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He’s Just A Kid - Bucky x Reader

@waitingfor-captainamerica SHE SUGGESTED IT, I WROTE IT. I loved it okay. Credits to her for some of these awesome ideas. Enjoooyyyy.

SUMMARY: Reader babysits Steve’s son with Bucky. Throughout the course of the day, Steve’s son puts on his charm and attempts to flirt with reader, making her smile and laugh at his cuteness. Bucky begins to grow slightly jealous despite the fact he’s just a kid. Reader then decides to pick at Bucky even more and playfully say she’ll marry the child when he asks. Lots of cuteness, fluff, and an adorably jealous Bucky Barnes

PARINGS: Bucky x Reader



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“Thanks again for doing this.” Steve thanked you and Bucky once again. A smile spread across your face as you shook your head. “Don’t even mention it. We’re happy to. You guys have fun and take as much time as you need. Grant will be in perfect hands.” You assured him, placing an assuring hand on his shoulder.

Grant was Steve’s eight year old son who was full of energy. He had light blonde hair and dazzling blue eyes just like his father. Ever since the day he had been born, you had taken up a bond with him. You adored his company and didn’t ever turn down the opportunity to let him stay at yours and Bucky’s place when Steve went out.

“Be good for (Y/N) and Uncle Bucky, alright?” Steve laughed, running his hands through his son’s hair, messing it up. “I will!” He responded, reaching around to hug Steve’s neck. He hugged him back and turned on his heel. “I’ll see you guys later.” He smiled. “Have fun,” Bucky called out, closing the door behind him.

You turned to face Grant, a big grin plastered on his face. “Someone’s happy today.” You giggled, pulling him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around you, squeezing you gently. Seconds later, he departed and ran off to a random location within the house. You intertwined your fingers with Bucky’s, the two of you walking alongside each other.

“You were okay with this, weren’t you?” You questioned, leaning your head on his shoulder. Bucky laughed, nodding his head. “Of course. I love that kid. I feel as though he’s really my nephew sometimes.” He smiled down at you. He stopped walking for a brief moment to place his hands on either side of your face and guide you closer to him. You bit down on your bottom lip as your eyes locked. You leaned up and stood on your tippy toes, your lips pressing against his.

He slid his hands down to your waist, yours wrapping around his neck. You were suddenly brought out of the kiss when Grant came running into the room. Bucky’s heart began to beat faster as he caught his breath. “Can we draw?” He asked, showing off those signature baby blues that caught your heart every time. You nodded. “We sure can. Anything you want, sweetie.” You giggled at his adorableness, seeing as he raced off.

“What in the world are you drawing?” You gazed over to see Bucky drawing immensely. Grant lifted himself over the table slightly to take a glimpse for himself. “It’s the star on your arm!” He cheered out, pointing at the symbol on Bucky’s metal arm. You saw a grin find its way onto his face as he nodded in response, confirming that it was indeed that.

“I thought you didn’t like that star.” You smirked, shooting him a glance. He shrugged. “I stare at it every single day. Might as well grow used to it. Plus, a star is the only thing I’ve mastered at this moment.” He winked. You shook your head, giving off a chuckle.

“What did you draw, Grant?” You peered over the little boy’s shoulder. A big smile began to spread across his face as he lifted the paper to reveal his masterpiece. You took a long look at it, a grin covering your features. It was a girl in a wedding dress, a boy in a tux, and flowers all around them. “Who are those people?” You questioned.

Grant looked up at you with the proudest smile. “It’s you and me! We’re getting married!” He laughed. Bucky’s face scrunched up slightly, his eyes rolling. He enjoyed the kid, but now he’s making up fantasies in his head. Sighing, Bucky continued to sit there in silence. “That’s so good!” You smiled, grabbing the paper from his hands. “Bucky, wouldn’t Grant and I be so cute?” You held the piece of paper up in front of Bucky’s face, seeing as he gave a sly grin, then automatically frowned once more. Chuckling, you could see that little jealous side of him slowly coming out.

