a book
  • finding the perfect word to use in your essay


  • to-do lists and vision boards
  • knowing exactly what you have to do to achieve your goal
  • finishing your essay in the middle of the night
  • „intellect without ambition is like a bird without wings“
  • succulents on your desk
  • the feeling of getting that A
  • studying to achieve greatness


Please get Mark to see this.

I’m well aware that you know it’s important to credit creators. This goes for photoshop and art alike (etc) . I really hope you saw that my thing with Tom Brady and Tyler was used and not credited (as far as I know, please correct me if it was). I just want to reiterate something.

In my book, it is never okay to use someone’s content without direct permission from them. It is okay, however, if this content includes the person using it and is credited properly. Example: Markiplier fanart being used by Mark and Mark only, so long as it’s credited.

I saw Tyler defend someone who stole my art, saying they only wanted to share it. This is wrong. You need direct permission from an artist to use it.

Please, advocate something like this in the community, and please please please, at least give me credit. I am mad by principle. You cannot excuse theft in anyway. 

Edit: I’m not mad per say. I’m dissapointed. I understand Mark has good intentions and I understand he likely forgot. Just principle here.

edit 2: For those who aren’t aware, mark has seen this! just leaving it up. :P

"you dont need tools for witchcraft"

i know tons witches, espcially on tumblr, always say this but a lot of times it dosnt seem true. those same blogs posting about “not needing tools” (myself included) reblog photos of sparkiling crystals and decorated altars. in comparison, our own practice can seem inadequate. but remeber that witchcraft is an old practice, and while over centuries this practice has grown and changed, the basis of the craft is old as fuck. the mothers of our practice most likely didn’t have access to a houndred different crystals, the entire whole foods spice rack, and dozens of specialized tools. the mothers of our craft were creative and worked with what was locally available, not $30 organic vanilla beans flown in from mesoamerica (unless that just so happened to be where they lived). the mothers of our craft were nifty and clever, and knew how to make everything out of anything. so, while beautiful, shimmering, lovely items are always nice -and can make us /feel/ witchy- our witch moms founded this practice without them.

Lesbian Allura Week!

Hello everyone! This is a week (May 7-13)* dedicated to everyone’s favorite sapphic space queen, Allura, and wlw pairings with her in them!


• No Allura/Pidge or Allura/Haggar.
• Due to recent information, we are treating Allura as a teenager, so please don’t pair her with adults. 
• If you’re a shaladin, someone who ships Shiro/paladin, please do not submit anything. If you do, it will not be posted/reblogged on this blog.
• No nsfw please! Both of the accounts running this week, @lesbianhaggar and @wlwvoltron, are minors.
• OCs are allowed!
• Whitewashed art will not be posted/reblogged on this blog. Allura is darkskinned; please keep that in mind when creating content (specifically fanart) that includes her.


Day 1 (May 7): First kiss/First date
Day 2 (May 8): Coming out/Telling the team
Day 3 (May 9): Reassurance/Comfort
Day 4 (May 10): Free day
Day 5 (May 11): Favorite ship/Favorite AU
Day 6 (May 12): Shopping/Space mall
Day 7 (May 13): Stars/Space

You can use any wlw Allura ship (mind the rules), and we accept art, moodboards, fics, and whatever else you want to submit. Have fun!

NOTE: Please either @ or tag this blog in your submissions. The inbox is open if you have any questions.

*If this week doesn’t work for others, the date is open to change. 

edit: the original banner was whitewashed, so i made another one - probably temporary, since my editing skills aren’t very good (mod haggar)

edit #2: new banner! - mod reg

The Tattoo Question

Hey folks! I’ve updated my FAQ page to address the tattoo question as it seems to come up quite a lot. I’ll post the answer here as well, but please remember to check out the the FAQ  before sending a question. Thank you!

What are your thoughts on someone wanting a tattoo of one of your drawings?

I have mixed feelings. The most common response I give people is I don’t usually have a problem but please exercise extreme caution. I am not a tattoo artist and what may look good on a screen may not translate on to skin. I cannot promise you’ll be happy with the result. With that said I only have two requests concerning tattoos:

1.) Please ask permission for the use of an EXISTING drawing. Then feel free to take it to a professional tattoo artist and let them work with you on how to best get it done. 

2.) Please do not ask for original commissioned tattoos. The prospect scares me too much and I’d rather not. Sorry :C

**Followup edit: If you follow these steps and go through with a tattoo, I’d actually love to see it. It might open me up a bit more to the idea of my work being tattooed. Thank you!

I walk through the valley of the shadow of death And I fear no evil because Iḿ blind to it all And my mind, my gun they comfort me Because I know I’ll kill my enemies when they come Surely goodness and mercy will follow me All the days of my life And I will dwell on this earth forevermore Said I walk beside the still waters and they restore my soul But I can’t walk on the path of the right because I’m wrong No I can’t walk  On the path of the right ‘Cause I’m wrong [COLOUR VERSION]

How to Write a Resume LIKE A BOSS

So you’re ready to assume some responsibility and apply for your first job (or your fifth job or your fiftieth job) and you want some tips on writing a good resume, huh? Well, are you are in luck because 1) I’ve edited and proofed so many resumes I could probably write one for each of my friends without their input and 2) I’ve actually taken some classes on this shit. So, basing this primarily on comments I’ve made while correcting someone else’s resume (and while looking at my own for reference), here are my tips on writing a resume.

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~Guys, guuuys...

I’ve just learnt that Ben Affleck:

- has taught himself Arabic

- speaks Spanish and French too

- is so good at doing impressions that when he did one to Morgan Freeman, it was so accurate Freeman told him, “You ever do that again, I’ll kill you”

- won $356,000 by winning the California State Poker Championships in June 2004 - defeating some of the best poker players in the world in the process

- filmed four movies simultaneously in 2001: Pearl Harbor, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Changing Lanes, and The Sum of All Fears 

- began an intense two-hour a day workout regime the day after he was cast as Batman

- received a lifetime ban from playing blackjack at the Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Casino due to his ‘counting cards’ skills

Which tells me:

1. He’s fucking smart. I mean, he can pick up/learn languages pretty well (one of which is Arabic, Damian are you listening and he majored in Middle Eastern Affairs in college) and he is a boss at poker/blackjack.

2. He’s a workaholic. Look, I’ve never made a film (or even a short video) in my entire life, but he did 4 in one year at the same time and I bet he’s done similar workloads throughout his career. Also, see: two-hour a day workout regime for more evidence.

3. He can do good enough impressions to freak the fuck out of God™.


= Ben Affleck is well on his way to being Ultimate Batman

All Hail the mighty Bat!

Originally posted by ageofsuperheroes

(edit: someone didn’t like my previous gif-use due to literal-Superman-bashing, and I agreed. Sorry, I didn’t see Supes little face on the wee gif-screen. Here’s some batfleck just being the best Bat he can)

ignore me creepy internet researching the fuck out of him to get my hands on this info. i needed it to defend myself from absolutely no one. fucking fight me

icon tutorial

hey so today i’m gonna be teaching you how to make this icon:

requested by: a lot of people, mostly on anonymous

This is what you’ll need beforehand:

  • A screencap
  • Some kind of overlay/texture (You can find nice ones on deviantart, or you can do what I do and I look up ____ texture deviantart on google images)
  • Basic photoshop knowledge
  • A psd (optional) (this one is really nice)

please like/reblog if you used!! :)

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Renew Lucifer Project


The response has been immeasurably large for this project! So first off, let me thank everybody who has helped pushed this to become a reality.

Secondly, let’s thank @mariamorningstar for stepping up to the plate and volunteering to be our video editor. :)

So here are the nitty gritty details!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday February 10th @ 12PM EST.