“Hey, Grant, do you want to go play outside for a little while?” You asked. He nodded his head, getting up from the table. You watched as he walked around and grabbed your hand. You stood up and walked beside him, his hand still gripping yours. Bucky trailed behind, arms crossing over his chest. He thought the kid needed to take it back just slightly.

“It’s so beautiful out here.” You smiled happily. Grant raced off towards the flowerbeds, his eyes examining all the gorgeous flowers contained inside. “Bucky?” You called out, turning around to see him kicking a random pebble with his foot. He slowly looked up at you, his eyebrows furrowed together. You causally walked over to him and wrapped your arm around his, then rested your head on his shoulder.

“What’s the matter with you?” You questioned, rubbing up and down his arm. He shook his head, not giving you a response. “Babe,” You tried once more with a bit more seriousness in your voice. “Are you seriously jealous of little Grant?” You walked out in front of him to stare into his eyes. You could see the heat aiding his cheeks. He turned his head away. Your mouth fell open at the confession.

“The kid needs to back off a bit.” He mumbled, scratching the back of his neck. You couldn’t help but bust out laughing, taking him into you. You kissed him on the lips and shook your head, a smirk still plastered along your face. “You are something else, Barnes.” You giggled quietly.

“(Y/N)!” Grant called out loudly. You whipped your head around and raced over to where he was. “What is it, Grant?” You replied. He had his back turned to you. Seconds later, he spun around, his hand containing a daisy and a few dandelions. “Will you marry me?” He grinned, showing his teeth. Your mouth fell open slightly.

“Alright, Grant, we’ve got to have a talk. Man to man.” Bucky stepped in. Grant’s eyes looked up see meet Bucky’s towering figure. “What is it, Uncle Buck?” He murmured. Bucky sighed, getting down to his level. “(Y/N) is my girlfriend. You can’t marry her. Sorry to break your heart, little guy.” He stared at him. Grant shifted his gaze over to you.

“Forget what he says, Grant. I’ll marry you!” You exclaimed with enjoyment, seeing the look change on Bucky’s face quickly. He glared over at you, fists clenched. You stuck your tongue out, ran your fingers through his hair, then joined Grant’s side. You grabbed the handful of weeds plus the one daisy and kissed him on the forehead. “I’ve found my prince charming.” You grinned from ear to ear.

Grant reached for your hand once again and held it. “Sorry, Uncle Buck.” He giggled. “I think she’s mine now.” He laughed. Bucky groaned. “How can I be so jealous over a eight year old kid?” He asked himself, face-palming himself. He raced inside the house after you two.

The whole day consisted of a jealous and pouty Bucky staring at you and Grant who were gushing together. You only did this to mess with Bucky’s nerve. You loved joking around with him and seeing how he reacted to an eight year old flirting with his girlfriend was truly a sight to see.

“Dad, (Y/N) and I are getting married!” Grant exclaimed when Steve walked inside. His eyes grew wide as he laughed. “You guys are?” He smirked, looking over at you. “Yeah, your son is quite the charmer.” You giggled, getting up to meet him. “He was a sweet little angel as always. A pleasure to have him.”

“Alright, Steve. Get your kid out of here. It’s my turn with (Y/N), considering she’s ignored me all day for your pipsqueak.” He smirked, walking over to the group. Steve laughed. Grant wrapped his arms around your waist, engulfing you. “Bye, Uncle Buck,” He walked over and hugged Bucky quickly. “Bye, cutie.” Grant winked, waving at you. You threw your head back in laughter, Steve joining.

As soon as the two had left, Bucky hoisted you up onto his shoulder and took you over to the couch, slamming you down. You two busted out in pure fits of laughter as your gaze met the other’s. “I love you,” You giggled, feeling as he climbed on top of you and began peppering your face with loving kisses. “Only I’m marrying you.” He smirked, staring down at you.

“I can’t believe you grew jealous of a child, Bucky. What a man you are.” You squinted your eyes.

“The kid has better charm than me sometimes, doll. And I’m from the 40′s where charm was all I had.” He winked, getting back to kissing you.

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