What’s Required:

1) A photo or short video of you, your friends, your family, your dog, an entire classroom of people…etc… holding up a sign that says #RENEWLUCIFERS3 (Feel free to be as creative as possible. It just doesn’t have to be at your home, it could be outside, at school, at a mall, a park - get as creative as possible! I fully encourage it, but the only requirement I do have, is to just be yourself!)

2) OPTIONAL: We’re creating an intro, so if you guys want to stand behind a white wall and video tape yourselves saying the follow as our introduction, we’ll cut together an amazing opening!

“This is a thank you.”

“To the cast, the crew, the writers, directors, and all those involved in the amazing production of Lucifer.”

“The fans have spoken. And we really want a Season 3.”

“We’re ready to make a deal with the Devil. But in the meantime, let’s celebrate you.”

Where to Send Your Submission:

Please send all submissions to RenewLuciferProject@gmail.com

Inside the email:

Please attach your photo or video(s)

Include either your name or your username (if you don’t want your real name to be used)

City and Country you live in

We’ll make a credits list at the end of the video with everyone’s names and places you’re from, so everyone can see how far and wide we originate from!

Again, the deadline for all submissions is 2/10/17 @ 12PM EST.

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me an email from the above link or on here.


The most important part, is to just be yourself and have fun with this! I look forward to hearing from everyone!

Good luck! :)

EDIT: Willing to extend final submission date to February 18th. So if two days isn’t enough time. Never fear, we won’t leave you out. We want everyone to participate. I only made a short deadline because people tend to forget with too much time. 😈

anonymous asked:

I am sorry you had thst experience. It's a hard situation. For my part, me and my abuser ended up throwing accusations at each other like cowboys in a quick draw. I haven't forgiven people who didnt believe me, but I can't blame them either. It's an impossible situation which feeds off our desire to do good; and uses our own strongest ideals as a weapon against us. So ugly. I hope you are doing ok x

(2)(cowboy abuse accusations anon) edited to add, that person was not only big on consent, but was a consent educator and activist in town and rather prominent in local campaigns. So it goes. I’m having some trust problems, and a lot of feminist or social justice buzzwords still read as red flags to me - including ones about abuse and survival. Oh blimey, it’s tough. I hope you are doing ok.

Thanks, and I hope you’re doing okay too.  It’s a really impossible situation when abuse accusations are the abuse, and not at all a rare one.  But then you get into “saying my abuse accusations are abuse is just reinforcing abuse” and oh my God it’s turtles all the way down.

In the end, all we’re left with is that it’s really hard to know from the outside what a situation is.  "Believe everyone” ties you in knots, “believe no one” is heartless, “believe the more respectable party” is very dangerous, “believe the less privileged party” is hopelessly naive, even “trust your gut” is just a gateway to the inner prejudices of your gut.  It’s really hard.

I’m not going to claim I know what to do now, but at least I know a little bit more about how tough the problem is.  Hopefully.

FS Jumps!

anon asked me how I personally identify jumps (probably to try whatever works). disclaimer though: this is the easiest and fastest way for me. ok to reblog but please do not repost any part bc this is just my take on it. kinda long post, so under a read more.

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Pre-orders for my The Evil Within fan art book “This World Ain’t Built For Runnin’” are now open from April 6th to May 6th !!


A collection of my TEW fan art from 2014 to 2016, the book is 8x10 inches, full color, 42+ pages, and contains both art from my tumblr and works not posted online before.

This will most likely be a limited time run so I don’t know if or when I’ll produce these again! A .pdf will also be available for sale eventually.


30$ (soft cover) and 40$ (hard cover) if you live in the US or Canada.
35$ (soft cover) and 45$ (hard cover) for international orders.

(Sorry for added cost, shipping out of the US gets pricey!)

Payment will be accepted through Paypal ONLY!


Send your paypal orders to the email ghostphage@gmail.com

Select PAY FOR GOODS AND SERVICES. After inputting your payment, select ADD NOTE. In the note, include your name, address, which cover type you want, and any other important shipping information. If your information is put in incorrectly (read: you paid for the incorrect edition), I will contact the email attached to your paypal. If i recieve no response within 2-3 days, the payment will be refunded.

If you have any questions, send them to noisyghostart@gmail.com and make sure your title has something to do with “Evil Within Art Book Question”

So you’re fairly new to writing and you think your fic is shit…

The way I see it, you have three options:

#1 the good ol’ “fake it till you make it”

Accept the fact that there’s room for improvement and you can only get better by writing more. I know the temptation is great to make self-deprecating comments about yourself or your writing, but if you say your fic is shit, it won’t make people want to read it. For the love of god stop doing that.

#2 work harder

Seriously, if you think it’s bad, than edit your chapter or start over until you’re satisfied with what you wrote. Research, fill character sheets, use online editing tools, read writing advice blogs…

#3 find a beta

I don’t think anyone is ever entirely satisfied with what they write. It helps to have someone who can be more objective about your writing. A beta can tell you what you did well and point out what needs to be fixed. 

little-magicpuff  asked:

Out of curiosity, since you're not just an editor but also a writer, how do you manage to split your time between them and not get utterly sick of looking at words? How much editing do you can do on your own work versus needing someone else with fresh eyes to look at it and edit?

I split my day up into allotted time periods for work, or I did when I was still attempting to edit full time. At the moment I only have one or two days a week which I allow for editing work because my energy is so limited. This also better enables me to separate the mindset I am in for writing my own work vs the sniper mode I go into when hunting for the elusive mistakes others might miss. I also have to switch writing styles in my head when I am editing, as a good editor should be able to adapt to the tone of their author, not just hack through it. One of my biggest pet peeves when I am working with another editor (usually because the author has hired two people) is when they clearly miss that something is a stylistic or tonal choice and mark it as “incorrect” or “use of slang sounds informal” like really Editor Number 2, really, you’re going to insist everyone speaks like they swallowed the Oxford English Dictionary and were stunned over the head with a thesaurus. Really? 

I also try to make sure I take regular breaks, whether it’s to watch something, read some old fave fanfic, play video games, or just even chat with people so that my brain has time to unwind and stop being “on”. At least in the professional sense. Which is why it’s a dick move when people are like “lol Joy your spelling and grammar is awful rn I thought you were an editor” and I’m just here on the internet wanting to unwind and not be in work mode using up spoons to try and have conversations with people. There is a difference between Me and Work Me, and one is happy and can’t type for shit and the other is one more overused em dash away from setting fire to things.

As for how much of my own work I edit, if it’s fanfic or tumblr posts I try to catch as many things as possible, but there will still be times where I come back to something a minute later or two weeks later and still find mistakes which I can then rectify and roll my eyes at myself for misspelling “excerpt” as “exert”. 

Which is why when it comes to any work I plan to sell, I will definitely be throwing my work at the heads of some editor friends because there is just no way I will ever catch 100% of my own errors. This is why books also go through multiple rounds of edits and usually get worked on by at least 3 people in publishing houses, because no one human is 100% infallible. Whenever I take on an editing project which I know hasn’t been beta’d be some people I know (the first time I read anything professionally written by @deadcatwithaflamethrower and it had been beta’d by @norcumi it was to the sound of blessed angels singing, because it’s rare to get such a clean copy of anything), I will usually insist on a timeline that allows for me to do three rounds of edits.

I do have a habit of pre-formatting my work though. I know some people don’t like writing with things double spaced, but I just can’t even read a file anymore without “fixing” the spacing. It gives me a headache otherwise.


ghoul · /ɡuːl/ (noun)
1. an evil spirit or phantom, especially one supposed to rob graves and feed on dead bodies.
2. a person morbidly interested in death or disaster.


prison break |   iconic quotes (the comedy edition)